Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Curse of the House Slave!

By Stanley Collymore

Barack Obama risibly welcomes freedom in Libya he says, but is untroubled about its absence in Georgia, USA where lynchings under the guise of the rule of law are still prevalent; little wonder then that on Libya where, for the first time ever in its history and since the criminal intervention of the US and NATO upon its sovereign integrity in 2011, have also become part of that country’s political landscape, Barack Obama is predictably silent.

So typical of those who run for office, make all sorts of lying promises that they have no intention of ever keeping, and on being elected then readily climb into bed with those whom they so pretentiously criticized on the campaign trail; and all this, as they knew all along and premeditatedly intended it to be, would be to the detriment of the vast majority of the electorate they so fraudulently pledge on everything that’s sacred to honourably serve.

With just the one notable exception in the personage of Abraham Lincoln who almost singlehandedly and in the face of implacable opposition and even hostility to what he did nevertheless freed the United States’ enslaved black population for which he paid the ultimate price one could ever sacrifice, namely the forfeiture of his life, for having done so, every preceding president to the sitting one of the United States of America: and they’ve all been lily-white, has expressly looked after the interests and concerns, even when doing so was obviously inimical to the wider interests of the United States itself, of his own Caucasian race above everything else; and there are innumerable examples in the history and legislation of the US to substantiate this assertion, ranging from those enactments in law that codified and consolidated the Jim Crow laws and the countless barbaric examples of their every day manifestations.

The authoritative ruling of the so-called United States Supreme Court dismally failing to recognize that the only characteristics that one can logically or truthfully ascribe to it that fall under the banner of supremacy in any consequential meaning of that word are its bigotry, self-interestedness, manifest corruption and doltish conduct, but which nevertheless felt itself vastly empowered to pompously declare that black people have no rights that white people should sensibly consider let alone respect; to the fiddling while Rome burnt of the drowning of New Orleans with the massive and unnecessary loss of life, predominantly black ones, from a deliberate mixture of inconsiderate and even racially-motivated inaction to the perilous plight of black people in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, when the then president George W. Bush, his vice president Dick Cheney and the entire administration of the United States of America in cahoots with comparable bigots in the Louisiana state legislature literally stood by, watched as their ostensibly fellow Americans, who just happened to be black, perished and did nothing urgently, positive or concrete to assist them.

I was on holiday in the Dominican Republic when Hurricane Katrina passed by, was very aware of the outstandingly practical and anticipatory measures that US-besieged and several decades old, sanctions-afflicted Cuba promptly and routinely employed to avert such an unparalleled disaster happening to its own population on this Caribbean island in marked contrast to the actions of its mighty and arrogant northern neighbour the United States, and the unanimous opinion of every tourist: European, Canadian or American at my hotel or those I spoke to during my stay on that island who watched on television as I did the utterly demoralizing scenes of indescribable horror, human anguish, the desperate struggle for life and the eventual, fatalistic but heroic surrender to a death that wasn’t inevitable in the vast majority of cases was that if these people were white and Caucasian something would have been done, even if it meant moving heaven and earth, and from the very outset of this tragedy to save them.

But they weren’t and therefore nothing was done and still isn’t to assist them in any significant way; as six years on not much has been embarked on let alone achieved in rebuilding either the shattered lives or the homes of those New Orleans folk forced to live in the precarious limbo of daily uncertainty, a Diaspora of black souls scattered to the shifting winds of chance; the intentionally forgotten people that have conveniently become nameless refugees within their own country, and with no one in real authority at either state or national level giving a damn about them.

But the wider world outside the perimeters of the United States passionately expected the change which it was faithfully promised when an authentic African-American: his birth father after all came from Africa, Kenya to be more precise, and his mother was born in the United States having, as sadly turned out to be the case, used his splendid oratory to intentionally deceive scores of millions of people not only at home but also around the world, successfully broke the exclusive Caucasian mould and became the first ever non-white President of the United States of America. But rather than use this bountiful source of goodwill to effect real and much needed change that he promised us we’ve instead been callously presented with more of what we had before, as a man who clearly sees himself to be more of an Irish-American, never mind his tenuous and even questionable links to Ireland. Where’s the DNA proof for example when even his white birth mother and her own mother who raised him after his mother’s death never made any references to their Irish ancestry, and one would normally assume that they would have done so if they knew of it or attributed any importance to it, and it was only the purported unearthing relatively recently by an obscure resident researcher in Eire seeking fame for his backwater and comparatively unknown even in that country itself locale that such alleged links came to light?

However for a man desperately clutching at straws, quite keen to psychologically and even physically eradicate his blackness and at the same time consciously reject in the most unprincipled fashion who he really is as Kafkaesque-like he goes out of his way to fawningly curry favour with the not insubstantial Irish voters in the United States is not only a shocking act but a pretty disreputable one as well. JFK was Irish American and was seen by some on the US right, mischievously in my view, as being partial to Blacks, a contributory factor many would have us believe to his being assassinated, but not even JFK’s most fervent critics would ever have convincingly accused him of identifying or deliberately going out on a limb for Blacks in the US as Barack Obama has unashamedly done the other way round.

This is not to infer on my part that a president should only look after people that look like himself or herself or who he or she can readily empathize with, since it is and will always remain so my sincere belief that an elected head of state is there to resolutely and at all times do what he or she knows deep within their own heart to be in the best interests of their respective country and not just its privileged and influential elite or those lobbying on their behalf. Using that as an indicator Barack Hussein Obama has failed quite miserably; and it’ll be very interesting indeed to see come the presidential elections of November 2012 if the Irish voters that he empathizes so much with, while simultaneously taking the black voters for granted, reciprocate that same impassioned love for him and return him to the White House for a second term in office, personally I doubt it very much; in the same way I know that all those on the right along with the superfluity of Zionists that Barack Obama has routinely sucked up during his time in office but who avidly abhor the idea as they see it of a black man, and I’m being very polite here but we all know the N-Word they so adore using in this specific context, in the White House, and none of whom voted for him in 2008 and won’t in 2012 either.

And if the incumbent US president is in any doubt at all about this, his full acceptance by the aforementioned as one of them by ditching his blackness, disparaging and even solidly turning his back on the religion of his paternal kith and kin, or even the extent to which his global standing has plummeted since those halcyon days when he was on the campaign trail, then facetiously I would suggest to him that if he’s so sure that the actions he has consciously taken to-date were the right and proper ones that minus his security detail and doing his utmost to ensure that the local inhabitants there haven’t the foggiest notion of who precisely he is, he takes up challenge to go incognito and alone to the Deep South of the USA; Rostock in Germany; St. Petersburg in Russia; Tel Aviv in Israel or parts of London’s East End in the UK, just to name a few of the locations where Blacks are not particularly welcomed as see what kind of welcoming response he would have there as a self-proclaimed Irish-American. The outcome isn’t even worth speculating about as the locals of these places won’t have any difficulty at all racially and furthermore antagonistically labelling the head of state of the world’s most powerful country exactly what he is but likes to delude himself he’s not.

Such is the nature of the man that regrettably to the vast majority of people worldwide as well as those at home in the United States, as every global opinion poll shows, now wish they’d never heard of him and passionately desire come November 2012 that he will be thrust once more into the obscurity he emerged from and evidently belongs to, and ought never to have been elevated from.

As my maternal grandmother, an exceptionally judicious lady, used to tell me when I was a kid growing up anyone can be educated and many are, but few of them have the capacity for commonsense. And there’s no doubt whatsoever in my mind that Barack Hussein Obama and his wife Michelle have unquestionably achieved much in the line of formal education but when it comes down to the nitty-gritty of commonsense, spirit and standing up for what is conscionably right, were I to be entrusted with the task of having to make an assessment of either their individual or collective performances it would certainly be a D grade in both instances. And their performance to date reminds me of the days when a dunce cone was placed on the head of the offending pupil and he or she was banished ignominiously to a far corner of the classroom and physically isolated from the rest of the class. The people of the United States can metaphorically do the same by making their incumbent head of state what he clearly deserves to be; a one-term president.

The alternative to Barack Obama on both sides of the political divide: Democrats as well as Republicans, since all presidential elections in the United States are essentially a two-horse race, to be quite candid isn’t much cop individually or collectively and it might well be a classic case of jumping out of the frying pan into the fire; in fact I’m dead sure of it! But given the choice on a personal level for argument’s sake of having to co-exist with someone who hates my guts and says so openly and another person that pretends they’re my friend when he or she is nothing of the kind and will swiftly desert me at the drop of a hat, or worst still plunge a knife into my back given half the chance I know which one I would opt for.

Barack Hussein Obama is no friend of black people in the United States or anywhere else on planet earth for that matter who he transparently doesn’t identify with, and his biological ancestry notwithstanding as an African American I’ve long stopped seeing him as an African American. American yes, but don’t insult either the intelligence or dignity of Africans per se by placing this man among their ranks. And while explicitly on this subject ask yourselves, and please do so honestly, what exactly during his term of office has Barack Obama ever done for black people anywhere?

This is somebody who like all those other numerous cowards and selfish Blacks with lighter skin tones that were so desperately keen to cross the colour line and pretend to the world as they ludicrously deluded themselves that they were white and impatiently did so without a moment’s hesitation or any concern for the gross insult they inflicted on their darker biological relatives and particularly their mums and dads, or any real concern for the twilight world they would be compelled to lastingly inhabit, petrified out of their skins to have children of their own whose genetic throwback might raise awkward questions about just who they were, or even the possibility of bumping into someone who genuinely knew their true circumstances. In 2011 the landscape has to a little degree changed somewhat but the debilitating phenomenon that the brilliant and iconic reggae singer Bob Marley highlighted all those years ago, that of black people freeing themselves from mental slavery, is still omnipresent and particularly so among those who like to classify themselves as educated and successful. Barack Obama is no different unfortunately, and it does say a lot about the character, or more significantly the lack of it, of a man that purportedly is head of state of the world’s greatest military power or empire, call it what you will, but who is so insecure within himself and is so desperate to be what he isn’t, a white man, as if that’s a worthwhile badge of honour in itself, that he can more easily identify with a nondescript, skint, Irish migrant to the United States and an alleged ancestor of his, than he ever could or would want to with genuine ancestors: his father and his father’s relatives who are all black.

