Friday, 19 August 2011


By Stanley Collymore

Amidst all the hot air and froth that’s flying around in England at the moment more liberally than confetti lavishly chucked around at a well-heeled wedding ceremony it is intentionally, conveniently and dishonestly being overlooked and even callously ignored as to what was the catalyst that caused the recent unrest in London that then spread across the rest of England in the first place. That catalyst was unquestionably the deadly shooting with two targeted bullets specifically to the head, that much we’ve gleaned so far from patchy reports reaching us, of a black Briton and father of four children Mark Duggan, in the London district of Tottenham by London Metropolitan Police officers. But hearing the glut of reactive and condemnatory remarks in tandem with the disturbingly disparaging and judgmental reports emanating from the let’s hang, draw and quarter them brigade, several of these unmistakably bordering on the outright racist since, despite all the factual data to hand and the vivid images that we saw on our television screens and on the streets where the unrest was taking place to support this, there are still those who dishonestly and for their own racist agendas want to portray what we all witnessed as a race, and more specifically a black race riot, even though this unrest wasn’t specifically initiated by or largely let alone exclusively confined to members of just one race. To parody David Cameron, paraphrase and use his own words against him; they were all in it together.

And while no level-headed person in his or her right mind thinks for a solitary moment that everyone who participated in the unrest, or as I much prefer to call it the English Awakening, had Mark Duggan’s calculated murder, as it now seems, at the top of their personal priorities when they seized the initiative, pro-actively took matters into their own hands and fearlessly went out onto the English streets in what was fundamentally a spontaneous revolt, what the police did to him had nevertheless graphically brought home to the vast majority of them the deeply marginalized and perilous state of their own everyday lives. And in precisely the same way that their so-called betters instinctively and vindictively respond when they regard their deeply corrupt and venally disposed interests to be at risk and have no qualms or problems in unleashing terrible and indiscriminate retribution on all and sundry to redress this no matter who or how many innocents suffer as a result, those involved in the English Awakening were to my mind just getting their own back. And who, unless you’re someone who is quite happy to buy into the rather nonsensical and asinine narrative that they’re all scum and criminals or have a vested interest in fraudulently and publicly condemning them because your snout is so profoundly embedded in the trough of financial corruption, parliamentary public purse rip-offs, white collar crime, tax evasion and all the other nefarious scams that wilfully deploy to deprive these people of their equal and legitimate share to the wealth of our country, then my simple advice to you is shut your gobs, climb down from your rather absurdly, sanctimonious and hectoring high horses and get real.

Which is worst I ask you, spontaneously but intermittently giving vent to one’s justified rage on the streets of England and looting commercial businesses whose owners like Philip Green don’t pay any tax while nevertheless reaping whirlwind profits in the UK or having our venal politicians spend billions of Pounds of our tax revenue taking us into futile and unnecessary wars specifically on behalf of the military industrial complex and our Zionist puppet masters which kill millions of innocent people in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria where we’re also involved, although David Cameron and his accomplices in the Con-Dem regime haven’t had the guts yet to openly say we are? Yet these same acquisitive, multi-millionaire bastards are the ones who barefacedly tell us we’ve no money available to finance the NHS properly; pay our doctors, nurses and other medical staff decent living wages; that shamelessly do the same with other valued and indispensible public sector workers like our teachers and honourable and remarkably hardworking members of our police and armed forces, not the politicized and equally corrupt and venal top brass of those organizations that I have no empathy with at all, whose numbers are to be drastically reduced. Who unlawfully authorize a clandestine, extra-judicial, clandestine shoot to kill policy against certain specified and targeted sections of our community and are quite happy to arbitrarily tear up the legal rule book, as we’ve witnessed in the aftermath of the English Awakening, to sate their sadistic proclivities.

Having callously murdered Mark Duggan the police immediately took to briefing the media, giving them a version of events that was wholly different from what took place, then together with the purportedly Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), that quite frankly is neither independent as a body nor even-handed about complaints from certain sections of the community that it deigns to investigate, relayed to the public the same packs of lies that it has now had to retract. These lies revolve around their stated remarks that Mark Duggan had without provocation opened fire on the police first, with one of the bullets he’d so recklessly, deliberately and murderously fired at these police officers who in the course of their ordinary duties had simply stopped the taxicab he was travelling in to carry out a routine police checks had even lodged itself in one of the police officer’s two way radio, giving the unambiguous impression and bearing in mind where these communication devices are carried by the police that this particular police officer was indeed fortunate not to have had been killed himself; an extremely powerful and emotive piece of propaganda by any means and one which the police well aware of the instinctive and endemic racist mindset of the rightwing and disingenuous liberals in the UK exploited to the full.

