Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Extol Europe’s Jewish holocaust and back Palestinian endeavours

By Stanley Collymore

“In any war between the Civilized Man and the Savage
Support the Civilized Man.
Support Palestinian endeavours
And destroy Zionist, apartheid Israel.”

What I wonder (as if I didn’t already know) will all these so-called wholehearted exponents of free expression and free speech, when essentially what that really means is their subjective and often abhorrent take on issues that reflect those repellent agendas that they involve themselves in and actively pursue and who hopefully will now crawl out of their respective sewers, if only temporarily so, make of this article?

Hello Angela Merkel,

I hope you enjoyed your brief trip out of the country and had a safe and warm welcome home when you got back. I’m rather busy at the moment with my journalism and also the analyses I have to make regarding events in North Africa, the Middle East and the downright hypocrisy of the USA, EU and the rest of the so-called west: the colonial outposts of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Zionist, apartheid Israel also referred to as the international community when in effect their views are minority ones that don’t reflect those of the vast majority of world opinion, along with the actions of their cronies and which collectively stink.

I know that turncoats, especially those that schemingly and dishonestly come to power like you Angela, so I suggest that you give Helmut Kohl a personal call and profusely apologise to him for so viciously stabbing him in the back, have considerable difficulty in facing up to the truth let alone coming to terms with it. Optimistically however and come the 2013 German national elections you won’t have this problem to contend with anymore, at least not publicly or in your capacity as Chancellor, as understandably on its part the German electorate will turf you out on your Ossie, clandestine Stasi and Mistueck ass.

Either way you should step back from conspicuously punching above your weight and turning the proud Germans, who I have the deepest and abiding love and respect for, into little more than citizens of a country you’ve calculatedly made into a slave of the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization, aka NATO, and an obsequious satrapy of the United States of America. Where’s your pride and dignity in respect of your homeland Germany, Angela Merkel? And why, pray tell, over 67 years after the end of World War II does a supposedly sovereign and independent Germany still have multiple US bases plastered across its territory, something that everyone of my several German friends of whatever political persuasion deeply object to, and I’m sure that you must know is also the general consensus publicly across the Federal Republic of Germany; particularly in view of the fact that no such reciprocal German military bases are in the United States and more significantly US law or public opinion would never allow that to happen even with some 33 million German American citizens and residents living in the United States.

And on the thorny issue of repatriations subjectively and exclusively given to Jews and more specifically Israel here’s what friends and German students of mine had to say on the matter: “If Germany massacred so many Jews as venal Zionists and their equally avaricious and very influential backers keep fulminating about how come that after 67 years with ordinary wastage like natural deaths compounded by those stated massacres between 1939-1945 we Germans are still shelling out enormous sums of money to supposed Jewish survivors of Europe’s holocaust as well as voluntarily providing Zionist apartheid Israel, the illegal and only nuclear state in the Middle East, with cut-priced nuclear submarines in the bargain?” Isn’t that legally and morally indefensible Angela Merkel? Maybe you can suitably address that matter Angela.

Meanwhile I suggest that you and your partners in crime read on, digest and hopefully learn something that will take the racist, colonialist and imperialist blinkers from your 1884 Berlin Conference style jaundiced eyes, this after all is 2012, and seriously help you to fully comprehend what a prized asshole and willing sycophant you are Angela Merkel. But alas you’re not alone in this Angela as the whole of Europe and that includes Britain is replete with similar fawning clowns passing themselves off as leaders while they dutifully transform their countries into fervent satrapies of the United States. You’ve only got to observe the brain dead marionette François Hollande to see what I mean.

All the recurring problems within the Middle East and other troubled regions of the globe have their genesis in European colonialism, imperialism and overt racism followed post World War II by the United States’ own imperialism and the implantation of a foreign entity called Israel in their midst against the expressed wishes of the indigenous people of historic Palestine, along with the continued hegemony, theft and forcible control of the natural resources of their region for the sole benefit of the west with suitable crumbs allowed to fall from their tables to the tin pot Arab Bantustan dictators and puppet regimes of these compromised countries that fawningly and subserviently allow themselves, lock stock and barrels of oil to be recruited exclusively into the service of the west and its citizens and not their own people.

I’m sick to death of this hypocrisy and the brazen manner in which it is constantly served up to western and particularly US audiences that shamelessly and stupidly buy into it. The International Criminal Court is being dishonestly but willingly used by the US, which persistently refuses to be a member of it but nevertheless from behind the scenes controls it, to prosecute as well as persecute non-European leaders and others from the so-called Third World that for publicly stated but lying reasons it says are threats to the rest of humanity but whose real crime, in the eyes of the same US other western governments and their Zionist financial backers, is that these perceived opponents of theirs are individuals and governments that implacably refuse to genuflect or be subservient to the dictates of these western entities.

Israeli mass murderers and those involved in similar crimes in Iraq, like Tony Blair and George W. Bush, that with the complicity of governments, notably those of Germany and Poland – how very ironic considering the relatively recent history of these two countries - have been fully implicated in so-called extraordinary rendition: the illegal kidnapping of persons to give it its true name, of people who were then sent to gulags like Guantanamo Bay, Bagram, secret CIA torture prisons in other EU as well as East European countries; places too like Egypt, Morocco and even Syria to be brutally tortured and even killed, meanwhile have no action taken against them.

All this against the backdrop of an illicit, apartheid state run by Zionists, most of whom aren’t even Jews but who dishonestly use the Jewish tag and its emotive association with the European holocaust to promote their insidious aims, and condemned as such by no less a personage than Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa, and he should know what apartheid is; for he like Nelson Mandela, who these same western criminals now claim is the best thing to emerge since sliced bread when all the while they were stalwart supporters of apartheid and wanted him dead, lived through it for all of their lives and only got the right to vote well into their 80s when apartheid was finally overthrown in their country.

Anyway, European Jews despite all the propaganda that their largely controlled media in the west pumps out about them returning to the so-called promised land of Palestine don’t actually belong there. For starters they have no ancestral or biological links there and their sole link with the region is the religion they follow. They are instead the inbred descendants of Eastern Europeans that were forcibly converted to Judaism by their then ruler whose kingdom in what is now part of Russia was sandwiched between the competing powers of Islam and Christianity, and not wanting to become part of either of these power blocs and tactfully playing the two sides against each other he converted to Judaism and decreed that all his subjects should do likewise. This is a historical fact and can be reliably checked out. This happened in the 10th Century.

That is the origin and starting point of European Judaism not the ludicrous, nauseatingly erroneous and oft repeated concept of a wondering people driven out of Palestine over two thousand years ago. And in that specific regard of being religious converts and the descendants of such people these European Jews and their descendants are no different from the rest of their European kith and kin who converted to Christianity or as occurred in the Balkan States like Bosnia to Islam. If one didn’t know the history of Sweden, for example, they would readily classify it as a long-standing Christian state, but Christianity in Sweden isn’t even 1000 years old, since Sweden was the last European country to convert to Christianity and at heart is still basically a savage country as the actions of its regime there clearly demonstrates; so don’t be taken in by appearances, or to use a common English phrase: don’t judge a book by its cover.

So these European Jews to reiterate my earlier point have no more right to the land of Palestine than I – a Christian and follower of a Semitic religion called Christianity do; since Christianity like Judaism before it and Islam which followed are all Semitic religions because they were each of them founded by people that were genuine Semites, and accounts for why the term Semitic is appended to all three of these religions. So being a Christian does not and cannot make me or any other Christian around the world and from outside of Palestine a Semite, especially if we’re all the descendants of or converts to that religion, and the same tenet applies firmly and just as equally to Judaism and Islam.

Therefore to hear these European Jews and their Zionist collaborators brandishing around the term anti-Semite or anti-Semitic whenever they’re justifiably criticized for something inhuman that they’ve done and whipping up emotive connotations of the European holocaust – I stress the word European here because it wasn’t Germany’s first instigated holocaust or the first holocaust of the 20th Century for that matter, which occurred in what was then Germany’s African colony of South West Africa now independent Namibia and where not one but two holocausts took place with the Witbooi people totally eradicated and the demography of the rest of the Namibian population drastically altered by 90% - is totally asinine and downright ludicrous in my view, for these European Jews or their progeny aren’t Semites and never have been, but are in reality white Caucasian Europeans who as I said before are the descendants of people who converted to Judaism just as many others of their kith and kin converted Christianity.

Irish Catholics are well know for their religious fervour but I don’t think that anyone in his or her right mind would have suggested during the internecine civil strife in Ireland, and Northern Ireland in particular, between Catholics and Protestants that just because the oppressed Catholics there are Christians and followers of a Semitic faith called Christianity they somehow had a fundamental right to call themselves Semites and as such ought to have been evacuated to Palestine the birthplace of Christianity. That would have been seen as lunatic nonsense and justifiably so; yet the west allows and even militarily and financially support this lunacy in the case of any European follower of Judaism, and the only reason for this apart from the fact that Israel is a convenient outpost of western colonialism and imperialism as well as a fulcrum for the west’s own hegemony of the Middle East region, is that with their own centuries old history of savage pogroms against Jews in their own countries and the stench of the conscience-ridden guilt that pervades their psyche over the holocaust in Europe they are just glad to see the back of these people and from their typical hypocritical perspective anywhere would have done, so long as these European Jews weren’t any longer in their own backyard.

Analogous don’t you think to the MD of a successful company, especially if that firm belongs to his father-in-law, having an affair with his office secretary and immensely enjoying his affair so long as his wife, the owner’s daughter, is unaware of it; but the moment she finds out and his job and privileged position are on the line and to add to his burgeoning woes the wife also threatens to take him for every penny that he has he hastily and ruthlessly gets rid of his bit on the side, and will even happily finance her permanent exit from his life so as long as she disappears as far away from him and his family as is humanly possible. Isn’t this, for example, what Germany is and has been doing since the end of World War Two in the case of Israel and its damnable at arms length support for that country?

What Russia, where the very earliest pogroms against European Jews began centuries ago, is also up to; and in the case of the United States that callously before its somewhat belated entry into World War Two and where anti-Jewish sentiments were always high and full awareness of what was happening to Jews in Germany’s extensive network of death and concentration camps was well known to the US administration, nevertheless sent back several ships from Germany laden with prospective Jewish refugees to the United States, lucky they all thought to have escaped the horrors of their homeland Germany, but where on their forced return to Europe all of these ships’ occupants summarily suffered the most horrifying deaths in Germany’s Europe-wide death camps? With Cordell Hull the US Secretary of State that refused them entry in the US as refugees and packed them back off to Europe getting the Nobel Peace Prize after the war. Or Australia whose government even before the last shot was fired in this European war was blatantly and insensitively advertising in mainland Europe for new settlers that were exclusively white and Aryan? One doesn’t have to spell out the hypocrisy and dishonesty of these western countries here as these villainies they perpetrated are quite self-evidently portrayed in what they do and say.

I wonder how many people in Europe generally; your country Germany in particular or the United States know that Palestine wasn’t wholeheartedly supported by the west as the home for Europe’s Jewish refugees? Madagascar, Kenya, Uganda and even southern Argentina were all likely options and mooted as such. The Americans who were particularly keen for Madagascar to be this new Israeli state had suggested it as such on the primary basis that it as was a very feasible idea as in their deeply warped analysis not many whites lived on the island and therefore there wasn’t the likelihood of these self-imposed white arbitrators having to take into consideration far less have to tread on too many Caucasian sensibilities if at all; and with the island’s population overwhelmingly black there was no requirement to consider them into any assessment that was contemplated let alone made.

Furthermore the few whites who were living on the island could be handsomely compensated and all would be well; no need at all to consult or even raise the matter with the black population about what they actually thought about their ancestral homeland and birth country being forcibly taken from them and capriciously given to another people from outside the region who furthermore had no right whatsoever to be there in the first place. But since when have whites ever considered or really cared about the views of black people let alone regarded them as important?

A French colony at the time the French said “NON; and not because of any concern for the black population under their colonial boot; they just didn’t want to relinquish one of their colonies. Why not Uganda or Kenya they suggested instead? Not bloody likely the British retorted, these are our colonies and very profitable to us; anyway our expatriate colonial whites don’t want them there. How about southern Argentina then suggested the British and French? Forget it the Americans retorted. The US Monroe Doctrine aside Argentina’s white population that had radically wiped out and replaced the indigenous people of that country were overwhelmingly Italian, the mafia reigned supreme in US politics controlling everyone from state officials to those in Congress and the White House and US politicians looking to their corrupt ends weren’t prepared to take on the mafia; it’d be like chickens voting for Christmas. So all sides: the French, British and Americans, fell back on the one option they could realistically apply: The Balfour Declaration, and that’s how Israel came into being while Palestinians were and still are being betrayed.

I often ask people who blindly support Israel what they would do if the same thing happened to their country and they always come up with lame excuses; nothing ever convincing or moral. My view is that when someone commits a crime that person should not only be held responsible for that crime but also made to pay for the consequences of their actions, not offload their crime and guilt onto the shoulders of someone else who had nothing whatsoever to do with their crime, who they don’t even know and who lives in a different country from them. The Palestinians had nothing whatsoever to do with Europe’s holocaust and if European Jews felt post war that they couldn’t live harmoniously any longer with or among their Christian kith and kin then they should have done or have done on their behalf what automatically happens when two people either married or having lived long-term together and owning the same property do – divorce and equably or proportionally share their joint assets between themselves.

What isn’t morally or legally done in any country that calls itself civilized and wants others to see and treat it that way is for a situation to occur where one or both of these protagonists feel they can leave their own property in tact and purloin by force and for their exclusive benefit that of someone else who has nothing whatsoever to do with their dispute; and to this end I feel quite strongly that any Israeli state solely for European Jews should have been created in Europe from the territories of those countries principally involved with the holocaust there, not Palestine.

And it’s quite disingenuous for Germany to be giving Israel such unstinting support and even providing it: a non IAEA member and who truculently refuses to sign that treaty, with nuclear submarines while wholeheartedly jumping on the paranoid US bandwagon of habitually condemning Iran’s peaceful nuclear programme, when Iran is a member of the IAEA; and what Germany and the rest of the west are doing in supporting Israel in this way is contrary to international law, UN resolutions and the terms of the IAEA Treaty. But Germans especially under Angela Merkel know they can get away with it, that’s why you do it. All of which I find rather sickening since the biggest post World War two genocide to take place in Europe occurred as we all know in former Yugoslavia and was surreptitiously instigated and supported by Germany that actively encouraged Croatia: a wartime Nazi supporter and ally, to foment trouble there and engineer the break up of that country.

What in English we call looking after your friends; just as the German taxpayers are shelling out in pensions billions of Euros as they previously did with Deutschmarks to former Waffen SS soldiers and their widows from the Baltic States of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, all of them now EU members, but who boasted that they were able to do what even Germany wasn’t able to – namely wipe out all of their Jews; and even have the audacity to erect a public statue to their heinous past. Just imagine what the public outcry in the west would be had Iran done something similar, but in typical hypocritical form we hear nothing from the western media about this let alone their governments, including that of Germany which not only wants to portray itself as whiter than white but is seriously angling to get itself a permanent seat on the United nations Security Council, making that infamous and utterly useless from an undemocratic perspective even more of a white man’s club.

Maggie Thatcher religiously is a professed Christian; Madeleine Albright born in what’s now the Czech Republic is a professed Jew. If you hadn’t been told this or didn’t know it previously and had seen these two right-wingers walking down the street together would you or anyone else in a similar position have been able to stipulate with any accuracy that one was a Christian and the other a Jew? No! Because they’re both white Caucasian females. And while it’s possible for someone of any race just as with Christianity and Judaism to become a Rastafarian or even a Jamaican passport holder and citizen, no white or Asian Rastafarian for example can claim to be an Africa-Caribbean because the religion he or she follows – Rastafarianism – was founded by African-Caribbean people and therefore that automatically makes him or her one as well. So how the hell any white European Jew can claim to be a Semite beats me.

