Friday, 9 December 2011

Iran - Nazi Israel’s Final Solution?

By Stanley Collymore

The United States and Israel, with David Cameron’s Britain slavishly following suit, have decided to form a trio to attack Iran under the dishonest and fabricated pretext that Iran is covertly developing nuclear weapons contrary to the terms of the IAEA treaty to which it is a signatory and explicitly forbids IAEA member countries with no nuclear weapons of their own from either producing or acquiring such weapons, at the same time placing a legal and binding obligation on those countries in possession of them, to be precise the United States of America, Britain, France, Russia and China that have publicly and hubristically admitted to having multiple stockpiles of these weapons and are themselves voluntary signatories to the IAEA treaty, together with the likes of India, Pakistan, Israel and allegedly North Korea that are known to have or credibly suspected of doing so, to steadily phase theirs out until there’s a wholesale prohibition on all aspects of these weapons and we’re left with a totally nuclear free world. This hasn’t happened of course, and the chief culprits who undoubtedly must shoulder the full responsibility for this are the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council: the United States of America, its lackeys Britain and France, the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China, with the United States, Britain and France in the forefront of this conspiratorial and endemic deception on their part and which quite sinisterly is directed against the rest of the world.

That’s the principle and legal prerequisites anyway of the IAEA agreement, which although strictly observed by the non-nuclear countries for a diversity of reasons, some of them quite unpalatable: for example political or economic blackmail, trade and other sanctions, veiled or even open threats to physically attack them, you name it and it’s usually directed at them these non-nuclear countries, are nevertheless callously and haughtily ignored by the nuclear club, especially the United Nations Security Council’s permanent five member countries, in the vanguard of this mendacious and dishonest conduct being the United States of America, Britain and France. So what these evidently psychotic, paranoid and bullying, nuclear-club states are doing in relation to other sovereign independent, non-nuclear countries they don’t like and particularly so in the case of Iran, would be quite laughable if it wasn’t so serious and potentially inimical to the genuine interests and welfare of the rest of the world.

For far from even contemplating giving up their nuclear weapons let alone honestly putting in position tangible and observable measures to do so, these permanent five members of the United Nations Security Council presiding over not only their own rampant immorality and dishonesty but also that of their client states Israel, India and Pakistan that despite none of them being an IAEA member, a signatory to its treaty and what’s more determinedly refuse to stomach let alone have IAEA inspections carried out on their nuclear facilities the US, Britain, France and Germany in particular together with other European and western states in a flagrant breach of the protocols governing the IAEA treaty, their own domestic as well international laws that categorically forbid them as IAEA signatory members, in addition to all other UN members countries from having any kind of nuclear collaboration with nuclear rogue states, which Israel, India and Pakistan most certainly are, continue in spite of their legal, moral and international obligations to significantly upgrade their nuclear capabilities as well as to pass this prohibited technology onto their client states.

The United States nuclear accord with India, its ongoing provision to Israel of whatever it wants in this nuclear regard together with other state of the art weaponry that additionally it gives to that country and Germany’s sale of nuclear submarines to Israel are just the tip of a colossal iceberg generated by these avaricious, inherently immoral, devious and completely revolting conspirators in what’s clearly for those who honestly want to admit this and call it what it essentially is, a perilous ocean of deception. And for these mindboggling hypocrites with their stomach-churning double standards to give a nuclear rogue state like Israel that’s illegally in possession of a vast, secret cache of what’s reliably suspected to be hundreds of nuclear weapons, courtesy of the west whose military, political and diplomatic protection it also uncritically enjoys, yet have these selfsame states as they too not only increase but also upgrade their enormous stockpiles of nuclear weapons hypocritically tell other states not in possession of any nuclear arsenals that they can’t have them and even go further to publicly threaten military attacks against countries like Iran that have publicly stated they don’t need such weapons, possess none and furthermore have no wish to, statements that these bullies suitably and dishonestly either ignore or choose not to believe regardless of what proof Iran provides to verify its claims because the Irans of this world determinedly refuse to bend the knee of servitude to them, isn’t just incredibly reprehensible, lacking all common sense and reason but also shows the magnitude of the conceit of these nuclear states’ conceit and the depth of depravity they’ll sink to, to get at any cost what they set their eyes on. At best a case of do as I say not as I do, and at its worst is morally and physically sick.

The upshot of which is that anyone even without an in-depth knowledge of what’s going on knows exactly what is behind as well as serving as the key stimulus for this upsurge of war fever by these imperialistic and colonialist-minded entities. The US, Britain and the rest of the western countries are both financially and morally bankrupt; the greedy bankers, those closely associated with the military industrial complex, and the remaining element of that 1% ruling and establishment elite that can’t be reined in by their political stooges because they’re entirely financially and politically beholden to them and therefore find themselves left with two choices, either go into a state of self-denial of what’s actually happening or as the Roman emperor Nero did, and who equally hadn’t a clue how to resolve the awful mess his country was in, carry on fiddling financially and metaphorically, so to speak, while their American Empire burns, or more appropriately implodes on itself.

At home meanwhile peaceful Anti-Wall Street and other populist protests against corporate greed and insidious political corruption continue apace; escalating in an astonishing fashion and giving momentum and cohesion to similar movements worldwide, this despite ongoing attempts by the corporate and deeply embedded western media to paint them as anarchistic; unpatriotic; naïve, easily persuaded and confused clowns; workshy rent-a-mob cartels; and even paid mercenaries, all of whom are adamantly predisposed to violence and as therefore justly entitled to be unfeelingly subjected to the brutally harsh and over the top crackdowns by violent police units at the behest of political directives which in turn emanate from the precise demands of those being protested against; notwithstanding that what violence there was has been premeditatedly stirred up by undercover police agent provocateurs.

