Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Theresa May: a prized, priggish prat

By Stanley Collymore

Theresa May the British Home Secretary says she doesn’t know how many illegal immigrants, terrorists, economic migrants and other suspicious undesirables were granted permission to enter the UK because of unsupervised border checks of persons allowed into the country. And my very first question to this announcement is, if she doesn’t know the answer to the question she herself posed how on earth can she say with any certainty that such people did enter Britain in the first place? Isn’t it all a matter of conjecture? Let me paint a scenario here that’s analogous to the one that Theresa May has created and when you’ve examined it honestly ask yourself if what she and those like her, and probably even you, are now saying makes sense.

You and your immediate family of let’s say four persons, all living in the same house, decide to go on holiday together. Come the day of the start of your holiday you all set off together and are enthusiastically looking forward to your vacation; so much so that you are prepared at all costs to have a fantastic time. The two weeks, or whatever time you’d booked your holiday for, however pass by without you even noticing they had and all too soon it’s time to return home. The return trip home is inevitable but there’s still a residue of regret on the part of all of you at having to go back school, predictable jobs and all the rest, but you manage it nonetheless and set off on your journey home with slightly heavy hearts as most tourists do.

However on arriving home you have the shock of your life having discovered that while you were all away on holiday your home was far from being secure because on leaving it to go abroad you’d forgotten to lock the front door, which meant of course that anyone could have easily walked into your house if they had a mind to, and provided they knew the situation as it stood then, and all of this was down to the breech that your incompetence had created.

Hastily and profoundly alarmed you check to find out if your home was vandalized or burgled, if squatters had made use of it while you were away, or if any of your prized personal possessions were stolen. Fortunately none of this happened; but instead of you gratefully thanking your lucky stars for what was possibly a lucky escape from what could in all probability have been a worst case nightmare scenario you quite ludicrously embark on a pointless blame game vendetta with members of your family blaming everyone of them but noticeably missing out yourself for what happened, and even more odiously begin to take your spite out on them when in reality the fault was all your own, not least because you were the only person who all along had the house key, entrusted it to no one else, and furthermore while the other members of your family were already in the car that would take them to the airport on the first leg of their vacation you were still in the house and therefore the last person to leave it. So who do you think prime responsibility for the family home not being locked and made secure rests with?

Theresa May lied through her teeth to the House of Commons when she dishonestly told fellow MPs from the Dispatch Box that she knew nothing about the relaxation of border control checks when as it happens it was from her that these instructions emanated. However she now, once she has been rumbled to be a pretty despicable liar says she did authorize a pilot scheme, whatever that means coming from an endemic, pathological, lying bitch like Theresa May, to see how such a system would work. Well if you’re the person whose ministerial portfolio puts you in charge of the Home Office that has direct responsibility for immigration and border controls and you give a set of personal instructions to your civil service or quango underlings that relate to one of your portfolio remits isn’t it conventional and accepted under our parliamentary system of democratic ministerial responsibility that elected officials are the ones that legally call the shots if this isn’t always the case in practice?

 Something in the latter case that has more to do with the stature, or more appropriately the lack of it, if the underlings think the minister involved isn’t up to scratch. So I can’t see how Theresa May can duck out of this and realistically expect anyone with a brain in their head that actually functions to think for a solitary moment that she’s telling the truth and all she has to do is carry on lying, wash her hands of the entire affair and pretend it didn’t happen on her watch because it was all down to a rogue official.

The difficulty here is that scum like Theresa may belong to an obnoxious breed that pervades the higher echelons of our political, economic and military establishment right across the board that whatever they do if it goes pear shaped or badly wrong it’s always somebody else’s fault never their own. These clowns who nevertheless aren’t funny like to ride roughshod over others and in doing so pretend that they’re tough when in point of fact they’re basically blithering cowards and brutish bullies in the bargain, but the moment their endemic ineptitude and corrosive corruption, compulsive mendacity and downright dishonesty manage to catch up with them they run a mile; publicly blame and criticize others for their wilful wrongdoings and strenuously seek to portray themselves as blameworthy, honest and hard done by.

