Friday, 27 July 2012

Greeks bleed too and can also be killed

By Stanley Collymore

Nikos Michaloliakos is a man whose upcoming murder has with scrupulous meticulousness been decided on, is planned quite carefully and most certainly will unrelentingly be executed at the most convenient time and place that those who want him dead and are wholly committed to this task will opt for. The murder location is extraneous as all bases I’m reliably informed, and that includes Greece, are covered; so were I in Nikos Michaloliakos’ shoes I wouldn’t on any account be in any particular hurry in the foreseeable future, an option which is very limited in his case, to leave Greece. This article therefore isn’t only his obituary but also an unequivocal warning to his family members, close associates and members of the Greek police force that they too are targets for assassination.

Under the strictest confidentiality I gave a solemn pledge, and one I intend to assiduously adhere to, to the persons involved who of their own volition have trustingly shown me a comprehensive list of those that have been chosen and targeted for killing complete with a resume of their daily movements, personal activities and the like, and what they generally get up to. So these planned murders are for real I can assure you. I wasn’t given copies of these however and astutely didn’t ask for any for quite understandable reasons. Neither did I enquire of my informants where they got their information from, who their sources were or the names of their whistle blowing contacts linked to these doomed individuals, or those holding sensitive jobs within government and other departments that were of the greatest assistance to them by providing them with such invaluable information. Suffice to say that together with my investigative and other journalistic background and experience I’m totally convinced that the information I saw is authentic as are the proposed murders of those earlier alluded to and primarily that of Nikos Michaloliakos.

Have I notified the police of what I was made privy to? No. Will I do so? Most definitely not! Why not? There is of course the confidentiality pledge I made but just as importantly it’s not my remit or shall I ever make it so to safeguard the lives of people that are either killers themselves, wilfully engage in the murders of those who’ve done them no harm whatsoever and moreover set about consciously doing so simply on the basis of hate crimes, racial bigotry, ethnic xenophobia or a combination of all these things as is the case with Nikos Michaloliakos and the others whose deaths to be perfectly honest and blunt with you I shall heartily welcome. For as I see it one can’t expect to live by the sword yet balk at the idea of dying by it, or rule themselves to be above the law but when it suits their purposes crave its protection.

And besides the information I came by was volunteered to me by those who provided it because they felt quite strongly about what they’re doing, passionately believe it to be right for me to air the demise of the loathsome monsters they’re after, and trusted me to accurately report their story in a manner befitting their cause and which I’ll unfalteringly do, not least so because of the trust they’ve placed in me. So in no way was the information I came by solicited by me but having got hold of it and also having the utmost credibility in the integrity of those that provided it I’m not about to walk away from it. Furthermore, as a bona fide journalist and not some media hack that is regrettably so commonplace in all aspects of the media these days I’ll protect my sources with my life if necessary, but other than that will determinedly exercise the legal right that is mine to claim the privilege of that same protection and shan’t hesitate to do so.

In normal situations conspiracy to murder someone or a group of people or otherwise knowing of such a conspiracy, being a willing party to it or concealing such knowledge from the appropriate legal authorities in addition to its moral dimensions is also legally a crime. I know that and will in duly constituted normal circumstances rigorously adhere to and always comply with my moral and lawful obligations under the law, but as anyone with a mildly functioning brain cell in his or her head knows there are justified exceptions to every rule there is.

And I’m strictly referring to justified exceptions not those sham ones that we routinely witness being employed by the rich, powerful or well connected who know they can say and do whatever they like, including the blatant flouting and disregard for the law, and with absolute impunity get away with it. Like me you doubtlessly saw the BBC, Sky, CNN, Fox, Channel 4 and the rest of the western corporate broadcasting media that transmit domestically across or into the UK from overseas carrying those savage and vitriolic comments by US 2012 presidential wannabees, TV pundits and other similarly demented rent-a-mouth bigots advocating the assassination of Iranian scientists, some of whom were actually killed, and even the murder of Julian Assange.

Apart from the fact that these targeted victims of theirs weren’t guilty of any wrongdoing other than in Assange’s case and from their rather warped standpoint of exposing the secret crimes and rampant criminality of western governments and their ilk that they desperately wanted to be kept secret from their public whom they systematically and on a routine basis lie to and not something that any sane person would want to vilify a conscientious whistleblower for laudably revealing, I didn’t see or hear of Ofcom the British media regulator, the British police or the CPS stepping in and invoking in Ofcom’s case as that body both morally and legally should have done but clearly and conspiratorially refused to administrative sanctions, or in that of the police and CPS criminal proceedings for conspiracy to murder against those involved and including the media outlets that gleefully and extremely irresponsibly aired those murderous threats that for the Iranian scientists became an all too realistic and horrifying reality.

As I see it it’s either a case of Ofcom, the police, CPS, the media etc playing footloose and fancy free with the law as it stands; being entirely subjective with it; or else are jointly of the same sick view that people from counties they don’t like, or worse still are officially directed they mustn’t care about are fair game to be murdered at will with their untimely deaths celebrated and boasted about, while individuals that from the jaundiced perspective of these minders or that of their own and from whose asses they all think the sun shines and consequently these chosen people must be inviolate of all such harm or ignominy creating in the process a perplexing quandary as well as a debased quagmire of conduct that’s completely devoid of all probity isn’t only untenable but also wholly unacceptable I feel.

