Friday, 26 August 2011

Just who do they think they are?

By Stanley Collymore

How ironic that a week after the English unrest of August 2011 that the British regime of David Cameron and Nick Clegg, the entire establishment and lawmakers of the UK, its judiciary, stooge magistrates, pliant judges, corrupt police bosses, tabloid gutter press and electronic media, particularly the BBC, Sky News and their similarly odious, fascistically minded supporters racially used to generally demonize and openly vilify Britain’s Blacks as incorrigible criminals who have no place in British society, not least because they’ve never contributed anything positive or materially to the advancement of UK that the BBC lead by its Director General, arch-Zionist Mark Thompson and with the organization that he leads is an avid proponent of this point of view should air in its celebrity status series, Who do you think you are, the family lineage and story of English athletics legend Seb Coe now as Lord Coe a member of the House of Lords.

Seb who is unquestionably an honourable man, one I’ve always had a great deal of time for and was deeply impressed by his demeanour and responses as the story of his family history unfolded, and who is heads and shoulders above the British fascists and Nazis that regrettably in the scheme of things he has to deal with, was genuinely amazed to discover that his ancestral roots weren’t as pristinely British as he’d imagined them to be, but all the same these unexpected revelations he encountered neither fazed nor disheartened him in the least, rather doing the opposite to what one would normally have expected from the average white Briton, much less so one in his prominent position, as quite extraordinarily cheerfully, unpretentiously and coming from one who is part of the British establishment refreshingly and astonishingly honestly, willingly took on board everything he discovered and saw the positives emanating of them.

Much of Lord Coe’s ancestors, who were Caribbean and explicitly Jamaican, were deeply involved with the African slave trade and profited enormously from it. Such was the huge wealth made from slavery and the enforced labour and misery of black men, women and children that the plantocracy of the Caribbean islands of Barbados and Jamaica, the two shining jewels in the British financial crown but from a black slave standpoint enormous cash cows, were considerably richer by far than the British and other European royalties as well as the collective nobility of the European continent. Furthermore they also lived totally dissolute lives in their West Indian Utopia and fathered many illegitimate mixed race children by their black slaves who like all their slaves were deemed to be chattel and like a horse, mule or other livestock regarded simply as property. Sebastian Coe’s West Indian ancestors were no different and archives documents showed there were many such progenies as a result of this miscegenation. Praiseworthily though Coe’s ancestors unlike many of their fellow slave owners not only documented these out of wedlock offspring but also remarkably for the time made ample provisions financially for them; perhaps this has much to do not only with a sense of philanthropy and altruism on their part but also because they were intensely aware that in addition to white Caucasian blood that of black Africans was also liberally coursing through their veins. I watched intently Coe’s reaction when it finally dawned on him that his ancestors weren’t all pristine Caucasians or even exclusively British as he’d previously believed and was not only totally impressed by but also deeply touched by his response and humility.

Unlike in the case of those of us who in spite of the numerous myths, half-baked theories, ludicrous fantasies, institutionalised lies, purblind dishonesty and the debilitating outright insidious propaganda emanating from the British establishment, media and all the rest of them like saliva dripping copiously and unimpeded from the infected jaws of a terminally in decline rabid dog and sold as truths to the ignorant masses, are fully knowledgeable of the true as distinct from the fictional history of Britain, precisely how and where it got its massive wealth and attendant influence from and who were the ones that were principally instrumental in creating all of this, one can only hope that the airing of the Sebastian Coe family history that additionally graphically outlined the major role that Caribbean African slavery played in garnering not only its massive fortune but significantly that of Britain as well and crucially shown on prime time BBC television, and therefore would have been viewed for the most part by a viewership not normally known for its intellectual acumen, academic rigour or curiosity but evidently imbued with the triteness of a celebrity-culture mindset would undoubtedly have voyeuristically tuned in to sate their inquisitiveness and in doing so learnt some of the facts that conclusively debunk some of the claptrap they’ve been repeatedly fed and ravenously continue to devour about their fanciful Britain.

