Tuesday, 6 December 2011

David Cameron sanctions US plans to kill Brits during Olympics as war pretext against Iran.

By Stanley Collymore

While at university I used to attend the annual fresher’s fayre that is an integral part of the social calendar of British university life. Walking around on this one occasion with my then girlfriend amid the several and diverse stalls that were on display I was approached by representatives of our main political parties touting for membership and was told by each of them that their party was the party of the future, progressive and all embracing of Britain’s multicultural society. My abrupt response to all of them was simple, so was herpes; pointing out that although it was just as pervasive I didn’t have it but knew enough about it not to want to be contaminated by it, and that was exactly how I felt about our so-called main stream political parties.

I’ve always had a rather healthy and justified contempt for our political parties that immediately becomes even more intensified when focused on individual politicians who, with the noteworthy exclusion of stalwart persons of probity like Jeremy Corbyn, I see as mere clones programmed to automatically and unquestioningly do the bidding of the parliamentary whips, party managers to those of you unfamiliar with our House of Commons procedures and consequently find it alien to you, and whose core interest centres on corruptly keeping their greedy snouts deeply embedded in our public financial troughs that are coercively and uncaringly replenished by favourable laws to themselves that they predictably introduce and are solely responsible for. So the long and short of it is that I don’t trust these people and nothing they do surprises me.

Even so there are moments in one’s life when having convinced yourself that certain individuals are beyond the pale you’re suddenly and unexpectedly provided with irrefutable information that shows clearly that you couldn’t be more wrong. Thankfully from my own perspective these have been rare as I consider myself to be a rather good judge of persons and rely heavily on the advice that my maternal grandmother with whom I’ve always had a remarkably close relationship gave me when I was just a boy of ten years old. Trust no one not even me on face value alone she said, and always rely on your gut instincts and that inner voice within you, which she told me was my conscience. So when I was informed of what I’m about to tell you now I immediately looked at it from all angles including the real possibility that it might be the practitioners of the black arts at work providing me with misleading information in the hope I would gladly use it and they would then have a field day rubbishing my articles that have become something of a pain in the ass for many of them and simultaneously seriously undermine my credibility. But after making my own checks, something I always do with every story I write before I publish it, cross referencing them with trusted, secret and reliable sources, and utilizing my grandma’s infallible criteria I knew that this story was genuine and come what may I was going to publish it. And here it is.

David Cameron with Theresa May, Liam Fox: his role now taken over by Philip Hammond after Fox had to go for conduct unbecoming a government minister, George Osborne and boy William Hague reacting to orders from the White House, the US State Department and the Pentagon have sanctioned the US plan to kill ordinary British civilians during the 2012 Olympics then publicly, feverishly and dishonestly blame their premeditated murders of the kind we currently witness the CIA and SAS, amongst other western agents and their al-Qaida linked, Saudi Arabian and Qatari Arab death squad collaborators, zealously execute in Syria and similarly did in Iraq and Libya on Iran; and following the anticipated upset, outrage and widespread condemnation of these killings will then demand of a pliable but cruelly duped public, inescapably but conspiratorially softened up and conditioned for reprisal by the BBC, Sky News, CNN, France 24, Channel 4 News, every other western media dog of war, their battalions of rent-a-mouth so-called Middle East analysts and of course their toadying and utterly corrupt Arab counterparts that for a variety of fraudulent and self-centred reasons will add their voices to the piercing clamour for a 9/11 Iraqi-style attack on the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Going back to the specific matter of rent-a-mouth analysts I’m referring of course to pathological and exceedingly dangerous liars like the American David Albright who was widely used by the western media and particularly that of the US to accelerate the drumbeats of war against Iraq in the frenzied lead up to war against that country by the United States and Britain. David Albright was most adamant that Iraq had vast stockpiles of WMDs and his trademark TV presentations on the subject to corroborate his lies consisted of impressive graphics and simplified images that the viewing public could readily grasp and relate to but were in effect a concentration of his fanciful thoughts to one-sidedly support what he was saying as well as demonstrate how dangerous these weapons were to the United States and world at large. Notwithstanding the stark reality that the US, a fact that conveniently escaped Albright’s biased diatribe against Iraq at the time, is already in possession of thousands of nukes and additionally oodles of chemical weapons by the way that it has no intention ever of giving up.

Naturally it was all a pack of concerted lies on David Albright’s part who just as conveniently forgot to mention that he was financially in the grip of the military industrial complex that at the same time was heavily lobbying the Congress, the White House and the Pentagon to attack and invade Iraq, a wish they got. However after several years of occupying Iraq, having first smashed it to bits, destroyed its infrastructure and civil society and no weapons of mass destruction were found David Albright was approached by the Los Angeles Times and asked to explain the huge discrepancy between his uncompromising words on Iraq’s alleged possession of WMDs and the reality that the Unites States hadn’t found any there.

Realizing he’d been twigged as the liar he is and seeing what credibility he still had left about to go south David Albright tried to wriggle out of the uncomfortable and highly awkward impasse he was in by saying that if there were no WMDs in Iraq he “would be mad as hell” as he trusted his government to tell the truth over what it had said about Iraq’s WMDs. But hang on a minute, when he was the poster boy for war against Iraq, soaking up the limelight and pontificating with his graphic images about Iraq’s supposed WMDS David Albright at no time made any mention of the US government or its assumption that Iraq was a country abounding with weapons of mass destruction; on the contrary he deliberately gave the unmistakable impression that what he was sallying forth with so assertively was all his work, independent research and analysis. Now like the blithering craven coward that he is this pathetic man was too scared to manfully stand up on his hind legs not crawl of his stomach like a devious snake that he undoubtedly is and say I was wrong.

Instead David Albright spinelessly chose to dump the blame that is undoubtedly his elsewhere in the anticipation that other people around the world are like his fellow Americans and furnished only with short attention spans; would forget what he lyingly said, calculatedly did and just move on; so no need for any apology from him as he saw it. The ghastly thing though from any kind of moral perspective is that once again David Albright is up to his old tricks and with the drumbeats of war coming from the military industrial complex that he’s still a paid pimp for and the several brave armchair generals popping up all over the place as fanatical and enthusiastic cheer leaders for another needless but fabricated war this time against Iran, guess who is there bold as brass on western TV screens, graphics and all the rest of it at hand, leading the charge for war against Iran and peddling the same discredited lies against it as he did against Iraq, you guessed it Mr David Albright himself. It’s the same media broadcasters as before and they all know that he lied to the world and themselves before, so intentionally using David Albright to present a case for military action against Iran on the lying pretext that that country with no concrete evidence to support his fanciful ideas or theirs is manufacturing nuclear weapons not only beggars belief but also shows how immoral and corrupt most of the western media is and how foolish one would be to expect them to report honestly and objectively on anything.

Even more sickening, and believe me it just gets worse, Theresa May’s so-called pilot plan not to be so strict on passport checks had nothing to do with immigration figures or even easing lengthy queues at airports as she lying claims but was far more sinister. One whistleblower at the Border Agency has already said that there were many private chartered planes landing at British airports that immigration officials weren’t allowed to check, hadn’t a clue where these planes really came from since their paper work remains to this day a complete mystery to those legally charged with the responsibility of checking this information; how many passengers were onboard these flights, who they were or where they went after they were hurriedly driven away from the vicinity of the airport. Well I can shed some much needed light on all of these questions. CIA, FBI and Mossad agents operate with free rein in Britain some of them doing so while in possession of diplomatic passports, and this is a practice that was first started during the premiership of Tony Blair, was followed up by Gordon Brown, and has been significantly intensified under David Cameron, so these guys can be ruled out.

Elements of the French secret services are also in Britain; and this is largely down to the criminal collaboration that Nicolas Sarkozy had with David Cameron during their illicit Libyan endeavour and with French presidential elections due in 2012 Sarkozy is looking for another foreign war to significantly boost his flagging poll ratings and therefore doesn’t want to miss out on something as big as an attack on Iran that could do that, and at the same time repair the harm that was done to his Zionist credentials when he was picked up together with Barack Obama by a rogue mike and unmistakably overheard to say that Benjamin Netanyahu was a liar; well we have a saying in Britain that it takes one to know one and as liars and psychopathic ones in the bargain go they don’t come any bigger than Nicolas Sarkozy. Besides the French are just across the channel from us and don’t need to fly in since they can come to the UK by train or ferry. So who then are these mystery guests of ours flying into the UK on privately charted planes that Theresa May has given the approving nod to?

Well you’ll be happy to know I’m sure that these flights are CIA operated and handled exactly as the rendition ones were but that’s where the similarity between them ends, since their passengers aren’t abducted persons destined for a secret CIA gulag, third country torture hell-hole or Gitmo but are fanatical Saudi and Qatari Salafist, Arab death squads being brought in to manufacture an Olympics false flag incident with a much wider agenda in mind; and as they wait in safe houses supplied by David Cameron’s Con-Dem regime, the total cost of this unknowingly picked up by the hard-pressed British taxpayers, for their orders to carry out mass murders in England they’ll be the ones shouting Allah Akbar during their US and UK inspired but Saudi Arabian and Qatari created false flag operation as they cold-bloodedly gun down unarmed British citizens ironically to set off yet another deliberate Middle East war under another false flag pretext for the financial gain of BP and the military industrial complex that jointly and fixatedly like an addict hooked on cocaine thrive on dishonest wars and planned instability in Muslim Arab countries.

This is all part of a much wider BP and other western corporate enterprises bid to seriously incite political provocation on an international scale, create dissatisfaction and chaos where there was previously none as a rolling scenario for the fraudulent militarization of the Middle East, North Africa and the major oil producing areas of sub-Saharan Africa by NATO to effectively put these regions’ natural resources firmly into private and capitalist hands; a mark 2, 21st Century version of the imperialist Sykes-Picot accord based not on faked nationalism as happened originally but sectarianism this time round however with the identical colonialist goals of the past in mind, and closely linked with this and even working in combination with it will be an upgraded 1884 Berlin Conference on Africa protocols every bit as racist towards and just as injurious to the legitimate rights and developmental interests of those that are premeditatedly and unfavourably affected by whatever actions these present day colonialists and imperialists take.

BP already has an exceedingly long and loathsome track record in these kinds of murderous and insidious escapades that go back to the days when it was marketing itself as the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company and arbitrarily exercising complete ownership and control of Iran’s oil resources. But understandably unhappy with what was going on as all sensible people would be if they were placed in a similar situation that gave rise to such an illegitimate state of affairs reinforced by the blatant unfairness that was manifestly at the core of BP and the UK government’s mindboggling arrogance and racism, Iranian lawmakers and their government reacting as one would expect them to to the valid concerns of their hard-done by people over a commodity that was undeniably theirs but from which they weren’t benefiting in any way largely due to BP’s forerunner that was routinely and quite ashamedly hiving off Iranian oil profits to England decided to act.

With the overwhelming support of the Iranian people the transparently, democratically elected lawmakers of the Iranian parliament together with the similarly democratic government of prime minister Mohammad Mossadeq unanimously in parliamentary debates and in the ensuing vote on the matter that was taken decided to nationalize the Iranian oil industry and put this valuable and lucrative enterprise solely into Iranian hands and for the benefit of the Iranian people to whom it belonged. Nothing wrong with that that I can see or that any logical or fair-minded person would have cause to find fault with I would imagine. However if you’re a white racist bigot, implanted with bizarre and fanciful notions of white superiority, harbouring wacky delusions of grandeur about yourself based solely on the colour of your skin which don’t match reality in the remotest meaning of that word, and as a diehard colonialist and imperialist aficionado think that you have an unchallengeable right and what’s more gratis too to what evidently belongs to other people for your own standard of living or way of life then of course you’ll be understanding of BP’s attitude and very supportive of what the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company did when with one voice the people of Iran spoke and their democratically elected representatives listened to them, notwithstanding the fact that selfish, odious nurds like you would be the first to complain and ready to spoil for a fight if the same unfairness was happening to your country and you. But you don’t anticipate any thing like this ever happening do you? Not least because your country has a multitude of nuclear weapons precisely to forestall that likelihood and so reassure sick assholes like you that you can feel safe in your odious conduct; weapons both nuclear and chemical that they have no intention of giving up but have the fucking nerve none the less to demand that others shouldn’t have them. What gallant and principled members of the master race you are. Go on take a bow! To be honest with you I’ve seen far more civilized behaviour among a colony of raccoons.

