Monday, 15 August 2011


By Stanley Collymore

All patriotic, truly independent and self-respecting Turks must join together to remove this vile traitor in their midst and do so expeditiously by any means possible. Recep Taygip Erdogan’s crocodile tears and mendacious rhetoric over the barbarous murders of Turkish citizens on the Mavi Marmara, a Turkish ship, by Israeli state terrorists have unmistakably been shown up for what they really were, cynical political posturing of the worst kind; and when compounded, exactly a year afterwards, by this man’s covert sabotage of the anniversary second flotilla of humanitarian aid ships from an assortment of countries carrying human rights activists from several nations to the identical destination of Gaza in 2011, aided and abetted by his energetic military support for illegal regime change in Syria while pretending to be a friend of President Assad, and doing so in total collaboration with the governments of the United States, Britain, France and other EU countries, all of whom are staunch allies of Zionist, apartheid Israel and acting on the explicit behest of that Zionist entity that doesn’t want any legitimate challenge to its western supported and enforced hegemony by those who genuinely belong to that region, which is more than can honestly be said for this white Caucasian, imperialist and colonialist import from the ruins of Europe’s holocaust, is beyond the pale and more than good enough reasons to physically get rid of Recep Taygip Erdogan for good.

How bloody ironic that these Israeli Zionist butchers are behaving exactly like and also siding with the very people who exterminated six million of their number; and had the Second World War had a different conclusion, but didn’t primarily because of the heroic efforts and altruistic sacrifices of millions of those who had no just or righteous cause to do what they willingly did, being then the same downtrodden and marginalized colonials as the Palestinians currently are, to fight for their contemptible abusers or take part thousands of miles away from their homes in Europe’s perennial internecine wars, would have otherwise watched these Jewish Zionist thugs cold-bloodedly wiped off the face of the earth by their very own white, Christian kith and kin in Adolf Hitler, his fellow Germans, their Europe-wide Caucasian supporters, including many elements of their extended family networks throughout Britain, the United States and Canada and encompassing long-established, white Russian antipathy towards Jews, and among whom the first ever anti-Jewish pogroms started, overwhelming desire to affect the Final Solution.

Now we have a Turk: Recep Taygip Erdogan (remember that name as it belongs to the sewers of treachery and loathsome duplicity) whose country is still rampantly vilified in powerful and highly influential sections of western society and their Pavlovian mainstream media for its own Armenian holocaust, the displacement of three million Kurds and the cold-blooded massacre of over 300,000 more, bending over backwards while at the same time gymnastically pushing his head consecutively up the available backsides of key western countries in his enthusiasm to do their sinister bidding; countries that don’t honestly either identify or wish to be integrated with Recep Taygip Erdogan’s primarily Muslim Turkey or its citizens, and even embarrassingly for the Turks and Erdogan himself, if he had any shame that is, public say so as Angela Merkel of Germany and Nicolas Sarkozy of France, among others in their exclusively white, Zionist, EU club have done. The same Turkey that supported Germany in World War I; a fat lot of good it did Turkey which lost its Ottoman Empire when Germany got defeated and could only observe as its former empire was roundly carved up by Britain and France in conjunction with Russian support under the Sykes-Picot agreement. No need to ask who the subsequent beneficiaries of Turkey’s loss were. You guessed it in one!

Now Turkey is standing shoulder to shoulder with these same countries whose attitudes to it haven’t changed, and what’s more is willing but quite asininely going out on a limb for them. Incidentally, contrast that with Germany’s instinctive, and wholehearted political, diplomatic and financial support for its former wartime Waffen SS allies like the Baltic States of Estonia Lithuania and Latvia and of course the Balkan one of Croatia which it actively assisted in the horrendous, most brutal, murderous and genocidal break up of the former Yugoslavia. But in Germany’s eyes and taking into account as well Angela Merkel’s intrinsic antipathy towards Muslims per se, Turkey, half of whose territory actually lies in Europe, isn’t worthy of being accorded membership of the European Union notwithstanding what Turkey inadvertently lost on Germany’s behalf in World War I. That’s gratitude for you.