And the police involved were spot on in their evaluation of this bearing in mind some of the most absurd, unthinking, unsympathetic and contemptible comments that I heard from what I or any other reasonable person could only categorize as the police’s natural constituents. Yet in the aftermath of the unrest, and this is no surprise to anyone who is a punctilious observer of these matters and particularly where the IPCC and the police are concerned, it has become abundantly clear with Rachel Certfontyne of the IPCC, which is a statutory body and not an extemporized NGO let’s remember, somewhat embarrassingly (in as much as people like her are capable of such) being forced to admit not only that these police officers could evidently better utilize their immense talents as fiction writers than in policing our streets but also that she and her organization had lied to the public. Misleading Rachel Certfontyne called it but a lie and especially a deliberate one is by any other name still a dammed lie! Besides, the IPCC has established form in this area of disingenuousness and is viewed by many independent and impartial observers as significantly unaccountable, indifferent to those it regards as being on the margins of society or having the wrong skin colour, while being fawningly preferential to the police.

I know that the Independent Police Commission was set up in April 2004 but any adept body would have been aware of why it came into existence and would have closely examined its own remit; this the IPCC has clearly not done and behaves just like every other government quango deliberately packed with useless, unctuous jobsworths and party political time servers avidly looking forward to be personally rewarded with political baubles, you know the sort: OBE, CBE, MBE of an empire that no longer exists or the occasional Dame or Knighthood in a society that is endemically and inveterately class driven, and that their political handlers know all too well they can dependably rely upon to do their every bidding. How else then can one account for the fact that since1969 the British police have killed some 4000 black people either on our streets or in police custody, 490 of them alone since 2001; and at no time has any police officer ever been arrested, charged or prosecuted for their murders, and at every stage we’ve had the IPCC since its creation along with the Crown Prosecution Service stating that there was no probable case to answer thus complicitly permitting these state killers to go about their work scot-free. But those figures which I’ve given above don’t take into account the statistics for Blacks killed at the hands of prison officers who themselves never end up in court.

Yet not satisfied with the level and immunity of state murder that these people sanction we have David Cameron, our prime minister, authorizing more of the same in the knee-jerk and ludicrous appointment of Bill Bratton as his crime advisor, just as he similarly, asininely and inadvisably, and that’s putting it mildly, in the face of numerous exhortations from a number of reputable sources, notably the British Guardian Newspaper, for him not to do so still went ahead and appointed Andy Coulson as his Communications Director at No. 10 Downing St., placing a man with a dodgy past at the very heart of our government’s affairs and when as we recently saw the shit started to hit the fan with earnestness over the hacking scandal affair has regularly baulked at apologising to our country for what he intentionally did or admit that his judgment in hiring Andy Coulson was seriously flawed even in the wake of the belated arrest of his fellow Eton buddy, risibly claiming in view of his uncompromisingly harsh, outspoken and fascistic stance towards those that were involved in the unrest principally because of the heartless and deliberate marginalization of them by his own, previous Tory and New Labour governments, that he gave toff friend a second chance and in his words, “everyone deserves a second chance.” Yes David, we know precisely what you mean! Now idiotically but like the fascist that he is David Cameron is obsequiously, as every good US puppet does, turning to a harebrained US import to supposedly crack our crime problems. Someone who comes from a racist-entrenched society and abysmal criminal justice system and culture that arguably is the most vicious, unequal and barbaric in the world and at times makes that of Saudi Arabia, its bosom pal, look decidedly benign.

