Thursday, 17 November 2011

Nuke Switzerland and kill Sepp Blatter

By Stanley Collymore

Switzerland hosted the wartime Nazi stolen wealth of millions of holocaust Jews and survivors, stubbornly and greedily held on to this vast treasure trove and consistently denied its existence for decades until under insistent pressure it was forced to admit this, return its ill-gotten gains and cough up compensation for its crimes; it’s the world centre for money laundering and other monies garnered from the most pernicious conditions conceivable, including human trafficking and organ theft.

This mafia structured Cabal of a so-called country is the permanent home of the manipulative and criminal enterprise the IAEA and is also the chosen bolthole of an insensitive racist Sepp Blatter’s FIFA; just some of the numerous reasons why Switzerland should be physically and permanently wiped off the face of the earth never to be heard or spoken of again. And what better way to attain this than through an all out nuclear attack on this iniquitously failed entity significantly infested with its denizens of hardened criminals in all spheres of Swiss life, totally inveterate racists and paedophile perverts in grey suits both home-grown and imported.

This latest comment from Sepp Blatter hopefully will be the last one this side of eternity that anyone will hear from him. I know it’s being said that Sepp Blatter has a huge supporter’s base among his ilk and as such can’t or won’t be removed; well so did Adolf Hitler and his fascist chum Benito Mussolini who weren’t exactly strangers to the barbarism of racism or the odious thinking behind it themselves and look what happened to them. Nevertheless, Adolf Hitler did have the common decency to commit suicide which evidently isn’t a characteristic that imbues any part of Sepp Blatter’s psyche, even so in my view this pathetic apology for a human being deserves to die.

Racism for the benefit of those continental racists, among them Sepp Blatter who dismissively think it’s a political game driven by people with chips on their shoulders or a politically correct brigade of misfits in Britain that’s out to arbitrarily foist their bleeding heart views onto others let me say categorically it’s nothing of the kind and such assumptions aren’t only racist in their marked lack of an understanding of what racism is all about but is also frankly pathologically sick. If you’re still in doubt about this go have a chat with the parents of Stephen Lawrence or the relatives and friends of the 4000 plus Blacks who over the past thirty years up to the most recent killing of Mark Duggan in 2011, that sparked London and other city riots across the UK, were killed in police custody alone and despite coroners’ rulings that all of them, we are still awaiting an inquest to be held on Mark Duggan, were unlawfully murdered, no one to this day has ever been charged, prosecuted or convicted for their murders. Or perhaps you’d like to go across the Atlantic to the United States and have a word there with the KKK, other rightwing lynch mobs or even the relatives of their victims.

Racism kills and when moronic individuals in prominent positions like Sepp Blatter promote it, are dismissive of it or simply deny that it exists, never mind the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, then they too in my opinion are just as complicit in the murder of its victims, just as culpable as those who rant their racist diatribes at others racially different from them and who know they’ll get away with it because the DPP and the police don’t see it as a proper crime and the likes of Sepp Blatter who’ve never been subjected to racism themselves but are quite happy to dish it out to others, think it’s a joke to heartily amuse themselves with as they congregate in their privileged environs and congratulate themselves on how clever and disingenuous they can be while giving lip service to what most sane and intelligent people readily see and recognize as a heinous crime and particularly so in the 21st Century long after these accepted 19th Century obnoxious views were supposed to have been banished for good. You and your ilk may laugh racism off as irrelevant but it’s not fucking funny Sepp Blatter, and I don’t know of any victim or their relatives that I’ve met who would agree with you.

And that’s why I think it’s long past the time for Blacks or anyone else who is subjected to this kind of Dark Ages mindset to do what should have been done a long time ago. Stop turning the other cheek; people who are abusers simply see this as weakness and a vindication of their vile behaviour and simply ratchet it up. Stop thinking that you’re an oddity and must apologise for what you are: a fellow human being with the inalienable right to human dignity; and above all don’t be afraid to put the lights out of those who abuse you in this way. They are human beings like you even though they don’t act as such; they have families like you do who hurt and bleed like you and who can be similarly killed like they kill you. Hit back! Make life just as much a nightmare for them as they do for you and don’t be squeamish about it. If they take out one of yours go for 10 of theirs and do them same with them, and even if you were to end up in jail on account of this at least you know why you’re there and that the bastards responsible for your being there aren’t any longer breathing God’s wholesome air. It must be an eye for an eye and never shirk from this; since all these so-called liberals who come up with their platitudinous comments about how awful the comments of Sepp Blatter are, are essentially no better than he is, and they do what they do from the comfort zone that racism will never affect them nor any of their children. So follow your conscience and hit these bastards where it hurts, in the family stakes!

As for Sepp Blatter’s supposed world support base rendering him invincible, even if ever FIFA member supports him and all of its governing bodies their combine total doesn’t amount to the numbers killed in Libya, Afghanistan let alone Iraq that this racist mindset has engendered and still does, so logistically carrying out surgical, targeted strikes against these people and their family members either in their home countries or abroad isn’t a problem, and trust me there are enough people out there who’re thoroughly pissed off and incensed by these repeated so-called gaffes of Sep Blatter churlishly echoed by those around him to willing kill the lot of them and not lose any sleep about it.

Expecting racist victims and repeat sufferers of something so endemically destructive as racism to keep on turning the other cheek as Sepp Blatter evidently wants them to after 500 years and still counting of the accumulative transgressions of trans-Atlantic slavery, apartheid, Jim Crow laws, barbaric public lynchings, segregation, the whitening policies of Brazil and all the rest of it to satisfy the racist, Aryan, eugenic, white supremacist mindset of the likes of Sepp Blatter, or Swedes among whom he has much support, the self-same Swedes who while hypocritically peddling their so-called neutrality during World War II, a dishonest scam if ever there was one, were every bit as complicit at every level as Switzerland was in Europe’s holocaust, is in my view totally repugnant and completely unacceptable. And the best Christmas present that Sepp Blatter could give to the world generally and humanity in particular after steeping down as the President of FIFA would be to do an Adolf Hitler and kill himself; and in the absence of that then of necessity it must be done by others, as his death is now a priority issue along with the equivalent eradication of all those in FIFA’s governing bodies and at its Swiss HQ that support Sepp Blatter’s racist stance; and I feel so immensely passionately about this that I’m personally willing and financially prepared to involve myself in this venture.

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