Yes, there are Semites in this world but they are the indigenous Palestinians and people from that region along with most Arabs; in the same way that even though a black Briton can qualify to be a EU citizen by no stretch of the imagination can he or she even if they’re of mixed Caucasian and black blood pretend that they’re Caucasian; that would be delusional. This against the backdrop that 99% of black Caribbean and black US people and their offspring carry the Y male Caucasian chromosome, the direct consequence of the systematic rape of black women during slavery, segregation and the colonial era. One notable example is Coin Powel: former Head of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff and also a former US foreign Secretary – although unlike Madeleine Albright, a Czech and Henry Kissinger who was born in Germany, Colin Powell was actually born in the United States – who is closely related to most aristocratic and every royal family in Europe, including the British Royal Family.

I won’t detail here how this came about, but when it became public shortly before he took up his post as Head of the US Armed Forces, suddenly the gloss that the western media put on it, having for centuries told the world that Blacks aren’t capable of anything constructive and even though they were the first humans to walk the earth and all other current races on this planet descend from them have none the less, so these white racists and supremacists assert, never created anything of note; so while Colin Powell might look black he was, with his white, blue-blood, ancestral connections not really black.

But every black person and several whites as well know that instead of being what he was had Colin Powell been a Harlem drug dealer or fitted the white stereotype of what black men are or are supposed to be, no matter what shade of black he was he would still have been classified as a black man or pejoratively as a Nigger; for in US law a black person is determined not by what he or she looks like but whether or not they have “a single drop of black ancestral blood in their veins.” That’s the official classification of what constitutes a black person in the United States of America. It was the same palaver with Tiger Woods when he could do no wrong on the golf course and was the advertisers dream boy, with he himself even publicly stating that he wasn’t black; but the moment he fell from grace, doing so at the humiliation of a white wife, he of course suddenly became black.

So I naturally get angry when I see, even as David Cameron the UK’s prime minister leads an arms delegation to Egypt and the other hotspots in the region at this moment in time – how insensitive and callous can one be I ask myself? Since it’s like asking a deeply bereaved young woman during the interment of her departed mother and as she stands forlornly by her mother’s graveside for a date. Yet along with Obama, Merkel, Sarkozy, Cameron and all the rest of them these are the very same people that readily get on their high horses as they lyingly castigate others they don’t like for doing what they themselves are actually up to, and all the while pretending that they’re the true and exclusive guardians of democracy when the lot of them are among the worst sponsors of terrorism because it’s state terrorism backed by all the military and diplomatic might and clout that they can muster and destructively use.

The same criminals who should be dragged in front of a proper court, lets forget the International Criminal Court which is only a court in name, as in reality it’s essentially nothing more than another outlet for western imperialism, to answer for their heinous crimes, rather than being allowed to pontificate as they do, cynically standing on the sidelines of world events that they instigate and execute as they shout the odds, dictating from their loathsome platforms who should be vilified or incarcerated, and those who shouldn’t be; and we all know who they have in mind for their c condemnation and who solicit their praise..

Sorry to bang your ears in this way but despite their valiant efforts to get democracy to their countries and through the revolutions they’re now waging the people of Tunisia and Egypt are still in a limbo; nothing has really changed except the man at the top. For the so-called transitional government in Tunisia is still controlled by Ben Ali’s mafia; and in Egypt the military junta is very much pro-USA and pro-Israel: 2 billion US dollars a year and being the second largest recipient of US military aid, most of which goes into their pockets does help considerably I guess, at a time when US unemployment is at record highs, foreclosures are skyrocketing and there is an economic crunch that’s hurting most decent hard-working people; those that still have a job that is. What a skewed set of priorities these western governments have handing out so much money to dictators while in the USA for instance over 30 million people in what’s essentially the world’s richest and most powerful country don’t even have basic health care. Think what the money given to Egypt and Israel could do for them.

But the youth of both Tunisia and Egypt who are in the forefront of these Revolutions aren’t fooled, that’s why they’re still congregating in their hundreds of thousands and even their millions in their respective squares to make their feelings known; as they don’t want to see their revolutions hijacked by western interests, or the blood of their martyrs shed in vain; and want nothing less than what the elite in the west take for granted: the unrestricted entitlement to dignity and life with full democratic rights and the unchallenged birthright to choose and democratically replace their elected leaders; leaders elected by them and not imposed on them by the United States of America, the European Union or NATO, and worse still for this to happen at the paranoid behest of Zionist, apartheid Israel bolstered by the theft of their natural resources and the ongoing exploitation, subjugation and unremitting humiliation of their people.

Now Syria is under attack as it’s at the crossroads of BP, Exxon-Mobile and Shell’s agenda to get into Iran and plunder its natural resources as it’s doing elsewhere, and anyone who thinks that Obama, Cameron, Clegg, Merkel, Hollande et al are the ones making the decisions need an urgent brain transplant. For the only puppet masters in this dangerous game of insatiable greed and pure evil are the three major western oil corporations and their complicit allies the military industrial complex; and the posturing so-called western leaders are just their handy drones, like those that the CIA routinely uses in Afghanistan and elsewhere, to do the bidding of the odious and pernicious bastards that run the aforementioned oil corporations and the military industrial complex.

So I ask again. Does free speech and expression actually exist where these purported western leaders, their media and other sycophantic parasites and Zionist string pullers are concerned or as every reasonable person knows is purely subjective? Der Spiegel and all the other German media as indeed the British and other western ones did had a right go at the Russian court that sentenced three female members of the so-called Pussy Riot Collective to two years in prison. I shan’t bother to waste time or energy outlining the racism, rank obscenity, hate practices or the sacrilegious nature of this group of feral individuals that isn’t a musical or artistic group by any definition of the term but is basically a hedonistic group of morons formed by and being used by anti-Putin political forces in the background and who are in the employ of US funded NGOs the State Department and the White House. Why else would a complete nurdish western stooge like Aung San Suu Kyi who turns a Nelsonian blind eye to the plight of the Rohingya people in Burma even publicly and quite unashamedly stating that she doesn’t know whether or not these people who’ve lived continuously in Burma since the 7th Century, far longer than the tribe she belongs to have done so, are Burmese; yet having no hesitation or compunction in jumping on the Pussy Riot bandwagon? The fawning and stupid bitch!

And finally when are you Angela Merkel going to prosecute the Pussy Riot imitators that quite sacrilegiously desecrated Cologne’s Cathedral quite recently. My understanding is that the church authorities have pressed charges and want these vandals prosecuted but you and your regime are deliberately dragging your feet on this as are the prosecutors. No such hesitancy as you’d recall in lauding what their Russian counterparts did and that goes too for the German media the EU as well as German MPs and MEPs trooping off to Russia to render their moral support and your acclaim of them Angela for doing so. What’s gone wrong now Angela Merkel? Cat got your tongue now that this blowback has occurred in Germany? Or are you ashamed that in prosecuting this German Pussy Riot case it’ll show to the world that the legal German penalty for such scandalous behaviour as well as that in other western countries, in the UK it would be 14 years, is considerably greater than the two years these useful western idiots got in Russia? Take my advice Angela Merkel and encourage your fellow United States satrapist leaders and administrators at every level of the fast unravelling EU project to take a hard look in the mirror at yourselves and see what pieces of shit you all really are.

For this along with the New York Subway anti-Muslim advertising blitz currently in vogue are clear-cut and rather disturbing examples, if any were ever needed that is, of where deep-rooted prejudices lie and collective responsibility exits.  Collective responsibility I call it and if you’re not familiar with that concept then I suggest that you look it up on the internet.

Friday, 14 September 2012

The Pussy Rioters of the English FA, UEFA and FIFA world football.

By Stanley Collymore

The first step in solving a problem is to recognize that there is one and influencing people should be by example not coercion, as freedom is not passed along in the bloodstream and therefore every adult person is wholly responsible for his or her actions. The English FA in its heavy handed and in my opinion obtuse decision to fine Rio Ferdinand £45,000.00 Pounds Sterling, not a great deal of money or a particularly severe financial penalty to your average footballer these days but significant nevertheless in terms of the FA’s conspicuous lack of credibility for what it deems was Rio Ferdinand’s racist remark against Ashley Cole raises a number of very pertinent worrisome questions. To start with both Rio Ferdinand and Ashley Cole are black and it’s a no-brainer for anyone with a functioning brain to be branded a racist against one’s own race and essentially one’s self. Taking that on board Rio Ferdinand’s could be construed, if one is so inclined, as insensitive, insulting or even crude in his remarks about Ashley Cole but then he most definitely can’t be categorized or considered as remotely racist, and only racist whites or their black compliant stooges could ever come to that conclusion.

Britain has a long history of vindictively punishing the messenger and not because of anything untoward that he or she did but because its conceited, white leaders in whatever capacity they operate, whether in politics or seemingly in football, don’t like the uncomfortable truths that they’re faced with. William Joyce, aka Lord Haw Haw, was illegally executed after a kangaroo court trial post World War II by the British authorities for treason against Britain. The fact that in neither domestic nor international he should have been didn’t matter a hoot to these lawless Brits. Joyce’s perceived crime was that he assisted Nazi Germany with the implication that he was beyond the pale for doing so, yet the treachery of the likes of Anthony Blunt, the Queen’s cousin, several other prominent members of the British aristocracy and the Queen’s own uncle ex King Edward VIII who made a pact with Hitler for England to be attacked and himself to be re-instated as king went unpunished. So serious was the matter of ex King Edward VII now the Duke of Windsor that Winston Churchill gave him this ultimatum, either he went into exile as Governor of Bermuda or he’d be impeached. This cowardly royal coward chose the former.

William Joyce wasn’t a traitor to the UK and anyway legally couldn’t or shouldn’t have been charged with treason as he was never nor did he ever aspire to being a British subject and both domestic and international laws, as I previously said, something which the British authorities were well aware of , categorically stipulate that only citizens of countries pressing and such a charge can be indicted for and if found guilty executed for treason; nevertheless that didn’t stop the British from proceeding with their criminal act which led to William Joyce having his neck broken on behalf of the British regime for something that in all respects he was totally innocent of. Incidentally William Joyce was a citizen of the Irish Republic that officially at any rate was neutral in World War II although it was well known to have sympathies with Nazi Germany on the basis of my enemy’s enemy is my friend.

William Joyce’s real actions were that he was a propagandist for the Third Reich and a pretty effective one too, something that really got under the skins of Britain’s rulers and some of its populace. However at no time was Joyce a political associate of the German regime; wasn’t a member of the Waffen SS or did he engage in any crimes against humanity as did the hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians, their evil descendants now masquerading in the UK as the English Defence League or EDL that post World War II were allowed to settle in England, where as I earlier said this detritus of humanity still exists. And there is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that the British authorities hanged William Joyce purely for reasons of revenge and to assuage their hurt pride.

A precedent I’d like to see implemented and would happily subscribe to were England or Britain ever overrun and conquered by foreign forces and those conspicuously and blatant propagandistic bastards at the BBC, Sky and ITV that are the eager and warmongering satrapies of the successors of Britain’s wartime criminals to suffer a parallel deadly fate. Now that’s what I’d call poetic justice. Anyway even in this day and age it would appear that while it’s perfectly okay for whites to illegally vent their subjective vengeance on anyone or anything they might choose to, Blacks on the other hand are expressly forbidden from even humorously characterizing or satirizing those useful black idiots that readily conspire with whites or others to subjugate other black people or do to their own race, either for money or the approbation of those pulling their chains, extreme harm.

In addition, Britain is exceedingly good at playing with smoke and mirrors. Forced or rather shamed into introducing anti-racist legislation in Britain ostensibly to combat the pervasive and rancorous racism that was rampant throughout the country, is still there although present in a more diffused and covert form than previously so, the only person to be prosecuted under that legislation and for decades afterwards was Michael X a black man of Caribbean origin, an anti-racist activist and who was himself consistently subjected to the most vitriolic racism possible, this despite the fact that the Chairman of the British Police Federation at the time was allowed to go on national television and publicly say that he saw nothing wrong at all with black people being called niggers, while at the same time ingrained white racism against Blacks continued unabated with signs like: “No niggers; No Irish and no Dogs” quite commonplace on public premises throughout our United Kingdom. So the English FA’s ostentatious penalizing of Rio Ferdinand on the fallacious grounds of him being racist to Ashley Cole and bringing football into disrepute is out of the same playbook employed by the FA’s own privileged ilk way back at the end of World War II that used the same tactics against William Joyce to murder him.

The English FA evidently can’t do the same to Rio Ferdinand even though I suspect that they would dearly love to; and their rolling out Herman Ouseley, a black man, to camouflage their dishonesty and give credibility to their actions says it all. As I shall explain later in this article the term house nigger coined by Blacks themselves does have and will continue to for as long as the gratuitous and unremitting subjugation of black people blended with the active collusion and total knowledge of this fact by these black traitors of the unwarranted tribulations inflicted on Blacks by white oppressors and their stooges persevere as the norm, carry on having a deep resonance with black people not only in the Caribbean and the United States but also across the entire black Diaspora as is rightfully the case. So whether or not these traitors are branded with the authentic term of House Nigger or damned with its much milder forms of Coconut or Choc Ice: Choc Ice being peculiarly British since I’ve never once heard it used outside of the UK and even then rarely so; would be unknown as a derogatory term in the US and considered as quite comical rather than as a proper insult in the West Indies, is frankly to all Blacks who genuinely care anything at all about themselves an utter irrelevance.

To begin with Chelsea’s gaudily rolling out of Ashley Cole: a man that let’s face it is obviously a sandwich short of a picnic and like John Terry is perceptibly intellectually impoverished - but honestly how many of their contemporary football counterparts as well as the plethora of sports commentators, so-called pundits and media writers who avariciously salivate over and feed off the financial and sporting accomplishments together with the purported celebrity status of these narcissistic and self-serving donnas aren’t? - to defend a white racist when the court ruling was always going to be a predictable outcome was bizarre to say the least, for I truthfully believe a miscarriage of justice was perpetrated or else all the lip-readers in Britain are thoroughly inept and therefore don’t know the first thing about their business; since Ashley Cole’s cameo role in this rather protracted farce has all the hallmarks of house-niggerism about it.

It’s my firm belief that he was told exactly what he had to do by Chelsea and suitably performed. Why else utilize a specifically black Ashley Cole, one could quite reasonably ask, when presumably John Terry unquestionably has lots of white footballing friends, colleagues and plenty of other appropriate candidates not only at Chelsea but also elsewhere who, if he’s as immaculately anti-racist as he claims he is, could voluntarily have come forward in his defence. But they didn’t! And it’s not rocket science to work out why. So Chelsea’s financial and immensely powerful in the football game puppet masters chose instead to resort to what was essentially their Plan B and wheel on their black stooge, and alas Ashley Cole admirably fitted that bill. Quod erat demonstrandum!
Manifestly too the magistrate in John Terry’s case was someone who knew the facts yet rather subjectively chose what to believe. And to all these people I thoroughly recommend that they read Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s, “The Idiot!”