With no viable solutions impending to get them out of the mess they’ve incompetently and greedily created and like the proverbial man in a hole completely of his own making, rather than stop his digging and properly assess his plight he stupidly carries on with it making his position much worse than it was before, these so-called leaders of the west and their coterie of sycophantic quislings, collectively too conceited to admit to their idiocy let alone make suitable amends for it, instead in utter desperation cast their eyes accusingly around looking as they do so for expedient or fabricated scapegoats of their making on whom they can pin their faults and dishonestly blame for their self-inflicted predicament.

This is nothing new; in fact it’s a well-established con trick that inveterate charlatans have, with varying degrees of success or failure, employed in the past both on an individual and a political level but always when the stakes for their personal survival are extremely high. As I said before the United States together with its British, other European Union and western political and establishment stooges are in a critical financial mess and quite perturbing and embarrassing for them as well is their reluctant and forced acknowledgment that their once unassailable, imposing domestic and international economic power with its accompanying and all pervasive global hegemony is no more; that this previous and insolent primacy isn’t only in conspicuous terminal decline but is also in a precipitate and irreversible state of free fall. And this not only scares the living daylights out of these people, a situation analogous to a brutal, merciless, mean-spirited, mendacious and malicious bully suddenly confronted with the fact that he’s not only no longer the principal bully on the block but also that there are others impatiently waiting in the wings to wrest what remaining power and influence he still has from him.

A discomforting situation on that bully’s part that predictably gives rise to a profound and pernicious fit of paranoia that everyone he runs into is out to get him; and this is exactly the identical state of affairs that his crooked, western establishment counterparts are up against as in a desperate last ditch bid largely to satisfy themselves they’re still strong and forcibly able to demonstrate this to real or imagined rivals they take to behaving like an individual with a grudge against doctors who rushed into a crowded and busy hospital’s A and E waiting room, pulls a previously concealed hand grenade from his overcoat pocket, activates it, and with his thumb on the detonating pin threatens to remove it and blow up everyone present if the list of highly unreasonable, incoherent and inexplicable demands he then spouts out, one of them being that no one other than he and his friends should under any circumstance have access to hand grenades whether or not those he’s threatening ever had or relished any intention of doing so, while either blissfully or uncaringly unmindful of the fact that should he detonate the hand grenade he’s holding he’ll almost certainly at best seriously injure or at worst kill himself as well.

This pure and simple is abhorrent blackmail regardless of whether the perpetrators of it are private persons or more common these days powerful public figures; they’re both the same category of individuals: mindless morons. The United States, the only country so far to use nuclear weapons in conflict and anger against another country, Japan said it did so in order to curtail the war and not to have used its atomic bombs in the manner it did the alternative would have been a much grimmer scenario than what actually occurred, entailing a massive US land invasion of Japan that would have caused the United States a great deal of treasure financially and the unnecessary deaths of scores of thousands more of its military personnel and those of Japan due in part to the fact that the ingrained Japanese culture of no surrender and fighting to the very last man or woman.

This was a blatant and concocted lie on the part of the United States, as Japan on the verge of a most humiliating defeat was already in surrender negotiations with the US so there was no earthly or heavenly reason for that matter for a supposedly Christian USA to embark on what it did or to wantonly and viciously obliterate Hiroshima, Nagasaki and their occupants with the accompanying long-term catastrophic and immoral costs of ensuring generational cancer among these people together with the horrendous birth, other physiological as well as psychological defects that emanated from these United States nuclear attacks, afterwards became and still to this day 66 years after the war’s end are a common characteristic among the affected Japanese population, most particularly the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The real reasons for the United States enthusiastic deployment of its novel, nuclear military toy were threefold. First and pre-eminent among these was the racial one. Extensively seen and depicted as inferior to white Caucasians, an attitude which was deeply embedded in the psyche of the overwhelming majority of white US citizens and other residents of the United States not least among them those who encompassed the political and financial elite of that country, the lives of the Japanese people were regarded as valueless; so having managed to successfully demonize them as during the entire pre-existence and later the creation of what finally became the United States of America they also did to their own non-white citizenry, conspicuously the North American Indians indigenous to that continent and African Blacks forcibly shipped to the US as slaves, those calling the shots in Washington had no problems or sleepless nights agitating about slaughtering these oriental beasts in a nuclear storm. And it accounts too for why infinitely loyal and patriotic Japanese Americans could so easily on the orders of the United States authorities and with the widespread support of that country’s white citizens and residents without a moment’s thought, reflexion or hesitation be interned wholesale, put into US concentration camps in other words, and have that done to them in a manner that would never have been considered nor tolerated and so wasn’t done throughout World War II to US German citizens or German residents living in the United States.

In fact the personal status of the latter persons differed noticeably from that of the Japanese as illustrated by the position of Marlene Dietrich who wasn’t just a German, something she proudly never shirked either from seeing or publicly presenting herself as even to the extent of decisively keeping her German accent, but who additionally in the field of entertainment became a well-known celebrity figure and the sweetheart of countless Americans including practically everyone associated with the US armed forces. And this despite the fact that her country of origin, Germany was a much greater and far more menacing threat to the United States and world peace generally than Japan was or could have been. Furthermore, German Americans and their compatriot residents of the United States were proverbially to the very last man and woman, and consciously so to the knowledge of the US regime, Congress and the country’s establishment elite, wholeheartedly supportive of the Third Reich throughout World War II.

