Friday, 26 August 2011

Just who do they think they are?

By Stanley Collymore

How ironic that a week after the English unrest of August 2011 that the British regime of David Cameron and Nick Clegg, the entire establishment and lawmakers of the UK, its judiciary, stooge magistrates, pliant judges, corrupt police bosses, tabloid gutter press and electronic media, particularly the BBC, Sky News and their similarly odious, fascistically minded supporters racially used to generally demonize and openly vilify Britain’s Blacks as incorrigible criminals who have no place in British society, not least because they’ve never contributed anything positive or materially to the advancement of UK that the BBC lead by its Director General, arch-Zionist Mark Thompson and with the organization that he leads is an avid proponent of this point of view should air in its celebrity status series, Who do you think you are, the family lineage and story of English athletics legend Seb Coe now as Lord Coe a member of the House of Lords.

Seb who is unquestionably an honourable man, one I’ve always had a great deal of time for and was deeply impressed by his demeanour and responses as the story of his family history unfolded, and who is heads and shoulders above the British fascists and Nazis that regrettably in the scheme of things he has to deal with, was genuinely amazed to discover that his ancestral roots weren’t as pristinely British as he’d imagined them to be, but all the same these unexpected revelations he encountered neither fazed nor disheartened him in the least, rather doing the opposite to what one would normally have expected from the average white Briton, much less so one in his prominent position, as quite extraordinarily cheerfully, unpretentiously and coming from one who is part of the British establishment refreshingly and astonishingly honestly, willingly took on board everything he discovered and saw the positives emanating of them.

Much of Lord Coe’s ancestors, who were Caribbean and explicitly Jamaican, were deeply involved with the African slave trade and profited enormously from it. Such was the huge wealth made from slavery and the enforced labour and misery of black men, women and children that the plantocracy of the Caribbean islands of Barbados and Jamaica, the two shining jewels in the British financial crown but from a black slave standpoint enormous cash cows, were considerably richer by far than the British and other European royalties as well as the collective nobility of the European continent. Furthermore they also lived totally dissolute lives in their West Indian Utopia and fathered many illegitimate mixed race children by their black slaves who like all their slaves were deemed to be chattel and like a horse, mule or other livestock regarded simply as property. Sebastian Coe’s West Indian ancestors were no different and archives documents showed there were many such progenies as a result of this miscegenation. Praiseworthily though Coe’s ancestors unlike many of their fellow slave owners not only documented these out of wedlock offspring but also remarkably for the time made ample provisions financially for them; perhaps this has much to do not only with a sense of philanthropy and altruism on their part but also because they were intensely aware that in addition to white Caucasian blood that of black Africans was also liberally coursing through their veins. I watched intently Coe’s reaction when it finally dawned on him that his ancestors weren’t all pristine Caucasians or even exclusively British as he’d previously believed and was not only totally impressed by but also deeply touched by his response and humility.

Unlike in the case of those of us who in spite of the numerous myths, half-baked theories, ludicrous fantasies, institutionalised lies, purblind dishonesty and the debilitating outright insidious propaganda emanating from the British establishment, media and all the rest of them like saliva dripping copiously and unimpeded from the infected jaws of a terminally in decline rabid dog and sold as truths to the ignorant masses, are fully knowledgeable of the true as distinct from the fictional history of Britain, precisely how and where it got its massive wealth and attendant influence from and who were the ones that were principally instrumental in creating all of this, one can only hope that the airing of the Sebastian Coe family history that additionally graphically outlined the major role that Caribbean African slavery played in garnering not only its massive fortune but significantly that of Britain as well and crucially shown on prime time BBC television, and therefore would have been viewed for the most part by a viewership not normally known for its intellectual acumen, academic rigour or curiosity but evidently imbued with the triteness of a celebrity-culture mindset would undoubtedly have voyeuristically tuned in to sate their inquisitiveness and in doing so learnt some of the facts that conclusively debunk some of the claptrap they’ve been repeatedly fed and ravenously continue to devour about their fanciful Britain.

Like for example that the enormous wealth and resources that generated and financed the English Industrial Revolution, everyone of England’s and subsequently after its political union with its northern neighbour Scotland the UK’s attendant manufacturing innovations and successes, among these the invention of the steam locomotive, came courtesy of the money made from sugar and enforced slavery, particularly on the islands of Barbados and Jamaica. But I won’t hold my breath on the notion that much of this penetrated the dense skulls of those that share the same citizenship as me, nor would it induce the far right and fascist racists among us and who go right up to the top of our cancerous, class-ridden and self-delusionary white supremacist tree to change their lying stance on black involvement throughout Britain. And interestingly enough in a country where those of us that bother to check these things out know full well from officially available statistics that some 36% of British women regularly cuckold their husbands or live-in lovers further making mugs of them by calculatingly having them unsuspectingly father kids they didn’t sire, it would be quite fascinating and indeed informative to see some of those that volubly make much of their professed indigenous links with Britain voluntarily offer themselves up to the same comprehensive, forensic assessment plus a thorough analytical DNA scrutiny of precisely who they are.