A Republican administration succeeding that of Barack Obama’s won’t be a panacea for Blacks in the US that’s for sure, but that aside everyone with a functioning brain cell in his or her head knows exactly what their track record and modus operandi are, and I utterly detest everything about them and have done for most of my life; so I’m not beating any drum for them or rendering them support of any kind. In actual fact they may even be daft enough to recklessly plunge the world into a Third World War. That sounds quite frightening I know, but just as sugar cane farmers in the Caribbean set fire to their fields of sugar cane before harvesting starts in order to prepare the soil for fresh shoots to blossom more productively come the outset of the replanting cycle or conservationists impassively cull deer in Scotland or their counterparts do the same with wildlife elsewhere in the world perhaps we too need to look more thoroughly and unemotionally at the prospect of human culls, getting rid of our the riff-raff and those that are genuinely surplus to requirements, whether they’re rich or poor, and to do that effectively perhaps, and because of the surfeit of imbecilic morons you keep voting in as your elected representatives, global war as the indiscriminate leveller for hopefully a better and more equitable society in which everyone can play a positive role and feel that they’re actually doing so would be substantially better than what we have at the moment, which is a present linked to a future each jointly and separately beset with all manner of uncertainties that bedevil every facet of our daily lives with no discernible prospect, as things currently stand, of matters ever improving.

And it’s high time I think that Blacks and more especially American ones get off their sedentary and obese backsides, stop all their self-pitying, dysfunctional behaviour; the dislike, mistrust and even the systemic betrayal of each other that are so characteristic of a people that for far too long have allowed others to determine who and what they should be rather than proudly determining that for themselves. For it’s as right now as when it was first said, “If you don’t have respect for yourselves why on earth should anyone have respect for you?” And let’s face it, US Blacks per se are very deficient in self-respect, preferring it would seem and doing so exclusively in all walks of life to buy into the white man’s narrative of anything and everything, including matters that are of crucial and even critical importance to Blacks themselves rather than draw their own red lines on the page of history as whites have done, and on that basis create and solidify their own narrative that will shape their own destiny and determine who they really are.

Troy Davis is no longer with us but there are still many other Blacks in US jails and on death row, disproportionately so and invariably innocent; victims of a system that you as Blacks can fix if you put your minds to it and forget Barack Hussein Obama, even with the apostrophe missing in his African surname as he stupidly claimed while in Ireland. He has no glory for you to bask in, just ignominy; so let him go!

In conclusion may God take into his merciful care the soul of this innocent man, Troy Davis lynched in Georgia on Wednesday 21 September 2011. RIP!

The Curse of the House Slave!

By Stanley Collymore

Barack Obama risibly welcomes freedom in Libya he says, but is untroubled about its absence in Georgia, USA where lynchings under the guise of the rule of law are still prevalent; little wonder then that on Libya, where for the first time ever in its history and since the criminal intervention of the US and NATO, lynchings have also become part of that country’s political landscape Barack Obama is predictably silent.

So typical of those who run for office, make all sorts of lying promises they have no intention of ever keeping, and on being elected then readily climb into bed with those whom they ostentatiously lambasted on the campaign trail; and all this, as they premeditatedly intended it to be, to the detriment of the vast majority of the electorate.

May God take into his merciful care the soul of this innocent man, Troy Davis about to be lynched in Georgia today, 21 September 2011.

Monday, 19 September 2011

The Conquest of Thieves

By Stanley Collymore

When Frankenstein decided to and ultimately created his monster he doubtlessly thought he was being quite clever, but what he clearly didn’t bear in mind while doing so and something that would highlight his astounding stupidity in the process, was the likelihood that his clever creation would in turn develop a mind and will of its own diametrically opposed to his own that would ultimately lead to it becoming not only his adversary but also his nemesis as well. But history shows just how short-sighted and completely wrapped up he was in himself over his personal achievement as well caught up in his own hubristic posturing that the possibility of his prized creation ever turning on him didn’t for a solitary second cross his mind let alone feature as a salient component in his arrogant thinking. Contemporary Frankensteins Nicolas Sarkozy, his co-conspirator David Cameron and their willing apprentices in the United States and the rest of NATO are similarly in for a rude awakening over the creation of their Libyan monster; and you heard it here first!

As I write, Monday 19 September 2011, a significant number of heavyweight and prominent French lawyers are preparing themselves to sue Nicolas Sarkozy for crimes against humanity that he has premeditatedly committed in Libya against the Libyan people. Chief among those in the vanguard of this popular opposition and utter abhorrence to what Sarkozy has done are Roland Dumas, former French Foreign Minister (1984-1986 and 1988-1993) who is not only implacably opposed to the appalling criminality of the incumbent French president, Nicolas Sarkozy but has also publicly pledged to personally defend Colonel Gaddafi in court were he to be captured and brought before the utterly biased ICC that has quite subjectively issued in tandem with a more than compliant and complicit Interpol a warrant for his arrest; though it’s the solid belief of Monsieur Dumas that despite their public posturing to the contrary neither the ICC, France, the UK, United States nor the other participating NATO countries that are themselves deeply mired in the calculated and horrific massacre of Libyans have any genuine wish to see Colonel Gaddafi brought before any court or tried for what they spuriously claim he has purportedly done; and quite frankly the only aim, and a well-rehearsed one at that, that they jointly have in mind is to extrajudicially murder him, primarily as an effective means of permanently shutting him up from exposing their own more feasible criminal undertakings.

Jacques Vergas, another renowned and very prominent French lawyer, likens the deliberately created situation in Libya by NATO member states, principally Britain and France, to that of Vietnam where the US on purpose sprayed tens of millions of litres of toxins on crops in the Sixties and Seventies causing multiple brain disorders, miscarriages and horrific birth defects that still linger to this day with the Vietnamese population. And he poignantly adds: “They’re using missiles with depleted uranium which causes cancer. In Tripoli I saw people crippled by NATO attacks; office workers who had nothing to do with the fighting, that’s why we’re suing President Sarkozy for crimes against humanity.”

In an RT report from Paris on the same theme Daniel Bushell recounted how in the bombing of a residence in which 13 civilians and 4 children were murdered NATO at initially denied it had anything to do with it, then changed its tune as the evidence of its involvement mounted to one of dishonestly claiming that the place was a military command centre. However, when respected journalists like Michel Collon visited the location in the immediate aftermath of the bombing and saw for themselves was actually in that house this is what he reported was fully on view in the rubble of NATO’s dispiriting but wilfully targeted civilian killing: “Videos by demand; toys and cultural books; nothing, nothing military!”

Marcel Ceccaldi another lawyer pulled no punches when he said that NATO is deliberately waging a campaign of terror, pointing out that “their bombings targeted the electricity, water and food supplies [of Libya]. After five months of day and night bombings and thousands of deaths people [understandably] will stop supporting the regime because they just can’t take it any more.”

Meanwhile, on the ground in Libya itself fighters backing the new leadership continue to pound what’s left of the old regime’s remaining holdouts; civilian causalities are still a very real possibility but countries quick to condemn Colonel Gaddafi’s threatened assaults on the so-called rebels back in March 2011 seem to have mysteriously gone quiet as Laura Emmett of RT reports: “David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy survey their handiwork; the most senior leaders to visit Tripoli since their countries began the NATO intervention in Libya they say their work is not yet done.” Total affirmation of this coming from David Cameron when he hubristically says: “We must keep on with the NATO mission until civilians are all protected and until this work is finished.”

Laura Emmett rejoins by vividly pointing out what David Cameron pointedly refuses to even countenance let alone acknowledge. “He’s right,” she says, “civilians are still being killed but now that Gaddafi is virtually powerless the people increasingly doing the killing are National Transitional Council forces together with NATO as they attack Bani Walid and other Colonel Gaddafi strongholds; on that Cameron and Sarkozy are silent.” A situation that induces John Laughland of the Institute of Democracy and Co-operation to pithily but rather sarcastically comment: “To paraphrase George Orwell in Animal farm some civilians are more equal than others.” Notwithstanding this NATO still persists in its transparently and utterly mendacious viewpoint that all of its attacks in Libya are specifically targeted ones, but as every reputable journalist, analyst and observer knows and as the weight of evidence against NATO patently shows this is a lie of monumental proportions as the plethora of NATO encouraged reprisal killings and black lynchings testify to.

Even so NATO and the NTC do have their supporters and one such still wet-behind-the airs and who hasn’t yet thrown off his maternal features is a nonentity that few if anyone has ever heard of before but as generally happens in such situations just emerge on cue like verminous cockroaches out of a pretty fetid sewer. His name is James Denselow (and the first part of his surname ought to give you an idea of his lack of intellectual rigour or commonsense) and he bills himself as a Middle East analyst. That’s equivalent, I would imagine, to a rather obscure and highly irrelevant desert camel driver billing himself as an English or EU analyst, which I don’t think any of you quite rightly would fall for; yet we persistently have no shortage at all of these limp-wristed, testosterone-deficient, pseudo males whose butch female counterparts plainly make them look and sound every bit like the pansies they are assuming that their skin colour, oftentimes quite privileged and cosseted backgrounds themselves buttressed by their colonialist nostalgia and imperialist designs unchallengably, in their eyes, designate them as spokespersons for every other race on planet earth in a manner that were this offensive boot on the other foot they would forcefully and vocally have something to say about it.

