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Extol Europe’s Jewish holocaust and back Palestinian endeavours

By Stanley Collymore

“In any war between the Civilized Man and the Savage
Support the Civilized Man.
Support Palestinian endeavours
And destroy Zionist, apartheid Israel.”

What I wonder (as if I didn’t already know) will all these so-called wholehearted exponents of free expression and free speech, when essentially what that really means is their subjective and often abhorrent take on issues that reflect those repellent agendas that they involve themselves in and actively pursue and who hopefully will now crawl out of their respective sewers, if only temporarily so, make of this article?

Hello Angela Merkel,

I hope you enjoyed your brief trip out of the country and had a safe and warm welcome home when you got back. I’m rather busy at the moment with my journalism and also the analyses I have to make regarding events in North Africa, the Middle East and the downright hypocrisy of the USA, EU and the rest of the so-called west: the colonial outposts of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Zionist, apartheid Israel also referred to as the international community when in effect their views are minority ones that don’t reflect those of the vast majority of world opinion, along with the actions of their cronies and which collectively stink.

I know that turncoats, especially those that schemingly and dishonestly come to power like you Angela, so I suggest that you give Helmut Kohl a personal call and profusely apologise to him for so viciously stabbing him in the back, have considerable difficulty in facing up to the truth let alone coming to terms with it. Optimistically however and come the 2013 German national elections you won’t have this problem to contend with anymore, at least not publicly or in your capacity as Chancellor, as understandably on its part the German electorate will turf you out on your Ossie, clandestine Stasi and Mistueck ass.

Either way you should step back from conspicuously punching above your weight and turning the proud Germans, who I have the deepest and abiding love and respect for, into little more than citizens of a country you’ve calculatedly made into a slave of the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization, aka NATO, and an obsequious satrapy of the United States of America. Where’s your pride and dignity in respect of your homeland Germany, Angela Merkel? And why, pray tell, over 67 years after the end of World War II does a supposedly sovereign and independent Germany still have multiple US bases plastered across its territory, something that everyone of my several German friends of whatever political persuasion deeply object to, and I’m sure that you must know is also the general consensus publicly across the Federal Republic of Germany; particularly in view of the fact that no such reciprocal German military bases are in the United States and more significantly US law or public opinion would never allow that to happen even with some 33 million German American citizens and residents living in the United States.

And on the thorny issue of repatriations subjectively and exclusively given to Jews and more specifically Israel here’s what friends and German students of mine had to say on the matter: “If Germany massacred so many Jews as venal Zionists and their equally avaricious and very influential backers keep fulminating about how come that after 67 years with ordinary wastage like natural deaths compounded by those stated massacres between 1939-1945 we Germans are still shelling out enormous sums of money to supposed Jewish survivors of Europe’s holocaust as well as voluntarily providing Zionist apartheid Israel, the illegal and only nuclear state in the Middle East, with cut-priced nuclear submarines in the bargain?” Isn’t that legally and morally indefensible Angela Merkel? Maybe you can suitably address that matter Angela.

Meanwhile I suggest that you and your partners in crime read on, digest and hopefully learn something that will take the racist, colonialist and imperialist blinkers from your 1884 Berlin Conference style jaundiced eyes, this after all is 2012, and seriously help you to fully comprehend what a prized asshole and willing sycophant you are Angela Merkel. But alas you’re not alone in this Angela as the whole of Europe and that includes Britain is replete with similar fawning clowns passing themselves off as leaders while they dutifully transform their countries into fervent satrapies of the United States. You’ve only got to observe the brain dead marionette François Hollande to see what I mean.

All the recurring problems within the Middle East and other troubled regions of the globe have their genesis in European colonialism, imperialism and overt racism followed post World War II by the United States’ own imperialism and the implantation of a foreign entity called Israel in their midst against the expressed wishes of the indigenous people of historic Palestine, along with the continued hegemony, theft and forcible control of the natural resources of their region for the sole benefit of the west with suitable crumbs allowed to fall from their tables to the tin pot Arab Bantustan dictators and puppet regimes of these compromised countries that fawningly and subserviently allow themselves, lock stock and barrels of oil to be recruited exclusively into the service of the west and its citizens and not their own people.

