Monday, 21 November 2011

Racism is cool again. That’s official!

By Stanley Collymore

Switzerland hosted the wartime Nazi stolen wealth of millions of holocaust Jews and survivors, stubbornly and greedily held on to this vast treasure trove and consistently denied its existence for decades until under insistent pressure it was forced to admit this, return its ill-gotten gains and cough up compensation for its crimes; it’s the world centre for money laundering and other monies garnered from the most pernicious conditions conceivable, including human trafficking and organ theft.

This mafia structured Cabal of a so-called country is the permanent home of the manipulative and criminal enterprise the IAEA and is also the chosen bolthole of an insensitive racist Sepp Blatter’s FIFA; just some of the numerous reasons why Switzerland should be physically and permanently wiped off the face of the earth never to be heard or spoken of again. And what better way to attain this than through an all out nuclear attack on this iniquitously failed entity significantly infested with its denizens of hardened criminals in all spheres of Swiss life, totally inveterate racists and paedophile perverts in grey suits both home-grown and imported.

This latest comment from Sepp Blatter hopefully will be the last one this side of eternity that anyone will hear from him. I know it’s being said that Sepp Blatter has a huge supporter’s base among his ilk and as such can’t or won’t be removed; well so did Adolf Hitler and his fascist chum Benito Mussolini who weren’t exactly strangers to the barbarism of racism or the odious thinking behind it themselves and look what happened to them. Nevertheless, Adolf Hitler did have the common decency to commit suicide which evidently isn’t a characteristic that imbues any part of Sepp Blatter’s psyche, even so in my view this pathetic apology for a human being deserves to die.

Racism for the benefit of those continental racists, among them Sepp Blatter who dismissively think it’s a political game driven by people with chips on their shoulders or a politically correct brigade of misfits in Britain that’s out to arbitrarily foist their bleeding heart views onto others let me say categorically it’s nothing of the kind and such assumptions aren’t only racist in their marked lack of an understanding of what racism is all about but is also frankly pathologically sick. If you’re still in doubt about this go have a chat with the parents of Stephen Lawrence or the relatives and friends of the 3000 plus Blacks who over the past thirty years up to the most recent killing of Mark Duggan in 2011, that sparked London and other city riots across the UK, were killed in police custody alone and despite coroners’ rulings that all of them, we are still awaiting an inquest to be held on Mark Duggan, were unlawfully murdered, no one to this day has ever been charged, prosecuted or convicted for their murders. Or perhaps you’d like to go across the Atlantic to the United States and have a word there with the KKK, other rightwing lynch mobs or even the relatives of their victims.

Racism kills and when moronic individuals in prominent positions like Sepp Blatter promote it, are dismissive of it or simply deny that it exists, never mind the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, then they too in my opinion are just as complicit in the murder of its victims, just as culpable as those who rant their racist diatribes at others racially different from them and who know they’ll get away with it because the DPP and the police don’t see it as a proper crime and the likes of Sepp Blatter who’ve never been subjected to racism themselves but are quite happy to dish it out to others, think it’s a joke to heartily amuse themselves with as they congregate in their privileged environs and congratulate themselves on how clever and disingenuous they can be while giving lip service to what most sane and intelligent people readily see and recognize as a heinous crime and particularly so in the 21st Century long after these accepted 19th Century obnoxious views were supposed to have been banished for good. You and your ilk may laugh racism off as irrelevant but it’s not fucking funny Sepp Blatter, and I don’t know of any victim or their relatives that I’ve met who would agree with you.