To be perfectly blunt these people have no sense of probity; no moral compass; and no concept of right and wrong or ever owning up to the latter when they’re evidently and quite demonstrably at fault. Theresa May isn’t alone in this and rather is just part of a stinking sewer of gutter rats whose contagion runs the length and breadth of the House of Commons, House of Lords and all of Whitehall and Westminster. And these are the people who ostensibly run our country because decent persons eschew politics like the plague as they don’t want to be deemed like this lot or have any dealings with these slime bags.

Immigration figures, real or fabricated one, have always been a hobby horse for fascist Tory MPs of the ilk that now infest the Con-Dem coalition government as well as the right wing media and their ilk; the very same people with violent imperialist agendas and farcical colonialist fantasies of reviving the British Empire because they see nothing improper in relishing or supporting these things. The same twerps and armchair generals that cheer when these politicians send our troops illegally into other people’s countries to kill and massacre their civilians and with one purpose in mind to ensure that the prized natural resources which they have end up here in Europe or the US as the ill-begotten gains of companies like BP.

Despite this though they none the less still all yen for an all-white Britain, and in order to keep the masses distracted on this fallacious theme and for whom they have no greater regard for than the said immigrants they routinely and ferociously decry these rather poor specimens of Homo sapiens play them for all they’re worth with entirely fabricated fears of terrorism around every street corner; haplessly swamped in their own country by hordes of foreigners; the same foreigners stealing their jobs and their women – they should go to Tunisia, Spain and the other favoured resorts for British women and ascertain who is doing the stealing there in terms of that last accusation, if you get my drift. I’m sure you’ve got the picture by now and it all goes to show how degenerately dishonest these people are and how wrapped up in their own double standards they likewise are that they can no longer, if ever they were capable of doing so, see the woods from the trees.

But even if terrorists were hell-bent on coming into the UK to kill us who can blame them when the UK in its illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq alone have collectively killed millions of these people’s relatives and friends, displaced several millions more, and cold-bloodedly through their UN initiated and imposed sanctions starved to death countless others. Britain that has had a hand in every major world problem and who actions over the centuries have been the genesis of many more that interminably or the devastating consequences that arose from them have unfortunately it seems gone on forever. The Balfour Declaration; the Sykes-Picot accord; the overthrow of the democratically elected government of Iran and its prime minister because the Iranians wanted to properly and lawfully have complete control over their oil reserves and not have BP’s precursor Anglo-Iranian exercise a monopoly over what were Iranian assets.

Just a mere three examples of literally thousands or more that Britain’s dirty paws are firmly imprinted on and which are still a running sore with the people in the regions involved since Britain hasn’t learnt anything from its past behaviour and is behaving exactly in the same way as it did when it arrogantly boasted that the sun never set on the British Empire. So I can well understand why the likes of Theresa May are so shit scared that there are those out there wanting to get them when the truth is these people just want to be left alone to live in peace, rule themselves, manage their own domestic and global affairs as they see fit and for the primary benefit of their own people productively exploit their natural resources as should be the case, and not have them arbitrarily controlled by outsiders who have no love for their countries or their people and whose interest starts and ends with what they as plutocrats and kleptocrats can command the autocrats they put in place to suppress their own citizens to hand over to them.

The terrorist, illegal immigrant and economic migrant cards are old chestnuts that are usually and quite expediently pulled from the fire of British prejudices whenever there is an economic crisis that the government in power having created it initially hasn’t the slightest clue how to resolve it; and in the same way that spurious war pretexts to attack and even invade other sovereign states are fabricated by dishonest and discreditable regimes to distract the citizenry from the calamitous running of the country by such governments churning out the terrorist, illegal immigrant and all that stuff is what a second rate Britain does. Yes it will go to war under the auspices of the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization, NATO or the US but we all know as Brits that Britain is far from able to fight a war on its own with any credible enemy and what we get from David Cameron et al is just a load of bluster.

 It would be similarly pathetic if a once proud, genuine champion boxer and global icon Mohammad Ali were in 2011 to announce he was stepping into the boxing ring again because he was still the greatest. He wouldn’t of course, dignity more so than age being a primary factor, but the likes of Theresa May and her cabinet chums don’t know in the least what dignity or self respect are; for they’re the very worst of the nouveau riche who instinctively know the price of everything but the value of nothing. Trash in other words!