I’m sick to death of this hypocrisy and the brazen manner in which it is constantly served up to western and particularly US audiences that shamelessly and stupidly buy into it. The International Criminal Court is being dishonestly but willingly used by the US, which persistently refuses to be a member of it but nevertheless from behind the scenes controls it, to prosecute as well as persecute non-European leaders and others from the so-called Third World that for publicly stated but lying reasons it says are threats to the rest of humanity but whose real crime, in the eyes of the same US other western governments and their Zionist financial backers, is that these perceived opponents of theirs are individuals and governments that implacably refuse to genuflect or be subservient to the dictates of these western entities.

Israeli mass murderers and those involved in similar crimes in Iraq, like Tony Blair and George W. Bush, that with the complicity of governments, notably those of Germany and Poland – how very ironic considering the relatively recent history of these two countries - have been fully implicated in so-called extraordinary rendition: the illegal kidnapping of persons to give it its true name, of people who were then sent to gulags like Guantanamo Bay, Bagram, secret CIA torture prisons in other EU as well as East European countries; places too like Egypt, Morocco and even Syria to be brutally tortured and even killed, meanwhile have no action taken against them.

All this against the backdrop of an illicit, apartheid state run by Zionists, most of whom aren’t even Jews but who dishonestly use the Jewish tag and its emotive association with the European holocaust to promote their insidious aims, and condemned as such by no less a personage than Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa, and he should know what apartheid is; for he like Nelson Mandela, who these same western criminals now claim is the best thing to emerge since sliced bread when all the while they were stalwart supporters of apartheid and wanted him dead, lived through it for all of their lives and only got the right to vote well into their 80s when apartheid was finally overthrown in their country.

Anyway, European Jews despite all the propaganda that their largely controlled media in the west pumps out about them returning to the so-called promised land of Palestine don’t actually belong there. For starters they have no ancestral or biological links there and their sole link with the region is the religion they follow. They are instead the inbred descendants of Eastern Europeans that were forcibly converted to Judaism by their then ruler whose kingdom in what is now part of Russia was sandwiched between the competing powers of Islam and Christianity, and not wanting to become part of either of these power blocs and tactfully playing the two sides against each other he converted to Judaism and decreed that all his subjects should do likewise. This is a historical fact and can be reliably checked out. This happened in the 10th Century.

That is the origin and starting point of European Judaism not the ludicrous, nauseatingly erroneous and oft repeated concept of a wondering people driven out of Palestine over two thousand years ago. And in that specific regard of being religious converts and the descendants of such people these European Jews and their descendants are no different from the rest of their European kith and kin who converted to Christianity or as occurred in the Balkan States like Bosnia to Islam. If one didn’t know the history of Sweden, for example, they would readily classify it as a long-standing Christian state, but Christianity in Sweden isn’t even 1000 years old, since Sweden was the last European country to convert to Christianity and at heart is still basically a savage country as the actions of its regime there clearly demonstrates; so don’t be taken in by appearances, or to use a common English phrase: don’t judge a book by its cover.

So these European Jews to reiterate my earlier point have no more right to the land of Palestine than I – a Christian and follower of a Semitic religion called Christianity do; since Christianity like Judaism before it and Islam which followed are all Semitic religions because they were each of them founded by people that were genuine Semites, and accounts for why the term Semitic is appended to all three of these religions. So being a Christian does not and cannot make me or any other Christian around the world and from outside of Palestine a Semite, especially if we’re all the descendants of or converts to that religion, and the same tenet applies firmly and just as equally to Judaism and Islam.