As for Herman Ouseley the FA’s biddable cat’s paw that rubber stamped its intended decision to criticize and fine Rio Ferdinand I honestly don’t know of any Caribbean officials, sporting or otherwise; general members of the black public there or from conversations that I had here in the UK with black and white friends alike and who’ve long considered Herman Ouseley to be a House Nigger par excellence, who showed any surprise at what he did in getting into bed with the English FA. For let’s face it although Guyana-born like the late Bernie Grant: British MP; who was immensely esteemed and quite legendary among Blacks - Herman Ouseley is no Bernie Grant or ever likely to be even in thousand light years. And as one prominent black US civil rights activist succinctly put it, black people instinctively know a lynching when they see one. Equally they also know which Blacks are firmly on their side and those within their racial ranks who are against them and is a situation which isn’t just confined to Britain or the United States itself.

The late Shirley Chisholm, the first ever female US congresswoman and a former US presidential candidate is deeply revered by Blacks in the United States and across the black Diaspora. In noticeable contrast Eric Holder the current United States Attorney General and the first black person to assume that position is held in great contempt by the aforementioned black constituency. Yet Shirley Chisholm born in the United States, raised and educated in Barbados and Eric Holder also born in the US of Barbadian parentage have Bajan roots. Significantly too on Shirley Chisholm’s part she always throughout her personal and political life never failed to extol her Bajan upbringing and education which she publicly attributed to her successes in the United States of America.

So let’s be perfectly clear from the very outset about one thing in relation to this article I’m writing and the uncompromising stance it’s taking. Just as Pussy Riot is inimical to everything that’s either decent or constructive in Russian or any other society for that matter, so too are the English FA and UEFA to the fundamentals of the so-called beautiful game.

The word nigger was exclusively coined by whites, used by them and its derogatory meaning unapologetically inducted into every authentic European language and their bastard dialects like Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Flemish or Afrikaans masquerading as real languages which they aren’t and disparagingly used against Blacks over the half of a millennium period of enforced slavery and its post colonialist era that Africans and their descendants whether forcibly enslaved or subsequently subjugated under the jackboot of post-colonialist oppression were and still are routinely subjected to.

This by courtesy of the swarms of Arab savages, and in 2012 nothing has changed with this barbaric lot, who perfidiously and brutally rounded up their African victims on the African continent, which in marked contrast to their European clients they knew quite well having by then lived in Africa for a thousand years after their mass migration from the Arabian peninsula, and quite happily, habitually and profitably sold their black booty in chains to their Caucasian buyers.

A similarly barbaric lot these European traders as their Arab suppliers were, who then took their African cargoes of assorted men, women and children to be shamefully, shamelessly and ruthlessly exploited, dehumanized, stripped of every thing they possessed including their names, and wantonly killed at a whim in the lands that these globally ignorant and rather sick European carpetbaggers called the New World. Notwithstanding the fact that multiple civilizations when the continent of Europe was inescapably in the vicelike grip of the ice age and no one lived there were already in place in these regions that these white interlopers both arrogantly and arbitrarily took to renaming as the West Indies and Americas, and moreover were still in existence when like ruffian and unwanted gatecrashers at a posh party these Europeans showed up.

So whatever else anyone might wish to think or actually choose to believe on the matter the indisputable fact is that the term nigger does have a profoundly negative, soul-destroying, dehumanizing, degrading and utterly debasing significance for all Blacks throughout the global African Diaspora that not unnaturally have an intuitive self-respect for themselves, a marked sense of integrity as a human being and are themselves fully cognisant of what the word nigger signifies  for black people generally and specifically the direct descendants of those who despite all the vile inhumanity and accursed tribulations heaped upon them did manage none the less to survive, though deeply and irreparably scarred from it, the physical and psychological effects of the nightmarish hell of their daily existence coupled with the infernal holocaust that they were forced to endure for centuries and whose debilitating repercussions are still prevalent and felt to this day.

Therefore for Sepp Blatter, FIFA’s President or other like-minded privileged, ill-informed and hopelessly out of touch idiots within the sport of football who’re completely incapable of every empathizing with Blacks because their own cloistered lives are so evidently removed from those of ordinary folk let alone those of black people whom they barely see or recognize as being a part of the human race, and who along with their family members, close friends, work colleagues and others comprising that elitist circle of associates they belong to have never experienced full-blooded racism or racial discrimination in any form; aren’t ever likely to and therefore don’t know what it is or to be on the receiving end of it, to indifferently say to victims of wilful acts of racism that they should magnanimously take it on the chin so to speak, be a good boy or girl in the bargain and offer the hand of friendship replete with a warm and effusive smile to their abuser and simply move on with their life is just absurd, especially when one already knows that when it comes to issues that affect their own particular sensibilities and any affront to these no such tolerance is ever countenanced let alone practised by the Sepp Blatters of this world.

People, who’ve been disadvantaged, denied the instruments and opportunities to affect their own upward mobility, are oppressed, have been insulted or even denigrated because of their perceived lower social class or status, their lack of an acceptable standard of education, incompatible social mores or economic insolvency: having to literally live off welfare handouts, social security benefits or the dole as we call it here in Britain, may justifiably feel hard done by, resent the predicament that they’re in and whose aftermath can conceivably give rise to a plethora of negative emotions, not least those of a crushing despair, bitterness and anger, that translate into the inevitable conclusion that they’re being deliberately marginalized and not allowed to play any positive roles in the society that they’re obviously a part of but clearly are made by others more fortunate than themselves to feel they don’t belong to and therefore know what it’s like to be unwanted and even discriminated against owing to the situation they’re in, such experiences horrendous as they are don’t of themselves or can they ever provide a veritable window into the Stygian world of racism where those who’re involuntarily ensconced there are literally prisoners held in the castle of their skin.

In the Eurocentric and Euro-dominated world that the majority of humanity is decidedly still forced to live in despite the unmistakable 20th Century collapse of the last surviving, traditional and global European empires that previously existed, to be a black person however ambitious, gifted or well educated that individual is, is still essentially, despite the infuriating and rather despicable nature of that stark reality to the person concerned, to find one’s self invariably and involuntarily last in the queue, irrespective of whether it’s for opportunities on offer or plaudits being handed out by those Caucasians who quite arrogantly and seemingly as of right abrogate to themselves the sole right to distribute or award these things. And one classic example of this is the unheralded part played by Blacks in rescuing Europe and in particular Britain and France from the follies of their internecine wars with their several European neighbours, most notably Germany.

For to read Europe’s history books and the European slant let’s say on World Wars I and II you could be easily forgiven for thinking that Britain and France’s salvation was due entirely to the altruism and heroism exclusively of whites from even afar as Australia, New Zealand, Canada and of course the United States of America and moreover effectively and quite efficiently done so without a single Black in sight let alone in any participatory role. Ludicrous when one thinks of it sanely and objectively, for only the Japanese have adopted this bizarre farce of convenient amnesia taking it to its ultimate extreme and thus along with their idiotic western counterparts are similarly worthy of the suitable title of prized assholes of the 20th and 21st Centuries. For while it’s a matter of deliberate omission on the part of western leaders and so-called historians of the role played by Blacks in Europe’s numerous wars, with the Japanese however they have literally taken to pretending that World War II never occurred for example and therefore see no need to include it in their history books, since in their warped minds, never mind the horror and atrocities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, why should they in their distinctly asinine state of denial refer to something that never happened?

Therefore persistently belittled, made to feel completely useless and furthermore instinctively and publicly never credited with anything of value or importance, like the forlorn child forever ignored by his or her teacher at school regardless of how hard they work, attempt to attract that teacher’s attention or gain their approbation by being a first-rate and highly exemplary pupil in all respects or worst still relegated at home by their own parents to the unwarranted ranks of a nonentity within their own household, it’s hardly surprising, given the specific circumstances they’re wilfully corralled into, that most Blacks unable to contend with the vicissitudes of this recurrent and pervasive mental brainwashing that they’re subjected to and is itself deliberately reinforced by a process of open degradation also aimed at them resort uncontested to taking on the mantle of derogatory stereotypes accorded to them by whites and even convince themselves they’ll eternally be second best to them, and that while they’ll never be like whites themselves they can nevertheless marginally improve their personal status as human being by readily and beneficially abandoning everything that’s inherently black about themselves while at the same time joyously simulate or ape as many white characteristics as they can, never mind how many nauseating insults are randomly heaped upon them along the way by the very people they want to emulate.

Which reminds me of two incidents that I know of from firsthand observation and that I’d like to recount here in order to demonstrate the infernal psychological pressure and interminable brainwashing that many black people are still subjected to and invariably, albeit reluctantly in many cases, succumb to in the perverse hope of at least getting some peace of mind from this thorny issue or else in their settled state of denial that racism doesn’t really exist and perhaps as they’re constantly told by whites and others who have a great deal to gain from these injurious mind games of theirs that it’s really all a figment of their own imagination or at worst they’re carrying chips on their shoulders, subserviently push this seemingly insoluble problem deeply into their subconscious minds and bury it there. Refuse ever to talk about it and like the ostrich burying its head in the sand to shut out the problem it’s faced with delude themselves as well  that by not confronting the problem that besets them it’ll ultimately go away of its own accord. Well I’ve news for such Blacks, it won’t; anymore than one hoping to cure an arsonist of his or her habit by irresponsibly given to them all the matches and paraffin they want in the ebullient optimism that they’ll see the error of their ways and desist from it.

The first of the two incidents I’ll recount in this article occurred over a period of time between the late 1970s and mid 1980s in Reading: the principal town and additionally the county capital of the Royal County of Berkshire located in southern England and not terribly far from London and where Windsor Castle one of the major royal residences frequently used by the Queen and Prince Philip is situated. But Reading too is and for several generations has been the home of a large community of Barbadian descended British Blacks that over the years have made a huge contribution, in a diversity of ways, to their local community and the UK as a whole.

Exclusively and devoutly Christian and predominantly Anglican, or Church of England as it’s also called, in their religious observances these Barbadian-Brits naturally attended their local Anglican churches, got married there, had their children who were christened within these churches precincts attend Sunday school there, and who eventually, usually around the age of 10 or 11 years old, having got confirmed became communicants in these churches along with their parents, other family members, friends and neighbours. However with house and business prices having escalated in London and significantly higher than those in Reading, and also with the physical growth and reputational development of Reading University as an academic centre of excellence and with Reading itself just 30 minutes by train and 45 minutes drive by car from London and virtually next-door to Heathrow Airport coupled with an easy reach to the English Midlands and also the southwest of the country Reading’s community soon began to witness a demographic change in its constituent structure as businesses both from London and elsewhere began to relocate to the town accompanied by an influx of outsiders escaping London because of its high living costs yet still wanting to access the nation’s capital and their workplaces there with relative ease.

Demographically as earlier alluded to Reading’s community had undergone a marked change and not necessarily for the better. Soon afterwards and on the religious front rumours began to surface that some of these newcomers were beginning to complain that too many niggers, their choice of word, were attending their churches, ironic really since these so-called niggers were there first, and in addition were actively going out of their way to make black worshippers feel distinctly uncomfortable within their own churches. This was especially and visibly so during the sacrament of Holy Communion when these Caucasian interlopers kneeling at the altar rail would take the bread that was given to them by the priest but ostentatiously remove themselves from the vicinity of the altar where the Holy Communion was administered, churlishly return to their pews and therefore not partake of the consecrated wine, that religiously represents the blood of Jesus Christ, if the chalice that contained it had previously touched the lips of a black supplicant. A rather senseless action carried out by people who would not only have considered themselves as matured adults but also as practising Christians, yet had no compunction at all in blatantly displaying their unchristian and racist sentiments in of all places a Christian church.

British by birth but Bajan in temperament and furthermore fully aware that the priests in charge of these affected churches were either apprehensive about doing anything to oppose this brazen and unseemly behaviour or else were hoping that through it they would secure a predominantly white congregation and therefore consciously decided to do nothing about it other than offer lip service to sensibilities of those affected, these Barbadian Brits and others voted with their feet, readily relinquished these Anglican churches and shortly afterwards set up their own interfaith church that swiftly attracted and openly welcomed both black and white worshippers alike, and with links to similar churches across England has rapidly developed into a massive ecumenical movement where the worship of God, fostering the ethos of the Christian faith and the avid but pragmatic construction of bridges of communication, concord and peace across and between all races and ethnic groups is staunchly encouraged and actively undertaken, and divisive elements like racism are informatively exposed and shown for what they actually are.

Carrying on with the Barbadian theme my second incident relates to one I was actually a part of. Chilling out or liming as it’s locally known in Bridgetown, Barbados’ capital with a group of student friends from the Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies in 1989 we were suddenly approached by two young men rather formally if perhaps incongruously dressed for what after all is a sunny, tropical paradise island, who it turned were proselytizing on behalf of the Mormon Church.

Now most Barbadians are Anglicans: a state of affairs that has existed uninterrupted from 1627 when the colony was formally established by England and stayed English throughout its entire existence until 1966 when it finally decided to request and got its independence from what was then the United Kingdom, and where Anglicanism continued to be the established state religion until fairly recently when a post independence government by act of parliament disestablished it from its preeminent status and placed it on the same equal footing as all other religions that were being practised on the island. Nevertheless throughout this extensive period of Anglican pre-eminence other Christian religious sects ranging from Roman Catholicism and Methodism to Jehovah Witnesses and Baptists and a diversity of other ones in between have flourished on the island in conjunction with Judaism and in the past two decades or so Islam, and Barbadians across the entire spectra of Bajan society have always gladly demonstrated, and continue to do so, an exemplary maturity, spontaneous acknowledgement of and a high degree of tolerance to the worshippers of all these divergent faiths as well as those who chose to have none at all.

And like Anglicanism Judaism has a well-established history in Barbadian society, for it was in Barbados that many Jews initially made their fortunes from the sugar industry and slavery both of which had their commercial inception in Barbados, and where the oldest synagogue not only in the Caribbean but also across the entire Americas still stands in Barbados’ historic capital of Bridgetown with the accompanying prestigious distinction accorded to it of being a UNESCO World Heritage site. However, having made their fortunes on the island as earlier stated many of Barbados’ wealthiest Jews would later migrated to the emergent colonies of North America including that of Carolina then a single entity and which was founded in 1649, a mere 22 years after the colony of Barbados was officially established, by Bajan pioneers led by the Barbados Society of Gentlemen Adventurers.

And to this very day most pre-World War II Jews living or who’re themselves the descendants of those who’ve earlier lived in the United States can trace their undeviating ancestry, whether they know of this connection or in some instances actually prefer not to acknowledge it, to the Caribbean island of Barbados where the meticulously kept and contemporaneously documented archives of the period are held at the Black Rock Cultural and Historical Museum located on the outskirts of Bridgetown and will reliably inform them of their historic past.

Anyway this Mormon duo began by asking us if we were saved and when facetiously told that we never knew we were or had ever considered ourselves to have been in any imminent danger from anyone or anything for that matter quickly clarified their enquiry by saying they meant in the spiritual sense, and were specifically referring to our souls. With a typical Bajan’s sense of humour the response from some of the group members to that was that God hadn’t as yet given us an update on our spiritual statuses and knowing how extremely busy he is with the problems of the world they thought it would somewhat impertinent on their part to trouble him with such trivia; but felt all the same that if any of us were in deficit in that regard just as a bank manager would express his displeasure and sternly suggest that we put things right if we took to running up huge overdrafts that the bank didn’t authorize, they also felt that God would most definitely have contacted those recalcitrant sinners among us and make his views known. However, since he hadn’t done so they could reasonably assume he was comfortable with the way that we were conducting our lives.

Flummoxed by this reply and temporarily lost for words in the process as how best to respond this pregnant pause gave one of our number, a female postgraduate student aged 22 years, the chance to ask our two religious examiners if it wasn’t Mormon Church philosophy that Blacks regardless of how exemplary and religious their lives were on earth they’d nevertheless in the view of the Mormon Church at death be debarred from the Kingdom of Heaven, and if so why would any sensible black person freely wish to expend both time and energy on something that they were explicitly told they could never attain? It was a typical Barbadian put down delivered with all the charm that this young woman could muster and which in turn had us all in stitches of uproarious hilarity.