All the same these are predicaments that I shan’t waste any time on or lose any sleep over as such brazen dishonesty were I to countenance it would stick indigestibly in my craw forcing me to vehemently puke my guts out and believe me I’m not in the least partial to making myself masochistically ill either literally or metaphorically. So I’ll keep my own counsel on this matter I’m reporting on  and as usual base what decisions I make on the exercise of commonsense and my own gut reactions to the situation with which I’m confronted and must therefore deal with.

Nikos Michaloliakos’s fate is already sealed and that’s a good thing, and as far as I’m concerned this inevitable result can’t come soon enough for me; but sadly it’s entirely out of my hands what exactly happens to this man or when, even though I shall welcome his death when it occurs with total equanimity and have no problem or any qualms whatsoever in readily and openly admitting to this. But as I said I’ve had no input in what will ultimately take place, have requested none and have studiously but never the less interestedly so assumed the punctilious role of messenger because I genuinely want for this ogre of a man to know that he and his family members will be killed; and by calculatedly and publicly revealing this fact to concertedly implant in him and they the incalculable and debilitating sense of insecurity, unnerving fear and the paralysing awareness of the certainty of their unavoidable deaths that I want for them to endure. Thus administering to them in general and Nikos Michaloliakos specifically a taste of his own medicine, unwillingly so no doubt but all the same subjecting him to the same traumatic ordeal that he quite jubilantly and sadistically forced his unfortunate victims to undergo.

By any natural definition of the term or logical comprehension of it Nikos Michaloliakos is an abhorrent and sadistic fiend; a physically ugly and emotionally unattractive brute and murderous monster possessed of a deeply engrained penchant for murder and sadism and with the blood of numerous innocent men, women and children of all ages, as has been the case for the better part of 39 years now, dripping copiously from his blood-stained paws.

My personal and detailed research on this loathsome ogre who sorry to say continues to breathe God’s wholesome air and is shockingly revealing of his criminal machinations over a number of years, is itself supported by a plethora of reliable sources ranging from individuals who from a longstanding perspective know Nikos Michaloliakos well; deserters from his Nazi-indoctrinated movement in all of its various guises that are themselves concomitant with those that consciously abandoned the pretty sick and utterly paranoid doctrine of vile hatred, pernicious xenophobia and mindless violence he enthusiastically adheres to and vaingloriously and self-righteously preaches ad infinitum as well as ad nauseum underpins the revealing but far from comprehensive profile on him produced by Wikipedia.

Against this firm backdrop and with all of this data to hand it’s no exaggeration to say that Nikos Michaloliakos is someone that the many decent elements still prevalent in this world can well do without and furthermore fittingly rejoice at the discovery that plans to permanently excise him from the rest of humanity, which he’s forfeited every right to belong to, though long overdue are finally about to reach fruition. And that in a world scarred by enervating and untold misery that’s sickeningly and premeditatedly caused by the likes of him can only be a cause for celebration.

We’ve none of us brought anything into this world when we first entered it as infants and it’s a sure bet that we won’t be able to take anything from it with us when or however we ultimately leave this earthly existence that we’re given the opportunity to experience, no matter how much we’ve managed to come by during our time here or the way, lawfully, ethically or otherwise, that we did so. So it’s a particularly bewildering and idiotic approach I think for anyone to needlessly expend so much time, energy, effort or at times great dollops of mental endeavour or heartache on this financial and acquisitive one-upmanship compounded with all the grief that it undeniably causes to others, especially and ironically when in doing so one can’t escape the inevitability that our hold on what we’ve acquired is at best a transient one.

Chiefly so as none of us unless we’re physically condemned to die with a pre-determined date set for our execution or happen to be someone hell-bent on suicide knows with any certainty exactly when we’re going to die. For pending executions can either be commuted to a prison sentence or overturned altogether and suicides reconsidered, made a complete hash of or be abandoned. And while it might be argued that the accumulated wealth garnered by those that have it will go to one’s biological heirs or prescribed beneficiaries, even if that were to take place in the orderly and stated manner that the benefactor wished for what is there to categorically guarantee that the expressed recipients of one’s ill-gotten gains let’s says won’t have their inheritance taken away from them in the same duplicitous and even brutal fashion in which they were originally attained by others adopting the same methods applied then to similarly enrich themselves?

It’s a quite relevant question I believe and which I’d like to take this opportunity to put to the one percenters globally particularly those who’re located in the so-called developed world and whose twisted fixation, spurious reasoning for defending that indefensible obsession and their detestable objectives to financially screw everyone else by any means possible in their unrelenting march to further enrich themselves and strengthen their economic hegemony over the rest of us and which is all too sickeningly apparent, has additionally become a rather conspicuous and commonplace methodology that their fawning but very much lower tier attack dogs like Nikos Michaloliakos that aren’t by any means in the same super-bracketed financial league as these one percenters are have in spite of everything unquestioningly adopted while stridently and viciously defending this reactionary rightwing stance they’ve pledged themselves to with a ruthless commitment which exhibits the essential characteristics that can only be defined as being determinably psychotic.