Nevertheless this is what Brains of Britain (I don’t think), James Denselow, had to say on the Libyan situation: “Clearly there are real problems on the ground and it’s the legacy of such a conflict that you will have human rights abuses taking part on both sides, and the NTC have promised to hold their own fighters to account; and I think that is a process we will see from now.” So there you have it then and right from the mouth of an expert that I’m perfectly sure, and I say this while trying to keep a straight face at the same time, whose measured sagacity and words of wisdom have markedly improved your own understanding a thousandfold, as it didn’t my own I must confess, about the intricacies of perpetual conflicts generally and the one in Libya in particular. How fortunate you are!

James Denselow’s opinion thankfully isn’t one that anybody with a functioning brain cell in his or her head would sensibly attach any credence to or come to that even remotely support. And among that are dubious about what he has to say on this issue is the absolutely brilliant and prescient-minded RT journalist and London correspondent, for whom I have the greatest of admiration and respect, Laura Emmett who perceptively remarks in relation to Denselow’s total hooey: “It doesn’t seem to be happening yet; the African Union alleges that transitional forces are hunting down and killing black Africans on the assumption that Gaddafi recruited them as mercenaries. That’s borne out by a report by Amnesty International [better late than never I suppose] which says the rebels are guilty of unlawful killings and torture.” She goes on to say; “It takes pains to point out that Gaddafi forces committed some terrible atrocities but [Amnesty International] also documented the brutal settling of scores by rebel forces that include the lynching of Gaddafi soldiers.”

At this point I would like to make an unequivocal comment of my own that anyone familiar with the rules of warfare and particularly bodies like NATO, its commanding officers and the leaders of its members states do know about, that it is a specific crime against humanity and the Geneva Conventions to subject regular combatants of an opposing army to degrading or cruel treatment let alone arbitrarily and sadistically kill them; and opposing soldiers captured on the field of battle must be treated as prisoners of war and accorded their due rights under the Geneva Conventions. Therefore, for the NTC with the blessing of NATO and particularly Britain, France and the United States that are fully aware of this, not least because they were instrumental in drawing up these rules and regulations themselves, to be a party to something like this that makes them culpable of what are basically war crimes, and one need not wonder what their reactions would be if the same treatment was being meted out to their servicemen and women or even elements of the SAS, CIA and others of their secret services operating clandestinely in Libya.

But I’m not alone of this point of view and credible political analysts on the Middle East like Dan Glazebrook commandingly make a very valid point when he says: “The problem for the west is that if Africa unites it will be able to break free from the colonial grip it’s been in for hundreds of years. And who was the leading force behind uniting Africa? It was Libya under Gaddafi’s rule. So NATO wants a government that will disunite Africa; that will draw North Africa away from its southern neighbours, so it’s very important for NATO that the regime is a racist one that will not continue with this Libyan project [sponsored by Colonel Gaddafi] of uniting Africa. So it’s no mistake that this uprising has been characterized by racist violence. This is part of [NATO’s] plan!”

Equally John Laughland, of the Institute of Democracy and Cooperation, also weighs in quite heavily on the issue stating unequivocally: “I don’t think that anyone bought the line that this intervention was about protecting civilians, that was merely the fig leaf, the legal fig leaf that France, Britain and America used to overthrow Gaddafi. The west by overthrowing Gaddafi wanted to maintain the fiction that the entire world is moving towards a western dominated model; a pro-western model. It [explicitly] wanted to show that the Arab Spring moment was a movement for liberal western-style democracy; and of course as soon as a regime stood in the way of that apparent wave, which is the case of Libya, its regime is brushed aside. That has now been achieved and that is why David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy have gone there [to Libya, 15 September 2011] today. It’s to demonstrate that fact, and it’s to publicly show to the world, to publicize their victory.”

Meanwhile Colonel Gaddafi’s hometown of Sirte is one of the last holdouts against the NTC. In a letter purportedly from the colonel himself he allegedly begs the UN Security Council to protect Sirte from being pounded by NATO air bombardments and to tackle what it describes as crimes repeatedly committed by the undisciplined forces of the NTC; a scenario in which civilian deaths are seemingly assured. So far there has been no admission of the receipt of this letter by the UN Security Council or any of the requests it purports to make to it. But one thing is manifestly obvious in all this. David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy were very quick to vocally and viciously condemn Colonel Gaddafi for allegedly killing innocent civilians in the hot-headed rush leading up to NATO imposing it’s no-fly zone over Libya; however no such rhetoric is being aimed at the NTC. In fact it’s very much the opposite as Laura Emmett categorically points out: “Britain sponsored a draft UN resolution to ease sanctions against Libya and against the national oil corporation in particular [so] getting the oil flowing again.” All the while though civilians in rebel seized cities fall through NATO’s life saving net.

In this stark analysis of the myriad double standards, hypocrisy and premeditated murder that have become the trademark of the imperialist minded regimes and racist, colonialist fantasies of David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy I would like to leave you with the thoughtful words of distinguished lawyer Marcel Ceccaldi: “Western leaders are poised for their first big legal challenge over Libya; if they stop the cases coming to court altogether it will prove once and for all that western justice is really run by politicians not the rule of law.”

Are you listening judges across the EU and particularly in Britain; more importantly do you have the nous to do something positive about it instead of being just lickspittles?

Thursday, 15 September 2011


By Stanley Collymore

Democracy, or at least what is often cynically, disingenuously and even dishonestly called such, comes in many guises, oftentimes in ways that are diametrically opposed to what any genuine meaning of the word signifies let alone what is actually put into practice, yet for all that is nevertheless a deep yearning in the souls of most people that the ways in which they are ultimately governed deals with and epitomizes at least some of the consensual concerns that do matter to them with the overarching desire of improving not only their personal and deep-seated hopes and ambitions but crucially their standard of living as well. Unfortunately however this is generally a forlorn hope as with mindboggling deceitfulness they watch in total dismay such aspirations being trashed by the very people who they elected to represent them.

Given those circumstances therefore it is quite understandable why so many people, and the electorate in those countries where ostensibly transparently free and open elections are held, are intensely sceptical of the so-called democratic processes that they labour under and even more so the politicians that they are obliged to elect and who profess to represent them, when in effect they know deep down inside that they only persons that these representatives are really interested in or concern themselves about are themselves, their own vested interests and crucially those in whose financial pockets they embed themselves.

So what then is democracy bearing in mind that like all concepts it means different things to different people bearing in mind the circumstances at the time that they find themselves in. The people of Germany overwhelmingly elected Adolf Hitler as their Chancellor and one can rationally argue that the collective will of the German people was publicly expressed in a free and democratic way through the ballot box. Benito Mussolini was also a very popular choice of the Italian people and even enthusiastically so, but as we know both the governments of Germany and Italy rapidly morphed into undemocratic nightmares for many people resulting in the deaths of millions of innocent people in the European war world that eventually spilled over into the remainder of the world with equally drastic consequences for others who played no part or had any interest come to that in those initial and even populist political sentiments that were vociferously and hugely emotionally expressed by those that boldly voted for Adolf Hitler or just as fervently willingly chose Benito Mussolini as their Roman champion only to at their leisure and with the heat of the rest of the world heavily upon them profoundly regret their actions in having done so.

So what then should one’s take on democracy actually be? Assuming that it’s the consensual will of the people who’re involved, and expressed freely by them, to be properly governed by those whom they’ve elected and entrusted to do so on their behalf, there shouldn’t on the face of it be any problems at all with that; but it’s not so simple as it looks, since there are always imponderables to be considered when one is dealing with human nature, and as I’ve already demonstrated earlier the elected governments of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini were the choice decisions of the vast majority of the German and Italian peoples respectively, in brief unsullied democracy in action yet not without its dire catastrophic consequences. So beware allegorically of Greeks bearing gifts, or, more to the point, politicians of any stripe promising to be your urbane and noble, white knight on a charger as he or she intrepidly and unselfishly delivers to you the finest pedigree of authentic democracy that practised political rhetoric can muster. Candidly, I think you’ll be deluding yourself if you fall for that load of baloney since in all probability you’ll wake up from your personal nightmare and discover that at best it’s a Trojan horse you’ve been landed with or even worst you’ve been taken for a ride.

This isn’t to signify that politicians or even perspective ones can’t be honest or don’t have the real interests or concerns of their constituents at heart. Far from it, since there are some who begin that way but either quickly discover that in order to progressively or even rapidly climb the greasy pole of career politics or not fall foul of their party’s hierarchy or its parliamentary political whips by honestly sticking to their moral principles; concomitant with which might well be the cruel and ironic deselection by their local constituency party’s puppets, expressly engineered at the behest of their party’s higher ups, of the seat they were elected to for being the honest constituency MP they are and which during their election campaign, prior to being elected to parliament, they faithfully promised their constituents to be. However, put in such invidious positions and virtually powerless because of the intensive stranglehold that political parties actually have, for example, on the entire political process in Britain to adopt divergent measures to effectively foil the callously induced predicament they’re faced with it’s perhaps clear although in no way condonable why so many British MPs that begin their parliamentary careers with commendable aspirations frequently end up being vile traitors to the very people who trustworthily elected them with high hopes in the first place.

