Monday, 12 September 2011


By Stanley Collymore

There have been many odious and utterly contemptible British Home Secretaries, Internal Minster for those of you not that familiar with these cute British terminologies, as far back as I can remember, but sitting unchallenged at the upper echelons of this pyramid of sewer rats is Theresa May, our current Home Secretary. Theresa May to be absolutely blunt about this, if there was any justice or conversely retribution at all for each and every one of our citizens irrespective of who they are, and not just extend these to the privileged few, on the basis that we’re all equal before the law should at this moment of time be incarcerated in a prison somewhere in the UK and not, ironically as it sounds and actually is, be holding the very important government and cabinet portfolio of British Home Secretary, a position that gives her, formally at least, complete control over all areas of our domestic life, the police forces of the United Kingdom, and ensures that as a cabinet minister that remit also extends to our foreign affairs under the accepted policy of collective government responsibility.

The reality though, and what I find hard to stomach, is that this criminal, and lets not beat about the bush for that’s what she is, who like the overwhelming majority of our MPs who self-interestedly, immorally and liberally had their greedy snouts in the troughs of the MPs expenditure scam is now in charge of a ministry whose primary responsibility among many others is to eradicate crime in all its guises within the UK. And while I know that he is long dead Theresa May’s appointment to the post she currently holds is analogous to facetiously appointing the notorious Dr. Crippin, were he still with us, to physically oversee the British National Health Service. Theresa May though was never going to be charged for her crimes let alone prosecuted, the parliamentary body that oversees these things was always going to prove her wrongdoing not provable and not without good reason, they were themselves all in it together, and were they to ever consider departing from the institutionalized and well entrenched we’re all in this together old boys and girls code of seedy conduct in a body that laughably still refers to its members as honourable when they’re anything but that would be the equivalent of a police officer arresting his mother a well known and seasoned harlot for prostitution; things like that never happen.

Similarly while the police like the parliamentary watchdog ostentatiously went through the actions of looking to be doing something helpful about the abhorrent crimes associated with our elected, overpaid, crooked and exceedingly incompetent lawmakers ripping off ordinary hardworking taxpayers we knew in our hearts that that too was a scam and nothing concrete would come from it, and we were spot on. Conversely, we also knew that if these were genuinely hard-up council house (social housing for those unfamiliar with this British term) tenants in receipt of the dole or other social security payments and doing a little job on the side as well to make ends meet they would have been viciously attacked in the gutter press and on the BBC, no difference whatsoever in distinction I assure you between the two by the way, as utterly verminous scroungers and the lowest form of homo sapiens provided of course they were even credited with being part of the human race at all; while our judges and magistrates and counting the ranks of the legal profession from whom the vast majority of them certainly in the case of our judges are drawn, and who individually and collectively evidently know a great deal about the law but absolutely bugger all about probity or justice, since many of them are more bent than the proverbial corkscrew themselves, and have been astonishingly quiet on the MPs scam, would have sanctimoniously jumped on board their self-serving bandwagon and had a field day in court at the expense of these poor working class sods. So fundamentally, as if we didn’t already know this, there’s one law in Britain for the rich, privileged and influential and sod all for the rest of us; so either do something about it or get used to it!

But utterly loathsome as I find Theresa May to be this consummate and pompous political tart has even managed to exceed the devilish machinations that she’s capable of; and you’re really going to love this especially if you belong to a military family, have relatives serving in the military in Afghanistan, or are still grieving the irreparable loss of relatives or friends that have been killed there at the behest of the likes of our brave armchair generals such as Theresa May, David Cameron and all the other cowardly MPs on both sides of the political aisle in the House of Commons and Lords that have never worn a British military uniform in their entire lives, will never voluntarily do so or encourage their children or closest kith and kin to do so either but who nevertheless see themselves as unwavering British patriots that are steadfastly committed to defending Britain to the last drop of someone else’s blood but never their own!

There have been overabundances of erroneous and downright lying reasons, many of them in marked contradiction with each other and summarily changed or adjusted to suit the con artist ploys and dishonest manipulations of those portraying them over the years, as to why British armed forces are in Afghanistan and our government is spending billions of Pounds it can’t afford while wilfully neglecting those things that really matter to the British people, particularly since the country is in an economic crisis, to keep them there. First it was said that we were there to get Osama bin-Laden and al-Qaida for plotting and executing the 9/11 atrocity, conveniently omitting to mention how they came to be in Afghanistan in the first place, courtesy of ourselves, the United States of America and the Saudis who collectively financed, trained and equipped them with all the latest state of the art weaponry available at the time and finally installed them in Afghanistan to terrorise the Soviets who were there at the invitation of the then Afghan government. Included in that narrative was our need to get rid of the Taliban that were harbouring Osama bin-Laden and al-Qaida, were pretty nasty to their women who we needed to liberate from their bondage, nothing mind you about Saudi Arabia which in 2011 is far worst in that regard towards its women and much else besides than the Taliban ever were, and moreover the Taliban were poppy growers and drug dealers whose end products were ending up on the streets of Britain and this had to be remedied.

