Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Pathetic Britain trying to punch above its weight.

By Stanley Collymore

It’s internationally accepted that the South Atlantic is voluntarily a non-militarized and non-nuclear zone, something that the countries of the region firmly adhere to. Britain in 1982 and subsequently in its antiquated imperialistic and outdated colonialist aspirations has blatantly chosen to ignore this.

Its dubious sovereignty of the Malvinas aside what the Colonel Blimps of Britain are saying is that if one has a permanent seat on the unrepresentative and unaccountable UNSC and a nuclear capability as well that country along with its friends can do whatever they like, get away with it, and accounts for why they’re so obsessively keen to stop other countries they dislike or disapprove of from acquiring their own nuclear weapons, which they themselves are in possession of and have no intention whatsoever of ever giving up, as a counterbalance to them, whether these countries want nuclear weapons or not. The answer therefore is quite simple; ignore these bullies and go for the nuclear option if practicable.

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