Even so the Mormons weren’t repulsed by it claiming in their defensive response that God on reflection had informed the Mormon Church, and I presumed they meant its hierarchy as they never elaborated on it, of his change of heart in relation to this contentious issue. Consequently, Blacks who’d lived exemplary and devoutly religious lives on earth could now at their death enter Heaven, but even so they would never be on a par with whites that had made it there and would always have to minister to the latter’s needs. Like in the good old days on the slave plantations no doubt!

With such concerted psychological assaults both religiously and secularly that post 1492 were and still are relentlessly directed against Blacks and have themselves been compounded by the incessant and brutal stripping away of everything, including their own names, that these black people held most dear by white Caucasian Europeans and their enthusiastic Arab accomplices, it doesn’t require the brain of a rocket scientist to understand why it is that Blacks collectively are so fragmented as a people, so instinctively treacherous to one another, are utterly and even shamelessly untrusting of and totally undependable with each other in what’s a signal variation from their normal dealings with other races, in particular whites; and effectively as a race, and in marked contrast to the general conduct of most other races, are to put it bluntly so seriously psychologically damaged.

It’s not an irreparable state of affairs though nor should it ever be allowed to become such, and doubtlessly there are numerous Blacks who’ve managed to courageously and successfully fight off this contagion and will never under any circumstance allow themselves to be contaminated by it but who even so know full well and pragmatically acknowledge that it’s a rather arduous and uphill task to shake significant numbers of other Blacks who were born with a yoke around their necks and visibly delight in going on in this manner of servitude out of their debilitating, apathetic and self-deprecating mindset that generations of white Caucasian instigated and Arab complicit Transatlantic Slavery and its similarly harmful aftermath of colonialism, segregation, Jim Crow laws, widespread lynching, apartheid, pervasive racial discrimination and their other evil manifestations have been comprehensively used to dragoon black people with.

For who other than a black person whose physical and biological characteristics are distinctly, identifiably, unmistakably and immutably of the African race would in joyous preference for much lesser and not conspicuously apparent ones want to disparagingly downplay his or her principal racial attributes that anyone with eyes can readily see are African, notwithstanding the fact that the owners of these attributes see them not as assets to be treasured but rather as handicaps to be surmounted? Yet this is precisely what considerable numbers of black people consciously and premeditatedly do all the time particularly when that lesser genetic ingredient that in quantative terms is miniscule but evidently to these brainwashed minds is qualitatively superior happens to be of the Caucasian variety.

And to these people it doesn’t matter how it got there since all they want to know and actually care about is that it’s physically within their system. Not regrettably or by any means something that’s simply a commonplace occurrence among the average John or Jill Doe who is black but is also practised by many prominent and supposedly bright black personalities across the entire social, political, economic, educational, religious and even the military strata of society including not least among them and debatably the most powerful person in the world Barack Obama, the incumbent President of the United States of America.

We all know that Barack’s father was an indigenous African Kenyan and his mother a white Caucasian North American. What none of us knew however and which was a discrepancy in our knowledge of him and one also shared by Barack Obama’s mum as well as his Caucasian grandparents and was also information that Barack himself was equally ignorant of until 2007 when it was unearthed and publicly disclosed by an obscure Irish researcher was that Barack Obama on his mother’s side of his family has an Irish lineage. Not such a big deal one could plausibly argue other than the fact that like many other people in similar situations who find out that they have biological, cultural or racial roots which they previously didn’t know they had and that in turn gives them a much clearer picture of who they actually are and in recent years and particularly in Britain has increasingly become a popular pastime with some people Barack Obama conspicuously made a meal of this sudden revelation, publicly and effusively embracing his somewhat tenuous links with Ireland and its people in a manner he hasn’t with Kenya or its population notwithstanding their unrestrained delight and fulsome recognition of his accomplishment in becoming President of the United States of America and their pride in him as one of their own. That said it’s awfully hard to see President Obama reciprocating this love and respect shown to him any time soon in relation to his late father’s birth country or its people.

Yet his Irish ancestor who he eulogizes was a grandfather five times removed who’d migrated to the United States to avoid both poverty and starvation in Ireland that was due entirely to a toxic mixture of British colonialism and imperialism there that additionally was significantly exacerbated by a totally avoidable famine that British colonial policy in Ireland unreservedly backed by a privileged, pro-English and an elite of largely protestant, in a country where the majority population was Catholic, puppets of the Westminster regime in London at the time had encouraged and callously permitted to devastate large swathes of the Irish peasantry that either didn’t want to leave Ireland or couldn’t afford to do so; and constitutes one of the very earliest examples of intended ethnic cleansing not only in the British Isles but also mainland Europe.

However, from all reliable accounts it does seem that this Irish ancestor of Barack Obama on safely reaching the United States promptly severed all his connections with his homeland of Ireland and could possibly account for why Barack and his maternal relatives were in the dark about this aspect of their family history until its revelation in 2007. Even so it doesn’t logically explain why this somewhat tenuous white Irish connection could possibly or creditably carry more weight or import with Barack than his decidedly contemporary and still existing Kenyan one, bearing in mind the stark similarities of unbridled colonialism experienced by Ireland and Kenya at British and specifically English hands. Cynical political electioneering on Obama’s part perhaps? There are millions of Irish descended voters in the United States but practically few if any or Kenyan origin. Intermittent civil unrest coupled with related acts of terrorism in Kenya possibly? Hardly, since Ireland has been experiencing these kinds of atrocities and far worst for generations now. Or is it something much more sinister and deeply psychological: like self-hatred at being black for example?

All of which is rather dispiriting and completely degrading for a considerable number of black people not only in the United States of America but also the wider black Diaspora that had high and significantly optimistic hopes of a Barack Obama presidency, and who’re also fully aware of the circumstances surrounding the marriage of Barack Obama’s parents, his conception and subsequent birth in Hawaii, not a state of the United States then as it currently is but at the time a colony of this imperialistic and hegemonic power. For had the marriage of the Obamas taken place on mainland the white Mrs Obama would have been given a lengthy prison sentence for infringing the United States’ immorality laws designed to reinforce racial segregation in that country and her husband the black Mr Obama Snr freely chosen by her as it happened to fulfil that function, which is every adult’s inalienable right in every society that calls itself civilized in regard to their chosen spouse, would routinely have been charged by the respective state’s legal apparatus, immediately convicted by its designated court, usually in such circumstances by an all-white male jury, of statutorily raping her, a white woman who only happened to be his lawful and consensual wife, and summarily sentenced to death.

Now you just couldn’t make up stuff like that however hard you might try and convincingly get anyone with a functioning brain in his or her head to believe you; could you? Yet that was the reality in the United States where incredibly asinine and specifically racist laws that were emphatically encouraged and accordingly implemented as a direct result of the United States Supreme Court’s earlier and unequivocal ruling that any person with a solitary drop of black blood coursing through his or her veins was unquestionably a Negro, became the authoritative judgement on this race issue and invariably did so with disastrous consequences for countless numbers of people that were both wittingly but also unwittingly caught up in it.

These were the light-skinned Blacks who’d largely successfully managed in practical terms, but less so in psychological ones, to cross the colour line, deceive a white public of this and delude themselves in the process that they were Caucasian but in doing this had nevertheless subjected themselves to the what was in effect a living hell of having constantly to look over their shoulders, abandon childhood friends and family members, move away from their own neighbourhoods and even the states they were born in, voluntarily forego having children of their own or if they reluctantly agreed to become natural parents because their white wife or husband ignorant of their deception or the lie that they were consciously living desperately wanted their marriage to be blessed with children and they relented under the enormity of this emotional or psychological pressure they were put under, kept more than their fingers crossed that they offspring wouldn’t be black throwbacks that would inadvertently but instantaneously scupper their existing lifestyle and cruelly force them into the kind of prescriptive racial one that they’d tried so hard to escape from while at the same time egregiously exposing them for the obvious fraud that they were.

What beats me though is how the US Supreme Court could categorically assert that anyone  who didn’t conspicuously have African characteristics carried allegedly black blood in his or her veins and furthermore figure that out long before DNA tests were ever heard of let alone had become commonplace; and besides I’ve always assumed and on good medical authority had this point of view corroborated that the blood of every living creature including that of human beings is unmistakably red in colour. Anyway the Obamas would essentially have been on a hiding to nowhere if prior to those iniquitous racist and so-called immorality laws being repealed they’d injudiciously set foot on mainland USA.

Yet fully knowledgeable of these facts Barack Obama, a trained university law professor, has nevertheless right through his demonstrably inept presidency of the United States of America shamefully, studiously and shamelessly shied away from doing anything remotely positive to counter and eradicate the several specific acts of racism, racial profiling, public and judiciary lynching as well as the extrajudicial killings committed against Blacks of all ages and genders living in the United States whether these victims are citizens or legal residents of that country, and this ironically against the backdrop of a largely deafening silence from the overwhelming majority of US Blacks and in particular so-called Civil Rights activists seemingly too afraid to speak out because the incumbent President of the United States is a mixed race black man and these useful idiots are so pleased to see the mould of having just Caucasian presidents finally broken that they’re quite prepared to tolerate these atrocities against other black people rather than decidedly rock the boat or upset the apple cart so to speak, fearful in their perverse minds that by doing so they’ll stymie the likely chances of future Blacks becoming president as well.

Well apart from the rather idiotic nature of that outlook what bloody good is there I ask you in having black presidents if the racist status quo against Blacks persists and even becomes more entrenched under their tenure of office because the perpetrators of these evils know quite well that black presidents will be too scared of losing white votes and therefore keen at all costs to hold on to their presidential position rather than risk it by speaking out and doing what’s both morally and legally right? So putting my pennyworth in for what it’s worth if that is to be the prevailing norm with black presidents  why not resort once more to simply having white ones; since as I see it why settle for the black money when you can have the white organ grinder?

As a result these racist morons paradoxically can live out their murderous hatred of Blacks in a way that they wouldn’t dare under a white president eager to preserve the erroneous image that Caucasian leaders and especially US ones are instinctively civilized individuals and above such common fayre, but under a black president like Barack Obama and a supine black US populace clutching at straws well know that they can get away with almost anything and expressly do so through the psychological instrument of racial blackmail along the lines of: “Look at how this liberal: a euphemism for leftwing or communist classification and considered in the US to be more loathsome than any act of paedophilia, President and his sycophants on are pushing the interests of Blacks, their expression would be niggers, at the expense of us the white majority!” How they actually became the majority population or what white presidents did in the past to exclusively promote white interests would however and most conveniently not be publicized by them. All the same prominent and aspiring to be so Blacks are very hypersensitive to such accusations, and Barack Obama is no exception, even though they know them to be false and consequently and ostrich-like refuse to challenge them which accordingly leaves the playing field wide open to these racist white bigots to make full use of.

Therefore under Barack Obama’s presidency one could be forgiven for thinking they were still living in the bad or good old days, depending on one’s personal perspective, when such overt forms of anti- black racism were the norm as well as the inalienable right of passage for every so-called red-blooded white individual and when for instance a 14 year old black youth could be publicly lynched in the American Deep South for allegedly having the temerity to look at a white woman and cognisant of her openly flaunting her curvaceous female attributes whistle in appreciation as she passed by. But there hasn’t been a squeak of criticism let alone any kind of condemnation from Barack Obama, his black US Attorney General Eric Holder, the US Justice Department or the US Supreme Court that customarily set their needs far above the demand for justice to any of this; and who collectively in my opinion are nothing more than the equivalent of pond life.

Institutions and their personnel on both sides of the Atlantic then that attract and back a status quo of powerful elites led by despicable morons that deflect or assiduously bury inconvenient truths amid periodic attempts by them at tawdry absolutions and shockingly subjective rulings by so-called Supreme Courts, since one is entitled to expect better from our judiciary by dint of what they’re supposed to represent; the older US one now enthusiastically aped by its recently established and fawning English equivalent and whose only connection in both cases with the word supreme relates simply to their collective idiocy, itself compounded by judgements that are invariably reached and censoriously delivered as a consequence of political considerations, corporate pressure or simply expediency rather than any concept of probity or the rule of law.

Whites don’t appear to have these interminable problems that plague Blacks it seems or at least they don’t broadcast them. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England, her offspring as well as all her other relatives within Britain and throughout Europe who’re the biological descendants of the late Queen Victoria of England and the rest of Britain have black African ancestors. The Queen’s biological grandparent also like Barack Obama’s grandparent five times removed but in this case a female relative Queen Charlotte the devoted and very much loved in return wife of George III of England was a lady of African ancestry; she was also the natural grandmother of Queen Victoria and someone who made significant positive contributions to English life and society and on a lighter and festive note was entirely responsible for introducing the Christmas tree and its attendant rituals into England and de facto the rest of Britain.

Now I’m absolutely sure that the Queen is well aware of all this but despite that she doesn’t go around making a song and dance about her African heritage; and why should she when none of us, the Queen included, had anything to do with what we biologically are or how we got here in the first place? The harsh fact is the Queen looks into her mirror and sees the unmistakable image of a Caucasian woman, regardless of what other ingredients unobservable to the human eye are in her biological and DNA makeup and she’s quite happy with that as she should be. So why the hell can’t Blacks who when they similarly look into their mirrors but quite reasonably see black faces staring back at them not accept the reality of their racial identity and be equally relaxing with and proud of it but instead desperately yearn for something else? There are white eccentrics of course most particularly those who’ve signed up to the white superiority myth of them either being part of the chosen people or else members of an exclusive sect they label the Master Race, and who at times when in their appalling arrogance they seek to demonstrate this usually get a pretty nasty, racial shock as a result.

Carol Thatcher the daughter of Margaret Thatcher: a former British prime minister, exuding all the sickening racism she evidently inherited from her equally loathsome parents was absolutely positive when she eagerly and freely agreed, as did all the others in this trial, to be a participant in a BCC conducted and televised experiment through DNA testing to portray classic examples of uncontaminated white Caucasian Brits that she would undoubtedly be found to be the 100% Anglo-Saxon thoroughbred female she reckoned she was and actually said so. However when the DNA test results were finalized, thoroughly scrutinized and the programme finally aired it was discovered that Carol Thatcher’s belief in her pristine Caucasian purity and by extension her racial superiority in relation to other subordinate races was charitably at best misguided and from a damning perspective utterly bunkum.

For it was revealed that she had more Arab genes in her DNA makeup than Caucasian ones and paradoxically from the standpoint of the average Caucasian racist those weren’t the only rogue genetic ingredients that were roaming around in Ms Thatcher’s seemingly Caucasian body. To state that Carol Thatcher was peeved by this revelation would be to gratuitously indulge in an understatement of the highest order, nevertheless she counted on the fact that most white Brits like their American cousins have short attention spans and even shorter memories and therefore expected it all to be soon forgotten, and on that matter she was entirely right. Besides when she goes about her everyday life Carol Thatcher knows that people see what they want to and that in her case is a white woman. And to her that’s all that really matters!

Of course none of this humiliating experience she underwent conjured up in Carol Thatcher a female equivalent of Saul on the road to Damascus enlightenment since she’s still as racist as she ever was and possibly even more so, and in her warped mind justifiably so as well. Similar to the mindset of those secret paedophile judges and magistrates that use the same twisted logic to rationalize their court sentencing, handing out swingeing and usually custodial sentences to minor sex offenders that are wholly disproportionate to the crimes these offenders committed and claiming it’s to show the court’s displeasure of those individuals behaviour and to act as a stern deterrent to others when really it’s a convenient cover for themselves and also to deflect attention away from their own sexual perversions and forestall public opprobrium that would undoubtedly follow if these became generally known.