And that’s why I think it’s long past the time for Blacks or anyone else who is subjected to this kind of Dark Ages mindset to do what should have been done a long time ago. Stop turning the other cheek; people who are abusers simply see this as weakness and a vindication of their vile behaviour and simply ratchet it up. Stop thinking that you’re an oddity and must apologise for what you are: a fellow human being with the inalienable right to human dignity; and above all don’t be afraid to put the lights out of those who abuse you in this way. They are human beings like you even though they don’t act as such; they have families like you do who hurt and bleed like you and who can be similarly killed like they kill you. Hit back! Make life just as much a nightmare for them as they do for you and don’t be squeamish about it. If they take out one of yours go for 10 of theirs and do them same with them, and even if you were to end up in jail on account of this at least you know why you’re there and that the bastards responsible for your being there aren’t any longer breathing God’s wholesome air. It must be an eye for an eye and never shirk from this; since all these so-called liberals who come up with their platitudinous comments about how awful the comments of Sepp Blatter are, are essentially no better than he is, and they do what they do from the comfort zone that racism will never affect them nor any of their children. So follow your conscience and hit these bastards where it hurts, in the family stakes!

Murder is not in the least a pretty sight to behold especially when it turns nasty, vicious, brutal and violent, nor should it be the first course of action taken unless one knows for sure and well beforehand that meaningful discourse, beneficial compromise to conciliate the hurt and evident humiliation suffered by the victims of racism and unreserved apologies for grave injustices that were committed in the initiation and fostering of racist attitudes will not be forthcoming an all serious attempts to secure these by lawful and reasonable means will be officially thwarted or else dismissively ignored particularly when these deleterious injustices are themselves endemic and still snootily fomented and promoted to the ongoing detriment of the aggrieved, the murder of those culpably involved, the perpetrators of racism in other words, is not only a permissible course of action but also in my opinion an absolute requirement in the specific circumstances I have previously outlined and should therefore unreservedly, unashamedly and unrelentingly be directed with the fullest and most undeterred commitment at those that are directly responsible for the wrongdoings involved in addition to every know individual who is either biologically or socially near to them. One doesn’t just dispose of a threateningly poisonous and lethal scorpion which has already struck a blameless victim and leave it at that for to do so would be the height of irresponsibility, since the sensible and prudent thing to do would be to completely eradicate the entire nest of scorpions that exist and be done with it.

And in this enterprise no likely target area should ever be overlooked, considered sacrosanct or be ruled out as questionable. To this end therefore the private residences, workplaces, points of communal assembly, leisure facilities, private means of transport, places of worship, shopping outlets, barbers and hairdressing salons, holiday locations, health and fitness facilities, in fact every speck of space that’s permanently or otherwise bodily utilized by these people alongside those intimately linked with their nearest and dearest including the schools, tertiary educational institutions, sports clubs and sleepover venues used by their children or grandchildren are quite valid targets, as are day care and play centres; nurseries and kindergarten where these persons together with their immediate kith and kin should be ruthlessly hunted down and surgically and unrepentantly disposed of; but without any collateral damage if possible, as you’re not by any stretch of the imagination, although avengers of course, the same as these brutish and heartless thugs that comprise your opponents and enemies.

This unabashed affirmation of mine will I know cholerically disturb the mental balance, quite precarious at best in normal circumstances, of these arrogant, self-centred and dapperly dressed pinstriped-suited spivs; agitate the minds of elements within our wonderful police forces – if you believe that description of them then you’ll believe anything – and more particularly so our renowned Scotland Yard and the Metropolitan Police whose institutionalized racism according to the McPherson Report on the racist murder of Stephen Lawrence rightly concluded has ably assisted them in ensuring that the parents of Stephen never got any justice for their savagely murdered son, killed for no other reason than the colour of his skin; and of course the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) whose partiality is such that the only colour which that office has a real problem with when it comes to dispensing natural justice to people with it, is the colour black. Then too there are our security boys and girls in MI5 and MI6, you know the ones who love nothing better than composing dodgy dossiers to incite gratuitous, racist wars in countries abroad where the local inhabitants don’t have white skins, well pink ones to be more precise, simply as a dishonest means to justify regime change there on behalf of western multinational corporations like BP and Total whose sole purpose is to plunder the natural resources of these countries.

