Tuesday, 21 February 2012

OFCUNTS – Britain’s unbiased media regulators.

By Stanley Collymore

Those who control the fascist, Nazi, apartheid, colonialist and murderous Zionist entity called Israel while at the same time doing a passable job of conning the ill-informed, totally ignorant, naïve, bigoted or those that are either too stupid or bone idle to employ in any constructive sense the grey matter which Mother Nature endowed them with at birth to ferret out facts for themselves but more importantly the truth pertaining to issues, particularly contentious ones, that could and almost invariably do affect their lives as well as those of millions of other people globally, that they’re the true purveyors of democratic principles, and what’s more the hard done by and thoroughly misunderstood guardians of the only self-styled, independent constituent entity that can realistically be called a democratic state in the Middle East, which otherwise abounds with some of the world’s worst dictatorships, will be gleefully rubbing their blood-stained hands in animated enthusiasm and toasting their expected triumph at the pusillanimous decision of the British media regulator Occam, hereafter referred in this article as Ofcunts, to subjectively and immorally revoke the UK broadcast licence of Press TV and arbitrarily as well take that station of the Sky platform.

Sky a monopolistic and controversial broadcasting concession that without scrutiny or any public accountability, no parliamentary or third party oversight, no open or any other competition for that matter from other would be contenders that was questionably granted to this Rupert Murdoch outfit its monopoly in Britain by Tony Blair in abject gratitude to the principal role that the massive and decidedly influential Rupert Murdoch’s press empire within the UK, and especially in England, had played in guaranteeing, although most impartial observers would however argue it was more a case of it buying Tony Blair’s general election success and accession to No.10 Downing Street.

But it wasn’t just the Zionists in Israel who were lauding Ofcunts’ decision. Not a bit of it. Their various cohorts and fanatical supporters inside Britain ranging from those in Buckingham Palace to David Cameron in No.!0, his Con-Dem coalition cabinet, the Foreign Office, the vast majority of lawmakers in both houses of parliament, the professed British mainstream media and their foreign western counterparts, Jewish lobbyists and of course the embassy of the United States were equally ecstatic at what was done. This despite the fact that the decision arrived at was already a foregone conclusion, was Ofcunts’ only in name, had been contrived at and then dictated to Ofcunts officials as the collective will of the abovementioned bodies, and that Colette Bowe, Ed Richards, Norman Blackwell, Lyne Brindley, Tim Gardam, Patria Hodgson, Stuart McIntosh, Mike Tighe and lastly Jill Ainscough the public faces of Ofcom but effectively the willing representatives of what is actually a stinking sewer of unprincipled conduct and are themselves the fetid and detrital personification of pervasive corruption compounded also by the obedient and unimaginative jobsworth that they most patently, were the ones tasked with obligingly doing what they were ordered to.

To best understand the politics, geopolitics, lies, disinformation, greed, corruption and sycophancy involved in the Press TV saga it’s imperative to start at the very beginning of this incredible farrago. Ofcom aka Ofcunts was set up by an act of the British parliament with specific power to regulate the activities of the media in Britain, though curiously not those of the BBC, and to impose appropriate sanctions as it deemed fit and were applicable to any media outfit within its remit that fell foul of its directives. This in theory was the general principle; reality however was and is still very much where Ofcunts officials are concerned very much different.

The entity Ofcunts is predominantly funded by the British taxpayers through government funds and grants that however aren’t made public or subject to any kind of public accountability as to how our hard earned Pounds are spent. This rather improper relationship between the government and Ofcom effective means that it’s pretty difficult unless one tenaciously pursues the matter to really find out what the two of them actually get up to. We know that the government of the day dog wags the tail of Ofcunts’ officials but how often and in what particular circumstances is quite difficult to properly ascertain although close observers of Ofcunts’ officials claims that there are few if any decisions that Ofcom makes without having first to consult the government and expressly obtain its permission in advance before it acts rings rather hollow. Another point of view that holds sway is that over 90% of Ofcom’s supposed decisions emanate initially from the government itself or government sources, so inherently Ofcunts’ officials are just a handy conduit, and essentially a very ingratiating one at that, for whatever agenda the government wishes for it to transmit through the media, giving the dishonest impression that Ofcom is actually an autonomous body when in actual fact it’s nothing of the kind nor was it ever meant to be.

That stark realization knocks on the head therefore Ofcunts officials’ untrustworthy claim that it’s an independent body free from government or major corporate influences and decidedly isn’t an arm of the government or a cat’s-paw of anyone. All these claims by Ofcom are deliberate lies; and what is more the way it conducts itself, the decisions it makes or more fittingly have foisted upon it clearly demonstrate that Ofcom and its Ofcunts officials not only constitute an arm of the government but in every way imaginable are very biddable lackeys in the bargain. Neutrality therefore in the present manner that it operates and has consistently done in the past is not in Ofcom’s remit or a forte of that institution. First of all everyone of Ofcunts senior officials, all of them establishment figures albeit minor ones, are personally picked and appointed to their posts by the government, a process that is exclusively homogenous – they’re all snow white in multicultural Britain – not at all transparent and no one outside those that are directly involved have the foggiest notion what the required criteria for their selectively racist appointments, other than skin colour and their social connections to those who gave them their extremely lucrative jobs at the taxpayers, black as well as white, expense were in the first place.

Ofcunts situation therefore comes under the aegis of what in Britain is known as the revolving door; an endemic and ongoing state of affairs where everyone of Ofcunts’ officials is or has been an active member of the political and or media establishment literally moving from one post or another within this narrow working environment to the next, then off to Ofcom and afterwards back on to the merry go round as the political winds ordain. For example Ed Richards Ofcunt’s chief executive appointed in October 2006 was previously senior policy advisor to Tony Blair for media, telecoms, the internet and e-government when his pathologically lying, murderous bastard boss was prime minster of the UK; he was also controller of corporate strategy at the BBC.

With Tony Blair finally forced out of office as PM, Ed Richards quickly stepped into the same roles for Blair’s successor the archetypal loser Gordon Brown. Nice one Ed! But Ed has also worked in consulting at London Economics Limited and at another mainstream British broadcaster Channel 4; and in addition to his rather lucrative, non-advertised job as CEO of Ofcom Ed Richards is also vice chairman of the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications; a director of Thames Water Utilities Limited; a director of Donmar Warehouse and an influential trustee of the Teaching Awards Trust, this against the austere backdrop of over two million Brits at least without work and Ed’s friends in government rearing to reduce the unemployment and other benefits of those who are claiming such benefits because they have no other realistic financial options open to them other than crime. Yet this privileged fucker holds down all these jobs simultaneously and crucially no one, at least not the general public, knows how he got them. But Ed Richards is not alone or unique in this multiple job situation while several Britons not so fortunate are forced to go without even a part-time one; all of his Ofcunts colleagues are in the same boat. And then these loathsome, arrogant bastards and bitches abrogate to themselves the right to lecture others that they condescending look down on.

Basically in their conduct these Ofcunts officials are behaving like odious, lascivious prostitutes with no compunction at all of corruptly selling themselves to the highest bidder, and as corrupt bastards and bitches go are in a league of their own where ethical standards don’t come into the equation and the only thing that matters to Colette Bowe, Ed Richards, Norman Blackwell, Lynne Brindley, Tim Gardam, Patricia Hodgson, Stuart McIntosh, Mike Tighe, Jill Ainscough, Tony Close, who bizarrely and ironically is Ofcom’s Standards Officer, analogous to placing a known, convicted and recidivist paedophile in the sensitive and responsible position of head of a children’s welfare bureau, Kathleen Stewart and Christopher Woodward is corruptly and avariciously feathering their own god dammed nests.

Which poses a particularly pertinent question where I’m concerned. Ofcom’s remit, what is legally laid down at any rate, entails a great deal of responsibilities; there is a multiplicity of broadcasting stations as well as print media that need to be monitored if those entrusted with this task intend to do their jobs properly and warrant the huge sums of money in these economically difficult times that the hard-pressed taxpayers of Britain are in the majority of cases unknowingly forking out to them. So explain to me then how the fuck can Colette Bowe, Ed Richards et al be literally holding down at the same time all these other equally well paid and demanding jobs and seriously expect to convince anyone with a functioning brain in their head that they’re giving value for money in respect of their appointed Ofcom positions? The truth is it’s a fucking scam, lucrative sinecures for these privileged assholes who do little or no work at Ofcom, short-changing us the taxpayers and viewers who are not only being cynically had by them but equally as bad involuntarily being obliged as well to keep their already productive bank accounts even more buoyant; and I strongly resent that! Little wonder then that Ofcom has its decisions made for it, since these venal bitches and bastards are never around it seems to do what they’re legally, morally, and one would have thought at the very least contractually obligated to do.

