Saturday, 23 June 2012

With friends like Russia who needs enemies?

By Stanley Collymore

What the hell does Russia think it’s playing at? This is a rather pertinent question I believe that the seemingly addled and self-deprecating brains ensconced in the Kremlin need to be urgently and seriously asking themselves.

Neither shocked nor in the least surprised by events currently taking place within the Russian political establishment as I’ve long come to anticipate this sort of confusing, mixed signals and rather aberrant behavioural display from Russia, I will honestly confess though that I was totally pissed off and thoroughly appalled by the comments of Sergei Lavrov: Russia’s foreign minister and a man who until quite recently I had great respect and admiration for as a sane, sensible and competent individual imbued with a matching integrity but unhappily no more so, later and quite inconceivably echoed by Vladmir Putin, Russia’s third time president, that Russia has no wish to prop up the Assad government in Syria.

Now let’s pause for a while and impartially consider those comments within the bounds of their true context and I’m absolutely certain that if you possess a modicum of commonsense, any semblance of objectivity or even the smallest iota of integrity within you let alone a smidgen of honesty that you can’t fail but to reach the same obvious conclusion that I’ve arrived at in relation to what both Sergei Lavrov earlier said and Vladmir Putin shamelessly reiterated  alongside Germany’s crypto-fascist, Nazi neo-con Misttueck chancellor Angela Merkel while on a visit to Germany in late May 2012.

Russia supposedly is an ally of Syria, using that expression in its broadest term and taking into full consideration Russia’s known penchant for conveniently offloading even its most loyal allies when by doing so it suits its own narrow and selfish political purposes, and surprisingly has for sometime had relatively close relations with that country. Furthermore, Syria for its part is home to Russia’s only warm water and all year round ice free naval base with its crucial outlet to the Mediterranean Sea and is therefore in a prime location of geopolitical and highly strategic global importance.

A tremendous advantage certainly and a matter of considerable significance in what’s essentially a largely unipolar world forged primarily through the activities of a belligerent, utterly paranoid, invidiously criminal, neurotically power hungry but quite indicative of the introverted and deeply tormented bully that it is and inwardly very afraid United States of America conjoined with those of an increasingly expanding, sadistically prone and perniciously warped North Atlantic Terrorist Organization (NATO) comprised fundamentally of criminally-led, ex-colonialist and predictably stultifying has been states unable to do so individually but in a last ditch effort to turn back the clock to their alleged glory days of global imperialism, now collectively and in sheer desperation witlessly but concertedly all the same connive to do everything they can to achieve this with both entities unwarrantedly, totally unlawfully and with global hegemonic and pervasive imperialistic designs at the very heart of their nefarious endeavours not unsurprisingly giving rise to wholly justifiable and disconcertingly fearful international concerns.

The kinds of apprehensions that Russia, which if it truly wishes to be perceived and universally accepted by the genuine international community, as apart from the bogus, western manufactured and much hyped one in their pusillanimous and dishonest media, as an independent-minded, no nonsense tolerated and honest broker as a well as an authentic world leader, must unambiguously take on board and conscientiously, creditably and transparently deal with without fear or favour rather than pussyfooting around with them by resorting to disingenuous and often contradictory language when speaking about such important issues, while at the same time making an utter and unmitigated ass of itself.

The causes of the Syrian crisis aren’t a mystery to Russia anymore than they are to any prescient-minded observer of Middle Eastern affairs, so why Russia insincerely seeks to behave as if they are is not only puzzling but also in itself a mystery to those who know the truth and would have expected better from a country vying purportedly with the west to distinguish itself from it, while simultaneously delineating a set of exemplary global standards that a world significantly starved of such could wholeheartedly embrace, nurture and advance from. But the reality alas in Russia’s case can truthfully only be described as downright dishonest and unbecoming of a country that is supposedly an ally of Syria.

Russia with an important naval base in Syria not unnaturally has official as well as covert spies operating in that country who’ll routinely report back to Moscow on what is happening in Syria even in tranquil times let alone calamitous ones. The same is also true of those western countries with a hostile agenda towards Syria and armed with planned action for unlawful regime change there and whose throng of spies in that country will likewise routinely be relaying to their home capitals pertinent information about Syria and whose undoubted purpose will be to efficaciously assist western designs there, something that Russia is fully cognisant of.

But rather than publicly stand up for its ally: a sovereign independent state and fellow member of the United Nations that is unjustly and criminally under ferocious attack by western-led regimes speciously and deceitfully mouthing sanctimonious platitudes concerning human rights, freedom of expression and unbounded democracy, concepts which are wholly alien to their barbaric Arab Bantustan puppets like Kuwait, Qatar and Bantu-Saudi for example and that these western states themselves, like the US, Britain, France, Germany, Israel and their complicit NATO associates in crime, expediently employ for their own warped purposes in a manner altogether indicative of an undisclosed HIV contaminated whore that unilaterally and cynically decides which punters she’ll spare by insisting that they wear condoms and those she won’t by eagerly encouraging them to have unprotected sex with her, Russia to mix metaphors acting like a homicide detective who’s sure a murder has been committed but hasn’t been able to unearth concrete proof to substantiate his assumption in wilful deviation from the aforesaid because Russia in Syria’s case does know who the murderers are, deceitfully but wholly unconvincingly to observant eyes lyingly pretends it doesn’t categorically know who is behind the wanton destruction, calculated mayhem and the sickening massacres in a country that it’s purportedly an ally of.

One would have to be either brain dead, utterly credulous, intransigently bigoted or from another galaxy far removed from our own not to know when one sees it the malevolent modus operandi of the United States of America in brazen collusion with its usual partners in crime, principally the consenting and thoroughly complaint members of the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization, and as we’re now observing in Syria’s case the US’s collaborative enterprise with the barbarous petro-dollar, Arab Bantustan fiends for whom moral principle is a concept too far and completely at variance with everything that these murderous desert savages represent, and whose cutthroat barbarism to say the very least is unbounded.

The world lamentably has on several occasions previously seen in brutal operation this vicious, US-perpetrated and utterly deplorable false flag con. It was starkly there in Vietnam; ominously and conspicuously diabolical too in the Balkans where it contributed enormously to the complete destruction and ensuing Balkanization of the once proudly independent, sovereign and socialist state of Yugoslavia that had valiantly fought against and ably assisted in the justified defeat of Nazism and fascism in Europe. Now in ruins itself, courtesy of its diehard fascist and Nazi foes with long and unforgiving memories, involuntarily giving rise in the process to an economically crippled, NATO protected and UN financial-handout dependent sparsely recognized and risibly independent Kosovo.

Kosovo that unconstrained by its western mentors has become the crime capital not only of the Balkan region but also the whole of Europe, indulging in every criminal activity imaginable from the illegal and systematic global trafficking of human beings of both genders and of all ages as well as the peddling of drugs and human body parts; the highly organized, well orchestrated and active facilitation of prostitution and paedophile rings on a huge scale; illegal arms trafficking; and the on demand provision of sadistic, money-grabbing terrorist gangs for numerous criminal protection rackets, perverse jihadist causes, and as crucial components of the seemingly endless complement of murderous death squad insurgents that the United States and NATO employ for their regime change enterprises of the kind we’ve witnessed in Iraq, Libya, elsewhere in the Arab and general world, and are now observing in Syria.

And the distressing and quite sickening thing about Yugoslavia’s dire situation, from any sane or objective perspective, was the atrocious manner in which it was spinelessly, unfathomably and in my opinion disgracefully and unpardonably let down in its hour of need by Russia, a fellow Slav nation but most crucially a country to which Yugoslavia had consistently been a stalwart, long-standing and thoroughly reliable ally and friend. For here was Russia: a United Nations Security Council permanent member bestowed with veto-wielding powers in that chamber and moreover a declared and redoubtable nuclear state with an overabundance of advanced nuclear weapons in its possession far greater in number than those of the United States and NATO combined, yet for all that pusillanimously allowing the US and NATO to pummel a trustworthy friend and ally into oblivion.

How come when a decided and resolute stance on the part of Russia could have changed all that? We know that Germany never forgave Tito’s Yugoslavia and especially Serbian redoubtableness for foiling its Nazi Balkan ambitions, resulting in successive post-war German regimes fixatedly longing to dismantle Yugoslavia not only out of revenge for what happened during World War II to the ludicrous Kraut pretensions of creating and sustaining a durable thousand year old Reich but also just as importantly to please their faithful Nazi Croatian partners, holocaust collaborators and fellow war criminals that never really wanted to be part of a socialist Yugoslavia aligned to a communist Soviet Union or Russia for that matter and who because of their wartime treachery of the country they actually belonged to were regarded throughout most of mainstream Yugoslavia as untrustworthy at best and downright treasonous at worst. While the United States for its part obsessively paranoid about anything that’s considered to be socialist or remotely communist for that matter, often out of ignorance conflating the two with each other, out of a pressing need to assuage its uncompromising paranoia simply had to get rid of socialist Yugoslavia, and NATO its bullyboy henchmen, indicative of Cosa Nostra hitmen, generously provided the muscle.

Astonishingly while this was taking place, other than feebly indulging in some rather idiotic and platitudinous comments conflated by a few mealy-mouthed and unconvincing denouncements of what was occurring that in turn were sporadically sprinkled with the odd critical remark, Russia intentionally sat on the fence and did nothing to assist Yugoslavia, a response that unsurprisingly not only emboldened but also played directly into the hands of a felonious and warmongering US conjoined as was usual in such situations with its NATO posse of bloodthirsty, psychopathic and wildly enthusiastic brigands.

Quite difficult really to fathom out Russia’s bizarre stance in all this or to charitably explain its general caution let alone its steadfast refusal to adopt a constructive role in the critical defence of Yugoslavia since Russia itself was no stranger to the evil machinations or the behavioural pattern of illicit destabilization in countries, considered either as political opponents or economic rivals, practised by the United States and its NATO puppets when it came to waging these premeditated and contrived wars of theirs, and moreover was fully aware of what the intended endgame was in relation to the Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia.

It’s a formula that’s been tried, tested and has so far proven to be quite successful for the US and NATO and which the populations of these western countries have for the most part effortlessly, willingly and consistently allowed themselves to be duped into agreeing to by these murderous and irredeemable malefactors that control their lives into thinking and actually believing that the United States and NATO’s actions being carried out or already implemented have or necessitated some unquestionable pressing moral or humanitarian dimensions to them and therefore instead of being justly seen as the brutal and wanton acts of premeditated killers that they really are let the perpetrators off the hook and giving rise to a state of affairs where the United States and NATO can, are permitted to, and waste no time at all in doing so pass themselves off as white knights in shining armour dispensing liberty, democracy and personal dignity to the allegedly downtrodden, marginalized and oppressed masses, when in actual fact it’s they who’re the ones that have quite cynically and from the very outset pre-planned and through a diversity of devious means effected the destabilization, chaos and wilful destruction which they openly and rather disingenuously assert they were most reluctantly forced to intervene in order to put a stop to it.