Britain spent just under half a billion pounds Sterling to pulverize Libya and murder its ruler; BP and other British multinational corporations with kickbacks to our Con-Dem government led by David Cameron and British lawmakers who enthusiastically cheer led this rape of Libya will now profit to the tune of upwards of £300 billion Sterling over the next 10 years for their racist murders and the incitement of black lynchings of Libyan citizens and the illegal ouster of the government of a sovereign state nowhere in the locality of western Europe let alone Britain. Not a bad little earner, is it? And all done in the name of humanitarian concerns and rebuilding Libya in the mould of a western liberal democracy, never mind the upcoming imposition of the worst excesses of Sharia Law in that country post Colonel Gaddafi’s assassination or the little issue of the flag of al-Qaida – those bearded, unsmiling guys that we’re supposed to be fighting an everlasting war of terror against – flying buoyantly and defiantly, courtesy of the NTC, over Libya’s principal court house in the nation’s capital Tripoli and not a word of rebuke from the west, NATO or our brave Churchillian hero and defender David Cameron. Britain’s actions in Libya remind me of an unscrupulous glazier I once knew who used to periodically send a small gang of thugs that he paid to do this, to go around smashing the windows of expensive houses and business premises in neighbouring communities after which he would then in his capacity as a glazer visit those affected, falsely commiserate with them over their troubles as he decried the lawlessness of present day youths then perfidiously tout his services as a glazier to them. It never failed.

Risibly I fleetingly wonder what glazier Britain has in store for me; not that I give a shit mind you. If I did I wouldn’t be as open in my articles and particularly this one as I am. Anyway, it ill-behoves these collective clowns to be accusing me of anything other than honestly speaking my mind, let alone of being up to the kind of infamies that these organs of the state are pretty proficient at. Besides if it’s okay for Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, David Cameron, Nicolas Sarkozy, Silvio Berlusconi, Angela Merkel et al to publicly call for and actually implement the murder of persons who stand in the way of their criminal desire for regime change in countries whose natural resources these thieving sewer rats greedily want to lay their grubby paws on; if it’s kosher for David Cameron to connive with the pipsqueak, Arab runt and absolute dictator of Jordan to execute from his twisted perspective sectarian regime change in Syria but from the point of view of David Cameron acting on Israel’s behalf to ensure that a pliant, western stooge regime like the one that Jordan is emerges in Syria, and both these evil clowns employing the identical crap scenario against Syria and its ruler as was relentlessly used against Libya and the late Colonel Gaddafi, then proceed apace in a bid to achieve their unethical and illicit goals, it really does beggar belief and makes one wonder, especially when there’s no democracy or any human rights whatsoever in Jordan and which is effectively a repressive police state, if David Cameron and his Arab boy have taken leave of what residual commonsense they once had and what kind of blithering fools they take us for, since it’s an open secret that if they the United States and the other US-led puppets manage to depose the Assad government and affect regime change in Syria as they did in Libya their ambition is to move on to Iran and try their luck there with what is essentially an even bigger prize for them.

Furthermore if the US Republican dwarfs, Ron Paul excepted, vying with each other to be the next incumbent in the White House – God help us if any of them should succeed in this venture with its nightmarish scenarios – spectacularly but stupidly as they did on prime time television aired in the United States, transmitted across Europe and in a cheerleading fashion by the BBC and Sky News among other broadcasters in the UK was also broadcast here, can explicitly call for a motiveless attack on Iran contrary to international law and UN regulations but even more sinisterly openly encourage the murders of that country’s scientists by the US then boastfully assert that the United States which recently has already carried out such activities in Iran could then publicly claim deniability as usual for its criminal actions and with the obedient support of its version of what constitutes the international community coerce the rest of the world into not only believing the plethora of lies which the United States tells them pertaining to its dishonest claims of innocence in the matter but also have the world community perceive it as a victim of Iran’s criminal intrigues, why should there then be a problem when I forthrightly express my own views that unembarrassed confront theirs and radically strike back with logical reasoning and precision at the heart of their dastardly and criminal behaviour?