But of course they’ll never do this, since many of them are lying interlopers whose links to Britain are tenuous at best; several of them the offspring of those that did mange to escape the Nazis Final Solution: ironically the same doctrine they’re themselves no using against others they similarly look down on as Die Untermenschen; others are the progeny of imported Ukrainian and other Eastern Bloc Waffen SS that the United States coerced a bankrupt post-war Britain to accept because it saw them as handy cat’s paws, primarily because they all claimed to be anti-communist and the United States, in its paranoia about Communism, saw them as useful cat’s paws to use at a convenient time of its choosing in a war it envisaged with the then Soviet Union; others are Nazi and fascist media turncoats like the owners of the British Daily Mail whose wartime ancestors and owners were rabid Jew haters and staunch public supporters of fascism in Britain and Nazism across Europe, while others are basically your average British nincompoop, largely uneducated who will jump on any suitable bandwagon that lessens their boredom makes them feel good about themselves and that those who can manipulate them con them into climbing aboard. What a pathetic bunch of Homo sapiens!

By the way if you’re interested in having a true picture of how long Blacks have been in Britain and the important roles they’ve played in this green and pleasant land, I’d like to recommend to you an excellent book called: “Staying Power: the history of black people in Britain.” The author is Peter Fryer. The book is published by Pluto Press and its ISBN paperback number is: 0-86104-749-4. It can also be had in hardback and the ISBN is: 0 -86104-774-5. Peter Fryer is a white, British man who by his own admission shared many of the views many of you now hold but he is also an objective person who followed the rail as distinct from the false trails that he was previously subjected to. I won’t spoil it for you but other than the opening lines of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice I can’t think of another book with an opening that is equally impactful. It’ll knock your socks off believe me! Happy reading.

There are those in the Arab, Muslim and much of the developing world that perceive the criminal, international and transparently entrenched lawbreakers of the United States, the other western, colonialist and imperialist countries like the UK and France, and even their unaccountable, Nazi-styled Wehrmacht NATO as their white knight oblivious to the fact, as no one has bothered to tell them otherwise or they’re much too dense to work it out for themselves, that somebody had shot the horse from under them.

Failed neo-con US presidential candidate John McCain dishonestly and rather cynically citing the Arab Spring as a praiseworthy expression of people democracy, the same Arab Spring that the Republican Party that he’s a prominent member of, the military industrial complex, far right factions, AIPAC, other Zionist groups and lobbyists that bank roll his political campaigns, the banks he’s deeply involved with and that the US administration, its western allies and stooges are doing everything in their power to militarily thwart as is the case with Libya - which despite the continuing insurgency and no elected government by the Libyan people McCain says is now a democratic state thanks to the Libyan NTC - Iraq, the autocratic Francophone North and sub-Saharan African countries, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Yemen and the other dictatorial Persian Gulf and Arab Middle Eastern states in their control; hijack as they’re clandestinely doing in relation to the peoples’ revolution in Egypt and Tunisia; bribe as they’re engaged in doing with the utterly crooked regimes of Turkey, Algeria, Jordan and Morocco; destabilize as they’re attempting to do in Syria and Lebanon; and threaten as is their egotistical remit in Iran, goes on to haughtily assert that after all the aforementioned are taken care of it will be the turn of Russian and China.

I’ve no sympathy whatsoever in this John McCain’s scenario with either Russia or China who as permanent and veto-wielding members of the United Nations’ Security Council could have vetoed Resolution 1973 that the United States and its European puppets along with NATO flagrantly abused to carry out their own hidden agenda; and the reason why Russia and China, despite all their crocodile tears and professed surprise now at what the west and NATO did and are continuing to do, are in this mess and even being targeted as well by the same west and NATO, has more to do with their own acquisitiveness: a desire to benefit just as exploitatively from the abuse of Libya’s oil and gas resources than from any notions even distantly related to principles, since both these countries are thieves and vandals indistinguishable from their western counterparts. And to hear a representative of the Russian regime publicly bemoan, after the NTC’s rather premature hand out I think of Libyan oil and gas contracts to its chosen string pullers, that Russia has lost out from this largesse quite frankly made me want to vomit. As I wrote previously and as all those with brains in their heads similarly concluded, if the Russian and Chinese diplomats at the UN or their bosses in their capitals of Moscow or Beijing didn’t know this is the nature of the western beast and how it behaves then they shouldn’t be holding the positions they have; and if they did know and still acted as they did and are now fraudulently trying to deceive us they were innocently caught off-guard then to put it mildly they’re beneath contempt; but we all know which category of villains they really belong to.