The great irony in all this is that in the British parliamentary system, unlike that of many of our fellow EU member states, political parties don’t have any official standing or recognition in law and certainly not where the House of Commons is concerned, since every elected MP is explicitly elected as an individual per se, and not as a party representative in the eyes of the law to represent the designated constituency that he or she by dint of free and fair elections was chosen to serve. That is why an MP even if he or she publicly stood on a particular party ticket during the elections and won can freely and without any detrimental effects whatsoever to his or her continued membership of the House of Commons, as regards to being kicked out of that body for example for doing so, cross the parliamentary aisle and join another political party of his or her choice, or opt to become an independent member of parliament instead; a situation that isn’t possible to consider let alone enact in those EU countries or several others where parliamentary representatives acquire their seats in their legislative chambers by being on party lists and not directly elected to a constituency as happens in the UK.

All the more reason then why British MPs, if they really had any guts, ought to be exercising the independence that they undoubtedly have, since the worst case scenario option they could possibly face from the political party which they belong to is to have the parliamentary whip removed from them, or else find themselves threatened with deselection by their constituency party, acting as the blood hounds for the party’s bigwigs, as the party’s official parliamentary candidate at the next general elections. Not the worst calamity imaginable that could possibly befall a conscientious MP I would say, especially if the constituents represented by that MP know that he or she is an outstanding member of parliament who genuinely looks after their needs and has their interests at heart; furthermore it’s not uncommon that despite the virtually monopolistic manipulation of constituencies exercised by conventional so-called mainstream political parties, a number of independent MPs with gravitas and good hearts do occasionally get elected to the House of Commons. Therefore the sinister problem as I see it that seriously plagues almost all of our embedded, party political MPs is the basic one of them falling into two categories of individuals to start with: spineless cowards on the one hand and acquisitive snout foragers on the other that in time decidedly morph into one gargantuan mafia of cynical thieves who become diametrically opposed in every conceivable way to everything that their hoodwinked constituents are genuinely about or for that matter decency, integrity and probity dictate. Little wonder then that they are universally held in such utter contempt.

However, as the old saying goes we get the members of parliament that we deserve and our prized bunch of charlatans know that all too well, and sensing the vast majority of you for the gullible fools you are who’re quite ready and willing to believe what they tell you and know you want to hear, even though as it customarily is it’s well off the radar of truthfulness, they not only persistently try it on but actually get away with it.

The latest of these scams and coming hard on the heels of the recent riots in England that our racist government and its right wing media allies have conveniently scapegoated on British Blacks and gangsterism even though all empirical data to hand show this not to be the case. But hey, why let something like the truth get in the way of a good racist story and attendant banner media headlines that expediently and effectively deflect the ignorant and ill-informed plebs in our midst with their own endemic racist mindset away from the real causes of these riots that we recently witnessed, simple things like the persistent marginalization of sections of our community, random and racially motivated stop and search profiling, a premeditated shoot to kill policy by the Metropolitan police of those they’ve profiled and itself an unlawful policy since as far as I know it hasn’t been sanctioned by any parliamentary legislation. But with over 2000 such murders committed by the police to date and not a single police officer ever having been charged let alone prosecuted for these racist massacres it therefore logically goes without saying that the blanket immunity the police evidently enjoy to cold-bloodily kill with impunity their victims on the streets of Britain is one that the Cameron government and the Home Secretary Theresa May are undoubtedly comfortable with. And why not, for if they can casually authorize multiple massacres in Libya of people that don’t look like them why the hell should they lose any sleep over a few Niggers, as they see them, in Britain?

But that’s not the whole of it; for the economic crunch which the country is labouring under, the bailouts of banks and financial institutions that we’re told are too big to fail but in spite of their massive criminality and gross incompetence nevertheless continue to reward themselves at our expense with enormous salaries and bonuses, courtesy of our elected lawmakers, is yet another element of the duplicity that this government and others in the western world would much rather that we didn’t think about and accordingly do their best to ensure that we don’t. So any suitable scam that can fruitfully divert minds and attentions away from their austerity measures designed to satisfy the wants and demands of into thinking it’s for the public good.

I’m referring here specifically to the risible scam of our government encouraging us, taking it at face value, to become pro-active in shaping government policy by organising petitions that the House of Commons will presumably be obliged to debate if these petitions should carry in excess 150,000 signatures. Sounds too good to be true? You bet your life it is! For not only are the MPs not legally bound to reach any concrete conclusions after this elaborate exercise of parliamentary hoodwinking of the public there is similarly no compulsion on their part or that of the coalition Con-Dem government either to support or authorize any legislation that might properly come from the aforesaid discourse; a rather glorified and time wasting talking shop exercise in other words, brazenly giving the appearance of doing something while doing absolutely nothing beneficial at all!

Even more worrying for me is that 150,000 people in a population of 60 million residents in Britain is hardly a representative sample of our overall population and if our MPs genuinely wanted to find out what we the British thought or wanted done how about them keeping their eyes peeled and their ears to the ground as it were by giving up on a more frequent basis the cosy comfort of Westminster they’re so addicted to and instead come into the constituencies that elected them and find out from the people there. But oh no; that’s too much to undertake as one Labour MP who hasn’t held a constituency surgery for over 14 years in succession has disdainfully decided, but who notwithstanding all that will most certainly be foremost among those going through all the motions associated with this latest political scam.

And what is this specific scam that I’m referring to? Well it’s to do with depriving those that were involved with the riots of their social security benefits. How very asinine! Britain prides itself on being a developed industrialized country, although there’s precious little of the latter to be seen anywhere in the UK these days but lets give that a pass, and consequently the kind of poverty that one associates with so-called Third World countries our empire regularly bled of their resources and still continues to doesn’t plague our green and pleasant land; but that’s not to say poverty doesn’t exist here, it does and moreover is prevalent and continues to grow as the austerity measures we’re being subjected to bite. So for a coterie of highly privileged jackasses like the 24 multi-millionaires in our British Cabinet whose inherited wealth has all their decidedly pampered lives completely shielded them from what the average Briton has to cope with on a daily basis, to be self-righteously lecturing the rest of us about fiscal propriety and furthermore set about doing so in a particularly malevolent and vindictive way to socially and racially disadvantage even further those they look down upon is contemptible conduct of the highest order, and there are no words in the English language that can adequately sum up what they really are when they perfidiously embark with the rest of the House of Commons lawmakers on a nauseating scam like this one that shows nothing but utter contempt for their constituents generally and the people of Britain in particular.

Apart from everything else there is no scientific way, as this scam is being organized and run, of anyone discovering let alone verifying who precisely these 150,000 people are; how many multiple petitioners they are passing themselves of as different individuals when it’s just one or two of them or more sinisterly a group of activists with their own personal hidden agendas that are involved and allegedly supporting this parliamentary measure; where precisely do the petitioners come from geographically in terms of the UK never mind the bogus addresses that they provide on their petition and can be easily faked? How truly spontaneous is the petition; and what part, if any, do the media, the government and the plethora of crooked MPs seizing a golden opportunity to divert attention away from their own enormous pilfering of the public purse and at the same time curry favour with some sections of the public perceived by them as influential and whose good books they want to get into, have in whipping up certain racist and social sentiments to their advantage?

And what about those whose benefits will be taken away from them in this parliamentary and undignified lynching by our political representatives? In Britain no one is legally allowed to starve and the local council and social security department have a statutory responsibility to ensure that doesn’t happen, in the same way that that there is a legal obligation for those that don’t have any place to live or are evicted from their homes by the discriminatory or reckless actions of the government, MPs or judges have to be found somewhere to live. And it smacks very much of cutting one’s nose off to spite one’s face when it will undoubtedly cost the state a great deal more to provide for these people in those circumstances than would otherwise be the case if they were left alone as they were. It’s the same with handing out swingeing prison sentences to someone like a teenager, for instance, that picked up a bottle of water that cost a Pound Sterling off the street during the riots while his incarceration costs a whopping £2,000 Pounds Sterling a week to keep him in jail. Only those imbued with the arrogance that they were born through privilege and wealth to rule the rest of us and who have no real concept of what it’s actually like to earn the money they come by instead of being routinely parachuted into well paid positions not by any dint of meritocracy or ability, frankly they have none, but by class and who they are actually are could think up something as brainless as this knowing that we have enough acquisitive mongrels in parliament and thoroughbred morons outside in the public generally to pull it off.

My question is what if a majority or even substantial numbers of people in the UK did submit a number of genuine petitions to parliament suggesting for instance that Tony Blair together with his accomplices then, and regardless of who they were, were arrested and prosecuted for war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity; that the same thing was similarly done to David Cameron and his lot in respect of Libya; or that we instantly and unilaterally got rid of the one sided, arse-licking, extradition treaty which we have with the United States where all they have to do is say they want someone in Britain, have no requirement to say why or even offer any evidence whatsoever to our authorities for why they’re doing this, and like France’s Vichy regime vis-à-vis Germany’s Nazi Third Reich the British government is in essence and deplorably so the disposed quislings of the United States own Fascist Reich.

This is no more plainly exemplified than in these two examples that I’m now about to give you. The first relates to our economic plight and the perception held by many influential and highly respected, international financial analysts among them the renowned broadcaster Max Keisler that David Cameron and George Osborne are financial terrorists who while vilifying and demonizing looters in England that snatch a bottle of water from some store or other end and end up in jail, nevertheless have no problem at all in effusively backing criminal entities like JP Morgan who are gross financial looters on a monumental scale. The second deals with the one-sided extradition treaty that we have with the United States, which when they were in opposition the Tory party said they would scrap but have done nothing of the kind on having assumed political power along with the Lib-Dems as the government of the UK. The treaty is not only blatantly one-sided since we are expressly prohibited from having anyone extradited from the US in similar circumstances as all such requests from us must first be substantiated by prima face evidence that an alleged crime has been committed by the accused person and only then can any extradition be proceeded with, and as always only through the US courts.