Carol Thatcher wasn’t the only person in that squad of Caucasian volunteers though to have experienced a rude awakening about their alleged racial purity. One woman was so distraught and vicious acerbic about the findings revealed by her DNA tests that she took to her bed and refused to leave it while at the same time threatening to sue the BBC for what she saw was the disparagement of her racial and evidently Caucasian purity. The dumb bitch! Her problem was that she hated Gypsies with a frenetic passion only to have her DNA tests confirm that she had a preponderance of Romany blood freely coursing through her veins. On the humorous side of all this though a poignant joke at the expense of the Thatcher family quickly began to make the rounds. Mark Thatcher, Carol’s brother, while on some car rally or other had got lost in the desert but it was rather cruelly suggested when the news of this became public that this simply wasn’t the case as he’d simply diverted from his journey in order to visit his Arab kith and kin.

It’s no laughing matter however the extent that some Blacks will go to and have actually done so in order to undermine, deny, transform or even ludicrously try to eradicate their blackness; processes that take many forms, but here are a few examples of what I mean.

Hair straightening among black women may be a fashion statement nowadays by some black women but it wasn’t always so, since it was customary in the past by considerable numbers of black females in the European colonies in the West Indies and the US Deep South in particular to get rid of their allegedly knotty black hair and make it more presentable and Caucasian-like by straightening it. So the red hot ironing comb was a regular implement of black hairdressers and the burnt skulls of innumerable black women testament of and the usual consequences for those black women who desperately wanted their hair to take on the physical appurtenances of a Caucasian woman. With the same mindset in operation bleaching their hair blonde was also embarked on by some black women. And it was only when white women started to curl their hair, plait it Afro-style and even wear Rastafarian dreadlocks that significant numbers of black women felt comfortable within themselves to let their own hair grow and develop naturally.

Furthermore there was a time in England and Wales not all that long ago when white women who had consensual sexual relationships with black men and even married and had children by them could be casually sectioned off to psychiatric hospitals like Clifton Hospital in the North Riding of Yorkshire as mentally unbalanced and a great danger to the morals and social mores of the community they were in; kept locked up in these mental hospitals indefinitely and their children put in white residential care homes or with white foster parents, the latter often taking on this position mainly for monetary reasons, and all this under the specific jurisdiction of the relevant local authority.

Additionally both the children’s homes and the selected foster parents involved were officially tasked by the Social Services Department of the local authorities they were part of and entrusted with the oversight of these care and foster homes to relentlessly and effectively eradicate their blackness from these children who often then grew up into extremely dysfunctional adults. Incidentally Britain wasn’t alone in this; Australia did precisely the same to its Aboriginal children and Brazil had its own comprehensive whitening policy, both sets of programmes lasting for decades with the same psychologically damaging consequences for the victims involved.

Derogatorily branded, openly referred to by whites even in their presence and from the outset of their birth and following it unalterably into adulthood as half-castes and much worse these children now adults and thoroughly brainwashed into despising all things black and therefore automatically regarding them as inferior, intuitively behaving on this particular issue like the Pavlovian human dogs they were expertly conditioned to be quite naturally responded in their daily lives by doing exactly what they were expected to; and as some of the British victims that I spoke to and interviewed very painfully recalled would at best openly deny that they had any biological black lineage and instead pass of their darker skin hues if put on the spot and forced to explain it as a remnant or just a throwback to their fictional Spanish, Portuguese or southern Italian  ancestry. Essentially anything that was remotely European and would effectively mask the truth about their blackness.

Sin bleaching was another practice carried out by Blacks in order to counteract the prominent visibility of the melanin they carried in their genetic DNA and which  is a natural characteristic of all black people; regrettably however that particular activity is very much alive and kicking today and especially so among Nigerians. Photographers overexposing the shots taken of their black customers to make them look lighter in complexion in their photographs than they really were was also a popular preference with these clients of theirs in addition to providing a vastly profitable income for the photographers themselves. And midwives that delivered black babies, these babies’ mothers and even maternal relatives routinely squeezing and pulling in a forward motion the noses of newly born black babies or toddlers, especially at bath time, to purportedly modify the distinctive broad shape of their African structure and presumably but delusionally make them look more like Caucasian ones was an equally commonplace practice in the homes of many New World black communities.

So too was the habit of black women liberally dusting themselves with white talcum powder to ostensibly lighten their complexion by covering up the darkness of it, at least that’s what they believed, while severely reprimanding their children to keep out of the sun lest they got black by spending too much time in it. Popular too was using, quite risibly so in today’s parlance, a number of characterizations and terms like near-white, light-skinned, brown-skinned or dark-skinned to describe one’s self or other Blacks, actions that merely segmented the entire black race into this ludicrous, hierarchical and even paranoid hotchpotch of a very rigidly structured, compartmentalized and thoroughly inescapable categorization of quite commendable or not so worthy individuals and whose skin colour was the principal determinant factor of their social status with its attendant upward mobility or otherwise, while that of the Caucasian European became the benchmark by which all other skin pigmentations and in reality the intrinsic value of their owners were uncompromisingly judged.

Unbelievably in post apartheid South Africa there are still to be found black maids and other domestic servants who all their lives have worked for white employers that for the most part routinely treated them like dirt but who notwithstanding this continue to love their massas and mistresses to bits. I say this more out of sorrow than any kind of damming castigation of these black people, but say it I must because with the migration of many whites out of South Africa after the official collapse of apartheid and with the emergence of a very small but nevertheless wealthy black elite in that country these aforementioned maids and other domestics in a rather perverse portrayal of inverted snobbery liberally laced with contempt and crass stupidity now remarkably consider themselves to be a cut above those domestic servants who work for this professional black elite in terms of prestige, and do so on no other basis than that they’re still working for white employers. And you probably won’t at all be surprised to also find out that there are significant numbers of black women and men globally who’re so keen to breed out their blackness and determined to do so at all costs that they deliberately and even exclusively court and marry Caucasians to ensure as best they can and in terms of their ensuing offspring that this is the case.

A qualified and experienced journalist and working during a sabbatical year I’d taken out from my regular and principal career as an English academic for a Caribbean based Canadian owned newspaper in the capacity of a desk editor and investigative journalist, one of my colleagues at this particular newspaper was a young and attractive Canadian woman in her late 20s who was romantically involved with the white editor of that paper: a Geordie from the Newcastle-upon-Tyne area of the northeast of England, twice divorced, was in his early 50s and had for several years resided in Canada. This Canadian female he was involved with apparently well educated, ambitious and black had solid plans to marry this Geordie editor who she was already engaged to but astonishingly had confided to another black female colleague and close friend of mine at the paper: herself a Brit who’d grown up in Barbados, was educated there at a prestigious girls grammar school, since turned co-educational, and later at the University of the West Indies and was herself a desk editor and who told me what this Canadian female had said, that her primary reason for getting married to her white fiancé was to ensure that her children and grandchildren all of whom she genuinely wanted in her life weren’t black.

As for herself she’d noticed she said the many professional breaks she got by having a white fiancé and perspective husband that she was well aware wouldn’t have been so forthcoming if her intended husband was a black man. However, she loved sex and particularly the way that black men effected it and also carnally fulfilled all her sexual yearnings and expectations and would therefore carry on with her secret sexual affairs, as she was currently doing, with black men that she took a fancy to even after her marriage. A hardhearted and callous bitch or just a clever pragmatist who understands quite well the sick nature of the Caucasian-constructed and dominated world that the overwhelming majority of humanity is sadly compelled to live in and is consequently and decidedly unapologetically willing to play its architects at their own game?

A global society it would seem that will settle for anything other than to depict Blacks as bona fide constituent members of the human race, a state of affairs that other races and in particular whites don’t ever appear to have any problem with notwithstanding the fact that it was out of sub-Saharan Africa that the antecedents of Homo sapiens or more colloquially the first human beings whose lineage to which we all biologically and most categorically belong first emerged first emerged. That said no person in his or her right mind is asking, or would ever try to do so for special fours to be granted to black people, all the same it sure as hell beats the shits out of me why it is that Blacks unlike every other race there is have to have so many infernal labels attached to them; many of these just simply to describe who they are.

Whites, who’re living in those global countries and even the continents that they brutally stole from their indigenous inhabitants and now exclusively control, let alone the European countries they emerged from, don’t have this matter to contend with. When did you ever hear or see the so-called mainstream media, western politicians, the general public or even historians refer to the enforced majority populations of, for example, the United States, Canada, Argentina, New Zealand, Brazil, Uruguay or Australia as white, or for that matter append that prefix, let’s say, to the inhabitants of Germany, France, Poland, Sweden or other Europeans living in their own homelands or anywhere else come to that? It’s just not done! Anymore I guess than you would feel obliged to elucidate that you’ll be using your penis or vagina to have a pee while heading off to the loo to do so. And for the obvious and sensible reason that it’s something which in its entirety is totally understood and instinctively taken for granted, as is the distinctive Caucasian character of those nationalities I previously referred to.

Therefore those who represent the groups that I earlier mentioned and who’re primarily white themselves don’t see any need on their part to clarify their references to the majority Caucasian Germans, Americans, French, Swedes, Canadians or Australians for example as being white as in their mindset the mere mention of these peoples’ nationalities alone is adequate in itself they feel to determine for their listeners or readers who the conversation or news bulletin engaged in is directed at without having to raise the racial identity of the person or individuals being talked about. Nevertheless those who’re equally born and bred citizens of these same white controlled states, whether in Europe or elsewhere, don’t enjoy the same luxury of being seen and regarded as just citizens, even if that tribute is grudgingly awarded to them, and must therefore from the perspective of those making these illogical decisions be tagged with a supposedly suitable label of clarification to explain exactly who they are. Like referred to as black or African Americans, French immigrants, Australian Aborigines or German residents of Turkish descent and perhaps most ironic of all in an unmistakable African country like South Africa, with its massive black majority population, as black South Africans. I’m quite sure you’ve got the picture of what I’m describing here or at the very least should try to.

When President George H. Bush appointed Colin Powell as Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States Armed Forces, the first ever Blackman in the entire history of the US military to hold this position, the western media responded immediately by declaring that Colin Powell wasn’t really black, never mind his evident Afro-West Indian appearance and the US Supreme Court’s definitive “solitary drop of black blood” judgement that it had previously rendered and that these self-opinionated media hacks had rather conveniently set aside, because as they said Colin Powell was biologically related to Queen Elizabeth II of England, other major members of the British Royal Family, their mainland European royal kith and kin, and to boot significant sections of the British aristocracy as well; and the responsibility for all of this they further went on was down to his paternal grandfather three generations removed who it was pointed out was the British Governor of Jamaica at the time, the actual birthplace of Colin Powell’s parents and additionally of his principal black Caribbean relatives and their ancestors, although Colin was born and raised in the United States of America where his parents had earlier migrated to.

Notwithstanding all the above though what the purported western mainstream media in their typical disingenuous and dishonest reporting totally failed to mention however in their rush to eulogize this black man who had he been a New York drugs dealer instead of him being the Head of the US military that he’d become when no mention would ever have been made of his European royal or aristocratic familial links nor would they have had any problem seeing and reporting on him as another Bronx nigger were the circumstances through which Colin Powell came to be so well connected, at least in the biological sense, to so many of Europe’s powerful, privileged and wealthiest elites; and were it not so serious a matter, at least initially, could even be described as funny.

So here’s what happened and at the same time undoubtedly demonstrates how ridiculous is the entrenched mindset of the idiots who run these western media outlets including the print and its electronic versions who simply can’t come to terms with the natural achievements of any black person based solely on his or her innate abilities and who they actually are as a black individual but must always attempt to find a way, especially if these accomplishments are of a particularly outstanding nature, to factor in a white link or component as the derivation of everything which that person has achieved regardless of how tenuous, exiguous or even inimical at the outset that linkage was or even carries on being so.

With all of his European royal connections to bray about this alleged illustrious and aristocratic Caucasian ancestor of Colin Powell was in actuality a womanizing cad and habitual rapist with a penchant for pubescent black girls and young black women who he’d service at will and with utter impunity whether these females approved or not of his having carnal knowledge of them, knowing full well that he enjoyed total immunity for his actions from the colonial laws in place and conventional white attitudes at the time since this kind of behaviour towards black females by Caucasian males and predatory white lesbian women and totally irrespective of their social status or actual backgrounds was expected, universally approved of, completely condoned, and went unpunished.

For Blacks throughout the ordeal of their especially lengthy enslavement at the hands of whites were legally classified by their oppressors as chattel to be owned, bought, sold or misused with impunity as their owners wished; creatures that were officially stated to be “marginally greater than the common dog but not on the same level as the noble horse” end of quote. Consequently knowing of this derogatory assessment of themselves accorded to them by whites enslaved and freed Blacks alike reluctantly acknowledging just how powerless they were to stop this wanton abuse of their womenfolk pragmatically carried on as best they could with their own lives. For if a black woman during slavery refused a white man sexually she could be beaten, branded and any children she already by whoever that man was and whether they were consensually conceived or not sold off elsewhere then raped any way for her troubles.

The consequences of which are still very prevalent with us in the 21st Century insomuch that every black person of Caribbean, North or Latin American stock whose ancestors were the product of Transatlantic slavery unintentionally on their part carry the white male Y chromosome, invariably the direct legacy of male Caucasian rape, positively making many of them for example from the former British colonies more English, biologically speaking, than many of our purblind, home-grown racists that take to exclusively and somewhat arrogantly allotting this title to themselves while absurdly and dismissively seeing Blacks in Britain as nothing more than immigrant interlopers.

Research shows that Colin Powell’s black Jamaican, female slave ancestor raped by this white, they all of them during slavery and its aftermath colonialism were of this colour, Governor of Jamaica adamantly decided against all the odds to make a stand against this sexual violation of herself; she may have been a lowly domestic servant in this man’s house and considered to be a slave but she wasn’t going to let any of this stop her from what she planned on doing, and I say good for her! Instituting a court action against her rapist knowing full well that irrespective of the irrefutable facts of the case in her favour the court would side with her white rapist that in its opinion, but not hers, was her lawful owner to do with as he pleased, this courageous black woman wasn’t expecting a legal victory from her actions as she knew there’d be none. What she wanted and got by bringing this matter to court was for it to be placed in the official court records so that future descendants of hers - she always firmly believed that Caribbean Blacks would one day be free and solely determine their own destiny - and West Indian researchers of the period would know what actually occurred; and to that end she’s been hugely successful.

Made pregnant by the lascivious white brute that raped her this remarkable black woman had her child as she’d no wish to or any intention of killing a part of herself by getting rid of it no matter how it was conceived, and which in turn became another link in the black ancestry of Colin Powell; the blood of two markedly different continents incongruously co-mingled with each other and with Fate the adjudicator of the outcome. However unremorseful of his sexual proclivities this governor wilfully carried on as previously until like all recidivists conceitedly convinced of their own invincibility he made a monumental mistake by raping a white woman purportedly of class that he had a hankering for but who unreciprocally had spurned his sexual overtures towards her.

Immediately the local white colonial community in Jamaica that didn’t give a damn about this man’s persistent rape and other sexual abuses of black girls and young women was up in arms over his conduct and apparently so on the sole basis that a white woman’s fanny obviously had a value attached to it that a black woman’s never could. And risibly as it might seem that’s still the quite evident and ludicrous posture across the entire white Diaspora to this day as evinced in the minds and attitudes of most white men at all levels of our societies including lawmakers, opinion shapers, the white media, our schools and higher institutions of learning, the churches, police, Crown Prosecution Service, courts, cabinet members, Civil Service bureaucrats, prison officers and corporate administrators and cleverly played along with by these individuals white spouses, girlfriends, live in partners, female relatives and even their bits on the side who never let on that these white men are deluding themselves, or come to that what they themselves are really up to – their serial affairs, adultery, cuckolding of these men and all the rest of it at home and during their holidays abroad (ring any bells for you, you amusingly lascivious white ladies out there?) – and then only when they want to hurt some pathetic white geezer that they’ve lost all respect for and come to despise. By the way, for the rape of his Caucasian victim this white Jamaica governor was cashiered from his position as governor there and in irons shipped back to England to be appropriately dealt with.