What the west, NATO its psychopathic bully boys, the ICC its judicial lynch mob as well as Russia and China are complictly involved in is right out of the Third Reich’s playbook as quite literally, despite their impassioned lies to the contrary, they use the same thinking and strategies as the Nazis did to achieve what they want and attempt to fool the rest of us while they’re doing so. Just contemplate for a moment on the words of Adolf Hitler and you’ll get, I’m quite sure, a flavour of what exactly I mean. Here are the Fuehrer’s words that are as apt in any western capital or government today as they’re equally pertinent in Beijing or Moscow. “I have not come into this world to make men better but to make use of their weaknesses.” Now look around you and amidst all the propaganda and ludicrous twaddle about fighting a war on terror (an apparent contradiction in terms as anyone with a proper understanding of the English language knows); waging wars to bring democracy to the oppressed while in actual fact subjugating them even further especially if they have vital natural resources that their abusers hanker after or already have their marauding and grasping hands on; and the vilest of all lies, pretentiously declaring to be humanitarianly protecting innocent lives while at the same time bombing the living daylights out of and massacring those supposedly under the killers protection, are just some of the strategies and handiwork that the real Nazis, not just this bunch of psychopathic bullying halfwits infesting both the west and the East, would have been mightily proud of.

And as these unabashed mass killers go into another stage of their feeding frenzy and the military industrial complex gears up for yet more monumental profits we’re already being primed by the western media among them the BBC, Sky News, France 24, Channel 4 and that’s just some of the despicable European lot, into taking their lying lead and believing that Colonel Gaddafi who at the time of writing this piece they haven’t managed to catch together with Syria’s President Assad, who is also in their sights as their next target, have weapons of mass destruction. This despite these same media having told us when Colonel Gaddafi had his much publicized kiss and make up with the west (remember that embrace with Tony Blair erstwhile prime minister of Britain in his Tripoli tent that signed the deal heralding Colonel Gaddafi’s rehabilitation in the eyes of the west?) that he’d given up all of his chemical and other stocks of WMDs. Now like Iraq’s Saddam Hussein when he too became the west’s bête noire and had to be got rid of at all costs Colonel Gaddafi it seems has managed quite miraculously like an illusionist conjuring a rabbit out of a hat to do the same with his WMDs.

Haven’t we all been here before? The United States of America’s Secretary of State Colin Powell’s astonishingly detailed illustrations of Saddam Hussein’s WMDS that never were and damagingly did it for Powell’s own reputation, some say intentionally so? The west’s media then went long, hard and extensive on that non-event story that they knew full well wasn’t the case but the rapacious financial appetite of the military industrial complex had to be attended to and indicative of the compliant stooges they are they dutifully complied, never mind the disastrous consequences for those who would be affected by their actions. Now they’re at it again, dishonestly spinning the same discredited yarn and astonishingly, but not from my perspective, getting the same idiotic public to buy into their pack of lies.

My question to you is this when will the lot of you ever learn; start growing up, begin to think for yourselves and act like responsible human beings, or are you so totally debased yourselves that you simply can’t determine right from wrong? If the latter is the case then it’s hardly surprising that your leaders and lawmakers treat you the way they do and hold you in such utter contempt. And why not? After all, if you’ve no respect for yourself why on earth should anyone accord you any?

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Oh to be Arab, Muslim, barbaric and extremely stupid with it!

By Stanley Collymore

Let me first of all declare a vested interest on my part. I was happily and fortunately brought up in a family and a community which has always had a moral compass on life, instinctively knew right from wrong, strove unremittingly for the former and doggedly against the latter regardless of who the victims or the perpetrators of wrongdoings were and laudably and quite assiduously inculcated in me throughout my entire life the necessary tenets to acknowledge these matters in a thoroughly principled manner as well as provide me with the means to fully incorporate these ethical values within my own moral compass. This has always been, is and will genuinely from my own personal perspective inescapably continue to be the raison d’être for the social as well as the political stances which I currently, publicly, candidly and fearlessly take and won’t ever, so long as truth and justice are at stake, deviate from. So it’s with a very heart indeed that I find myself having to write this article; but characteristic of who I am and what exactly I stand for I won’t back off either when I see recurrent and even premeditated flaws asininely compounded by rank stupidity that can only be described as replete throughout the very causes which I have put myself, my energies and finances on the line for.