Like a surly, feral and totally spoilt brat used to having its way then suddenly and unexpectedly coming across someone who says no way are you going to pull this shit on me the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (something BP has consistently been doing ever since) ran off crying to mummy and Uncle Sam who indulgently did what this enfant terrible that has morphed into the bête noire of BP wanted. Employing their pieces de resistance the SAS and the CIA, what a bloody joke to those of us that know first hand the true nature of the SAS and CIA, mummy Britain and Uncle Sam USA proceeded forthwith to oust the lawful government and parliament of Iran and in their place imposed on the Iranians the most brutal and repugnant dictator globally in living memory, which of course thrilled BP no end until that is BP’s Persian champion was himself humiliatingly ousted in turn by the Iranian people who courageously challenged his brutal state apparatus and confronted their nemesis head on, sick to death of his toadying to the west, the theft of their oil resources for the exclusive benefit and improved living standards of westerners that the immense wealth of the Iranian oil industry garnered for them, and the utterly barbaric way that the Iranians were being trampled underfoot by this ostentatious peacock megalomaniac for his own personal aggrandizement.

Whereupon BP fast approaching pensionable age at the time of the so-called Shah’s demise and eviction from Iran but despite the advancing years hadn’t mentally grown up, nothing new in that regard, or demonstrated any capability on the part of those that have run the company throughout its existence that they had or at present have the intellectual insight or commonsense to grow up, act maturely and for once behave like adults and not the goddam, feral kids grotesquely stuck in middle-aged bodies that they obviously are, is even now in 2011, very much older and evidently still the greedy, self-centred, tortuously underhand, wholly insincere and mendacious cry baby it always was, insistently demanding yet again of its doltish UK mum, macho Mafioso but even so bankrupt and completely degenerate Uncle Sam and its string of corrupt bastard relations across the Channel that comprise NATO to do something; anything that in BP’s sick mind will roll back the years and allow it again to have possession and control of what it still believes are its oil and gas reserves in Iran. With such assholes on the loose is there any wonder the world is in the state it’s in! Where’s the goddam moral compass, I’d like to know. And I’m directing this question as much to China and Russia that are future western targets every bit as Iran and Syria currently are (so don’t kid your dumb asses Russia and China it won’t happen to you) as well as the brain dead countries that make up the UN, just as I’m focusing it at those in the west that blithely sit on their daft, I’m alright jack, it’s just the bloody foreigners that Obama, Cameron, Sarkozy, Merkel and the rest of our exemplary democratic leaders are going after asses and fail miserably to get it into their thick skulls that they’re being had and taken for a ride in the most cynical manner possible.

For let me put this question to you, if you, BP, the UK government and the rest of these western morons that think they have a right to take Iran’s oil because they want to and feel they have the military capability to do so and you happily support this, why shouldn’t someone with an equally insatiable covetousness for your wives or daughters and utilizing the same sick, discredited and profoundly perverted reasoning you’re employing to disreputably justify taking something which isn’t yours not do the same regarding those that you value and regardless of whether your wives, girlfriends, partners, mothers, sisters, daughters or other female relations reciprocate that interest, and moreover say to you their husband, father, mother, sister, brother or lover to hell with what you think I want her, that’s all that matters and I’ll bloody well have her. Fair does isn’t it? So I’m sure you wouldn’t mind if in the circumstances I were to suggest to all the rapists, weirdoes, paedophiles and the like in your community, town or city to go out, have a ball and shag at will, whether their selected victims agree to this or not, any female, including you if you turn out to be a member of the fairer sex, that they take a fancy to; as it’s now the official policy of our states, their leaders and supported by significant sections of our populations to take by brute force what isn’t theirs. Happy hunting rapists and paedophiles! And one other thing, any decent or credible country with oil or gas reserves would do well to have no dealings with BP or the west, and what dealings they may be forced to have with China or Russia should be kept strictly commercial as neither of these nuclear yet wannabe loved by the west bastards and fixated with it can be trusted either; think differently and you obviously need your examining, but to think you can engage and deal with these people in a trustworthy manner then frankly you deserve everything you get.

On Monday 28 November 2011 the usual suspects of ingratiating states from Europe converged on the White House to discuss and determine they claimed a new world order. Now bearing in mind that even collectively whites worldwide comprise the smallest racial group on planet Earth, those attending this hubristic shindig after their venture in Libya that resulted in the destruction of a sovereign, independent state and member of the UN that got no protection from that corrupt body; had its government toppled, its leader premeditatedly assassinated, its oil and gas reserves bartered off like a whore’s pimp eagerly touting for the wealthiest client to shag his lag; has had a vicious autocrat regime that countenances no dissent, exercises power through a reign of terror and that the Libyan people didn’t vote for or have any say in its composition, all this the sterling work of these exemplary, white Caucasian democrats with impeccable human rights credentials; and furthermore taking into account that this smug white Cabal that intuitively knows better than anyone else what is best for everyone has not consulted, discussed with or invited anyone other than white or Caucasian led countries to attend this bogus and one-sided discourse on a supposed new world just beggars belief.

Without exception every one of these countries attending this charade is known for its endemic and institutionalized racism; is colonialist minded and imperialist with it. These are the countries that held their equally unilateral 1884 Berlin Conference to which only whites were invited even though the only topic on the agenda was the arbitrary carve up of Africa; a new world order for them but no consultation deemed necessary with those whose continent it was and who would be directly and adversely affected; a new world order too and implemented in the same patronizing fashion when they thought up and sanctioned the Sykes-Picot accord. And of course yet another new world order when the Balfour Declaration was decided upon, by whites of course and put to disastrous effect; so much so that it could very well be the catalyst for World War II, and that is no exaggeration.

But everyone of these so-called new orders that are really white impositions on other races, have been absolutely catastrophic worldwide and there effects are still being felt to this day; yet these ignorant, self-centred bastards have learnt nothing it would seem and carry on as if nothing has happened. They know best and no matter how many cock ups they make the rest of us must grin, bear and accept it; keep quiet in the meantime, move on with our lives and allow these paragons of the master race to randomly make whatever decisions they like as regards the rest of us. That’s bullshit I say! And if we continue to allow this it would be tantamount to a Jamaican Yardie boss and his gang – I’m purposely using the racial undertone here because I know that when anything untoward takes place that involves whites, however racist they are, under the cosh of Blacks it automatically sends the blood pressure of most whites into the stratosphere never mind that it’s Blacks that are more likely to be victims of whites than the other way round. – using the millions got from their multifaceted business dealings to move into the fashionable, upmarket and affluent community where you live and state openly and unequivocally that forthwith they will introduce a new community order that will markedly impact on the lives of everyone living there but from which you and similar posh white residents will naturally have no input.

Now I can already hear the frenzied rush of white feet racing to the luxurious bathrooms in your homes as in turbulent retreat you try to get there in time to forestall the prospect of you shitting, or pissing yourself or even puking up over your expensive shagpile sitting or living room carpets, so appalling to you is the thought of what I impudently and provocatively suggested earlier. Well you know better than to expect any compassion from me on that count and you’re right none will be forthcoming. Why? It’s simple. Because you’re the type of middle and upper class moron that supports your government whether it’s right or wrong, never bothering to question what it does because its actions always ensure that you land on your feet, and as long as you’re okay why the hell should you bother about anyone else especially if as you habitually perceive them to be they are just a load of bloody strange foreigners not like us and that we have nothing in common with. Well you’re wrong on all counts!

They’re human beings too just like you with the same kind of emotions and aspirations that we have; the same expectations and worries we routinely live through for our children and even our grandchildren as we watch them grow up, nurture their education and ardently hope that no harm will ever befall them as they move into adulthood, hopefully get decent jobs, homes of their own and provide us with the next generations; these are the ambitions too of these foreigners that you take it upon yourself to dismissively see as different from you. People that want to be accorded in the same way that we demand for ourselves and would be up in arms if we didn’t get it in our country the right to dignity, self-determination, the rule of law and equality for everyone before that law, not to have some external entity or group of entities arbitrarily and conceitedly see them as handy milch cows to provide these outside forces with the wealth from their natural resources as a matter of habit and on terms they dictate. And should they question this or refuse to go along with it will quickly find themselves subjected to a gratuitous bombardment of pressure to give in amid corrupt meddling consistently from the west in their domestic affairs and which embarks on clandestinely gerrymandering situations locally to the west’s advantage or even going as far as to devise a false flag pretext to oust the government and politicians they’ve democratically elected. Only to find themselves burdensomely lumbered with greedy, obsequious quislings headed by a compliant dictator and all of them only too willing to do the bidding of those who put them there, as additionally they do all they can to pull off the impossible and slake the insatiable greed of the likes of BP.

But why should you worry about any of this? Don’t BP and the other plunderers keep reminding and reassuring you that their nefarious activities will guarantee there’s a bounteous supply of oil and gas literally on tap complemented by a reliable and uninterrupted supply of it as well so long as our governments that are very much in their pockets keep on destabilizing these countries and bringing about regime change there that will ensure your gas and electricity costs fall drastically and your standard of living won’t be affected in anyway? And selfish to the core isn’t this sweet music to your ears? So much so that you speculatively wonder for a moment or two but not at all profoundly so as others already do such tasks for you even sacrificing their lives in the process of doing so, but it’s nice all the same to get into that armchair general, hubristic frame of mind as it powerfully reminds you of just who you are, a member of the master race no less and how jolly lucky and privileged you are too, why you didn’t don your tin hat, pick up a rifle and cheerfully march off to those strange climes to kill some of these bloody foreigners yourself.

Which brings me back to the situation I’d posited earlier of the Yardie boss and his gang taking over your affluent community or even others and the will took them. Knowing the irritable bowel situation that such a prospect would undeniably cause the likes of you I’m curious to know, even though I already know the answer but would still like to hear it from you the horse’s mouth as it were, why black gangsterism perplexes you so and causes so much anguish to you in a way that white gangsterism far more brutal and pervasive, committed by regimes with nuclear weapons, massive stockpiles of WMDs, banned chemical weapons and a roving bunch of murderous bully boys like the SAS, CIA and of course the North Atlantic Terrorist Organisation that kills in their hundreds of thousands and even millions, their victims mainly the young and elderly around the same age as your children or grandchildren, parents or elderly grandparents, doesn’t. Odd don’t you think?

You might even laugh off dismissively the idea of the Yardies invading your manor so to speak; don’t be so sure of yourself in that regard, we live in very difficult times and the world is a very dangerous place awash with horrifying violence caused by the indifference of the likes of you to the rights of others, and it’s easy to see why as your rights are the only rights that matter, and the kinds of rightwing governments that you elect to preserve the status quo. Seeing how unjust that really is why shouldn’t those adversely affected by this not create their own status quo where you are in effect eradicated from the equation and instead of continuing to benefit from the privileged situation you currently enjoy and automatically think you’re entitled to, everything you treasure and attach so much importance to is suddenly and drastically turned on its head and you are seen by those that created, run and have comprehensively imposed their new order on you as nothing more than collateral damage.

Not a nice thought is it and I would imagine the feeling would be considerably worse, but then you are going to tell me that the authorities you so staunchly support won’t allow this to happen, that the police would be into your community like a shot to protect you. Isn’t it strange and even bizarre that those like you who really don’t give a damn about other people’s protection and well being, whose usual response when they’re viciously abused and horribly mistreated is often one of, well they probably deserved it any way, don’t have any qualms or reluctance at all in quickly reminding others of your rights and vigorously demanding that these are scrupulously respected when it’s you in a tight spot. By the way the Yardies have a fearless reputation and a ruthlessness to match and if you doubt that then have a word with either the Jamaican or US law enforcement agencies. Death holds no fear for them; they fight to the last man or woman their creed being that of kill or be killed; and they take no prisoners. Strong attitude; my kind of people. So if you think you can just wrap yourself up in a protective cocoon of white invincibility and don’t need to give a shit how that actually affects others let alone worry about how many of those bloody foreigners are literally having their heads smashed in amid the chorus of your avid support for those that are intentionally inflicting this barbarity in your name then think again.