Regrettably Colin Powell who only belatedly came to know of his not so illustrious as it turned out to be the case white ancestor and his many European royal and aristocratic connections, an analogous situation in some ways to the Barack Obama situation when just as astoundingly he learnt of his obscure Irish links, with comparable enthusiasm and more than a touch of vanity effusively and wholeheartedly embraced this Caucasian side of his family even to the extent of contacting the College  of Arms the renowned body in England whose established practice and historic remit it is to authoritatively authenticate these sorts of upper-class things, register them and legally release heraldic arms, crests, emblems and the like to those who’re lawfully entitled to them, to fashion his own heraldic insignia based of course on his European family links, not his black family tree. And doubtlessly Barack Obama would also have done the same in similar circumstances except that in his case his European progenitors had no pedigree to speak of.

Now only a black person who’s self-hating, utterly brainwashed, totally idiotic or a useful idiot would ever do something like that; and what’s much worse and makes it all the more degrading to Blacks in a completely soul-destroying way is that no white individual with a black ancestry let alone someone who discovers that he or she is the progeny of the rape of a white woman by a black man, however recent or distant that occurrence was and furthermore had become highly successful in their personal and professional lives as a direct result of their own innate abilities, would ever dream of extolling, far less go to such extraordinary lengths to do so, the singularly and embarrassingly inauspicious circumstances that duly resulted in their entry into this world.

Conversely though it’s quite astonishing how many black people there are who eagerly like to point out that they have Caucasian blood in them while at the same time seeing this incident as a feather in their cap; and how many black/white, mixed race individuals of both genders, loads of them living here in England and some of them ennobled with outmoded British imperialistic baubles take great pride in deluding themselves that their sporting prowess, academic ability or personal achievements are entirely attributable to the white half of their parentage, when all the empirical data to hand, local firsthand knowledge of those involved and commonsense to boot point emphatically to the opposite conclusion.

Colin Powell an ordinarily likeable man had already trustingly made an embarrassingly prized ass of himself and severely damaged both his personal and political credibility on behalf of the rampaging New World Order proponents, military industrial complex beholding warmongering narcissists and the totally barmy US neo-cons managed by the evil Dr. Dread, Dick Cheney VP enthusiastically backed by his sidekicks George W. Bush aka the President of the United States and Donald Rumsfeld its Defence Secretary that had deliberately set him up for the mighty fall he subsequently took in the aftermath of his earnestly presented but none the less spurious Iraq weapons of mass destruction speech heart-rendingly accompanied by visible graphic images to back his assertion as to why Iraq should be attacked and invaded, of Saddam Hussein’s alleged mobile missile launchers that never really existed to deliver these awesome WMDs of death on neighbouring peace loving and law-abiding countries and even democratic aspiring adversaries of his among his own citizenry that he Colin Powell solemnly gave to the UNSC; and now we were having this quite demeaning to all Blacks European heraldic farce of his.

Meanwhile Barack Obama for his part has allowed himself to become the willing prisoner of a noticeably venal and thieving Wall Street and the recidivistic and barefacedly corrupt banking industry, Christian fundamentalist nutcases who’d never vote for him under any circumstance and the Zionist lobbies zealously cheerlead by AIPAC and a bunch of demented crazies in Tel Aviv headed by the psychopathic Benjamin Netanyahu that along with his comparable chums ought to be sectioned off to a top security psychiatric hospital and for the safety of the Israeli people as well as that of the rest of the world kept there for the rest of their natural lives. And which for me begs the obvious and quite pertinent question: “Why can’t Blacks living in white controlled countries ever learn to think for themselves?”

All living things regardless of whether they’re physically mobile creatures of the lowliest order or supposedly more advanced, sentient and seemingly intelligent versions like human beings as well as stationary entities like plants and trees have all throughout the course of their respective evolution, which in the majority of cases occurred over a period of several millennia, attempted and managed in varying degrees of success to devise and utilize quite simple or even extremely complex forms of defensive mechanisms which are usually peculiar to them in order to protect themselves from general or specifically perceived harm from known adversaries or likely ones whose major task is to destroy them, and in terms of wanting and even endeavouring to defend themselves from the disadvantageous, prejudicial and even the murderous designs or actions of those who clearly don’t have their best interests at heart black people, and who other than racist bigots would want to deny or criticize them for this, are no different from other members of the human race.

It’s perfectly true that for over half a millennium, essentially from 1492 onwards to the present time, of the physical and psychological brutality and barbarism persistently meted out to black people at the hands of Caucasians and their Arab collaborators and methodically brought about through the ruthless seizure, enforced shipment to and the attendant Transatlantic enslavement in the so-called New World of Africans of both genders and of every age and the consequences thereof which stemmed from these iniquitous practices and themselves afterwards compounded by those engendered by the havoc of European colonialism, the political and social segregation of black people from other communities, the purposeful, systematic and systemic placement of Blacks distinctly outside the purview and therefore the protection of the law thus allowing and excusing incidences like extra-judicial killings and gratuitous murders through mob-motivated mechanisms such as lynching to wantonly occur against black people and what’s more legally go unpunished; and in company with the instruments and policies of legislated and the rigidly enforced precepts of apartheid and the contemporary societal cancers of racism and inequality have all contributed to the immense mental damage consciously inflicted by white people and others on significant numbers of black people and sequentially have also helped considerably in the widespread and wholly justified sense of insecurity that many inside the black Diaspora feel within themselves, resulting in the overpoweringly great need by elements of it to do anything however minimal to protect themselves.

Chattel that could be easily bought, sold and quite literally disposed of at will and furthermore with these perceived commercial objects having no say in the matter or any recourse whatever against it, Blacks were essentially people that had no valid control over their destiny other than to intermittently resort to desperate means like localized rebellions and sometimes widespread uprisings that were usually and rather ruthlessly crushed, their leaders or suspected ones cold-bloodedly and inhumanely tortured, subjected to a lingering and painful death and their corpses viciously segmented and left visibly on display as a grim warning to other would be rebels and a graphic reminder of what would happen to them as well if they tried their luck; the inglorious triumph of the victors effectively secured through the combination of state of the art weaponry that these euphoric oppressors had in abundance but which the rebels had no access to, coupled with an index of vital insider information willingly provided by complicit informants inside the black communities that enabled the white enemies of their people to crush these rebellions.

Knowing precisely who their enemies were on the outside Blacks now had the onerous task of identifying and isolating their adversaries within, and out of that pressing need for survival the term House Nigger was born and rapidly found a prompt acceptance with all Blacks that value life, liberty and their inalienable right to freely determine how they live their own lives. And in 2012 with many of these aspirations still unfulfilled through the obduracy of those who caused these problems in the first place nothing has changed in that regard and is unlikely to as long as the status quo ante remains. It’s a state of affairs that applies uniformally whether it’s the extra-judicial killing or assassinations, call it what you will it’s still the same, of black men like Mark Duggan by the Metropolitan Police inspired by the racist rhetoric of consecutive British Home Secretaries that substantially and by tradition infest the principal political parties in Britain and their comparable Cabinet colleagues in whatever regime is in power, or coal black miners from the Marikana platinum mine in South Africa gratuitously shot dead, the overwhelming majority of them in the back by automatic machine gunfire, by their police equivalent there at the behest of white mine owners using apartheid era laws to cynically kill and silence Blacks in their own country while they continue to exploit their labour and the natural resources of South Africa for the sole benefit of the purportedly white Master Race. And that not to put too fine a point on it fucking well sickens me!

Therefore for the English FA to both criticize and financially penalize Rio Ferdinand for what he tweeted about Ashley Cole, something that every black individual with a functioning brain in his or her head or any respect for themselves as a black person already knew to be the case with Ashley Cole long before he willingly permitted himself to be ostentatiously wheeled into court to defend John Terry and furthermore fully subscribes to, is to my mind very much like someone peevishly at best slating and at its very worst asininely shooting dead the messenger for delivering a message that the shooter either didn’t want to hear or simply couldn’t tolerate what its contents were because the truth has a remarkable way of affecting some people in that way by making them feel very uncomfortable when confronted with it.

Ashley Cole let’s face it is a brick short of a load and not someone who you’d readily associate with thinking for himself and primarily so because he hasn’t got the capability to socially react in that way, and the same analytical conclusion can also be justly levelled at the likes of Kenny Dalglish, Gazza, the late George Best and several others, past and present, of the major English leagues who’re too numerous to realistically mention here; people who like Pavlov’s dogs did instinctively respond to a given signal or stimulus. In a nutshell their guiding principle of blind reaction to as distinct from an inspirational initiation or objective assessment of anything is, or was quite clearly the case with George Best, what they’re best suited for and particularly good at.

And the crass mistake that many in the footballing industry, for that’s what it has become a strictly money-making enterprise astutely masquerading as a sport, and in particular the hordes of intellectually-challenged but committed tribalists that compulsively and highly subjectively follow the game’s every twist and turn vociferously living out their explicitly sad and depleted lives through the empty fantasies that they copiously construct around the so-called celebrities of this sporting farce make, is that they then bizarrely assume that the aptitude to competently kick a football consequentially equates as well to that individual having the mental prowess or basic commonsense that’s required in other aspects of life when clearly it does not.

What’s more the English FA has been completely dishonest throughout this racial storm in a pristine white teacup, and that includes John Terry’s racist remarks, which it has clumsily in my view managed to turn into a distinctly inglorious yet at the same time a somewhat risible soap opera; for in actuality the English FA doesn’t really give a damn anymore than UEFA or the Caucasian and dominant element within FIFA do for that matter about racism in football, and all the FA’s shenanigans are at best public window dressing and in the wake of the John Terry brouhaha followed by the comprehensive coverage that it got in the English media an intriguing case of damage limitation. For the truth is that racism doesn’t touch on or is it ever likely to the private or working lives of those who formulate football’s agenda, manage it and incorporate it into what’s essentially their own arbitrary and hugely unaccountable running of the English FA, UEFA or FIFA, or come to that the daily lives of their family members, close friends or key work colleagues, so why expend time, effort or financial resources particularly at a time of recession and austerity on something that doesn’t feature even modestly in one’s everyday existence?

That you know little or absolutely nothing about; don’t really care to; and from your privileged or even cloistered upbringing, lifestyle and perspective are conditioned to instinctively attribute accusations of racism to the acts of well-meaning but delusional do-gooders wilfully stirring up the pot of resentment on behalf of black people, that they themselves treat like children, against genuine white endeavours and the successes that follow from these; or Blacks carrying massive chips on their shoulders and rather than acknowledge that these impediments to their lives and futures are there and in accordance with this undeniable recognition judiciously come to terms with their diverse inadequacies and pragmatically for their own  good and the benefit of society at large attempt to rectify these failings of theirs, wittingly choose instead to opt out of all these sensible measures and transfer the burden of guilt from their own inaction onto the shoulders of white people who they then unfairly accuse of racism towards them.

This is all a load of fraudulent clap-trap of course and there’s more than enough empirical data floating around to corroborate this fact. However, despite the truth relating to these contentious issues that both discredits and is in direct contrast to the swirling myths of downright lies, half truths and sensational fiction that encompasses them the stance which conveniently has always been taken by the oligarchies who run and control the English FA, UEFA and FIFA is to adopt and go along with the populist approach to these matters fully cognisant that it tellingly strikes an emotional chord and consequently plays well with European football fans the overwhelming majority of whom quite understandably for demographic reasons in Europe are white, and who additionally and constantly are fed a stream of nauseating but seemingly voter-friendly dribble that in itself amounts to little more than belligerent but evidently unsubstantiated racist rhetoric from their national regimes that are always enormously keen to curry populist favour with their electorate in order to hopefully win votes that they expect will translate into continued political power for themselves  and increased economic advantages for their considerably influential but much more importantly in the general scheme of things already affluent but irredeemably venal corporate friends, are easy quarries to be pursued and shamelessly exploited since the apparent short-sightedness and manifestly deliberately dumbing down of the English educational system for one and the Euro-consensus of a particularly pernicious rightwing political opportunism for another have collaboratively considerably fortified an already disquieting state of affairs where historical ignorance is being purposely compounded by officially complicit and concerted acts of historical revisionism conjoined with an encourage d culture of moral dissipation and murky criminal proclivities.

These people aren’t by any means the sharpest equipment in any box of cutlery and moreover have absolutely no knowledge or at best very little of it with regard to the history of their own country let alone other European ones. And morality even if the knew what it was or genuinely represented doesn’t feature in their limited everyday calculations about life, as all they actually know because others that they either look up to or whose lifestyles they neurotically covet keep on telling them so is that whites, the tribe which they belong to and feel so much a privileged part of, are inherently superior in all respects to every other race on Planet Earth. A calculated stratagem by those with power and influence in their hands and an unwavering determination to hang on to these at all costs so they can keep these inconceivably gullible satrapies of theirs firmly established in their vulnerably deferential, impecunious, insolvent and poverty-stricken ways of life while at the same time cynically encourage them to divert their many frustrations and deep-seated anger away from those whom these ought really to be directed at and project them unwarrantedly instead onto others who are racially and perhaps culturally different from themselves who they’re further told are completely responsible, notwithstanding that this is a blatant lie, for their manifold social ills and economic woes. Entire communities that are then scapegoated as the enemy within which must therefore be ruthlessly destroyed by any means available. Hardly the kind of convivial atmosphere to cultivate good race relations or combat racism is it?

The English FA, UEFA and their hierarchical warlord equivalents at FIFA are fully cognisant of all this and not least so because they’re manifestly and unequivocally committed advocates and thus an integral part of this particularly perverse but nevertheless recurrently pervasive and remarkably effective dissemblance and mendacity that they’re especially good at regardless of whatever convivial public-friendly face they choose to and ultimately quite cynically portray to the world at large. For in point of fact the English FA, UEFA and FIFA are the Don controlled families of an effective and enormously lucrative mafia-style corporate enterprise that in spite of all their laboured pretences to the contrary are completely unaccountable to anybody or any independent supervisory body for their individual or collective actions; clearly like it that way and furthermore if left entirely to themselves intend to carry on as usual.

FIFA which fundamentally, superciliously and predictably regards itself as and ably supported by the English, other UK home FAs and UEFA therefore conducts itself like a white Caucasian controlled and global caliphate realistically exercises more power and influence internationally than many sovereign and independent countries with seats in the General Assembly of the UN are in practical terms capable of doing globally or will ever manage to. An oligarchic body that permits inexcusable anomalies to take place and persist, like the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, for example, that constitute in every legal term a politically integrated and unitary state to have four separate football associations not only for domestic purposes, which is wholly OK if it’s what they want internally, but also for their participation in all international competitions  including the World Cup.

