Friday, 9 September 2011

Sinister, grasping and Zionist, the daunting world of western global hegemony

By Stanley Collymore

September 8, 2011; 5% of the Israeli population is protesting and has been for months. The causes: austerity measures, a pronounced decline in living standards among Israelis, shortage of affordable housing, the systematic Israeli settlement programme on occupied Palestinian land, Benjamin Netanyahu’s rightwing policies and his obsession with external affairs whose problems he’s actually created. These demonstrations aren’t covered though by the western media; but imagine what the situation would be if instead of Israel their location was Iran or Cuba.

The previous, exclusive and promoted narrative from Israeli regimes and US administrations and assiduously used to brainwash the Israeli and US public has been that Arab or Muslim democracy was a colossal threat to Israel so it had to be stamped out by any means possible: brute force, dictatorships, military interventions, and this was always the outcome whenever it raised its head. This satisfied Israel’s paranoia and outright racist dictatorial demands while at the same time guaranteeing continued United States hegemony of the Middle East and the control, along with its western partners, of that region’s natural resources, in particular oil and gas.

The constant war footing of Israel, creating enemies where none naturally exist to assuage its paranoia and the high expenditure coast of all this together with the global downturn placed enormous pressures on the entire fabric of a once comfortable Israeli life style at least for the Middle Classes. However, there’s now a greater disparity between the Israeli haves and have nots and for the very first time ever in the country’s history it’s not just the lower classes as was previously the case that are habitually disadvantaged when things went wrong but in the current climate of economic uncertainty it’s also the Israeli Middle Classes that are being hit, and quite severely so as well, together with many professionals who in the past would have considered such hardships happening to them as unthinkable knowing they were completely exempt from them and consequently wouldn’t have had to unduly exercise their minds about such misfortunes that they instinctively associated with others less fortunate than themselves; but not any more.

This disparate coalition of the Israeli lower and middle classes has become a toxic mix that is a threat to the continuance of the Netanyahu regime and its US political and media backers; as this coalition’s demands for a greater distribution of wealth, higher taxes especially for the rich, and the appurtenances of a fairer and more just society for all is anathema to the rabid capitalist mindset of the political establishment and financial elites in the United States who are Israel’s biggest financial donors. It also is ironically greatly at odds with the brainwashed and turkeys voting for Christmas perceptions of many Americans who see these concepts of greater shared civic equality among their own population as heretical to the American free capitalist way of life and to them smacks at best of socialism, a dirty word in their lexicon of prejudices, and at its very worst of communism regarded as the Devil’s own mantra; precepts they’ll frenetically argue that mustn’t be countenanced in any way shape or form at any time in the United States or Israel.

So it matter not a jot how justifiable these Israeli demands for peace, justice and equality are, one thing is absolutely certain they mustn’t be allowed, as such contagion if not snipped in the bud forthwith will eventually blossom into a flowering monster that’ll ultimately threaten not only the Israeli but crucially also the famed American way of life. It’s something that the multiplicity of US-Israeli backers and pro-Israeli lobbyists are committed to preventing from happening at all costs as they obsessively continue to pour billions of $US annually into the outstretched palms of the Israeli regime. But this action is not without its disgrace.

For while blithely doing this the United States Administration rather incompetently presides over a manifestly dysfunctional and disunited US that finds itself reeling under burgeoning unemployment, ongoing house and business foreclosures, and a progressively dire economic future bordering on catastrophe in which the only entities that are benefiting from all of this, and handsomely so, are the banks, other financial institutions and the Pentagon that are very heavily ring fenced by taxpayer bailouts and contributions in tandem with the lawmakers in Congress who are similarly privileged because they ensure that they are. An abomination that is compounded by the fact that the vast sums of money Israel gets from the US taxpayer goes directly to the government there, never civic society; and furthermore a lot of it is in the form of vouchers that the Israeli regime redeems not through improving the social and economic prospects of its citizens but expressly by purchasing massive quantities of weapons from the United States.

This creates a planned domino effect in the region in which the Muslin and Arab states also dramatically increase their own stockpiles of US, EU and other western manufactured arms adding significantly to the already gargantuan financial reserves of the conglomerate western military industrial complex, always more than prepared and eagerly obliging to instigate even more grisly wars on humanitarian grounds or the furtherance of global democracy of course; at least that’s their public assertion which is echoed parrot-like and effusively by our elected representatives and their purchased, parasitic and pusillanimous puppets. But we all know or should do that the real reasons for their warmongering drumbeats, an incentive for even more arms sales, are nothing more than the perennial mechanism to enhance their bank balances even further.

