Friday, 12 August 2011


By Stanley Collymore

The youths and others involved in the 2011 English Awakening aren’t doing it in the name of anyone but themselves, so why does David Cameron: a privileged, wealth inherited, multi-millionaire, arch racist who doesn’t believe in multiculturalism, is a colonialist and imperialist at heart, whose campaign as the manager and PR guru for the failed Tory Party leader Michael Howard, aspiring then to become prime minister of Britain, and unashamedly using the overtly racist slogan: “Are you thinking what we’re thinking?” now in the wake of the English Awakening and with concerns from among informed observers beginning to permeate the fog of ignorance, induced fear and deliberate lies from the British establishment its media and other western media that it’s really David Cameron’s, his Conservative Party’s and their sell-out puppets, and equally venal Lib-Dem accomplices and their neo-liberalism, rightwing, racist, and specifically looking after the rich and well-heeled only policies that are largely responsible for the problems facing all of the UK’s youths and those unable to find work in the intentionally unequal society created by the Lib-Dem pact of corrupt, nose-in-the troughs, thieving, MPs financial scandal, with David Cameron seemingly in an act of desperation it would appear wheeling out an all-black group of carefully hand-picked and evidently manipulated black youngsters in front of the media on the steps of No.10 Downing Street to make the facetious and asinine point that he’s clearly making?

Who is this “Not in my Name” Charity anyway? And why is it needed and for what purpose? Reminds me very much of all those western human rights NGOs that no one ever heard of before but when one digs deeply and uncover their true allegiances they are without fail found to be the public mouthpieces of extreme, right-wing, neo-conservative think tanks closely linked to the global and particularly the western Zionist movements, NATO, the western security services, especially the CIA, MI6 and those of EU countries, the multinationals or the military industrial complex. Their purpose being to dupe the ill-informed or politically apathetic that they’re really interested in human rights when all the while they true role is the direct opposite. And have you noticed how selective they are in which countries they go after to employ their premeditated vitriol against? Without exception these are always countries that attach great importance to their independence and sovereignty and refuse to bend their knees to the will of the colonialists, imperialist and empire builders like David Cameron, Nicolas Sarkozy and the rest of their sewer-infested ilk; while the likes of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the Arab dictatorships of the Gulf Region, Morocco and the rest of them never come in for criticism.

How pathetic and ironic that the same night the English Awakening was at its most expressive in London David Cameron’s RAF was killing over 85 children and women in Libya, far more on a single day out of the thousands already killed than have lost their lives in the English Awakening. That it was Cameron’s government that encouraged Saudi’s brutal dictatorship, where women have no rights, where public executions of the most horrid kind are commonplace (remember the one involving that Indonesian grandmother which the western media didn’t carry or comment adversely on, but were this Iran we wouldn’t have heard the last of it?); and no elections ever take place and those who rule Saudi belong to the same barbaric, incestuous family, to break off diplomatic relations with Syria on the grounds of human rights violations. You just couldn’t make something like that up.

But these are the kinds of double standards that we’re subjected to. In Britain we have MPs on the take; the Banks on the take; the media on the take; the police on the take; the crown prosecution service on the take and big businesses not paying their fair share of tax, if indeed they do pay any with tax avoidance and tax evasion rife among them. When the English Awakening broke out David Cameron was on holiday in Tuscany on an £18,000.00 a week wealth-inherited holiday, factor into that cost the fact that there was also a detail of UK security service personnel there with him in his capacity as Prime Minister and you have some idea of the cost of his holiday. How many of Britain’s low earners or the plethora of them without jobs or the ability to pay inflated university tuition fess that Cameron’s generation despite their wealth got for free can afford such holidays? Who are the real thieves, I ask you?

Add to that the asinine situation that while we’re cutting back on funds for our treasured National Health Service which Cameron would like to see privatised as is the case in the USA, that while we cut the number of police on the beet, that while social services are cut back to the bone and ordinary British citizens are told to tighten their economic belts even further because there is no money to fund essential things in the UK we can none the less find huge sums of money to pay for needless wars in other peoples’ countries to satisfy the venal aspirations of the military industrial complex, the mafia that’s NATO and the tiny group of unaccountable billionaires that make even more billions from these wars that cause destruction and mayhem in the lives of other people and disgustingly just as lyingly they tell us that they’re doing what they are doing for humanitarian reasons and the human rights of these people. How cute!