So I personally don’t want any lectures from Bill Bratton on how Britain should deal with its law and order problems, and for him to state publicly that people should be made to fear the police what lunatic asylum did they let him out from for the weekend when David Cameron got in touch with him? I have a very astute brain in my head Bill Bratton and I’m not a child. Notwithstanding that anyone outside the lunatic rightwing in Britain who was daft enough to suggest that in 2011 children should be made to fear other human beings would quite rightly be at best viewed with intense suspicion and at worst, and quite properly so in my opinion be had up for child cruelty. Yet we have this prized transatlantic imbecile mouthing his load of crap and there are those, not just Americophiles like David Cameron and his crew who as wikileaks revealed had pledged to the Americans before they came into government that they would be faithful, obsequious puppets and push their heads up America’s posterior whenever that country farts its demands, that are eagerly buying into this load of tosh while at the same time, and quite unsurprisingly so, not bothering to demand of David Cameron how much this current of several other rightwing financial scams carried out in the past of forking out cash that we can ill afford and urgently need at home but that he and his Con-Dem partners always maintain they either don’t have or can’t find to deploy when it comes to genuinely essential matters that relate to the average Briton but have no such difficulties or restraints whenever the Americans are involved, going to cost us the British taxpayers?

Yet the unrest that catapulted David Cameron into looking towards the United States for help and having Bill Bratten parachuted into our midst as a result was sparked by the same kind of insensitive policing that Bill Bratton is so infamous for. Having murdered Mark Duggan the Metropolitan Police rather than embark on giving prompt, proper and truthful explanations to his grieving family members for what its officers had done and subsequently and courteously keeping them informed about developments in relation to his case chose instead to totally and disdainfully ignore them and instead focused on briefing their pliant and corrupt mouthpieces in the media with a fabricated story about the fatal shooting and Mark Duggan’s primary role in causing it to happen that these despicable hacks unquestioningly published or broadcasted. It was the same situation with the IPCC which as it characteristically does, particularly when Blacks are involved as the victims in police incidents, intuitively sides with the police and, as was quite apparent in this case, swallows their pack of lies hook, line and sinker.

Therefore when Rachel Certfontyne in her disingenuous response to unravelling events in the wake of the English Awakening talks about the IPCC having given misleading statements to the public what she actually means but is too much a coward to unambiguously say so, is that the IPCC was lied to by the police, that she and her colleagues instinctively bought into their narrative and now they superciliously want us the general public to think it was all an honest mistake on the part of the IPCC; well that dishonest response doesn’t wash with me Rachel; and regardless of how much or what kind of spin you put on it the entire affair stinks. Rush to judgement was ostensibly the IPCC’s only concern in the Mark Duggan’s case rather than a polite but all the same no-nonsense demand from the police for all the information which was accessible and for the IPCC to then carry out a methodical and impartial analysis of this data and all other relevant information that subsequently came to light in the course of what ought inevitably to have been a thorough investigation before it so authoritatively shot its mouth off to the public with what damningly turned out to be a false report as you shall see.

Forensic evidence confirmed that Mark Duggan didn’t fire any weapons and the gun that was opportunely found next to his deceased body hadn’t been fired either; but crucially the bullet later found lodged in the two way radio belonging to one of the police officers involved in the shooting incident and flagged up as a perfect justification for killing Mark Duggan turned out to have come from the gun of a fellow police officer, ballistics explicitly showing that it was police issued. The family, friends and loyal supporters of Mark Duggan didn’t know this at the time but the IPCC evidently did, but neither they nor the Metropolitan Police saw fit to apprise them or more importantly the Duggan family of these facts when they turned up in a peaceful demonstration outside Tottenham police station where the police officers involved were stationed to get answers regarding Mark’s murder. For well over five hours they waited patiently for this to happen hoping that eventually someone in authority would do the decent thing, come out and speak to them; but to no avail as they saw their efforts studiously ignored in the most contemptuous and disparaging manner. With darkness quickening by the second, night fast approaching and the quite palpably, racially-motivated insult by the Tottenham and Metropolitan police now deliberately added to the grievous injury of Mark Duggan’s death a tinder box situation rapidly developed soon afterwards to be powerfully ignited by the sparks of frustration, anger and reprisal. The English Awakening had begun!

This then, from well informed sources, is the real chronology of events that surrounded Mark Duggan’s murder and was undeniably the catalyst to the unrest that struck London and unlike the rest of Britain spread like wild fire exclusively across England.