Nevertheless, prime jackass Recep Taygip Erdogan is so keen, just like Serbia’s current and quite deluded leadership is, to acquisitively and venally get his own swinish snout and that of his cohorts into what he covetously and greedily sees as the lavish feeding trough of the EU’s largesse, never mind the humiliation by him to the Turkish people or what they actually think, that like every venal, dishonourable and unprincipled bastard who has ever walked on the face of this earth or will do so in the future, he Recep Taygip Erdogan will do whatever he regards as necessary to attain his sleazy ambitions while publicly lying about his true intentions. But what this first-rate imbecile doesn’t appear to have grasped yet, as do the political clowns in Serbia, is that countries like the United States of America, Britain and France are past masters at these kinds of depraved mind games.

For they’ll just string him and the Serbs along while using them for the west’s own nefarious ends; exactly like they did to many others in the past notably Emanuel Noriega of Panama and Saddam Hussein of Iraq to name just two recent and prominent examples, and when they have no further use for them or have outlived their usefulness they’ll simply abandon or expediently get rid of them. It’s the nature of the western beast! With western imperialist countries the only loyalty they have is to their own acquisitive self-interests. And if Recep Taygip Erdogan thinks that by advantageously turning on Syria or any other Muslim country that Israel in its obsessive paranoid state regards as a danger, then demands of the west like an enfant terrible that it must therefore be summarily got rid of knowing that the Zionist west will accede to its request, and welcoming him aboard in this illicit enterprise will get him into the European Union, then he’s a much bigger fool that I initially credited him with being. For the only thing that is certain to happen with or without regime change in Syria is that the more concessions Turkey like Serbia make to the west generally and the EU specifically the more demands these entities will place on them, with further hoops they’ll be informed they must jump though in order for them to be accepted, in like manner to the same interminable games that the Israeli Zionists play with the discredited Palestinian Authority, knowing and fully intending that these promises they make will go nowhere in any meaningful direction that is; for they’re undeniably empty promises.

Here’s a man: Recep Taygip Erdogan, enthusiastically in bed with Saudi Arabia the sponsor of and where the huge majority of these Wahabbi and Salafist terrorists who are terrorizing Syria and Libya; are aggressively engaged in concerted efforts to hijack the revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia; and who flew the planes in the US 9/11 attack come from and are heavily financed by; zealously assisted in their violent campaigns by the MKO: an internationally acknowledge and nihilistic, terrorist group that jointly are wreaking havoc across the Middle East, North Africa, Afghanistan and Asia Minor. Terrorist entities all of them that are trained by the United States, Britain, France and Israel; supplied state of the art weapons by these very same countries who also provide them with necessary logistics; financed by the petroleum dollars of the autocratic Gulf States of Qatar, Kuwait, the rest of them and, of course, Saudi Arabia who we all know is a shining example of democracy and the stalwart upholder of human rights and the freedom of the individual So much so, in fact, that its unquestionably medieval, hereditary, unelected, all-powerful and barbaric ruler along with his multitudinous offspring and perceptibly incestuous family see no need for elections or gender equality, but which countries like Iran, Afghanistan, Burma, North Korea and China, to name just a few on the list of those whom the west routinely and volubly condemn in its lectures to about those same shortcomings that are so transparently lacking in Saudi Arabia and its despotic Gulf State neighbours, but of course they’re all allies and puppets of the west. So it’s one rule for the west’s friends and another for those it doesn’t like because they find it absolutely repugnant to be sycophants, and moreover fervently relish their dignity, self-respect and independence.

Yet Recep Taygip Erdogan, to whom these virtues evidently mean absolutely nothing, who felt the vindictive wrath after his cynical and undeniably disingenuous rhetoric (an election was in the offing after all) in the aftermath of the cold-blooded butchery aboard the Mavi Marmara by Israeli state killers, of Zionist Israel’s strike back by pro-actively supporting the Kurdish PKK freedom fighters against Ankara is now cosying up to the same Israel. Recep Yaygip Erdogan brands the PKK as terrorists. Rather interesting don’t you think his subjective terminology of who terrorists are? The PKK are he informs us, and we should all accept his word on this; but when President Assad of Syria, who I have no particular axe to grind for since he was clearly very happy to kow-tow to the demands of the United States and have CIA kidnapped Muslim suspects outsourced to Syria for torture and much more, says that those he’s currently fighting are terrorists the same Recep Taygip Erdogan publicly calls him a liar, knowing perfectly well that as is the case with Colonel Gaddafi of Libya, President Assad is telling the truth.