So taking into account our respective individual and unalterable mortality in this world what on earth is the point really of unnecessarily concocting and then either conceitedly, duplicitously or even fearfully irrationally embarking on any campaign let alone a concerted and malicious one of disliking, bearing ill-will against, abusing, intentionally and disadvantageously exploiting for our own selfish advantage, or even self-righteously killing our fellow human beings on the spitefully arrogant and ludicrous assumptions of our alleged racial superiority vis-à-vis the racial inferiority of those whom we’ve purposely demonized then wilfully created in our imagination a spectre of them as intrinsically evil and as such quite entitled to brand and destroy them as our enemies?

Persons that in our mind’s eye the unsuitability of their skin colour, ethnic origin, place of birth or nationality, their parentage, ancestry and the social class we deem that they should belong to; how they look, speak or dress; their religion, education or the lack of either or both of these; their cultural and social norms which though different from our own aren’t in any way threatening or injurious to them; our own preconceived and entrenched prejudices linked closely to a pervasive paranoia on our part about such people, and all of this compounded irrevocably by the extremist view that these people aren’t proper human beings anyway and consequently those holding such opinions have the absolute right to do whatever they like with them whenever they choose to, as it’s no crime or any moral blot on their consciences when they do. How cold-bloodedly insensate and utterly stupid with it too when like them, the vilified damned and socially despised, we’ll all of us inevitably shuffle off this mortal coil of ours and become once more the basic and recycled constituents of which this earth is made.

My maternal grandmother perceptively instilled into my consciousness from early childhood the sensible and obvious fact that there’s a world of difference between someone with commonsense that’s also educated and the individual with an education but who has no commonsense. Nikos Michaloliakos is in my opinion and that of others whose judgement I trust and respect very much ensconced in the latter category of persons; an emblematic flash flood which although it can and does cause serious damage nevertheless despite its best endeavours fails miserably to attain the status of a tsunami. In other words Nikos Michaloliakos clearly is, has always been and if left to his own devices will definitely persist in being a murderous thug and this is one incontrovertible reason among several other pertinent ones why he must be stopped and will be. In the meantime here’s a sanitized profile of a living ogre and walking dead.

Nikos Michaloliakos was born in Athens in 1957 and later completed his studies at the Faculty of Mathematics of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. At the age of 16 he joined the nationalist 4th of August Party of Konstantinos Plevris. He also participated in the Athens local organization of EOKA-B. He was arrested for the first time in July 1974 during a protest outside the British embassy in Athens against the stance of Britain toward the Turkish invasion of Cyprus. He was arrested again for assaulting journalists covering the December 1976 funeral of Evangelos Mallios, a policeman who tortured prisoners during the Regime of the Colonels and was assassinated by the Revolutionary Organization 17 November. Nikos Michaloliakos though was released due to technical issues related to his arrest. While in prison Nikos Michaloliakos met the leaders of the Greek military junta of 1967-1974 and after that joined the Army where he became a commando of the special forces; but following his arrest again in July 1978 he become a member of a far right extremist group finding himself sentenced to one year’s imprisonment in January 1979 for illegally carrying guns and explosives. He was also dismissed from his position in the army.

Released from prison following his sentence Nikos Michaloliakos set up the Chrysi Avgi (Greek for Golden Dawn) magazine. The politics of the magazine were, at least initially, closely aligned with National Socialist beliefs but it ceased publication in April 1984 when Michaloliakos joined the National Political Union and assumed after a personal order from Georgios Papadopoulos the leadership of its youth section, but in January 1985 Nikos Michaloliakos decided to renounce his connection with the National Political Union and set up instead the Popular National Movement - Chrysi Avgi.

Nikos Michaloliakos remained the leader of Chrysi Avgi until he announced its disbandment in November 2005 taking this step after clashes with anti-fascists and from then onward until 2007 continued his political activity through the Patriotic Alliance that under his control was reformed in 2007. Chrysi Avgi as a political party drew public attention in the 1990s and early 2000 and in May 2012 under Michaloliakos' leadership garnered 21 seats in parliament and was embroiled in various controversies. Nikos Michaloliakos steadfastly adopts the position that there were no gas chambers in Europe during World War II insisting that such stories are deliberate propaganda based on a myth.

However there is a great deal more to the ignoble and criminal activities of Nikos Michaloliakos than have been delineated in the abbreviated profile given of him above that because of issues of confidentiality and to safeguard sources whose identities could be greatly compromised and their lives seriously put at risk were this information to be publicly disclosed I’ve decided not to detail them in this article because there’s a monster out there that needs to be destroyed, and while in ideal circumstances providing the fullest information and placing this freely in the public domain is always the best course of action, disclosure must nevertheless at times be tempered with good and sound judgment that doesn’t allow a quarry like Nikos Michaloliakos to revamp his defences or in his desperation cause more harm than what he’s already done, and in a worst case scenario even elude the snare which has been set to entrap him; this I’m not about to let happen.

What I can say however is that this monstrous beast has given instructions to his followers of hooded fellow thugs and vicious gangsters to gratuitously assail immigrants and especially those from ethnic minorities with dark skins. Many of these hapless victims including pregnant women have been savagely and seriously beaten up by these thugs and hospitalized as a consequence of this while those who’ve been less fortunate have been murdered. Eva Cosse, a Greek herself and a researcher with Human Rights Watch, says that daily attacks by organized groups roaming the streets of Greece and particularly those of Athens at nights mainly, looking specifically for and pouncing on anyone who they don’t regard as Greek has become an habitual affair that the Greek police show no interest at all in stopping since they don’t even bother to investigate these evident and escalating brutal crimes with their race hatred dimensions. That’s because she acknowledges and all the empirical data to date show that the police themselves are a fundamental part of the problem. And not least so because many of their rank and file as well as their senior officers and commanders are either active members of or have deep sympathies with far right, fascist or Nazi groups within and outside of Greece and therefore do everything that they can to shield those who’re carrying out these abominable atrocities.