1. Mark Duggan was in a car with another man who was the driver that was flagged down to stop by the police; the driver of the vehicle responds as requested by the police.
2. Both men are ordered by the police to get out of the car; first Mark Duggan’s companion then Mark himself. Again both men peacefully and calmly complied with the police officers’ instructions.
3. Neither man was armed or carried a weapon as they exited the car. Now outside the car both men were ordered to lean submissively against the vehicle in the standard police frisk and search procedure; they both did as they were told to do.
4. Unprovoked and not threatened by either man in any way Mark Duggan was shot twice in the head at close range by the police.
5. The police then conveniently found a gun not used in any way under the passenger seat of the car.

6. As in the John Charles De Menezes case the police immediately briefed their hacks in the media and the public was told that the dead victim, Mark Duggan, posed a serious threat to the police; that he had intentionally and with malice aforethought fired first at the police with one of his bullets lodging itself in the radio of one of the police officers present; only then did the police return fire killing Mark Duggan in what they claimed was self defence
7. The gun allegedly discovered in the car under the passenger seat now mysteriously found itself beside Mark Duggan’s dead body and very much outside the car but no one, the police or the IPCC can account for how it got there when both Mark and his companion exited the car without any weapons.
8. The IPCC knew these facts and chose to conceal them from the public, complicitly getting into bed with the police, as it always does, to smear and slander the name of a man whom the police had murdered, just as it did with Jean Charles De Menezes.

9. Only after the disdainful response by the Tottenham and Metropolitan Police in refusing to give the Duggan family, their friends and supporters from the locally celebrated Broadwater Farm Estate the time of day far less answers for the unfathomable murder of Mark Duggan, a fundamentally deprived, marginalized and working class estate that in the annals of London’s institutionalized racist police narrative has its own simmering and even seething recourse for vengeance, and with this contemptuous response clearly acting as the catalyst for the unrest, and the IPCC evidently seeing which way the wind was blowing did that body belatedly but more so to cover its treacherous back condescend to say to the public what it knew all along that Mark Duggan had no gun with him, did not shoot at anyone, and all the bullets fired, two of them into the head of Mark Duggan came solely and unprovoked from police guns. Even then the IPCC did not address the matter of the migrating gun and how it got beside the slain body of Mark Duggan, but among the cross section of those I spoke to all concluded like me that you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out the answer to that question.

10. The overwhelming observation on the street is that were it not for the unrest that erupted the IPCC would have sat on this information and not revealed it; would have gone along as it routinely does backing the police in the face of a surfeit of barefaced lies, and would not only have cleared the police of any wrongdoing but would also have vindicated their actions.

The death penalty for all crimes has been legally abolished in the UK but it would appear that sections of the English constabulary, again this seems to be a particular English phenomenon, like their equally sadistic Zionist counterparts in Israel feel they have a licence to summarily on a personal whim, or even premeditatedly so carry out extra-judicial killings on the streets of England of certain sections of our community, and with the connivance and support of the IPCC, Crown Prosecution Service, rightwing and fascist elements within the criminal justice (Oh they do exist!) system, including magistrates, judges and hand-picked juries, in the very rare instances that such cases ever get to court, together with the express backing of our right wing media and the tacit and secret support of some of our MPs, cabinet and government ministers can do so with impunity and the full knowledge that they will be immune from ever having to face and suffer the consequences of their murderous and criminal actions.

And on the subject of murder most foul and literally getting away with it let’s not forget that Jean Charles De Menezes, and I’m just citing one example here, was cold-bloodedly gunned down with multiple gunshots to his head as he sat peacefully, minding his own business, on a London Underground train by officers belonging to the very same Metropolitan Police Force that immediately afterwards intentionally set about propagandizing his murder and in tandem with its vile media hacks methodically set about demonizing him as a dangerous terrorist but nevertheless still carried on purposely slandering this young black man’s name long after the truth had publicly emerged, with it having unquestionably been proved that Jean Charles De Menezes was an entirely innocent man. Throughout this abhorrent affair the conduct of the IPPC was less than principled, and that’s putting it rather mildly; but probity has never been, isn’t or will it ever be a quality that anyone with a working brain cell in his or her head could or would ever falsely accuse the IPCC of, since I doubt if its collective membership has ever heard of the word let alone know what it means and would therefore be all at sea as to how to apply it and what it stands for. As expected no one was held responsible for the Jean Charles De Menzies murder by the Metropolitan Police, an utterly insensitive resolution in which the IPCC played a primary role, and it’s my deduction that like all the thousands of black deaths in police custody alone the murder of Londoner Mark Duggan: a father of four, of whom the British and other western media carried no information about him or his family at all (but in unambiguously marked contrast gave us rolling coverage of the ordeal of affluent Australian Madeleine Pulver, her family and who they are) will through the courtesy of the IPCC get the same indifferent, dismissive, racist treatment as all the other police black murder victims that preceded him.