It’s all about appeasing the demonic paranoia of barbaric Israeli leaders while at the same time giving needless credence to their insane delusions of grandeur, literally toadying up to a nest of fanatics as President Roosevelt was warned by his advisors and told not to have anything to do with any of them. Since then the neo-con libertarians have taken over the United States and the self-interestedly, injurious philosophy of the Bilderberg group, the military industrial complex and that of the Zionists have converged with the mimicry conduct of the US’s satellite states in the EU keen to maintain their own rather pathetic delusions of grandeur, the countries of wider Europe and beyond, and everyone of them rashly jumping on board the same bandwagon, with Turkey and Russia like schizophrenic suitors to a disinterested west allowing their affections to be sadistically toyed by those they’re desperate to please in the frantic hope that they don’t lose out in their acquisitive quest. But at what price?

Nothing of what Russia and Turkey are doing makes any sense at all to me or has anything to do as I can see with promoting democracy or the genuine self-determination of the local people whose countries and governments are under the cosh or brutal assault of western countries and their governments; human rights aren’t their agenda. Far from it! Instead, it’s all about empire building, imperialism, colonialism, hegemony, and unashamedly robbing these countries blind of their natural resources while at the same time heartlessly subjecting them to the indignity of being vassal colonial entities. Even at home in the UK David Cameron openly says he doesn’t believe in human rights, publicly denigrating them as phoney concerns; so why would he want to or actually care about them in relation to Libyans, Syrians, Iranians, or anyone else for that matter, who come from cultures he looks down on and consider as significantly inferior to his own?

And in the case of the western, Christian crusader Recep Taygip Erdogan if he’s so much a fan of human rights and self-determination for those who seek it and are prepared to fight and even risk their lives to achieve it why doesn’t he go the whole hog and give the Kurdish people their right to self-determination and independence from Turkey? After all what’s good for the Syrian goose - something which Recep Taygip Erdogan is avidly supporting he claims, although it has become virtually impossible to believe a single word he utters as he’s such a pathological liar - should surely, if there’s any semblance of probity or logic about him, be similarly good for the Kurdish gander. But I won’t be holding my breath on that one hoping this pure-bred numbskull will figure that out let alone agree it is in the unlikely event that he did.

Left to me there’s only one solution to the Recep Taygip Erdogan saga and it’s simply this; that the Turks, Kurds and Armenians should all do to him exactly what the Italians did to Mussolini at the end of World War II combined with the punishment which the Romanians handed out to Nicolae Ceausescu when his dictatorship fell, and the sooner that occurs the better as far as I’m concerned. For people in and who come from developing countries, and Turkey is no exception from this, are heartily sick and tired of seeing their leaders who they put their faith and trust in consistently sell them out or pick needless fights with neighbouring states which pose no threat to them, and always doing so at the behest of imperialist, western colonialist countries and their elites that don’t give a damn about the country they’ve made a client state or its people.

So what are you waiting for Turks, Kurds and Armenians? The world has had more than its fair share of gratuitous, Zionist-inspired, imperialistic, NATO-conducted wars from which only the military industrial complex, the grasping banks and the ultra-privileged and swindling rich who run them profit and get even wealthier from, while ordinary people daily see their standards of living fall dramatically with poverty like an encroaching desert pervading their lives. Help put a stop to this somewhat obscene insanity by taking a principled and pro-active stance to create an infinitely better and much more equitable world for all. Add your voices and your urgently needed constructive energies to the global awakening against injustices, oppression and greed, and with a hefty dose of his own prescribed medicine for others not only affect regime change in respect of Recep Taygip Erdogan but also take him out of the picture altogether.

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