Naturally it’s a vile approach to typically take to premeditatedly and arbitrarily target someone selected to be murdered, but that moral stance is apt for everyone living in countries that pride themselves as having a healthy respect for the rule of law, so we can’t just pick and choose who should obey these laws or else face the full consequences for not doing so while allowing others who’re favoured or run the system to literally get away with murder. So I’m not about to lose any sleep at the prospect of being prosecuted for what I’ve said in this article or any other for that matter as I stand by everything I’ve said and actually relish the prospect of the police and the DPP taking up the challenge. So bring it on guys if you’ve got the bottle to do so. The problem with these people is that they don’t give a damn about what misery the victims who’re involved have to endure and recurrently find themselves on the receiving end of the barbarity other people; and even when these victims run into hundreds of thousands and even millions in total the general attitude towards them is invariably the same, one of complete indifference that becomes even more entrenched when these victims are of a different race and skin colour.

So using cruise missiles, uranium tipped cancer inducing bombs and assassination drones to randomly kill people that don’t look like them is perceived as cool, patriotic, gung-ho, hubristic stuff to revel in in TV interviews, down at the pub, and wherever an appreciative audience can be assembled and bawdily regaled with how many niggers, coons or whatever derogatory jibes are currently in vogue were killed with bucketfuls of exaggeration thrown in for good measure, while thanking their luck stars that they’re white; are fortunate members of the master race and as such have nothing to fear as they’re completely invincible. In marked and disdainful contrast however the poor peasants blown to bits at wedding parties, family gatherings, in hospital beds or are innocent civilians simply going about their daily lives, well they don’t count cause they are not like us, which makes their lives worthless and their deaths a non event not even worth the bother of counting how many were killed let alone who they were; because the racism, both actual and the gentrification of it by the likes of Sepp Blatter, Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy, David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Gordon Brown and many others like them in whom it has been indoctrinated from birth and throughout their childhood makes it so. To paraphrase the Jesuits: Give me a child to the age of seven and you can have it back, since they knew that for the most part what we have thrust down our throats in our formative years remains with us for the rest of our natural life.

But advocate gunning down or slaughtering their children or grandchildren in their nurseries, kindergarten, schools or wherever they congregate notwithstanding that these will be the next generation of inveterate racists if the status quo stays as it is to plague the lives of non-white members of our society who as yet haven’t even been conceived let alone been born, and any person advocating a reciprocal murder response in respect of these precious, white darlings no matter how tongue-in-the cheek, an objective quid pro quo analysis or in deadly earnest such a response might be is instantly demonized and declared a monster. And why? Because it’s an action that impacts negatively on whites and hits home where it hurts the most. In other words they’ve been made to walk, if only for a short distance, in the shoes of those they instinctively treat like trash and in typical double standards mode they don’t relish it one bit; or as Cpl Jones in Dad’s Army would say: “They don’t like it up ‘em!” Even so it’s quite in order for the fuzzy wuzzie and others though.

It’s the identical mindset which rigidly demands that the European holocaust that their parents and grand parents’ generations started and violently carried out should be written with a capital H; the term holocaust should be used exclusively for this European event; and denying it ever happened has to be an automatic criminal offence with jail consequences. Notwithstanding that there were numerous other holocausts with much more devastating conclusions and that lasted for very much longer than the European one, like the trans-Atlantic, African slavery holocaust which lasted for centuries and whose victims run into the hundreds of millions and not just the much touted six millions of you know who and which gave rise to official and institutionalized racism that is still with us to this very day. But these purblind white hypocrites don’t care about any of that; all they really care about is that the onerous self-guilt and much played upon victim status attached to the European holocaust unlike all the other global ones perpetrated by their kith and kin is white on both counts; and significantly they’re white. Therefore not just they but the entire world must pay obeisance to this and white sensitivities that incidentally other people don’t have or aren’t entitled to.