Quite worrying for the Israeli protestors though is the perilous vulnerability of their protest movement, not from its members, the righteousness of their cause, or even any hostility that might be engendered towards it from the rest of the Israeli population, but from the actions: perverse but nevertheless unrelenting, of the Netanyahu regime. Not to put too fine a point on it Benjamin Netanyahu is a rather nasty bully and an obsessive power freak in the bargain; he’s also a dab hand at the black arts and political intrigue, and crucially will stop at nothing to get his own way or crush those who stand in it, however justifiable their reasons for doing so. In that sense he’s like a violent psychopath holding a group of people hostages in a small room with a primed hand grenade in his hand and bellicosely threatening his captives that if they don’t do what he demands of them he’ll remove his thumb off the safety pin keeping the hand grenade inert and blow them all to smithereens even though in implementing such an act he’ll also be committing suicide. That’s the nature of the man!

In his clash with the Israeli demonstrators Benjamin Netanyahu will, like the democrat he dishonestly likes to portray himself as, use the police to evict the encamped protestors from the city centre square where they’ve positioned themselves, but should that fail to break their spirits, and he’ll be earnestly hoping that this particular move fails miserably, and encourages even more protestors to converge onto the streets in defiance against him and his regime he’ll expeditiously execute the plan which he’s always favoured the most and that fits ideally into his Frankenstein mindset of total freak controlism; start an external but convenient war with one or even others of his neighbours which will instantly deflect minds, internally as well as externally in relation to Israel, away from his domestic problems onto subject areas that he’s quite comfortably at home with, specifically warmongering; chest beating; and superfluously declaring to the world that Israel has the right to defend itself, knowing full well that this load of manufactured and disingenuous tosh always plays well in the capitals of western countries, chiefly Washington and London; evoke the war powers acts and at one fell swoop silence the protestors and summarily ban all demonstrations citing national security for doing so. Moves that nationally will be permitted to go unchallenged even by the protestors themselves, since like the Germanic folk that many of them are and given the circumstances in which they now find themselves compounded by the paranoid siege and victim mentality that many European and European-descended Israelis still labour under, they’ll instinctively and unquestioningly follow governmental dictates even if it leads them to ruin and perdition.

Benjamin Netanyahu however is not the only one in his country with this messianic zeal for untrammelled power and acquisitive influence attendant with the sinister precept of my way or no way and regardless of the dire consequences that their actions could long-term have on massive numbers of innocent people, those that survive this calculated bloody carnage that is. We’ve already seen the future in Iraq courtesy of the likes of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, members of the US Congress, their lobbyists and others, just as we did on the part of Britain through Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Miliband, our lawmakers and their string pullers, all of them unrepentant mass murderers terribly imbued with a demonic fervour, despite their past record, to commit more and even worse premeditated acts of holocaust outside their own countries’ borders with avaricious personal profit foremost in their minds, but who candidly should either have long been incarcerated in jail in circumstances of solitary confinement and without any prospect whatever of parole or else have been dangling with nooses fitted tightly around their necks from the end of a rope as they so dramatically instigated and in due course did with their love child turned Frankenstein monster, Saddam Hussein.

Now we see it being played out yet again but this time in Libya; and as Professor Rosemary Hollis of City University, London England remarked in an interview: “Cameron and Sarkozy took a massive gamble that they could pull something off in Libya that would contrast with the disaster that was the intervention in Iraq. And you now have President Sarkozy talking as though this is a template for future interventions. This [the current Libyan onslaught] is very much a kind of proxy war which must be extremely exciting and exhilarating at some level to be involved in; so the appetite for further interventions will exist.” Now we know!

Meanwhile Angela Merkel Germany’s Chancellor, a quite adept backstabber as Helmut Kohl sadly found out to his cost, Stasi informant, and like the ultimately disgraced former Austrian UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim a consummate chameleon at re-inventing herself and her past with more than a little help from friends in high places, has sold nuclear submarines to Israel capable of firing ballistic missiles that can attack Iran. Also with the explicit consent of the United States and Israel Angela Merkel has sold scores of sophisticated and state of the art tanks to Saudi Arabia that stronghold of democracy and human rights I really don’t think, whose confessional sectarianism knows no bounds, is implacably hostile to Shia Iran, and as we already know from Wikileaks disclosures passionately implored the US on a number of occasions to attack Iran.