Furthermore have made a manifesto commitment during the recent Greek parliamentary election campaign to physically turf out of their hospital beds and onto the streets all immigrants that are hospitalized whatever the circumstances for this in Greece, the Golden Dawn party led by Nikos Michaloliakos has already set about putting into practice its programme to do so, even going one step further and pressurizing emergency ambulance crews and medics not to respond to or treat injured immigrants; and have been successful as well in forcing some hospitals not to accept any immigrant patients with the discernible attendant health risks that these unfortunate patients then find themselves subjected to as a consequence of this intentional and callous treatment meted out to them.

But it isn’t just the non-admission or refusal to treat immigrant patients that Nikos Michaloliakos and his Golden Dawn party are fixatedly obsessed with and pushing for all that these are worth, they’re also demanding that Greek volunteer blood donors insist that the blood they donate won’t be given to immigrant patients that in surgical operations and the like might have a need of it and for whom the administering or denial of blood to them could very well decide the continuation of that patient’s life or their untimely death, with Golden Dawn also stipulating that prosecution and imprisonment for those, blood donors and medical practitioners alike, deemed to have flouted its directives be automatic, and with severe penalties comprised of a mixture of a lengthy period of incarceration and harsh financial forfeiture be a standard practice.

Whichever way one looks at it though it’s patently obvious that Nikos Michaloliakos is a pretty odious individual, someone that those who have known him most of their live and detest him as much as I do along with the relative and friends of those who became his victims must evidently wish that he’d never been biologically conceived or failing that had been calculatedly strangled at birth by the attending doctor or midwife, which in the subsequent years of his emergence into and existence in the ranks of homo sapiens had this missed opportunity been seized upon would most undoubtedly have prevented a load of torment and grief among those whose live he’s either marred, grossly affected or eliminated.

Often depicted as an educated individual which he clearly is in terms of having rote learnt and accumulated certain requisite knowledge pertaining to his preference subject of economics, one mustn’t be duped though into thinking that the inculcation of, for lack of a better term, education by the likes of Nikos Michaloliakos vis-à-vis the acquisition either inherently in the biological sense or though personal experiences of commonsense are one and the same thing and the two are therefore inherently compatible with each other; they’re not! And while Nikos Michaloliakos may be educated he’s manifestly far from being a commonsensical person.

For how can he be when on the one hand he avowedly states that he wants to see, is committed to having, and consequently is doing his utmost best to make Greece a nationalistic state which is entirely devoid of foreigners and immigrants, who he asserts should go back to where they came from in what’s essentially a global community, yet on the other hand he not only wants but quite asininely in my view expects others from this same global community who in his warped mind aren’t a part of this narcissistic, nationalistic and immensely flawed xenophobic Grecian world he ludicrously ludicrously but impracticably wants to create solely for Greeks, whoever they are, and of which no others are entitled to belong and should certainly in his opinion not even have a look-in in this regard, to financially bailout his sick notion of Greece in relation to its undeniably self-inflicted and burdensome economic woes.

No one bankrupted the Greeks but themselves and if foreign banks saw the opportunity that was there and ruthlessly seized upon it to cash in and massively enrich themselves which was quite obviously the case they evidently did so with the complete knowledge and active involvement of successive Greek regimes which traditionally have had no moral fibre whatsoever in matters that relate to their people and whose endemic crookedness would metaphorically make a rather bent corkscrew blush with embarrassment at being so straight. So it’s utter humbug at best and rather dishonest at its worst for Nikos Michaloliakos, his supporters and followers to play the innocent victims in all of this and particularly as regards the dire economic plight of Greeks generally and that of Greece explicitly, and what’s more ascribe their national predicament to everyone but the Greeks themselves, deceptively depicting Greeks as unwilling innocents naively caught up in the financial intrigues and banditry of predatory outsiders that most conveniently and scapegoatingly are lumped together as immigrants who’re alien to everything Greek and conspiratorially bearing malice aforethought to the Greek nation as a whole and everything that it proudly stands for are concertedly and escalatingly impelling Greece and the Greek people with it along the unpalatable and dangerous road of absolute ruin.

It’s a fraudulent assertion of course that apart from being utter tosh begs the rather obvious and relevant question that Nikos Michaloliakos and his discreditable ilk consistently, dishonestly and very conveniently overlook; and which is, what precisely do Greek governments and Greeks per se actually stand for or for that matter have in common with each other? For evidently there are no homogenous objectives or even a common or mutually beneficial concept that I can detect let alone realistically or honestly say exist between these two entities.

Greek politicians who for most of Greece’s recent history have essentially consisted of a junta of elite military officers that subjectively and without even a superficial attempt at lip service to the notion of democracy have completely but unaccountably to the entire Greek population held total sway over Greece and Greek lives; have never had or sought to acquire any discernible common interests with the average Greek; wouldn’t have wanted any; and rather significantly would have been totally shocked and very upset had it been suggested to them that they should.