A much belated report to be released soon we expect will definitely show, my sources tell me, that the violent murder of Mark Duggan, the black Londoner whose death was one of the main catalysts for spontaneous riots in London and other major English cities earlier in the year year, was what those like me always thought from the outset a premeditated racist assassination by officers of the Metropolitan Police. Forensic and other evidence will also substantiate the view that the police and the IPCC: the so-called Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) that is anything but independent or impartial but nevertheless is the statutory body tasked with looking into formal complaints lodged against the police as well as investigating suspect deaths in police custody after an epidemic of these predominantly of black people over many decades, had both knowingly lied and wilfully given false or deceptive information to the media and the public soon after the incident of Mark Duggan’s murder, with the IPCC mouthing verbatim and unquestioningly the lying claims of the police that Mark Duggan had a gun, had shot first at the police officers nearly killing one of them and consequently the police had no other recourse but to fire back in self defence.

This was pure fiction which was dangerous and based on endemic racial stereotypes that both the police and the IPCC feed on and know are pervasive throughout elements of the media and the public at large and was expressly used by them to wilfully mislead the public. It was also a false flag, the latest of many that both these organizations have employed in the past together with the DPP to put Blacks generally and black victims in particular that in their habitual over the top and violent responses to what they see as the alien wedge of a black presence in the UK they’ve unconscionably abused and even killed and therefore wish to justify their actions in the public eye criminally resort to.

Mark Duggan had no gun and therefore couldn’t have fired one at anybody or anything and the gun found next to his murdered body was planted there by the police, a commonplace practice by NATO including British troops in Afghanistan just as it was routinely the case in Iraq when innocent civilians were slaughtered, very often for racist sport, and their murderers then placed AK47 rifles and other so-called incriminating evidence next to their slain bodies to repugnantly demonize and slander them in death as the terrorists they never were in life. It is an established but regrettably a little known fact in Britain that the Metropolitan Police has close ties with the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) and covertly send its specialist officers to Israel to be trained in the tactics employed by the IDF against the Palestinians, tactics that having been acquired there the Metropolitan Police with no legislative or public mandate and no accountability it would seem that I or others I’ve spoken to know of, now ominously for the public and extrajudicially by the police are premeditatedly used to fit and endorse their racist agenda. The assassination of John Charles de Menezes the black Brazilian cold-bloodedly assassinated by the Metropolitan police as he calmly sat on the London Underground on his way to work, and clearly as CCTV footage showed posed no threat to anyone, was right out of the IDF’s playbook. So too was the acerbic demonization of him, the puerile slander of his name even in death, and irrefutable proof to the contrary that he was completely an innocent man by this rogue outfit the Metropolitan Police, totally unfit for purpose, and its corrupt media chums as the phone hacking scandal and bribes paid to the police clearly show. Therefore the Metropolitan Police’s treatment of Mark Duggan and the quisling support for it by the IPCC is no surprise to me or anyone else I would imagine who is familiar with the typical shenanigans of both parties, as it’s par for the course with these unscrupulous and highly immoral persons.

The abhorrent ruse too that Mark Duggan shot at the police nearly killing one of them with the bullet fired from his fictional gun, we now officially know, a bullet that didn’t do what Mark Duggan had intended it to as it was happily stopped from doing so when it fortuitously lodged itself in the protective jacket of the officer it was intended for has also been firmly debunked as the bald-faced lie it always and knowing was. For as the IPCC and the police have been forced to admit in the face of incontestable forensic evidence the bullet which was found lodged in the protective jacket of the police officer concerned was a police issued bullet that was itself fired from a police issued gun and the gun in question belonged to one of the police officers that was at the scene and personally involved in the events leading to the assassination of Mark Duggan.

Recently broadcast video footage on television of numerous officers of the Metropolitan Police not dressed in any identifiable police uniforms or attire, no identification of who they were to anyone let alone their chosen target stopping a car driven by a young black man and unleashing in the wake of them having done so and no identification of who they were an incredible and robustly sustained level of violence against the car and its occupant employing no issued police defensive weapons in the process but instead utilizing loads of improvised ones that they had in advance secured for themselves like baseball bats and metal bars to seriously smash the car and terrifyingly and physically intimidate its driver is just another example of the institutionalized racism and intuitive racist practices that pervade every segment of the Metropolitan Police and just confirms how out of control that organisation is. As I said this attack was filmed and aired widely on TV, but shocking as it was there has been no moral outrage from the IPCC; none of the police officers involved have either been suspended or dismissed, unbelievably they’re still in their jobs and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if in the near future as is the usual practice with white officers deemed to be upholding shall we say the status quo they’re all promoted for what they did; that’s why the DPP didn’t bring any prosecutions against them even when to use an English phrase they were caught bang to rights, so to speak. For the media’s part it was just a laughable issue; police officers behaving badly. The victim didn’t count and it doesn’t matter as he’s black; so don’t hold your breath expecting the DPP to bring charges against those who cold-bloodedly assassinated Mark Duggan.