Not that I have any sympathy whatever for or the slightest empathy with the Japanese over what happened to them, for in truth they’re just as barbaric if not worse so than Americans and ten times as racist in character; and having self-servingly and avariciously thrown their lot in with the United States post World War II to economically and now militarily oppress what are in effect US and Israeli fabricated enemies of the world, I couldn’t care less if the entire Japanese population was born with or incurred every likely congenital malformation or disability possible or if it simply disintegrated and died off in one go. So put that in your pipe and smoke it tojo toerag Yukiya Amano, toadying US creep every bit in the mould of Anders Rogh Rasmussen and Luis Moreno Ocampo, none of whom has the slightest notion of what civilized standards of conduct, cherished principles that have been the keystone of every enlightened society from the beginning of time, integrity or plain honest to goodness truthfulness are, and that’s exactly why in view of the current mess that the world presently is in, principally due to the barbaric shenanigans of the US empire, its pliant puppets: white Caucasian European and those located elsewhere, and of course its Zionist, apartheid attack dog Israel, that evil cretins like Yukiya Amano, Anders Rogh Rasmussen and Luis Moreno Ocampo are given the jobs they have; for they are your archetypal yes-men and jobsworths who, as they’ve amply demonstrated, are only too willing to unthinkingly do their master’s bidding and even self-congratulatory pat themselves on their backs for having done so.

Twenty First Century caricatures out of the Gilbert and Sullivan opera HMS Pinafore; you remember the guy who rose to be ruler of the King’s navy, that never went to sea in a ship but all the same attained his high rank simply by being as sycophantic as he possibly could. Not that I’d ever expect prized but immensely unfunny clowns like Yukiya Amano, Anders Rogh Rasmussen or Luis Moreno Ocampo to appreciate the subtleties of the remarks that I just made let alone have a handle on Gilbert and Sullivan or anything else come to that that is remotely cultural, since that would effectively be tantamount to one absurdly entertaining high expectations of engaging one or more pigs in a serious debate on organic farming just because the sty they live in is situated on the particular farm in question and which is under discussion or another one located elsewhere. The outcome quite frankly will be the same; a complete waste of time and endeavour.

And while it’s a given that the toadying of Yukiya Amano, Anders Rogh Rasmussen and Luis Moreno Ocampo will pay off in the short term because of its perceived beneficial nature to the sinister purposes, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa, of the United States and its European quislings, my own country the UK regrettably among them, this indebtedness to these willing dupes won’t last forever, not with the US’s comprehensively notorious track record of utter mindboggling betrayal and quite literally hanging former faithful suckers out to dry when this particular route suits its purposes. And here are just three examples of what I mean: Emmanuel Noriega of Panama; Kurt Waldheim of Austria who couldn’t have become Secretary General of the UN without the say so of the US as a permanent and veto wielding member of the UN Security Council so clearly it knew beforehand what Kurt Waldheim’s Nazi past was never mind the lying and stomach-churning dishonesty it disingenuously exhibited years after he had served his terms of office and all this conveniently came out because the then US administration and Congress wanted, for the usual avaricious reasons, to cement their links with the strong and influential Zionist lobby in the United States; and of course Saddam Hussein. So on its past record and from a US perspective the futures of Yukiya Amano, Anders Rogh Rasmussen and Luis Moreno Ocampo don’t look all that rosy. But hey I’m not going to loose any sleep over them.

The second reason for the United States unleashing its atomic bombs on Japan in the way it did was to arrogantly flaunt its new military toy to the world as it’s currently doing, or has recently done in other places like Libya, with its computer games type operated, unmanned assassination drones in Afghanistan, Pakistan, drought stricken and death ravaged Somalia, and of course Sudan among others that the world’s Goliath has with impunity used against these sling shot Davids. Pakistan is unique though among these victims in so much that it’s the only country I know that actively but secretly encourages a so-called ally to knock the living shits out of and kill its own citizens while publicly and dishonestly protesting that its ally is contravening its national integrity and subverting its sovereignty as an independent state.

But that simply goes to show how thoroughly corrupt, immoral, debased and greedy the Pakistani domestic elite that quisling-like manages that country on behalf of its puppet master, the United States is. That said Pakistan has in my view never been a proper country and should at best be recognized for what it is and right from its inception has always been, a particularly, pathetic, failed state that idiotically and chillingly is in possession of nuclear weapons. Ostentatiously pious Muslims these pretty loathsome, curry mullah leaders would have the rest of the world believe but in reality are scumbags who’d sell their own mothers for US patronage and that country’s currency.

The third reason the United States had for dropping their atomic bombs on Japan was to get vital and pristine data on a homogenous target. Among the world’s diverse populations that of Japan is one of the most homogenous there is; so by dropping its atomic bombs there the US was in a much better position than it otherwise would have been to closely monitor and scientifically assess not only the immediate effects but equally as importantly the long term lethal and other consequences that inescapably were bound to arise from it detonating these experimental bombs in what was effectively a providential human laboratory. A propitious state of affairs which although hugely more expressive and explosive from a visual point of view than anything the US had done before nevertheless bore all the single-minded, callous and utterly cold-blooded hallmarks of its endemic and persistent infamy in this regard.