This isn’t only inequitable and indefensible but also unjust from the perspective of every single compos mentis football nation that exits, has its own football association, is a member of FIFA, is geographically larger in size and has a population much bigger than the aggregate total of the UK’s own populace, and moreover whose footballing prowess and time-honoured pedigree are significantly greater and appreciably more commanding and expressively entertaining than the pooled labours of the four British home nations. And I don’t want to hear or be forced anymore to listen on the airwaves of the UK’s sports radio stations, see on the back pages of our national newspapers, traditionally given over to sports reporting, nor will I ever entertain the completely disingenuous crap or risibly lame excuses vaingloriously proffered about historical extenuating circumstances, explicitly that because England invented football and essentially promoted it to the rest of the world all the four constituent, political components of the United Kingdom must forever ludicrously benefit from unfair advantages other football nations don’t or can’t have in arbitrarily determining, and what’s more are unilaterally able to exercise in this specific regard a veto unique to them which nobody other than themselves can do bugger all about in order to effect meaningful change.

Well let me put this scenario to you who either collude with or condone this kind of outrageous behaviour. Black men are generally known and predictably so by white women you’ll admit to be exceptionally good in bed or wherever else they may choose to screw their lucky lovers. So how would you relish the idea if black Rastas, for example, were given sexual priority over all women of sexual age who’d come into the animal equivalent of oestrus to consensually do with them whatsoever these strapping, physically powerful and conspicuously virile black Lotharios licentiously, mutually gratifyingly and quite pleasurably chose to no matter what you, whether you’re white (and who knows specially so just because you are), polka dot or any other colour come to that, felt about the matter. Now I can already sense you white supremacists, disruptive football fans of the calibre of the BNP and EDL and unthinking nurds that support the English FA and other home football associations’ stance on having four separate international football associations for one country i.e. Britain, and your supporters on mainland Europe and its dense satrapies getting rather hot under the collar with indignation. Nice to see that you can still get a physical rise, no pun intended, about something, but do calm down as stress is a major killer in our contemporary world and I’m quite sure you wouldn’t want to compound your already deep psychological problems with a physiological one, would you?

Furthermore here’s the rub! What’s more these women to whom these black men were given priority status and the accompanying veto that it carried included your wives, live-in partners, girlfriends, bits on the side that you’re especially attached to, daughters, mothers, nieces, other female relatives that you’re particularly fond of and intimately close to, or other likely females that you yourselves have the hots for but with these black Lotharios around recognize that you haven’t a snowflake in hell’s chance of sexually pulling any of these birds. Categorically and most infuriatingly what is to most white men their living and recurring nightmare. Now don’t be bashful about it, admit it even to yourself. You know what they say about confession being good for the soul. Not bloody funny any of this I hear you say? Well neither is Britain having four international football associations to everybody else’s solitary one. And all that I’ve done in my scenario above is to paint the same arrogant, sense of entitlement that sadly many of my fellow Brits have no problem whatever in arrogating for themselves and using a subject matter that I’m well aware will get right up your noses. Food for thought wouldn’t you say? Provided of course that you’re capable of thinking and doing so impartially.

Conclusively therefore what most exercises the hearts and minds of the oligarchs in the English FA, UEFA and FIFA are their corporate business interests and money-making enterprises with football comprising little more than an adjunct to all of their other commercial ventures as well as a convenient vehicle for achieving several of these external goals of theirs. Consequently the game has become a favourable environment where venality and corruption are endemic, is now universally condoned and like selected cultures of micro-organisms that are carefully placed in the isolated conditions of a Petri-dish predictably thrive.

Therefore having football fans that out of sheer ignorance know absolutely nothing of and care even less about the origins of racism or its devastating impact on the lives of those affected by it is a matter that’s well below the radar of the English FA, UEFA and FIFA that frankly don’t see it as a major problem if a problem at all. And as long as football stadia gate receipts continue to rise, the major domestic leagues are content and corporate largesse and sponsorship unaffected by these known racist attitudes keep on flooding the coffers of the English FA, UEFA and FIFA why would they wish to meddle or more pertinently what exceptional incentive is there for these footballing bodies to contemplate let alone interfere with something that the white majority, at least that component of it which is intimately associated with the more pre-eminently Caucasian element of the game, is obviously comfortable with?

Add to that the interrelated diseases of incompetence, short-sightedness and the truculent belief in their infallibility which are known to chronically inflict those that administer the English FA coupled with a manifest incapacity on their part as well to learn from past mistakes or willingly take on board sound advice from concerned external sources; gross failings that are themselves imbued with the follies of snobbery and entrenched elitism, and one can readily understand the persistently ongoing ne’er do well status of the English national football team.

Then in marked contrast there’re those in England who persistently deceive themselves that football, commonly regarded as our national game, is the working person’s favourite pursuit, to which I respond: if that’s the case how come that it’s always run by toffs? For it’s obvious as muck and equally as nasty that while it’s perfectly true that the vast majority of those going through the turnstiles of football clubs across the length and breadth of England are undeniably working class men and women the administrators and just as significantly the real beneficiaries of the alleged beautiful game most conspicuously aren’t, and crucially going on past form that is a situation which isn’t about to change anytime soon.

So what in 2012 we continue to witness of the English FA is essentially the same old and failed policy that has blighted English football for decades and especially so at the national level. For this policy of theirs isn’t about competence, the skilful honing, encouragement or the automatic rewarding of natural abilities, neither is it related to the concerted building up of trust, integrity and genuine respect for the game at grassroots level complemented by assertive and far-sighted investment in glaringly obvious home-grown managerial talents and the flawless dedication by such people to their craft regardless of their ethnic or social derivation, but rather is heavily and at times exclusively focused on quick fix measures and hoped for instant success that curiously the FA has persuaded itself can be financially secured through expensively enlisted, monetarily driven, foreign and carpet bagging football mercenaries of the ilk of Fabio Capello.

Considerations or gratuities that in a million light years would never have been tendered to a real home-grown managerial genius of the quality of the late Brian Clough the best manager that England and the English football team never had because the FA never appointed him to that post. And although he was white Brian Clough was nevertheless working class, spoke his mind and was his own man. Handicaps that despite his undoubted abilities and clever football brain effectively from the standpoint of the English FA debarred him from the job that he was ideally suited for, as he didn’t fit in you see with their cosy elitist concept of what’s proper or unacceptable old boy. In the same way that they had this huge hang-up about black skins and genuinely believed what football league managers using the same playbook publicly said that black players didn’t have the bottle, discipline or the commitment to be considered as suitable players for the English national football team.

What assholes, past or present, among these Caucasian Neanderthals connected to the leagues as managers or with the FA as administrators or other officials within the game come to that I wonder would today openly make those same comments and in the process attempt to defend them? Yet at no time subsequently have those that were responsible making for such odiously subjective remarks, suggestions or downright calumnies had the guts or the common decency to acknowledge their misconceptions let alone apologise for the hurt which they knew they’d deliberately caused. Even so the long journey of acceptance for Blacks in the full structure of English football in what’s essentially a multi-ethnic country isn’t over yet, as both the admin staff of the English FA as well as that of English football clubs is virtually snow-white. Also any black manager who’s appointed to a football club in whatever league, and so far there has been approximately two or three of them to date, knows that from the very outset of his tenure in the job instant success will be demanded of him in his managerial role else he’ll be instantly shown the door in a manner that a white appointed equivalent wouldn’t have to grapple with or worry about. So much for racial equality!

In its public disapproval of Rio Ferdinand for the tweet he fired off at Ashley Cole the English FA with bombastic and moralistic ostentation said he’d brought English football into disrepute, a somewhat bizarre, dishonest and utterly asinine observation on its part I must say considering the true nature of the English FA and one which had me in stitches. Is this the same FA I asked myself which permitted a Russian nobody that under the embarrassingly incompetent, drunken, incredibly feckless and ridiculous presidency of Boris Yeltsin had wheeled and dealt his way to exceedingly enormous riches through the corrupt and literal fleecing of millions of conned and strapped Russians forced through poverty or impecunious circumstances to relinquish, often in exchange for food to provisionally fill their empty bellies, the nationally distributed state assets given to them by the Russian government after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the demise of communism; who then used the converted wealth from these pocketed assets to successfully launder that money into various commercial enterprises in the west including the football club he now exclusively owns in London; and whose behaviour quite frankly makes the activities of Al Capone, who only robbed banks, look decidedly in comparison like the exuberant antics of a naughty schoolboy?

No relevant questions asked then of this Russian émigré to our shores or any such suppositions, even from a curiosity point of view, fleetingly raised with let alone condemnatorily levelled at him by the English FA that instead was only too eager it would appear to cheerfully jump into bed with Roman Abramovich, enthusiastically facilitate and willingly rubber stamp his bid for ownership of Chelsea Football Club that he chose to buy and eventually forked out n immense sum of money for. However not before he’d made his intentions abundantly clear and utilizing the same tactics he’d successfully employed in Russia blackmailed everyone directly involved with the purchase arrangements of the club, in particular those smaller, much more vulnerable and minority shareholders of it – the bigger ones had already jumped with venal enthusiasm at his offer – a beside itself, far from neutral and profoundly infatuated British media, Chelsea’s fans and those members of the general public who’d bothered to take any notice that is of what was actually going on that unless he was allowed to secure a 100% ownership of the club he’d set his eyes on then there was nothing doing.

This notwithstanding the reality that Roman Abramovich had already been guaranteed in secret dealings with the existing big boy player owners of Chelsea a more than two thirds stake in the club, effective majority holdings, and his right to do with Chelsea whatever he wished; but this wasn’t enough for this Russian poor man astronomically turned multi-billionaire and likewise a powerful and hugely influential oligarch who was quite explicit through his team of negotiators that he wanted exclusive possession of Chelsea Football Club, wasn’t prepared to settle for any thing less than that, and if his wishes weren’t catered for and consequently forthcoming then he wouldn’t be interested anymore in the planned deal and would call it off at once.

String pulling and strong arm tactics, intimate bedfellows of this Russian immigrant and bearing the revealing characteristic hallmarks of the mafia rather than the sedate football transactions one commonly identifies with supposedly stiff upper lip England, plus a stomach-churning obsequiousness on the part of the English FA got Roman Abramovich what he demanded with menaces. Tempting the English FA like a deeply infatuated, pubescent schoolgirl immensely flattered at getting the attention of someone she has an enormous crush on to studiously turn a Nelsonian blind eye to Abramovich’s euphemistically questionable activities in Russia but even more crucially as well his suspect commercial dealings in England. But money talks and seemingly the dirtier it is the more intense, interesting and highly effective the conversation usually becomes.

It’s the same laissez fairs approach that the English FA unconcernedly but highly regrettably in my view and that of several people that I spoke to while researching for this article has adopted vis-à-vis the purchases of other major English Premier League football clubs as well as those in other divisions, thus allowing itself with its eyes wide open to be an accessory after the fact to actions which although marginally within the scope of the criminal law are none the less quite opprobrious and improbious to say the least. Like the hovering up by the barefacedly audacious and carpetbagging American adventurers whose actions on this side of the pond make the post US Civil War activities of their Yankee compatriot carpetbagging counterparts in the defeated American Deep South look in direct comparison particularly benign and even altruistic.

Whose real interest in English football let’s be absolutely frank is virtually non-existent at best and for whom their acquisition of these footballing assets are purely commercially motivated and often embarked on to service major financial debts that their new owners have recklessly wracked up in the United States. All this notwithstanding the organized protests and vociferous opposition by loyal fans of the clubs concerned to these transactions, as well as the presence in their midst of what they see as the Dick Turpins of the football business.

And worst still, which shows just how far down into the sewers of avarice and corruption that the FA has descended and taken our premier football clubs, the separate leagues where there’s now a constant rugby scrum for money and footballing excellence unsurprisingly plays second fiddle to financial acquisitiveness and the entire English game has perforce been dishonourably dragged into this shadowy and insalubrious underworld of human detritus, is the FA’s effusive welcome and forceful encouragement of untold amounts of petro-dollars into the English game from the particularly vile, perniciously evil, savage and repressively totalitarian regimes of the Persian Gulf Arab Bantustans cancerously steeped in their bloody and bloodthirsty Sharia Law and a persistent and intransigent departure from even the most basic norms of what’s generally considered to be humane and civilized standards of behaviour.

Most of whose browbeaten inhabitants unhappily and involuntarily live below the poverty line even for utterly stinking entities like these while their camel-fornicating, feudalistic, Dark Ages mindset, insentient and barbarously insensitive despots prodigiously and uncaringly lavish their Bantustans’ gargantuan oil wealth, which they’ve long ensured that they and their incestuously conceived multiple relations have an enforced exclusivity to, on western arms to buy protection for themselves; extravagantly sumptuous properties in major western capitals, and increasingly in recent years sporting inducements to curry populous favour in the west and mask their innate penchant at home and in the wider geographical region of the Middle East and North Africa for pervasive and unbridled savagery. And what better way to effectively and misleadingly do this and in the process despicably and undeservingly garner popularity and prominence as civilized benefactors than to copiously splash out as beneficent patrons all that effortlessly come by lolly on the beautiful game, particularly when that largesse can effectually buy the most desired title not only of the Premiership League but also the entire English football game as well. Doesn’t it make you want to puke?

So what we have here isn’t genuine sportsmanship, a universal concept that would be instantly acknowledged, truly understood and roundly applauded by any sentient, sensible and unbiased individual that accordingly would expect to see it conducted in scrupulously fair circumstances for all concerned and additionally on a level playing field and all the rest of it, but in my honest opinion is a calculatedly fraudulent enterprise that’s not sportsmanship at all. For how can it be deemed as such when those football club owners with the deepest financial pockets can with no trouble at all bulk buy the best as well as the most promising football players around and do so not simply because they genuinely their services to strengthen their existing squad of players at that specific club or to enhance the club’s position in the league that it’s in by enabling it to vie for and even grab promotion to a higher domestic league, improve its own chances of winning home trophies, or in the situation of its accession to competitive involvement in UEFA backed competitions secure for itself the desired outcome of European football with the added prospect of excitement at and the immense pride that would be derived by the fans were the club to land mega-financially endorsed and significantly important laurels like the European Championship title, which every sensible person can understand and relate to.

No! These purchases of footballers usually have a sinister connotation attached to them, since they’re invariably done to prevent rival football clubs from getting these players this giving the club(s) purchasing these players a massive unfair advantage over their opponents that can’t or won’t stoop to compete at that financial level; artificially engineer developments in the transfer market; skew real competition on the football field; gives a stultifying air of predictability as to the eventual outcome of the winners and losers in the respective leagues; and seriously blights the career prospects of many football players acquired in this way, since at the end of the day only eleven players complemented by a prescribed fixed number of designated substitutes can take to the field of play at any one given during a football match. And the natural frustration of being regularly relegated to the substitutes’ bench or not even picked at all plus the other career handicaps routinely experienced by football players however good they are but who because of these nefarious practices or other recognizable morally wrong reasons find themselves kept out of the active football-playing limelight, can and often do spell disaster for ambitious players.

So let’s quickly dispense with the risible and even asinine notion of football being the beautiful game as my rebuttal of that will be: beautiful for whom? The hierarchical elements raging from the wealthy club owners through to the respective domestic football associations and FIFA that between them regulate the game domestically and internationally? Sports writers, broadcasters and pundits that make their living from it? The agents, their middlemen and the top tier football managers and coaches at major clubs or with renowned national teams?

Unquestionably there’s enormous skill involved in the game of football and sometimes this is permitted to shine and as a result gets translated into the spectacularly enjoyable and spellbindingly exciting spectacle it intrinsically is but rarely is allowed to be, as the constraints of tactical circumspection dictated by backroom financial directives and corporate concerns not to lose matches at any cost and to hell with providing on a regular basis good entertaining games that will wow and keep the fans happy or cater to what they really want or think as they’ll always show up anyway, are now the strategical norm with the overwhelming majority of football games causing them to predictably finish up, whatever the eventual result of the match, as pedestrian affairs that in themselves are as dull as dishwater and as exciting to observe as watching paint dry.