Mark Duggan’s assassination was obviously the catalyst that triggered the riots but it was just one of several underlining social issues that were equally responsible for this outburst of public anger. But to listen to David Cameron, snouts firmly ensconced in the public, financial troughs MPs, the media and others, including magistrates and judges all too eager to hand out ludicrous and disproportionate sentences and willingly did, like jailing a youth for six months for picking up off the pavement a bottle of water worth less than £1 Sterling dropped by others he neither knew or was involved with who’d looted a local shop he later walked past on his way home, all of them with their own racist agendas and outrage, from their perspective what they witnessed of specially edited, highly biased and maliciously broadcast transmissions from the likes of the BBC, past masters in this, and Sky News on their state of the art HD, flat screen television sets from the complete and gated safety of their sumptuous homes was wholly alien to their warped idea of a fictional and homogenous Britain that never existed except in their imaginations. And thus it was all the fault of a politically correct multiculturalism; far too many immigrants in the UK, never mind that most immigrants here are from eastern European countries of the EU with the right to live here as the British have to live anywhere in the European Union they choose to and invariably do; and the stark reality that the UK’s population is still a whopping 96% white while its government is exclusively so. Add to that the carefully hidden or suitably overlooked fact that every piece of empirical data on the 2011 English riots show that notwithstanding the assassination of Mark Duggan and the justifiable anger in Britain’s black communities the vast majority of those involved in the riots and particularly the looting weren’t black but white. And the government, parliament, the police and the judiciary all know this but it’s a lot easier and opportunistic career-wise to play on entrenched racist stereotypes rather than confront the truth and honestly tackle the consequences of their collective actions that caused the problems in the first place.

Against this kind of venomous and vicious backdrop knowing you can’t even rely on the so-called forces of law and order and that regardless of what you do will constantly find yourself on the receiving end of racism and even summarily killed by those who are supposed to be the guardians and upholders of the law, what would you do? Idly and impotently stand by and be a sacrificial lamb to the slaughter; anxiously hope for the best even as you see more of your own people and even family members and friends treated with disdain, put in the invidious situation of being six times more likely to be physically stopped, searched and humiliated in the process of this happening to you than any white person will be; disproportionately out of all portion to your actual number in the community or society you’re in thrust into the criminal system and whether you’re guilty or not judicially found to be so and hence more readily given harsher and longer prison terms than comparable whites who actually commit these offences. It’s stipulated that one shouldn’t take the law into their own hands and from a civilized viewpoint that makes excellent sense; but when that same law and its designated officials are the problem, when each of them either individually or together fail to impartially uphold it and instead unprofessionally and spitefully abuse it to sadistically create victims of others whose only crime is their race or the colour of their skin, what good is that law or the rules governing it, and why would anyone with a modicum of morality or a functioning brain cell in their head and especially if they are a victim of it want to respect or abide by it and in the absence of all other fair-minded options not want to take matters into their own hands?