As a youth having fully apprised myself of as well as appraised the genocide, euphemistically referred to as ethnic cleansing, by white Europeans practised against the Palestinian people, I subsequently as a student and afterwards as a well-informed adult ardently got hold of all the documented information which I could lay my hands on or literally dig up relating not only to the Palestinians and Arabs particularly but also to Muslims generally and quite unsurprisingly as a result became a steadfast supporter of their justified struggles. Now, not to put too fine a point on it, I have become completely disillusioned with these people to the point where quite frankly I’m beginning to have some sympathy with and even an understanding their depraved abusers and to actually want to wash my hands Pontius Pilate style completely of people who unmistakably remind me of turkeys avidly voting for Christmas. There’s an old saying if they are those who are incapable of having respect for themselves why on earth should anyone else want to accord them any?

The tipping point for me in the 180 degrees turn was the statement from Hezbollah welcoming the so-called Libyan revolutionaries’ entry into and their thrashing of parts of Tripoli. My first reaction was Hezbollah must be having a laugh; this is too surreal even in the realms of fantasy to be even considered as remotely real; then I checked and not only discovered it to be true but that Hezbollah and the fractured and bitterly sectarian regime of Lebanon had both recognized the NTC western and NATO puppets in Benghazi and their revolutionary thugs as the genuine voices of the people Libyan people. How crass! Anyone who doesn’t know that these so-called Libyan revolutionaries creating mayhem in Libya are as much revolutionaries as al-Qaida were in Afghanistan when the United States, Britain and their allies cynically used them to fight and oust the Soviets from that war ravaged country then callously abandoned them when their aims were realized in what then, as is most evidently the situation now in Libya’s case, was all about the west’s own self-centred, venal, geo-political and hegemonic interests mixed with brutal and barbaric regime change, has to have been living on a different planet from the rest of us, or are so bloody cynical and obtuse in what they’re doing as is obviously the case with Hezbollah that they deserve our utmost contempt.

I used to consider Hezbollah as a movement of the people and even publicly defended them as such but not any more, for they’ve shown their true colours in this Libyan fiasco and revealed themselves for what they, or more fittingly their leadership, really are: a bunch of power crazy, proselytizing, sectarian, self-absorbed, mendacious tyrants no different from their fellow Arab, and stinking sewer rats in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, replete throughout the entire blighted Arab world, and that continue to infest all Muslim lands from Turkey to Indonesia. To observe Hamas at this crucial juncture in the Palestinian struggle for global recognition of their rights and another group that I’ve stalwartly and unreservedly defended enter a so-called truce with their sadistic killers in Israel to take the heat off that country and for this to be brokered by the military thugs controlling Egypt is sheer madness. The Egyptian army, a view supported by every US analyst I’ve either observed on the news or have spoken to myself on the right or the left as well as their British and other European counterparts all agree, some of them gloatingly so, that the Egyptian Army has remarkably strong ties with the United States and is sponsored by Washington and the Pentagon. There is also widespread agreement among them that many more Egyptians, without exception all of them civilians, are habitually being hauled up before military tribunals, given exceedingly harsh, lengthy jail sentences and regularly tortured than was previously the case even under Hosni Mubarak.

These victims are the same people who freely and actively participated in remarkably peaceful, dignified, genuine and truly national demonstrations for the identical freedoms and espousal of democracy that the west says it wants to encourage in the rest of the world and disingenuously hailed at the beginning of these national protests in the Arab world but which prescient-minded observers of the west’s customary behaviour knew to be a pretence, and we’ve all been proven right as we knew we would be. Neither the odious junta in Egypt nor the regime in Tunisia has delivered on what their citizenry demonstrated for and worst still have in brazen collusion with the west opted in their own venal interests not to do so, having already determinedly put up the shutters against their peoples’ justified and lawful petitions. RT television in its news bulletins has drawn a parallel between the genuine euphoria in Cairo’s Tahrir Square by those that were involved in a national and real people’s demonstration and the fabricated one that the western media carried on in its rolling and rather bigoted news coverage. That was only to be expected since we already knew from eye witness reports coming out of the Rixus Hotel where many of the foreign journalists were billeted in Tripoli that among their ranks were many CIA and MI6 operatives.