The kinds of absurdities I witness every day and I’m sure other rational people do too lead me to regrettably conclude that the lunatics have taken over at the asylum. Speaking of lunatics Nicolas Sarkozy who is frenziedly spoiling for another Libyan adventure to boost his re-election hopes at in the upcoming 2012 French presidential elections sees nothing immoral in attacking a foreign country, killing thousands of its citizens and creating utter chaos there to achieve his objective at home, never mind the country in question poses no threat to France or French people. His latest scam is to demand a humanitarian corridor inside Syria’s border without any discussion with that country and in a way that were it France on the receiving end of this conceited demand neither he nor any French person would tolerate. In fact Nicolas Sarkozy and the French government would undoubtedly view such a suggestion with the greatest of hostility and even see it as a declaration of war on France. But there is a stark irony in what Sarkozy is doing since it’s him along with his western allies and together with Israel, Turkey and the GCC dictatorships in the Gulf that are the ones that began the unrest in Syria, whose paramilitary forces and death squads are clandestinely in that country, have been there from the beginning of this campaign to bring down the Bashir al-Assad regime, are the ones carrying out the deliberate murders of civilians to dishonestly media hype their murders and falsely blame them on the Syrian government as they’ve been doing now for nine months; and this with the key aims of bringing about regime change in Syria, imposing a puppet dictatorship there that’ll be amenable to the west and at the latter’s behest cut its ties with Iran, have yet another cat’s paw state in the Middle East that the multinational corporations and the military industrial complex can corruptly use as their playground, but even more importantly serve as a bulwark to buttress the paranoia of the Nazi, apartheid state of Israel.

So what exactly is this humanitarian corridor that Nicolas Sarkozy is proposing? Essentially it’s a paramilitary corridor that has nothing at all to do with humanitarian concerns far less those that pertain to the Syrian people. The so-called opposition in Syria as indeed the similarly misleading Syrian free army aren’t even Syrian and in fact are western paramilitary forces supplemented by Qatari and Saudi Arabian death squads, Mossad hit men and of course al-Qaida that the United States and UK have unbrokenly since they created al-Qaida to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan in their proxy war against the USSR continued working intimately with, never mind their lying crap about their war on terror with their bête noire which like everything else is just another big lie by these pathological past masters at lying. The unvarnished truth is that Britain, the United States and al-Qaida are steadfast partners and there’s no intention I can detect or that my sources have informed me about that this relationship is about to change as things are in the foreseeable future. These western governments and al-Qaida lavishly funded by the GCC states, particularly Saudi Arabia and Qatar are the real terrorists, and what we’ve seen since the United States pulled one of the biggest cons it has to date on its people and iconically now referred to as 9/11 is a situation where al-Qaida and the US are ingeniously and quite successfully as it happens managing to play good cop, bad cop with most of the world and getting all you mugs to fall for it.

Life is precious I feel and everyone has a right to it so it’s not callousness that is being expressed here but to be honest with you it has all become such a political circus and a bloody dishonest one too that I’ve simply shut off and couldn’t care less how many Americans were killed on 9/11 or perished at any other time at the hands of their administration or president. God well knows that these deaths collectively pale into inconsequentiality when set beside the acknowledged let alone the unknown millions that have been murdered by the United States since World War II in its brutal, imperialist and anti-communist fixated wars. And if you think that you can go around recklessly killing other people either as a state or simply as an individual why the hell should any sensible person give a toss how many of yours, fellow citizens, relatives or friends, get butchered in the course of time? As I see it, if you recklessly play with fire and keep on doing so then don’t be surprised if you end up being seriously burnt. It’s your problem and keep it that way; and that goes for governments too, not to expect others including those who are complete strangers to you but nevertheless quickly sussed out what a prime asshole you are to feel sorry for you and even worse have you tell them how they should react to your self-imposed problem. Go figure!

As self-imposed problems exist they seldom come bigger or nuttier than Nicolas Sarkozy. This is a man that is charging around like a completely demented bull in a china shop levelling all sorts of false accusations at Syria when even the timorous Russians are now saying what anyone that has been aware of the true situation already knew that Nicolas Sarkozy is a pathological liar and moreover he’s one of the principal protagonists in the Syrian story. Not least because France at Sarkozy’s behest is arming and training insurgents based in Turkey and Lebanon to infiltrate and attack Syrian and Syrians. It’s one of the key reasons why he wants his so-called humanitarian corridor in Syria identical to the one in Egypt when contrary to the terms of UN Resolution 1973 France and its allies used this clandestine conduit to illegally ferry arms into Libya to supply the armed insurgents it and its western partners already had there; clearly the motives weren’t in the remotest humanitarian but solely military in nature and the corridor covertly created was strictly for paramilitary purposes.

Additionally too as the Russians have belatedly admitted Nicolas Sarkozy is and throughout the unrest in Syria has been putting enormous pressure on and effectively dissuading genuine Syrian reformists from having any dialogue with the Syrian government. In fact every time they try to he ups the ante by ordering his insurgents in Syria to carry out more and even bloodier killings of innocent Syrian civilians whose horrendous murders he then lyingly and for western propaganda purposes through willing agents like France 24, the BBC, Sky News and the rest of them blames on the Syrian regime. And isn’t it curious and a bit strange how with the western media forever bleating about being banned from Syria during these testing times that country is faced with as a direct result of the openly hostile actions to it by countries like France how this same media and the countries they represent can be so exact about the number of murders they say that the Syrian government has carried out and is still mixed up with against its people, unless of course they are privy to inside information, which I’m absolutely convinced is the case, as to who the real killers are in common with private details of their grisly work since it’s well known that those doing the killings are western or western backed, Arab death squads. Yet omnipresent as the western media are and even firmly embedded with the western occupation forces, as is standard in Afghanistan and Iraq and was so in Libya, they’re unable to tell us they claim how many people were and still are being routinely slaughtered in these countries by the United States, British and NATO forces. How immoral and one-sided can you get and not see anything wrong with that?

The kind and degree of immorality, double standards and hypocrisy that regularly emanates from Britain, particularly this David Cameron Con-Dem, coalition government, is literally astounding. Britain has nuclear and chemical weapons which under the legally binding protocols of the NTP and OPCW to which it is a signatory it’s supposed to get rid of but refuses to do so while at the same time being scathing in its tirades against highly selective countries as to who in its rather warped and subjective view shouldn’t be allowed to have these kinds of weapons whether they want to or not. Recently Britain has announced that it will be spending over £2 billion Sterling to upgrade its nuclear arsenals, that’s money the country can ill-afford to squander in this way when austerity cuts in key sectors of our social and national lives, the NHS, education and pensions to name just three of these, are causing immense hardships and excruciating misery for millions of Britons. Notwithstanding that David Cameron and our lawmakers still feel that Britain must have its nuclear toy and more to the point an upgraded version too, never mind the country already has more than enough nuclear missiles to destroy the world several times over; and all this in spite of the fact that consistent with the terms of the NTP Britain should be dismantling not upgrading its nuclear weapons. It’s a similar situation with our vast stockpile of chemical weapons. All such weapons are legally supposed to be destroyed by April 2012, a binding OPCW resolution that all member countries of the OPCW, and Britain is one, have agreed to. But wretchedly my country’s actions remind me of a beer guzzling lout who takes the house keeping money inadequate as it is and instead of using it to stave off the hunger of his girlfriend and kids goes out and puts it down on a state of the art HD flat screen TV set because it’s the latest wannabe item. And that sums up precisely the mindset of our government, parliament, military top brass and the likes of BP. The irony is we’re paying the US all this money for these exorbitantly priced weapons but like our current nuclear ones we won’t be able to use them without the say so of the United States. What an abject lesson in sycophancy!

Countries that flout the binding resolutions of the OPCW or IAEA must face punitive sanctions and can be referred to for such to the UN general assembly or the Security Council. Britain is all for this but selectively so, as following the lead of the United States it too has made it known that it won’t be giving up its stockpile of chemical weapons by the April 2012 time limit but instead will hang on to them well into the future while insisting of course that all countries apart from those it’s politically and militarily allied with and count as friends will have to abide by the rules of the OPCW and meet their April 2012 commitments otherwise they must expect to face harsh and punitive sanctions that Britain will firmly insist on for them not having done so. Outstanding and riveting stuff with all the hallmarks of honesty, integrity, uprightness and good old fashioned fair play, don’t you think? Or perhaps you’ll more fittingly see Britain as the clapped out tramp it really is living in a world of yesteryears and pathetically deluding itself that life from its decrepit and time warped 19th Century perspective is one of “do as I say, not as I do.”

Furthermore Britain is one of the countries that helped Israel to illegally develop its own nuclear weapons arsenal that stands, estimates vary, upwards of 400 nuclear warheads. In addition Israel with the assistance of and the provision by the west, particularly the United States of America, Britain, France and Germany, has substantial stocks of chemical weapons and other WMDs. And this despite the fact that Israel adamantly refuses to be a member of the NPT and the OPCW and cooperation with it in these areas by states that are is illegal, so Britain is flagrantly breaking the law as are the USA, France, Germany and other western states that are actively cooperating with Israel in these prohibitive areas of chemical and nuclear technologies development.

But brazenly this doesn’t worry any of these countries in the least and who arrogantly feel that they’re either too big, too established and essential as so-called significant states because of their colonialist and imperialist past, or too key a player in the bodies that are tasked to take punitive actions against miscreant states that flout the rules of the IAEA and OPCW because as with the ICC and Geneva Conventions even though it was they who made up the rules, while they always saw them as suitable sanctions against other people’s and countries bad behaviour regardless of how serious or not this was, conversely never in any circumstance envisaged them as tools to be used against themselves even when their infractions and non-observances of them were far more threatening, damaging or dangerous to everyone. Therefore countries like the UK and the United States, France, Germany and the NATO countries have adopted this white gangsterism solidarity attitude of “we don’t give a damn of what you think about what we’re doing as we’re going to do it anyway, but that’s us and you’re not us. And if you try to pal we’ll have you guts for garters!”

And that’s what we’re saddled with in this 21st Century we’ve moved into, gang rule by so-called big boys on the block and their bouncer, to use a nightclub jargon, hangers-on and hired muscle gracelessly characterized by a conspicuous lack of cerebral discernment and widely known as the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization or the acronym NATO. A situation that so cows an IAEA pusillanimous and weak at the best of times that it doesn’t dare talk about Israel’s illegal nuclear arsenals or the west’s role in this let alone have the balls to demand that these weapons and their facilities be put under international scrutiny and the present clandestine nature of Israel’s nuclear weapons industry in full cahoots with and demonstrably under the spirited protection of the west, especially the countries of the United States, Britain, France, Germany and the other EU member states, be brought to an immediate and long-overdue end.

For it’s the height of stupidity, the vortex of injustice and moreover defies all commonsense for countries like Britain literally armed to the teeth with chemical and nuclear weapons and actively supporting another rogue state like themselves but which has them illegally to psychologically as well as physically be threatening a country like Iran that says it doesn’t have these weapons and crucially doesn’t want to acquire them. Now even if Iran is lying, and none of its accusers has provided a shred of evidence that’s remotely concrete to support their wild allegations, what sane country or person can blame it if it chose to acquire these weapons? Don’t its accusers have them and while we know that Israel is a no-go-area as far as the IAEA and OPCW are concerned isn’t it also true that the three declared western nuclear states and permanent members of the Security Council of the UN, namely the US, Britain and France, which are insistent that Iran must not be allowed to have nuclear weapons are themselves less than transparent or enthusiastic , and that’s putting it mildly, when it comes to the IAEA visiting or inspecting their nuclear facilities and are known to routinely place serious obstacles or grant no admission to that body when such scrutiny is aimed at their nuclear military facilities? QED then where Iran is concerned wouldn’t you say?