Like for example that the enormous wealth and resources that generated and financed the English Industrial Revolution, everyone of England’s and subsequently after its political union with its northern neighbour Scotland the UK’s attendant manufacturing innovations and successes, among these the invention of the steam locomotive, came courtesy of the money made from sugar and enforced slavery, particularly on the islands of Barbados and Jamaica. But I won’t hold my breath on the notion that much of this penetrated the dense skulls of those that share the same citizenship as me, nor would it induce the far right and fascist racists among us and who go right up to the top of our cancerous, class-ridden and self-delusionary white supremacist tree to change their lying stance on black involvement throughout Britain. And interestingly enough in a country where those of us that bother to check these things out know full well from officially available statistics that some 36% of British women regularly cuckold their husbands or live-in lovers further making mugs of them by calculatingly having them unsuspectingly father kids they didn’t sire, it would be quite fascinating and indeed informative to see some of those that volubly make much of their professed indigenous links with Britain voluntarily offer themselves up to the same comprehensive, forensic assessment plus a thorough analytical DNA scrutiny of precisely who they are.

But of course they’ll never do this, since many of them are lying interlopers whose links to Britain are tenuous at best; several of them the offspring of those that did mange to escape the Nazis Final Solution: ironically the same doctrine they’re themselves no using against others they similarly look down on as Die Untermenschen; others are the progeny of imported Ukrainian and other Eastern Bloc Waffen SS that the United States coerced a bankrupt post-war Britain to accept because it saw them as handy cat’s paws, primarily because they all claimed to be anti-communist and the United States, in its paranoia about Communism, saw them as useful cat’s paws to use at a convenient time of its choosing in a war it envisaged with the then Soviet Union; others are Nazi and fascist media turncoats like the owners of the British Daily Mail whose wartime ancestors and owners were rabid Jew haters and staunch public supporters of fascism in Britain and Nazism across Europe, while others are basically your average British nincompoop, largely uneducated who will jump on any suitable bandwagon that lessens their boredom makes them feel good about themselves and that those who can manipulate them con them into climbing aboard. What a pathetic bunch of Homo sapiens!

By the way if you’re interested in having a true picture of how long Blacks have been in Britain and the important roles they’ve played in this green and pleasant land, I’d like to recommend to you an excellent book called: “Staying Power: the history of black people in Britain.” The author is Peter Fryer. The book is published by Pluto Press and its ISBN paperback number is: 0-86104-749-4. It can also be had in hardback and the ISBN is: 0 -86104-774-5. Peter Fryer is a white, British man who by his own admission shared many of the views many of you now hold but he is also an objective person who followed the rail as distinct from the false trails that he was previously subjected to. I won’t spoil it for you but other than the opening lines of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice I can’t think of another book with an opening that is equally impactful. It’ll knock your socks off believe me! Happy reading.

There are those in the Arab, Muslim and much of the developing world that perceive the criminal, international and transparently entrenched lawbreakers of the United States, the other western, colonialist and imperialist countries like the UK and France, and even their unaccountable, Nazi-styled Wehrmacht NATO as their white knight oblivious to the fact, as no one has bothered to tell them otherwise or they’re much too dense to work it out for themselves, that somebody had shot the horse from under them.

Failed neo-con US presidential candidate John McCain dishonestly and rather cynically citing the Arab Spring as a praiseworthy expression of people democracy, the same Arab Spring that the Republican Party that he’s a prominent member of, the military industrial complex, far right factions, AIPAC, other Zionist groups and lobbyists that bank roll his political campaigns, the banks he’s deeply involved with and that the US administration, its western allies and stooges are doing everything in their power to militarily thwart as is the case with Libya - which despite the continuing insurgency and no elected government by the Libyan people McCain says is now a democratic state thanks to the Libyan NTC - Iraq, the autocratic Francophone North and sub-Saharan African countries, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Yemen and the other dictatorial Persian Gulf and Arab Middle Eastern states in their control; hijack as they’re clandestinely doing in relation to the peoples’ revolution in Egypt and Tunisia; bribe as they’re engaged in doing with the utterly crooked regimes of Turkey, Algeria, Jordan and Morocco; destabilize as they’re attempting to do in Syria and Lebanon; and threaten as is their egotistical remit in Iran, goes on to haughtily assert that after all the aforementioned are taken care of it will be the turn of Russian and China.