Currently there are a number of Britons awaiting extradition to the United States with a quite eager Britain willing to ship them off there even though none of the accused has ever set foot in the United States; but even in this black hole of uncertainty in which they find themselves race and racial attitudes still play a key role in the decision making process. Gary McKinnon is accused of hacking into the Pentagon’s computer files, something he has admitted to, and logically the US authorities want to prosecute him for doing so; however, there are those who say he should be tried in the UK, but even so he’s out on bail. Meanwhile, there are a number of British Muslims also wanted by the United States but for alleged terrorist activities which they’ve all denied being involved in but which the US has repeatedly refused to provide any evidence; prima face or concrete, that what it claims in relation to these Muslim suspects has any substance to it and what so-called evidence that has leaked out as invariably happens in such cases is frankly pathetically thin and highly unconvincing.

Nevertheless and unlike Gary McKinnon these Muslim men are behind British bars and have been continuously so for several years without charge or trial; one of them, Tahla Ahsan who has been there for five years on the trot has the same condition, Asperger Syndrome that was successfully used and readily accepted by the British courts to keep Gary McKinnon out of jail but not Tahla Ashan who poses no threat to anyone or isn’t a flight risk having been born, was raised and until his imprisonment lived with his middle class family in England. Besides, if Tahla Ashan and these other Muslim men who are accused of crimes that even the United States does not pretend occurred in that country were to be extradited there, and bearing in mind the towering level of virulent Islamophobia that exists and furthermore is aggressively encouraged and promoted in the United States, they will undoubtedly not get a fair trial, will be found guilty and incarcerated in a supermax high security prison under a vicious regime of solitary confinement for life with no chance of being paroled. In his British jail Tahla Ashan who spends his time writing poetry and teaching English is allowed to see his parents once a week, once extradited to the United States however all that will promptly cease. So why then do we have this patently blatant racist approach by the British courts and authorities, as if we didn’t already know, to Tahla Ashan and his fellow Muslim suspects in visible contrast to the position that these same British courts have taken with Gary McKinnon?

A related question was put to Victoria Brittain, journalist and anti-extradition campaigner, in and interview conducted with her by Ivor Bennet of RT Television, and this is what she had to say. It’s worth checking this interview out but not so much for the words used by Victoria Brittain but the way in which they were employed, and if I were Tahla Ahsan or any Muslim fighting the real prospect of extradition to the US and solitary incarceration for the rest of my natural life under the present treaty that Britain has with the United States without any hope of parole I would be deeply worried indeed; for with friends like Victoria Brittain who really needs enemies? Here are her words:

“Gary McKinnon is a white middle class English boy and Baba and Talha are very highly educated British middle class boys and they’re both Asians and they’re Muslims; and what that tells you is that there’s something very awful about our society.”

There’s an old English saying that actions, or in Victoria Bittain’s case body language, speak far more eloquently than words themselves. How very true!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011


By Stanley Collymore

The United States created and armed al-Qaida; currently works with them in Libya and Syria; falsely accused Saddam Hussein of being involved with al-Qaida, another scam claim it’s now levelling at Iran, but still the US public buys this lying rhetoric. How much dumber can Americans get?

Unless, of course, you’re a black American who makes the ultimate personal sacrifice fighting the United States imperialist wars, which your well-heeled Zionists cheerleading establishment, warmongering, armchair generals and supposed fellow Americans would never ever dream of risking their lives for, always happy as they are to defend the United States of America that they claim they love so much (and why not being in the positions that they are) to the last drop of somebody else’s blood; never their own or that of their progeny , relatives or close friends.

Or a black person who turns a blind eye to black lynchings in Libya (where are the raised voices in protest by the Jessie Jacksons and other civil rights leaders who are intriguingly very quiet about this?) by the present day descendants of those Arab co-conspirators with their white Caucasian, European accomplices in the extraordinarily lucrative transatlantic slave trade in the wholesale purchase and violent distribution of African men, women and children and the acute misery that this caused to the blighted lives of generations of them, that are executing these Libyan lynchings; or is totally indifferent to the customary daily plight of all Africans who, as you freely, stupidly and fawningly indulge yourself buying into the white man’s narrative about black people and Africans in particular, you think, never mind your very own marginalized position in the US as the descendants of Africans who in their scores of millions were involuntarily turned into slaves in the so-called New World, most notably in what was to become and is now the United States of America, is the legacy you’ve been bequeathed with and of which you’re very much a part. Truly, as a black individual you ought to be thoroughly ashamed of yourself; for though cowardice sometimes may be understandable in extreme cases which involve the risk of life or limb, stupidity augmented by rank self-interestedness never can be!

Or perhaps even more tellingly you are a Black that stays curiously silent from a sense of misplaced loyalty that finally someone whom you incredibly still feels identifies with you despite all the evidence to the contrary is in the White House and astonishingly therefore you want to continue giving your undivided and uncritical support, embarrassing though this evidently is to every rational person, to this president that cares much more about the transparently obsessive, paranoid sensitivities, criminal, self-interested and international illegal activities of Israeli Zionists, their bête noir regime and their considerably wealthy, influential cohorts in the United States than he does or ever would about the centuries old and ongoing racially motivated disadvantages that sizeable numbers of black Americans daily labour under. Among these, the disproportionate and lengthier prison incarcerations meted out to Blacks vividly contrasted with those that whites regularly receive or are ever likely to get; more Blacks, again quite disproportionately so, ending up on death row than anybody else; just some of the many discriminatory practices overseered by this president as they were by his white predecessors and an American prison system that increasingly is becoming privatized.

The extraordinarily lucrative world of private prisons where such entities like Corrections Corporation of America have no statutory or moral obligations to be publicly accountable in anyway to anyone except their shareholders and where in the offices of all such prisons is obligatorily and prominently posted each day the current stock value of the respective company. And they do make, these law unto themselves entirely acquisitive companies, a great deal of money, billions of $US dollars to be precise, in what’s basically a very cash-strapped USA. And it’s easy to comprehend why this is so when one bears in mind that these prison corporations lobby excessively and very intensively in the corridors of power for more statutory imprisonments, lengthier prison sentences and harsher prison regimes, and while doing this they unsurprisingly you might like to know also liberally grease the palms of those who make these important decisions, expending enormous sums of money to both political parties as well as the costly campaign coffers of state as well as national lawmakers to advance their greedy ambitions; and they succeed enormously in doing so.

But I like I inferred earlier it’s essentially Americans that I’m referring to here and more explicitly black Americans that collectively along with most other Americans are to put it bluntly exceptionally dumb, and the only thing of note from a curious perspective on my part is just how much dumber you’ll actually get; and in this particular regard I’m sure you’ll exceed even my very worst expectations of you.

A ray of comfort if it’s any solace to you, glum as my predictions are, you nevertheless don’t have a monopoly in stupidity, pre-eminent in it I would say there’s no doubt about that whatsoever but monopolistically so no, since it is only fair to point out that my own country Britain, well principally England and the leafier parts of it specifically if we’re to be honest about it, is just as dumb and selfish as your lot are and accounts, among many reasons too numerous to enumerate here, for why like a baby quite lovingly nuzzling its mother’s cheeks they too love to nuzzle cheeks but instead prefer those of your posterior and even generously freely indulge in the perverse pastime of eagerly pushing their heads up the orifice they find there.

Monday, 12 September 2011


By Stanley Collymore

There have been many odious and utterly contemptible British Home Secretaries, Internal Minster for those of you not that familiar with these cute British terminologies, as far back as I can remember, but sitting unchallenged at the upper echelons of this pyramid of sewer rats is Theresa May, our current Home Secretary. Theresa May to be absolutely blunt about this, if there was any justice or conversely retribution at all for each and every one of our citizens irrespective of who they are, and not just extend these to the privileged few, on the basis that we’re all equal before the law should at this moment of time be incarcerated in a prison somewhere in the UK and not, ironically as it sounds and actually is, be holding the very important government and cabinet portfolio of British Home Secretary, a position that gives her, formally at least, complete control over all areas of our domestic life, the police forces of the United Kingdom, and ensures that as a cabinet minister that remit also extends to our foreign affairs under the accepted policy of collective government responsibility.

The reality though, and what I find hard to stomach, is that this criminal, and lets not beat about the bush for that’s what she is, who like the overwhelming majority of our MPs who self-interestedly, immorally and liberally had their greedy snouts in the troughs of the MPs expenditure scam is now in charge of a ministry whose primary responsibility among many others is to eradicate crime in all its guises within the UK. And while I know that he is long dead Theresa May’s appointment to the post she currently holds is analogous to facetiously appointing the notorious Dr. Crippin, were he still with us, to physically oversee the British National Health Service. Theresa May though was never going to be charged for her crimes let alone prosecuted, the parliamentary body that oversees these things was always going to prove her wrongdoing not provable and not without good reason, they were themselves all in it together, and were they to ever consider departing from the institutionalized and well entrenched we’re all in this together old boys and girls code of seedy conduct in a body that laughably still refers to its members as honourable when they’re anything but that would be the equivalent of a police officer arresting his mother a well known and seasoned harlot for prostitution; things like that never happen.

Similarly while the police like the parliamentary watchdog ostentatiously went through the actions of looking to be doing something helpful about the abhorrent crimes associated with our elected, overpaid, crooked and exceedingly incompetent lawmakers ripping off ordinary hardworking taxpayers we knew in our hearts that that too was a scam and nothing concrete would come from it, and we were spot on. Conversely, we also knew that if these were genuinely hard-up council house (social housing for those unfamiliar with this British term) tenants in receipt of the dole or other social security payments and doing a little job on the side as well to make ends meet they would have been viciously attacked in the gutter press and on the BBC, no difference whatsoever in distinction I assure you between the two by the way, as utterly verminous scroungers and the lowest form of homo sapiens provided of course they were even credited with being part of the human race at all; while our judges and magistrates and counting the ranks of the legal profession from whom the vast majority of them certainly in the case of our judges are drawn, and who individually and collectively evidently know a great deal about the law but absolutely bugger all about probity or justice, since many of them are more bent than the proverbial corkscrew themselves, and have been astonishingly quiet on the MPs scam, would have sanctimoniously jumped on board their self-serving bandwagon and had a field day in court at the expense of these poor working class sods. So fundamentally, as if we didn’t already know this, there’s one law in Britain for the rich, privileged and influential and sod all for the rest of us; so either do something about it or get used to it!