Besides, isn’t there something inherently unjust and basically annoying when someone and more to the point a stranger arbitrarily and dictatorially tells you for no good reason that you can see other than a self-centred one on their part that you can’t do something which they’re indulging in and when you ask why they haven’t a logical answer, dissemble, go quiet or tell you it’s because they say so. Wouldn’t that piss you? Of course it would! All sensible parents know that the worst thing they could possibly do is tell their teenage daughter dating a bloke they don’t like but that she’s keen on she mustn’t see him again and when she asks why is told he’s not good enough for you and we don’t like him. Rings a bell? Does daughter submissively listen to the advice of mum and dad? Like hell she does! As a counsellor I’ve lost count of the number of young people who contentedly ended up marrying partners their parents were adamant they wouldn’t be allowed to having unequivocally stated such an outcome would only happen over their dead bodies. Well no died; not even the pompous parents who were ultimately forced to grow up and face reality. It is human nature to want to develop your own path and not arrogantly have others regardless of who they are unwarrantedly interfering in your life.

And if as individuals and even young ones at that this concept of self-determination can strike such an animated cord and be strongly felt and expressed as well, how much more so a nation of people with their pride and dignity at stake? So how on earth then can the imbecilic morons who kid themselves they run Britain, the United States, France, Germany, the rest of the EU and the NATO member states, when we all know it’s the banks that do and they’re just the bag boys and bag girls, come to the absurd conclusion that they can dictate to a nation like Iran which already knows what they’re capable of, having disastrously observed firsthand their many acts of perfidy committed against it and with agonizing memories of these still etched in Iranian memories, and force it to do these westerners bidding. Think realistically as it won’t happen, because the Iran of 2011 isn’t the Iran of the Sykes-Picot era or the BP 1953 ouster of Iran’s democratically elected government then and Britain and the United States’ imposition on the Iranian people of the brutal and illegitimate Shah.

Geographically Iran unwelcomingly finds itself in a neighbourhood that is awashed with nuclear weapons. Pakistan, India, China, Russia, North Korea and of course Israel all have them. As well the navies of the United States, France, Britain and the other NATO states that patrol the waters of the Persian Gulf are also equipped with them and it’s an open secret that the US bases in this volatile region have their own complement of strategic nuclear weapons in preparation.. Now if this wasn’t Iran we were talking about: as you see it a strange, far off country you’ve never been to, have no plans of going there in the foreseeable future, don’t know any Iranians and rely solely for your news of that country on the biased, completely misleading, dishonest or downright lying and fabricated propagandistic, rightwing crap spitefully spewed out 24/7 by the BBC, Fox News, CNN, Sky News, France 24 and the rest of these dissolute jerks as your primary source of brain washing apart from Rupert Murdoch’s tabloids and the Daily Mail and Telegraph for example, but was instead your neighbourhood where you were born, grew up, identify with and is a locale you know well and feel you belong to, and a group of outsider bullies with help from some feral rent-a-muscle locals you never saw eye to eye with, have absolutely nothing in common with or any time for were planning to deprive you of what’s legally yours, and I’m referring to important stuff like your home and other possessions, would you be so philosophical and do nothing as you evidently are in Iran’s case or want others to take a similar uninterested stance to you while these nurds without any excuse other than your refusal to relinquish your independence, join them and have them control your life keep on threatening to thrash your home, loot everything that you’ve worked hard for to improve your living standards and those of your loved ones and even have the audacity to start preparations to do so? Of course you wouldn’t since the natural human response placed in such a predicament is to protect yourself and your family by every means possible, and knowing you’ve done no wrong fight back if you have to in order to defend what’s yours. So I’d like to propose that you get a mirror look diligently into it and conscionably ask yourself why in similar circumstances as yourself should Iran behave or expect to act differently from what you would do?

Iran’s threat to the west and something its government as long as it stays independent will never be forgiven for is that it has the world’s third largest supply of oil resources and in terms of gas reserves the second largest, none of which are in BP or other western multinational corporations hands and they are as sick as parrots about this. And ever since the Iranians kicked out their so-called Shah and retook control of their lives, destiny and natural resources Britain, the USA and Europe that have no natural resources of their own to speak of and what they once had they just squandered, who are totally hooked on oil and gas and need these commodities to maintain their crumbling economy and destitute standard of living have been thinking up all sorts of bizarre but desperate pretexts to forcibly drag Iran back into the toadying fold of quisling, Danegeld paying dictatorships like Saudi Arabia and Qatar. And with ordinary Iranians not falling for the west’s blandishments as they can clearly see how bankrupt and corrupt the west is, and with the west hit by recession and about to go back into recession again amid fears of massive countrywide unrest if this happens scaring the shits out of political control freaks like Cameron, Sarkozy and Merkel and compounded by the stark fact the US dollar and the Euro are now as worthless as Monopoly money, there are now real fears on the part of the political elite of populist revolutions afoot even in stiff upper lip Britain with the once haughty and flamboyant 1% petrified of becoming at best the hunted and at worse undergoing the same fate as the French aristocracy did when during their revolution the French people literally took matters into their own hands; what most a reassuring thought.

So what do political cowards do in such circumstances? They look for an external enemy and a war to distract the attention of the masses. Iran with all the hostile media propaganda relentlessly waged against it in the west and its massive oil and gas reserves a huge temptation to the greedy scumbags at BP and their partners in crime like a meal would be to a predatory, frantic but weak bear that hasn’t eaten for weeks and has been relying all that time on its fat reserves to survive, to mix metaphors the west has gone into a shark feeding frenzy mode with Iran the major mark. But the west should be bluntly told to stop listening to the insatiable avarice of BP and start applying some much needed commonsense in its overall conduct and particularly its dealings with Iran as Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya; and having seen shark feeding frenzies close up in the wild anyone who has similarly done so will tell you the sharks not unusually end up the worst often attacking each other in their in their mad frenzy to get what they’re after and once blood is spilt, no matter whose it is, have no scruples turning on other sharks that got injured and devouring them. So you should be wary what you wish for all you armchair generals, colonialists, imperialists and latter day, wannabe massahs, bwanas, memsahibs and even Rajs.

So where do you the ordinary, industrious, honest, socially concerned and decent Brit, and there are some of you out there I know, came into this imposed tangled equation? How about someone suggesting to you and those who vainly and despairingly watched Tony Blair dismissively reject your concerns and pleas not to unlawfully attack and invade Iraq, which he did anyway and has never apologized for doing so even when his much trumpeted WMDs ruse was shown up to be the great lie he always knew it was, together with every other concerned Brit and resident in this country should David Cameron, Nick Clegg, their regime and the plethora of Labour’s armchair generals that we know exist conspire and agree to attack Iran as their predecessors did Iraq at the behest of BP, the United States, Israel or the hawks in the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization, mobilize yourselves and similarly launch targeted and similarly deadly attacks on Tory, Lib-Dem and Labour residential areas of Britain and their MPs that are supportive of this illegal war. For how many innocent lies must continue to be lost in the pursuit of BP’s avarice, how many more times must we say after the event if only we had done something? Well do something and let the selfish bastards who view yet another unwarranted war as Britain demonstrating it still has it as one war too many for them as they won’t if you act be around to see another one.

The United States Constitution guarantees the right to US citizens to bear arms; this wasn’t done so that gangs in New York, Chicago or Los Angeles for example could have the unfettered right to gratuitously set about blowing off each other’s heads. On the contrary; as it was a very astute device by the Founding Fathers, one of whom was a Barbadian, to ensure that the citizenry of the United States could militarily defend itself against a tyrannical leader or totalitarian government whether that entity was a state or national one. We have no written constitution in Britain and it’s easy to see why and why the powers that be don’t want us to. What they are most happy with is the status quo that relies on an outdated royal prerogative, in other words unchallenged power by a prime minister which even the courts can’t scrutinize or give remedy to, antiquated protocols of precedence that mean if it happened before it can again no matter how ludicrous the situation is, and a one-size fits them all mindset complemented by our government and lawmakers making up policies or more fittingly cock-ups on the hoof as it were.

That’s no bloody way to run a country and certainly not one that claims to be in the 21st Century. That’s why central UK governments can ignore the real will of the people and do whatever they like. The MPs for the most part aren’t any bloody use either and are merely lobby fodder who’re told what to do by the party whips and know that if they don’t they’ll be out on their assess as the party hierarchy will do all in its power to see they’re deselected as parliamentary candidates and these rapacious scumbags that like nothing better than feeding off the rest of us, only the bankers are better at it than they, and having their snouts firmly embedded in the public financial troughs aren’t going to upset their party bosses and damage their chances of the continued life of Riley at the taxpayers’ expense; that would mean having to get a proper job and what practical employer would want to hire them? That’s why UK governments treat them with scan regard and also why our MPs are so hopeless. Sensible Britons in the meantime are heartily sick and tired of pointless wars waged not even for the benefit of us but the likes of tax avoiding multinational companies like BP that routinely cream off for themselves the massive profits made in the bloody aftermath of these illegal wars while the 99% are either literally bled to death financially at home or on the battlefields for their aggrandizement. An attack on Iran will be no Second World War moment in the history of mankind; there’ll be no nobility linked to it just as the other needless wars Britain involved itself in after World War II have merited none; for that reason it’ll be just another act of dissipated barbarism played out by white, European and Caucasian bullies as they’ve done across the centuries but this time round with nukes and chemical WMDS at their disposal.

Earlier and tongue in the cheek I referred to the CIA and the SAS, the two instruments that will be foremost in any putsch against Iran, as the US and Britain’s pieces de resistance. Frankly I was just taking the piss as it’s not how I see either of these bodies and trust me neither of them has any legitimacy when it comes to universal values such as morality, valour, chivalry with its embodiment of integrity or any epithet that could remotely be categorized as just, honourable or even human. Sorry to disillusion you but the SAS and CIA are nothing more than a militarized gang of psychopathic, Pavlovian-style conditioned murder squads afforded government licences and consent to carry out their insane and ghoulish killings at the ordinary taxpayer’s expense. To give you an idea of what I mean had Peter Sutcliffe, the Yorkshire Ripper; Ian Brady, the Moors murderer; or Ian Huntley, the Soham murderer chosen to join the SAS they would each of them have been readily accepted into its ranks as members.

While I was in the Royal Air Force I had full security clearance and I know that it’s the explicit and active policy of the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to recruit persons with highly dysfunctional backgrounds, have a propensity for gratuitous violence and that unquestioningly do what they’re told to, and who had they remained in civvy street and not joined the SAS would certainly have ended up in jail for murder or some other serious crime like GBH with the similar likelihood of being killed by someone like them. However in the SAS these inveterate and criminally inclined recruits can and happily do so with the blessing, backing and active encouragement of the MoD literally live out in real terms their nefarious fantasies enabling the bigwigs at the MoD and the armchair generals in the government, parliament and the British media to get their sexual highs from the thrashings of others overseas as such bestial and brutal beatings vividly remind them of their days at their British public schools where the culture of willing flagellation is endemic and widespread.

At one stage during my service with the RAF I was stationed at RAF Hereford where the SAS is based. Thankfully it was a short posting as it turned out to be one of the most bizarre experiences I’ve ever had. Not only did I see the SAS up close but instantly realized what a bunch of psychos they were and how very loathed they were by the proper RAF; for administrative purposes and a weird set of other circumstances that only the morons at the MoD could come up with the SAS was shall we say officially RAF, that’s like saying Kent is part of France because our two states are now part of the EU, but I have never come across a real life RAF member who saw them as such. While at RAF Hereford curious to discover why the SAS was so hated I decided to have a word on the matter with one of their middle ranking officers who astonishingly was quite candid in his response. They’re are feral and they’re killers that fit the bill exactly for what is demanded of them he told me, adding that even though he knew them well as it was his business to do so in civvy street he wouldn’t want to be living a thousand light years from any of them.