The British taxpayer was forced to shell out billions of Pounds Sterling to bail out the banks because the government said they were too big to fail. Apparently it’s okay for them to be irresponsible and even criminal in their actions but poor people shouldn’t be even when it’s to stave off starvation. But having involuntarily bailed out these criminal parasites with our hard earned cash we watch them pay themselves millions of Pounds Sterling in bonuses for their failures and incompetence. And as if that that wasn’t enough up to last Monday 8 August 2011 Britain had shelled out something in the region of 59 billions Pounds Sterling in its Afghanistan enterprise alone; God alone knows what the true figure will be when we ultimately have the commonsense and willpower to force these morons to quit an unwinnable war and factor in as well what we’ve also expended in Iraq. Meanwhile we’re also spending in excess of 37 million Pounds Sterling a week bombing the living daylights out of the Libyans in what is essentially a civil war. My question is: how many Libyans were involved in the English Civil War, the French Civil War or the American one for that matter?

David Cameron talks about young people with no morals: what I suggest is that he checks out the morals of himself and those around him. Thuggish behaviour on the part of the English youth; but it’s perfectly okay to go into the countries of other and randomly kill all and sundry. Parents who don’t teach their kids morals he trumpets; but when these parents and their kids see the immorality of himself, his government, MPs, corrupt senior police officers, those who control the media and the rest of them, isn’t this a bit like the pot calling the kettle black? Senior police officers don’t resign their posts if they’re innocent of any crime; but resigning ensures that they still get their inflation-proof pensions. The issue of MPs scandals still haven’t been properly addressed and many of those lecturing the youths on thieving and calling them every derogatory name under the sun are frankly in no position to point a finger at anyone; but their hypocrisy is so mindboggling that they can’t see that what they’re doing is totally beyond the pale.

Incredibly the British establishment and large sections of our community as well have a remarkable penchant for seeing the moat in other people’s eyes while ignoring the ruddy great beams in their own. And there’s a classic situation here with the English Awakening. David Cameron, the rest of the EU and the US government all condemn Syria for its human rights, never mind that they along with their dictator allies and cats’ paws in the Middle East are behind these riots there, fomenting them and providing the criminals with weapons to destabilize the Syrian government. I don’t hear Cameron talking about phoney human rights when applied in the Syrian or Iranian context or that of other countries and governments he and his ilk are hostile to.

And it’s an absolute certainty that the BBC which along with the rest of the English and western media are cheerleading this assault on the youths involved in the English Awakening would be heralding them as heroes if these protest were happening in Iran, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Cuba, North Korea and even China if they were taking place there; and the BBC would additionally be setting up with British Government and Foreign Office back a foreign language station in the rioters language to support them, while arms would be smuggled in to them through western diplomatic bags.

Interestingly enough we see those who condemn China and other countries for cutting off social media networking in their countries as a violation of the human rights of those protesting cheering David Cameron who was all for this sort of censure of countries like China and lecturing to them on human rights having no problem in drawing on the playlist of Arab dictatorships in their desire to close down social networking in the UK. And pray tell me what is the difference between David Cameron wanting to employ and viewing with bravado his assumed necessity to deploy British troops on the streets of Britain to quell the English Awakening but totally wrong in his view and those who think like him when Syria employs the same tactics when it’s under assault from the terrorists who are backed, financially supported and trained by David Cameron’s SAS and the covert forces of the US and other western countries?

Most of the young people in Britain and those on the receiving end of David Cameron’s savage and elitist cuts that affect the underclass that previous Tory and Labour governments have intentionally created are fooled by his rhetoric nor any sensible and impartial person for that matter. The IRA nearly wiped out the government of Margaret Thatcher but we didn’t see the draconian measures that David Cameron and a largely racist and or cowed parliament are advocating; but we all know the real reasons behind these responses. But sadly there are still those in our society, which Margaret Thatcher said doesn’t exist only individuals, who can’t see the wood for the trees; who still allow themselves to be manipulated, and for the old colonist and imperialist concept of divide and rule to be effectively used against them? If these were genuine youths concerned about making a political statement, and not one of them was ever interviewed as they were there simply to act as a backdrop for David Cameron’s grandstanding, why were there no white youths among their number when it’s quite evident that whites were also significantly involved in the turmoil. And I’ll tell you why it’s because David Cameron and his nasty ilk want to portray it as a black rebellion against white, civilized values. That’s like Dracula supporting a blood bank.

Britain’s main problem lies in the fact that when it’s empire of which the British establishment arrogantly boasted that the sun never set collapsed after World War II it was able to cling on to the coat-tails of the US and as that country’s puppet parade around the world as if it’s still a world power to be reckoned with and not the small off-shore European state that it is. Germany had similar imperialistic ambitions but the crushing defeat that it had in World War II with the massive support from over two million Asian, hundreds of thousands of black Africans and Caribbean servicemen – all of them volunteers – put those ambitions to an end and brought home a much needed dose of pragmatism to the German people. That pragmatism for the reasons I have outlined earlier hasn’t sunk into the skulls of many Britons who still see themselves in a light they have long lost the right to assume themselves to be in; as the continuing colonial masters of the world’s non-white people. Therefore, it’s my firm belief that Britain needs a rude shock to awaken it out of this arrogant and quite asinine stance it continues to take even as the puppet of the United States. And that undeniably means not just breaking Britain but totally destroying it and out of the ashes of that destruction having the phoenix of a fair just and equitable Britain emerge, and to that end the participants of the English Awakening have my wholehearted support and best wishes in their endeavours.