What also rankles with me is that Ofcom is comprised of personnel whose jobs are given on the nod and never advertised to open competition. That in a country with centuries’ old traditions of ongoing immigration and with different races well established over generations and decades the only fit and therefore routinely appointed officials at Ofcom persistently turn out to be white Caucasians that are always drawn from a narrow group of the same people who pass through that revolving door I earlier referred to really beggars belief. That only one perspective could and is ever represented, taken into account and acknowledged as important by the selectors of Ofcunts officials who then inculcate this narrative as the prevailing orthodoxy and follow it blindly leaves considerably more than a lot to be desired. And when one factors into this flawed equation that no working class people, trade unionists or other ordinary members of the public are perceived by these depraved, moronic toffs to be worthy of being judged as suitable candidates for Ofcom’s posts although we are the very constituency they dishonestly purport to represent and it’s our welfare which they’re looking after, then it’s obvious to any logical mind that there’s something distinctly rotten with the system. Significantly too there are no elections for office holders at Ofcom and per se no democracy, which says a great deal about that entrenched elitist and nepotistic body.

The truth is there’s no connect or anything that can remotely pass for it between Ofcom’s Ofcunt’s officials and the rest of us; and that quite evidently suits the interests of Ofcom, the government who are its principal paymasters and the corporate media, both British and foreign, that corruptly have Ofcom and its grubby Ofcunts officials deeply embedded within their slimy pockets. So essentially what the British public is being told by this collective bunch of avaricious, moronic assholes is that they instinctively know what’s best for us, that we can’t be trusted to make informed decisions for ourselves or provide any meaningful input into matters which directly affect us, but they who know absolutely nothing about how we think or what we really want and don’t connect with us in any way can decide without consulting us what our requirements should be and having done so we can either like or lump it. Well that kind of attitude cuts no ice with me and never will and I hope you feel the same way too, and in the wake of Ofcom’s latest crap decision demand that it too be scrapped and a new, conspicuously transparent and publicly accountable media-regulatory body with democratically elected officials voted into office for specified terms, and who moreover have just that one job which they don’t treat as a sinecure permanently replace what we’re lumbered with.

As earlier stated Ofcom gets the bulk of its revenue from the UK government the rest it covertly receives in bribes from the so-called mainstream corporate broadcasters like the domestic BBC, Sky News, Channel 4 and Channel 5 among them together with their foreign counterparts like France 24, CNN and Fox News, the Rupert Murdoch owned US company and sister broadcaster of Sky News which Rupert Murdoch also owns and a number of others. So it’s a bit much to rationally expect the utterly contemptible bunch of acquisitive scoundrels at Ofcom led by the likes of Colette Bowe, Ed Richards and Patricia Hodgson given the monetary gains they make from their unethical pastime to properly scrutinize or police those that provide them with their lucrative graft; since to do so would be too much like biting the had that feeds you where these Ofcunts officials are concerned, and knowing the calibre, or more fittingly the lack of it, of these Ofcunts financial and grasping gluttons that just isn’t going to happen.

Consequently the BBC which already had a get out of jail card where Ofcom is concerned as well as Sky News, Channel 4, Channel 5, the rest of the local bribers and their foreign counterparts, notably CNN, Fox News, France 24 and Aljazeera among the rest of this overseas pernicious lot felt wholly emboldened by the several privileges they were and are still corruptly purchasing from Ofcom and in turn are being readily granted by that government quango to do whatsoever they like, flout whatever regulations enshrined in British law that they care to disregard; to openly and blatantly lie, fabricate news, be as racist, xenophobic and Islamophobic, as Fox News customarily behaves, as they want to be in total defiance of specific laws in the UK that outlaw such practices, and quite literally drive a coach and horses through our laws and regulations well aware that neither the institution Ofcom nor its Ofcunts officials will do anything to stop them but will instead turn a blind eye to it all and even encourage them in what they’re doing, since they all subscribe to the same imperialist and colonialist narrative and share identical agendas.

A clear-cut example of this is the four-yearly Muppet Show otherwise known as the US presidential campaign and sadly this year, 2012, has been no different with a bunch of visibly certifiable lunatics in the Republican Party vying with each other to replace the incompetent incumbent that fronts the office of President of the United States of America. Nonentities most keen to get themselves noticed Iran the must country that every neo-con Zionist has to ritually beat up on naturally came in for a lot of stick from fruitcakes vigorously trying to demonstrate their pro-Israeli credentials and thus get the political backing and financial support of the disproportionate but extremely influential Israeli lobby machine in the US. And in one of their customary rants against Iran we saw Newt Gingrich publicly calling for the assassination of Iranian scientists and other public officials, comments contrary to all international laws, the protocols of the UN Charter and Geneva Conventions as well as against every legal statute in civilized societies including those of the so-called land of the free. These unwarranted murders that Newt Gingrich wanted were he said to be instigated and carried out by the US in covert alliance with Israel and in Gingrich’s words would then on their conclusion be irately, vociferously and dismissively denied by the United States and its co-conspirator that they played any part in these activities. A few days later a prominent Iranian scientist heading to work at the university in Tehran where he was employed was assassinated, becoming the fourth such scientist to be killed in this way. Is this coincidence; I doubt not as reports as to who was directly responsible for these atrocious acts has been intentionally and hubristically leaked out by the perpetrators themselves and the finger of guilt points clearly at Israel, the United States and Britain.

After the latest assassination went public Rick Santorum another Republican Party lunatic that ought permanently to be caged in a secure mental institution publicly declared that the Iranian scientist’s killing “was a wonderful thing.” Just imagine though if instead of these scientists being Iranian they were American, British, other EU or Israeli ones; that the advocates of their murders were Iranian presidential wannabees and Press TV broadcasting on the Sky platform in the UK was openly and rejoicingly carrying their murderous comments. It’s not rocket science to be able to figure out what the western furore and likely response would be, nor for that matter how the clamorous and vilifying attacks on Iran with vengeful and in all likelihood a military assault on that country would have been dishonestly orchestrated with “self-defence” being the mantra to justify such an assault.

But critically and unsurprisingly there wasn’t a peep out of these western degenerates counting those at Ofcom who are always banging on about other people’s lack of concern for human rights and are keen advocates of war to purportedly enforce these principles in other people’s lands but always in the global south never the northern hemisphere, and when we all know from personal experience that their agenda has nothing at all to do with human rights, egalitarian values or even democracy itself for the people whose governments and countries they choose to pick on but rather everything to do with their twisted and dogmatic notions decidedly associated with their geo-political, colonialist and imperialist endeavours concomitant with the comprehensive plundering and utilization of the natural resources of these aforesaid countries exclusively for the privileged elites in the west.

Furthermore had Press TV theoretically done in respect of a similar Iranian scenario what CNN, Fox News and France 24 among the foreign broadcasters and all the major British media corporations actually did themselves as well, additionally giving broad, vastly sympathetic and even exaggerated, rolling coverage to the provocative remarks of Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum, which under UK law is incitement to murder or collusion in that act, without any critical analysis of what these two morons said, Press TV would have been instantly hauled off the Sky platform by Ofcom; but no such sanctions or punishment of any kind for these foreign western corporations or their domestic British counterparts were ever contemplated or dished out by Ofcunts officials. I suggest that you stop, think and figure out why!

Yet despite these facts and the stark realization of what Ofcom is and who really pulls its strings the odious bunch of slimeballs that infest that place still persist in ludicrously and dishonestly claiming that they’re a completely autonomous and independent body free of the influences of others and who thoroughly unrestrained by anyone make their decisions on their own initiative which they then carry out independently of interference from any source. This is a load of codswallop and nothing could be further from the truth, since Ofcom is in the classic sense of the term a master class of how genuine sycophantic cat’s paws behave. For if Ofcom’s risible claims of independence are to be accorded any credence then comparable claims by the British National Party (BNP), English Defence League and the Saudi and Qatari salafist death squads that the United States, Britain, France and the rest of the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization (NATO) countries utilize to cause murderous mayhem in the Middle East, North Africa and elsewhere to foment destabilization in specific countries that they’ve jointly targeted in order to bring about western friendly but always colonialist induced regimes there should also be taken seriously. But they’re not as every sensible person familiar with the facts knows that such assertions are a load of hogwash and those of Ofcom and its Ofcunts officials fall squarely into that category.

And this is only to be expected; for as I pointed out earlier there are no ordinary members of the public, no trade unionists or members of the UK’s ethnic communities on Ofcom or any one in effect outside that narrow band of pusillanimous, corrupt, venal, utterly depraved, professionally bankrupt, morally inept, lasciviously ensnared, wantonly turpitudinous and instinctively criminally disposed coterie of self-serving assholes that is encouraged in anyway or allowed to be involved with let alone permitted to be a part of the statutory body which the British parliament decreed to be Ofcom, but which since then has disgracefully and criminally degenerated into the fittingly derisory body whose name will forever be tarred with the appropriate sobriquet of Ofcunts.