The Tuskegee syphilis experiment project; an extensive programme of plutonium injections into little girls; secret germ warfare research carried out in Central and South America; systematic experiments again secretly carried out in apartheid South Africa with other western countries, among them Britain, to produce a lethal vaccine which would be able to exclusively wipe out Blacks; and a deadly chronicle of covert US government authorized experiments on humans, especially black slaves, going back to the early 19th Century debunks irrefutably the carefully disseminated myth of the United States being a committed civilized democratic country that genuinely and unequivocally respects the rule of law and therefore such pernicious conduct is totally alien to its character. Reality is very different I’m afraid, for the United States when it comes to such acts of barbarism is in the same league as Nazi Germany, Japan and the former Soviet Union now replaced by Russia; and some would argue worse than they ever were.

Even so it has no shortage of admirers in this odious regard, among them the wannabe new boy on the block India. The world well remembers and at the time was deeply shocked by the Bhopal catastrophe that 25 years on is still a festering sore in that sub-continental country not least because the situation primarily occasioned by greed and corruption on the part of Indian governments and the company involved, Union Carbide has deliberately been turned into an appallingly disreputable one to garner even more money at the expense of the victims and the relatives of those that had their lives brutally cut short for the avaricious pursuits of a stinking and corrupt Indian regime.

Now to have the present one authoritatively and covertly engaged with pharmaceutical firms to perform illicit and publicly undeclared, experimental drugs tests on unsuspecting human guinea pigs, as they arrogantly see them, really is most reprehensible, particularly so coming from a country that wants to get a permanent seat for itself on the UN Security Council. God help us if it does, as quite honestly I can’t see any plausible reason for India being allowed there and find the population claim quite risible to be frank with you if it wasn’t so bloody serious as the Indian political and economic elite don’t give a toss about the poor or marginalized millions in their midst but whose numbers they don’t mind in the least cynically taking advantage of to con for themselves a permanent seat at the UN’s top table.

This of course prompts the logical question. Should the incalculable number of rats and other infectious vermin, distinct from the human kind which sit in the New Delhi parliament and in epidemic proportions infest the filthy slums of every Indian city and to use the numbers game just as farcically run into scores of millions more residents in India, be facetiously considered in this equation of absurdly espousing permanent membership for India in what is essentially a chamber of horrors that even in the remotest sense couldn’t be regarded as an august body? Indian lawmakers and government officials high up the food chain are known to have already pocketed upwards of $US 450 million between them but not a single Rupee of compensation has been paid to the survivors or the destitute families of those that died in one of the world’s worst and preventable chemical disasters. And to add gross insult to injury the criminals who are responsible for this crime were all allowed by the Indian government to be spirited out of India and back to the United States never to face any charges for their awful crime, while 25 years on and with the toxic mess created at the time still a life hazard to anyone that comes in contact with it there’s still been no clean up or any plans for such either by Union Carbide or anyone else for that matter that profited hugely from this human catastrophe.

Mine is a perspective not solely directed at India but which is also and just as unambiguously targeted at Brazil, Turkey and Germany all of whom clearly have aspirations to be permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). So let’s take a closer look at these wannabe permanent members of UNSC and their impeccable qualifications and human rights credentials for accession in these capacities to this perceptibly mafia club; and in my analysis of the countries referred to I’d like to stress that there’s no status of priority involved relative to any of them since as far as I’m concerned they all indisputably consist of the same rotten, stinking set of scumbags that are totally indistinct in every imaginable way from each other.

I love and admire the Germans with a committed passion; the love of my life is German as are many of my closest and most trusted friends. Conversely I abhor Germany’s ruling class with a similar steadfast intensity; and the reason is simple. The abhorrent ideas of Lebensraum and imperial domination of Europe at all cost is not only a fixation of these ruling elites but are also beliefs that are deeply embedded within their psyches and furthermore is something, no matter how dire the consequences of these fixated pursuits may portend or turn out to be, that they resolutely either refuse to or simply can’t let go of.

Germany’s ruling elite know all too well that their obsession can’t be accomplished through militarism; the humiliating defeat of the Third Reich and its Axis powers partners put paid to that so instead artifice has cleverly been brought into play. And for all its sanctimoniousness about being a panacea for democracy and universal human rights the EU, the brainchild and driving force of Germany, is fundamentally a bureaucratic dictatorship in every sense of that word and a substantially corrupt one as well; so corrupt in fact that for years now the firm of accountants formally appointed to check, verify and sign off the EU’s accounts as is common practice in all businesses and reputable organizations have consistently refused to do so in the case of the EU’s accounts, because they know and have publicly stated so that corruption, fraud, dishonestly claimed expenses, bribes, kickbacks and every other financial malfeasance that one could conceivably think of is rife throughout the EU’s structure and especially so in the inner sanctum of the EU’s Commission and among its appointed and unelected members.

In fact the EU is replete with bosses who have never stood for public office or have ever been elected to anything; Catherine Ashton the risible, so-called EU foreign minister and the new prime ministers of Greece and Italy being three prime examples of this policy. So it comes as no surprise therefore that these are biddable persons with no morality, probity or principles of decency as these pertain to what’s right or wrong, as these individuals have no perspective or moral compass in that regard and whose only raison d’être in public life or any other come to that is to do their master’s bidding and fraudulently line their own pockets at the same time.