My next posting was to RAF Shawbury on the outskirts of Shrewsbury and the contrast couldn’t have been more pronounced. There was an excellent comradeship between the unit’s members and our CO was absolutely brilliant and inspiring. Shortly after my arrival at the unit I was taken under the wing of a senior officer in the squad and felt really at home. Then two years after I was there tragedy struck in the most heart rending and devastating of circumstances when in a freak air accident while he was out on a training exercise my friend, mentor and colleague was killed. Well liked and always the life and soul of the party everyone was totally devastated not least so our CO. I was part of the honour guard at his funeral and as operations were suspended while the crash investigators carried out their mandatory probe we were all at a bit of a loose end trying to act normally but hurting like hell inside.

Then one day the CO charged into the common room and in an unprecedented rage threw what was a newspaper he was carrying on the table and let rip. It was most unusual to see him like this even more so to hear the salty language he was giving vent to. It turned out that the catalyst for his fury was some media article about the SAS that ludicrously sought to imbue them with super human qualities. I remember his words clearly as they’ve been permanently etched in my mind ever since. £these bastards go around the world killing innocent men, women and children who pose no threat to them or the rest of us in this country,” he said. “Meantime honourable men and women of the RAF lose their lives sometimes in the most tragic of situations but one would be lucky indeed to see them get a mention in these bloody rags let alone given any credit.” Later our CO apologized for his outburst but we told him there was no need to as the views he’d expressed were shared by the rest of us. He thanked us for our support and went to his office to be alone.

What I didn’t mention to him in our solidarity with him but I guessed he already knew was the amorous role played by the wives and partners of these alleged SAS heroes. For while I was at RAF Hereford I learnt of and later saw with my own eyes a most bizarre state of affairs. Come nightfall the married quarters of these SAS wives became an instant bonanza for untrammelled sexual liaisons between these females and whoever on the base or they decided to bring in from neighbouring Hereford itself that was up for it to keep them satisfied, and trust me there were no shortage of takers. So much so that these jack the lad Lotharios roguishly equated their nightly romps to those murdering activities of the cuckolded SAS husbands abroad claiming that while they were making stiffs of people there their wives and partners were mutually and pleasurably helping their lovers to humanitarianly bury stiffs at home.

What a crass attempt on the part of the United States, successful by all accounts it would appear, to publicly and humiliatingly show who really pulls the strings when it comes to its quisling and excruciatingly fawning cat’s-paw, the United Kingdom and most specifically the David Cameron led Con-Dem allegedly coalition government here in Britain that holds fort for the time being for the United States and its criminal foreign policy interests. Informed Brits already knew, a state of affairs revealed by Wikileaks long before elections were mooted let alone held in Britain and that saw these Conservative puppets assume control in Britain, that David Cameron, those that made up his front bench spokespersons then and are now senior cabinet ministers in his fascistically-inclined, far right regime had all solemnly and sycophantically promised in every feasible way, from defence to foreign affairs to fiscal matters, just to name three key areas involved, to be even more of a toadying lickspittle than Tony Blair and Gordon Brown’s spineless regimes had been, and these took some beating in that regard believe me!

So what we’ve alarmingly but unsurprisingly observed and furthermore have also been forced to experience ever since the prime ministership of Margaret Thatcher is a Britain that has willingly committed itself like a fixated and besotted suitor to the object of his passion and moreover has recklessly done so in the face of all reason and commonsensical considerations to the contrary of the way he should actually be conducting himself in this manner, notwithstanding the fact that in the UK’s case the focus of that adoration that Britain is so earnestly and single-mindedly wooing, is expending so much energy and treasure on and would happily die for doesn’t reciprocate these feelings and in actuality doesn’t give a damn about Britain or even what it thinks, and frequently, dismissively, publicly and with scant concern for the sensitivities of the British people who must pay for the follies of their governments shows this to be the case, sadistically treating the UK like a puppet on a string to be callously and even pathetically dangled whenever and however the US thinks fit and done so at its own convenience. Britain essentially is now a second-rate vassal state of the United States, a sad state of affairs which is strikingly characterized by the fact that in its self-imposed state of servitude it doesn’t even enjoy the benefits, privileges or concerns let alone the inherent security accorded to US dependencies like Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands but for all that is nevertheless completely saddled with all the US’s woes, the vast majority of which are patently self-inflicted and evidently preventable.

No one living in the real world can fail to recognize what is starkly staring them fully in the face, namely that the United States of America is a declining power that additionally is having serious problems adjusting to what that means. Therefore the self-denial argument obviously vouchsafed to detract attention away from this painful and hard to swallow reality alongside the inevitable loss of US global hegemony have created a flawed but nevertheless sinister situation that the US political and establishment elites have seized upon and effectively made their rallying cry, which they now diligently and at every turn that either fortuitously presents itself or more generally that they can deviously create and facilitate seek to forcibly ram down the throats of the rest of us and in doing so use excuses that at best are best disingenuous and at their worst downright criminal. Most favoured among these is the ruse that the events of 9/11 created a state of affairs following which we can never be the same and accordingly must willingly surrender our liberties and legal rights in order to fight what, when viewed impartially, is basically some nebulous foreign enemy, when in effect the real enemy is in Washington DC.

Britain regrettably has willingly bought into this odious crap and not least so because those who run our country, or more to the point delude themselves that they do, and particularly those in the Con-Dem government haven’t adjusted to the idea yet and therefore can’t bring themselves to accept that Britain is a has been power and has been so since 1945 but still delusionarily trades on past 19th Century glories, a condition every bit as analogous to that of an over the hill boxer that doesn’t recognize and therefore adamantly refuses to admit that his days in the ring are over and what successes he may once have achieved there now firmly belong to the past. That doesn’t mean that Britain should happily give up the ghost and die; far from it as if it seriously undertook to use the preponderance of talents it has among its much maligned multicultural society rather than harping back and wishing for an homogenous white society that never existed except in the perverted minds of racist bigots, I’m totally convinced that as a nation we could make a terrific contribution to the improvement not only of ourselves but also the rest of the world.

Instead this offshore island of ours has become a European and a world embarrassment that sadly and quite pathetically continues to hubristically delude itself without any kind of reform at all since the 19th Century, never mind that the world has changed dramatically since then and we are into the 21st Century, that it is still a major world power by virtue I suppose of the fact that it has a stockpile of nuclear weapons, the same nuclear weapons that propels Britain would you believe to want to launch a war against Iran to prevent, it lyingly claims, a proliferation of these weapons globally, never mind that Britain has no intention whatsoever of giving up its nuclear arsenals as is demanded by the NPT to which it is a signatory, and far from doing so is expending oodles of our taxpayers Pounds and money the country can ill-afford in upgrading our nuclear capabilities. And when the Con-Dem regime as was its New Labour predecessors were asked why we need to have these nukes we were dismissively told they are vitally important to the defence of Britain.

Now let me get my head around this and get it straight; and I ask you to do the same as well. UK Plc goes around the world gratuitously attacking other people’s countries, plundering at will their natural resources to satisfy the unsatisfiable, namely the insatiable greed of BP and in the process premeditatedly killing in their millions the citizens and innocent civilians of these countries who didn’t pose any threat to us or anyone else; their only crime being that the countries they belong to are cursed with natural resources that acquisitive multinational corporations like BP think they have an unchallengeable right to never mind the costs in human life, treasure or who suffer in the circumstances as long as it’s not them; and it won’t be, because these premeditated and criminal war ventures are engaged in by toadying regimes like our own expressly with one aim in mind to enrich and keep on doing so the likes of BP. And for my country Britain to repulsively, asininely and deceitfully talk about it needing to have nuclear weapons to defend itself when in fact it’s the UK that is the rampant aggressor towards as well as the mass murderer of other countries citizens really does beggar believe. And to compound this pathologically perverted and totally sick stance that its Con-Dem regime and lickspittle MPs hold by even going further and publicly stipulating who can or can’t have nuclear weapons and threatening all manner of evils including all out war against those it doesn’t favour having nukes, even when they voluntarily, repeatedly and publicly say they don’t want them, but nevertheless refuse to be cowed by this out of control, ought long to have been pensioned off and retired, embarrassing asshole of a country lying on the periphery of mainland Europe that sees itself as an attack dog for the United States in Europe.

So now we have the absurd situation of Britain not only thinking it has a God-given right to tell other sovereign countries how they should run their own affairs but even more sinisterly using its nuclear capability as a none too subtle means of blackmail to physically or psychologically bully those countries whose rulers are weak, pusillanimous, spineless, sycophantic or just plain stupid, and trust me there are loads of them about these days, to do what London wants, which in reality is what Washington dictates; activities that must be carried out not for the benefit of the country concerned or even its citizens but principally and invariably exclusively for the benefit of the UK and its partners in crime. This is unabashed brigandry and were it being practised, and on such an industrial scale by a country other than a white Caucasian one would be openly slammed as such and that country branded as a rogue state; and even though it gives me no pleasure in saying this Britain since 1997 and increasingly since then fulfils all the criteria of a rogue state. Therefore to bring some commonsense into this repugnant equation and focus the minds of these criminals on the fact that this is not the way to behave especially when the country involved is constantly and volubly touting concepts of civilized conduct and the rule of law at others as Britain recurrently and sanctimoniously does, I’d like to see an intensive, one off surgical strike against England not Scotland or Wales just England, as it’s here where the disreputable nest of clearly dangerous and incorrigible vipers are existent, by any country with the military capacity to do so but preferably one that falls into the vast category of England’s many and ongoing victims, in the same way that one would direct a severe slap to the face of an out of control and hysterical bitch to persuasively drag her back to her senses, and to hell with what NATO or anyone else thinks.

For the only way to deal effectively with a persistently provocative, vicious and odious bully is to confront them head on, even Margaret Thatcher conceded that; and to be quite blunt with you Britain and especially its main constituent England is now unquestionably a bully par excellence that in my view urgently needs to be taken down a peg or two, and if acquiring nuclear arsenals by non nuclear states is the only way to do that and bring my country to its senses and prevent it from so embarrassingly and humiliatingly being nothing more than a submissive, political poodle for the world’s most paranoid and warmongering state if you take Israel out of the equation, then so be it. There’s a biblical injunction along the lines that those who live by the sword will die by the sword and it might do these hypocritical, so-called Christians who wear their sham patriotism on their sleeves and are ready to defend Britain to the last drop of somebody else’s blood but not their own or that of their family members to reflect on that. Far too many of our young men who can’t get proper jobs in civvy street because there are none to be had because of the austerity cuts imposed by multi-millionaire cabinet ministers to please their multinational corporation masters and are forced to enlist in the armed forces to earn a living are dying pointlessly in needless wars fighting and killing people that have done them or the UK no harm and should they survive death their horrendous experiences either leave them physically disfigured or mentally scarred for life, and that is no way to treat our young people just to make more profits for BP. This has to stop.

All this on the part of Britain smacks of a disturbing situation that is akin to a once domineering mother who with age has morphed into a decrepit, purblind grandmother but still a pretty odious woman that despite her advanced years hasn’t throughout her entire life that has always been one of gratuitously satisfying her selfish whims learnt anything which could remotely be interpreted as positive or beneficial to anyone other than herself. Yet in her advancing dotage she still thinks and clings on to the asinine notion that she has a scared right to tell not only her children who’re now adults in their own right but also their kids how they should live their lives and conduct their personal affairs.

It’s pathetic to observe, this moronic behaviour on the part of the British government, lawmakers and other sections of our establishment elites, and a huge embarrassment as well; very analogous to an old bag ludicrously, bizarrely and vainly trying to roll back the years; the archetypal mutton dressed up as lamb. An activity that neither fools nor impresses anyone with a working brain cell in their head but nevertheless may cause or even importune some immature, underage and easily impressed youth or impecunious gigolo to be receptive to her flirtations and screw her because of the extravagant promises she makes to them of monetary prospects or even the bigger prize of a cherished visa to the perceived El Dorado of the EU and the possible permanent escape from the grinding poverty that is a recurrent and debilitating factor of their everyday life. But having had her shag that she cunningly engineered this old bat rather than maturely face up to the reality that she’s a yesteryear’s woman comically persists in deceiving herself that she still has an irresistible sexual pulling power; this despite the fact that the many crow’s feet that haphazardly crisscross her face, neck and the rest of her hideously withered body like the telltale marks of a concha crab across the unspoiled sugar white sands of a paradisiacal Barbadian beach and quite unmistakably are distinguishable for what they are, tell their own story in the case of this vain woman. And this shamefully and quite sadly is the unedifying situation that my country, Britain has got itself into.