A power-hungry, completely fascistic and brutal oligarchy then with a fixated lust for imperious domination and cold-bloodedly complimented by that grouping’s unwavering commitment to its own self-preservation so as to ensure this, the fraudulent entre to the primary purposes of these generals roles as they saw them were the political control of Greece, the economic empowerment of themselves while doing so and the unhindered achievement of these goals by every means at their disposal; so no unity of purpose then between an elite of self-imposed rulers and those who were being autocratically ruled, or any meeting of minds among them. Also no related situations either wished for or mooted by those in charge and certainly not as far as running the affairs of Greece or controlling its people were concerned; a state of affairs not only well known to but also resignedly accepted by the Greek people.

Elites everywhere and undeniably of every sort, especially those intimately involved at whatever level with the political governance of others, routinely, obsessively and quite infamously create their own specific distribution of groupies consisting of cronies, nepotists and sycophants among those that are wittingly prepared and happily ready to submit themselves uncomplainingly to the mindless subservience of self-abasement which those who welcome and actively encourage these abhorrent and aberrant forms of conduct rapaciously gorge themselves on, and in this particular regard Greece’s own elite that for the greater part of its existence has principally and consistently encompassed either a military or reactionary component hasn’t been any different, it’s fair to say, from its counterparts elsewhere.

However in return for this symbiotic state of affairs characterized by this unconscionable level of fawning those unscrupulously prepared to indulge in it have clearly and conscientiously balanced their self-imposed humiliation against the personal rewards they evidently expect to receive and benefit from for doing so; and Greece’s case the assiduous application of the Nelsonian eye by those in charge of and to whom this sycophancy is directed to the concerted and very widespread non-payment of their taxes by these toadying beneficiaries not only ended up becoming a rather commonplace feature and episode for many generations of Greeks who saw it as their inalienable right to defraud the state but also carried on apace both systemically and systematically, robbing the Greek exchequer significantly in the process of funds it could ill-afford and that were vitally requisite for the overall and constructive development of the Greek people as a whole.

This has of course glaringly resulted in the grotesque disparity of wealth, levels of income, living conditions, personal improvement and political empowerment as well a palpable manifestation of the conspicuous lack of educational and social mobility amongst the have and have-nots in Greek society that have nothing at all to do with the presence of immigrants living in Greece, and even less so does it give an credence to the idiotic notion peddled by Nikos Michaloliakos and his ilk that the mere residence there of these people is somehow inimical to the common welfare of Greeks and the universal interests of Greece without unsurprisingly so any specifics relating to this given by them to substantiate these calculated and malicious racist assertions.

For rather than supposedly being a detrimental impediment to the livelihoods of Greeks and the creation of a major calamity, all things considered, for Greece itself by encumbering its rightful transformation from the virtual feudal state that it has long been, and carries on being to this day, into becoming a contemporary progressive one fit to belong to and capable of holding its own in the modern world of the 21st Century, immigrants have instead made invaluable contributions to Greek society and very much so in the economic sector.

Not afraid of hard work or the prospect of having to work hard immigrants in Greece from the global south, just as they do elsewhere in Europe where they’ve managed to settle, happily do the menial, dirty and very low paid work that the local citizens of their host countries disdainfully turn up their noses at and resolutely refuse to do; pragmatic but certainly so selfless actions that make extremely indispensible contributions to the local and national economies of the countries concerned. So far from being the incompetent, indolent and worthless scroungers who wantonly abuse the hospitality extended to them by a generous nation that needn’t have bothered to do so by selfishly preying off the altruistic benevolence of the Greeks while contributing absolutely nothing in return for this, the fear mongering tactics and evil caricatures whipped up and brutally employed by Nikos Michaloliakos and his demonic cohorts to depict these immigrants as clearly what they’re not in order to garner populous support for their racist and fascistic rabblerousing at a time of severe economic austerity and in a frantic bid to scapegoat others for the Greeks’ own self-induced problems no resemblance whatever to this group of vilified people who are in effect productive workers that realistically and in its calamitous economic and social plight Greece can ill-afford to lose, would be bloody daft to think it can, and even more stupidly tries to get rid of.

But racism has no logic whatever, doesn’t function on any and those that peddle it know full well that they’ve already lost the argument, and like sewer rats when exposed to daylight that scamper back off to the safe refuge of the sewer they know well and feel comfortable in racism likewise serves the same purpose for all racists. People who despite their threatening and divisive bluster are actually pretty scared little boys and girls inside who simply haven’t mastered the techniques of psychologically growing up and making that transition from being frightened dependent kids to matured adults because in reality they’ve neither the intellectual acumen associated with the capacity for objective reasoning nor the requisite commonsense that’s required to back this up.

Therefore this unsettling awareness of their endemic inadequacies, tremendously debilitating and chokingly stultifying, induces them into an instinctive, self-protective mode and fanciful sense of denial, not dissimilar from that of an ostrich burying its head in the sand and pretending that the reality around it doesn’t exist, that in so far as these puerile nerds are concerned and who further find themselves faced with their own chimerical demons that they haven’t the foggiest idea how to effectively and permanently exorcize conveniently and falsely impugn others for their feelings of inadequacy and myriad shortcomings. And like the monkey that unwittingly exposes more of its tail to the viewer the higher and more determinedly it climbs up the tree that it’s attempting to scale and take control of, equally those at the commanding heights of this detritus of humankind, fervently imbued with their deadly racism and vicious hatred of those they’ve no credible reason or even a realistic defence for disliking, the more airs and graces that they assume while deluding themselves of their innate racial, social and intellectual capabilities and the superiority that goes with them in marked contrast to those that the see nothing wrong at all in callously demonizing, totally fail to realize that paradoxically at the same time they too are unwittingly betraying their own inner secrets of multiple imperfections.