Germany’s ruling class doesn’t mind this one bit as it boxes cleverly, utilizing its power and influence and Germany’s position as Europe’s principal economic powerbase along with the country’s key membership of several western dominated and led international bodies like the WTO, IMF and the World Bank for example to deliberately impoverish developing countries while at the same time hugely increase its own trade and exporting advantages as well as its own financial prosperity. Furthermore, Germany’s enthusiasm for expanding the EU to bring in countries that logically on every front, politically to fiscal policies, don’t belong there so long as these white, European countries aren’t Russia or Turkey – the mindset of the German cock is such that it won’t allow perceived perspective rival cockerels to enter the hen house it is in charge of – is nothing less than a calculated 21st Century Lebensraum, German land grab to assist the deeply yearned for but duplicitously not publicly divulged goals of Germany’s Fourth Reich’s ruling elite.

The political and personal failings of Greece’s Papandreou and Italy’s Berlusconi are legion so too was the incompetence of their respective governments but let’s not forget they were all democratically elected. And for Angela Merkel to be self-righteously trumpeting democratic principles at Syria and Iran but all the same to openly put enormous pressure on Papandreou not to call a referendum of the Greek people to properly decide whether or not they wanted to consent to the austerity measures that she, her European Union mafia partners and the banks they’re all beholding to were arbitrarily subjecting the Greek populace to, and furthermore to publicly state that if against her expressed wishes this democratically held referendum did go ahead she would only accept its outcome if it accorded with her own biased view of what that should be and what she personally thought was in the best interests of the Greek people only goes to show the type of person that Angela Merkel is and says much more about her than it does about the Greeks themselves.

But this kind of warped rationale is nothing new when it comes to these conceited and self-absorbed, European dictators; for we saw the same asinine response from them when elections they mooted, that were democratically held, punctiliously transparent and supervised by UN, EU and a host of international observers the Palestinians overwhelmingly elected Hamas as their preferred government. And what did these incredible hypocritical, western nurds do? They instantaneously ignored the result and branded Hamas a terrorist organization and still do to this day. Therefore to uphold and further the ambitions of the burgeoning Fourth Reich Angela Merkel in her uncompromising blitzkrieg on Greece and Italy has parachuted in two former European Union bureaucrats with close links to the banks to dictatorially take over power in these countries and do exactly what the Fourth Reich at the behest of the international bankers bids them to.

Turkey another UN Security Council permanent member wannabe is a holocaust perpetrator and every bit so in the mould of Germany’s Third Reich, but infinitely worst than that regime Turkey flatly refuses to acknowledge its heinous crimes which the Armenians and the Kurds, the latter still randomly slaughtered to this day by Ankara, still uncomfortably remind it of; and good for them I say and all power to the PKK! However as Europe’s bastard child: the union of a western Caucasian mother and eastern Islamic father, grudgingly identified as a western blood relative that it desperately wants to be acknowledged as but isn’t or will it ever be fully or openly accepted by Europe as a proper family member, Turkey with all the worse propensities of an unwanted waif and having conspicuously in the process developed all the traits of a schizophrenic personality, characteristics that are themselves discernibly evident in its conflicting and contradicting attitudes to Europe, Turkey has in effect become something of laughing stock in Europe and the rest of the west that use it as one would a public toilet when there’s absolutely no other option available and the call of nature is urgent, and looked askance at by the everyday man and woman on the streets of the Islamic east as it vainly tries to downplay its Islamic heritage to win acceptance in the west while at the same time seeking to pass itself off as a white Caucasian, European entity to get white approbation, is derisorily evocative of the gobsmacked response of the black Diaspora when Tiger Woods announced to the world that he wasn’t black.

Where did that get him in the long run eh? And how many, if any of the sponsors who swiftly dumped him (the white clan instinct is always paramount) when he pulled a fast and in their eyes a rather nasty one on his former and very much white Caucasian wife really bought into that idiotic comment of Tiger’s but said and did nothing so long as he was golf’s No.1 and making them loads of money. Now he’s on a painful learning curve as Turkey will similarly be.

Then there’s India; a byword for corruption, financial malfeasance, endemic caste-structured and virulent class-based inequalities; rampant duplicity compounded by the blatant betrayal and ongoing suppression of the Kasmiri people and their inalienable and legal right to self-determination that India formally and openly consented to over six decades ago but since has brazenly and brutally reneged on its pledge and still does to this very day, never mind that the Kasmiris have strenuously sought to hold India to its word and moreover have explicitly and repeatedly so expressed their unshakable desire to be lastingly free of every vestige of control that India currently has over them and instead wish to be allowed the opportunity to run their country as well as decide the course and future of their own lives as they see fit; and balefully overseeing these and other adversities is an India that is itself the epitome of oriental guile.

An India moreover that culturally grades its massive and hugely diverse population in terms of its merit, social standing, general acceptance and even the supposed beauty of individual members of it by the quantity and visible manifestation in those being assessed of the white Caucasian, male Y chromosome passed on to that specific person but initially inherited from being randomly deposited via the semen of white sexual abusers in what were pandemic acts of premeditated rape committed with absolute impunity against indigenous Indian women of all stature first by the marauding troops of Alexander the Great, later repeated by other white European invaders of the Indian sub-continent and finally institutionalized by our very own British imperialist and colonialist settlers.

Now if this was the perception or preoccupation of a solitary individual who thought that his or her, usually the latter in India’s case, darker skin colour consequentially made them or a likely spouse inferior to someone with a lighter skin tone or complexion that person would quite rightly in my opinion be reasonably entitled to be considered mentally sick; however when those with this ridiculous mindset translate into the vast majority of a billion plus people it obviously leaves one stuck for words to appropriately define or convey in any coherent fashion the intricacies of this insane phenomenon; but that’s India for you I’m afraid.