None of this, and continuing to use Britain as the metaphor in this elucidation of why exactly the country is in the mess it’s in, comes as any surprise to me taking into account that the British are currently saddled with a prime minister that has no mandate for what he and his regime are doing from the British electorate. David Cameron clearly has no constructive answers to the assortment of problems that previous British regimes, both Labour and the Conservatives, have lumbered us with over a period of several decades as he’s totally out of touch with ordinary people and unless one is an affluent multimillionaire like him, his cabinet colleagues, personal associates or friends then frankly he’s not interested and has no empathy with or concern for those he sees as beneath him, except when it comes to soliciting their votes for the Tory party at our ritualized but utterly meaningless elections.

To add to the disdain that he has for us mere mortals David Cameron likes nothing better than to remind us of his royal lineage by virtue of him being a direct blood descendant it is claimed of William the Conqueror otherwise known as the Duke of Normandy who was the 1066 equivalent of today’s Caucasian western European, barbaric and completely hubristic with it leaders whose predecessors and signatories to the Sykes-Picot accord that Britain and France authored, plucked a selective group of likeminded barbaric, middle eastern, dessert occupant camel shaggers from their habitual recreational sexual abuse of these hapless ruminants and capriciously put them in charge of the middle eastern and especially the gulf region Arab Bantustans that were afterwards created so that the UK and France at the time, and with their ultimate and predictable decline the United States of America could better abuse the natural resources of the area by having a number of pliant puppets on the spot to do their every bidding; a situating that’s even more evident now.

Still, I always have a good old fashioned, rib-splitting bout of laughter when David Cameron’s royal credentials are brought up since it’s a well known fact here in Britain that our supposed uppercrust citizens, especially the women who belong to that group, are among the most sexually immoral, serial licentious and inveterate adulterous paramours among British women, and that’s really saying something when official statistics show that some 36% of British women nationally have their husbands, partners and live in lovers knowingly father children that unknowingly they never sired. Don’t all rush out simultaneously for the DNA facilities please even though I know you’re quite anxious to discover what your real biological status or none actually is to the rest of your family members. And if the national average of cheating and cuckolding is a figure of 36% among ordinary British women then given the established track record of our uppercrust British females that already high figure using the law of averages and to complement their known acts of adultery and sexual cheating that are legendary and comprehensive must surely be considerably higher. So I take what l’empereur Cameron says with a very large pinch of salt and suggest you do the same. But David Cameron’s imperious attitude all the same is indicative of the entrenched mindset in class-ridden Britain as to how those at the top of the British dunghill consider that the rest of us should be treated.

Anyway, exploring this supposed royal link further the Duke of Normandy who lives still in the minds of as well as British folklore as William the Conqueror was a brigand who was descended from a long line of brigands, pillagers and rapists that seemingly made the most of this iniquitous work and literally got up the noses of many for doing so. Originally from Scandinavia they were seen by their blood relatives the Vikings to be so feral and bloodthirsty that they were summarily and en masse kicked out of that part of the world. That’s the contemporary equivalent knowing the equally brutal reputation of the Vikings to the hierarchy of the KKK, Britain’s BNP, France’s National Front or Russia’s Nashi for example expelling bona fide members from their respective racist groups because those being expelled were deemed to be too racist to black people.

After a period of sojourn in the wilderness so to speak looking for a new home to call their own these expelled Norsemen were shown some pity and given refugee status in France where they settled in the area of that country that to this day still bears their true identity. It is Normandy, the home of the Norsemen. But leopards don’t change their spots and so it wasn’t long before these ungrateful brigands premeditatedly undermined and eventually swept away the legitimate French king and his government from control of their own country and rapidly replaced these organs of state with their own.

So while I don’t give a damn who David Cameron’s ancestors, real or imaginary, actually were or who the women among them slept with or were bred by as a British citizen who loves my country no more or any less so than a genuine citizen should do, David Cameron’s 21st Century brigandage along with his colonialist and imperialist activities that are directed explicitly against non-white led countries abroad that pose no threat whatsoever to Britain or any other country for that matter in his racist and fanciful world of trying to revive the corpse of a dead British Empire particularly when these barefaced criminal activities are dishonestly wrapped up in humanitarian garb and just as lyingly carried out in my name to greedily and immorally plunder these states of their natural resources in order to satisfy the insatiable avarice of multinational corporations like BP, the crazed string pullers of political puppets like Cameron and his entire cabinet, do piss me off.

These criminal activities committed by our prime minister and others force me to the conclusion that David Cameron, Nicolas Sarkozy, Angela Merkel and the rest of them should just as brutally be subjected to doses of their own medicine and as the murderous psychopaths they’ve obviously shown themselves to be are ought to be instantly dispatched to hell in a handcart in the same way they callously, criminally but hubristically disposed of Colonel Gaddafi whose money bankrolled Nicolas Sarkozy to the French presidency (what a treacherous scumbag this garlic swilling son of East European Jewish refugees is!), several Iranian scientists, and the escalating toll of innocent victims that these western killers are intentionally having murdered in Syria to fuel unrest there, destabilize the Bashir al-Assad government and bring about western favoured regime change in that country that would be beneficial to the self-centred interests of the major players in the west, their middle eastern puppets, and of course their enfant terrible Israel to whom they can’t say no.

To this end British SAS sniper killers together with those of the CIA, Mossad, the irregular and secret units of Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan, French special units and al-Qaida salafist death squads are being commanded by Barack Obama, Benjamin Netanyahu, David Cameron, Nicolas Sarkozy, Angela Merkel, who is batting quite clever so as not to be seen to get her hands dirty in these murderous affairs, and the fanatical, sectarian obsessed camel shaggers in Qatar and Saudi Arabia to slaughter apace thousands of innocent Syrian civilians in order to lyingly project to the world through the mendacious, twisted and perverted lens of the western media and meticulously choreographed by them as we all know that the Syrian government is ruthlessly slaughtering its own people to stay in power at all costs, and therefore intervention by the so-called international community, and we know well who they mean when they use this sham term, if only for urgently humanitarian reasons – yes, the old dishonest and clichéd fig leaf – is vital to protect the Syrian people and prevent further loss of life. Doesn’t it make you want to puke; especially when these bastards can barefacedly stand there and tell their lies with such straight faces? Meanwhile in Bahrain, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Qatar Egypt et al where genuine and peaceful demonstrations for real democratic reforms are taking place in some of the world’s most odious and western backed dictatorships but brutally crushed by the reactionary forces in control there that are backed to the hilt by these same western governments replete with double standards but still lecturing Syria on democracy and human rights, there’s not a peep from these western media and the self-appointed guardians of journalistic probity. For to listen to these bloody sick hypocrites: western politicians and media alike, you could be duped into thinking that butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths.

So it came as no surprise to me when the US regime demanded and obsequiously got permission from the Con-Dem coalition to send upwards of 3000 CIA, FBI and an assortment of other US law enforcement thugs, that’s the publicly stated figure but it’s anyone’s guess what the definite number will be, to purportedly safeguard the US’s contingent of athletes, officials and diplomats scheduled to be here for the 2012 Olympics in London. Can you imagine the brass cheek of that demand by the United States let alone the sycophantic response to it by our Con-Dem puppets? And exactly how far up the chain of instinctive grovelling to even the most childish of whims the United States advocates or expresses is our toadying regime in its marked propensity to please prepared to go following precedents set by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown?

What really amazes me is that we’re being made as a country to obsequiously do the bidding of what essentially is one of our former colonialist entities, quite literally a grouping of backwater, hillbilly, North American ex colonies whose mindset despite being given their independence in 1776 show no real promise for meaningful change let alone intellectual improvement. An exploit on the part of the United States which is like coercively insisting to one’s granny how she should suck eggs; and for the this trans-Atlantic upstart that in historical terms especially when countries like Britain are factored into the equation is very much the equivalent of a shitty toddler still in diapers up against a chic adult decked out in an Armani creation, and I’m clearly not referring to my government here, still immaturely crawling about on the floor, having no real grasp of verbal communication but is quiet adept at screaming its head off to get what it wants when it wants as all feral kids do, and to get Britain, my country to pusillanimously give in to its churlish demands beggars belief and speaks volumes of how far into the sewers of sycophancy Britain has sunk.

David Cameron a while back off the cuff said that he wouldn’t mind if Iran stayed away from the Olympics Britain is hosting and noticeably relished his sick prospect of this happening although neither Iran nor anyone acting officially on its behalf had raised the subject or anything remotely to do with Iran participating in the 2012 Olympics that under IOC rules and regulations and with Iran a member of that body it has every right to be represented in London. So why did David feel it necessary to raise and make an issue out of a non-issue, something that no one but himself had brought up? That’s tantamount in my view to someone totally haywire demanding to know from him how many times a week he shags his wife and during these sessions does she ever get on top when the press conference he was holding was explicitly about the shape of Britain’s economy. But arch-Zionist David regularly gets his orders from Tel Aviv, and anyone who knows this man knows too that the statements or opinions he expresses on Iran or Israel all have the imprimatur of Tel Aviv because they are actually penned there and are the officials views of Israel.

Instead of being the consummate arse licker that he and his cabinet ministers are to the United States a more sensible and independent prime minister or government would be asking pertinent questions of that country along these lines. Is there any concrete proof of specific threats to the US and its personnel at the Olympics games; if so what are these? If not why are you creating the red herring that you’ve so ostentatiously put into the public domain; and why the United States and no one else? Furthermore, could this be a case of unbridled paranoia giving rise to what are unsubstantiated fears on the part of the US bedevilled by its own guilt demons that stem from its recognition that it has recklessly gone around the world gratuitously slaughtering people in their millions and is now shit scared someone might just want to strike back and get equal; and isn’t that like the neighbourhood bully who is quite happy to dish out his tyranny to those he dislikes and sees no reason why he shouldn’t get away with it but finding himself likely to be confronted by someone that isn’t scared of him and who he thinks might want to have a go at him this rather pathetic and cowardly bastard wastes no time at all rushing off to the nearest cop shop to demand police protection.

The United States is a violent society and has been throughout its existence relying heavily on might and blackmail backed up by this might to safeguard it from having to abide as the majority of the world must by civilized standards of behaviour, the observation of international laws and conventions and even the adherence to legally binding treaties and agreements it has assented to, its Congress has ratified and its president has signed into law, confident that it can simply walk away from these at will, completely ignore them if they prove to be inconvenient, selectively use them to suit its purposes, or just tear them up unconcernedly should everything else fail to get the desired results it’s after. This after all is a country that peculiarly abrogates the spirit and letter of the law in relation to the NPT, IAEA inspections of its military nuclear facilities and getting rid of its huge stockpiles of chemical weapons by April 2012 which it says it won’t in contravention of legally binding OPCW rules that stipulate all countries with such weapons must destroy them by that date.

From the US’s side it wants to hold on to its chemical weapons indefinitely while manufacturing more of them to sell to its quisling dictators in the Middle East and elsewhere as well as its client states like Egypt in North Africa so they can more effectively suppress their people. That said the United States has a long history of putting profits before lives. It supplied Saddam Hussein with chemical weapons to use against Iran and the Iraqi Kurds with horrendous consequences that are still in evidence to this day. Chemical weapons were similarly used by the United States in the Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan and Libya, and using Israel as its eager proxy the US conspiratorially has had them routinely deployed against the Palestinian people most infamously the residents of besieged Gaza.

But most bizarrely of all in its love affair with chemical weapons and bearing in mind the fixated relationship which the United States presently has with Zionist Israel, that many equate to a Nazi state, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that the chemical gas used to choke the lives out of six million Jews and others during the Nazi reign of terror across Europe was manufactured in the United States of America and openly and lucratively sold to Nazi Germany. But why worry about incidentals like these or waste moral outrage on them when there are enormous amounts of money particularly in a warmongering world perennially beset with intentional strife and plagued with financial recession to be made, however ironically so, from manufacturing and selling these chemical weapons.