So the stage is set for even more dastardly intrigues from the west and its quisling acolytes. The bewitching irony in all this being that had Germany and its European allies, particularly Vichy France, the Ukraine and the Baltic States of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia not with so much vigour systematically set about eradicating their white kith and kin who were followers of Judaism in their ritualistic internecine, Caucasian bloodletting, most or possibly even all of the Middle East’s problems, particularly those effecting Palestine, that we’re beset with today wouldn’t in all probability have happened; but alas racists, imperialists and colonialists have convenient and self-serving memories.

Earlier this year the Zionist administration in the United States, a country whose post Second World War crimes make those of the Third Reich look like small beer renditioned, for there’s no other term best suited to explain what took place, John Demjanjuk to an obliging Angela Merkel’s Fourth Reich on manufactured charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Shamelessly bending international rules but more specifically German laws to facilitate this outrage John Demjanjuk was tried, predictably convicted and is currently in jail in Germany. The appalling state of affairs that surrounds John Demjanjuk’s kangaroo trial, and I profusely offer my sincerest apologies to all kangaroos for sullying their name in this way, is that even his worst critics privately admit, like all cowards do, that this man who has always protested his innocence isn’t guilty of what he was accused of but nevertheless had to pay the price for Zionist vengeance and both the US and German governments caved in to this.

John Demjanjuk, for those of you that perhaps are unfamiliar with his case and background, is a Ukrainian man who was given the stark choice of either joining Ukraine’s ultra, pro-Nazi Germany’s Waffen SS brigade or else getting himself killed if he refused to; unsurprisingly like most of you finding yourselves in such an invidious situation he chose life. Inducted into the Waffen SS he was way down that organization’s food chain; never rose above his lowly status; and ended up with no blood on his hands as a pathetic camp guard at a concentration camp, which was the pinnacle of his career in the Waffen SS. But at this concentration camp it was decades later alleged that 28,000 Jews were slaughter there but curiously no mention was made and still isn’t of the other non-Jewish inmates that were also known to be there and whose fate would have been identical to that of their fellow Jewish victims.

After the war John Demjanjuk like many others from war-torn Europe emigrated to the US in the hope of forging a better life for himself there, and like many such immigrants that are still residing there did, and as others from around the globe but who have no connection with the war or Europe for that matter still sometimes do to secure for themselves entry to the United States John Demjanjuk lied about his past, something he admits to. But there’s a monumental jump from being someone that lies in order to get a visa to settle in the US and even acquire citizenship of that country as John Demjanjuk similarly managed to do and being maliciously accused of being a willing participant in Europe’s 20th Century holocaust. But Angela Merkel had no problem with that or having John Demjanjuk convicted as charged.

Now compare and contrast that approach with the one I’m about to relate to you. K.C. Faber is a Dutchman who volunteered to work for the Nazis during World War II. And by the looks of things was exceedingly effective in what he was called upon to do and even volunteered to do himself in support of his Nazi bosses and collaborators. In 1950 Faber was convicted for the murder of 28 holocaust victims but it’s reliably suspected that he killed many more than that number. His sick modus operandi was to coerce his victims to dig their own graves in the middle of the night then get details of them to shoot each other. Sprung from jail Faber fled to Germany where he was granted German citizenship and is protected to this day by both the legal and political systems of Germany that have conspired with each other to guarantee that his whereabouts can’t be published even though these are generally known. Since his escape from jail Holland has been seeking Faber’s extradition but the latest of such requests in 2011 has again been turned down, you guessed it, by Angela Merkel’s government.

That said the Netherlands can’t be trying all that hard these days when one bears in mind that Germany and itself are both prominent members of the European Union and there is an EU extradition treaty and law in place which effectively cut out the customary red tape and speed up extradition between member states. But then Holland currently hosts a fascist regime not dissimilar to that of Angela Merkel’s in Germany. In an interview and clearly putting his job and even his entire career on the on the line, that’s how strongly he felt about this farce, the German State Prosecutor, a job not unlike that of the US Attorney General, honestly showed his complete disgust with what his country is getting up to and remarked that left to him K.C. Faber would be in jail where he belonged and not freely walking the streets of Germany with the impunity to do so that has been given to him. So much then for the powerful claiming and doing so rather selectively it would appear, to be rooting out the evils of facism, Nazism and the residual effects of Europe’s 20th Century holocaust. If you ask me, it all smacks of a very lucrative financial scam that cynically prostitutes the memories of the holocaust dead purely for personal as well as corporate profit.

By the way, the concentration camp where K.C. Faber carried out his abhorrent machinations was the one where Anne Franks spent her last days.

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