I could go on with all the lies that we were unconvincingly told by these practised liars who lamentably infest both the House of Commons and House of Lords but I’m absolutely sure you’re quite familiar with them already so lets swiftly draw a veil over them shall we? One red herring though that needs to be debunked before I do so however is the one relating to the consciously concocted and totally deceptive charge that the Taliban were drug dealers. Even the UN, but this was long before the corrupt and utterly inept, rickshaw Charlie Ban-ki-Moon became its Secretary General, reported on and furthermore praised the Taliban for its remarkably successful eradication of the Afghan poppy crop programme during the time of its running of Afghanistan; so all else following the US’s NATO-led overthrow of the Taliban that has been coming out of western capitals and particularly London relative to the Taliban and expressly its supposed drug trafficking of opium derived from Afghan grown poppy is just simply poppycock, especially when you read what I’m now about to write.

Fields of opium poppy are presently being grown in England; that’s not a wind up it’s true. And while our dishonest and corrupt government and its supporters condemn what they say the Taliban is up to in Afghanistan and its catastrophic consequences which they assert this will have on our British streets, David Cameron and Theresa May have surreptitiously been giving governmental approval, not consented to by our parliament as far as I know since no debate has ever been held on the matter and the British parliament anyway is nothing more than a totally useless, noses-in-the troughs, pathetic bunch of self-serving, rubber stamping jerks, one of the key reasons that successive British governments have repeatedly ignored or marginalized them, for considerable acres of Oxfordshire farmland to be diverted from growing traditional crops like wheat to growing the opium poppy instead. That’s perfectly right folks; and believe me you’re not hallucinating!

While growing poppy is publicly at any rate vociferously condemned in Afghanistan by western leaders but privately condoned as it evidently makes a great deal of money for the right people, and while rather ostentatiously we now and then see selective episodes of its destruction in front of western media cameras and only in limited and carefully prescribed areas, and the local economically hard-up Afghan grower subjected in his everyday life to a multiplicity of hardships and murderous assaults rained down not only on his life but also those of family members, friends, members of his community and significantly the dignity and infrastructure as it is of his country from deadly unmanned drone assaults to gratuitous raids on everything from wedding parties to attacks on residents homes in the dead of night when the occupants there are fast asleep but despite the mayhem and innocent blood shed no one is every held accountable let alone made to pay for what they did, we additionally have the Afghans being lectured that instead of growing the poppy which for many of them is their only means of livelihood for which they get much more income than if they were to grow wheat for instance, they should look to other cash crops that are deemed acceptable to the west as a way of alleviating their financial woes, no matter how difficult this might be.

Yet we have in David Cameron’s Oxfordshire: David Cameron by the way for those of you who aren’t aware of this fact is aside from being our PM also the Member of Parliament for the Witney which is deeply entrenched in upper crust and affluent Oxfordshire, a decidedly Afghanistan type opium production den with the telling exception that in Afghanistan such activities are in the open while in discernible contrast what’s going on in David Cameron’s Oxfordshire is a very secretive affair. Now who constitute the hypocrites here, the Afghans trying to eek out a living or exceedingly affluent David Cameron and his sidekick Theresa May?

The company involved is one Macfarlane Smith that has declined to give any info about what it’s up to, stating it has been specifically instructed by the Cameron government not to say anything about the matter to anyone an instruction that in turn it has passed on to its employees and the Oxfordshire poppy growers involved. But one must seriously ask if what the British government is about is morally as well as legally above board, why then is Theresa May, David Cameron and the rest of them that are in the know so very reluctant to honestly inform the rest of our elected lawmakers as well as the British public what they’re doing; what it’s really in aid of; why there’s such an imperative requirement to grow opium poppies in the Oxfordshire countryside, and so vital to hush this up. In its place there’s this wall of silence that quite rightly will give rise to a great deal of suspicion.