And while this paradigm was undeniably brilliantly Machiavellian in its conception it was also outright sick and psychopathic in its execution. For the anarchy and destabilization as well as the targeted assassinations, gratuitous killings and sickening massacres which the United States and NATO always claim they had no other choice but to act in order to suppress and in the given circumstances they were faced with and undoubted moral obligation as well to do so undauntedly and decisively were really their brainchild and committedly sponsored endeavours.

Since those that are directly culpable for the mayhem and massacres being caused are the trained, liberally financed, heavily and high-tech armed, logistically supported, as well as the politically and diplomatically assisted in every international forum, including the United Nations Security Council, death squads, armed thugs, Blackwater and Sandline International mercenaries amongst others of that ilk, co-opted and absolutely demented Salafist cutthroats and totally unruffled child killers, intellectually challenged deadbeats looking for adventure to enliven their ineffective lives and earn them the kind of easy money that they couldn’t dream of acquiring any other way, plus fanatical Islamist insurgents absurdly engaged in their never-ending, perverse and totally warped jihadist campaigns, Persian Gulf Bantustan suicide bombers and the west’s own personal input of official government special forces including the CIA and MI6.

An operation distinctly indicative of an avaricious glazer with an immeasurably sick and twisted mind who sadistically dispatches vicious hooligans in his pay to go around smashing house and shop windows in specified neighbourhoods or districts then personally turning up offering to and even coercively insisting that he or she be permitted to fix the destruction that’s been done, when essentially what this person really wants is to have unchecked control of the lives and property of the people affected and who they’ve unwarrantedly, seriously and personally disadvantaged. It’s conduct that is blatantly hypocritical and also an unforgivable fraud; and rather unfortunately for many globally who find themselves at the raw and receiving end of it, it’s additionally the self-indulged imprimatur and modus operandi of the United States of America and its irremediable, willingly complicit, bullyboy Crusader assassins and global mass murdering fiends and staunch ally the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization.

Undeniably a fraud these escapades of the US and NATO and a monumental criminal one at that as it dishonestly, publicly, clamourously and unrelentingly acerbically lays the blame perpetrated in the innocent and victimized country under attack at the door of the regime there when nothing could be further from the truth, it’s equally as downright hypocritical on the part of those that are completely responsible for engineering the aforesaid atrocities carried out taking to clambering deceitfully aboard their meticulously contrived and publicity generated bandwagon of self-reliant rectitude, while simultaneously and sanctimoniously claiming the moral high ground that they’ve no right to whatsoever as they staggeringly manage to get an uncritical public by and large to go along with them, quixotically convince itself that what was done was only for the best, and even congratulate these mass murderers, architects of awesome, heinous crimes against humanity and unmitigated war criminals on a job well done.

Initiating on any account murderous, destabilizing, totally destructive and perversely unmitigated criminal acts against a sovereign and independent state, regardless of how one might subjectively feel about that particular country which is neither aggressive nor for that matter itself engaged in unlawful acts directly or though a third party against those engineering its brutal demise, in order to bring about illegal change in that respective country as well as forcibly install a proxy regime there in place of the established and legitimate one purely for the instigators own nefarious and distinctly warped objectives, and with the added and specific aim in mind to enable those who’re participating in this kind of monstrous and strictly unilateral activity without the official sanction of the United Nations Security Council or the endorsement, either inferred or openly declared, of the real international community isn’t merely a disgraceful departure from the generally accepted norms of civilized behaviour but is also when the parties involved take it upon themselves as the United States, NATO and their barbaric Bantustan, Persian Gulf and other Arab cat’s paw allies are sickeningly doing to openly, quite dishonestly but vehemently condemn the entirely guiltless government of the innocent but perniciously picked on country that they’ve chosen to target, as they’re currently doing with Syria, for being the party they now accuse of being responsible for perpetrating the dastardly and evil calamities that they themselves have barbarously committed, that kind of conduct quite bluntly is beyond the pale and should not be honestly associated, even in the remotest sense, with the actions of genuine human beings which these creatures obviously are not.

Russia just like China, and this is a reality that can’t be emphasized strongly or often enough, knows who is directly responsible for the calamitous state of affairs in Syria and why. But while China which has no intention whatever of lifting a solitary finger to help Syria, a situation that’s markedly in contrast to the position of Russia that dishonestly gives the public impression that it will, keeps its mouth securely shut on the Syrian business and refrains from making any public statements on what’s occurring in that country, Russia however consistently and most irritatingly insists on hogging the headlines and pushing itself repeatedly into the spotlight on this matter.

But rather than doing so decisively by taking up the cudgels against the United States and its ex-colonialist and still wannabe NATO imperialists in support of its friends and loyal allies, making it abundantly clear to the US and NATO that as a UNSC permanent member with the power of veto in that chamber and furthermore as a leading nuclear power with considerable weight and standing it’s not prepared any longer to idly stand back and impotently observe these demented western and barbaric Middle Eastern assholes continue to drive with impunity a coach and horses through the surfeit of internationally ratified and universally accepted laws, conventions, treaties, UN resolutions and the like that govern international behaviour and sensibly prescribe the rights and responsibilities as well as the proscriptions of individual states either acting independently or in concert with each other, nor permit odious dictatorships like Bantu- Saudi, Bahrain or Qatar, basically a petrol station masquerading as a country, to carry on doing what they’ve always done without severe military actions being directed against them, what instead we disappointingly but all too predictably see  is a deceitful Russia playing an execrable double game while pretending that it’s an honest broker.

A masquerade that is conscientiously designed to exert for itself favourable concessions from the United States over the latter’s European nuclear shield project as well as other solely self-serving concerns of specific interest to Russia that in the process rather cynically uses Syria, a supposed ally lets not forget, as a handy bargaining tool in Russia’s unseemly shenanigans with the United States and even the European Union to hopefully feather its own nest, never mind the eventual or irreparable harm being done to Syria from this calculated betrayal by Russia or the incontestable message that Russia’s manipulative actions unambiguously send out to the world at large that it’s a country which at best is economical with the truth and at worst one that can’t be trusted.

China meanwhile palpably exuding all the worst characteristics of a classic Stockholm syndrome victim seemingly incapable of coming to terms with his or her acquired liberation from captivity, contrary to how one would normally expect it to behave in the circumstances and in a grown up manner fashion its private and public behaviour according to its personal experiences, thereby astutely eschewing conduct that predictably or in any other way might disadvantageously affect or compromise its individual future or that of those who’ve proven themselves to be honest and loyal friends or allies still bizarrely conducts itself for the most part like the stereotypical coolie rickshaw driver and compulsorily opium-smashed, submissive Chink nation that the west, which it still astonishingly psychologically and obsequiously panders to, once turned it into for its own racist amusement, commercial exploitation and imperialistic aggrandizement; an affliction which China even in 2012 and with the onset of a new millennium still seems incapable of or else quite unwilling to shake off in deference to its white Caucasian, and intuitively believed it would seem by many Chinese people and curiously their leaders, western superior masters.

A quite incredible outcome by any benchmark notwithstanding China having the world’s largest population of 1.5 billion people, an enormous territorial land surface to match, a permanent seat and accompanying veto-wielding powers in the United Nations Security Council; is the world’s second largest economy and will shortly oust the United States from that number one spot which it currently controls; holds most of the US’s debt and could easily or wilfully bankrupt it if China had the desire or guts to do so, and to top all this is a major nuclear power in its own right.

But rather than perceptively, sensibly and intelligently capitalize on these amazing and numerous advantages in its grasp and actively and selflessly assert itself by positively helping to reshape a fundamentally US and NATO structured unipolar world of huge inequalities discriminatorily and calculatedly inflicted on a sizeable majority of the world’s populations in marked contrast to the unbridled wealth, immense power and excessive influence that’s disproportionately and routinely granted to, extravagantly enjoyed and made full use of to garner even more privileges for itself by a tiny minority of privileged, cosseted, avaricious, arrogant and an indisputable self-absorbed bunch of narcissistic ignoramuses that run the world into one that will inspirationally give rise to a global community based on and deeply immersed in the advantageous concepts of meritocracy and true equality, like all cowards faced with making definitive or groundbreaking decisions that will immeasurably improve the lot of others while at the same time dislodge themselves from the comfort zone of complacent inertia they’ve grown quite accustomed to and feel comfortable with China instead chooses to cowardly and shamefully chicken out.

What possesses countries like Russia and China to so spinelessly cave in and intuitively react in the most embarrassingly deferential manner that they selfishly do to the coercive demands of the United States and the leaders of a bunch of ex-colonialist European has-been states together with those of their white Caucasian European kith and kin and specialist genocidal killers in Australia and Canada when on balance one would have thought that Russia and China had no justifiable or logical reasons for doing so? All the more so when the leaders of countries very much smaller than theirs that don’t remotely come anywhere near to possessing the potent military hardware, nuclear firepower nor the international political clout or diplomatic leverage Russia and China evidently have and are unlikely ever to do so, but notwithstanding that aren’t afraid to stand up to the crass bully that constitutes the American Empire in attendance with its very obedient circle of financially and morally bankrupt, superannuated and toadying white Caucasian, European states nursing their ludicrous but nevertheless deeply entrenched Master Race delusions and everything that that particular lunacy entails.

How come, one can reasonably ask especially in the circumstances we’re dealing with, that Cuba for decades now and following in its valiant footsteps although independently so, Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela, Evo Morales’ Bolivia, Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, Rafael Correa’s Ecuador and of course a bullish Iran can all boldly and unpretentiously do it and tell the United States where to get off and what to do with itself yet the two giant in size only but most categorically pygmaen in mindset and manifestly lumbering clowns of China and Russia are either contemptibly unable to correspondingly display the same impressive guts and backbone of the aforementioned countries I’ve pointed out here or else are simply too cravenly hamstrung and effectively shit scared of the United States to even try?