Instead of David Cameron kowtowing to the Americans he should be impressing upon them that Britain intends to scrap immediately the one-sided extradition treaty Tony Blair and his spineless New Labour government with Tory and Lib-Dem backing foisted on the British people and that allows British citizens who’ve not physically committed any crime in the United States because they weren’t there or an alleged crime that isn’t regarded as such by British law can nevertheless at the demand of the United States be summarily extradited there without the that country having to provide any proof that a crime was committed, any prima face evidence that one was or supply any documentation to substantiate their assertions; in fact the US doesn’t have to provide bugger all in terms of reasons as to why it is seeking any extradition, and there’s nothing that any British court at whatever level can do to compel them to. Basically it’s a rubber stamp situation with our courts absolutely powerless to do anything about it. Conversely though it’s not possible the other way round and should Britain need to extradite a US citizen or anyone else for that matter from the United States all the proper and international procedures of extradition must be observed.

This one-sided extradition treaty with the US is what it is because its raison d’être was from the outset a racially and religiously motivated one which gives a perceptive insight into the mindset of the decadent scumbags that infest our parliament. It was intended all along to be used against non-whites and Muslims in this bogus war on terror that these assholes have been fighting since 9/11 with submissive Britain doing its best to garner brownies points from the United States and at the same time demonstrate what a loyal arse licker it is. Essentially it’s extraordinary rendition or more appropriately abduction by another name but with a bogus legal fig leaf of deportment to cover these bastards nakedness. But I always say be wary of what you wish for it might radically turn out from what you expected; and this is exactly what has happened here. For the fish that the British lawmakers expected to be routinely caught in their joint venture with the US has thrown up some very disconcerting and highly embarrassing surprises. Those that have fallen foul of this extradition treaty aren’t the non-whites and alleged Muslim terrorists they expectantly wished for but are instead white middle class Britons like themselves, that’s why there’s been an escalation in the quantity of toilet paper being delivered to the House of Commons and the House of Lords.
Deep down they’d love to scrap the treaty but are terrified of upsetting the United States and also drawing unwelcomed attention to themselves that with the victims of the treaty being exclusively white should they do so everyone will decipher what the real motives behind it were. But do the Americans care; are they endeavouring to ease Britain’s humiliation? Like hell they are!

Another issue that any independent or ethical prime minister would want to raise with the United States is why should the UK be covering their cowardly asses at our Olympics in the manner that they’re imposing when in addition to the unwarranted mayhem they routinely cause to the great detriment of others globally they’re a country and the only one in the world at that that sentences minors, that’s underage kids to you and me, to life imprisonment terms in jail with no prospect whatever of being paroled. In other words they will live their childhood and entire adulthood in a violent US prison system not known for crucial niceties like rehabilitation and will die there. But since all these child victims are poor, black or Hispanic I wouldn’t imagine it’s an issue that will resonate with David Cameron or the vast majority of British lawmakers that see multiculturalism in snow white Britain and the rest of Europe as the thin edge of the wedge and a grave danger to their white hegemony at home.

A pity their bloody ancestors didn’t see matters from the perspective of the indigenous peoples of the world whose countries, including the United States, they forcibly took from them; and as one black Briton said to me a while back “we’re over here because you are over there!” Incidentally, over 25,000 Blacks and Hispanics jailed as children and are now adults are in the US jail system doing time without any prospect of parole for alleged crimes that weren’t murder related or even serious by common civilized standards; but poor, impecunious and exclusively from families that were incapable of finding the cash to afford expensive lawyers to defend them as their privileged white counterparts would inevitably be able to draw on, they were quite literally stitched up from the start by a racist judicial system operating under a Jim Crow mechanism that’s every bit alive in 2011 as it ever was. “Racism is cool again. That’s official,” as I wrote in a previous article; go check it out.

The fuss, a storm in a small teacup, generated by the United States over the alleged compromised safety of its athletes and officials really astonishes me and sends me into stitches of laughter. US athletes and officials weren’t in any danger at the Beijing Olympics yet these games were staged and successfully so in a communist country and we all know how obsessed the United States is with communism; nor would the US have made such an absurd request as they’re now making to the British to the Chinese who most certainly would have told them, albeit quite politely, what to do with themselves, therefore no such request or demand was ever made. Furthermore, since the 2008 Olympics US athletes have been competing extensively in a variety of international events including the prestigious World Athletics Championships without any problems, threats to their personal safety or their general wellbeing. Again as far as I know the US made no requests to the hosts in the aforementioned countries where these several events were held to have thousands of FBI and CIA minders parachuted in to babysit their athletes and officials, and like I said all these events went off peacefully. So what’s the difference now; and why should the London Olympics suddenly become a venue for unspecified risks, undefined dangers and a location for completely absurd war game type scenarios requiring thousands of US law enforcement officers and military personnel descending further on our green and pleasant land? Don’t we already have enough of them here who seem not to have cottoned on to the evident fact that World War II ended in 1945 and they really should jolly well pack up, leave these shores and go home? What the US is doing over the London 2012 Olympics doesn’t make sense to me which leads me to conclude that there is something sinister afoot, and it’s not rocket science to work out what that is.

If the British authorities knew or felt they couldn’t handle the security arrangements surrounding the upcoming Olympic Games then they shouldn’t have made a bid to host these games in the first place. Anyway, as in every aspect of its daily life the United States is in terminal decline and on life support and that’s a sentiment that goes for athletics and field events as well. For it’s very apparent to anyone with eyes to see that the pre-eminence in athletics and field sports has shifted markedly from the United States to the so-called developing world and particularly the English speaking West Indies with Jamaica the focal point of this transition, and most people going to the London 2012 Olympics will be doing so explicitly to observe in action and take great pleasure in the natural and phenomenal sporting prowess of the likes of the remarkable Jamaican super star Usain Bolt for example not the anabolic steroid drug cheats of the US, Canada, Australia, Russia, the countries of the entire European mainland; the Scandinavian countries, particularly Sweden; China and even some of our own British athletes who’ve fallen foul of what fair play is all about and have intentionally gone down that path of cheating.

So all this hot air, choreographed and ostentatious posturing by the US about unspecified threats to United States athletes and officials, which quite absurdly and also bearing in mind what I said earlier would be similar to someone needlessly nobbling a somewhat clapped out and completely useless nag participating in the Grand National (why do it when that particular horse is patently a loser?) is just puerile attention seeking on the part of a self-centred United States that can’t bear to lose let alone do so graciously, even when the defeat comes fairly and squarely. And trust me all you so-called developed nations, pumped up anabolic steroid junkies and drug cheats wholly dependant on these by and large undetectable and illegal drugs for your alleged sporting success, the refreshingly untainted Jamaicans are merrily going to whip your arses.

Knowing the immeasurable level of athletics humiliation they’re in for at the 2012 Olympics and deeply mortified by this US officials and coaches are therefore painstaking laying out in advance and behind the scenes the groundwork of excuses for what they know will be an appalling failure for them and their phalanx of athletes at the London 2012 games. True they’ll reap a harvest of Olympic medals in privileged so-called sports like show jumping and swimming that most of the participating Olympians outside the white Caucasian bloc don’t for a variety of practical reasons take any interest in; and that’s why such events notwithstanding their evident minority status still continue to be apart of the Olympics itinerary. In fact some years ago when it was suggested that show jumping be removed as an Olympics event Princess Anne the Queen’s daughter and a keen show jumper herself irritably protested against this move stating that it would deprive whites of the chance to win Olympic medals. How true; so Anne’s favourite sport remains untouchable.

Swimming too falls into the same bracket. All empirical data to hand shows that the world’s best swimmers actually come from the southern hemisphere and usually island communities. So why then don’t they capitalize on this to win Olympic medals for themselves and their countries? Let me explain this reluctance to do so. Annually Barbados holds a gruelling swimming competition from the east of this tropical island to its west, some 20 miles or so in distance, in the open ocean and against treacherous currents; but even so there are no shortage of national, regional and even international competitors queuing up to participate in this event. But would Barbadians and even those involved in this aforementioned swimming competition want to compete in an Olympics or IOC World Championships event? Not on your Nelly!

And the reason is quite simple, as they don’t class swimming up and down the length of a rather sterile man made swimming pool to restrictive and absurd rules as a bona fide sport. That’s white man’s stuff they’ll bluntly tell you and he’s quite welcome to it, but it isn’t for us. Besides, these Olympic swimmers live in and principally come from cold countries and consequently need their swimming pools if they’re not to freeze their butts off outdoors particularly during the winter; we on the other hand live in the tropics where swimming is generally acknowledged and indulged in as a pleasurable pastime and all participants of it see the outdoors not as a personal risk but along with nature in the raw as the natural canvas for creatively depicting our own artistic attainments, and that’s the major difference between us and those from the north.

Research which I’ve personally carried out among other island communities I’ve observed across the Caribbean, Pacific and Indian Oceans and Mexico reveals an identical approach to that of the Barbadians I’d spoken to. So don’t expect in the near future to see a breakthrough of non-white Olympic swimmers since these people don’t really deem the goings on in and around Olympic swimming pools or the events connected to them as akin to the authentic, one-to-one committed competition spirit that they relish as stimulating, highly enlivening, demanding, truly competitive and that they feel can only be attained outdoors in the environs of a surging ocean or challenging and untamed river. As one humorist said to me this Olympics swimming malarkey is too much like structured ballroom dancing conducted in water for my taste. And when you factor into that the widespread use of anabolic steroids and other enhanced performance related drugs prevalent in every swimming competition that’s held under the auspices of the IOC who in their right mind would knowingly want to be a part of that?

So if David Cameron doesn’t care if Iran turns up or not for the 2012 Olympics even though Iran hasn’t raised the issue of it being here why is he so fixated with that country’s participation in the games? As if we didn’t already know. However, even in these economically stressful times you can safely bet your last pound that if Iran which is persistently harassed by the west including the UK had asked for extra protection for its athletes and officials let alone insisted that it be allowed to send members of its own security apparatus and police to protect them such a request would instantly have got short shrift from the British regime with the BBC, CNN, Sky News, France 24 and the rest of them in carefully choreographed mode having a field day of it, as they perversely, pervertedly and deliberately twisted that request to suit their own demented ends.

But it’s perfectly alright if that request in the form of a demand comes from the US and for the UK, laughably going over the top in its sycophancy to please this trans-Atlantic bully, to not only slavishly give in to the United States unreasonable demand but also risibly station ground to air ballistic missiles around London and the entire south of England as well. Good God where’s the commonsense or logic in any of this? For crying out loud these are the Olympic Games lets not forget not bloody war games fashioned in the sick minds of those who run the criminal, gangster outfit the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization. And if the United States of America either can’t or is totally unwilling to accept the security measures we have in place and are on offer in normal circumstances to every participant country in the Olympics, its officials and athletes then the US, its officials and athletes should bloody well stay at home. Not a bad thing at all or any great loss in my opinion since the anabolic steroid, performance enhancing and downright cheating culture of the USA not only in Olympic disciplines but also all other major international sporting events that country involves itself in is at total variance to the ethical and laudable ideals of the Olympic movement that millions of ordinary people, large numbers of whom will be going to the London Olympics to see them enacted, still firmly and passionately subscribe to; and I’m one of them.

What we’re in fact witnessing in the United States’ demand to Britain constitutes a troublesome part of the obsessive war mentality which the US and our British political clowns can’t shake off; aggressive fear mongering, persistent war threats, imaginary enemies all come into the equation of these pathologically and psychologically sick bastards; that’s precisely why David Cameron, Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel at the behest of the United States and Israel are desperate to fabricate a well-planned and convincing false flag incident which they can then conveniently and lyingly blame one or several of their usually picked upon suspects to ratchet up the drumbeats of confrontation and prepare the groundwork for yet another middle eastern war. War, which as we already know is an enormously profitable business for the military industrial complex, the banks and other financial institutions and of course multinational oil corporations like BP, Total and the rest of them. And what is the disreputable four letter word that these paragons of virtue most hate right now? You’ve guessed it in one; Iran!