So how did all this come about? Well unsurprisingly it was the handiwork of one Tony Blair: a man of limited vision saddled with a murder’s mentality, adept at contravening legal canons and with an obsessive but quite absurd and criminal conviction that the ends always justify the means employed no matter how iniquitous the latter was. Truthfully the creation of Ofcom was nothing more than a massive political hoax juxtaposed with the premeditated intention by Blair to create a dishonest and cynical sop to the mass of British people which while appearing to give the semblance of democratic accountability and transparency in respect of the operations undertaken by the corporate mass media within Britain was actually nothing of the kind.

For what the British public was really being saddled with was an iniquitous device to corral it into the non-challenging and compliant world of government conformity where through the government sponsored and subservient so-called mainstream, corporate media that we Brits, those of us that is who’d allowed ourselves to be duped by this artifice would not only obediently and unquestioningly believe everything these liars chose to tell us because we ostensibly had an alleged official broadcast regulator Ofcom that would both impartially and carefully monitor what was being broadcast and so protect us from untruths and the like when in reality Ofcom was an integral and highly complicit part of the same scam, crucially in league with these lying corporate media whose totally dishonest and pernicious perspectives Ofcom was fronting, dishonestly in its activities assuring us that were at all times protected and furthermore there was absolutely nothing for us to worry about as we were being told the truth by these broadcasters in whose pockets Ofcom conveniently forgot to tell us that it was and currently still is deeply embedded. A prescription then for us without complaint or censure and in mass conformity to totally endorse the lies, disinformation, criminal and self-serving agendas, as well as the warmongering plans for the wholesale plunder and economic exploitation of the natural resources of the global south by the principal players in the west and their North Atlantic Terrorist Organisation surrogate allies that the western corporate media enthusiastically support and therefore spare no effort or expense in promulgating.

Quite ironic really when one considers that Tony Blair’s public version of Ofcom was one where the people would be protected from the reckless vicissitudes of unaccountable power like they were, one can equally presume, from the dangerous consequences he also told us were prevalent if something wasn’t speedily and effectively done to curb his fiction of calculated lies in respect of his fabricated story of Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction. All this from a man who is undoubtedly a serial pathological and self-serving liar exemplar and what’s more highly acquisitive with it; who has no moral compass or evident humanity that nay unbiased person can discern and whose one and only raison d’être in his self-absorbed life is obsessive greed. Anthony Charles Lynton Blair whose gruesomely tortured and rotting body along with those of his similarly greedy, social climbing tart of a wife Cherie and every one of their four children: Euan, Nicolas, Kathryn and Leo, together with those of Gordon Brown, partner Sarah Macaulay and their offspring John and James ought also to be prominently left hanging from lampposts in the political constituencies of Sedgefield, Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath that Blair and Brown respectively represented in the House of Commons as due justice for the accumulative millions of needlessly dead that these two homicidal imperialist British bastards premeditatedly had butchered in Iraq and elsewhere.

An indisputably horrendous act of wickedness by any description notwithstanding the countless toll of the bereaved, physically and mentally damaged, the innumerable orphans created in the wake of the numerous and vicious acts of mindboggling barbarity wilfully perpetrated against their parents; those currently suffering from or who have died as a as a result of depleted uranium tipped or other toxic chemical weapons that were indiscriminately but consciously and sadistically used against the civilian population in the full knowledge that medically they would be scarred for life and for many generations subsequently babies born to those who’d been affected by these deadly agents will do so, grotesquely disfigured by horrendous congenital deformities because of what had happened to them. Premeditated acts of utter savagery and barbarism not confined solely to Iraq by these two odious mass murderers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown still disgracefully at large, that on a quite blatant lie illegally took my country to war against Iraq that posed no threat to us or anyone else for that matter, but whose vast oil reserves these two thieving plunderers and their equally acquisitive collaborators at BP and the other oil corporations wanted to get their grubby hands on at all cost.

Well Tony Blair and Gordon Brown successfully achieved their wish with the resultant effect that Iraq a country that once had a highly developed social and very modern infrastructure is now sadly a decidedly sectarian-riven, broken and pseudo-failed state with its population either largely displaced, demoralized, psychologically damaged or habitually warring among itself, which evidently suits the divide and rule agenda of Britain and its western allies and makes it a lot easier for them to steal and plunder the country’s natural resources that unsurprisingly are now firmly in the control of those that always coveted them, intently wished and relentlessly lobbied the British government for war against Iraq and with the avid support of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown got their wish; now in the post Iraq war that they instigated the scenario is one of quids all round as both Gordon Brown and especially Tony Blair are now making millions of Pounds in kickbacks from the oil and other corporations that are voraciously fleecing Iraq and the Iraqi people of their natural resources.

So what could be a more apt and execrable end, as I’ve previously suggested, for two unquestionably despicable bastards and their entire families drenched either directly or by association as they clearly are with the innocent blood of millions of Iraqis alone while serving as a stern reminder and a future warning to the prized assholes in Sedgefield, Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath respectively: the bling and X-factor aficionados brigade who to be honest with you know precious little about their own country and absolutely nothing about other peoples’, the easily manipulated clowns whose selfish and self-centred attitudes allow them to happily live with themselves so long as they’re able to get their daily fix of junk TV and live their useless empty lives through the media manufactured representations of pseudo celebrities, that originally voted for then repeatedly elected Tony Blair and Gordon Brown to the House of Commons, as well as likeminded electors in other constituencies across the length and breadth of Britain who idiotically might be similarly tempted to opt for identical imperialistic and colonialist Colonel Blimp-type figures to sit as their MPs in our parliament, letting them all know in no uncertain terms that should they do so then they, their communities and the MPs they choose will be forced to pay a very serious price for their lack of judgement.

That Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, their co-conspirators and their entire families need to die and in the most gruesome manner possible I’m in no doubt of whatsoever, and however long this process takes it should be ultimately finalized in the absolute closure of their demise, since there should never be any limitation of statute for them in relation to the granting of justice to those whom they callously butchered for their acquisitive ends; and the martyred lives and ruthlessly silenced voices of over a million Iraqis alone that would most certainly cry out for both justice and vengeance if they could speak would I firmly believe wholeheartedly endorse this premise. There were no niceties accorded to these people when Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, their fellow cabinet ministers, a huge swathe of the British parliament in both houses as it turned out and their US puppet masters ferociously unleashed their deliberate plan of blanket genocide against the Iraqi nation and whose intentional victims were for the most part innocent men, women, children, the infirm and the elderly living their chequered lives as best they could within the legitimate boundaries of their own country and posing no threat to anyone, yet were spitefully, arrogantly and barbarically picked on for indiscriminate eradication by these white Caucasian barbarians.

Taking all that into account and the added factor that among the one million plus liquidated Iraqis a highly disproportionate number of these were really mothers and young children who by any logical deduction could not reasonably be deemed to be combatants and one is chillingly presented with the stark and emphatically brutal realization that what Tony Blair’s Britain and George Bush’s United States of embarked on was nothing less than premeditated mass murder on a gargantuan scale; and viewed in that light it’s hardly surprising that the mass murderers concerned were neither keen nor prepared to give a body count of their frenzied genocide preferring instead, but only when they were literally forced to, to euphemistically but more aptly dismissively classify their loathsome handiwork as collateral damage.

So tell me why should those of us who as compassionate fellow human beings that deeply empathize with those millions of innocent fallen Iraqis that had their lives cruelly and indefensibly cut short by white Caucasian greed and malice, who don’t see life, and never will through the prism of a distorted western value system, who see so-called international institutions like the United Nations, IAEA and the risibly named ICC among others contemptuously corrupted and blatantly hijacked by powerful western interests for their sole benefit and to the utter detriment of others – the ICC for example ever since its creation has barefacedly, bigotedly and truculently refused to investigate let alone indict a single white mass murderer, human rights abuser, or known perpetrator of crimes against humanity, reserving its fury, condemnation and vilification instead exclusively for black and African targets, so it’s no point pinning our hopes on that body for any semblance of even-handedness as this concept is understood by rational and objective observers; so why then as a British citizen looking at it strictly from a British perspective and in view of what these criminals have done should I or anyone else of a like mind in our quite understandable desire for natural and even retributive justice exacted against the likes of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown not also see Cherie Blair, Sarah Macaulay and their brood among others who were similarly involved in these mass murders of Iraqis and others as calculated and legitimate targets for our own collateral damage in the selfsame manner that their men viewed the Iraqi mothers and their children whom they cold-bloodedly and uncaringly slaughtered? Because they are white and these sub-humans as they see them aren’t? Anything else in my opinion would be brazenly racist, giving further credence to the widespread and arrogant notion among many white Caucasians that the only lives that actually matter are white ones; a despicable concept that I’ll never subscribe to nor should any other person worthy of the term human being.