But utterly loathsome as I find Theresa May to be this consummate and pompous political tart has even managed to exceed the devilish machinations that she’s capable of; and you’re really going to love this especially if you belong to a military family, have relatives serving in the military in Afghanistan, or are still grieving the irreparable loss of relatives or friends that have been killed there at the behest of the likes of our brave armchair generals such as Theresa May, David Cameron and all the other cowardly MPs on both sides of the political aisle in the House of Commons and Lords that have never worn a British military uniform in their entire lives, will never voluntarily do so or encourage their children or closest kith and kin to do so either but who nevertheless see themselves as unwavering British patriots that are steadfastly committed to defending Britain to the last drop of someone else’s blood but never their own!

There have been overabundances of erroneous and downright lying reasons, many of them in marked contradiction with each other and summarily changed or adjusted to suit the con artist ploys and dishonest manipulations of those portraying them over the years, as to why British armed forces are in Afghanistan and our government is spending billions of Pounds it can’t afford while wilfully neglecting those things that really matter to the British people, particularly since the country is in an economic crisis, to keep them there. First it was said that we were there to get Osama bin-Laden and al-Qaida for plotting and executing the 9/11 atrocity, conveniently omitting to mention how they came to be in Afghanistan in the first place, courtesy of ourselves, the United States of America and the Saudis who collectively financed, trained and equipped them with all the latest state of the art weaponry available at the time and finally installed them in Afghanistan to terrorise the Soviets who were there at the invitation of the then Afghan government. Included in that narrative was our need to get rid of the Taliban that were harbouring Osama bin-Laden and al-Qaida, were pretty nasty to their women who we needed to liberate from their bondage, nothing mind you about Saudi Arabia which in 2011 is far worst in that regard towards its women and much else besides than the Taliban ever were, and moreover the Taliban were poppy growers and drug dealers whose end products were ending up on the streets of Britain and this had to be remedied.

I could go on with all the lies that we were unconvincingly told by these practised liars who lamentably infest both the House of Commons and House of Lords but I’m absolutely sure you’re quite familiar with them already so lets swiftly draw a veil over them shall we? One red herring though that needs to be debunked before I do so however is the one relating to the consciously concocted and totally deceptive charge that the Taliban were drug dealers. Even the UN, but this was long before the corrupt and utterly inept, rickshaw Charlie Ban-ki-Moon became its Secretary General, reported on and furthermore praised the Taliban for its remarkably successful eradication of the Afghan poppy crop programme during the time of its running of Afghanistan; so all else following the US’s NATO-led overthrow of the Taliban that has been coming out of western capitals and particularly London relative to the Taliban and expressly its supposed drug trafficking of opium derived from Afghan grown poppy is just simply poppycock, especially when you read what I’m now about to write.

Fields of opium poppy are presently being grown in England; that’s not a wind up it’s true. And while our dishonest and corrupt government and its supporters condemn what they say the Taliban is up to in Afghanistan and its catastrophic consequences which they assert this will have on our British streets, David Cameron and Theresa May have surreptitiously been giving governmental approval, not consented to by our parliament as far as I know since no debate has ever been held on the matter and the British parliament anyway is nothing more than a totally useless, noses-in-the troughs, pathetic bunch of self-serving, rubber stamping jerks, one of the key reasons that successive British governments have repeatedly ignored or marginalized them, for considerable acres of Oxfordshire farmland to be diverted from growing traditional crops like wheat to growing the opium poppy instead. That’s perfectly right folks; and believe me you’re not hallucinating!

While growing poppy is publicly at any rate vociferously condemned in Afghanistan by western leaders but privately condoned as it evidently makes a great deal of money for the right people, and while rather ostentatiously we now and then see selective episodes of its destruction in front of western media cameras and only in limited and carefully prescribed areas, and the local economically hard-up Afghan grower subjected in his everyday life to a multiplicity of hardships and murderous assaults rained down not only on his life but also those of family members, friends, members of his community and significantly the dignity and infrastructure as it is of his country from deadly unmanned drone assaults to gratuitous raids on everything from wedding parties to attacks on residents homes in the dead of night when the occupants there are fast asleep but despite the mayhem and innocent blood shed no one is every held accountable let alone made to pay for what they did, we additionally have the Afghans being lectured that instead of growing the poppy which for many of them is their only means of livelihood for which they get much more income than if they were to grow wheat for instance, they should look to other cash crops that are deemed acceptable to the west as a way of alleviating their financial woes, no matter how difficult this might be.

Yet we have in David Cameron’s Oxfordshire: David Cameron by the way for those of you who aren’t aware of this fact is aside from being our PM also the Member of Parliament for the Witney which is deeply entrenched in upper crust and affluent Oxfordshire, a decidedly Afghanistan type opium production den with the telling exception that in Afghanistan such activities are in the open while in discernible contrast what’s going on in David Cameron’s Oxfordshire is a very secretive affair. Now who constitute the hypocrites here, the Afghans trying to eek out a living or exceedingly affluent David Cameron and his sidekick Theresa May?

The company involved is one Macfarlane Smith that has declined to give any info about what it’s up to, stating it has been specifically instructed by the Cameron government not to say anything about the matter to anyone an instruction that in turn it has passed on to its employees and the Oxfordshire poppy growers involved. But one must seriously ask if what the British government is about is morally as well as legally above board, why then is Theresa May, David Cameron and the rest of them that are in the know so very reluctant to honestly inform the rest of our elected lawmakers as well as the British public what they’re doing; what it’s really in aid of; why there’s such an imperative requirement to grow opium poppies in the Oxfordshire countryside, and so vital to hush this up. In its place there’s this wall of silence that quite rightly will give rise to a great deal of suspicion.

British farmers are unquestionably some of the wealthiest in the world, a situation which is enormously assisted by the process of literally getting money for old rope, where under the corrupt EU agricultural policies of set aside they can keep their fields fallow, grow nothing and yet get paid generous sums of money for doing so; and it goes without saying that most of Britain’s arable farms and farmland aren’t in the hands of your average Joe or Jane Blog but rather those of the aristocracy, landed gentry and corporate entities who do quite nicely from this largesse, thank you. So why then in a country like Afghanistan which is dirt poor, currently under massive military occupation, has been so for the last ten years, and with no end of this travesty in sight is a lowly farmer there who is being bludgeoned in one way or another into submission on a daily basis told he mustn’t grow poppies when this is his only livelihood and he doesn’t like David Cameron and the other 1% of British citizens who are in possession of huge inherited fortunes to fall back on in the remotest of prospects of them ever finding themselves on hard times? Similarly why should an already prosperous British farmer profit obscenely in a way that a peasant Afghan poppy grower is forcefully told that he mustn’t, and more ironically from a crop which isn’t native to Britain but is very much a part of the Afghanistan landscape? David Cameron, Theresa May and their odious ilk aside let me ask you this, would you or any other British person you know welcome a ban in our country by external diktat of something native to it, as we stood idly by and saw those who not only advocated such a ban but are also ruthlessly enforcing it profit enormously from it in their own country? I think we already know the answer to that!

The lame excuse coming from sources at Macfarlane Smith is that there’s a shortage of important painkiller derivatives like codeine that come from the opium poppy plant and it’s not only in Britain but also right across the range of western countries and other parts of the world where our pharmaceutical companies ply their lucrative trade that this acute shortage is felt and therefore something needs to be done in order to rectify this shortfall. That may well be the case but the quite sensible and rather logical question that then follows is why in view of this pressing state of affairs don’t the Afghan regime together with the countries that have installed themselves in Afghanistan and which are all connected with these giant pharmaceutical corporate entities in one way or another recognize what any bright five year old would that the commonsensical thing to do is to legalize and regulate the poppy trade in Afghanistan with all its obvious attendant benefits, not to allegedly destroy it and then shift production to the leafy areas of Oxfordshire.

But that’s easier said than done it would seem since the leader of Afghanistan and his entire family are known to be mired in illegal drug trafficking over which they and their cohorts have a virtual monopoly, and the western governments involved in Afghanistan don’t really want to interfere in this for a variety of reasons. Not least of these is that the players in this illegal trafficking, primarily the Karzai family and the Northern League, the west’s proxy warriors in Afghanistan that the US quite literally inherited from the Russians as a gift to it even before its own NATO led invasion of Afghanistan was authorized let alone started, to liberally paraphrase the Americans when Saddam Hussein was then their favourite son and got away with virtually whatever he wanted to so long as it didn’t interfere with the United States hegemony of the region, these Afghan quislings may be awful sons of bitches but for the time being at least they are our sons of bitches! Not the sort of environment therefore to pragmatically expect either the Americans or the British to crack down, irrespective of their public rhetoric, on the illegal drug trade of their cat’s paws; on balance it’s not the way that the rank hypocrisy characteristic of these administrations or the exceedingly privileged and financial establishments in either the US or Britain operate, or left to their own devices are ever likely to.