This British government like all its immediate predecessors rules by fear and with an embedded media all too willing to play ball with them they have a captive audience, but it’s becoming like an old vinyl record stuck in the same groove. The savage cuts that this government is imposing on all aspects of British society have contributed hugely to the problems that the border control agency was confronted with. Reduced staff numbers, longer working hours, serious stress related problems that were themselves compounded by lengthy queues at the airports a need to shorten these and not make the traveller’s journey any more of a hellish nightmare than it needed to be were all part of the toxic mix that led to the sensible curtailment of some of these overbearing checks. But neither Theresa May nor her cabinet colleagues will admit to this for to do so would also mean them having to acknowledge that the root and branch of the problems occasioned were all theirs, and this they’ll never do; far better to blame other people.

Besides, Theresa May is highly incompetent; she’s also a House of Commons expenses fraudster but nowadays being a crook seems to be the principal criterion in ensuring a fast track route to political and economic prominence; not that Theresa May by anybody’s standards can be classed as a success, she’s not and never will for she simply hasn’t got what it takes. In the United States they refer to such persons as white trash, and from my perspective it’s an apt summation for the woman who runs our Home Office but claims she doesn’t know what goes on in it. So why have someone in that office or any other that is so evidently surplus to requirements.

As for alleged terrorists swarming into Britain to kill our real live ones who sit in the House of Commons, what a bloody joke! Can any of you envisage a barefooted Afghan Taliban supporter or some bearded Islamist from Iraq coming to Britain to kill our MPs? Why on earth would they want to when they’ve enough problems of their own at home that the UK is helping to cause? A more likely scenario of an assassin of Theresa May, her cabinet colleagues or parliamentary pals would be someone that is undeniably British, lives here, has the correct educational and financial background to avert suspicion; has the wherewithal to buy a home in the constituency of the MP they want to target, if he or she is a Tory join the Conservative party, become and activist for that party – you know the kind of stuff: committedly campaigning on doorsteps for national and local Tory candidates; make a name for one’s self as a genuine true-blue Conservative supporter, and with such accreditation and the like from the higher ups in the party and those significantly lower down the pecking order as well simply bide one’s time; and because you’re well known, virtually indispensible to the campaigning efforts, bread and butter issues of the party and perceived as a real workhorse in other words; no one would dream of embarrassingly submitting you to security checks in those circumstances as they already know who you are. All that’s left is for you to pick your moment when to strike. No need for any foreign imports to do the job and with roughly 650 MPs in parliament boy wouldn’t that put the wind up the rest of them.

Naturally all this is purely hypothetical and for strict legal purposes is just that, as soliciting the murder of anyone is a very serious crime unless in the British context you happen to be the Prime Minister of Britain, a cabinet member or else a corrupt, rubber stamping, gormless MP who do as you’re told and 99% of the House of Commons tally falls into that category. Anyway I’m simply expressing my creativity here; freedom of expression and all that stuff that these Tory sods, their New Labour and Lib-Dem colleagues and the rest of their ilk love so long as they’re spewing it out and others are on the receiving end of it. Additionally while I won’t be dishonest and say that I would regret her parting if Theresa May or any if the other killers in her government were to be suddenly snatched from us let me unambiguously say this; I have no desire to join the Tory Party or to encourage anyone to do so as a sleeper assassin; and that goes for all political parties in the UK. I’m much too busy leading a full life and using what god given talents I have to assist others to have an informed appraisal of what’s really going on in our names but we’re ignorant of.

Ultimately Theresa May will go the same way as all incompetent government ministers but as far as the rest of her political career is concerned to use the words of her equivalent in the apartheid regime of South Africa when he was told of the murder of Steve Biko, what happens to Theresa May just leaves me cold.

Update Saturday 3 August 2013.

In July 2013 the Home Secretary Theresa May speaking from the Dispatch Box of the House of Commons in the role of her designated ministerial portfolio said that Blacks in the UK were seven times more likely to be stopped and searched by the British police and other law enforcement officers than their white counterparts. Even then she wasn’t telling us anything that wasn’t already known; and while I found it absolutely sickening her pretend lament at this travesty of justice I wasn’t at all shocked by it, nor did I hold out any hope, great or small, that this immoral, racist, at best highly questionable and clearly illegal practice would be reined in.