Therefore to hear these European Jews and their Zionist collaborators brandishing around the term anti-Semite or anti-Semitic whenever they’re justifiably criticized for something inhuman that they’ve done and whipping up emotive connotations of the European holocaust – I stress the word European here because it wasn’t Germany’s first instigated holocaust or the first holocaust of the 20th Century for that matter, which occurred in what was then Germany’s African colony of South West Africa now independent Namibia and where not one but two holocausts took place with the Witbooi people totally eradicated and the demography of the rest of the Namibian population drastically altered by 90% - is totally asinine and downright ludicrous in my view, for these European Jews or their progeny aren’t Semites and never have been, but are in reality white Caucasian Europeans who as I said before are the descendants of people who converted to Judaism just as many others of their kith and kin converted Christianity.

Irish Catholics are well know for their religious fervour but I don’t think that anyone in his or her right mind would have suggested during the internecine civil strife in Ireland, and Northern Ireland in particular, between Catholics and Protestants that just because the oppressed Catholics there are Christians and followers of a Semitic faith called Christianity they somehow had a fundamental right to call themselves Semites and as such ought to have been evacuated to Palestine the birthplace of Christianity. That would have been seen as lunatic nonsense and justifiably so; yet the west allows and even militarily and financially support this lunacy in the case of any European follower of Judaism, and the only reason for this apart from the fact that Israel is a convenient outpost of western colonialism and imperialism as well as a fulcrum for the west’s own hegemony of the Middle East region, is that with their own centuries old history of savage pogroms against Jews in their own countries and the stench of the conscience-ridden guilt that pervades their psyche over the holocaust in Europe they are just glad to see the back of these people and from their typical hypocritical perspective anywhere would have done, so long as these European Jews weren’t any longer in their own backyard.

Analogous don’t you think to the MD of a successful company, especially if that firm belongs to his father-in-law, having an affair with his office secretary and immensely enjoying his affair so long as his wife, the owner’s daughter, is unaware of it; but the moment she finds out and his job and privileged position are on the line and to add to his burgeoning woes the wife also threatens to take him for every penny that he has he hastily and ruthlessly gets rid of his bit on the side, and will even happily finance her permanent exit from his life so as long as she disappears as far away from him and his family as is humanly possible. Isn’t this, for example, what Germany is and has been doing since the end of World War Two in the case of Israel and its damnable at arms length support for that country?

What Russia, where the very earliest pogroms against European Jews began centuries ago, is also up to; and in the case of the United States that callously before its somewhat belated entry into World War Two and where anti-Jewish sentiments were always high and full awareness of what was happening to Jews in Germany’s extensive network of death and concentration camps was well known to the US administration, nevertheless sent back several ships from Germany laden with prospective Jewish refugees to the United States, lucky they all thought to have escaped the horrors of their homeland Germany, but where on their forced return to Europe all of these ships’ occupants summarily suffered the most horrifying deaths in Germany’s Europe-wide death camps? With Cordell Hull the US Secretary of State that refused them entry in the US as refugees and packed them back off to Europe getting the Nobel Peace Prize after the war. Or Australia whose government even before the last shot was fired in this European war was blatantly and insensitively advertising in mainland Europe for new settlers that were exclusively white and Aryan? One doesn’t have to spell out the hypocrisy and dishonesty of these western countries here as these villainies they perpetrated are quite self-evidently portrayed in what they do and say.

I wonder how many people in Europe generally; your country Germany in particular or the United States know that Palestine wasn’t wholeheartedly supported by the west as the home for Europe’s Jewish refugees? Madagascar, Kenya, Uganda and even southern Argentina were all likely options and mooted as such. The Americans who were particularly keen for Madagascar to be this new Israeli state had suggested it as such on the primary basis that it as was a very feasible idea as in their deeply warped analysis not many whites lived on the island and therefore there wasn’t the likelihood of these self-imposed white arbitrators having to take into consideration far less have to tread on too many Caucasian sensibilities if at all; and with the island’s population overwhelmingly black there was no requirement to consider them into any assessment that was contemplated let alone made.

Furthermore the few whites who were living on the island could be handsomely compensated and all would be well; no need at all to consult or even raise the matter with the black population about what they actually thought about their ancestral homeland and birth country being forcibly taken from them and capriciously given to another people from outside the region who furthermore had no right whatsoever to be there in the first place. But since when have whites ever considered or really cared about the views of black people let alone regarded them as important?