Bizarrely the barbaric Arab Bantustan dictatorships that are ruinously and by design decimating the already oscillating fabric of the Middle East’s political scene with their particularly evil and lunatic sectarian escapades predictably mischievously incited, militarily supported and politically and diplomatically underpinned by the United States, the previous colonial powers of the region notably Britain and France and with Germany enthusiastically contributing as the EU’s interested cheerleader are as happy as pigs wallowing in their own muck, and considering their unenviable position as the wickedest and most horrendous regimes on Earth with no pretence whatsoever of even masking their utter, intransigent and longstanding loathing for any semblance of civilized or democratic norms of behaviour aware that anything they do, as long as it favours the geopolitical interests and military ambitions of the United States, Britain, France and the rest of their western Cabal of thieves and plunderers they’ll be painstakingly protected, causing them to be as cock-a- hoop as orphaned kids at a Christmas party.

Barbaric Arab Bantustans the cheerless assortment of them that brook no dissent of any kind and reflexively, viciously and in the most sadistic way that they can employ unstintingly and reliably crack down on even the mildest forms of dissention against what is unquestionably a pernicious system of governance and doing so regardless of how warranted or peaceful such remonstrations are; but even so are noticeably more pro-active in what they do than Russia or China seemingly consider on being or will eventually embark on. And that to be quite honest isn’t an encouraging sign far less is it a positive development for the optimistic prospect of successfully and lastingly moving away from the prescriptive unipolar world we’ve been arbitrarily bounced into by an out of control and imperialist United States of America in unison with the toadying activities of its western allies, causing us for that very reason and for so long to find ourselves in the untenable situation with its comparable existence that unfortunately we’ve been obliged to languish in.

Quite ludicrous in theory, if in practice it wasn’t so serious and highly embarrassing to watch it happening, to see a bunch of lumpen desert prats, instinctive dictatorial barbarians and wholly incorrigible camel abusers even with the obvious backing of the United States and its obsequious allies upstaging Russia and China in this unabashed manner. Where’s your credibility China and Russia? These Arab Bantustans are really little more than human cesspits that were it not for the oil found in the sands below the sandaled feet of their occupants and which the west and some other industrialized countries have obsessively made the lifeblood and centrepiece of their social and economic progress would have continued to physically stay in the Dark Ages where morally, or more fittingly immorally, psychologically and socially they still are with no one of importance bearing in mind those circumstances giving a second thought to what they got up to far less what happened to them, anymore than they’ll concern themselves with the number of times a bull frog that frequents a rancid neighbourhood pond humps a female of its species when she comes into oestrus. That’s how insignificant these people are and even more so their brutal, dictatorial and self-imposed leaders are, and Russia and China don’t need to be told this as they’re already quite familiar with the situation.

At present we’re living in a world where it’s so depressingly easy to start a war and every one of the wars we’ve seen in recent years has occurred because of that modus operandi. But even more disturbing than this and what we’re recurrently witnessing are the west and the its mafia terrorist outfit NATO led by an Al Capone United States employing the same crude stereotypes that crop up repeatedly in their warmongering mantra irrespective of which regime, government leaders or country of the global south is under attack by them and whether that particular country is itself a religious or secular one.

So using the most sophisticated and propagandistic methods available at their disposal in tandem with the avid assistance of their cheerleading media these criminal charlatans quite shamelessly and deceitfully always take to allotting their illicit agendas a noble cause along the commendable lines of them protecting human rights, installing democracies in odious dictatorships worldwide provided of course that they aren’t those of Bantu-Saudi, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and their other quisling puppets throughout the Arab world; promoting female emancipation and gender equality rights in the global south when the stark reality is that for every dollar that a US male earns his female equivalent there only gets 75 cents and the boardrooms of corporations in the US and EU are virtually devoid of women as are those of Australia and Canada; humanitarian concerns and all the other disingenuous platitudes these paragons of virtue (believe that and you’ll also believe that pigs can fly) can profitably lay their hands on before ostentatiously thrusting themselves into the fray of the righteously wronged.

An intensive and malevolent enterprise with its vociferous and highly orchestrated outpourings that’s akin to a chauvinistic and serial adulterous husband not remotely close to being faithful but on arriving home unexpectedly finds his longsuffering wife that humiliatingly is all too aware of his multiple infidelities and decides to get even in bed with a lover of her own and in the light of this revelation automatically wants to kill and cure, and as such contrives whatever machinations he can to brutally have his way.

The United States and the rest of the ferocious pack it hunts with aren’t bothered as they claim about democracy and all that stuff nor will they ever let it get in the way of their narcissistic and hegemonic aspirations whether these relate to the Persian Gulf Region, the Middle East proper or North Africa. For how come if they genuinely cared as much as they profess to about these basic values and inalienable human rights that they’re always ad nauseum ranting on about that with the US’s 5th Fleet having its headquarters in Bahrain, United States and NATO warships running amok all over the Persian Gulf, and the US having more military bases and military hardware in the Middle East and particularly the worst human rights offending Bantustans there that we don’t see some positive action to put right what’s markedly at variance with the publicly stated moral pronouncements delivered in their typically censorious and sanctimonious way by these western Caucasian led countries?

The world is fully aware of what these despotic, Arab Bantustan leaders really are and moreover are quite capable of doing to foster their selfish aims in order to brutally stay in power. These are odious dictators with a perverse penchant for more military toys than they have native personnel to operate them; don’t really know themselves what to do with them once they have them in their possession as they have no natural enemies and to justify this kind of exorbitant expenditure on such costly weaponry evidently have to invent imaginary foes, and therefore the only usage they can practically put these weapons to is to turn them on their own people peacefully protesting for their basic human rights that these barbarous clowns methodically and brutally deny them.

In such circumstances and with their avowed declaration of human rights and all the rest of it one would seriously have imagined that the United States, Britain and France with their conspicuous physical, permanent and highly influential presence in these Arab Bantustans and whose armed thugs masquerading as defence forces that they’re routinely training, arming and providing with these state of the art weaponry would have been able to see for themselves or at least know that these Arab barbarians that they’re in close cahoots with are publicly, shamelessly and inhumanly not only barefacedly and brutally infringing the very democratic modules the west is universally preaching to the global south but additionally are also brazenly carrying out both at home as well as exporting to countries in the region and beyond the kind of Medieval barbarity which even the Nazis of 20th century Europe and the Japanese at their worst in Manchuria would have squirmed in disgust at and balked from engaging in if such atrocities had been suggested to them.

So my question to the self-appointed sheriff of the world and his compliant posse of deputies is this, how can it remotely be possible in the clear absence of a similar close physical alliance and relationship as that which the Persian Gulf Bantustans obviously enjoy and benefit from with the United States, Britain, France, Germany et al but which quite evidently is missing between these entities and Syria for the very same United States, Britain, France, Germany and their collective cats paws to so unencumbered see by comparison the trifling misdemeanour mote in Syria’s eyes yet be oblivious to and worst still completely ignore the ruddy great miscreant beams in those of the Persian Gulf Bantustan dictatorships? In summary why is regime change so indispensible and must be affected by any means possible, however brutal or appalling, in Syria but conversely is wholly excusable and must therefore be militarily, politically and diplomatically prevented from naturally and democratically happening under the aegis of the inhabitants that live in these places and are peacefully demanding such change in Arab cesspools like Bantu-Saudi, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt for example which are a tremendous and enduring blight on the consciences of all humanity?

Asinine in extremis wouldn’t you say that these despotic Arab Bantustans routinely get off scot-free without even the reporting of the atrocities going on there in the western media and all this with the explicit authorization and convivial blessing of the leadership of their western puppet masters enmeshed and deeply complicit in this loathsome chicanery, but in contrast to their kid glove treatment Syria just like Libya must be bludgeoned into submission for having the nerve to espouse in its case an entirely independent perspective on its domestic affairs in addition to more general and important ones on Middle East issues in what’s essentially its backyard, rather than follow the Zionist and hegemonic narrative of those that are forcefully pushing that agenda and would prefer it obsequiously adopted in line with the sycophantic and illiberal stance that those Arab puppets in the Middle East and North Africa have themselves for a diversity of inglorious reasons willingly bought into.

Consequently whether by fabricated propagandistic measures: the BBC taking Marco Di Lauro’s photographs of multiple rows of pre-burial bodies awaiting internment in Iraq during the conflict there and lyingly broadcasting in its news bulletins and on the internet that they were evidence of the Houla massacre in Syria, or Charlotte Hawkins the Sky broadcaster on Tuesday 12 June 2012 reporting with a straight face and no proof whatever to corroborate her statement, and another lie thrown into the mix of criminal dishonest British broadcasting bearing in mind its inference, that young children are being coerced by the Syrian authorities, placed aboard Syrian Army tanks and used as human shields, and Charlotte the daughter of a Church of England minister, some moral upbringing that must have been in her household; UN implanted fifth columnists masquerading as peace envoys or UN monitors, or more dastardly through the murderous enterprises of western Special Forces, death squads, mercenaries or mindless massacres perpetrated by these people and laid dishonestly at the door of Bashar al-Assad’s government to spuriously warrant a full scale military onslaught, invasion and wanton destruction, as was done in Libya, by the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization, Syria in order to satisfy the sick and demented paranoia of the bête noire, enfant terrible, 21st Century apartheid and out of control colonial entity called Israel, feed the fixated avarice of the venal US Congress; mask the pusillanimity of a weak and ineffectual US president hamstrung by all sorts of deep psychological problems, not least among them his race; and a western bloc of white racist states with leaders indulgently reliving the articles of the 1884 Berlin Conference must be ruthlessly put to the cosh.

It’s a pretty safe bet I would say that the Russians and Chinese are not only fully acquainted with the west’s motives but its political, economic and military script vis-à-vis the global south and as it relates particularly to the Middle East, North Africa and most importantly themselves and that the modus operandi being applied in Syria by the United States and its pals has in the past been rolled out in Vietnam, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya among other locations but crucially it won’t stop at Syria as the insatiable desire to control by these white Caucasian, Master Race indoctrinated states leadership is so compellingly obsessive that like a serial killer with the quite unappeasable urge to substantially bolster his or her tally of homicides by extending the range of their killing fields while committing even more heinous murders each time that he or she takes to destroying yet more innocent lives the US is itself in the same straight jacketed  dilemma.

And were Syria to fall providing the United States and its fellow connivers in NATO, the salafist cutthroats of the Arab Diaspora and Zionist Israel with their cherished wish Lebanon would be next along with secular Algeria, and with the massive prize of Iran now firmly in their sights up for grabs; an abstruse scenario all sensible people would readily agree and consequently one that should be abandoned forthwith. But since when have prized idiots like the neo-con Zionists who run the United States been open to let alone have ever been prepared to listen to commonsensical suggestions or yield to reason?