For it’s crystal clear that the one thing that angry men and women don’t like is to look into the mirror at themselves and objectively observe what’s there, as it’s much easier to turn their anger, frustration and hatred not on themselves for their blunders and shortcomings but on others whom they discourteously perceive as different; and unlike the enlightened man or woman that seeks to understand what they don’t originally grasp, these racist ignoramuses of whatever class or social milieu they come from automatically dismiss everything they’re not familiar with or that doesn’t fit in with their prejudices, since they’re wholly incapable of anything else.

There are few people on Earth that can realistically and honestly say that they’re truly indigenous to the country or even the region where accidentally but always involuntarily through their birth or even in the wake of it have from a conscious decision on their part to be there they now find themselves established; a state of affairs that for example is as relevant to Greeks as it is to white Australians and New Zealanders, Argentineans, Caucasian North Americans, and that consists of Canadians too, or Arab North Africans, specifically Egyptians, and lots more such communities globally that are the witting or unwitting products of a combination of factors that led to a series of events that range from centuries of unchecked migration resulting in the extensive and lasting demographic reshaping of the lands occupied as in the case of Arab settlement in North Africa to the imperialistic colonization of huge swathes of already populated landmasses and the intended genocide and brutal displacement of the people resident there, concomitant with the widespread theft of these homelands and the arrogant renaming and reconfiguration of them in the images of their interlopers as cold-bloodedly happened in the cases of Argentina, the US and Canada, New Zealand and Australia, and the paradisiacal territories which because of the global ignorance and navigational error of a white, Caucasian European and ostensibly sea-explorer came to be known as the West Indies.

So how totally asinine then for Nikos Michaloliakos reeking from the pungency of his own as well as the fetor filth of his followers to talk of let alone demand a Greece that ought in his words to be both nationalistic and devoid of everyone except those that in his warped mind qualify for the dubious honour of being Greek, an imprimatur that would of course lay entirely in his hands. Fine! But what about those Greek immigrants and residents Nikos Michaloliakos who don’t just live in other European countries although for sure still on the same continent that Greece is a part of but can also be found in sizeable numbers much further afield in places not remotely European by any stretch of the imagination, and from a global outlook are as far apart as Australia and the United States of America? What do you advise should be done with these Greeks living abroad Nikos Michaloliakos? Should they be compelled to return to the Greco-Nationalistic-Utopia you would have established for them, or don’t the same rules apply because like all other Europeans Greeks aren’t ever considered as immigrants regardless of where outside Europe they physically end up and therefore see themselves as having the inalienable right to stay there and do whatever they like?

Now surely anyone apart from perhaps the most addled-brain moron can see not only the flawed reasoning of such a proposition but also the diabolical injustice of it; and I would say that it’s a safe bet that no intelligent Greek living in Australia, the United States, Canada or any other place outside of Europe would take up your offer Nikos Michaloliakos to voluntarily quit their home, ditch their livelihood and perhaps even the country they were born in and rightly see themselves as a proud and patriotic citizen of to ridiculously gallivant off to Greece, especially in its current and ongoing dismal economic straits, simply to placate the perverted and perverse prattling of an utter prickhead like you, and if approached would most certainly tell you to piss off while fondly suggesting to you as well a number of other bodily functions that you Nikos Michaloliakos could additionally do to yourself.

Notwithstanding the above however there’s another much more serious and inescapable problem for Nikos Michaloliakos and his arrogantly touted idea of a nationalistic Greek state and it comes in the form of the ubiquitous Greek pimps: those wealthy enough to pay their taxes but who’ve always stanchly refused to do so absolutely confident they’d be consistently allowed to get away with this criminal act of tax avoidance, which they always managed to do, with the active help of successive corrupt and rapaciously greedy themselves venal Greek regimes and MPs and who’ve upped the stakes as well as their own personal sticks, left Greece and taken their ill-gotten gains, stupendous sums of money to you and me, with them convinced that it’s only a matter of time before Greece is either kicked out of the Eurozone at the insistence of Angela Merkel keen to get re-elected and whose restive electorate is totally against the taxes of hardworking Germans being used to constantly bailout what they see as inveterate and irremediably indolent Greeks forever on the take and always wanting something for nothing.

Or the worst case scenario for these wealthy Greek pimps where the Euro collapses and becomes defunct; that’s why with the pressing urgency, self-centeredness and the survival instinct of rats deserting a sinking ship they’re cold-bloodedly, unpatriotically and in their droves disinvesting and diverting their money from Greece and reinvesting it in banks or other financial institutions elsewhere or else massively involving themselves in the purchase of hugely expensive properties in countries they pragmatically conclude are significantly safer bets for the continuing growth of their inordinate wealth and incomes.