A French colony at the time the French said “NON; and not because of any concern for the black population under their colonial boot; they just didn’t want to relinquish one of their colonies. Why not Uganda or Kenya they suggested instead? Not bloody likely the British retorted, these are our colonies and very profitable to us; anyway our expatriate colonial whites don’t want them there. How about southern Argentina then suggested the British and French? Forget it the Americans retorted. The US Monroe Doctrine aside Argentina’s white population that had radically wiped out and replaced the indigenous people of that country were overwhelmingly Italian, the mafia reigned supreme in US politics controlling everyone from state officials to those in Congress and the White House and US politicians looking to their corrupt ends weren’t prepared to take on the mafia; it’d be like chickens voting for Christmas. So all sides: the French, British and Americans, fell back on the one option they could realistically apply: The Balfour Declaration, and that’s how Israel came into being while Palestinians were and still are being betrayed.

I often ask people who blindly support Israel what they would do if the same thing happened to their country and they always come up with lame excuses; nothing ever convincing or moral. My view is that when someone commits a crime that person should not only be held responsible for that crime but also made to pay for the consequences of their actions, not offload their crime and guilt onto the shoulders of someone else who had nothing whatsoever to do with their crime, who they don’t even know and who lives in a different country from them. The Palestinians had nothing whatsoever to do with Europe’s holocaust and if European Jews felt post war that they couldn’t live harmoniously any longer with or among their Christian kith and kin then they should have done or have done on their behalf what automatically happens when two people either married or having lived long-term together and owning the same property do – divorce and equably or proportionally share their joint assets between themselves.

What isn’t morally or legally done in any country that calls itself civilized and wants others to see and treat it that way is for a situation to occur where one or both of these protagonists feel they can leave their own property in tact and purloin by force and for their exclusive benefit that of someone else who has nothing whatsoever to do with their dispute; and to this end I feel quite strongly that any Israeli state solely for European Jews should have been created in Europe from the territories of those countries principally involved with the holocaust there, not Palestine.

And it’s quite disingenuous for Germany to be giving Israel such unstinting support and even providing it: a non IAEA member and who truculently refuses to sign that treaty, with nuclear submarines while wholeheartedly jumping on the paranoid US bandwagon of habitually condemning Iran’s peaceful nuclear programme, when Iran is a member of the IAEA; and what Germany and the rest of the west are doing in supporting Israel in this way is contrary to international law, UN resolutions and the terms of the IAEA Treaty. But Germans especially under Angela Merkel know they can get away with it, that’s why you do it. All of which I find rather sickening since the biggest post World War two genocide to take place in Europe occurred as we all know in former Yugoslavia and was surreptitiously instigated and supported by Germany that actively encouraged Croatia: a wartime Nazi supporter and ally, to foment trouble there and engineer the break up of that country.

What in English we call looking after your friends; just as the German taxpayers are shelling out in pensions billions of Euros as they previously did with Deutschmarks to former Waffen SS soldiers and their widows from the Baltic States of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, all of them now EU members, but who boasted that they were able to do what even Germany wasn’t able to – namely wipe out all of their Jews; and even have the audacity to erect a public statue to their heinous past. Just imagine what the public outcry in the west would be had Iran done something similar, but in typical hypocritical form we hear nothing from the western media about this let alone their governments, including that of Germany which not only wants to portray itself as whiter than white but is seriously angling to get itself a permanent seat on the United nations Security Council, making that infamous and utterly useless from an undemocratic perspective even more of a white man’s club.

Maggie Thatcher religiously is a professed Christian; Madeleine Albright born in what’s now the Czech Republic is a professed Jew. If you hadn’t been told this or didn’t know it previously and had seen these two right-wingers walking down the street together would you or anyone else in a similar position have been able to stipulate with any accuracy that one was a Christian and the other a Jew? No! Because they’re both white Caucasian females. And while it’s possible for someone of any race just as with Christianity and Judaism to become a Rastafarian or even a Jamaican passport holder and citizen, no white or Asian Rastafarian for example can claim to be an Africa-Caribbean because the religion he or she follows – Rastafarianism – was founded by African-Caribbean people and therefore that automatically makes him or her one as well. So how the hell any white European Jew can claim to be a Semite beats me.