But let’s suppose that all these fantasies became reality and were to fall expeditiously into the lap of the United States it’s an absolute certainty that the US still won’t be satisfied until its global ambitions are realized, and these specifically are to neuter Russia and reign in China, and if the two of them don’t know that then their leaders are more stupid than I gave them credit for. For what the United States to all intents and purposes is evincing is a maniacal absurdity that won’t be stopped or ever lightly go away until the sane elements in this world, both of the north and the south, categorically say to it enough is enough and between themselves conjure up enough balls to confront the United States and NATO, making it abundantly clear to them in the process that they have two choices open to them. One they can either drastically change their ways and begin acting responsibly for the first time ever in their existence and in a manner that a majority of the world grown heartily sick and tired of their loutish behaviour seriously expects them to or failing that Armageddon will be the price that regrettably we’ll all have to pay as there’ll be no backing down by those delivering this ultimatum.

Impartial historians who’ve studied the period in question and critical analysts and commentators au fait with it consensually agree that had Franco’s fascist Spain been stopped in its tracks at the beginning of its campaign and the brakes similarly and uncompromisingly applied to Mussolini’s Italy, Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany would in all probability not have been conceived and in the improbable event that it was would almost certainly have come into the world as a stillborn thus precluding the need for World War II with its awful atrocities, huge loss of innocent lives and the devastating destruction that accompanied all this. However as it happened those that could have effectively done something concrete, positive and permanent to stop both the Spanish and Italian situations from happening, gaining a clear edge and the much needed momentum they eventually achieved chose instead to cowardly pussyfoot around the two issues and do absolutely nothing.

It was an attitude that emboldened as well as enabled Europe’s fledgling Nazis who’d studiously observed the rather pusillanimous stance that had been taken against their rightwing predecessors by those with the means to stop them to chance their arm, then unchallenged still to make their move to the point where success was theirs and a third mistake similar to the two previous ones was almost made; and even though action against Europe’s far right in the form of the Nazis was ultimately though belatedly taken this time, the die was already cast and inevitably the continent found itself heavily embroiled in an internecine power struggle that because of Europe’s colonial possessions worldwide developed into a global conflict.

One though with the utterly misleading misnomer of a world war, when in effect although it had voluntarily for the most part massively contributed in terms of manpower, treasure and resources to Europe’s military campaign it was nevertheless a conflict that had nothing at all to do with the global south other than the fact that the latter principally because of its colonial position and part of the focus of this war was the deterrence factor against the loss of existing colonies particularly on the part of Britain with its global empire resulting in these colonies being sucked into another of Europe’s internecine rivalry among fiercely competing countries there, nothing new to any of this one could reasonably say, this was a war that was essentially exclusively incited and initiated by white Caucasian Europeans inside Europe let’s not forget, that was substantially fought on the European continent but chiefly because of geopolitical considerations and hegemonic imperialist ambitions had a global impact to it.

All the same it was a war that needed to be fought if only to stymie the bullying and imperialist ambitions of a renegade, Master Race fixated Germany and its similarly disposed Axis allies; a war in which Russia’s antecedent the USSR courageously sacrificed a great deal in terms of lives and treasure to contain and finally vanquish Nazi Germany. A sterling performance in my view on any account that isn’t credited with the importance that it right deserves and all we hear about instead in a blatant dishonest account of the war and a rewriting of history in the west are the supposed game changing military exploits of the United States in almost singlehandedly winning us the war and freeing Europe from the curse of Nazism. Charitably at its very best this is a gross exaggeration and it its worst a downright lie. For not only did the United States venture belatedly into World War II and only did so after the Japanese who were allies of Nazi Germany and at the latter’s behest pummelled the Americans at Pearl Harbour, prior to that and throughout the early stages of World War II, and to be frank with you from its very inception one can honestly say the United States Congress and the country’s population whose overwhelming sentiments across the board were decidedly pro-German and besides there are over 30 million US-German citizens and residents in the United States had thrown its lot in, if not in reality militarily so then certainly in the psychological sense, with Nazi Germany.

And to substantiate this point the United States was additionally the international banker of Nazi Germany providing it with enormous credit for its concerted war efforts in Europe and especially against Britain and France as well being its principal purveyor of state of the art weaponry; and the Zyklon B killer gas which was used so extensively and efficiently throughout Nazi Europe’s death and concentration camps in its methodical and comprehensive holocaust purge was also a product of the US and liberally supplied to the Huns by Uncle Sam and with both grandfathers of George W. Bush actively, prominently and directly involved in these transactions; one of them shoring up Nazi Germany’s economic position, the other supplying the Zyklon B gas through the company which he ran. So if providence hadn’t stepped in allowing the Japanese to ambitiously but quite stupidly as it turned out attack Pearl harbour there wasn’t a snowflake in hell’s chance that the United States would have got involved in World War II, this despite the beseeching, cap in hand sycophancy of Winston Churchill touting for all it was worth his half-breed American ancestry to get it to do so.

So please spare me the John, Wayne who like George W. Bush did his utmost to ensure he never actually wore a US uniform in real life or was prepared to physically put his life on the line to defend the country he was none the less always publicly patriotic about, Green Beret fantasy of how deeply indebted the entire world is to what the US did in Europe and how we should all turn a blind eye to its own 20th and now 21st Century brand of Nazism and fascism conjoined with the most virulent blend of Zionism the world has witnessed so far. I don’t subscribe to this crap that the United States was our redeemer in World War II as significant numbers of my own relatives and their friends were present in the various theatres of that war, were there from the very outset, witnessed what actually took place prior to and after the Yanks showed up and, importantly, told me from their own firsthand experiences what really happened.

So it’s an absolute no brainer to expect me to disbelieve those whom I love and trust, and were all volunteers in that war let me emphasize, in favour of a load of truth deniers and recalcitrant rewriters of history shamelessly pushing their absurd propaganda of “we’re the world’s greatest and humanity owes us” and like boys behaving badly they can perpetually do whatever they like, whenever they like and to whomsoever they like and the rest of us must either like or lump it. A little humility please United States of America and what’s more while you and a rather sickening pusillanimous Europe are at it lets hear something of the conveniently forgotten roles that India, Africa and the West Indies played in World War II and the genuine liberation of war torn Europe from the same imperialist, Master Race Nazi creed that amazingly in 2012 you’re still peddling and in actual fact determines as well as influences your brain-dead foreign policies.

Against this backdrop and as was most emphatically shown during World War II the pedigree of the Russian DNA and character to stalwartly stand up for natural justice and what’s right is there and mustn’t ever be devalued or ignored. And just as the wartime precursors of today’s Russians faced with the murderous terror of Nazi Germany intuitively knew what had to be done to resist it and accordingly collectively rolled up their sleeves and heroically got on with the job in hand, today’s Russians and in particular the global south that are perilously confronted once more with the twin evils of fascism and Nazism this time infused with the virulent and pernicious malignity of Zionism and with the same white Caucasian fixation of world domination have an unqualified obligation along with China to act and do so decisively to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Russia as indeed the entire world community knows pretty well of the murderous, enormously financed and religious sectarian roles which Qatar, Bantu-Saudi and other United States quisling, Arab Bantustan especially in the Persian Gulf are playing throughout the Middle East and North Africa generally and Syria above all, and how violently committed they are with the full backing in all respects of the United States and the usual western culprits that are politically, financially, diplomatically, militarily and even culturally as fellow white Caucasian countries aligned with it, and irrespective of what these western purported paragons of virtue noisily propagate for public use, to ensuring that no political solution gets the chance of ever succeeding in Syria and that the full-blooded chaos and widespread destruction which they’ve instigated and continue to brutally stoke amidst  the risible, absurd and dishonest backdrop  that they have no other option but to do all this in order to bring democracy and afford freedom of choice to the Syrian people when none of these concepts exist or would ever be tolerated in their own vile dictatorships are collectively nothing less than irritatingly devious ploys with a precise purpose in mind, which is to ruthlessly affect unlawful regime change in Syria to please the Zionist lobbies in the US and other western capitals but most crucially placate the lunatic and evil-minded paranoia of Zionist and apartheid Israel.

A dangerous game that could easily ignite the entire Middle East, North Africa and indeed the rest of the world in a major military conflagration with terrible consequences for all of us, and consequently it’s high time that Russia and China not only recognize this but also confront this threat head on and effectively put a permanent stop to it. The United States and its NATO allies as we saw in Kosovo and elsewhere have no problem bypassing the UNSC, international laws or moral imperatives to illegally get what they want and protect what they perceive as their interests regardless of how unjustified, illegal or immoral these are.

Furthermore we repeatedly hear bellicose warmongering noises coming out of Washington and from lunatic degenerates like John McCain that the US should basically ignore the decision that was legally arrived at in the United Nations Security Council under its properly constituted terms of reference because it was one which the United States, its western puppets and its own puppet master Israel don’t like as it doesn’t serve their imperial interests,; dismissively bypass that body and attack Syria anyway. Yet we know from experience that despite the vitriolic condemnation by the US of Russia and China for sensibly exercising their vetoes to stop more US abuses in the global south it’s fundamentally on the part of the United States a case of the pot calling the kettle black since the US has employed its lawful entitlement to a UNSC veto far more frequently than the combined tally of the other veto entitled members of that UN body with the majority of these vetoes subjectively and highly irresponsibly instituted on the part of and very much favouring the settler, white Caucasian dominated and Zionist Israel. And it doesn’t take the brains of a rocket scientist to reasonably work out that if China or Russia bypassed, or opted to do so for whatever reason however laudable or otherwise that was, a US, British or French veto in the UNSC there’d be a huge outcry led by the United States from these same charlatans sanctimoniously bouncing up and down on their particular hobbyhorse of hypocrisy and double standards.

That’s precisely why Russia and China should call their bluff on Syria and deliver a direct and uncompromising ultimatum to their barbaric, Arab, Persian Gulf and quisling puppets that they immediately stop their unwarranted and destructive interference in the domestic affairs not only of Syria but also other Arab states like Iraq and Egypt for instance; halt their export of salafist sectarian and other forms of mindless terrorism throughout the Middle East and beyond, and stop as well their customary brutal crackdown on dissent and peaceful protests at home by their own citizens and residents requesting the same civic rights and democratic entitlements which they’re publicly professing to be demanding for the Syrian population, assistance unasked for it must be strenuously pointed out, by the people they’re supposedly helping, and that a refusal to submit to these stipulations would indisputably result in a military assault on and campaign against these Arab Bantustans by Russia and or China along the lines of those enacted elsewhere by the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization.