British farmers are unquestionably some of the wealthiest in the world, a situation which is enormously assisted by the process of literally getting money for old rope, where under the corrupt EU agricultural policies of set aside they can keep their fields fallow, grow nothing and yet get paid generous sums of money for doing so; and it goes without saying that most of Britain’s arable farms and farmland aren’t in the hands of your average Joe or Jane Blog but rather those of the aristocracy, landed gentry and corporate entities who do quite nicely from this largesse, thank you. So why then in a country like Afghanistan which is dirt poor, currently under massive military occupation, has been so for the last ten years, and with no end of this travesty in sight is a lowly farmer there who is being bludgeoned in one way or another into submission on a daily basis told he mustn’t grow poppies when this is his only livelihood and he doesn’t like David Cameron and the other 1% of British citizens who are in possession of huge inherited fortunes to fall back on in the remotest of prospects of them ever finding themselves on hard times? Similarly why should an already prosperous British farmer profit obscenely in a way that a peasant Afghan poppy grower is forcefully told that he mustn’t, and more ironically from a crop which isn’t native to Britain but is very much a part of the Afghanistan landscape? David Cameron, Theresa May and their odious ilk aside let me ask you this, would you or any other British person you know welcome a ban in our country by external diktat of something native to it, as we stood idly by and saw those who not only advocated such a ban but are also ruthlessly enforcing it profit enormously from it in their own country? I think we already know the answer to that!

The lame excuse coming from sources at Macfarlane Smith is that there’s a shortage of important painkiller derivatives like codeine that come from the opium poppy plant and it’s not only in Britain but also right across the range of western countries and other parts of the world where our pharmaceutical companies ply their lucrative trade that this acute shortage is felt and therefore something needs to be done in order to rectify this shortfall. That may well be the case but the quite sensible and rather logical question that then follows is why in view of this pressing state of affairs don’t the Afghan regime together with the countries that have installed themselves in Afghanistan and which are all connected with these giant pharmaceutical corporate entities in one way or another recognize what any bright five year old would that the commonsensical thing to do is to legalize and regulate the poppy trade in Afghanistan with all its obvious attendant benefits, not to allegedly destroy it and then shift production to the leafy areas of Oxfordshire.

But that’s easier said than done it would seem since the leader of Afghanistan and his entire family are known to be mired in illegal drug trafficking over which they and their cohorts have a virtual monopoly, and the western governments involved in Afghanistan don’t really want to interfere in this for a variety of reasons. Not least of these is that the players in this illegal trafficking, primarily the Karzai family and the Northern League, the west’s proxy warriors in Afghanistan that the US quite literally inherited from the Russians as a gift to it even before its own NATO led invasion of Afghanistan was authorized let alone started, to liberally paraphrase the Americans when Saddam Hussein was then their favourite son and got away with virtually whatever he wanted to so long as it didn’t interfere with the United States hegemony of the region, these Afghan quislings may be awful sons of bitches but for the time being at least they are our sons of bitches! Not the sort of environment therefore to pragmatically expect either the Americans or the British to crack down, irrespective of their public rhetoric, on the illegal drug trade of their cat’s paws; on balance it’s not the way that the rank hypocrisy characteristic of these administrations or the exceedingly privileged and financial establishments in either the US or Britain operate, or left to their own devices are ever likely to.

Perhaps even more sinister than this is the rather colonialist and imperialist mindset behind all of this especially when it comes to making money and profiting enormously from doing so at other peoples’ expense. The pharmaceutical companies that are a law unto themselves anyway just as they are undeniably in cahoots with those who run our country need, we are told, to produce more painkillers that will alleviate the acute suffering that would otherwise be occasioned to millions of western and even other global patients that could afford to buy these products that is. Taking this on face value there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. What flies in the face of all reason though and is a crude insult to the intelligence of anyone with even a solitary functioning brain cell in his or her head is why, when there’s already a natural source and bountiful supply of opium poppy in a country, in this case Afghanistan, where of course it grows naturally and legal production and manufacturing costs associated with these western, much desired painkiller derivatives would be significantly lower than in Britain for instance; notwithstanding all that we nevertheless carry on spending trillions of Pounds, £1.7 so far to date, that as a country we can ill afford fighting a losing and entirely futile war in Afghanistan, an important element of which we’re repeatedly and dishonestly told it would now appear in the light of recently uncovered and unfolding events in Britain, and where else in the west I wonder, is to effectively eradicate the opium poppy crop in this Asia minor country and the global menace associated with it only to grow the same opium poppy in our own privileged and well-heeled backyard of Oxfordshire, England.