The final member of this quartet that wants to be a UNSC permanent member is Brazil which from its very exception has had an obsessive preoccupation with race and skin colour. In fact I’ve often heard its said by impartial observers of the two countries I’m about to mention that it’s hard to decide even on empirical data that’s readily available which of the two, apartheid South Africa or Brazil itself, was the most racist country in the southern hemisphere; my vote implicitly goes in supporting the view that Brazil was and still is. Festooned with more black African slaves than any other country in the Americas, or if you prefer it the so-called New World, the rampant racism, physical violence, sexual abuse and the cold-blooded exploitation routinely suffered at the hands of the Portuguese colonizers by these people together with the widespread genocide of Brazil’s indigenous people were an everyday occurrence which went on for centuries; and when compounded by Brazil’s official racial policy of whitening which saw the uncompromising execution by that country’s authorities of the national government’s instigated, sanctioned and enormously supported plan of a massive importation into Brazil of whites principally from Europe but in reality wherever else Brazil could actually lay its racist paws on them with the prime purpose of breeding out the blackness of its African-Brazilian population and the distinctive characteristics of its indigenous peoples, the ones still alive and who notwithstanding the unstinting efforts of white Brazilian society aided and abetted by its government didn’t quite manage to completely get rid of, underscores not only the pervasive character but also the enormity of the aberrant mental sickness that then and still trenchantly contaminates most if not all of Brazil’s white and mixed race communities.

But don’t be fooled into naively thinking this is something which belongs solely to the past, should be confined to the pages of Brazilian or possibly world history, and ought therefore to permanently stay there; I strongly disagree. For beneath its superficial layer of a modern, 21st Century progressive country about to take the world by storm official Brazil: the apparatuses of government, business, the white establishment elite and the fringe, mixed race members of Brazilian society who’re permitted exclusively by virtue of their prowess on the football field and the enormous sums of money this enables them to amass to partially share the Brazilian Dream they then self-interestedly exploit without a moment’s concern for those less fortunate than themselves even when these people are from the same communities they sprang from, is even so a society still deeply scarred by racism that is itself compounded by entrenched racial and other social inequalities.

And to emphasize this vital point Brazil whose whitening policy was doggedly persevered with well into the second half of the 20th Century was as recently as 2008forced to admit to the United Nations that elements of slavery still exist in that country; so the notion of Brazil as a welcomed panacea for much needed UNSC reform and a beacon of light just waiting the chance to piercingly illume the dense fog of darkness that grippingly envelops that body is just a fanciful dream at its most charitable and mendacious propaganda at the other extreme. I know what I think; how about you?

So to be perfectly honest with you none of these wannabe permanent UN Security members Brazil, India, Germany or long shot Turkey would in my view be at all remotely out of place in that clearly non-reformist body best known for its corruption, hypocrisy, double standards and being a most willing accessory to unconscionable human rights violations, genocide and multiple cases of mass murder on an industrial scale. However, if the Security Council were ever to become a truly reforming chamber these countries would clearly have no place in it.

Returning to wartime Nazi Germany and the events surrounding it, it must be bluntly said that despite what the Third Reich was up to, and the United States knew this better than most as it was the Nazi Party’s international banker at the time and the foremost supplier to Adolf Hitler’s government of tons of high-tech military hardware for his armed forces but crucially as well the sole provider of the poisoned gas that was used extensively throughout the Nazi’s Europe wide death camps to exterminate those that weren’t seen as advantageous to the Third Reich or its vainglorious aspirations for the next thousand years, and among whom were two thirds of Europe’s gypsy population and some six million Jews.

However, despite these clear acts of barbarism that were regularly and blatantly committed by Germany and that the entire world knew about there just was no way that western white sensitivities notably in the United States of America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia or even Britain were ever going to allow a situation to arise where fellow whites, even if they were Germans engaged in a most bestial holocaust as they evidently were, were methodically wiped out in the same way that the non-white Japanese were at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

So even when they were jointly telling the rest of the world what utterly horrible bastards the Germans and their Axis partners were and how they had to be crushingly defeated in the war they were waging for the survival of the world as a place where civilized norms of behaviour were preeminent factors of life the all important white clan mentality nevertheless intuitively kicked in despite Germany’s many faults and heinous crimes and save the day for it in a way that would never have been contemplated in Japan’s case or that of any other non-white state or people that had behaved so appallingly; evidently a heart searching moment that wouldn’t have arisen or been given any consideration in the unlikely event that it did if the targets and victims were non-Caucasian.

The problem with this nuclear malarkey is that there’s a double irony involved here. The UK, United States, the former Soviet Union and France all acquired their nuclear know how from German scientist that were either clandestinely spirited away to the countries they were taken to out of the clutches of Germany or else had defected there for a variety of sound personal reasons; enormous financial rewards or more fittingly bribes by these prospective host states, immunity from any likely war crimes prosecution, and the scientists own realization that their country Germany was losing the war, the game was virtually up for the Third Reich and their own survival and future prospects dictated that they abandoned this particular ship they were on being some of those reasons.

Previously using the RAF in tandem with a number of covert operations Britain had sought to destroy a German nuclear facility sited in Norway. This was a heavy water plant that was vital to the process of developing nuclear energy and of course atomic bombs, and the reason the UK was so keen to destroy or badly damage this facility was that it knew not to do so and allow the Third Reich to gain such weapons which it was already the sole pioneer in this field of science would signal curtains for a war ravaged and financially bankrupt Britain. So even though it wasn’t overly optimistic about destroying this threat altogether the hope in London was that by attacking these Norwegian facilities such attacks might even so help to postpone the project from reaching fruition.