These Arab Bantustans despite their costly military toys from the west aren’t any match for the military might of Russia or China separately or combined, so their instinctive reaction other than capitulating entirely would be to appeal to the US and the west for military assistance; but here’s the rub. If Russia and China make it abundantly clear that they have no intention whatsoever of backing down, that their military threat is real and moreover there’s a nuclear option on the table as well, can one seriously envisage a scenario where the United States let alone it’s puffed up western puppets would seriously consider embarking on a global nuclear Armageddon and with all that that entails to save the sorry asses of a bunch of camel fornicators who they don’t regard as their equals, don’t respect and, truth be told, don’t actually like no matter how much oil or gas they’re sitting on? And an indisputable bully that it is I don’t happen to believe that the United States is a suicidal one. Bullies, and especially those who’re uncompromisingly given a clear-cut and deadly option in a do or die situation by their foes rarely are, as personal survival is what’s paramount to them and the United States is no different in this regard; and without it actually in the lead and directing them how to coordinate their undoubted barbaric instincts its western allies in or out of NATO are really no more effective on their own than a bunch of no account headless chickens running around aimlessly, and that includes my own country Britain.

The pertinent question though is this, do Russia and China have the balls to confront the United States in this manner and simultaneously strike a resounding blow for a much needed multi-polar methodology to global issues or are they only accomplished at unleashing the kind of righteous vengeance they’re known for and that the world witnessed in domestic situations like Chechnya and Tiananmen Square respectively but away from such situations are effectively pusillanimous cowards markedly cowed by the brutal reputations of the United States and NATO, and as such don’t want to tangle with them? If so, shame on both of you! It’s not how the USSR would have behaved bearing in mind the chivalrous manner in which it conducted itself against a vicious and rampaging Nazi Germany and its accommodating Axis partners from the Scandinavian cesspools of Sweden, Norway and Denmark to those of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and the Ukraine and that likewise encompassed France, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland and Croatia, each of them sturdily buttressed by Spain, Portugal, Italy and the other demented fascist entities of Europe’s south that included Greece, never mind the post-war spin of how valiantly Greece fought against the Nazis. Some Greeks certainly did but the overwhelming majority of them didn’t as the huge numbers of Jews voluntarily and enthusiastically dispatched by them from their homeland to Europe’s death and concentration camps unmistakably testify.

As for China what was the Long March for by Mao Tse-tung and others if not to permanently recover for China and its people their lost dignity and independence mercilessly dishonoured and exploitatively taken from them for financial gain and the perverse, racist domination by western barbarians and their fawning Caucasian besotted and culturally brainwashed oriental connivers? Or has the current crop of Chinese leaders like those sell-outs and wholly unworthy predecessors of theirs similarly taken on supposedly western gentrified airs and graces and a mindset to match, and correspondingly delude themselves that they’re now so dignified and innately cultured as the western elite they’re so shamefully but barefacedly aping in all their odious mannerisms as to be justifiably above, Empress Josephine style, the dire life and death situations and their calamitous consequences as well as the daily and imperative concerns of those who’re contemptuously and dismissively seen as an assemblage of the world’s ho polloi, the proverbial great unwashed as it were, and as such won’t lift a finger to help them?

We already know that if given half a decent chance Russia would enthusiastically jump at it and the opportunity it offered to become part of the capitalist western setup which includes the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization and the EU. But despite being justifiably lampooned for having very short attention spans, which undoubtedly is the case, most Americans have long memories when it comes as they see it to matters directly relating to communism or anything that in their twisted minds remotely smacks of it; and the more paranoid these minds are the more intractable is the response to anything even distantly associated with communism, and that includes not only the system itself but the vehicle, in this case Russia, that nurtured and disseminated it. And since to all Americans, hopelessly unable to distinguish between the two and therefore willingly and stupidly conflate them with each other, communism and socialism are the inimical forces of evil that are thoroughly toxic to and as a result lethally injurious to the wellbeing of capitalism, or in its vernacular form the established American way of life, anything associated with it must at best be instantly rejected and at worst destroyed. The EU and the rest of the white west take their lead from the United States and even though they well know that this simplistic American perspective is a load of codswallop being the spineless jerks that they are they go along with it and routinely exclude Russia from their playpen.

That it’s capitalism with its inherent dog eats dog and with no compassion for the loser mindset and characteristic that is the chief source of their civic and even their military woes completely escape the judgment of these gullible buffoons that regardless of how much or how thoroughly one explained it to them wouldn’t in the least countenance the idea let alone accept the fact that capitalism isn’t or will it ever be all that it’s cracked up to be ; that either they’ve been misled or even ruthlessly conned relative to it, or that alternative ways to capitalism for rationally dealing with the financial aspects of our daily lives should be seriously and objectively explored. But the glamorous, usually quite dishonest but decidedly propagandistic narrative surrounding capitalism is such that it’s often hard and even impossible at times for the credulous, less mentally astute or the overly greedy to resist, a situation not exclusively the preserve of the ordinary man or woman on the street or one from which establishment elites of whatever professed political persuasions they claim they belong to aren’t immune.

In association with the above is the methodical and systemic suckering by slick Hollywood film propaganda portraying and promoting the United States as a panacea of matchless enlightenment and individual attainments where the only requirements are is for one to hitch their wagon to the star of opportunity that presents itself, strive for the American Dream, and success is guaranteed to be theirs. It’s an unconcealed pandering to outright individualism and personal avarice which studiously ignores the reality of the situation that for every success chalked up in this way there are actually scores of thousands of miserable failures; and that in the land of the free and the bold rampant inequalities abound that range from an intractable and endemic racism by whites against fellow US citizens of colour to stark poverty and homelessness by many in what’s ostensibly the world’s richest country.

A country where 33 million people are without any basic health care provisions; that the military and its fighting of interminable and often illegal wars of resource plunder in other peoples’ lands, and almost exclusively so in the global south, is frequently the sole hope of a job for the poor and marginalized of all races, and the venal and corrupt legislators in Congress rather than look after the needs of their constituents who voted them into office blatantly betray their trust by serving instead the interests of corporate or powerful politically-driven lobbyists in a way more apt to pandering to their whims and desires together with feathering their own financial nests than with anything remotely to do with the merits of democracy or aiding the common man or woman, and with a likewise bought and paid for administration concertedly embarked on chopping away at and seriously abrogating the enshrined principles of the American Constitution with its supposed clear-cut guarantees of civil liberties and other fundamental human rights is hardly the recipe for accountable democracy that the United States purports it stands for and self-righteously preaches to the rest of the world.

These are ongoing and alarming occurrences that anyone with eyes can see and should be deeply horrified about, yet it isn’t only ordinary folk outside of American society risibly and enviously looking in but also the leaders of several countries globally many of whom should know better and respond appropriately, but who nevertheless have allowed themselves to be suckered by this thoroughly dishonest, fanciful, fabricated and ridiculous Hollywood utopian image of the United States and idiotically have even comprehensively bought into it; a situation which is analogous to an incurably romantic and besotted suitor that’s been hooked line and sinker and hopefully kept dangling by a highly experienced and beguiling prick-teaser full of promise but no performance, and sad to say where the United States prick-teaser is concerned Russian and Chinese are among those snared suitors.

Russia was the first country on earth to put a satellite, a living creature: a dog as it happens, and human beings of both genders into outer space but one wouldn’t have thought so, and I’m sure there are many presently in the west who if these questions were asked of them would intuitively credit the United States with these outstanding honours and achievements. Similarly China is in control of the US’ mounting financial debts and as such ought physically and psychologically to be able to exert considerable leverage on how the United States behave and most certainly so in the international arena, nor dissimilar from someone with a massive overdraft being financially reigned in by his or her high street bank and told how they should conduct themselves prudently if they don’t want to have the financial plug pulled on them entirely. Even countries aren’t above these kinds of stringent restrictions as we see in the case of Greece, Ireland, Spain and Italy for instance that are forced to submit to the dictates of those who’re bailing them out financially. But the way that China behaves vis-à-vis the United States one could be forgiven for thinking that the situation is an entirely different one from what it really is, and instead it’s the United States that’s propping up a financially inept, reckless and insolvent China equipped with the archetypal Third World begging bowl.

Furthermore, the United States is politically, diplomatically and militarily intolerably allowed by China and Russia to assume the upper hand. Russia, China and Iran are lyingly accused by it of planning massive military manoeuvres in Syria, as if these sort of global manoeuvres are unheard of in the United States or foreign to it, a country by the way that the same US has orchestrated an undeclared war against to bring about illegal regime change there while Hillary Clinton publicly and again dishonestly and with a straight face spouts about Russia providing attack helicopters to Syria to kill its own citizens, the precise thing that the United States is doing in Bahrain and the other Persian Gulf Arab Bantustans; and this despite the fact and returning to the pack of lies that the United States is peddling about Syria that there’s a mountain of solid, empirical and objective data released into the public domain that expressly show that the bulk of arms reaching Syria and therefore in the hands of western trained and supported death squads along with US and NATO Special Forces operating covertly in Syria and are primarily responsible for the chaos, massacres and wilful destruction there are coordinated by the US and principally come from that country.

It’s five now years since Hamas won a meticulously, internationally supervised and scrupulously monitored Palestine election that former US President Jimmy Carter pronounced as pristine, and exactly the same duration of time that Israel brutally laid siege to Gaza following Hamas’ win in that election because apartheid Israel and its Zionist western supporters including Britain and the United States didn’t like the result and have therefore done everything in their power since then to collectively punish the Palestinian people, a war crime in itself under the Geneva Conventions, for exercising their democratic will. The wanton massacre of and serious injuries to thousands of Palestinians five years on we have these same dishonest and barbaric western bastards along with Israel and the west’s compliant Arab Bantustans where democracy doesn’t exist claiming they’re forced to attack Syria, unasked by the Syrian people one must forcefully add, to bring democracy there for its people through the barrel of the gun.

Ballot box style democracy though as happened in Palestine resulting in a Hamas victory is infra dig to these western, criminal and moronic leaders and must be avoided at all costs as they could very well throw up authentic leaders and parliamentarians these western outsiders don’t like, and in their jaundiced eyes such an outcome would be lamentable and most undemocratic. Hence it’s infinitely better to embrace and implement the tried and tested military regime change option and aid putting in situ a compliant and unaccountable to its people puppet regime that the leaders of the west and their own Zionist puppet masters will be comfortable with and effectively dominate. You just couldn’t make that up could you?