When Francois Hollande the Gaelic wimp now ridiculously postulating himself as the archetypal hardman of French politics was running for the French presidency in 2012 David Cameron self-righteously interfering in the internal affairs of France on behalf of his fellow mass murderer and committer of heinous crimes against humanity Nicolas Sarkozy whom he obviously wanted and expected to win that election, and with the insufferable conceit characteristic of those that accord to themselves what they absolutely think is their justified and immutable right to the designation of the Master Race and quite comically in David Cameron’s case causes him to believe that he’s a direct and pedigree descendant of the Duke of Normandy otherwise more commonly known as William the Conqueror, the 1066 victorious invader and very last occupier of England other than the Americans who it would appear that all of our governments have lacked the balls to tell them to go home and they’re too dumb to get the message that they’ve overstayed their welcome here.

Poor David, he’s probably as a consequence of his posh and sheltered upbringing hasn’t grasped what chastity belts were enforcedly invented for among the women of the so-called aristocracy and with several British women in 2012, even in what’s undoubtedly a promiscuous society like ours, routinely cuckolding their husbands and partners who father their children but unknowingly never sired them and moreover doing so at the current rate of 36%, it’s a pretty safe bet that these aristocratic wives with their husbands constantly gallivanting off to wars all over the confounded place including Crusades in the Middle East and never really at home for any lengthy periods of time that the rate of infidelity among the female ancestors of the David Camerons of this world was a darn sight higher even with the utilization of chastity belts by their husbands, which wasn’t a particular problem for these women as it happened since this little predicament they were faced with could always be circumvented by a friendly and obliging locksmith; as were the number of illegitimate children they conceived and bore, successfully foisted on unsuspecting husbands and cleverly got away with it. It never stopped of course and still happens to this day even among the choicest of our aristocratic brood mares, accounting for the fact that so many of our present and past leaders with their ingrained notions of hereditary superiority vis-à-vis the rest of us ordinary peasants are both figuratively and literally right bastards; it’s in their genes!

So all the suggestions of a pure and unadulterated line of descendants stretching down through the centuries from God knows when to the present, and first and foremost David Cameron’s birth and beyond, that is just fanciful tosh; but anyway there was our David publicly backing Sarkozy another mongrel like himself with risible aristocratic assertions and farcical pretentions until the opinion polls showed that Nicolas Sarkozy was going to lose as even the habitual fascistic, Nazi-indoctrinated and Vichy aficionado French electorate had had enough of this murderous, far right moron they’d put in the Elysée Palace. By all accounts this was a most unpleasant revelation for David Cameron who though stunned by it decided as befitting the posh to imperiously put out an open invitation to wealthy Frenchmen and women to abandon France, which he said would in the wake of Francois Hollande’s victory spell economic doom for that county as it’d be plagued by socialist dogma and financial disaster due to exorbitant public service spending and punitive tax increases against the rich, and instead they should relocate and beneficially invest in Britain with its rational austerity programmes favouring those who intelligently manage their financial affairs, the filthy rich and tax evaders in other words, notwithstanding the fact that the average Brit today is in realistic terms worse off than their grandparents since this is the worst economic crisis that Britain has had in the past 50 years.

And while it’s perfectly true to say that David Cameron and his rightwing cohorts in government that comprise the Con-Dem regime that’s superficially in charge of the country and wretchedly it must be said is rapidly driving us to hell in a handcart don’t entertain the notion of letting cash-strapped and hard-up Greeks descend on our green and pleasant land, in their eyes only to defile it, and furthermore will ruthlessly do everything in their power to stop them from doing so, this in spite of their fundamental right as EU citizens to travel and reside unhindered in any EU country including our own, there is no reluctance or shame though on the part of David Cameron, George Osborne or Nick Clegg in actively encouraging and permitting wealthy Greeks who’re primarily responsible for and are therefore the main culprits of their country’s endemic economic problems further plunging Greece into an even greater fiscal catastrophe by selfishly taking their massive transferable financial assets out of the country and decamping as economic refugees with them in Britain.

Thus the tidal wave of abetted, harboured and wealthy economic refugees from France has been joined by a Greek tsunami of compatible souls but with a discernible difference; for unlike their Gaelic counterparts these Greeks have taken to disposing of their Euros in expensive bricks and mortar enterprises, frenetically buying up houses all over our nation’s capital particularly in areas like Knightsbridge, Chelsea and Mayfair and doing so in a manner and with a constancy not seen before. Actions whose accumulative outcome is pushing house prices through the roof as it were while at the same time being a complete disaster for local Londoners who would love to get their feet on the housing ladder and start owning their own homes, as well as those who live outside of the city, commute there to their workplaces and evidently would also like to live in London and own homes there but likewise can’t do so because of the astronomical prices being demanded by realtors for houses in London and that these Greek and other economic refugees have exclusively contributed to and carry on doing so, making it practically impossible with the added problem of banks resolutely refusing to grant loans or mortgages to anyone without a 100% credit rating, the well-heeled in other words, for many local Londoners as well as other Britons to own cheap or sheik homes.