But guess what? Mass murderer Gordon Brown who saw nothing at all wrong in him cuddling up to Rupert Murdoch when Tony Blair was prime minister and continued doing so when Blair was forced out of office and he rather opportunely found himself the new but unelected PM, and who during all this time didn’t give a damn about how many Iraqi children were butchered at the behest of Tony Blair and himself in this conspiratorial and illegal war on Iraq, notwithstanding this when the British electorate sensibly kicked this consummate loser out of office he nevertheless had the gall in his post prime ministerial address to use the House of Commons as his platform in a pathetic and rather self-ingratiating rant to condemn the same Rupert Murdoch that he’d previously and very recently been quite happy to be in bed with along with the latter’s News Corporation empire that he and Tony Blair had given every assistance they could to in order for it to garner the power that it now had and quite ruthlessly and unethically exploited with impunity and at will for it allegedly abusing through an unauthorized publication the privacy and most crucially the medical condition of one of his and Sarah Macaulay’s brats.

That Brown brat who most ironically didn’t fit the farcical notions of absolute and undiluted Aryan wholesomeness and physical superiority over other sub-human races that white supremacists like his father Gordon Brown, Anthony Blair, David Cameron; somewhat ironically significantly non-British immigrant stock, classic mongrel Boris Johnson, London’s present, February 2012, mayor with his Russian, Khazar Yiddish, Polish, Mongolian and Turkish foreign genes among others and that others of their ilk intractably believe is their exclusive preserve and of course that of their offspring as well; therefore when from time to time the vagaries of natural selection with their congenital deformities personally intrude and disastrously upset the perverted convictions of these white supremacists it’s a fair bet that mortification knows no bounds where such people are concerned and who moreover will instinctively do everything possible in their power either to conceal or minimize the huge and acute embarrassment to themselves as Gordon Brown self-servingly sought to do that day in the House of Commons.

But prescient-minded folk aren’t that gullible as to allow themselves to be fooled by such calculating shenanigans as those displayed by Gordon Brown, and to observe this repugnant mass murderer and human rights abuser metaphorically drenched in the blood of over a million innocent Iraqis choking with emotion at the hurt that he claimed had been caused to Sarah and himself by News International at the way their son was treated in the media when no such emotion or concern was or would ever be evinced by him or those around him for the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children alone that he had consciously and uncaringly helped to butcher, yet he haughtily wants us all to feel sorry for him over the way that one of Rupert Murdoch’s papers had treated his son, which just made me want to puke and seriously wonder why he and his entire family were still alive and not summarily subjected to sharing the same grisly fate as those whose lives he’d callously taken. It’s an abominable travesty of justice that passionately still rankles with me. How about you?

Wishing to have contemptible swine like Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and their ilk dead might seem to those who are likewise as inhuman, bigoted, utterly selfish or uncaring as they are as vindictive, a vicious or malicious desire to settle scores (and why not?) or even be selectively deemed by them as an incitement to murder. Really? How bloody ironic and hypocritical if the latter is the case. I know all there is to know about incitement to murder, why it’s codified in the laws and culture of every country and society that’s genuinely worthy of the term civilized, and crucially why it’s absolutely necessary as a relevant bulwark against the baser instincts of homo sapiens; but to function properly both its administration and implementation must at all times be irreproachably impartial and robustly transparent otherwise the nonexistence of these critical criteria and the refusal, either deliberately or subconsciously so, to make them happen will unquestionably quickly corrupt, devalue and perilously throw the entire concept around which it was fashioned into serious disrepute.

Mass murderers, gross human rights abusers, the instigators and practitioners of illegal wars against entirely innocent, harmless but perceived weak countries with the plunder of their natural resources foremost in mind, all of which is contrary to the Geneva Conventions and the UN Charter, and the premeditated perpetrators of crimes against humanity as has been the modus operandi of Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Miliband and their ilk sadly will not in normal circumstances see these odious barbarians, despite the overwhelming evidence against them and the unquestionable guilt that they still incredibly refuse to acknowledge, ever subjected to demands by the UK parliament for them to be interrogated by the British police, indicted by the Crown Prosecution Service and hauled before the British courts to answer for their heinous crimes. Nor for that matter will any of the British law enforcement agencies be keen, have the balls to act independently or bravely step up to the plate and emphatically do what they honestly know is morally and legally right in respect of these reprobate criminals.

Furthermore there’s no judicial stomach for any of this to happen as the judges who are exclusively from indistinguishable privileged backgrounds themselves, purposely, surreptitiously and selectively white Caucasian individuals; principally middle-aged or elderly males whose ranks are occasionally peppered in a patronizing, hubristic and macho way with similarly ethnically and demographically chosen, like-minded females to fraudulently give the public the impression of gender equality in the British judiciary when no such thing currently exists or has ever done throughout the entire history of that institution anymore than these largely moronic, bewigged establishment cat’s-paws of both sexes can realistically be said to be representative of multicultural Britain, which by their legendary frequently indiscreet, private and even at times public pronouncements on the matter juxtaposed with their normal sentencing practices, for example characteristically dishing out disproportionately harsh court verdicts and punishment of swingeing jail terms to non-white British citizens and residents in a manner that white defendants with far more serious charge sheets and criminal baggage just aren’t or would they ever be subjected to, unmistakably demonstrates just isn’t the case. So taking all that has been said so far into consideration none of those responsible for the governance of law and order in Britain will on past form it seems ever get off their comfortable backsides, prosecute establishment figures irrespective of who they are without fear or favour like they do the rest of us and bring some sense of fairness and integrity, very much lacking at the moment, to the British judicial system. For without that happening the likes of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown: past, present and future, will feel they can commit mass murder and carry out with absolute impunity whatever criminal acts they feel like doing and with the full blessing or indifference of our legal system actually get away with it.

Therefore if the powers that be in 21st Century Britain’s de facto adoption, absorption and execution of the core principles of George Orwell’s epic work Animal Farm where the privileged and powerful elites that are exclusively in control of the country are also firmly imbued with the thought that some people, namely themselves, are more equal and consequently far more important than others it really doesn’t require a comprehension of rocket science to deduce why they behave as they do and expect to get away with it; why the judiciary who are a prominent part of that same social and establishment network and much more interested in maintaining and reinforcing their lucrative judicial sinecures; fortifying the social statuses open to them: automatic ennoblement for example, the opportunity for them and their spouses to rub shoulders with royalty and other social climbers alike at Buckingham Palace and other state junkets as well as being able to freely benefit themselves of several financial perks from holding these offices; a possible seat in the House of Lords, the UK’s upper but unelected parliamentary chamber, than concerning themselves with what they see as trifling issues like probity, justice, ethical conduct or the rule of law impartially applied for example, and as such either turn an intentional blind eye to or worse conspiratorially give the green light to these murderous obscenities, masking their dishonest judgements in thoroughly corrupt and disingenuous cant along the lines of it’s a matter of national security and therefore judicially out of the courts purview.

But they’re not alone in thus pusillanimous cop out; the police and the Crown Prosecution Service who in recent years have consistently had their lawful and traditional roles significantly corrupted by successive authoritarian British regimes causing them as a result to become aggressively politicized and specifically in the case of the police decidedly militarized as well, are every bit in the frame of this vicious and unwarranted assault on our centuries’ old and hard won human rights and personal liberties. And to employ the analogy of Animal Farm once more in today’s British society the Crown Prosecution Service and the police have now between them become the undoubted equivalent of the really mindless, repressive and sadistic attack dogs in Animal Farm.

However by no stretch of the imagination either as bright or clever as those who control them these officious but nevertheless official functionaries while knowingly occupying the lowest rounds on the establishment ladder nevertheless still see themselves as part of the establishment and therefore are quite happy to willingly and complicitly throw their full weight and total support behind the latter, utterly convinced in their closed minds that by doing so that’s where their best interests lay; and like the judges and others with their specific vested interests to take care of haven’t the slightest interest in nor the remotest intention of rocking let alone scuttling the constituted establishment boat so to speak; so maintaining the sanctioned status quo with its perceived one-sided and enforced narrative becomes above all else for these people their committed and single-minded priority.

