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Bani Walid, a cynical distraction from the US and NATO’s terrorist atrocities in and plunder of Libya.

By Stanley Collymore

Throughout most of 2011 those of us living in the west couldn’t open up a newspaper, switch our television sets on, or turn on our radios without repeatedly and inescapably having barefacedly thrust into our faces graphically written, supposedly localized visual images or audio accounts of purportedly firsthand reports shamelessly portrayed in the most bellicose and condemnatory manner possible and emphatically referenced by these self-same self-righteous and, as would subsequently prove to be the case, disreputable organizations of what they unquestioningly claimed were innumerable atrocities systematically carried out as well as scrupulously planned by the then ruler of Libya, Colonel Gaddafi, against those among Libya’s population that were implacably opposed to his ruthless and uncompromising dictatorship. An alleged humanitarian situation it was repeatedly said that was of the utmost importance and urgency to prevent further bloodshed and the needless loss of life on the part of these hapless and innocent victims which these media organizations and the mouthpieces of their respective western regimes pleadingly brayed about.

Rapidly, eagerly and unsurprisingly so jumping on board this concerted, fabricated and totally dishonest bandwagon, while not in the least interested in checking out the so-called facts which they happily presented to the public to see whether or not there was any truth to these outrageous claims, were Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the International Red Cross and the ICC, that to put it mildly has a particularly, deeply ingrained and troubling colour problem itself, insomuch that it can only see and register the colour black, a situation that pertains exclusively to Africans or those who’re closely and positively linked to them; that’s why without exception all of those arraigned, prosecuted and sentenced to lengthy terms of incarceration or even death by the ICC are black or African, and with not a solitary white face, regardless of how many or how heinous the crimes of the Caucasian perpetrators are, ever seen in the dock of any court run by the ICC.

But then that is the nature and precise remit of the ICC, and why it was explicitly set up by white western countries with lingering colonialist and imperialist aspirations to give a much needed fig-leaf and pseudo-legal legitimacy to the serial crimes that they routinely and callously implement against the global south, while using as well to simultaneously get rid of all legitimate leaders of that region that in their eyes have the nerve to openly challenge their hegemony there, or attempt to stop the natural resources plunder of global south.

Colonel Gaddafi was one such leader who sought to resist these white, Caucasian plunderers and their local stooges, and consequently he had to be got rid of. So dishonestly employing the office of the United Nations Security Council the key beneficiaries of this fraud, principally the United States and its white European satrapies, generously encouraged and supported by their corporate backers, paymasters and effective controllers, and with their well-established, operational mafia outfit the North Atlantic Terrorist Organisation, aka NATO, unhesitatingly available to provide the muscle required, having strong-armed the UNSC in the face of supine cowardice and a total betrayal on the part of Russia and China and why they have vetoes in the UNSC at all, the United States, UK and France inevitably got their way in that chamber, and with it UN Resolution 1973 against the government of Colonel Gaddafi’s Libya.

Meant only to be a humanitarian gesture and solely designed to stop what the west said were Gaddafi’s murderous intentions against his people Resolution 1973 was misused from the very start, as was always the purpose of the western bloc within the UNSC, with NATO using it as a pretext to do what the west had planned all along, which was to effect radical regime change in Libya; physically get rid of Colonel Gaddafi; set up a pro-western, puppet regime in place of his government; brutally reinforce the west’s hegemony in North Africa and, of course, take instant and physical control of Libya’s enormous natural resources on behalf of their multinational and warmongering corporate sponsors.

It was a determined enterprise that the west enthusiastically embarked on, forcefully succeeded in accomplishing while ironically creating in the process at the very least ten times more deaths among Libyans, the overwhelming majority of them women, children and the elderly, than had ever occurred during Colonel Gaddafi’s rule, or even their own grossly exaggerated figures of deaths which they said he was responsible for suggested, let alone amounted t. Then for good measure and to resurrect latent animosities that were rife among the several tribal factions and ethnic groups inside Libya and goad them into becoming suspicious of and take to fighting each other once more, these outside colonialist and imperialist entities that had brutally assailed the sovereign sanctity and independent integrity of Libya, illegitimately and immorally carrying this out in a manner that they would determinedly have resisted with all means at their disposal had others attempted let alone done the same to them, cynically and heartlessly brought into to play the old colonial artifice of divide and rule.