Perhaps even more sinister than this is the rather colonialist and imperialist mindset behind all of this especially when it comes to making money and profiting enormously from doing so at other peoples’ expense. The pharmaceutical companies that are a law unto themselves anyway just as they are undeniably in cahoots with those who run our country need, we are told, to produce more painkillers that will alleviate the acute suffering that would otherwise be occasioned to millions of western and even other global patients that could afford to buy these products that is. Taking this on face value there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. What flies in the face of all reason though and is a crude insult to the intelligence of anyone with even a solitary functioning brain cell in his or her head is why, when there’s already a natural source and bountiful supply of opium poppy in a country, in this case Afghanistan, where of course it grows naturally and legal production and manufacturing costs associated with these western, much desired painkiller derivatives would be significantly lower than in Britain for instance; notwithstanding all that we nevertheless carry on spending trillions of Pounds, £1.7 so far to date, that as a country we can ill afford fighting a losing and entirely futile war in Afghanistan, an important element of which we’re repeatedly and dishonestly told it would now appear in the light of recently uncovered and unfolding events in Britain, and where else in the west I wonder, is to effectively eradicate the opium poppy crop in this Asia minor country and the global menace associated with it only to grow the same opium poppy in our own privileged and well-heeled backyard of Oxfordshire, England.

Money, the root of all evil they say! And there’s such an obsession with it on the part of most westerners that quite literally they can’t see the woods for the trees. And for Britain to be hosting its own opium cartel and poppy growing industry at home from where its myriad tentacles then spread out octopus-like to unsuspectingly ensnare and envelop others doesn’t surprise me in the least; after all old boy, Britain does have a very proud and quite literally damnably infamous track record in such machinations to uphold. Hong Kong was acquired by us after we consciously turned the Chinese into a nation of junkies and when the penny finally dropped and they sought to do something about their enforced predicament that was an advantageously lucrative money-making scam for Britain, the British unsurprisingly and quite aggressively retaliated with a phoney war conducted against China and promptly took Hong Kong as booty which we doggedly held on to until the Chinese became so militarily strong we couldn’t any longer pose a credible threat to them, so with all the public panoply of rank hypocrisy, endemic and deeply ingrained institutionalized double standards that the British are so remarkably good at while knifing one viciously in the back, concomitant with the belligerent democracy guarantee requirements we said we wanted from China for a post colonial administered British Hong Kong that we never in all the time we ruled that place contemplated let alone ever gave to the local residents there, preferring instead to entrust such vital powers to the absolute control of whoever was the London-appointed governor at the time, nothing that the present David Cameron regime or any other which might replace it in the near or even the long-term without basic root and branch changes taking place as to how Britain is sensibly governed will make any difference to the lives of the commonplace British citizen or resident or those overseas whom we periodically put under the cosh of our colonial fantasies and imperialistic ambitions.

Wherever money is to be made there is the self-indulgent belief among the 1% who govern our lives that they alone must have the lion’s share of it if not the entire kit and caboodle. It is true in relation to the cocoa growing farmers of West Africa who although they and their countries are quite capable of producing the chocolate that is a derivative of the cocoa plant they are nevertheless only allowed to export to the developed countries the raw cocoa they produce but are specifically banned from doing so, and would instantaneously be subjected to collective and severe western penalties: anything from over the top tariffs on their cocoa exports to extremely disruptive sanctions imposed on their cocoa growing activities, should they decide to venture into the quite lucrative chocolate industry that the west through this fraudulent practice they’ve selfishly introduced and callously upholds continues to preserve a monopoly for their chocolate producers. But this is just the tip of the iceberg in relation to these disgustingly selfish attitudes of the west and particularly countries like the UK. Why, for example, is the cartel that controls virtually every aspect of the global diamond industry not logically in South Africa with its huge diamond reserves and where the vast majority of the world’s diamonds originate from but illogically in the middle eastern implanted, white, Caucasian, European controlled apartheid state of Israel that has no diamond resources at all of its own?

The answer is quite simple really any money-making project no matter where its genesis is must be controlled by whites and preferably those in what’s commonly called the west. So all the phoney arguments about stopping drugs appearing on the streets of Britain are just that, since sensible people already know that the huge quantities of illegal drugs which find their way into Britain and a ready market for them do so through a sophisticated network of drug channels that are tightly controlled not by your average street pusher that effectively is way down the food change in such military-type operations and besides is quite expendable in the process, but by those wearing expensive Armani suits who are well connected to the establishment and are even part of it themselves. So one could easily be forgiven for being cynically about all this and say that there is an even greater prospect of illegal drug dealing under the furtive guise of government sanctioned, lawful activities being a worse and even a calamitous threat to the physical, psychological and financial well-being, in terms of NHS costs, to the wellbeing of Britons.

But why should David Cameron, Theresa May the entire Con-Dem coalition cabinet, or the other well-heeled and major players in the other political parties, outside their usual public and rather disingenuous rhetoric that is, care about any of this when we already know from anecdotal and well as empirical data readily available comprehensively backed up by their own albeit reluctant admissions that several of them have in the past taken prohibited drugs shall we say while they were students at university and subsequent to them graduating from there; and it’s in the realms of probability that that the human equivalent of leopards don’t change their spots either. So maybe the leafy areas of Oxfordshire is an apt location for the growing of the opium poppy in Britain, since Oxfordshire not only hosts the constituency of our illustrious prime minister but aside from that blue-blood David Cameron apart from being a member of the Bullingdon Club at Oxford University is one of those MPs who says he may have tried the odd illegal, substance while he was a student.

Who can blame him for being so honest? But it’s so extraordinary how all these upper crust folk think that if they indulge in something illegal it’s not so bad since they are responsible enough to deal with the consequences of what might occur, even if as in the case of some of them it’s the money of their mum and dad that is used to ring fence them from any court proceedings in a manner that the average Briton won’t be so lucky to be let off from. This is something that isn’t just replete throughout their individual lives but can also be found in their public ones as well. So we spend billions of Pounds on our so-called nuclear deterrent that we say, never mind our being a signatory to the NTP and what we’re doing is in blatant contradiction to all it stands for, we must have to protect ourselves, yet as a country that has gone around the world stealing other peoples lands and resources and massacring millions in the process and have systematically done so for centuries, we’re immediately up in arms when those that we constantly threaten for no one good reason than that they refuse to bend the knee to us allegedly embark on the same nuclear programmes and WMDs that we feel we have an omnipotent right to for our own protection.

Whoever said the world was perfect. Over to you David Cameron and Theresa May.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Sinister, grasping and Zionist, the daunting world of western global hegemony

By Stanley Collymore

September 8, 2011; 5% of the Israeli population is protesting and has been for months. The causes: austerity measures, a pronounced decline in living standards among Israelis, shortage of affordable housing, the systematic Israeli settlement programme on occupied Palestinian land, Benjamin Netanyahu’s rightwing policies and his obsession with external affairs whose problems he’s actually created. These demonstrations aren’t covered though by the western media; but imagine what the situation would be if instead of Israel their location was Iran or Cuba.

The previous, exclusive and promoted narrative from Israeli regimes and US administrations and assiduously used to brainwash the Israeli and US public has been that Arab or Muslim democracy was a colossal threat to Israel so it had to be stamped out by any means possible: brute force, dictatorships, military interventions, and this was always the outcome whenever it raised its head. This satisfied Israel’s paranoia and outright racist dictatorial demands while at the same time guaranteeing continued United States hegemony of the Middle East and the control, along with its western partners, of that region’s natural resources, in particular oil and gas.

The constant war footing of Israel, creating enemies where none naturally exist to assuage its paranoia and the high expenditure coast of all this together with the global downturn placed enormous pressures on the entire fabric of a once comfortable Israeli life style at least for the Middle Classes. However, there’s now a greater disparity between the Israeli haves and have nots and for the very first time ever in the country’s history it’s not just the lower classes as was previously the case that are habitually disadvantaged when things went wrong but in the current climate of economic uncertainty it’s also the Israeli Middle Classes that are being hit, and quite severely so as well, together with many professionals who in the past would have considered such hardships happening to them as unthinkable knowing they were completely exempt from them and consequently wouldn’t have had to unduly exercise their minds about such misfortunes that they instinctively associated with others less fortunate than themselves; but not any more.

This disparate coalition of the Israeli lower and middle classes has become a toxic mix that is a threat to the continuance of the Netanyahu regime and its US political and media backers; as this coalition’s demands for a greater distribution of wealth, higher taxes especially for the rich, and the appurtenances of a fairer and more just society for all is anathema to the rabid capitalist mindset of the political establishment and financial elites in the United States who are Israel’s biggest financial donors. It also is ironically greatly at odds with the brainwashed and turkeys voting for Christmas perceptions of many Americans who see these concepts of greater shared civic equality among their own population as heretical to the American free capitalist way of life and to them smacks at best of socialism, a dirty word in their lexicon of prejudices, and at its very worst of communism regarded as the Devil’s own mantra; precepts they’ll frenetically argue that mustn’t be countenanced in any way shape or form at any time in the United States or Israel.

So it matter not a jot how justifiable these Israeli demands for peace, justice and equality are, one thing is absolutely certain they mustn’t be allowed, as such contagion if not snipped in the bud forthwith will eventually blossom into a flowering monster that’ll ultimately threaten not only the Israeli but crucially also the famed American way of life. It’s something that the multiplicity of US-Israeli backers and pro-Israeli lobbyists are committed to preventing from happening at all costs as they obsessively continue to pour billions of $US annually into the outstretched palms of the Israeli regime. But this action is not without its disgrace.

For while blithely doing this the United States Administration rather incompetently presides over a manifestly dysfunctional and disunited US that finds itself reeling under burgeoning unemployment, ongoing house and business foreclosures, and a progressively dire economic future bordering on catastrophe in which the only entities that are benefiting from all of this, and handsomely so, are the banks, other financial institutions and the Pentagon that are very heavily ring fenced by taxpayer bailouts and contributions in tandem with the lawmakers in Congress who are similarly privileged because they ensure that they are. An abomination that is compounded by the fact that the vast sums of money Israel gets from the US taxpayer goes directly to the government there, never civic society; and furthermore a lot of it is in the form of vouchers that the Israeli regime redeems not through improving the social and economic prospects of its citizens but expressly by purchasing massive quantities of weapons from the United States.