But one doesn’t have to speculate let alone ask what their immediate response, that of many of their ilk, and of course that of the British and EU governments that have been exceedingly but predictably quiet on the goings on in England in direct contrast to their very voluble rants and even criminal involvement in the internal affairs of several countries which we all know about outside the boundaries of Europe if it were a white individual gunned down in similar circumstances in one of these said countries, or Zimbabwe or even South Africa for instance. We wouldn’t hear the last of it and could even expect a UN resolution to authorize action to attack or invade the said country under the customary and dishonest pretext of humanitarian concerns; in other words white vengeance and regime change.

A crucial element in all this however is the behind the scenes role that the Zionists within the Israeli so-called security apparatus have played in a number of these London police murders. What our media don’t report, and probably wouldn’t dare to, is that more and more a number of our police officers, particularly from the Metropolitan Police, are secretly sent off to Israel to be trained and indoctrinated in that Zionist apartheid country’s extra-judicial killing tactics and techniques, and the exceedingly politicized bosses at the Metropolitan Police permit and actively encourage this not only for personal aggrandizement and self-interest career wise in pleasing their Downing Street and Home Office string pullers but also because it panders to their egoism and sadism and they can then quite legitimately in their eyes like the psychopath who joins an otherwise admirable SAS or the less so United States Seals play out their rather vicious predilections while deluding and even convincing themselves that they’re doing what they’re involved in for the greater good of the country; in the case of the Metropolitan Police which is officially charged with combating terrorism in Britain that they’re dutifully fighting this menace, while blissfully, stupidly, haughtily and delusionally overlooking the real causes of terrorism. And for the British police to fervently climb into bed with a bunch of inveterate fanatics in the Middle East that President Roosevelt’s advisors were savvy to and explicitly warned this great man to have nothing to do with them (where I ask you are our present-day equivalents? None I’m afraid; just a motley and despicable crew of venal, political Pygmies), isn’t only counterproductive but also beyond the pale. Shooting not to disarm or incapacitate the suspect but to kill him in a completely subjective, vengeful and arbitrary act of retribution by pumping several shots at close range into the suspect’s head is a specifically Israeli tactic that is barbarous and has no place whatsoever in British policing.

But to listen to the BBC, France 24 and the other idiotic western media one could be forgiven for thinking we were all living in Wonderland since their fanciful world bears no correlation to real one that most decent and sensible people inhabit. And like vicious sharks in a feeding frenzy these media buffoons were all at it as they frenetically attempted to outdo each other, our equally dim-witted lawmakers and the surfeit of rent-a-mouths that they characteristically and quite ridiculously parade across our television screens, in their endeavour to demonstrate how punitive, rightwing and sadistic they can be to those that they condescending look down upon as their social and racial inferiors.

Here’s a collage of some of these remarks and observations by those that see themselves as the pillars of British society; all I can say in response is, “God help us if that’s the case!” The persons I’ve referred to appear randomly and there’s no priority or lack of it given to anyone or their comments, since from a personal perspective I regard them all as prized morons.

1. Patrick Mercer says he didn’t approve of water canons and rubber in Northern Ireland but is keen for them to be used on mainland UK against those he brands as rioters; Theresa May also supports this stance. David Cameron: “A broken society; people who feel the world owe them a living.” Unless they have oodles of inherited wealth and can fork out £18,000 a week for a luxury holiday in Tuscany. David goes on to say: “Poverty has nothing to do with the problems these people face.” My question: How would you know David?