Yes, there are Semites in this world but they are the indigenous Palestinians and people from that region along with most Arabs; in the same way that even though a black Briton can qualify to be a EU citizen by no stretch of the imagination can he or she even if they’re of mixed Caucasian and black blood pretend that they’re Caucasian; that would be delusional. This against the backdrop that 99% of black Caribbean and black US people and their offspring carry the Y male Caucasian chromosome, the direct consequence of the systematic rape of black women during slavery, segregation and the colonial era. One notable example is Coin Powel: former Head of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff and also a former US foreign Secretary – although unlike Madeleine Albright, a Czech and Henry Kissinger who was born in Germany, Colin Powell was actually born in the United States – who is closely related to most aristocratic and every royal family in Europe, including the British Royal Family.

I won’t detail here how this came about, but when it became public shortly before he took up his post as Head of the US Armed Forces, suddenly the gloss that the western media put on it, having for centuries told the world that Blacks aren’t capable of anything constructive and even though they were the first humans to walk the earth and all other current races on this planet descend from them have none the less, so these white racists and supremacists assert, never created anything of note; so while Colin Powell might look black he was, with his white, blue-blood, ancestral connections not really black.

But every black person and several whites as well know that instead of being what he was had Colin Powell been a Harlem drug dealer or fitted the white stereotype of what black men are or are supposed to be, no matter what shade of black he was he would still have been classified as a black man or pejoratively as a Nigger; for in US law a black person is determined not by what he or she looks like but whether or not they have “a single drop of black ancestral blood in their veins.” That’s the official classification of what constitutes a black person in the United States of America. It was the same palaver with Tiger Woods when he could do no wrong on the golf course and was the advertisers dream boy, with he himself even publicly stating that he wasn’t black; but the moment he fell from grace, doing so at the humiliation of a white wife, he of course suddenly became black.

So I naturally get angry when I see, even as David Cameron the UK’s prime minister leads an arms delegation to Egypt and the other hotspots in the region at this moment in time – how insensitive and callous can one be I ask myself? Since it’s like asking a deeply bereaved young woman during the interment of her departed mother and as she stands forlornly by her mother’s graveside for a date. Yet along with Obama, Merkel, Sarkozy, Cameron and all the rest of them these are the very same people that readily get on their high horses as they lyingly castigate others they don’t like for doing what they themselves are actually up to, and all the while pretending that they’re the true and exclusive guardians of democracy when the lot of them are among the worst sponsors of terrorism because it’s state terrorism backed by all the military and diplomatic might and clout that they can muster and destructively use.

The same criminals who should be dragged in front of a proper court, lets forget the International Criminal Court which is only a court in name, as in reality it’s essentially nothing more than another outlet for western imperialism, to answer for their heinous crimes, rather than being allowed to pontificate as they do, cynically standing on the sidelines of world events that they instigate and execute as they shout the odds, dictating from their loathsome platforms who should be vilified or incarcerated, and those who shouldn’t be; and we all know who they have in mind for their c condemnation and who solicit their praise..

Sorry to bang your ears in this way but despite their valiant efforts to get democracy to their countries and through the revolutions they’re now waging the people of Tunisia and Egypt are still in a limbo; nothing has really changed except the man at the top. For the so-called transitional government in Tunisia is still controlled by Ben Ali’s mafia; and in Egypt the military junta is very much pro-USA and pro-Israel: 2 billion US dollars a year and being the second largest recipient of US military aid, most of which goes into their pockets does help considerably I guess, at a time when US unemployment is at record highs, foreclosures are skyrocketing and there is an economic crunch that’s hurting most decent hard-working people; those that still have a job that is. What a skewed set of priorities these western governments have handing out so much money to dictators while in the USA for instance over 30 million people in what’s essentially the world’s richest and most powerful country don’t even have basic health care. Think what the money given to Egypt and Israel could do for them.