Which worked marvellously well for these western powers, having Arabs pitted against black Libyan citizens, in Africa of all places. Black Libyans that were slandered and viciously denigrated as Colonel Gaddafi’s mercenaries when the western countries intentionally engaged in this reprehensible and self-serving vilification knew perfectly well from the very beginning what the truth concerning these black Libyans was; and that what they were purposely, scandalously and quite dishonestly disseminating to the world were simply barefaced lies.

That though didn’t matter to these western scoundrels even when the numerous lynching of black Libyans by these completely barbaric, Arab interlopers to Africa, nihilistic terrorists and sadistic death squads liberally ferried into Libya by the west to do their bidding belatedly began to reach the world’s attention. The total ethnic cleansing of the black community of Tawergha being one such unfortunate casualty; now the town of Bani Walid, the last stronghold of genuine patriotic though peaceful opposition to this western rape and pillage of their country, is in the murderous sights of the west and the puppet regime it has arbitrarily and arrogantly installed in Libya which even so doesn’t effectively control Tripoli far less the rest of Libya.

That however is of little or no genuine concern to the state sponsored, western mass murders in the capitals of the two North American countries wholly located on that continent, those of the EU, other NATO states or the Danegeld paying, Sykes-Picot Arab Bantustans of the Middle East and particularly in the Persian Gulf for whom chaos is a positive thing as long as their own people, especially in the case of the western countries involved, don’t get killed. For as long as the locals in Libya are either of their own free will busily killing each other or forced to do so at the behest of the west, that effectively means that those who’re now both actively and callously engaged in the comprehensive plunder of Libya can continue doing so apace.

And while the slight and somewhat inconvenient hiccup of the assassination of the United States’ ambassador to Libya and three of his countrymen by the same terrorists that the US gratuitously and premeditatedly took to Libya to create the chaos it is now dishonestly complaining about has caused some minor concern to these indisputably irredeemable, international and state sponsored war criminals, it’s nevertheless an entirely contrived concern that’s self-interestedly engendered through the enormous personal and even collective embarrassment occasioned on the part of US and other western leaders that the US ambassador’s murder has evoked for them and others that intentionally caused this murderous propensity for havoc within Libya in the first place. After all they’re politically obligated to publicly denounce the US envoy’s death; but against the repulsive backdrop of Hillary Clinton’s unconcealed and gloating triumphalism over the United States and its satrapies’ savage and criminal assassination of Colonel Gaddafi, these shameless international mass murderers know full well that they’re walking of thin ice.

Not least because the killers of the US ambassador are their own Frankenstein created monsters. And while they can’t very well own up to that publicly, nor for a multitude of demonstrably apparent reasons denounce these savages of theirs, who they’re routinely in cahoots with and regularly but deniably employ to carry out their dirty work, too forcefully; having openly and lyingly acclaimed these nihilistic terrorist killers as freedom fighters and the fervent advocates of democracy and human rights, it’s now nigh impossible for the ostensibly moronic leaders of the United States and its European satrapies to launch a similar Colonel Gaddafi style regime change against the same murderous bunch of odious savages whom they fulsomely praised to the rafters and just as exultantly but dishonestly told the world would fittingly and responsibly herald a new dawn of peace, essential prosperity, enduring stability and sustained human rights for Libya and its purportedly western-liberated citizens.

Reality though is very much different as these western states knew, hoped for, planned, expected and even insisted on before they actually began their premeditated enterprise of toppling Colonel Gaddafi’s government. But the terrorist killing of the US’s ambassador to Libya that couldn’t be overlooked either by the politicians or the west’s media has itself opened up a can of worms for the west. Chaos in Libya is still one of the west’s principal agendas in that country as it always was, for the unmistakably simple and quite brutal reason that the west doesn’t give a toss about the Libyan people, since the three key objectives of Libya’s regime change from the perspective of the west were always the total elimination of Colonel Gaddafi and his government, the seizure and privatization of Libya’s natural resources, the armed and economic reassertion of the west’s hegemony in North Africa, and the unimpeded utilization of Libya as a natural springboard and US model to militarily topple other governments in the region like Syria’s and Iran’s as well as independent and anti-imperialist organizations like Hezbollah that resolutely refuse to bend the knee to white, western colonialism and imperialism.