Providence however was apparently on the side of the Allies even as Britain vainly tried to change or at least influence the course of history. Although he knew of his country’s nuclear developments Adolf Hitler who was a man committed to conventional warfare wasn’t overly impressed by them and thought the new technology was too much of a hit and miss gimmick at worst and at best using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. Germany he believed would defeat its enemies without having to resort to new fangled toys that diminished the brilliance of the German military and its prowess on the battlefield. Besides a lot of the scientists involved in the nuclear project although German were also Jews, in the main secular ones but that didn’t make any difference to the Fuehrer whose distrust of them coupled with a marked reluctance on his part to entrust such a powerful weapon and lethal project to their guardianship didn’t find any favour with his prejudices towards them.

Consequently the nuclear project was put on the back burner, a move that alienated many of these scientists who were extremely loyal German citizens, had great pride in their work and accomplishments but like most of us if we find ourselves and our extraordinary abilities quite arbitrarily and inexplicably sidelined or even demeaned understandably get upset and even angry about the way we’ve been treated. The German nuclear scientists weren’t any different in this regard and in his evidently crass treatment of them Hitler idiotically in my view threw away an extraordinary opportunity to win the war and achieve what he said he and his Nazis wanted for Germany and the rest of Europe. This in my opinion was the key turning point in the war and the crucial moment when Germany blew its chances big time. Feeling unloved, superfluous and seeing their abilities sidelined these scientist justifiably became disenchanted and thus open to the advances and allurement of others who told them that they appreciated what they were doing, or in the case of the UK, United States and France gave a darned good impression that this was the case.

But what if Adolf Hitler hadn’t been so fixated in his position towards the accomplishments of his German Jewish scientists? There’s no doubt in my mind that Britain would have been completely finished and with hindsight and taking into account what it has morphed into post war that certainly wouldn’t have been a bad thing. The collapse of the British Empire, a great involuntary achievement in my view, would have happened much earlier freeing millions of people globally from the incompetence, hubristic arrogance and the asinine assumption of the inhabitants of a small offshore European Island that these self-centred nurds had a God-given right to roam around the world, stop off wherever their fancy took them and run the lives of the people their and their countries as they saw fit. Significantly too Adolf Hitler’s triumph in Europe with its worldwide consequences would among these have seen a now rampantly out of control American Empire at best stillborn, if indeed that poxy child had been conceived in the first, and therefore most certainly wouldn’t have existed.

Most importantly the Palestinians would still have had their country; the Middle Eastern and North African problems that currently exist would in all likelihood not have arisen; apartheid in South Africa wouldn’t have taken place as it only came in existence after the Allies victory in World War II and even if it had it would have been short-lived without a post war hubristic United States, Britain and France to prop it up, and there would have been no nuclear pact in being or collaboration of any kind in this technological field between South Africa and Israel as Israel wouldn’t have existed, since the Nazis Final Solution would have amply taken care of the parents of the plethora of Zionist scumbags, effectively ensuring they were never born, that now infest Palestine, the US and some other western countries together with Russia, and who with a similar Nazi mindset are deliberately responsible for most of the major problems existing in the world today.

What a crying shame therefore that Adolf Hitler didn’t change is mind or was convincingly persuaded of the incontestable advantages to Germany of being the first nation to develop as well as have exclusive control of these powerful and persuasive nuclear weapons along with the vastly prestigious and exceptionally profitable spinoff technological industries like rocket and satellite sciences, space exploration and the rest of it that were very much in the grasp of German hands. Instead that’s now regrettably in the clutches of Russia, the United States and France through the courtesy of German scientists, with China the only credible challenger to these countries current hegemony in these technological areas; but with conventional human rights, political freedoms and social mobility extremely prescriptive in China and with power exclusively concentrated in the hands of a dogmatic political elite, China emerging as a so-called superpower will in my view not be the hoped for knight in shining armour rescuing us from the sins of those that have and in far too many instances still call the shots but will itself turn into another monster no different from the current ones even if the emphasis is different; in other words business as usual.

For one thing I’ve noticed despite all their alleged espousal of communist and egalitarian principles the Chinese leadership is every bit as symptomatic of the bossy and control freak pigs at their worst in George Orwell’s Animal Farm; “all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.” So I don’t hold out much hope of the world being a better and more equitable place because the Chinese could be in charge.

It’s a fair analysis therefore to say that I don’t hold out any realistic hopes of the supposed big boys that are currently dominating the world order or the wretched coterie of sycophantic wannabes that are expectantly waiting in the wings to succeed them will make any changes, significant or minor, that that will effectively change the status of the world from what it is at the moment or in any way positively impact on the wellbeing or the livelihoods of those who make up the bulk of the world’s population. Sadly for them it’ll be business as usual as they frantically struggle to make ends meet while the oligarchs and privileged hierarchies continue to liberally garner for themselves the lion’s share of the world’s wealth and natural resources.