Rationally the fault for most of this indefensible situation lies largely with Russia and China that by default allow the US and its fellow criminals to literally get away with murder whether this is in the chamber of the United Nations Security Council or the wider world, and it’s high time that China and Russia physically pulled their fingers out of their asses and truly assert themselves as mature global states. The United States regularly abuses its veto in the UNSC and generally does so in support of its enfant terrible and bête noire Israel, a childish situation that’s usually aped by Britain and France. Moreover the UNSC is in desperate need of reform but this won’t happen as neither the United States, France nor Britain, individually or collectively, will agree to a situation or any sensible measures that will expressly democratize that body or the UN General Assembly in general and if any attempts are made to do so will swiftly use their vetoes to block them. So in the extremely obnoxious and perfidious state of affairs that the world is placed in by these selfish nurds there’s only one course of action to take.

And that’s for Russia, China and all the other members of the United Nations that truly believe in a multi-polar world where the rule of law is entrenched and automatically takes precedence over nationalist egos, hegemonic aspirations of all kinds and the wanton abuse and gratuitous plunder of weaker countries by bullying ones for their own selfish ends and or personal aggrandisement, and that are really committed to the full tenets of democracy, fundamental human rights, respect for the national sovereignty, independence and integrity of other nations and their citizenry and will indefatigably endeavour to settle domestic as well as international disputes through dialogue and compromise in preference to conflict or war that should always be the option of last resort, to deliver a precise and categorical ultimatum to the US and its coterie of entrenched imperialist-minded and Dark Ages Neanderthals that effectively and disproportionately so control the UNSC or from the sidelines exert undue influence on its deliberations and decisions; adjudications that can and very often do impact considerably and negatively on the rest of the world.

That ultimatum would be this: adapt to the real requirements of a changing world and renounce your imperialist and outmoded agendas with their military characteristics or else feel free to take full and uncontested control of a rump UN and United Nations Security Council, as the rest of us who’re heartily sick and tired of your puerile antics and wish to be shot of them have decided to physically and permanently abandon the one that currently exits in order to establish an authentic and collaborative world body elsewhere and far removed from here that will be truly democratic in its structure, constitution, deliberations, responsibility to its membership and the countries that they represent, just as it will assiduously endeavour to honestly address the global challenges and concerns of the 21st Century in preparation for what lies beyond.

However, the multimillion dollar question is will those countries including Russia and China that know UN reform and global reassessment approaches are long overdue but for decades now have freely allowed themselves to be bamboozled by American hype, bravado and even its coercion of some of them be finally able to positively shake off this intuitive deference that they ludicrously display to Uncle Sam, bite the bullet, do what is honestly and morally proper: start growing up in other words, and behave like responsible and mature countries, something that the vast majority of them previously haven’t done? Or is the kudos of being physically resident in the Big Apple and rubbing shoulders with the high and mighty there  however transient at times or exploitative this might be too great a temptation to resist or a request much too oppressive to accede to?

Russia’s record of loyalty to its Soviet-era friends and allies subsequent to the fall of the USSR is far from impressive or commendable as it did a 180 degree turn to seemingly shove not only its head but also its entire body up the backside of the west and particularly that of the United States its implacable Cold War enemy, and its shameful treatment of Cuba is a case in point and a quite damnable indictment of treachery in my opinion. Yet despite the continuing derogatory way that the west treats it the leadership of Russia seemingly can’t get it through their thick skulls that the west is neither its natural home, no matter how Caucasian it deludes itself that it is, nor where it appropriately belongs and a radical change of course is urgently needed on Russia’s part if it’s to successfully make any significant or positive strides getting the rest of the world, and particularly the global south, to take it seriously let alone make its own mark and strengthen its position as an authentic world power that’s admired, respected and even loved.

A state of affairs that in respect of its own global dealing and in particular those with the United States, its western proxies in the EU and beyond and extending as far as Julia Gillard’s Australia China must also take full cognisance of and act appropriately, for it’s totally inconceivable to any logical mind or anyone with a sense of fair play that China in the 21st Century would realistically want for itself like China of the 19th Century to be wantonly abused and exploited by western and overwhelmingly white Caucasian countries as was the case then, and moreover willingly permit the recovery of its hard-won and much treasured national sovereignty and independence together with the dignity and moral integrity of its people to be snatched away once more thus turning the Chinese people into nothing more than the functional instruments of a production line workshop prescriptively churning out outstandingly cheap, affordable and instantly available goods that the west’s capricious consumers persuade themselves they require; and just as insulting transforming the government of one of the world’s most historical and undoubtedly its most heavily populated nation into a biddable proxy state handily and freely at the beck and call of the United States and its dogs of war.

China is not only capable of but most definitely deserves much better than that, and that’s why it must seriously look long-term to forging new and durable relationships based on reciprocal trust, a common cause and mutual respect between itself and those countries that it wisely embarks on these kinds of relationships with; and in respect of the United States and its henchmen of EU and other likeminded western countries must when prudent and vitally essential to do so speak softly and unambiguously but always carry a big stick!

The United States is like a rabid dog mortally infected with rabies and leading a pack of similarly contaminated canines that are collectively dangerous because they know they’re going to die and with the predisposition of lemmings embark on their pertinacious ritual of death without sensibly knowing why. The rest of the world knows and can see for itself this particularly hazardous state of affairs yet is so cowed by the fear of challenging and destroying these dangerous beasts that in failing to do so it too runs the real and serious risk of contamination; and none no more so among it than Russia. The US-led, quite illegal and undeclared war against Syria is just a stepping stone to that country’s wider designs on Iran and its oil rich resources; greater hegemony of the Middle East and North Africa; control of the Central Asian gateway through Afghanistan and Pakistan to Russia and China that it wants to encircle, destabilize, even attack and subjugate, and in its quite sick and demented, military industrial complex directed obsession with power create the one size fits them all unipolar world that these numphties feel they have a divine right to control.

Yet incredibly it’s Russia that’s freely and logistically assisting the United States and the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization in Afghanistan of all places, the very entities that established al-Qaida to drive an invited Soviet Union out of that country with the resultant horrendous numbers of casualties that the Soviet Union, and de facto Russia, incurred there at the hands of the United States bête noire which it now disingenuously tells the world it’s fighting because it’s a terrorist organization. We have a saying in England that it takes a thief to know a thief and if al-Qaida is a terrorist organization, which I’ve no problem accepting because it bloody well is, you don’t have to be endowed with the intellectual acumen of a rocket scientist to know why that is the case or look far to see who made it what it is. Furthermore when the US marched into Afghanistan it was the Russians that amply accommodated their invasion by welcomingly giving to them the helpful present of the Northern Alliance, the USSR’s chief and loyal allies during its time in Afghanistan and that country’s foremost cutthroats, clan warlords, implacable enemy of Afghanistan’s largest ethnic group and principal drug traffickers, an arrangement with the active support of the corrupt Karzai regime and that of the United States and its NATO allies that the Northern Alliance still enjoys while making Afghanistan one of the main drug production and distribution centres in the world.

Still for all that Russia seems quite content to want to throw its lot if allowed to in with the west, a situation in my view that’s analogous to a turkey voting for Christmas. That’s Russia’s right of course but I would seriously advise other countries taken in or likely to be by its blandishments, notably Iran and Venezuela, to be very wary indeed of the proverbial Greeks bearing gifts. For as long as Russia maintains it’s present ambiguous global stance it would indeed be quite foolish to trust it or anything it says, and that’s extremely sad and pains me considerably to say this as I’m absolutely convinced that an independent Russia that is truly committed to global multi-polarity, respect for the integrity, sovereignty and independence of all nations and doesn’t just want to be accepted by the west as a fully-fledged member of its bullying and murderous club of thieves and mass murderers can either independently or with China as a partner make a significant difference to the world. So why not do it Russia and China? Rather than placing yourselves in the invidious position of prescient-minded observers saying as things stand, with friends like you who on earth needs enemies? Food for thought, won’t you say?

Footnote: Wednesday 3 July 2013.

Following the publication of this article Vladimir Putin has shown his true colours and any country that really thinks Russia is any different from the United States, Britain, the EU, NATO and the wannabe big players like India and Brazil those within it need to have a comprehensive brain transplant. Vladimir Putin and his other Russian oligarchs can't be trusted. And since when does one stand up for one's supposed enemy as he's doing with the United States; it's all a big lie and they're both as we say in the UK six of one and half a dozen of the other. Edward Snowden wasn't fooled and neither is any prescient-minded and intelligent person. In my opinion Vladimir Putin makes the Sicilian mafia bosses look tame; and he's utterly crooked with it as well.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

The United States, Britain and the world’s indebtedness to the nation of Barbados

By Stanley Collymore

Football or soccer to the uninitiated may be the mass spectator sport in England; cricket though is undoubtedly the quintessential sport that lies deep within the psyche of the English nation and which, to put it mildly, represents most of what’s good and decent with the English people. What other sport is there that exquisitely sums up a sense of fair play, ethical standards: an umpire for instance unsure of the actual result casually turning to a wicketkeeper and asking him if the ball carried in a catch to him and the wicketkeeper in response unhesitatingly giving an honest reply to that query, a batsman willingly walking away from the crease without waiting to be given out by the umpire because he knows that he’s out and it would be very unsportsmanlike of him to dishonestly stand his ground in such circumstances and hope that the decision from the umpire goes in his favour; or the out fielder and member of the opposing team in a robustly contested cricket match voluntarily providing the requisite confirmation to an umpire who was blindsided by what had happened, when selfishly he could so easily have refused to do so, that the ball did go to the boundary for the maximum number of runs.

Then there’s the quite significant issue of the sport of cricket having entered the highest echelons of the lexicon of the English language. “It’s not cricket, old boy,” literally sums it up, making it abundantly clear to the infringer that the behaviour being indulged in isn’t at all what’s expected or desired of him or her. So cricket is much more than a sport, it’s a way of life that embodies a lot more than simply performing on a field of play. For starters there’s the self-discipline, mental agility and long-term planning that it induces and instinctively reinforces; the sense of respect for one’s opponent and their ability in a clean but enthusiastic contest and the manful recognition if one’s team is beaten that the other team achieved its success because it was the better one. What other sport is there where avid supporters of opposing teams can happily sit down together in the same stadium and not only enjoy the beauty of the game together but also appreciate and applaud the skilful wizardry with the bat or ball of opposing team members as well as that of your own team players? The simple answer is cricket.

And it’s my honest opinion that these characteristics which are quite unique to cricket have been instrumental in helping England to create and control the most extensive and long-standing empire globally in the entire history of mankind and whose influence, although indirectly nowadays, continues to be experienced around the world even though that empire has long been dissolved. So should any country hoping to be or self-deceptively allotting to itself the mantle of world leadership be taken at all seriously if it doesn’t play cricket or worst still haven’t the foggiest notion of what the sport is all about?