It’s an approach unfortunately that’s mirrored by so-called international bodies like the UN Security Council clearly under the ruthless jackboot of the United States and its fawning surrogates there, and the almost exclusively European, North American and white Caucasian constituted and controlled ICC with its entrenched racist and imperialist penchant for purposely creating and then picking on black and African victims but remarkably somehow always heedless of the glaring wrongdoings of white Caucasian perpetrators. Consequently in such a virulently charged atmosphere of unconcealed unfairness and endemic racial prejudice where the ICC is routinely dictated to as to how it behaves by an arrogant and imperialist United States of America in tandem with its highly paranoid, Zionist, apartheid and genocidal perpetrating bête noire Israel even though neither of these two entities don’t belong to the ICC, have consistently and resolutely refused to become members of that organization and moreover even go as far as to coerce, threaten, bribe or blackmail susceptible countries not to cart off to the ICC United States or Israeli citizens in their jurisdiction that evidently should be there, it’s patently self-evident given these circumstances that the ICC, which at best is nothing more than a contemptible sham of brazen window dressing and at its worst a pernicious hindrance to anything that denotes a semblance of natural justice or its impartial dispensation without fear or favour, is totally unfit for purpose, completely incapable, apathetic, disinclined or all of these things together to seriously look beyond the fabricated impediment of skin colour which it flagrantly uses as the sole benchmark in its highly subjective indictments; should be studiously ignored and implacably treated with all the contempt one can marshal and that it justifiably deserves as a hostile and most dangerous encumbrance to world peace, and frankly that we would all be much better off without.

It’s an invidious situation whose repercussions doubtlessly impact in negative and injurious ways on all decent and peace loving people everywhere who’re possessed of their own moral compass and a justifiable sense of outrage at what they see is deliberately going on and will continue to do so unless people like themselves take matters into their own hands and do something about it, fully aware as things stand that domestically the law enforcement and judicial authorities in the UK, the EU and the white Caucasian west buttressed by their courts and so-called international institutions like the ICC and the UNSC which they disproportionately to their numbers in the world dominate at will, will do absolutely nothing to bring white mass murderers, serial human rights abusers, sadistic torturers and the blood-soaked perpetrators of crimes against humanity like Anthony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Miliband, Ian Henderson, who cut his homicidal teeth killing Africans in Kenya before the British government moved him to Bahrain just as it has recently done with John Yates formerly of Scotland Yard when Kenya got its independence to indulge in his torturing proclivities there and where he and Yates still are, or their trans-Atlantic and antipodean counterparts to justice for their heinous crimes, sending out a clear and unmistakable message to these odious criminals that having instigated and actively participated in what they did they’re now at liberty to hugely benefit financially from those whose economic interests were paramount in the political decisions they made and on whose behalf they also unlawfully took their own countries to war; creating in the process a blueprint for future likely mass murderers, torturers, human rights abusers or the perpetrators of crimes against humanity to follow, as well as egg on present day ones like Nicolas Sarkozy, Anders Rogh Rasmussen, Angela Merkel and David Cameron among others to confidently feel that they can act with total impunity in executing whatever act of criminality that literally takes their fancy.

A behavioural system that was starkly and globally observed with the acquiescence of the western media during the 2012 so-called Republican Party’s presidential debates when the certifiable lunatics that were acrimoniously vying with and pathetically trying to outrageously outdo each other in their concerted yet farcical efforts to be the official Republican challenger in the 2012 US presidential elections repeatedly and savagely turned their bigoted and ill-informed indignation on Iran, publicly calling for regime change there, at the same time advocating that all means possible by the United States, Israel and their allies to achieve this objective, including covert and deniable illicit activities like targeting and killing Iranian scientists, academics and other prominent civilians in that country be an open season venture for these Caucasian led bully states, with western military intervention the coup de grace of their enterprise.

That any individual, organization or government could arrogantly presume they can arbitrarily and self-interestedly call for the overthrow of the lawful government of a sovereign state and furthermore a member of the United Nations that by its very nature isn’t a threat to anyone and hasn’t attacked any other country in excess of 400 years is absurd in the extreme, and to attempt to do so through the black arts of subterfuge, disinformation, lies and a deliberate campaign of sponsored insurgency and all this without UNSC approval and coupled with the senseless assassination of Iranian scientists and other prominent officials are not only serious, highly dangerous, unlawful and unforgivable breaches of the United Nation’s charter they likewise flout all the protocols and observances of acknowledged international and domestic laws; yet Messrs New Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Rick Perry: US presidential wannabees, with hubristic support for what they said and the manner in which they did so from CNN, Fox News, the BBC, Sky News, Channel 4, ITV News, France 24, Aljazeera and even Russia Today among other broadcasters within the UK, were themselves with the keen and complicit backing of Ofcom quite able and without any interference whatsoever from this risibly so-called impartial British media regulator to drive a coach and horses through domestic British laws as well as those international ones that evidently apply, and which the United Kingdom and Ofcom: its exceedingly accommodating, quisling surrogate, are both legally and morally obligated to uphold but clearly when it suits their purposes refrain from doing so.

It’s not rocket science to figure out what the response or even the repercussions would instantly have been had Press TV carried out a similar criminal broadcast in the UK of Iranian presidential hopefuls publicly calling for the assassinations of civilian scientists, academics or other prominent officials in western countries, especially if these countries included the United States, Canada, Israel, Britain or major mainland European ones like Germany or France for example. Had Press TV done so there would undeniably have been an absolute and quite instantaneous furore by western governments and politicians of every political hue clamorously and vitriolically joined by those media corporations they’re dissipatedly embedded with, that I previously referred to, and who having elatedly and hubristically welcomed the remarks of the American Republican lunatics in their perfidious and vituperative tirade of feigned machismo against Iran would in Press TV’s case order the attack dogs in their newsrooms not to cheer lead as was previously the case with their American poster boys but instead go for Press TV’s jugular. And it’s quite clear that this would also have been the stance taken by Rickshaw Charlie, aka Ban Ki Moon, the hopelessly incompetent supposed UN secretary general scandalously but unsurprisingly tight-lipped on the matter of the Iranian assassinations as have been the western, self-styled human rights organisations like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch that clearly would have had a great deal to say if identical Iranian statements or incitements to murder had correspondingly led to the deaths of western scientists; demonstrably highlighting these bodies brazen double standards and hypocrisy while manifestly reinforcing what despicable bastards those who represent and speak for them really are. Only one person in this entire charade of western sanctimony had the fortitude and decency to speak the truth, and that was Ron Paul’ but one was left with the distinct impression that much of what he said fell on wilful deaf ears.

And who do we find as the biddable figureheads perched at the top of this all-pervasive, nepotistic, endemically corrupt and stinking dung heap of publicly unaccountable morons cynically brandishing their execrable disloyalty of the British people; their venal snouts, substantially sullied by significant accounts of shameless misfeasance and towering levels of incompetence, now reinforced but quite predictably, given their track records, deeply buried in the troughs of financial corruption amply laid on by the very same media corporations which bought them lock, stock and barrel and who they’ve always gladly gone out of their way to fulsomely accommodate? Why Ofcom of course! Its horde of spineless but none the less greedy Ofcunts officials: Colette Bowe, Ed Richards, Norman Blackwell, Lynne Brindley, Tim Gardam, Patricia Hodgson, Stuart McIntosh, Mike Tighe, Jill Ainscough et al, clearly and remuneratively working on the principle that wholesale public corruption with its squalid but nevertheless lucrative rewards for the likes of themselves, unwarrantable theft is how you and I would see it, is well worth the risk if one can safely get away with it, as all of these white collar and white-skinned recidivist, public purse plundering criminals at Ofcom have clearly managed to do so far.

It’s the same puerile mindset that affected Ofcunts officials thinking, insomuch as they’re capable of such, in their dealings with Press TV since these Colonel Blimps, colonialists, imperialists, would be Bwanas and Memsahibs of the lower strata of the British Establishment find it virtually impossible to accept that we’re in the 21st Century not the 19th and that Britain far from being any longer the head of an empire which the purported ancestors, bearing in mind the statistically shocking levels of infidelity in the UK nowadays, of these present day nurds boastfully claimed the sun never set on, today’s Britain is essentially a thoroughly washed up off-shore European state which is very much in dire financial, political and even personal domestic circumstances and whose inhabitants aren’t even sure that the once much vaunted United Kingdom will actually the Scots persevering and justifiable demands for independence from the delusional posturing, imperialist knuckle-dragging buffoons that infest the south east of England, effectively run Britain and think they have an unchallengeable right to continue doing so. Old habits die hard it would seem!

To better understand the rampant hysteria and virulent antagonisms emanating from the west, most particularly the US and Britain, directed towards Iran and of course Press TV it’s absolutely essential to take a historical walk down memory lane, gather all the pertinent facts, objectively assess these, ditch the biased narrative that predominates in the west’s weighted lexicon of Iran and which for far too long has consciously dominated most western thinking and instead independently formulate a new perspective on Iran that bears the hallmarks of truth and not the features of risible fantasies. So why don’t you open-mindedly join me on that journey and refreshingly discover for yourselves what Iran is all about rather than being persistently told by others with their vested interests and hidden agendas what you should think or react to everything remotely Iranian; and to more readily facilitate this worthwhile process what say along the way you impartially examine with me a few indisputable fact checks I’ve randomly selected.