British bureaucracy and I know full well that the same can be said for every other state across the so-called western world but I’m British and I’ll confine these closing remarks to my home country is replete with double standards and sickening hypocrisy; that said Britain is my home and I’ll fight my battles and these pernicious attitudes in so much as they relate to this country here at home. Hassan Ghani is also British, born and bred, and to be more precise an excellent Scottish journalist that works for Press TV, who with others in November 2011 was kidnapped on the high seas in what were unquestionably international waters by Israeli paramilitary forces off a humanitarian flotilla heading for besieged Gaza and against international conventions and laws governing the seas against illegal action of this kind frogmarched with others off to Israel, laughably, if it weren’t such a serious matter, charged with illegally entering that country when Israel was never their destination neither were they anywhere near Israel when the military arm of the Israeli state unlawfully seized and took them there (only Israel could think up something like this and with absolute impunity get away it); stuck incommunicado in jail; mistreated; and in Hassan’s case have all his journalistic equipment confiscated and now permanently kept by the Israelis. Released 10 days later, no apologies offered or received Hassan was then deported to Turkey even though he’s a British subject and there are regular flights between London and Tel Aviv.

But even more sinister than the Israeli actions were those of my country. The British embassy in Tel Aviv was well aware of what happened to Hassan but kept their distance and decided not to give him any consular help which is standard procedure and a legally binding practice for all embassies in respect of their own nationals held in foreign countries and the British authorities both at home and abroad and in view of our own once global prominence as a empire British authorities know all too well; but none was forthcoming in Hassan’s case. Moreover, there was an eerie silence that existed at the time and still is very apparent on the part of the entire British media in relation to the Israeli treatment of Hassan Ghani and others on that flotilla. The same media which had no problem at all in regurgitating ad nauseum every iota of the circumstances genuine or fanciful that revolved around the Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit and his family; and had Hassan Ghani not been in possession of the name he has, wasn’t a Muslim, and from the utterly racist perspective of the news producers, directors, managers and journalists and the other filth at these media broadcasters wasn’t cursed with a brown skin you can bet your last pound that it would all have been quite different. And just imagine if one of their reporters was kidnapped in the same manner on the high seas and in clearly defined international waters by the Russians, Chinese or God-forbid the Iranians or the Syrians, well I don’t have to tell you what the furore and even the wider repercussions would be. David Cameron, boy Hague, Philip Hammond, Nicolas Sarkozy, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama they would all have been on the war path and UN resolution or not if it was Iran be gearing up for self-righteous and fake moral indignation.

Meanwhile Sky News roving terrorist reporter Emma Hurd like her BBC Zionist counterpart Jane Corbin continues to be cheerfully parachuted into areas or locations relatively close to them, when for personal safety reasons she claims she can’t be actually there, to give even by standard Zionist practices her rabidly one-sided and fanciful accounts that echo the worst aims of the military industrial complex and its political stooges. Quite recently it was Libya now her attentions are stringently focused on Syria where the Assad regime is under direct attack from external insurgents trained by the United States, Britain, France, Israel and Turkey and heavily financed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar with the explicit purposes after their hubristic success in Libya of regime change in Syria and the imposition of a puppet regime in that country that will be well disposed to the west and the interests of Israel in the Middle East and will categorically distance itself from Iran. But astonishingly from a woman that relishes flaunting her fraudulent credentials as a neutral reporter there hasn’t been a bird’s cheep out of her in relation to what is going on in Egypt, the blatant hijacking of the revolution there by the military junta in cahoots with the governments of key western countries notably the United States and UK and oodles of bribe money from Saudi Arabia; or the similarly western inspired and murderous events taking place in Bahrain, Yemen, Jordan, Morocco, Saudi Arabia or the other petro dollar fiefdoms and which are completely ignored and go unreported in the western media. Can you imagine such situations occurring and allowed to go unpunished in countries where the victims were whites?

Back home in Britain two racist issues also related to football recently emerged. In one of them the England football captain John Terry is alleged to have racially abused a black fellow player during a football match. In the other incident Suarez a Liverpool player and an Ecuadorian is also said to have done the same to a black player from Manchester United, also on the football field and both cases are now being investigated by the English FA and the police. Interestingly enough the British media have taken to bubbling the comments by John Terry in the same way they do when they don’t want to or can’t legally identify the face of an individual but here it is evidently done to stop lip readers, professional or otherwise, from discerning what the remarks of John Terry actually were. Anyhow, there are enough independent broadcasters that haven’t done this and what John Terry said is pretty clear to those with eyes and who are prepared to impartially use them. Which puts the mainstream British media in something of a spot and also highlights its own double standards and hypocrisies since it was among those in the vanguard leading the charge for FIFA’s president Sepp Blatter to go following his asinine, racism-denial in football comment. A situation which was seized on by the South African football authorities that succinctly pointed out that John Terry in spite of the serious racist allegations made against him was still allowed to captain England in our match against Sweden.