So in essence football fans don’t really count for much or get anything substantial from all of this, yet as the people who’re the ones forking out good and often hard to come by money for this calculated farce they deserve better I think, as does the general public that would prefer to see real honest-to-goodness, fire in the belly competition between football teams and the clubs concerned and not the normal limp-wristed, prima donna, temper tantrum, handbags drawn at dawn scenarios that they’re more likely to get. Frankly the real football fans short-changed as they undoubtedly are are entitled to much better treatment than what they’re presently getting.

However having any realistic hopes of getting it in the dog eat dog, materialistic environment of the modern footballing era where morality plays no part, true gamesmanship even less and the prevalent culture is one of the ends always justify the means is a pretty tall order I believe, for I can’t realistically visualize that ever happening without a far-reaching transformation of the game, wrought concertedly and constructively from the grassroots level, taking place; and that I must say isn’t about to take place in the foreseeable future if at all I think. Unless there’s a marked shift that is from the current position of the tribal nature and combative character of football fans who only seem able to see things through the narrow-minded and egoistic prism of their selfish interests and how these relate to the success or otherwise of their own football club and none other. Not a recipe for any constructive consensus is it?

Hardly! Nevertheless it’s a state of affairs, particularly in Britain and the rest of Europe, which the respective football associations, UEFA, FIFA, the football leagues, participating clubs and the corporate businesses that are closely linked to or more often than not intricately interwoven with them and who jointly and covertly for self-serving reasons support the insular attitudes of these football fans haven’t the slightest interest whatsoever in changing the existing status quo of the game or will they seriously, despite their repeatedly public and disingenuous rhetoric to the contrary, lift a finger to do so.

For just as the implementation of the maxim divide and rule played so successfully well in the ex colonies of those European entities that ruthlessly subjugated them and their peoples, so too the regulatory bodies of professional football, most markedly those of Britain and the mainland European countries, together with their international and corporate godfathers and expressly as a joint enterprise by them complicitly utilizing the same playbook as their colonialist ancestors politically, financially and militaristically effected in the global south, have among themselves made it as highly improbable as they humanly can for their hegemony of the domestic, regional and much wider international spheres of professional football to be significantly or realistically challenged let alone ever be seized by others. Thus any conceptions of a fan-based power grab directed at themselves and along the lines of greater transparency, accountability plus all those other irritating features of democracy deemed by them as definitely unworkable in the game of football they’ll immediately see to it that these are either stillborn or short-lived.

So how is it that the English FA can duck all these serious problems or pretend that they don’t exist and quite literally get away with doing so; yet is capable of expending time, great energy and critical resources in criticizing Rio Ferdinand, whose brother Anton was subjected to racist abuse during a football match, for tweeting in relatively mild terms what was basically his own displeasure, quite reasonably so in view of what had happened to his younger sibling, at Ashley Cole’s scandalous involvement in and dubious input to what was glaringly apparent to anybody with an efficient brain in his or her head a massive and outrageous miscarriage of justice in the ensuing court case; and even more ludicrous on the part of the FA to assert that Rio Ferdinand had brought the game of football into disrepute.

Now I don’t want to pull rank here as an English Specialist who has taught the subject at every conceivable level not only here at home in the UK which I then voluntarily discarded as it was far too much like banging one’s head against a brick wall and I’m no masochist nor wish to be one but primarily in a global capacity, but all the same it’s my honest opinion that those who’re responsible for this description of what they said that Rio Ferdinand did by way of his tweet at Ashley Cole and considering the serial acts of serious transgressions, some of them I’ve earlier referred to in this article, committed by the English FA itself, that body would be well advised I think to without delay get hold of a decent English dictionary, there are still some to be found in literacy and academically dumbed down England, and carefully look up the meaning of the word disrepute; then having done so objectively see who most fit its definition, Rio Ferdinand or those at the FA?

In conclusion the FA’s rather laissez faire attitude has perceptibly led in recent years to English football and England itself as a direct result of that becoming a magnet and attracting some that should never have been allowed to set foot in this country let alone stay and work here, and not least so because they’ve no cultural, political, social, linguistic, family, Commonwealth or any other tangible or perceivable links to any part of the United Kingdom. People quite bluntly that I wouldn’t trouble myself in the least to voluntarily cross over the road if they were on fire and piss on them if by doing so it would assist in helping to put that fire out. Here are a few of them and I make no apologies for my loathing of these scumbags.

Born in Salto Uruguay, South America. A country that literally and most brutally exterminated its indigenous people; boasts of this just as Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia proudly do and carry on making fun of, circa the recent Menegele slimming pills adverts widely shown on Estonian TV with images of emaciated holocaust victims and stating that no one in these concentration camps was ever obese, that they achieved what Nazi Germany didn’t mange to and succeeded in wiping out all of their Jews. Predictably none of this filth was aired on British TV or in the west’s media yet these Baltic States are all members of the EU and NATO. But just imagined what the bloody outcry would have been had Iran, Venezuela or Cuba, for example, embarked on something (just a hypothetical reference as these countries are too civilized to act this way) that was so blatantly offensive. The English FA that subjectively states that politics should not intrude in sport but only when it suits their purpose, would be demanding immediate expulsion from FIFA for those countries; however it’s deadly silent where these white barbaric countries are concerned.

Well Uruguay did eradicate all of its Amerindians, became a welcoming repository at the end of World War II for many Third Reich and other European Nazis and fascists fleeing justice in Europe and the issue of these scumbags are honoured citizens of and still infest Uruguay with their presence. As a result racism comes naturally to Uruguayans just like having a crap when your stomach is overloaded or taking several pisses if you’ve been out boozing all night. And therefore this culturally pervasive and psychologically virulent Uruguayan cancer of racism is endemic and reflexive to Luis Suarez like screaming agonizingly with pain if someone were to thunderously and repeatedly kick your balls in.

Luis Suarez sees nothing wrong with racism and obliquely admitted as much; for in his warped mindset and that of his equally loathsome countrymen racism is to them as natural a way of life as human beings inhaling air; and how can anything be wrong with that these dickheads argue? So anything that emanates from the mouth of this Latino immigrant in risible and indefensible mitigation for his inherent racism should have a health warning attached to it and would in my view categorically qualify as a bloody lie!

Portuguese born and the citizen of a country with an odious dictatorial pedigree and extremely savage colonial past; loathsome DNA components that still liberally course through the veins of most Portuguese people who avidly and massively contributed to Brazil’s: a former colony of theirs, regime’s authoritatively sanctioned and prolonged 19th and 20th Centuries whitening programme of forcibly breeding out the racial characteristics of that country’s black residents (don’t take my word for it just check it out yourselves) and whose Portuguese descended and very much in control inhabitants ensured that Brazil was the last slave-owning country in the so-called New World to long after the others for diverse reasons got rid of slavery reluctantly did the same just before the commencement of the 20th Century. By which time and for some considerable time afterwards its whitening programme was well in place.

But it was in Mozambique and Angola its two most prosperous African colonies that Portugal was at its most savage and only reluctantly ceased being a colonialist entity on the African and Asian continent, Macau readily comes to mind, just before the fall of apartheid in South Africa a country it was closely aligned with in every sense of the word including its all-encompassing barbarism. At home the Portuguese regime was likewise beastly to the few opponents which it had there as dissent wasn’t tolerated for one moment until in 1986 Portugal was cajoled by the EU to join that body in the hope that civilized standards of behaviour would ultimately rub off onto both the regime and the people that supported it, which was the overwhelming majority of the population in Portugal, and they’d somehow change their centuries old modus operandi; a situation that isn’t dissimilar from putting a recidivist drunk into police protective custody in order to forcibly get him to sober up.

Has it worked with Portugal? I don’t think so! And switching metaphors leopards don’t change their spots, and from my observations of them Portugal and most of the Portuguese people are still the odious entities they always were and in my opinion will carry on being so. As for Jose Mourinho: one of the most narcissistic, self-congratulatory and self-serving nurds I’ve had the misfortune ever to observe, one can’t rationally expect for someone who was born in a cesspit to miraculously come out of it smelling of roses can one?

A prima donna attention seeker and who comparable with Luis Suarez has an inborn mindset that convinces him there’s nothing at all wrong with racism coupled with his impetuous rush to defend John Terry at all costs yet not present when the incident occurred or conscious of the significant facts themselves has little to do with him being a former Chelsea manager and more to do with who or what Jose Mourinho essentially is. I’ve drawn my own conclusions based on objective analyses; now it’s up to you acquainted with the facts that culturally envelop this man to do the same, provided that is, that you’re capable of doing so impartially and not let the carefully crafted and media promulgated hype surrounding him influence your decision.

Odious as Portugal is it’s hard finding suitable superlatives to describe the loathsomeness of Italy which not only inflicted the mafia on itself and most of the western business world but has also succeeded in embedding the word irrevocably in the lexicon of the English language as well. As with Portugal I don’t care the least about Italy and both countries with or without their basket economy problems aren’t states that show up anywhere on my personal radar as those I’d ever want to visit let alone holiday in; that’s not about to change as I’m particularly circumspect about the people I like to be around.

Italy was formerly the colonial oppressor of Libya that it recently with its NATO or as I like to call them the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization helped to turn into a terrorist warlord haven of incredible barbarity on a par with Afghanistan and Iraq that Italy also contributed heavily to militarily. Yet when black Libyans not uncharacteristically so as Libya is an African state just as Australia and New Zealand aren’t European ones, but all the same in each case now have a majority population that isn’t indigenous to these countries, started fleeing western supported lynching of them in their own country by Arab savages (what’s new I question myself) in the old colonialist game of divide and rule and of which Italy is still very much a part, a principal Northern League MP Roberto Calderoli and member of the Italian regime publicly demanded that they should summarily be shot dead on their rickety escape boats to stop them reaching Italy as they were scum.

Notwithstanding that Colonel Gaddafi had signed contracts with the Italian oil company ENI incorporating oil and gas deals extending to 2042 and 2047 respectively. But Italy’s grasping bastards wanted much more just as they wished to pay even less than the pittance which they were already giving to Libya for its natural resources; so Colonel Gaddafi had to be got rid of and all under the dishonest pretext of humanitarian concerns for the Libyan people and in the process democratize Libya as well, which as the entire world can readily see, those with eyes that want to that is, Libya is now in a worse mess than it ever was under Colonel Gaddafi but the west, including Italy, that created this barbaric quagmire is very quiet about that. I wonder why?

None the less Fabio Capello who is one of the biggest carpetbaggers anywhere in the game of football and exceptionally avaricious with it and who had no hesitation in jumping on the band wagon and in the resolute defence of John Terry asserting that John was innocent until proven guilty, which is perfectly true and legitimate of course, however in noticeable contrast has had absolutely nothing to say at any time about the remarks made by his regime’s MP that wanted those innocent Libyan refugees shot dead, nothing at all about the refuges themselves or their fellow citizens blasted to Kingdom come in NATO and Italian involvement in airstrike killings that resulted in the coldblooded slaughter of over 30,000 Libyans, most of them innocent men, women and children, in the name of protecting them from a supposed tyrant.

But he wouldn’t would he? Given Italy’s fascist and Nazi culture that he’s an integral part of; plus the fact that Fabio Capello just doesn’t give a shit about these African niggers that he perceives them to be and who his country through its active NATO involvement calculatedly made into refugees or the justified sensitivities to racism of Blacks in English football for that matter. But then why should or crucially when would he have found the time to do so one might charitably as when he was much more profitably involved fleecing our gullible FA of millions of Pounds Sterling for services not rendered? Nice little earner Fabio!

What can one really say about a man with an intellectual capacity less than that of a gnat? A Scot who we can’t legally deport worst luck as he isn’t an immigrant and rendition to Aussie land, although the process of deportation there wasn’t called that then, for his ilk is long over. That said Guantanamo Bay in Cuba which our anti-multicultural regime in Westminster and House of Commons MPs ebulliently support is still open so his rendition and torture there is still quite feasible.

Able to once competently kick a football and that’s about all that this moron has ever seemed capable of, the very same football that most likely saved him from a life of crime in sectarian infested Scotland and thus precluded the other possibility of him enduring lengthy periods of stay at Her Majesty’s pleasure aren’t exactly what I’d call attributes of excellence. Since it is crystal clear that this man hasn’t got any; nor possesses any finesse or commonsense come to that. For who but an unmitigated nurd would order his entire football squad to kit itself out in Luis Suarez’s numbered shirts and expect anybody with a working brain to believe that their actions were spontaneous or even self-motivated?

Liverpool which was once the principal capital and foremost seaport of the transatlantic slave trade first when England was on its own and later as well when it amalgamated with Scotland to become the United Kingdom, finally and sensibly got rid of this embarrassingly immature, hackneyed and inept individual, and who by any benchmark that one might care to employ is a pretty ineffectual football manager as well. An excellent day’s work I thought when Liverpool FC showed Kenny Dalglish the door and for what it’s actually worth I’ll add my ha’p’orth and say: Good riddance to bad rubbish! As a nation we Britons still shoot horses that unfortunately get lame, magnificent and noble creatures that they are; yet inexplicitly permit psychologically damaged individuals to roam the streets of our country, having irresponsibly closed so many of our mental hospitals, and even manage football clubs. Small wonder that so many of our youth and aficionados of the game of football end up being idiotically feral monsters themselves.

That said anyone who jumps to the conclusion that for let’s say misguided patriotic reasons I’m somehow diametrically opposed to foreign managers being placed in charge of English or even other British football clubs is quite mistaken and your conclusions are wholly unfounded, as in my opinion excellence and the ability to learn from and profit by it should be welcomingly and wholeheartedly encouraged wherever it comes from, a perspective I think that should and most definitely must be applied to football within the environs of England. What my concern is, and I’m speaking here specifically about England, is that the English FA patently either through its ineptness to deal constructively with the task that it’s faced with or a credulous vulnerability to media and other external propaganda or influences it’s frequently subjected to doesn’t properly do its homework, if indeed it ever does, in relation to these oversees managers that comparable to the glut of foreign owners of English football clubs are predominantly a bunch of scheming, self- serving, rapacious and materialistic bastards, who’re well aware that they’re on to a good thing by getting involved in the high paying English game.

And like vast and frenzied swarms of migratory locusts stripping bare areas they pass through of all vegetation these acquisitive and migrant interlopers to our shores do precisely the same thing with football here, as their sole interest is the financial wellbeing of themselves, namely the grasping accumulation of immense sums of money which they greedily pocket and readily salt away in Swiss or other beneficial offshore financial tax haven and not the good of English football, far less, and God forbid, significantly improving the quality of our national side or the prestige of England as a force to be truly reckoned with in the international arena of football by helping to vigorously encourage and assist the development of our fledgling grassroots players with promising ability summarily elbowed out by fickle, high-fees guaranteed, astronomically paid for and secured foreign imports whose No.1 interest is also themselves.

There’s a school of though, very subjectively and short-sightedly so in my view, which thinks that all this money and media hype make the English football leagues and primarily that of the Premier League the best in the world. Pathetically self-deluding or what? The Americans have a World Baseball Series yet crucially they’re the only country that takes part. How naff can one get? Yet the corporate interests and media there get the club fans and even the entire country to be completely enthused about this ludicrous and narcissistic farce. Worryingly this is the same kind of senseless mindset that’s increasingly beginning to permeate football at all levels of the English game with success, if one can call it that, crafted not out of genuine excellence and the true art of indisputable competitive sportsmanship but rather a calculated circus regularly now in our current game and its administrative setup freely injected, more often than not, by money in euphemistic parlance very suspicious sources. Well freely borrowing an American aphorism my simple advice to all those associated with English football, who profess to love it and claim that it’s the “beautiful game” is: “Wake up and smell the coffee!”