2. Kit Malthouse, Deputy Mayor of London: “I’m asking the judges to hand down exemplary sentences to show that this kind of behaviour won’t be tolerated.” What about due process of law Kit and proportionality or are these judges personal friends of yours? Eve Pollard on Sky News: “Who excluded them? (Disdainfully) They excluded themselves.” She then went on to say that the daughter of a friend of hers in an Arab state (Bahrain to you and me) telephoned her mother to say she felt safer in that country than in London. Maybe we should also ask the Saudis to invade England and suppress our own undesirables Eve. Lorna Dunkley, Sky News and brain of Britain I don’t think: “I can remember the Middle Class in the past bending over to include these people.”

3. Gary Shewan, Manchester Police: “There’s no spark, nothing to cause these people to do what they’re doing. These people have nothing to protest about”. In the memorable words of Mandy Rice Davies he would say that wouldn’t he? Roma Hooper on Sky News speaking to Anna Botting 16 August 2011: “Give magistrates and district judges all the power they need to give the harshest punishments they feel necessary to the right people; I mean those at the lower end of society, not everyone should be treated the same.” Now we know!
4. Then there are those like Louise Mensch (that’s German isn’t it?) Tory MP and who quite risibly sees herself as a future PM of the UK; she wants as does David Cameron and others to close down the internet and social networks for those who they see as well not really entitled to it. Louise admits when pressed that she would be inconvenienced if it was widespread and involved everyone but that’s not what she’s calling for. There are loads of other idiotic jibes at the poor, marginalized and dispossessed but that’s just a flavour of the sentiments coming from these prized morons. But here’s one comment that you should really chew over and I’ve given the owner of it a section all to himself. It’s from our Con-Dem PM David Cameron in the wake of the Arab Spring.

5. David Cameron’s comments on social media prior to the English Awakening.
“It belongs to a new generation for whom technology – the internet and social media – is a powerful tool in the hands of citizens not a means of repression. It belongs to the people who’ve had enough of corruption, of having to make do with what they’re given, of having to settle for second best.”

We’re all familiar with the numerous comments that David Cameron has made since then and those he’s particularly making in the wake of the English Awakening. But the following comment sums up what the likes of David Cameron and the thieving and corrupt MPs in the House of Commons and those lawmakers in the House of Lords really are and the sheer and brutal audacity they have to point the finger at others. How can people like Gerald Kaufmann and Hazel Blairs who should be doing jail time just to name two be castigating the have nots for steeling a bottle of water when they, in every party in both houses of parliament have so brazenly swindled the public purse of millions of Pounds; or is theft only that when it is done by the poor but when the rich do it it’s something different. When for example are they going to make Philip Green pay taxes and compel other tax evaders to do the same?

The British Prime Minister is among a number of high profile western leaders who touted the role of social media in the Arab Spring for its role in holding all governments accountable. Now in the wake of the riots in the UK David Cameron s says it may be necessary to jam social networks during times of emergency. Critics [quite logically] contend that Cameron’s position is nothing short of hypocrisy. [David Olander RT.]

The biggest daylight robbery was bailing out the banks saying that they’re too big to fail; [a situation compounded by the west] attacking countries as part of [their] empire building. Yet [incredibly] these people have the audacity to blame the have nots and disposed as thieves. [Charlie Veitch]

As for tame magistrates and out of touch judges enthusiastically climbing aboard the political bandwagon and quite idiotically and headline grabbing handing out sentences that are quite disproportionate to the crimes committed, my blunt response to you is if you so desperately want to be politicians then either stand for parliament or else campaign for our judiciary to be elected figures that we can replace at the ballot box and not as we have at present completely obscure, no idea how you get these jobs, and largely unrepresented figures in our lives.

David Cameron says that parts of our society are sick; he right but I would differ with him on which parts are actually not only sick but in terminal health. Here’s an observation of mine David that perhaps you together with those that think like you along with the let’s hang, draw and quarter them brigade might do well to reflect on:

“A fish always rots from the head and here in Britain we’ve got a government that’s rotten, a parliament that’s rotten, a media that’s rotten; we also have a financial system that’s rotten, a class structure that’s rotten, a criminal justice system, military top brass and police forces that are extensively politicized, corrupt and institutionally rotten to the core like all the aforesaid. Is there any wonder then that some of this enormous and endemic, top level rottenness has cancerously spread downwards to contaminate and moreover is effectively permeating other sections of British society as well?” [Stanley Collymore]

Final words: “The riot is the voice of the unheard” Dr Martin Luther king.

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