But the youth of both Tunisia and Egypt who are in the forefront of these Revolutions aren’t fooled, that’s why they’re still congregating in their hundreds of thousands and even their millions in their respective squares to make their feelings known; as they don’t want to see their revolutions hijacked by western interests, or the blood of their martyrs shed in vain; and want nothing less than what the elite in the west take for granted: the unrestricted entitlement to dignity and life with full democratic rights and the unchallenged birthright to choose and democratically replace their elected leaders; leaders elected by them and not imposed on them by the United States of America, the European Union or NATO, and worse still for this to happen at the paranoid behest of Zionist, apartheid Israel bolstered by the theft of their natural resources and the ongoing exploitation, subjugation and unremitting humiliation of their people.

Now Syria is under attack as it’s at the crossroads of BP, Exxon-Mobile and Shell’s agenda to get into Iran and plunder its natural resources as it’s doing elsewhere, and anyone who thinks that Obama, Cameron, Clegg, Merkel, Hollande et al are the ones making the decisions need an urgent brain transplant. For the only puppet masters in this dangerous game of insatiable greed and pure evil are the three major western oil corporations and their complicit allies the military industrial complex; and the posturing so-called western leaders are just their handy drones, like those that the CIA routinely uses in Afghanistan and elsewhere, to do the bidding of the odious and pernicious bastards that run the aforementioned oil corporations and the military industrial complex.

So I ask again. Does free speech and expression actually exist where these purported western leaders, their media and other sycophantic parasites and Zionist string pullers are concerned or as every reasonable person knows is purely subjective? Der Spiegel and all the other German media as indeed the British and other western ones did had a right go at the Russian court that sentenced three female members of the so-called Pussy Riot Collective to two years in prison. I shan’t bother to waste time or energy outlining the racism, rank obscenity, hate practices or the sacrilegious nature of this group of feral individuals that isn’t a musical or artistic group by any definition of the term but is basically a hedonistic group of morons formed by and being used by anti-Putin political forces in the background and who are in the employ of US funded NGOs the State Department and the White House. Why else would a complete nurdish western stooge like Aung San Suu Kyi who turns a Nelsonian blind eye to the plight of the Rohingya people in Burma even publicly and quite unashamedly stating that she doesn’t know whether or not these people who’ve lived continuously in Burma since the 7th Century, far longer than the tribe she belongs to have done so, are Burmese; yet having no hesitation or compunction in jumping on the Pussy Riot bandwagon? The fawning and stupid bitch!

And finally when are you Angela Merkel going to prosecute the Pussy Riot imitators that quite sacrilegiously desecrated Cologne’s Cathedral quite recently. My understanding is that the church authorities have pressed charges and want these vandals prosecuted but you and your regime are deliberately dragging your feet on this as are the prosecutors. No such hesitancy as you’d recall in lauding what their Russian counterparts did and that goes too for the German media the EU as well as German MPs and MEPs trooping off to Russia to render their moral support and your acclaim of them Angela for doing so. What’s gone wrong now Angela Merkel? Cat got your tongue now that this blowback has occurred in Germany? Or are you ashamed that in prosecuting this German Pussy Riot case it’ll show to the world that the legal German penalty for such scandalous behaviour as well as that in other western countries, in the UK it would be 14 years, is considerably greater than the two years these useful western idiots got in Russia? Take my advice Angela Merkel and encourage your fellow United States satrapist leaders and administrators at every level of the fast unravelling EU project to take a hard look in the mirror at yourselves and see what pieces of shit you all really are.

For this along with the New York Subway anti-Muslim advertising blitz currently in vogue are clear-cut and rather disturbing examples, if any were ever needed that is, of where deep-rooted prejudices lie and collective responsibility exits.  Collective responsibility I call it and if you’re not familiar with that concept then I suggest that you look it up on the internet.

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