Tuesday, 13 September 2011


By Stanley Collymore

The United States created and armed al-Qaida; currently works with them in Libya and Syria; falsely accused Saddam Hussein of being involved with al-Qaida, another scam claim it’s now levelling at Iran, but still the US public buys this lying rhetoric. How much dumber can Americans get?

Unless, of course, you’re a black American who makes the ultimate personal sacrifice fighting the United States imperialist wars, which your well-heeled Zionists cheerleading establishment, warmongering, armchair generals and supposed fellow Americans would never ever dream of risking their lives for, always happy as they are to defend the United States of America that they claim they love so much (and why not being in the positions that they are) to the last drop of somebody else’s blood; never their own or that of their progeny , relatives or close friends.

Or a black person who turns a blind eye to black lynchings in Libya (where are the raised voices in protest by the Jessie Jacksons and other civil rights leaders who are intriguingly very quiet about this?) by the present day descendants of those Arab co-conspirators with their white Caucasian, European accomplices in the extraordinarily lucrative transatlantic slave trade in the wholesale purchase and violent distribution of African men, women and children and the acute misery that this caused to the blighted lives of generations of them, that are executing these Libyan lynchings; or is totally indifferent to the customary daily plight of all Africans who, as you freely, stupidly and fawningly indulge yourself buying into the white man’s narrative about black people and Africans in particular, you think, never mind your very own marginalized position in the US as the descendants of Africans who in their scores of millions were involuntarily turned into slaves in the so-called New World, most notably in what was to become and is now the United States of America, is the legacy you’ve been bequeathed with and of which you’re very much a part. Truly, as a black individual you ought to be thoroughly ashamed of yourself; for though cowardice sometimes may be understandable in extreme cases which involve the risk of life or limb, stupidity augmented by rank self-interestedness never can be!

Or perhaps even more tellingly you are a Black that stays curiously silent from a sense of misplaced loyalty that finally someone whom you incredibly still feels identifies with you despite all the evidence to the contrary is in the White House and astonishingly therefore you want to continue giving your undivided and uncritical support, embarrassing though this evidently is to every rational person, to this president that cares much more about the transparently obsessive, paranoid sensitivities, criminal, self-interested and international illegal activities of Israeli Zionists, their bĂȘte noir regime and their considerably wealthy, influential cohorts in the United States than he does or ever would about the centuries old and ongoing racially motivated disadvantages that sizeable numbers of black Americans daily labour under. Among these, the disproportionate and lengthier prison incarcerations meted out to Blacks vividly contrasted with those that whites regularly receive or are ever likely to get; more Blacks, again quite disproportionately so, ending up on death row than anybody else; just some of the many discriminatory practices overseered by this president as they were by his white predecessors and an American prison system that increasingly is becoming privatized.

The extraordinarily lucrative world of private prisons where such entities like Corrections Corporation of America have no statutory or moral obligations to be publicly accountable in anyway to anyone except their shareholders and where in the offices of all such prisons is obligatorily and prominently posted each day the current stock value of the respective company. And they do make, these law unto themselves entirely acquisitive companies, a great deal of money, billions of $US dollars to be precise, in what’s basically a very cash-strapped USA. And it’s easy to comprehend why this is so when one bears in mind that these prison corporations lobby excessively and very intensively in the corridors of power for more statutory imprisonments, lengthier prison sentences and harsher prison regimes, and while doing this they unsurprisingly you might like to know also liberally grease the palms of those who make these important decisions, expending enormous sums of money to both political parties as well as the costly campaign coffers of state as well as national lawmakers to advance their greedy ambitions; and they succeed enormously in doing so.

But I like I inferred earlier it’s essentially Americans that I’m referring to here and more explicitly black Americans that collectively along with most other Americans are to put it bluntly exceptionally dumb, and the only thing of note from a curious perspective on my part is just how much dumber you’ll actually get; and in this particular regard I’m sure you’ll exceed even my very worst expectations of you.

A ray of comfort if it’s any solace to you, glum as my predictions are, you nevertheless don’t have a monopoly in stupidity, pre-eminent in it I would say there’s no doubt about that whatsoever but monopolistically so no, since it is only fair to point out that my own country Britain, well principally England and the leafier parts of it specifically if we’re to be honest about it, is just as dumb and selfish as your lot are and accounts, among many reasons too numerous to enumerate here, for why like a baby quite lovingly nuzzling its mother’s cheeks they too love to nuzzle cheeks but instead prefer those of your posterior and even generously freely indulge in the perverse pastime of eagerly pushing their heads up the orifice they find there.

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