And what about Ofcom our less than independent broadcast regulator? Some of you will know from Wikileaks that this body has been co-opted by the British government at the behest of the United States to have Press TV put off the air in the UK; just one of many such shenanigans that are being disreputably used against that broadcaster for having the audacity and temerity to do what broadcasters are supposed to do, report the news objectively and not be selective even to the point of completely ignoring major news events which are evidently taking place but that they sycophantically choose or as is generally the case are directed not to report on because to do so would patently show up the lying propaganda, blatant double standards and hypocrisies, and of course be most uncomfortable as well for their haughty puppet masters.

But it really was an all time low for these sewer rats at Ofcom, and believe me that takes some doing, who while happily trumping up totally dishonest pretexts for closing down Press TV in Britain were complicitly allowing British and US broadcasters operating here to flout some of the most fundamental rules of broadcasting in the UK. I’m referring of course to the so-called debate by the Republican dwarfs desperately vying with each other for the White House in the upcoming 2012 US presidential elections who not only called for a malicious and unprovoked attack on a sovereign country and member of the United Nations namely Iran, contrary to the Geneva Conventions and all international law, but also insisted on the cold-blooded murder of Iranian scientists. Now imagine if instead of them being Americans they were Iranian wannabe presidents cavalierly spouting the same loathsome and illegal crap but with US, British or other western scientists as their targets and rather than the US this debate had emanated from Tehran and was carried live to the UK via Press TV. Instantaneously there would be a venomous and widespread clamour of outrage, and quite rightly so in my view, across every spectrum of UK society with the British and other western media having afield day of it with Press TV’s licence instantly revoked. But not so apparently when the broadcaster in question is an American one and whose toadying British and EU broadcasters operating in the UK ape it. What a toothless, disreputable, double standards, odious bunch of spineless bastards Ofcom officials are!

As for Sepp Blatter’s supposed world support base rendering him invincible, even if ever FIFA member supports him and all of its governing bodies their combine total doesn’t amount to the numbers killed in Libya, Afghanistan let alone Iraq that this racist mindset has engendered and still does, so logistically carrying out surgical, targeted strikes against these people and their family members either in their home countries or abroad isn’t a problem, and trust me there are enough people out there who’re thoroughly pissed off and incensed by these repeated so-called gaffes of Sep Blatter churlishly echoed by those around him to willing kill the lot of them and not lose any sleep about it.

Expecting racist victims and repeat sufferers of something so endemically destructive as racism to keep on turning the other cheek as Sepp Blatter evidently wants them to after 500 years and still counting of the accumulative transgressions of trans-Atlantic slavery, apartheid, Jim Crow laws, barbaric public lynchings, segregation, the whitening policies of Brazil and all the rest of it to satisfy the racist, Aryan, eugenic, white supremacist mindset of the likes of Sepp Blatter, or Swedes among whom he has much support, the self-same Swedes who while hypocritically peddling their so-called neutrality during World War II, a dishonest scam if ever there was one, were every bit as complicit at every level as Switzerland was in Europe’s holocaust, is in my view totally repugnant and completely unacceptable. And the best Christmas present that Sepp Blatter could give to the world generally and humanity in particular after steeping down as the President of FIFA would be to do an Adolf Hitler and kill himself; and in the absence of that then of necessity it must be done by others, as his death is now a priority issue along with the equivalent eradication of all those in FIFA’s governing bodies and at its Swiss HQ that support Sepp Blatter’s racist stance; and I feel so immensely passionately about this that I’m personally willing and financially prepared to involve myself in this venture.

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