The current, choreographed diplomatic spat between Britain and Iran meticulously engineered by the United States, ritualistically, obsequiously but avidly engaged in by Canada and the EU and that demonically with the eager support of a willing and compliant western media portray Iran as the heretical abuser of sacred and universally accepted diplomatic norms and courtesies and the UK as its innocent victim would be laughable if people who should have known better didn’t fall for these media propagated lies and the can coming out of the mouth of the likes of boy William Hague our completely farcical foreign secretary. How many of you I wonder do know that in all these kinds of incidents going back for several decades between Britain and Iran it’s been the UK not Iran that has been the perpetrator of these criminal violations.

For example in 1980 Britain’s MI6 planned and executed using self-exiled, London-based, pro-Shah Iranian terrorists to launch a deadly attack on the Iranian embassy in London that lasted for six days; during that time all the Iranian diplomatic staff members were taken hostage and two of them murdered. However, when the British government of the day thought it had made its point and taught Iran a lesson it decided to bring the siege to a halt but before that action was executed it ordered the SAS to kill the entire complement of Iranian terrorists it had used in the embassy siege as well as other UK based Iranian western sympathizers who were privy to the plot and did so to cover up its tracks and hopefully conceal the UK’s government role in the affair. The SAS promptly did as it was ordered and hey presto the Iranian siege mysterious came to an end. But that wasn’t by any stretch of the imagination the only incident where Britain consciously violated the sanctity of diplomatic privilege or the sacrosanctity of the Iranian embassy guaranteed to all diplomatic missions worldwide by the Geneva Conventions. In fact there have been several such incidents recorded in Britain against the Iranian diplomatic community, allegedly investigated by the British authorities and where the Metropolitan Police have characteristically either turned a blind eye to them or been less than robust in their investigations of them, with these incidents predictably ending up unsolved or having gone nowhere in securing criminal convictions against those responsible.

And even as boy Hague was typically childishly lecturing Iran on standards of civilized conduct and laying down the law to it about its supposed diplomatic transgressions, a country that already had a highly sophisticated civilization when Britain didn’t even exist and most of Europe was under the frozen grip of a stubborn ice sheet, other acts of wanton vandalism were being carried out by paid agents of Iranian descent based in the United Kingdom who work for the Con-Dem coalition government and even had the sheer audacity, so confident were they of their immunity from prosecution by British law enforcement officers, to post their criminal achievement on their own internet website. Yet the Sherlock Holmes at the Metropolitan Police were simply unable to find anyone to question, charge or even recommend for prosecution to the DPP for these heinous crimes.

This is the very same Metropolitan Police by the way whose former Deputy Commissioner John Yates having recently left office prematurely under a huge cloud of unresolved scandals and in my view should be in jail for massive corruption but was instead permitted to quietly resign from his post so he could hold on unhindered and at the taxpayers expense to his significant gilt-edged pension, has taken up an exceedingly lucrative job as personal advisor to the chief camel shagger of Bahrain, the despotic twerp that with the full backing of the west and the GCC states primarily Saudi Arabia and Qatar ruthlessly murders and subjugates the Bahraini people with impunity, but that John Yates of the Yard describes as a very principled reformer. Now anyone with a working brain in their head shouldn’t at all be in any doubt as to why John Yates was clearly and securely in the frame for corruption while in post at Scotland Yard. And for him to make the comment he did about the tyrant of Bahrain when the informed world knows full well the real situation in that ill-fated country is tragically quite different, just makes one want to puke. And with corrupt scum bags like John Yates having run and still very much in charge of the Metropolitan Police is it any wonder that that organization is thoroughly unfit for purpose?

Speaking of which and taking very much into account the 2012 Olympic murders planned by the United States and jointly endorsed by David Cameron, Theresa May, Liam Fox now replaced by Philip Hammond, boy William Hague, David Osborne and Nick Clegg are scheduled to occur on British soil and involve the lives of innocent Britons specifically chosen as their victims I’ve sent all the information I received anonymously on this matter to Scotland Yard as not to have done so would ironically have legally made me an accessory after the fact, and knowing well how the minds of these criminal nurds work and frankly as someone who doesn’t trust them in the least I wasn’t going to take any chances. By the way these documents were sent to Scotland on Tuesday 29 November 2011.

However, since I honestly don’t know the sources of the information I was provided with or the individuals behind them who didn’t provide me with any contact details as to how I could reach them I’ve respected their anonymity and the necessity for this and fully understand why they’ve acted in the manner they have. This however doesn’t diminish as far as I’m concerned either the validity of the information I was supplied with, the persons who sent it or the manner in which it was dispatched to me, as I appreciate the risks they took and will do nothing to compromise their integrity as whistleblowers.

When I was 10 years old my maternal grandmother invited me as she often did to sit down with her and following my obedience to her request had a very interesting and wise conversation with me. This particular one was about honesty and trust. And I vividly recall her saying to me not to trust anyone not even her without good cause. Puzzled by this I politely asked her how I would know that someone was telling me the truth. She smiled affectionately at me, lovingly placed her arms around my shoulders and looked me squarely in the yes; then came her response. It centred on the fact that everyone of us she said has a natural gut reaction to everything complemented by a warning voice inside of us which she told me was our individual conscience. Many people for a variety of not so laudable reasons choose not to listen to either of these defence mechanisms God has provided us with and even, usually at our own peril, ignore them she remarked. “Promise me you never will,” she implored. I did; and ever since throughout my entire life I’ve not deviated or will I ever do so from the principles imbued in me as a child by my beloved grandmother.

So as soon as I got those whistle blowing documents and had read them I straight away applied my Gran’s criteria as I always do with everything else that matters to me and the combination of my gut reaction and conscience left me in no doubt whatsoever that I was being told the truth in what I’d read and was being granted a unique opportunity to write a comprehensive, detailed and remarkable story that at the same time would expose a most contemptible and barefaced act of perfidy that the government of my country, exclusively at the bidding of external political forces and multi-national corporation interests, was about to commit against British citizens and worst still at home, avidly engaging in a false flag of consummate greed and imperialistic adventurism while preparing once its act of criminality had been successfully undertaken to lying deceive the British public and those gullible elements of the so-called international community always quite eager to fall in line that completely unprovoked Iran had launched its version of a 9/11 attack on Britain and therefore retaliatory action against that country was essential.

I’m hugely indebted to the whistleblowers that loyally provided me with the information they did and in turn I’ve done everything I can to protect them. As I said I don’t know these people, have never met them before or do I have any plans to do so. Nevertheless the information they sent me and which was later forwarded on to Scotland Yard for the reasons I’ve earlier outlined was done so under a set of circumscribed circumstances. What Scotland Yard has now are photocopies of the original documents that I got redacted in some cases to stop references that could possibly be deciphered, probably disclose who the whistleblowers are and have that information getting into hostile hands. In addition I thought it best as well as a sensible and precautionary measure to send photocopies of the documents I got anonymously to preclude any possibility of fingerprints that could have been on the original documents and evidently belonging to the whistleblowers inadvertently ending up in the hands of Scotland Yard and again passed on to hostile forces since a great deal is at stake here. As for the original documents these have been completely destroyed by me, but as we say in England there’s more than one way to skin a cat and as everyone from Barack Obama to Newt Gringrich knows deniability has its advantages.

I’ve explained why I trust my anonymous whistleblowers but you are perfectly at liberty to take exception to this. However in my defence I’d like to ask you this question to you. Have you ever served on a jury in a criminal case? If you have you’d know your weren’t selected as a jury man or woman because you were a witness of the alleged events that gave rise to the court case, and consequently being on the jury panel was principally because you’re a member of the public that supposedly would impartially and fairly reach a conclusion which was based on the facts or the information provided in the court room and that you then coolly digested and I assumed reached your verdict based on commonsense, likelihoods and how that information logically impacted on you; not sentiment, prejudice nor personalities involved. That’s exactly the approach I took with this article as I always do with every one I write and for which I make no apology whatever.

The United States is an immensely insecure country to say the least that always needs to have an enemy to fight even when that enemy is its own sick creation; a country which is run by a bunch of utter boneheads that relish wars and instability dictated by the military industrial complex and the multinational corporations. Additionally the United States is a past master at fabricating false flags to initiate global conflicts. It has done this in Asia, South America, Central Asia, Africa and the Middle East and always resulting in the deaths of millions of innocent civilians and what’s so noticeable is that there’s no moral compass that I can discern among the powers that be and who run this country to make certain their past mistakes won’t be repeated; on the contrary the United States seems to get a tremendous buzz from premeditatedly repeating its past crimes. But the US isn’t alone in this; Britain is to as is France, Germany and the other sycophantic states of the EU and wider Europe; that’s why this false flag stratagem to kill British civilians during the London 2012 Olympic Games, recreate another sick 9/11 scenario in the process, blame these murders on Iran and thus have the perfect pretext to let loose their dogs of war in the North Atlantic Terrorist organization supported by a spineless UN Security Council against Iran appeal enormously to the corrupt political elites managing bankrupt economies and their own citizens in tumult of the US, UK, France, Germany the coterie of pathetic basket case member states of the EU, Australia and Canada ably assisted by the quisling oil rich Bantustans of the Persian Gulf.

A belligerent rogue state Israel with hundreds of secret and illegally acquired nuclear weapons in its possession together with three declared nuclear ones, the US, UK and France with more than enough nuclear weapons between them to destroy the world several times over and adamant that they’ll never give up their nuclear arsenals which they frequently use as a blackmail device to get their way when in a tight spot, yet consistently take to harassing or threatening war against an IAEA member state that has no nuclear weapons and constantly says it doesn’t want any but that these rather overbearing entitles none the less subjectively and antagonistically insist must never be permitted to acquire such weapons as its possession of them would inexplicably put the world in significant danger that’s why they pre-emptively want to attack Iran and save the planet. Yet as a nation most of us fail miserably to see how absolutely bonkers this line of twisted reasoning is or the psychopathic nature of our political leaders and their coterie of quisling numbskulls and jobsworths lickspittles are. Could it be I wonder that the reason you don’t notice what they do or kick up a fuss about it is quite simply because you’re just like them?

One major observation I detected some time ago about the Americans is that they will swagger as they hubristically and masochistically tell you what they’re going to do to you so you at least know where you stand with them. Not so the British and particularly its establishment elites who pole face will tell you one thing knowing full well they mean something completely different and the first opportunity they get to knife you in the back will happily do so. This insincere behaviour is replete throughout the country today from the top to the bottom of it, and the more the terminal deterioration sets in on Britain silly hopes of rejuvenating its empire days the worse the situation gets. The mask of deceit and the façade of cultured civilized norms are just what they are, fronts; and the British are past masters at this, a situation hugely encouraged and significantly reinforced by our endemic class system where everyone other than those at the top of the social pile want to be somebody else apart from themselves.

Much of this can be laid firmly at the door of Norman influence after the presence of the Duke of Normandy on these shores and those who like to trumpet their English credentials as pre-eminent in British culture, sorry to disappoint you but the English didn’t exist before 1066 when the two Germanic tribes the Angles and Saxons which had settled in England but lived separately from each other desperately out of a common necessity for survival in the face of Norman barbarity came into being. But there were civilizing influences previously and subsequently in Britain and I’d like to draw your attention to a superb book that explains this more fully. It's entitled: “Staying power: the history of black people in Britain” and is written by Peter Fryer; Pluto Press ISBN: 0-86104-749-4 paperback or 0-86104-774-5 the hardback version that together with Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” has one of the opening lines of any English language book I’ve ever read, and that tally runs into thousands. Yes the Norman influence shaped Britain’s destiny alright and more so than the Anglo-Saxon contribution and sadly is still being felt to this day in the criminal and murderous actions of our present crop of political and other leaders to whom I’d like to leave this short but significant message: No justice; no peace! As for me though I’m thoroughly sick of what you David and your political predecessors have reduced Britain to I’m not going anywhere. I’m British and Britain is my home, and I know that your tyranny like all historical tyrannies will ultimately be stopped; and that can’t come soon enough as far as I’m concerned.

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