This creates a planned domino effect in the region in which the Muslin and Arab states also dramatically increase their own stockpiles of US, EU and other western manufactured arms adding significantly to the already gargantuan financial reserves of the conglomerate western military industrial complex, always more than prepared and eagerly obliging to instigate even more grisly wars on humanitarian grounds or the furtherance of global democracy of course; at least that’s their public assertion which is echoed parrot-like and effusively by our elected representatives and their purchased, parasitic and pusillanimous puppets. But we all know or should do that the real reasons for their warmongering drumbeats, an incentive for even more arms sales, are nothing more than the perennial mechanism to enhance their bank balances even further.

Quite worrying for the Israeli protestors though is the perilous vulnerability of their protest movement, not from its members, the righteousness of their cause, or even any hostility that might be engendered towards it from the rest of the Israeli population, but from the actions: perverse but nevertheless unrelenting, of the Netanyahu regime. Not to put too fine a point on it Benjamin Netanyahu is a rather nasty bully and an obsessive power freak in the bargain; he’s also a dab hand at the black arts and political intrigue, and crucially will stop at nothing to get his own way or crush those who stand in it, however justifiable their reasons for doing so. In that sense he’s like a violent psychopath holding a group of people hostages in a small room with a primed hand grenade in his hand and bellicosely threatening his captives that if they don’t do what he demands of them he’ll remove his thumb off the safety pin keeping the hand grenade inert and blow them all to smithereens even though in implementing such an act he’ll also be committing suicide. That’s the nature of the man!

In his clash with the Israeli demonstrators Benjamin Netanyahu will, like the democrat he dishonestly likes to portray himself as, use the police to evict the encamped protestors from the city centre square where they’ve positioned themselves, but should that fail to break their spirits, and he’ll be earnestly hoping that this particular move fails miserably, and encourages even more protestors to converge onto the streets in defiance against him and his regime he’ll expeditiously execute the plan which he’s always favoured the most and that fits ideally into his Frankenstein mindset of total freak controlism; start an external but convenient war with one or even others of his neighbours which will instantly deflect minds, internally as well as externally in relation to Israel, away from his domestic problems onto subject areas that he’s quite comfortably at home with, specifically warmongering; chest beating; and superfluously declaring to the world that Israel has the right to defend itself, knowing full well that this load of manufactured and disingenuous tosh always plays well in the capitals of western countries, chiefly Washington and London; evoke the war powers acts and at one fell swoop silence the protestors and summarily ban all demonstrations citing national security for doing so. Moves that nationally will be permitted to go unchallenged even by the protestors themselves, since like the Germanic folk that many of them are and given the circumstances in which they now find themselves compounded by the paranoid siege and victim mentality that many European and European-descended Israelis still labour under, they’ll instinctively and unquestioningly follow governmental dictates even if it leads them to ruin and perdition.

Benjamin Netanyahu however is not the only one in his country with this messianic zeal for untrammelled power and acquisitive influence attendant with the sinister precept of my way or no way and regardless of the dire consequences that their actions could long-term have on massive numbers of innocent people, those that survive this calculated bloody carnage that is. We’ve already seen the future in Iraq courtesy of the likes of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, members of the US Congress, their lobbyists and others, just as we did on the part of Britain through Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Miliband, our lawmakers and their string pullers, all of them unrepentant mass murderers terribly imbued with a demonic fervour, despite their past record, to commit more and even worse premeditated acts of holocaust outside their own countries’ borders with avaricious personal profit foremost in their minds, but who candidly should either have long been incarcerated in jail in circumstances of solitary confinement and without any prospect whatever of parole or else have been dangling with nooses fitted tightly around their necks from the end of a rope as they so dramatically instigated and in due course did with their love child turned Frankenstein monster, Saddam Hussein.

Now we see it being played out yet again but this time in Libya; and as Professor Rosemary Hollis of City University, London England remarked in an interview: “Cameron and Sarkozy took a massive gamble that they could pull something off in Libya that would contrast with the disaster that was the intervention in Iraq. And you now have President Sarkozy talking as though this is a template for future interventions. This [the current Libyan onslaught] is very much a kind of proxy war which must be extremely exciting and exhilarating at some level to be involved in; so the appetite for further interventions will exist.” Now we know!

Meanwhile Angela Merkel Germany’s Chancellor, a quite adept backstabber as Helmut Kohl sadly found out to his cost, Stasi informant, and like the ultimately disgraced former Austrian UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim a consummate chameleon at re-inventing herself and her past with more than a little help from friends in high places, has sold nuclear submarines to Israel capable of firing ballistic missiles that can attack Iran. Also with the explicit consent of the United States and Israel Angela Merkel has sold scores of sophisticated and state of the art tanks to Saudi Arabia that stronghold of democracy and human rights I really don’t think, whose confessional sectarianism knows no bounds, is implacably hostile to Shia Iran, and as we already know from Wikileaks disclosures passionately implored the US on a number of occasions to attack Iran.

So the stage is set for even more dastardly intrigues from the west and its quisling acolytes. The bewitching irony in all this being that had Germany and its European allies, particularly Vichy France, the Ukraine and the Baltic States of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia not with so much vigour systematically set about eradicating their white kith and kin who were followers of Judaism in their ritualistic internecine, Caucasian bloodletting, most or possibly even all of the Middle East’s problems, particularly those effecting Palestine, that we’re beset with today wouldn’t in all probability have happened; but alas racists, imperialists and colonialists have convenient and self-serving memories.

Earlier this year the Zionist administration in the United States, a country whose post Second World War crimes make those of the Third Reich look like small beer renditioned, for there’s no other term best suited to explain what took place, John Demjanjuk to an obliging Angela Merkel’s Fourth Reich on manufactured charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Shamelessly bending international rules but more specifically German laws to facilitate this outrage John Demjanjuk was tried, predictably convicted and is currently in jail in Germany. The appalling state of affairs that surrounds John Demjanjuk’s kangaroo trial, and I profusely offer my sincerest apologies to all kangaroos for sullying their name in this way, is that even his worst critics privately admit, like all cowards do, that this man who has always protested his innocence isn’t guilty of what he was accused of but nevertheless had to pay the price for Zionist vengeance and both the US and German governments caved in to this.

John Demjanjuk, for those of you that perhaps are unfamiliar with his case and background, is a Ukrainian man who was given the stark choice of either joining Ukraine’s ultra, pro-Nazi Germany’s Waffen SS brigade or else getting himself killed if he refused to; unsurprisingly like most of you finding yourselves in such an invidious situation he chose life. Inducted into the Waffen SS he was way down that organization’s food chain; never rose above his lowly status; and ended up with no blood on his hands as a pathetic camp guard at a concentration camp, which was the pinnacle of his career in the Waffen SS. But at this concentration camp it was decades later alleged that 28,000 Jews were slaughter there but curiously no mention was made and still isn’t of the other non-Jewish inmates that were also known to be there and whose fate would have been identical to that of their fellow Jewish victims.

After the war John Demjanjuk like many others from war-torn Europe emigrated to the US in the hope of forging a better life for himself there, and like many such immigrants that are still residing there did, and as others from around the globe but who have no connection with the war or Europe for that matter still sometimes do to secure for themselves entry to the United States John Demjanjuk lied about his past, something he admits to. But there’s a monumental jump from being someone that lies in order to get a visa to settle in the US and even acquire citizenship of that country as John Demjanjuk similarly managed to do and being maliciously accused of being a willing participant in Europe’s 20th Century holocaust. But Angela Merkel had no problem with that or having John Demjanjuk convicted as charged.

Now compare and contrast that approach with the one I’m about to relate to you. K.C. Faber is a Dutchman who volunteered to work for the Nazis during World War II. And by the looks of things was exceedingly effective in what he was called upon to do and even volunteered to do himself in support of his Nazi bosses and collaborators. In 1950 Faber was convicted for the murder of 28 holocaust victims but it’s reliably suspected that he killed many more than that number. His sick modus operandi was to coerce his victims to dig their own graves in the middle of the night then get details of them to shoot each other. Sprung from jail Faber fled to Germany where he was granted German citizenship and is protected to this day by both the legal and political systems of Germany that have conspired with each other to guarantee that his whereabouts can’t be published even though these are generally known. Since his escape from jail Holland has been seeking Faber’s extradition but the latest of such requests in 2011 has again been turned down, you guessed it, by Angela Merkel’s government.

That said the Netherlands can’t be trying all that hard these days when one bears in mind that Germany and itself are both prominent members of the European Union and there is an EU extradition treaty and law in place which effectively cut out the customary red tape and speed up extradition between member states. But then Holland currently hosts a fascist regime not dissimilar to that of Angela Merkel’s in Germany. In an interview and clearly putting his job and even his entire career on the on the line, that’s how strongly he felt about this farce, the German State Prosecutor, a job not unlike that of the US Attorney General, honestly showed his complete disgust with what his country is getting up to and remarked that left to him K.C. Faber would be in jail where he belonged and not freely walking the streets of Germany with the impunity to do so that has been given to him. So much then for the powerful claiming and doing so rather selectively it would appear, to be rooting out the evils of facism, Nazism and the residual effects of Europe’s 20th Century holocaust. If you ask me, it all smacks of a very lucrative financial scam that cynically prostitutes the memories of the holocaust dead purely for personal as well as corporate profit.

By the way, the concentration camp where K.C. Faber carried out his abhorrent machinations was the one where Anne Franks spent her last days.