The US and its Caucasian satrapies have largely achieved most of their objectives in Libya but at a frightful cost. For not only in the global south but increasingly at home they’re now faced with the highly embarrassing and very inconvenient truth that the al-Qaida killers, terrorists and death squads they calculatedly and arrogantly employed to oust Colonel Gaddafi’s government as well as assassinate the man himself, despite their heralded but hollow talk about fighting international terrorism which has long been borne out to be a deliberate lie on their part as is observed through their constant use of NATO as their bully boy while cynically conscripting elements of al-Qaida as and when they require their services, are themselves the world’s foremost terrorists. However the major headache for the west of this vile duplicity they’re practising is that like Frankenstein they can create their terrorist monsters at will but as Frankenstein forlornly found out to his cost they too are in the same boat, as they simply aren’t able to effectively control these monsters all the time let alone what they might independently choose to do.

As such the Colonel Gaddafi style assassination of the US’s envoy to Libya falls squarely into this particular category of activities and well beyond the scope of even the world’s key instigator of terrorism, namely the United States of America. And it accounts too for why, with the insane march to topple the regime in Syria against the backdrop of Libya’s ongoing chaos which is far worst than anything that ever occurred under Colonel Gaddafi’s rule, the incredible hypocrites and utterly mindboggling purveyors of these rather despicable double standards that the rest of the world is repeatedly forced to observe and endure, those that call themselves Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, the ICC and the International Red Cross are so sickeningly and reprehensively silent on what is appallingly going on in Libya generally and the besieged town of Bani Walid in particular this time round. In the identical fashion that one can’t get a squeak out of the UN mission that is in Libya.

Prior to the ouster of Colonel Gaddafi’s government the UN and most particularly so its official High Commissioner for so-called human rights, Navanethem Pillay had a palpable contagion of what in Britain we call verbal diarrhoea; in other words this loathsome Tamil scumbag with South African citizenship that she should unceremoniously be summarily stripped of as she has no rightful place anywhere on the continent of Africa either now or at anytime in the future, just couldn’t stop herself from talking about what she deceitfully claimed were horrendous human rights atrocities being carried out in Libya and how very urgent and desperate the need was for international, interpret that to mean NATO, intervention in that country to combat and put a permanent stop to these evil transgressions.

This by the way from an organization that wasn’t on the spot in Libya, had moreover time after time deliberately refused to go there and observe for itself the facts on the ground, and consequently and complicitly chose instead to rely heavily for it reports, those that it didn’t wilfully fabricate that is, from second-hand and biased sources with their own anti-Gaddafi agenda compounded with whatever racist, colonialist and imperialistic axes they personally had to grind against this Libyan leader and his government.

Now the same UN is physically in Libya but rather conveniently and inexplicably refuses to see what is actually going on around it, and when asked about this can’t give any logical reasons for its taciturn behaviour; and furthermore becomes extremely aggressive when it’s rightly pressed on the matter as to why this is the case, or crucially important why it hasn’t gone to Bani Walid to accurately monitor conditions there as well as report on and do something positive about the commonly known mass slaughtering of the people there that’s daily occurring in that besieged community. Double standards or what? For it seems obvious to me that why this isn’t happening is because to do so would evidently be a highly embarrassing and inconvenient truth for the UN to acknowledge after its barefaced connivance in what has happened in Libya, and additionally would be an insult it thinks to its puppet master the US that needs this murderous distraction in Bani Walid to cynically divert the world’s gaze from what the United States, its white European satrapies and their Arab stooges are deliberately doing not only to the people of Libya but also those of the global south generally.

Acts carried out on the behalf of the purported Master Race that feels it has an omnipotent right to inflict these heinous evils and other wrongdoings on those it regards as inferior to itself and whose wealth or natural resources it similarly has a right to take by whatever means it regards as appropriate; no matter how many millions of these people have their lives and future unwarrantedly blighted or must die in the process to appease this insatiable western, Caucasian and corporate greed.

That’s why Bani Walid must be sacrificed and in the process of this happening totally ignored by the so-called international community. And the public awareness of most Americans in regards to politics, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa, is such that if one were to mention Jordan to them they would instinctively think that person was referring to the basketball player.

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