Fact Check 1: Britain once colonially controlled Iran and arbitrarily took ownership of its massive oil and gas reserves under the aegis of the most ironic and contemptible misnomers possible, a company called the Anglo Iranian Oil Company which was BP’s precursor, with the only visible or tangible thing about this entire farce that could realistically be called Iranian was the undisputed fact that the oil and gas that Britain was avariciously plundering came out of the Iranian soil.

Fact Check 2: Dissatisfied and even angered by this crass exploitation of their natural resources that weren’t being used to benefit Iran as a country or its people as an entity in any way, as all right-minded citizens in any proud country justifiably would be, the Iranian populace democratically elected a government which mirrored its views and that immediately on assuming office legitimately placed Iran’s natural resources firmly into Iranian hands and swiftly began to use them for the social, political and developmental benefit of the entire Iranian nation.

Fact Check 3: This most natural of political decisions and what real democratic governments anywhere are supposedly meant to do for the people and country they were elected to take care of and whose legitimate interests they had a legal obligation to uphold and defend nevertheless in Iran’s case drew the ire of the Anglo Iranian Oil Company (hereafter referred to as BP), the British regime in London and the United States who between themselves instigated and with the active participation of the British secret service MI6 and the American CIA orchestrated a successful coup against the Iranian people and their lawful, democratically elected government.

Fact Check 4: With the ousted Iranian government out of the way Britain and the US swiftly replaced it with a most compliant puppet, the so-called Shah of Iran, whom they’d surreptitiously groomed for such a contingency and already had waiting in the wings to take centre stage at their behest, and who now in situ would be expected to head one of the world’s most dictatorial regimes that would ruthlessly suppress the legitimate social, political, economic and educational aspirations of the Iranian people while at the same time commitedly pledged to exuberantly supporting the every wish and rapacious interests of Britain, the US and particularly BP. This travesty of justice lasted from 1953 until 1979 when the Iranian people totally sick and tired of the repression they were being routinely subjected to rose up overwhelmingly against their western imposed dictator, deposed him, retook their independence and natural resources and magnanimously in my view bearing in mind what the so-called Shah had done to them nevertheless allowed him unharmed to seek and be given asylum in the United States of America, when lesser mortals with far less humanity quite justifiably and understandably so would have put him to death.

Fact Check 5: Unsurprisingly this revolutionary outcome by the Iranian people against the Shah, the west’s poster boy in the Gulf Region didn’t please Britain, BP or the other oil addicted, greedy and imperialist bastards in the west including the United States, and ever since then they’ve had it in for the Iranian authorities and people who’d seriously put their noses out of joint, and particularly so as Iran has done and persistently refuses to kowtow to or bend the knee of subservience to their arrogant, self-centred and unwarrantable dictates. And why should it; since for example I can’t imagine Britain or BP ever allowing a situation to exist where North Sea oil and gas in the control of Britain were sequestered in the same way by Iran or some other country from the global south to the complete detriment of the British economy and the inimical welfare of the British people.

And if truth be told the reactionary little Englanders, among them the David Cameron led Con-Dem coalition government, that proliferate in the South East and other leafy shires of England that are constantly beating the colonialist and imperialist drums of war just as they’re vigorously keen about defending Britain’s supposed interests abroad to the last drop of someone else’s blood but curiously never their own, don’t even want to concede that the oil and gas of the North Sea, erroneously and arrogantly referred to as Britain’s, actually belong to Scotland; yet the people there don’t have a say let alone any control over these much in demand resources. And if a vital part of the UK is treated in this dismissive and cavalier manner are you still surprised by or unmoved at the way that the non-white global south is routinely and horribly treated by these same people? But who ever said that these imperialist, colonialist and racist bastards who run the show in the west have the capacity or the intellectual acumen to exercise logic even if they knew what it was.

Fact Check 6: So in a nutshell that’s the backdrop of BP, Britain and the United States’ self-induced problems and firmly accounts for the geo-political situation that Iran and everything linked with it, including Press TV, unreasonably and involuntarily find themselves in due in large measure to the rather childish conduct of an increasingly insignificant, offshore European island called Britain that on account of post World War II bankruptcy and anti-colonialist wars for their freedom by erstwhile colonies was forced most reluctantly to give up an empire; yet having been compelled to do so and with this state of affairs very much a reality ever since the war ended and clearly to any sensible person an irreversible one, the Colonel Blimp figures of Britain still choose to live in a constant state of denial vis-à-vis their country’s authentic status or importance in a markedly changed and modern world. Intransigent morons in effect who are seemingly incapable of coming to terms with the harsh realities of life, the real world or the conspicuous recognition that without clinging sycophantically for protection to the coattails of the United States of America: the current empire which ironically is in the throes of dying itself, most people and governments around the world wouldn’t give a fuck about Britain or what happens to it, anymore than they do about Greece that was once a colossus of the ancient world or Denmark with its brutal Viking past.

These two latter countries like the preceding great and illustrious powers of Carthage, Egypt, Nubia, Zimbabwe, Ashanti and Zululand in addition to the Aztec, Mayan, Inca, Carib, Arawak, Chinese and Soviet empires among others, whatever their valuable contributions or otherwise to the advancement of the human race do undeniably and properly belong to the past and as such are therefore justifiably confined to the pages of history, observe their present day descendants, those that managed to flee or survive the systematic and premeditated holocausts, genocide or ethnic cleansing perpetrated against them by white Caucasian colonialists and imperialists but clearly willing and pragmatically prepared to bravely pick up the pieces of their inexcusably shattered lives without any self-pityingly harking back to the events of a more amenable past in their ancestral history continue impressively, and quite often against the odds, to industriously and cohesively make something worthwhile of them.

Not so the British however along with some of their mainland European conspirators like the French, Germans and the Dutch. In the case of Germany whose yen for total dominance of Europe is both insatiable and obsessive, well aware that it can’t appease this addiction through warfare has none the less deviously but enthusiastically embarked on the subterfuge of the EU project which enables it to gobble up large swathes of European territories and de fact countries under the disingenuous pretext of European unity, collective military strength and economic prosperity without these client clown states strewn across the length and breadth of Europe even twigging that they’re being cynically had and with whatever genuine prosperity and military strength that’s likely to materialize from all this falling exclusively into German hands.

Past and still latent dictatorships, odious fascist and obsessively entrenched Nazi entities like Spain, Portugal, Italy, the Baltic and Scandinavian states, Finland, Poland, Holland, Belgium, Denmark and even Greece are quite contented to go along with this manufactured collectivism since it gives these essentially European nonentities a rather distorted but all the same glowing complimentary feeling of their own self-importance, sense of purpose, value and self worth that individually they all know full well that otherwise they couldn’t dream of claiming as inherent characteristics let alone convincingly try to persuade astute countries globally that the had them. And while these countries manipulatively led by Germany are optimistically stacking all their eggs into one basket and simultaneously hoping for the best in Britain’s case it’s basically a situation of pernicious and prescriptive recidivism on the part of many Britons who’re either extremely reluctant to come to terms with or quite incapable of doing so let alone prepared to accept that the hubristic days of the British Raj are permanently over and gone forever. And I can well imagine how discomfiting and soul-destroying this realization must be for these prized assholes who ludicrously try to roll back the passage of time while persisting in making Britain out to be what it most certainly isn’t, and no amount of wishful thinking or farcical notions by anyone can or will ever recreate.

Loftily the preamble in the Ofcom handbook talks in particularly glowing terms about this quango outfit utilizing exceedingly high standards and unchallengeable, unimpeachable criteria in its general activities, and in a cynical sop to free speech even stipulates that no broadcaster in the UK would be subjected to the ignominy of ever losing its licence to operate here unless its activities were a threat to British national security or clearly contravened Britain’s legal obligations to internationally agreed conventions. Nothing however in these protocols which state that Ofcom can arbitrarily revoke a UK broadcaster’s licence simply because that particular broadcaster doesn’t chime with the conformity of or the general narrative of western and particularly mainstream British media; institutions where their newsrooms are nothing more than suffocating choke points for the truth and what we hear from them is never the truth but what they misleadingly want to tell us; or worst still that the invalidated broadcaster in question can illogically be given its marching orders for simply giving an alternative point of view on the airwaves to the supposed orthodox one dictated to by the government of the day and promulgated by its sanctioned and sycophantic media corporations like the BBC, Sky News and Channel 4 for example.

We already know from the Wikileaks revelations that shortly after Press TV started broadcasting on the Sky platform in the UK the United States ambassador in London wrote to the British government demanding that the latter should either find a justification or else manufacture reasons to ban Press TV from operating in the United Kingdom. It mattered not a jot though to this American moron that Press TV hadn’t broken any broadcasting rules nor had it contravened any regulations pertaining to the granting of its legal licence to broadcast in the UK. What really mattered to and deeply troubled this envoy from the so-called land of the free in addition to his British lackeys was from their twisted perspective the acutely disturbing fact that Press TV was quite unabashed at consistently focusing an obtrusive and scrutinizing light on issues which were extremely embarrassing for the major western powers; that prominently highlighted their rampant double standards and bald-faced hypocrisies; and which the governments of these same western powers had brazenly ordered their embedded media corporations not to cover.