Take the United States for instance where cricket isn’t played and the niceties of the sport would be extremely difficult to understand by a public schooled in the gladiatorial mindset of combat even as it applies to all sports and anything which doesn’t result in a speedy and possibly a brutal resolution swiftly as is generally the case with a profoundly uninteresting and evidently unimaginative child who needs constant attention or else rapidly sinks into the stupor of intuitive boredom for him or her the correlation isn’t lost in relation to the vast majority of the US public which legendary has a very short attention span and deals with most things, often to its detriment, accordingly.

Even the professed and much trumpeted US love for sport is somewhat skewed. To begin with the US doesn’t have any sport that it can honestly call its own. American football is a bastardized version of rugby: a sport whose origins began at the famous English Rugby School (in English parlance that’s a posh fee paying, educational establishment) located in the English Midlands. Basketball another bastardized version of an English sport is derived from netball, a largely girls game in England, even to this day. Baseball too is a bastardized crib of yet another English game called rounders that is similarly a kid’s game and mainly played by girls. That the United States grandiosely talks about a world series in this sport when the participants are entirely US teams doesn’t alter facts on the ground; it also brings a wry smile to the faces of those who say, this could only happen in the USA. But we also have a saying along the lines that imitation is the most compelling form of flattery.

Thus far I’ve used the terminology English notwithstanding the fact that the country is legally designated the United Kingdom; that said most of the games: tennis, bowls, rowing and many others far too numerous to mention here all have their origins in England; and anyway they all predate the union with Scotland that only occurred some 300 years ago. That said I wonder if Tiger Woods knows how indebted he is to Scotland for giving the world the game of golf.

Which takes us on to Barbados a country deeply steeped in cricket and where the sport is not so much a game but a way of life. First settled in 1627 by the British even though they first touched down there in 1625 the island has the second oldest continuous parliament in the world after the House of Commons and right though its existence was England’s most prosperous colony not only in the entire Americas but the world, remitting in today’s terms billions of pounds Sterling annually to the English exchequer at a time when what would later become the United States of America was little more that a collection of nondescript, backwater settlements on the North American mainland. But the role that Barbados played in transforming this US development was seismic.

In 1649 a number of Barbadians calling themselves the Society of Gentlemen set off from the island sailed to the North American mainland and founded the colony of Carolina. Two hundred of these migrants founded Charles Towne, named after Charles II of England, and today is known as Charleston, which is situated in South Carolina. The earliest governors of the Carolinas were also Barbadians as were some Massachusetts ones. The leader of the Barbados colonists was a wealthy and powerful Barbadian planter by the name of Sir John Yeamans; But that wasn’t all Barbados did for what you now know as the United States of America.

In 1751 as a 19 year old George Washington went to Barbados with his brother Lawrence whose purpose for going there was to recuperate from tuberculosis. Lawrence was cured of his tuberculosis on the island and additionally his sibling George who’d himself contracted smallpox also recovered from his illness because of the quite excellent medical care that he had received while in Barbados and that fortunately for him and the future United States as history would later show fortunately enabled him to build up an immunity to the virus; the complete significance of which following the successful treatment and cure of his smallpox in Barbados was only properly comprehended and fully appreciated many years later when George Washington’s army was entirely decimated by smallpox during the American War of Independence but Washington’s immunity warded of the disease; he survived the war and went on to assume a monumental place in the history of the United States as its first president. But what if? Supposed he hadn’t previously and fortunately been in Barbados?

Prior to his visit to Barbados George Washington had never left mainland America and he never did subsequently; so Barbados has the unique distinction of being the only country on earth apart from his homeland that he ever went to. Arriving on the island as a young man with very limited experience of the world it was a different and more cultured George Washington who finally left it. For George there was a host of new and completely thought provoking experiences to get his head round. There was the scale and scope of Bridgetown, Barbados’ capital and the biggest city he’d ever seen; and an elevated level of social skills and hospitality previously unfamiliar to him. There were too the many other cultural events that he was exposed to; his first ever play for instance, and the hive of very intensive and prosperous commercial activity in Bridgetown the North Atlantic’s most important port and trading centre in what was then the world’s most successful agro-based economy.

There was to be found too in Barbados a new breed of modern scientists and intellectuals: to this day the island has one of the highest literacy rates anywhere in the world which proudly stands at 100%, far higher than the United States and even Britain, but crucially for George Washington was that while he was in Barbados he met up with several Scotsmen who’d physically rebelled against the British monarchy and weren’t bashful in the least at sharing their ardour, patriotism and the valuable lessons they had learnt during those epic struggles with the English with him; consequently, the level of experiences which George Washington was subjected to and was also able to inculcate while in Barbados were huge to say the least. Even the house where he stayed was next door to the Garrison Savannah headquarters and also the base of the West India regiment that played a significant role in England’s colonial conquests; doubtlessly a great preparation for his own military future.

But there’s more to come. From its inception Barbados has been and still is a very strong English monarchic country and throughout its existence has been and is still very much so a stable democracy. Requesting as it was always previously entitled to do but chose to do so when it eventually did to become an independent sovereign state in 1966 stability and the rule of law exercised through the island’s long-standing parliament have always been assets that Barbadians are tremendously and justifiably proud of, and even as a colony Barbados essentially governed itself. However from the Barbadian perspective a dangerous fly in the ointment came about when Oliver Cromwell seized power in England. Monarchists to the core Barbadians refused to acknowledge this usurpation of the crown and execution of their monarch. Not by nature someone to take such a slight gracefully Oliver Cromwell made it perfectly clear to the Barbadians that if they didn’t renounce their stubborn hostility to him and recognize him as Lord Protector of England he’d abolish their prized parliament. To Barbadians this was like a red rag to a bull.

Already remitting in today’s equivalent trillions of pounds Sterling to England’s Exchequer Barbadians in their studied reply to Oliver Cromwell ultimatum didn’t mince their words. “No taxation,” they said, without representation.” The very first time ever that this phrase was used, and they meant every word. Angered even further by this defiance Cromwell sent the might of the Royal Navy to teach the Barbadians a lesson but it was he who got a nasty shock and the lesson of his life, for the Barbadians not only repelled but also defeated the Royal Navy’s attack; the first and only British colony ever to have done so. Humiliated by this Oliver Cromwell was forced to sign The Treaty of Oistins at the Mermaid Tavern in the seaside town of Oistins on Barbados’ south coast in 1652. All this occurred 124 years prior to the creation of the United States of America.

In fact when the US insurgents, militants or revolutionaries, take your pick, opted to rebel and seek their independence from Britain it was Barbados that their leaders instinctively turned to for assistance and guidance. And it’s no coincidence that the slogan “NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION” known universally to every United States citizen and resident and many people around the world as well and associated exclusively but oh so ignorantly with the United States was used; but how many of you know when it originated, where and why? Or the role that Barbados actively played in helping the US to achieve its independence?

Eventually this assistance and US colonial perseverance paid off and the United States was born, but the Barbadian connection didn’t finish there. The United States Declaration of Independence is a direct crib of the Treaty of Oistins signed in Barbados 124 years before the US was created between Oliver Cromwell and the people of Barbados, that guaranteed them all the constitutional rights and privileges they’d previously enjoyed and that included as well a pledge of non-interference in their parliamentary affairs, in other words literally authorizing Barbadians to carry on doing their own thing, and as such almost two thirds of this 1652 document can be found in the US Declaration of Independence. Just as importantly one of the signatories on the US Declaration of Independence was a Barbadian; so was the printer of the original document. So the hand of Barbados and Barbadians alike is writ indelibly and clearly all over US history; but it’s a history that few US citizens and residents know anything about.

Before the US finally achieved its independence cognisant that the Royal Navy was still a force to be reckoned with its revolutionary leaders very much aware of the existing power of the Royal Navy had created a navy of their own but this fledgling navy, a ramshackle outfit at best, wasn’t any match for the Royal Navy. In their hearts the revolutionaries knew this but weren’t prepared to give up that easily. Instead they turned to Africa for help and in doing so recruited a number of Moors that were legendary for their seamanship and almost immediately there was a massive turn around in the fortunes and destiny of this fledgling navy the majority of whose commanders were African Moors. However, as soon as victory was secured and the prevalent danger from the Royal Navy permanently eradicated, these Moors: all black and free combatants in the service of US revolutionaries were arrested, arbitrarily deprived of their liberty and sold into slavery. Some thanks you might say. For all that however Morocco, home of many of these Moors, was the first country in the world to recognize the independence of the United States.

Little England as it's fondly called because of its quintessential Englishness and strong royalist sentiments and the basis for the quarrel between Oliver Cromwell and itself leading it to coin the phrase "No Taxation Without Representation" which the US revolutionaries borrowed, used in their war of independence against England and after their success took the Treaty of Oistins and incorporated it as their Constitution says it all really. Doubtlessly a tribute to the  role Barbados played in helping Washington and his revolutionaries in defeating England, not from any hatred of England but from a belief on the part of most Barbadians that those living in the American colonies should also have the right to decide their own future and fate; a cardinal principal of freedom and self-determination that runs freely and passionately through the veins of every Barbadian man and woman.

It’s been mentioned earlier that one of the principal Founding Fathers of the US and whose signature is on its declaration of independence was a Barbadian, prominent enough in his own right to be tipped as President of the fledgling United States of America. This however infuriated George Washington who so much wanted that job for himself that he organized a political conspiracy against his perceived rival and had the famous or infamous, take your pick, codicil to the US Constitution inserted that stated that no one except someone born in the United States of America could become its President. For George quite understandable you might say but risibly needlessly so since this targeted Barbadian who was enormously rich wasn't in the least interested in having the job and moreover with his huge plantations and other business interests in Barbados was quite contented to stay Barbadian and British; sensibly adopting the stance and making it clear to George Washington that while he didn’t mind helping him and his guys to win their independence he nevertheless was quite happy as he was; and that was undeniably a Barbadian.

The Constitution of the United States of America was printed by a Barbadian publisher; the first Jews to settle in the United States were wealthy Barbadians who'd made their money in Barbados from the lucrative sugar industry and the oldest synagogue anywhere in the so-called New World and a UN world heritage site is in Bridgetown, Barbados' capital. Not at all bad for a small Caribbean island; but how many Brits or other foreign visitors to Lord Nelson's Statue and Trafalgar Square in London have any idea that these world landmarks are in actuality replicas of those located in Barbados? The first ever Lord Nelson Statue and Trafalgar Square, the second is in Bermuda that followed Barbados' lead and London's is the third of these erected some 50 years after the one in Barbados, were commissioned and paid for by Barbadians from all walks of life shortly after the Battle of Trafalgar and were erected on land bought by these people in Bridgetown opposite the House of Assembly, the Barbados parliament buildings where they're still located with one slight adjustment; after Barbados asked for and got its independence from Britain the post independent government and parliament decided to rename Trafalgar Square Independence Square.

