Thursday, 8 September 2011


By Stanley Collymore

Sam Kiley of Sky News, I shan’t dignify him with the title of reporter since he’s nothing more than a sick, odious propagandist without an iota of objectivity or probity, castigates Colonel Gaddafi for putting a foreign label on what he says is a domestic liberation in Libya. That’s why the SAS, CIA and the security services of several western countries, their Arab quislings, NATO and its al-Qaida proxies are all there I suppose.

Sam also adds that Colonel Gaddafi who he claims wrote the book on international terrorism, citing the Lockerbie bombing that many British parents and relatives of those killed together with numerous unbiased observers dispute Colonel Gaddafi had anything to do with and his support for the IRA proves this.

How strange then that a vile, fixated, Zionist, American arse-licker like Sam Kiley hasn’t heard of the infamous terrorist academy the School of the Americas whose terrorist rule book is the Shakespeare of terrorism and which has trained, and still does, most of the world’s terrorists and military dictators from the Americas to the Philippines and those countries in-between, and is located in Florida.

The problem with such dangerous fantasies coming from the likes of Sam Kiley is that they reinforce blind stereotypes, peddle lies as the truth and promote sterile prejudices and doltish conjectures as informed debate; more sinisterly they fornicate reality providing yet more generations of dim-witted morons who like luggage capriciously carried on an airport carousel unthinkingly and inescapably end up as either the enthusiastic cheerleaders or pathetic cannon fodder for more sensibly unwarranted colonialist and imperialist wars that gratuitously undermine the security of the world through exacerbating and even creating more problems that logically we would be much better off without, while at the same time adding immensely to the misery and viciously dashed hopes of those on the receiving end of all this; and this is the kind of pernicious diatribe with his trademark smugness that Sam Kiley epitomizes and is a past master of.

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