Issues like the western sponsored and Zionist-Israeli supported, ongoing and indiscriminately brutal subjugation of the peaceful and courageous pursuit of their basic human rights, individual dignity, gender equality, universal adult suffrage and the cardinal principles of democracy, like the freedom of expression, the right to peaceful assembly and religious pluralism with the unfettered alternative not to subscribe to any specific religion, by the peoples of Bahrain, Yemen, Qatar and Saudi Arabia for example. All of these countries freely serving as committed puppets and the allies of the west and additionally in the case of Saudi Arabia and Qatar as major Danegeld contributors to the burgeoning growth of the western military industrial complex.

Other issues that readily come to mind, that Press TV gives ample coverage to but which never see the light of day in the news broadcasts of the so-called mainstream media, are the continuing ethnic cleansing and massacres of the Palestinians by the Israeli Zionist apparatus; the double standards and hypocrisies practised by the west against countries it doesn’t like in favour of those it does; a hard-hitting, in-depth and objective analysis of the domestic, economic and foreign affairs policies of the UK and its western partners in a far from flattering light and doing so in a manner that the BBC, Sky News, Channel 4 and the others wouldn’t have dared to, highlighting and graphically bringing home to many British viewers, often for the very first time in their lives, the all-pervasive and insidious sleaze, greediness and rampant corruption of their government, parliamentarians, civic officials, the police and the judicial system, as well as the banks and other financial institutions that control their everyday lives; apprising them in the process as well just how much they’ve been constantly lied to and how the global crises they were being warned about were in reality largely manufactured ones.

Unsurprisingly the influence of Press TV began to grow by leaps and bounds as a large number of British viewers increasingly came to rely on it as the main and very often their only reliable source of what was really going on in the world; a broadcaster that was truly giving a voice to the voiceless, not one just willing to unthinkingly echo the lies, distortion of the truth or the cynical disinformation characterized by the major corporations and privileged elites that the mainstream media manifestly represent and obviously speak for; and with their viewership rapidly declining because of the impact of Press TV it didn’t take long for the mainstream media to also throw their hats into the ring with those already there so as to get rid of what they saw and genuinely knew was a worthy challenger.

And what an array of hostile opponents there were too that Press TV quickly found were ranged against it. For apart from the usual suspects of the Israelis in concert with their lobbyists and Zionist supporters and themselves in tandem with the US and British governments there was also the risible spectacle of the entire British establishment replete with legislators from both houses of parliament; city of London bankers, those running other financial institutions and even the Royal Family, since Press TV had been very critical in its news bulletins at the time of the massive amounts of money that was lavishly spent on Kate and William’s sumptuous wedding during a time of harsh economic austerity for ordinary people in the UK, keenly joining forces with each other to vilify Press TV and add further pressure to that already coming from several other vested interest groups both inside and outside Britain most adamant in their joint desire to see Press TV removed from its Sky platform and effectively proscribed in that format from being able to broadcast within the UK.

However realizing that it had no legitimate or justifiable reasons to close Press TV down the British government notwithstanding this and under immense pressure exerted on it by Press TV’s numerous Zionist enemies weakly conceded to the United States regime getting increasingly impatient with the realization that the station was still on air, broadcasting from Britain and so far nothing concrete had been done to stop this from happening, that as things currently stood Press TV wasn’t contravening any regulations “which parliament had set”, however if sanctions were imposed on Iran then the UK government could use this development as an excuse to shut Press TV down.

The rest as we often say in England is history for on Friday 20 January 2012 the Israelis, Americans, or more specifically their government, David Cameron and his, the wastrel, avaricious snouts-in-the-troughs grovellers of the House of Commons and their counterparts in the House of Lords together with the surfeit of diehard Zionist zealots who continue like irritating flies to infest the UK with their presence here finally got their wish. Yet there’s a stark irony in all this that undeniably reeks to high heaven of stupefying hypocrisy and blatant double standards, for the Sky platform which Press TV prior to its banishment broadcasted from in the UK and that other stations both domestic and foreign also did and continue to is owned by none other than the infamous media magnate Rupert Murdoch whose business News Corporation is embroiled in a plethora of criminal scandals and ongoing police investigations. Among these are the unlawful hacking of private phones and voicemails belonging to unsuspecting individuals for which News Corporation has publicly admitted to its crimes in several such cases and has accordingly made substantial out of court financial settlements to those affected; corrupt financial payments to government officials and police officers that are very serious criminal offences which can’t be easily bought off and have to be resolved in court; and a lot more.

But here is where the existent irony in this manufactured scenario against Press TV lays. Among the specific criteria laid down in Ofcom’s bible of rules and regulations themselves authorized by the British parliament is the not inconsequential requirement that to obtain in the first place and contain to retain a broadcasting licence in the UK the respective applicant must be a person of proven good character who must pledge to and resolutely adhere to the principles of impartiality, fairness and the accepted norms of public decency in all aired transmissions, and in his or her activities whether these pertain to the successful applicant’s public or private life following the granting of a licence to them and during the subsequent course of its retention by that individual must always be above board, at all times absolutely transparent and in no way likely to bring the broadcasting industry in Britain into public disrepute, with a host of punishments in situ and culminating in the loss of one’s broadcasting licence fro any serious infringement of the specified mandatory requirements.

Notwithstanding the serial offences of News Corporation Rupert Murdoch its owner and chairman still holds his Ofcom broadcasting licence while the Sky platform is itself inundated with a plethora of quite sickeningly explicit sex channels owned by a man who is also the proprietor of Channel 5: a British broadcaster freely operating in the UK and on the Sky platform as well with licences in both instances granted to him by Ofcom; and who you probably won’t be too surprised to learn is a major financial donor to David Cameron’s own political party, the Conservative Party or Tories as it’s also known.

So evidently it’s not what you do; what rules, regulations or laws you break; or how awful a person you actually are and totally unfit as well to hold a broadcasting licence in the UK that really matters to Ofcom; what concerns that body and its Ofcunts officials the most is, does your face fit, will the powers that be and implicit in this assumption Ofcom as well benefit financially from you; are you a part of the same social set, elitist in mindset and steadfastly committed to copiously feathering each other’s nest while keeping the vast majority of British citizens and residents at arms length and in slavish ignorance of what’s really going on in the world, scrupulous at all times in one’s endeavours not to permit coverage of any event that could prove to be either inimical or outright detrimental to the self-interests of the privileged elites? For if you’re all of these things and unashamedly proud of them like Sky’s Rupert Murdoch is for example then you can literally and with absolute impunity do whatever the hell you like and with Ofcom’s blessing arrogantly gat away with it.

However, if you’re a broadcasting outfit like Press TV independently trying to inform, educate and empower the viewing public by exposing it to an alternative point of view from that of the perceived orthodox narrative of the so-called mainstream, western corporate media whose news bulletins and farcical analyses bear no relation to the truth and are categorically alien to it, and particularly if your broadcasting station is also Iranian daringly and professionally unlike its rivals operating in the shark feeding frenzy of vitriolic demonization systematically and persistently directed at Iran by its rather delusionary and even paranoid western foes, the last thing that these pampered, self-centred, largely ignorant, Zionist, imperialist, white-supremacist and colonialist cretins want to see is anyone having or developing an independent perspective on issues which is contrary to their own, that enables such individuals to think for themselves, and who moreover on doing so will resolutely refuse to bow the knee of subservience in fawning genuflexion to those whose collective brief is to tyrannically control their lives.

Incredibly as it seems Press TV was the only foreign owned broadcaster operating in the UK to of its own accord to set up a domestic company inside Britain; CNN, Fox News, France 24, Russia Today, Aljazeera and all the other such foreign entities have never taken this path and as Ofcom well knows haven’t the slightest intention of every doing so, which effectively means that all these broadcasting corporations are wholly controlled from overseas and their editorial policies and news bulletins are determined in their respective country of origin. Notwithstanding the aforementioned Press TV was nevertheless unwarrantedly picked on by Ofcunts officials that quite shamelessly and disingenuously criticized this station, wait for it, for having its editorial policies and news content determined not in Britain but in Tehran, and then went on to use this risible and pathetically lame excuse as their prime reason for removing Press TV off the Sky platform.