Nevertheless, the locations of the statue and square are both symbolic and important to all Barbadians since their parliament, the second oldest and continuous one after the House of Commons in any part of the British Empire now the Commonwealth, was created in 1639, just 12 years after the colony was established. And let's not forget that Barbados was for a considerable time a principal and strategic location in the Americas, for it was there that the British West India Regiment that played such crucial roles in England's and later the United Kingdom's colonial conquests was based at the Garrison Savannah that is now the home of the Barbados Defence Force; and its capital Bridgetown was a major port and an important economic and cultural centre prior to and for much longer than any of the now familiar US cities that are immediately recognizable were ever dreamt of let alone founded.

Barbados’ National Archives, located in Black Rock a quiet and rather picturesque suburb of Bridgetown, is a customary stopping off point for many academics, writers, journalists and ordinary citizens from North America, elsewhere around the region and as far away as Europe that regularly descend on the island to research not only their countries' past history and their integral links with Barbados but also their own family histories and links to the island.

Proudly Barbados boasts a truly excellent educational system that, as it happens, goes back to the founding of this ex British Colony in 1627 with the majority of the island's grammar schools set up in the 17th Century and are therefore much older than many countries like Canada or the United States of America; the latter founded in 1776. The educational system initially introduced and used by the islanders was understandably British but Barbados has innovatively and independently vastly improved on this and obviously has evolved its own. The Barbados Scholarship that allowed academically bright students to study at prestigious universities worldwide, in the past this was chiefly Britain but no longer so because of the deplorable and evident dumbing down of the educational system there, goes back too to the founding of the colony with education always a priority, still is to this day and with literacy rates at 100% stably remaining so.

As a result Barbados stands proudly alongside a small elite band of countries as having a 100% literacy rate, a state of affairs that is verified by UNICEF that in its annual report on the State of the World's Children in 2004 stated that at the turn of the 21st Century the adult female and male literacy rates in Barbados were 100%. It went on further to state that very countries in the world, and that includes Britain and United States, have managed to attain Barbados' educational profile; and the only countries that match it are the states of Ukraine, Latvia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Belarus, Estonia and Lithuania that owed their rankings to Soviet influences.

Most Barbadian students, of both sexes, go into tertiary and higher graduate education and the island of Barbados has a an overabundance of university graduates of both sexes many of these with postgraduate qualifications that are in great demand at home and abroad, and it's quite commonplace to witness recruiting teams from the so-called developed countries, particularly the United States, descending on the island to poach its graduates. Education across Barbados is universal and free from kindergarten to university postgraduate level; health care likewise so and widespread throughout the island’s National Health Service to all Barbadian citizens and residents from the point of entry right through to death. Women have always played a major and constructive role in Barbadian society and significantly so as one would expect in education and this too is massively reflected in Barbados' political, economic and civic life.

Predictably then many of Barbados' senior diplomats and prominent politicians are women and Barbados was the first country to appoint a female ambassador to the United Nations that later served in the UNSC. She's the late Dame Anita Barrow who afterwards became the Governor General of Barbados and was the sister of another renowned Barbadian figure Errol Barrow: a distinguished academic who studied at the prestigious LSE in London; was a wartime RAF fighter pilot seconded as personal pilot to Winston Churchill; became an outstanding barrister having been called to the bar in England; founded the influential Barbados Democratic Labour Party or DLP as it’s locally and fondly known and eventually became the Prime Minister and father of Barbados' independence from Britain, and among his many achievements for Barbadians introduced free and universal secondary education that previously had to be paid for, as well as free universal health care for all Bajan citizens and residents.

Among a litany of other prominent successes Barbados is well renowned for its plethora of world famous cricketers, among them the celebrated 3Ws of Clyde Walcott, the great-uncle of Theo Walcott England and Arsenal football player; Everton Weekes and Frank Worrell all of them knights of the realm, as is the legendary Sir Garfield Sobers; knighted by Queen Elizabeth of England herself who is still constitutionally their monarch also, with Bajans overwhelmingly, even though they got their independence in 1966, opting for her to stay in the role that each of her royal predecessors had occupied in an unbroken sequence since the founding under Charles 1 in 1627 of this characteristically most English of colonies which never changed hands or its British identity until the acquisition of its independence. Then there's Shirley Chisholm – born in the US to Barbadian parents but raised and educated in Barbados – who became the first female to be elected to the US Congress and also the very first woman to run for the presidency of her birth country the United States of America; and so the list goes on.

But in concluding this piece on Barbados, there are still a few things which you ought to know about this remarkable country. It's not only the first country to have produced sugar from sugar cane; invented rum and molasses; and created the grapefruit, per populace the island has more centenarians than any other country in the world, and only Cuba, another Caribbean state with which it has always had close family and inter-island links, rivals it in this regard. Yes there’s no doubt Barbados is a popular destination for upmarket tourists and its tourism goes back centuries to the day when rich Britons sailed out to what they affectionately dubbed Little England to avail themselves of the island's legendary, excellent climate. Nothing has changed since then except that they fly there now; people like film director Michael Winner; pops stars Cliff Richard, Mick Jagger, Eddie Grant who actually lives there permanently, Cilla Black and other international celebrities like Tiger Woods, not forgetting infamous politicians like the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who either have luxurious homes on the island or use those of friends that have. Among other notable Bajan exports is Sir Richard Stoute one of Britain's principal horse trainers whose expertise is readily made use of by no less a personage than the Queen herself; and staying in England with its passion for football the English premier league would be much the poorer without the invaluable contribution, past and present, made by the biological sons of Barbados.

The Treaty of Oistins; Barbados' links with the American colonies; Barbados links with the United States; The West India Regiment; Barbados' Jews; The earliest Jewish settlement in Barbados; George Washington in Barbados; Rabbi Marc Lee Raphael on Jews in the Slave Trade; The Barbadian Society of Gentlemen Adventurers (those who founded the colony of Carolina in 1649); Irish and Scottish links with Barbados; Cardington College (the first and oldest tertiary educational establishment in the New World, set up in Barbados; still there and now an integral part of the University of the West Indies); Slavery and Economy in Barbados; and finally, British History: Empire and Sea Power.

These constitute just a tiny fraction of what's out there if you use your imagination and initiative to research what I have given you and look for the rest which would further enlighten you. So good luck! And don't ever fall into the age-old trap that because it's not taught in British, American, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand or even European schools that it doesn't exit – very much like the forbearers of these same people arrogantly claiming to have discovered the so-called New World when there were literally millions of people already living there, had done so for millennia, and were fully au fait with these places; and therefore on that rather warped basis the only history there is, or is worth knowing about is a white one.

During Barack Obama’s campaign to be president of the United States and even subsequent to his election there has been a lot of hot air, mostly from the far right, about his legitimacy to be president. This all revolves around a codicil in the US constitution which says that to be the president of the US one had to be born on US territory. But I wonder how many US citizens are actually familiar with how this came about? I referred earlier to the role that Barbadians played in the creation of the United States even citing the indisputable fact that on the US Declaration of Independence one of the signatories is a Barbadian. However it’s quite evident that while George Washington was quite happy to have Barbadian assistance having set his eye on the big prize he wasn’t prepared to forego this, and since he saw this Bajan as a rival the natural thing from George’s point of view was to effectively stymie any aspirations he felt that this Barbadian might have in that direction. So like all unscrupulous ambitious men who insecurely felt threatened even when there was no threat there he did what he thought he should and I’m sure a lot more mildly than what today’s crop of US politicians vying for the White House would do in his circumstances.

The irony is that while this prosperous and powerful Barbadian was more than contented to assist the American colonies in gaining their independence from Britain he had no desire to become a United States citizen let alone its president; his roots were Barbadian and he was naturally and understandably proud of them; nor had he any wish to relinquish what he had for what he sceptically thought wouldn’t actually survive for very long; so what he did was strictly on altruistic grounds. As it happened George Washington got his wish and the rest is as we say history.

All of the information outlined above and much more relative to the United States can be freely obtained from the contemporaneous recorded archives kept at Black Rock, one of the suburbs of Bridgetown. So why not take a trip to the island where at present in excess of 25% of all visitors are from the United States and where I can assure you you’re likely to find a lot more than you possibly bargained for, not least the ancestry-tracing facilities for many Americans which are particularly noteworthy.

Knowing Americans as I do I’m quite positive that many of you won’t be able to get your heads around much and even none of this, but that doesn’t alter the reality that it’s all true. And which brings me to the principal question that prompted all of this and what I actually want to ask you: is there anything that’s real about the United States or is it all borrowed then recycled with most of you deluding yourselves that you first thought of it and even invented it? Well now you know. What’s your take? It’s an open invitation that’s similarly extended to many Britons a growing number of whom unfortunately know precious little about the history of what they call their country, and even though Barbados is a regular and a extremely popular destination for British tourists how many among you and even more so those who’ve never been there know that it was Barbadian money that paid for the English Industrial Revolution and significantly paved the way for England, there was no UK then, to become the great industrial power it that it was?

The black Roman Terentius Afer (190-159 BC) who prominently distinguished himself in the field of literature and as a playwright and whose scholarly compositions Julius Caesar, Horace and Cicero used as models and as well became the standard work for all the schools at the time was obviously a man well ahead of his time, when he shrewdly authored these words: "Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto." (Translated it reads, I am a man and nothing human is alien to me).

These words are as germane now in the context of contemporary world events as when they were first penned and ought to be compulsory familiarization for every military adventurist from Europe, North America, the rest of the so-called west (essentially those that belong to the white Caucasian controlling countries), and their bevy of ingratiating, venal and utterly self-serving tin pot dictators globally, as well as the United Nations Security Council that brazenly and habitually turns a Nelsonian eye to what these people do and even sanctions their illegal activities; but I doubt, given who sit on it in a permanent capacity and without root and branch reform of the entire stinking edifice of the United Nations itself, whether the UNSC will ever be a meaningful force for promoting or overseeing good governance in the world or be willing to exercise itself with morally testing notions like these. Not while the Zionists, neo-cons, military industrial complex and the banking mafia hold sway.

And if there’s one country in this pathetically sick and deplorable world we live in and that we can beneficially learn from and which indisputably has got its priorities right that nation is Barbados; and I take my hat off to the government and people there!