So it’s the height of irony I would say having Greeks from a putative nationalistic state of the one envisaged by Nikos Michaloliakos if he has his way, who’re not only responsible for but are also significantly exacerbating the dire economic situation there to be effectively debarring local Londoners whose demographic formation is chiefly non-Caucasian from realizing their cherished dream of home ownership which is also one shared by millions of other Britons. And while quite obviously it’s highly undesirable and entirely infra dig as Nikos Michaloliakos and his backers see it for niggers, wogs and coons, among the plethora of other hackneyed and derogatory terms they routinely and disdainfully apply to non-whites generally and Blacks in particular in order to rationalize their gratuitous hatred of these people, to be in Greece and must therefore be forcibly and murderously removed from it, they somewhat perversely see no problem in wealthy Greeks coming into London as immigrants, a term they unhesitatingly perceive as nauseatingly offensive when applied to residency in Greece itself, and making local Londoners feel that they’re not only being deliberately and contemptuously treated as if they’re worthless, of no account and wholly irrelevant immigrants in their own capital city and country by individuals whose country would be less than welcoming or hospitable to them but insultingly as well they must grin and bear it.

That in 2012 it’s still possible for some people to belligerently hold on to the conceited idea that what they regard as exclusively their own ought forever to stay that way while at the same time systematically depriving others of what’s clearly theirs is the kind of mindboggling stupidity that must vigorously be confronted and effectively destroyed by any means possible irrespective of who is behind these thoughts or actions. For it makes a shameful mockery of natural justice and enlightened standards of conduct and glaringly flies in the face of all logic and commonsense to knowingly accord to such people civilized behavioural processes which they’ll advantageously and selfishly use for their own benefit as well as to promote their intolerant view of the world at the expense of those that in a month of Sundays and themselves endowed with the power, control and prospect to influence events they would never reciprocate the slightest measure of kindness or goodwill towards.

Nikos Michaloliakos and his crew of Nazi-sympathizers that reside inside and outside of Greece: a country that during World War II eagerly and unsympathetically dispatched thousands of Jews, Romany people and several others, those cruelly dubbed die Untermenschen by their persecutors, to the terrible concentration, labour and death camps throughout Western and Eastern Europe fall squarely into this category of persons who ought permanently to be kept at arms length, never trusted under any circumstance, and when required to in reply to their calculated acts of brutality and murder fight their fire with fire of one’s own; as it’s the only language of acknowledgement that these savages really understand and duly show respect for. A clear-cut message then to them that violence will simply beget violence in return from which no one is immune and that Greeks, whether they live in Knightsbridge, Chelsea, Mayfair, Athens itself or globally elsewhere, bleed too and can also be killed.

It’s a recurring and somewhat depressing nightmare unfortunately and accounts for many of the problems beleaguering the world that the authors of these captious disputes and who themselves are quite often the most obstreperously nationalistic about the countries they consider to be theirs exclusively generally turn out to be the most uninformed about the true historical facts relating to them, and I’m quite positive that Nikos Michaloliakos is one such individual. He certainly talks a great deal about Greece and nationalism but how much does he actually know I wonder about the real history of that country?  It’s why I’m taking this opportunity to acquaint him and his kindred spirits with some aspects of it that emphatically debunk the nonsense that he and they prattle on about vis-à-vis their fictional Greece.

Africans were worshipped in Greece and in Rome. The religion of the Greeks was established by Africans and Greek gods were black. The oracles of Delphos and Dodona were established by Africans and according to Herodotus the first of these was founded by two black doves that flew across the waters from Egypt; black doves being symbols of black priestesses. Delphos Island in turn becoming one of the greatest tourist centres in the ancient world. Finally the worship of Isis and Horus, both black, was very popular in Greece and the Roman Empire. I’ve also given below a number of academic and historical references which you can check out for yourselves.

Athens, its history and coinage; p97, Cambridge 1924. Grace Bardsley; The negro in Greek and Roman Civilization. Zundel; Revenue Archaeol, March 1861. Hist, de la Caricature Antique, pp 101-2. Rojers J.A, Sex and Race, Vol 1, pp80-84. Higgins; The Celtic Druids; London 1829. G.K. Osei, A journey into the African Past, pp 4-4, London 1964.

Facts don’t lie Nikos Michaloliakos but human beings sadly reliably do, and the more insecure or dishonest they are the greater and more insidious these lies tend to be. Dishonesty and insecurity are transparently inseparable and ingrained characteristics of your sinister and pathetic life Nikos Michaloliakos, a life in which you’ve constantly sought and unhappily too often for your victims one must say have managed to needlessly bring grievous psychological and physical hurt, untold misery, pain, disconsolation, grief and murder into the lives of those who’ve never occasioned or ever attempted to cause you any harm. All they’ve ever done is to simply exist as human beings: people with hopes, ambitions and the natural desire like the rest of us to do well for themselves and their families, utilizing in the process the immutable God-given talents they were endowed wit. But to the sick minds of you and your followers Nikos Michaloliakos that’s insufferable and oughtn’t to be tolerated let alone allowed, therefore these people must at best be forcibly driven out from the milieu of what you determine is your Master Race society or at its worst be utterly destroyed and permanently forgotten. But the best laid plans of mice and men etc…

Now the wheel of your dastardliness has effectively turned full circle Nikos Michaloliakos and to mix metaphors you’ll be hoisted with your own petard; poetic justice or what? Never having had any aberrant interest in the obituaries of those who’ve at length shuffled off their mortal coils nor ever likely to acquire one as death is an inevitability of life, notwithstanding that I shall never the less with much more than a little satisfaction be looking forward to the imminent publication of your obituary Nikos Michaloliakos. Goodbye!

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