Yet surprise, surprise CNN, Fox News, France 24, China’s CCTV, Bloomberg, CNBC Euronews, Aljazeera English, Russia Today etc. etc. all unprescriptively by Ofcunts officials and with the full support and wholehearted blessing of Ofcom itself did precisely the same things that Press TV quite discriminatorily was hammered for doing in relation it was said to their respective country of origin, and significantly in the wake of the Press TV debacle happily carry on do without any censure from Ofcom, which speaks volumes about the shameful and deceitful manner in which that organisation is run wouldn’t you say? After all where the hell, for example, do Ofcunts officials think that CNN’s editorial policies and the priority given to its news bulletins, or alternatively the total disregard they accord to other news events irrespective of how relevant they are to the general public’s proper grasp or unprejudiced analysis of world issues are determined, except in Atlanta, Georgia USA? That said however when like these quisling Ofcunts officials at Ofcom one is earnestly looking for any flimsy, manufactured excuse to achieve something they know that shouldn’t be done or to dishonestly and quite disreputably discredit someone or something that is fraudulently being targeted, victimized or castigated, logic plays no part in that unprofessionally engaged in equation does it?

During the US Republican Party’s televised so-called debates by those vying with each other to be that party’s official candidate in the upcoming 2012 United States presidential elections, all of them in my view prime candidates for permanent incarceration in a top security mental institution, Newt Gingrich very publicly and bellicosely advocating what despicably but rather hubristically he termed as deniable covert activities within Iran by Israel and the United States went even further to spell out his odious doctrine of illegal regime change and the unwarranted interference, not that he saw it that way, in the internal affairs of a sovereign independent country, namely Iran (no need to hypothesize what his reaction would be though if the same suggested was mooted by someone else towards the United States) that he didn’t particularly care for by specifically calling in his manifestly demented, ill-informed but totally subjective outburst for the comprehensive assassinations of Iranian scientists and other academics as well as the killing of prominent officials and senior military personnel in that country; premeditated murder in any lexicon or by any definition of that term that one may chose to employ.

This public prescription for wanton acts of murder that was both freely and readily carried with the enthusiastic fervour of a besotted schoolgirl’s crush on her favourite teacher by CNN, Fox News and other foreign as well as domestic, so-called mainstream news broadcasters in the UK and purposely done so without critical analysis let alone a hint of censure by them of what Newt Gingrich had said and done despite these corporations being totally aware of the illegal implications of what they were consciously doing, as incitement to murder or aiding and abetting others to commit such a crime is a criminal offence in the United Kingdom, nevertheless went completely unchallenged by the British authorities including our law enforcement agencies and of course Ofcom.

For notwithstanding the above transgressions they’d willingly embarked on pursuing none of these broadcasters found themselves sanctioned by Ofcunts officials legally tasked by Ofcom’s charter to come down hard on such matters, and who seemingly preferred instead to give a pretty naff and very unconvincing impression on their part of being both blind and deaf to what was transmitted at the time and by whom; similarly unmoved quite evidently when subsequent to New Gingrich’s call that these kinds of senseless, murderous activities should routinely be perpetrated against Iran another of its eminent scientists just days later was ruthlessly assassinated outside the precincts of the university where he worked in Tehran, the fourth such scientist in two years to be killed in this manner, a foul deed which then swiftly prompted Nick Santorum: arguably the most cretinous of these Republican wannabees, to publicly and ecstatically on these same broadcasting stations and quite unchallenged by them to declare that what had transpired in Tehran was “a most wonderful thing.” And amidst all this observe Ofcunts officials studiously remain tight-lipped; a clear and most worrying indication of where their sympathies and personal loyalties actually lay, with Ofcom, as was previously the case, calculatingly choosing to do absolutely nothing against these crooked broadcasting corporations with whom it’s complicitly, corruptly and financially involved.

Even so there are some incidents in life that are generally regarded and even increasingly universally recognized as being beyond the pale and that ever conscionable individual or organization studiously aware of the baser and invariably prevalent instincts as well as n instinctive or innate inclination on the part of significant numbers of the human race to gravitate towards the worst characteristics of our species, nevertheless steadfastly do everything in their power to impede this process. This essentially ought genuinely to have been the moral as well as the statutorily legal role of Ofcom. Sadly though it didn’t happen, with this miserably pusillanimous, utterly corrupt and totally unfit for purpose body failing most incompetently on all counts to do what it’s supposed to. Virtuous Ofcom and its Ofcunts officials that between them didn’t even evince a twinge of conscience following Rick Perry’s quite lamentable comment also carried without critique by these exemplary broadcasting corporations that I previously made mention of, that US soldiers urinating over the dead bodies of young Afghan boys they’d cold-bloodedly murdered, deceitfully claimed and afterwards lyingly portrayed as dangerous Taliban terrorists was no big deal.

Now I’d like you to humour me and just imagine if you will that the boot was on the other foot in all these aforesaid occurrences relative to the United States, other western or Israeli scientists, civic or military personnel or even ordinary members of their public that were being callously assassinated or brutally murdered in western capitals with the express encouragement, wholehearted support in all its strategic forms and with the covert and deniable complicity of the Iranian authorities, totally and undeniably indistinct in other words from what the US, Britain, France, Israel and the other western imperialist countries along with their dictatorial Arab lackeys in the Persian Gulf, other areas of the Middle East and even Arab dominated North African sates are presently and have for decades now, ever since February 11 1979, been doing in respect of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Furthermore that like their US counterparts Iranian presidential hopefuls had also irresponsibly but calculatingly taken to fanning the flames of blind hatred and utterly destructive wars against specific western countries like the United States, Britain and France for example with their carefully chosen and highly offensive incendiary remarks and that Press TV having decided to emulate the principled, objective and professional broadcasting standards of the likes of Fox News, CNN, Sky News, France 24, Euronews, the BBC, Channel 4, ITV News and the rest of the other lickspittle channels cynically masquerading as reputable opinion shapers and the unblemished purveyors of the truth, were to then purposely tailor and just as hubristically from its capital in Tehran carry these controversial reports in tandem with other news bulletins and analyses doing so explicitly in a way which was specifically devised to give a one sided and fallacious Iranian perspective of the world, but in doing so was none the less in effect mirroring the established approach and commonplace practices of all these western media corporations in respect of the well-established colonialist and imperialist agendas they readily endorse, slavishly tag along with and at the behest of their governments propagandistically pump out as required from their various capitals.

Had influential or just simply well known individuals inside Iran been similarly but quite ludicrously iconized by the general Iranian media with Press TV in particular openly and quite enthusiastically giving to them the oxygen of publicity on the Sky platform as was repeatedly observed in the case of western media corporations that were also on the Sky platform permitting just that to their moronic, and warmongering, Republican poster boys we all know very well what would have happened, how we wouldn’t have heard the last of it from the smug hypocrites within the general establishment and even the same western media absorbed as always with their obnoxious double standards which they devotedly and unceasingly keep fully intact; unfailingly never bashful in lecturing those that they’ve no moral right or any personal authority to do so, forever ready to jump on Iran’s case, but somewhat curiously incredibly tight-lipped as regards the odious remarks that are regularly emanating from the United States and which these media corporations routinely and liberally give the star treatment to.

In a nutshell had Press TV deviated from its commendable professional norms to uncharacteristically behave in the same crass, unprofessional and lying manner vis-à-vis its news output as its rivals consistently do there would undoubtedly have been a massive tsunami of concerted western furore directed against it, with the added disparaging spectacle of rapidly orchestrated, intensely malicious, vehement, vociferous and sustained calls for an all out war against Iran. Moreover in a fit of pique, never mind its open condonation of identical behaviour by these domestic and foreign western media corporations also operating on the Sky platform Ofcom and its obsequious Ofcunts officials would most certainly have instantaneously revoked Press TV’s licence to broadcast in the UK, censoriously performing this task against the self-congratulatory backdrop of a chiming chorus of after the event claims that such behaviour on the part of Press TV was only to be expected since Iran and everything associated with it just can’t be trusted; therefore in the interests of robustly upholding western social values, uplifting professional broadcasting standards in the British media, and safeguarding Britain’s national security Ofcom’s disingenuous argument would have been that there is no place in British society for rogue broadcasters like Press TV.

The highly unlikely scenario never arose however on the part of Press TV nor would it have done; nevertheless Ofcom at times seriously contradicting itself and on other occasions arbitrarily with the complicity of David Cameron’s Con-Dem government changing the goalposts of its own charter to add pressure on Press TV fervently hoping it would succumb to this and quit of its own accord but ultimately realizing that this wasn’t going to happen, decided to show its true colours, cut out all the pretence at being civilized and fair-minded about the whole affair and with all the lethal ill-temper of a rabid dog banned Press TV anyway , which it did on Friday 20 2012.

A most unedifying development from any objective perspective to say the least that saw a beacon of enlightenment, information and empowerment of the people, the indisputable voice of the voiceless maliciously traduced by the reprehensible, sublunary, satrapist slime balls at Ofcom, but only briefly so this inconvenience of theirs as the Phoenix of Press TV will undeniably rise again and even more gloriously so than before across England’s green and pleasant land from the ashes of condemnation and vilification that has been its baptism of fire in the British Isles.

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