Significantly I didn’t notice the British trade unionists out on the streets supporting these people which didn’t surprise me, since these cat’s paws are no different in mindset from what they were when they paraded to support Enoch Powell after his rivers of blood speech and no sensible Brit expects anything from these emasculated morons that Maggie Thatcher destroyed. During a Sky News broadcast I heard Tom Parmenter saying that rather than deal with the rioters (his words) they were spending their time and energy kettling (subduing) the real defenders of English society; people protecting their homes and properties. These stalwart defenders of England were none other than the so-called English Defence League (EDL) closely linked to the Anders Behring Breivik’s massacre and terrorism in Norway that even many of local white residents of Enfield in London said were outsiders looking to stir up racist trouble; but racist Tom Parmenter could only see them as noble and worthy citizens, a sentiment expressed as well by none other than David Cameron and his so-called Communities Secretary Eric Pickles MP. Alec Thompson of Channel 4 however gave a more objective and realistic report of what was really happening there with these vigilante groups and that other UK media refused to carry, most notably the BBC.

A sign of hope was that other media and reporters readily saw through all the lies and dishonesty that the BBC and other so-called mainstream media were carrying; and I’d particularly like to draw your attention to a Russia Today (RT) interview that Laura Emmett, who is British and comes from Reading: a town I know intimately and where multiculturalism has worked for decades, had with Kelvin Mackenzie a former editor of Rupert Murdoch’s Sun newspaper. Kelvin is often much maligned but no one can ever accuse him of being a lily-livered socialist or what other epithets the far right like to use to demonize those who speak up for equality of opportunity and justice in the UK. This interview is a must, and it states categorically the contempt that he has for David Cameron and the rest of them. Contact Russia Today and ask them to send you a copy of that interview; and while you’re at it access the balanced and professional reports of Laura Emmett in marked contrast to the racist, xenophobic trite that is symptomatic of the BBC and the other British media largely.

Finally, I’d like to take David Cameron personally to task. I’m not one of those yobs, who is uneducated or lacking in moral fibre, the product of a broken home and all the rest of it that you lash out with towards those who see you for what you are: racist, imperialist, colonialist, out of touch with ordinary people and embodying the worst aspects of the human race. On the contrary I too benefitted from the best education that one could have and I made full use of it. I’ve contributed hugely to my country: the NHS; Armed Forces; Civil Service; Educational System and much more, and I’ve always lived within my means, have from childhood been thoroughly imbued with all the qualities you claim you stand for and have paid my taxes, which is much more than you and those whose interests you serve can say. As for hooliganism and bad behaviour your self-righteous condemnation is really beyond the pale David.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Bullingdon Club to which you, George Osborne and many other Tory toffs belong to. It‘s located at Oxford, a university I’m quite familiar with and brands itself as an exclusive, social club. In reality it’s nothing more than a hooligan outfit where all the offspring of the ultra rich in the UK that make it to Oxford largely because of their privileged connections and the expensive, private schools that they were sent to and not their academic merit blissfully congregate and is infamous for going around and creating havoc, like smashing up restaurants and any other acts of mindless vandalism they can think of. None of you were prosecuted and knew you wouldn’t be because the owners of these establishments were too scared to press charges against you; the police too; and anyway your wealthy and influential parents were always at hand to pay for the damages. Now you’ve the gall to lecture the marginalized and enormously disadvantaged on good behaviour and morality. You were personally actively involved in this kind of behaviour David; just as you, all of your cabinet and many of the senior Labour and Lib-Dem MPs were similarly involved in serious drug taking.

But guess what? It’s perfectly okay for privileged louts like you to do these things but totally wrong for what you would perceive as working class or black scum to indulge in; and the laws of the UK reflect that point of view. For between the lot of you, you’ve passed laws in parliament which make the prison sentences for taking crack cocaine and marijuana much more severe than that for taking pure heroin or cocaine; and guess who takes what? You’ve got it in one David. Your lot preponderantly take the latter while the poor council estate guys take the former. And if you and your ilk with all the privileges that you have need to blow your minds with cocaine and heroin just think how dispiriting it must be for those who are marginalized and see no worthwhile future for themselves. But I don’t expect you or those like you to see things from that perspective, as you’re immune from anything you want to immune yourselves from and frankly you don’t care about anyone else but yourselves. That’s the real sickness of our society not your phoney and disingenuous explanations David. That’s why the English Awakening needs to blossom into a full scale revolution; and that can’t come soon enough. Don’t worry, I know where the Crown Prosecution’s Office is and have no fear of defending in court anything I’ve mentioned in this article. So do your worst; and up yours David!

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