I’ve no sympathy whatsoever in this John McCain’s scenario with either Russia or China who as permanent and veto-wielding members of the United Nations’ Security Council could have vetoed Resolution 1973 that the United States and its European puppets along with NATO flagrantly abused to carry out their own hidden agenda; and the reason why Russia and China, despite all their crocodile tears and professed surprise now at what the west and NATO did and are continuing to do, are in this mess and even being targeted as well by the same west and NATO, has more to do with their own acquisitiveness: a desire to benefit just as exploitatively from the abuse of Libya’s oil and gas resources than from any notions even distantly related to principles, since both these countries are thieves and vandals indistinguishable from their western counterparts. And to hear a representative of the Russian regime publicly bemoan, after the NTC’s rather premature hand out I think of Libyan oil and gas contracts to its chosen string pullers, that Russia has lost out from this largesse quite frankly made me want to vomit. As I wrote previously and as all those with brains in their heads similarly concluded, if the Russian and Chinese diplomats at the UN or their bosses in their capitals of Moscow or Beijing didn’t know this is the nature of the western beast and how it behaves then they shouldn’t be holding the positions they have; and if they did know and still acted as they did and are now fraudulently trying to deceive us they were innocently caught off-guard then to put it mildly they’re beneath contempt; but we all know which category of villains they really belong to.

What the west, NATO its psychopathic bully boys, the ICC its judicial lynch mob as well as Russia and China are complictly involved in is right out of the Third Reich’s playbook as quite literally, despite their impassioned lies to the contrary, they use the same thinking and strategies as the Nazis did to achieve what they want and attempt to fool the rest of us while they’re doing so. Just contemplate for a moment on the words of Adolf Hitler and you’ll get, I’m quite sure, a flavour of what exactly I mean. Here are the Fuehrer’s words that are as apt in any western capital or government today as they’re equally pertinent in Beijing or Moscow. “I have not come into this world to make men better but to make use of their weaknesses.” Now look around you and amidst all the propaganda and ludicrous twaddle about fighting a war on terror (an apparent contradiction in terms as anyone with a proper understanding of the English language knows); waging wars to bring democracy to the oppressed while in actual fact subjugating them even further especially if they have vital natural resources that their abusers hanker after or already have their marauding and grasping hands on; and the vilest of all lies, pretentiously declaring to be humanitarianly protecting innocent lives while at the same time bombing the living daylights out of and massacring those supposedly under the killers protection, are just some of the strategies and handiwork that the real Nazis, not just this bunch of psychopathic bullying halfwits infesting both the west and the East, would have been mightily proud of.

And as these unabashed mass killers go into another stage of their feeding frenzy and the military industrial complex gears up for yet more monumental profits we’re already being primed by the western media among them the BBC, Sky News, France 24, Channel 4 and that’s just some of the despicable European lot, into taking their lying lead and believing that Colonel Gaddafi who at the time of writing this piece they haven’t managed to catch together with Syria’s President Assad, who is also in their sights as their next target, have weapons of mass destruction. This despite these same media having told us when Colonel Gaddafi had his much publicized kiss and make up with the west (remember that embrace with Tony Blair erstwhile prime minister of Britain in his Tripoli tent that signed the deal heralding Colonel Gaddafi’s rehabilitation in the eyes of the west?) that he’d given up all of his chemical and other stocks of WMDs. Now like Iraq’s Saddam Hussein when he too became the west’s bĂȘte noire and had to be got rid of at all costs Colonel Gaddafi it seems has managed quite miraculously like an illusionist conjuring a rabbit out of a hat to do the same with his WMDs.

Haven’t we all been here before? The United States of America’s Secretary of State Colin Powell’s astonishingly detailed illustrations of Saddam Hussein’s WMDS that never were and damagingly did it for Powell’s own reputation, some say intentionally so? The west’s media then went long, hard and extensive on that non-event story that they knew full well wasn’t the case but the rapacious financial appetite of the military industrial complex had to be attended to and indicative of the compliant stooges they are they dutifully complied, never mind the disastrous consequences for those who would be affected by their actions. Now they’re at it again, dishonestly spinning the same discredited yarn and astonishingly, but not from my perspective, getting the same idiotic public to buy into their pack of lies.

My question to you is this when will the lot of you ever learn; start growing up, begin to think for yourselves and act like responsible human beings, or are you so totally debased yourselves that you simply can’t determine right from wrong? If the latter is the case then it’s hardly surprising that your leaders and lawmakers treat you the way they do and hold you in such utter contempt. And why not? After all, if you’ve no respect for yourself why on earth should anyone accord you any?

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