Money, the root of all evil they say! And there’s such an obsession with it on the part of most westerners that quite literally they can’t see the woods for the trees. And for Britain to be hosting its own opium cartel and poppy growing industry at home from where its myriad tentacles then spread out octopus-like to unsuspectingly ensnare and envelop others doesn’t surprise me in the least; after all old boy, Britain does have a very proud and quite literally damnably infamous track record in such machinations to uphold. Hong Kong was acquired by us after we consciously turned the Chinese into a nation of junkies and when the penny finally dropped and they sought to do something about their enforced predicament that was an advantageously lucrative money-making scam for Britain, the British unsurprisingly and quite aggressively retaliated with a phoney war conducted against China and promptly took Hong Kong as booty which we doggedly held on to until the Chinese became so militarily strong we couldn’t any longer pose a credible threat to them, so with all the public panoply of rank hypocrisy, endemic and deeply ingrained institutionalized double standards that the British are so remarkably good at while knifing one viciously in the back, concomitant with the belligerent democracy guarantee requirements we said we wanted from China for a post colonial administered British Hong Kong that we never in all the time we ruled that place contemplated let alone ever gave to the local residents there, preferring instead to entrust such vital powers to the absolute control of whoever was the London-appointed governor at the time, nothing that the present David Cameron regime or any other which might replace it in the near or even the long-term without basic root and branch changes taking place as to how Britain is sensibly governed will make any difference to the lives of the commonplace British citizen or resident or those overseas whom we periodically put under the cosh of our colonial fantasies and imperialistic ambitions.

Wherever money is to be made there is the self-indulgent belief among the 1% who govern our lives that they alone must have the lion’s share of it if not the entire kit and caboodle. It is true in relation to the cocoa growing farmers of West Africa who although they and their countries are quite capable of producing the chocolate that is a derivative of the cocoa plant they are nevertheless only allowed to export to the developed countries the raw cocoa they produce but are specifically banned from doing so, and would instantaneously be subjected to collective and severe western penalties: anything from over the top tariffs on their cocoa exports to extremely disruptive sanctions imposed on their cocoa growing activities, should they decide to venture into the quite lucrative chocolate industry that the west through this fraudulent practice they’ve selfishly introduced and callously upholds continues to preserve a monopoly for their chocolate producers. But this is just the tip of the iceberg in relation to these disgustingly selfish attitudes of the west and particularly countries like the UK. Why, for example, is the cartel that controls virtually every aspect of the global diamond industry not logically in South Africa with its huge diamond reserves and where the vast majority of the world’s diamonds originate from but illogically in the middle eastern implanted, white, Caucasian, European controlled apartheid state of Israel that has no diamond resources at all of its own?

The answer is quite simple really any money-making project no matter where its genesis is must be controlled by whites and preferably those in what’s commonly called the west. So all the phoney arguments about stopping drugs appearing on the streets of Britain are just that, since sensible people already know that the huge quantities of illegal drugs which find their way into Britain and a ready market for them do so through a sophisticated network of drug channels that are tightly controlled not by your average street pusher that effectively is way down the food change in such military-type operations and besides is quite expendable in the process, but by those wearing expensive Armani suits who are well connected to the establishment and are even part of it themselves. So one could easily be forgiven for being cynically about all this and say that there is an even greater prospect of illegal drug dealing under the furtive guise of government sanctioned, lawful activities being a worse and even a calamitous threat to the physical, psychological and financial well-being, in terms of NHS costs, to the wellbeing of Britons.

But why should David Cameron, Theresa May the entire Con-Dem coalition cabinet, or the other well-heeled and major players in the other political parties, outside their usual public and rather disingenuous rhetoric that is, care about any of this when we already know from anecdotal and well as empirical data readily available comprehensively backed up by their own albeit reluctant admissions that several of them have in the past taken prohibited drugs shall we say while they were students at university and subsequent to them graduating from there; and it’s in the realms of probability that that the human equivalent of leopards don’t change their spots either. So maybe the leafy areas of Oxfordshire is an apt location for the growing of the opium poppy in Britain, since Oxfordshire not only hosts the constituency of our illustrious prime minister but aside from that blue-blood David Cameron apart from being a member of the Bullingdon Club at Oxford University is one of those MPs who says he may have tried the odd illegal, substance while he was a student.

Who can blame him for being so honest? But it’s so extraordinary how all these upper crust folk think that if they indulge in something illegal it’s not so bad since they are responsible enough to deal with the consequences of what might occur, even if as in the case of some of them it’s the money of their mum and dad that is used to ring fence them from any court proceedings in a manner that the average Briton won’t be so lucky to be let off from. This is something that isn’t just replete throughout their individual lives but can also be found in their public ones as well. So we spend billions of Pounds on our so-called nuclear deterrent that we say, never mind our being a signatory to the NTP and what we’re doing is in blatant contradiction to all it stands for, we must have to protect ourselves, yet as a country that has gone around the world stealing other peoples lands and resources and massacring millions in the process and have systematically done so for centuries, we’re immediately up in arms when those that we constantly threaten for no one good reason than that they refuse to bend the knee to us allegedly embark on the same nuclear programmes and WMDs that we feel we have an omnipotent right to for our own protection.

Whoever said the world was perfect. Over to you David Cameron and Theresa May.

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