Not least because our parliamentarians for the most part and particularly those in the Tory Party at all levels relish racism, for they see it not only as a vote winner among the white working class who they wouldn’t be seen dead socially with or have their sons or daughters marry but even so know that these largely brain dead, facile, gullible, easily manipulated and equally inherently racist members of that group seeing themselves principally at the bottom of society because essentially they’re the product of an educationally dumbed down, workshy, get something for nothing sub-stratum of our society knowing that they haven’t the intellectual acumen or the enterprise to pull themselves out of the quagmire that they’re in, either through their instinctive subservience to their so-called social betters that don’t give a toss about them and simply use them for their own purposes or frankly wouldn’t know where to begin because intellectual acumen and commonsense aren’t their forte, nevertheless resort to the one thing which incidentally they don’t and have never ever had any control over.

In other words their skin colour; to asininely use that as the basis of their supposed superiority and consequently use to look down on others of a different ethnicity or skin colour in order to boost their implausible and completely risible concept of superiority, and with that reinforce their belief and one that was and still is embedded in the Deep South of the United Stasi of America that if they can’t be better, incidentally not through ability, ingenuity or intellect, than a Nigger what hope is there for them. And the likes of Fascist, Neo-Nazi racists like Theresa May and her likeminded colleagues in the Con-Dem regime that currently run Britain know this well and liberally exploit this white superiority myth that copiously runs through the veins of even those whites living from hand to mouth, reduced to surviving on food bank handouts and crippled by payday loans and credit card debts that they can’t afford.

But commonsense isn’t something that comes naturally or easily with such people; and well steeped in the age old British process of divide and rule substantially employed during Britain’s colonialist and imperialist days the system is also avidly applied at home to foment racial strife and resentment as well as ludicrously fan the notion of white supremacy among people who even at the most cursory of glances one can realistically see have as much relevance to superiority in any of its forms as lemmings jumping of cliffs. Therefore using the tactics of racism to supposedly rid Britain of its illegal immigrants is not only a natural but also a most apt ploy for the racists who run our country to embark on.

For they know that the prospect of multitudinous numbers of non-white entering Blighty illegally is as likely as a as a non-white assuming Theresa May’s portfolio as Home Secretary. But the farce must nevertheless be played out for political ends; and with Theresa May having already and still is milking her Type 1 diabetes for all the political sympathy it can garner her why not play the race card as well in her vainglorious bid to become leader of the Conservative Party and a prospective PM of Britain as she sees it? Of course there are illegal immigrants in the UK as they are in other countries around the world many of them Britons. But our illegal immigrants for the most part have the same skin colour as Theresa May and her cabinet colleagues. For they’re Aussies, white South Africans, Americans, Canadians and a plethora of East Europeans; the latter brought in to supplement the lucrative sex and drug trade that operate in the UK. But they all fall below the radar of Theresa May and her racist xenophobes because the authorities and for that matter Theresa May don’t want to acknowledge this as there are no political votes to be emotively garnered by doing so.

Now we understand that the Equality and Human Rights Commission is investigating the current racist stop and searches in London and elsewhere across the UK in places where non-whites mostly live. This in the face of the Immigration Minister Mark Harper telling Sky News, “I make no apologies” for our actions. But there are other voices as well that ought really to be listened to. Like MP Stella Creasy who says that she has received numerous complaints from eye witnesses that these stop and searches are without exception directed exclusively at non-whites. The Brent North Labour MP also adds that the checks violate “fundamental freedoms,” while UKIP’s leader Nigel Farrago damns them as “not being the British way.”

But standing out for me among these damning indictments of Theresa May is the response of Phil O’Shea an eyewitness of this travesty of justice carried out in North London and who speaking to the Kilburn Times said, “I thought the behaviour of the immigration officers was heavy-handed and frightening.” Adding: “When I queried what was going on I was threatened with arrest [by them] for obstruction and was told to “crack on”. Crucially too Mr O’Shea’s personal observation was that these officers “appeared to be stopping and questioning every non-white person, many of whom were clearly ordinary Kensal Green [the local community] residents going to work.”

With Britain and particularly this Con-Dem regime willingly and obsequiously shoving their collective heads in every respect up the asses of the Americans I’m sure, Theresa May that those redneck racists of the American Deep South would be mighty proud of what you and your cabinet ilk are doing! When can we look forward to lynching as well, Theresa May?

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