Besides it’s no good and from my personal perspective is an utterly useless exercise looking to institutions like the UN, especially the Security Council, ICC, IAEA and many others that exaggeratedly posit themselves as international for a to do anything positive either as they’re all without exception replete with officials that are corrupt, totally debased and grasping with it; people put in charge who wouldn’t know what an ethical value was if it hit them plumb in the face. Decadence turned into a flourishing industry but in terms of expressions is much too mild a word to be used in relation to such individuals and therefore of necessity we will have to invent other words that will aptly describe the debasement of such persons as Anders Rogh Rasmussen of the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization, Yukiya Amano of the IAEA, Susan Rice, US ambassador to the UN, Luis Moreno Ocampo of the ICC and a host of others.

Against this backdrop it’s hardly surprising that there are increasingly more and more rogue states rapidly coming into their own, adding their toxic mix of chaos and disenchantment to an already perilous situation and that increasingly with minimum fuss beleaguer the lives of so many people these days. Israel is a prime example of this bête noire, enfant terrible animal with a feral propensity that’s in a league of its own, and because it’s routinely pampered to its heart’s desire by an axis of greedy, self-serving, sanctimonious and murdering protectors it’s hardly surprising that this spoilt brat who believes it can do no wrong is in the circumstances without any kind of moral compass, and were it to be offered the chance of having one would in all probability see it as a dangerous impediment to as well as an unwarranted intrusion into whatever it thinks it has a God-given right to do.

And the awfully sickening thing about all this is that instead of resolutely standing up to this pint sized bully and letting it know in no uncertain terms that its behaviour is completely and utterly unacceptable in supposedly civilized world as one would with a feral child constantly demanding and expecting to have its way, we see more and more people obviously working on the basis that this is the prevailing orthodoxy of the powers that be and therefore it’s better sheep-like to join the fold rather than take a principled stance, and in so doing signing up for something that any intelligent seven year old child would instantly recognize as a flawed and repellent concept.

Having witnessed Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and wannabe Prime Minister David Miliband among many others and now the Con-Dem coalition exploit to the full the baser instincts of the human species for their own personal gain economically and politically we now have the pathetic sight of an utterly insignificant twerp like Douglas Alexander the MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire South making his tracks to Israel to firmly lay his Zionist credentials at the feet of Benjamin Netanyahu. Asked by Samantha Simmonds of Sky News why he was in Israel at all this prime asshole said that he was there to revive the peace process, singlehandedly by all accounts it would seem. Far more influential people than this entirely unknown, insignificant and jumped up sectarian Scottish twit have sought to do this and have failed miserably in the process but this egotistical nobody lying tries to dupe the rest of us who were listening to him that is that that was the real purpose for his being in Israel.

But to be a good liar one must remember the previous lies told else there’s a real possibility of literally cocking up the whole thing and making a totally unconvincing mess of the entire affair, and so it wasn’t long before the façade of Douglas Alexander’s stinking duplicity fell from his idiotic face and he was ranting on about him having visited southern Israel, spoken extensively to Israelis there, seen firsthand the total devastation Hamas has brutally inflicted on these people and how thoroughly impressed and deeply moved he was by the remarkable restraint that the Israeli government and its people have shown in the face of these recurring, barbaric and totally unwarranted acts of provocation and aggression by the Palestinians and particularly those living in Gaza under the rule of Hamas. Yes Douglas Alexander it’s all the fault of those blasted Palestinians and if only they’ll just go away, die or simply get lost what a Utopian scenario Israel would be faced with.

Reality though that evidently doesn’t feature in your lexicon of words Douglas Alexander is much different and I would seriously like to recommend that you get in touch with Richard Forer who is an American Jew, author, analyst, commentator and much more besides, lives in Albuquerque in New Mexico and to put it bluntly knows Israel not only firsthand but much better than an arse-licker like you ever will. You would also be well advised to read his latest book on Israel and the Jewish mindset called “Breakthrough” and which debunks all the crap that you Douglas like a highly dysfunctional sausage machine spew out. That said people like you have no principles at all and wouldn’t recognize one if it bumped into you, but what you are especially good at is relishing and feeding off sectarian divisions, that’s why Scotland is the most religious sectarian entity within the United Kingdom. And I can only hope that Alex Salmon who I have a tremendous regard and genuine respect for gets his wish and Scotland regains its independence; a massive boost and marvellous upside of that being that inveterate cretins like you Douglas Alexander together with the other Scottish imbeciles that now infest the House of Commons and Lords could no longer do so, and that can’t come soon enough for me.

Bête noire Israel might feel buoyed up when morons like you Douglas Alexander troop off to the court of Benjamin Netanyahu to tell him how wonderful he is and what a superb job he’s doing; bluntly that’s like warmly and even excitedly applauding Count Dracula on how many people he’s bled to death. Israel may indeed get its war with Iran but history is replete with similar inveterate bullies whose grossly exaggerated ambitions didn’t match the reality of the circumstances they were confronted with. Racist Rhodesia and apartheid South Africa didn’t accomplish the thousand years epoch they boastfully said would come into being under white supremacist rule; the sun inevitably did set on the British Empire despite British vainglorious vanity that it wouldn’t do so and there was bugger all that Britain could do about it; and the Third Reich didn’t achieve its cherished ambition of a Final Solution nor did the Third Reich itself last for a thousands years either as the Nazis said it would; so I’m quietly confident that Nazi Israel’s Final Solution in relation to Iran will go the same way.

Most westerners will be familiar with the story of the shepherd boy that constantly cried wolf to selfishly draw attention to himself when there was really no threat to him or his flock and what occurred when one day a wolf did appear. Likewise many people will also be aware of the story of David and Goliath and how against all the odds that contest finally turned out; so be careful what you wish for Israel as life can be a thoroughly unpredictable as well as a right bitch at times!

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