We saw how utterly dishonest and full of disinformation Reuters was in its Libyan reports but hey that’s par for the course where Reuters and the rest of them are concerned, and anyone that believes a word Reuters says would be equivalent to the identical naïveté were one to put their complete trust in a convicted serial and recidivist paedophile claiming he was reformed and as such it was completely in order to place him in the unsupervised care of children. But that’s the nature of the Reuters beast and the western media as a whole. Even more risibly was the sight of Sky News Anna Botting supposedly broadcasting on the breakfast news from Tripoli. There she was like those caricature white, Hollywood actresses ploughing their way laboriously and dangerously through the horrors of the African jungle always a heartbeat away from death but still managing despite it all to look throughout their onerous ordeal like someone immaculately dressed and having emerged from the most chic hairdressing establishment. The backdrop that she was standing in front of in her studio broadcast was evidently Tripoli but bearing in mind the completely sadistic and quite destructive bombardment that that city underwent in the lead up to the so-called liberation of it one would have logically expected to see pertinent signs of that devastation: smoking buildings, ruins, that sort of thing; but most tellingly all that we saw was Anna Botting dressed up in a pristine flax jacket that she felt she had to justify her wearing of to the viewers as she quite jubilantly ploughed into her Zionist rhetoric regarding the demise of Colonel Gaddafi (Anna Botting is a fanatic supporter of the Zionist, apartheid state of Israel and anti everything Muslim and Arab); a situation not unlike, I guess, to a punter about to have a shag with a prostitute somehow thinking that he had to justify why he was wearing a condom so as not to compromise himself in terms of possibly contracting a sexually-transmitted disease or even getting his lay pregnant.

Curiously why Anna Botting was in Tripoli as she claimed no one said, as there was a plethora of other Sky News reporters there, all dressed up to the T in their war kit, while reporting that the situation around them was particularly dangerous, from NATO’s bombing and the massive destruction which it caused no doubt as well as from the bussed in mercenaries who made their way into parts of Tripoli together with Sky News reporters, prior to clandestine on the ground in Tripoli British SAS, NATO-guided coordinated attacks on that city. The expedient assault on Tripoli (the United Nations 1973 Libyan authorization in respect of a no-fly zone to protect civilians that the western powers and NATO have unashamedly, illegally and quite immorally abused runs out in September 2011 and this assortment of western terrorist states unleashing their mayhem on Tripoli knew that after what they’ve done they couldn’t realistically hope for it to be renewed, so recklessly they threw their collective dices on this last opportunity to get regime change before that September deadline) was effected by the British military using its maritime capabilities to land Qatari and other western trained insurgents from the sea onto the Libyan coast, a manoeuvre planned as a last resort some time before, was as I reported earlier meticulously SAS coordinated with all the hallmarks of a regular professional military outfit, not a ragtag bunch of barbaric, desert nincompoops who to verbatim borrow a quote from the late United States President Lyndon Johnson in relation to the CIA but very apt here to these Arab mongrels, “These guys couldn’t pour piss out of a boot not even if the instructions were written on the heel” and supported by massive NATO aerial bombardment of Tripoli; both of these factors being the prelude that paved the way for these insurgents to enter the city.

Take a close look at the pictures provided by Sky News and the other western media and to the observant eye a number of discrepancies quickly fall into place. Tripoli is Libya’s capital just as Cairo is the capital of Egypt but the contrast between the responses of their citizens is quite stark. While people in Cairo came out in their millions to demonstrate and hail the downfall of Hosni Mubarak, while the same scenes are replicated in the Yemen and were exactly the same in Bahrain before Robert Gates and Barack Obama gave the green light for the Saudis to crush the dignified and peaceful demonstrations there, something that is still ongoing, this has clearly not been the case in Tripoli. What I saw were people who were manifestly unfamiliar with the location they’d been quite literally parachuted into and not behaving as locals do. Expediently there were no aerial shots of these masses of people as Sky News and the other western media dishonestly want us to believe were present; in marked contrast there was a whole multitude of surface and aerial shots of those peacefully demonstrating in Tahrir Square, similar squares in Tunisia, and as those of us that watch the alternative media because the Zionist, western media obstreperously and foolishly in its obsessive bias refuses to carry such news, saw for ourselves comparable and deeply moving scenes in Yemen’s capital and that of Bahrain; just as they’ve been able to graphically observe and have reported on similar demonstrations in Israel against Benjamin Netanyahu’s militaristic, deeply paranoid, bankrupt, utterly discredited, sadistic and apartheid regime, but to rely on the west’s media for enlightenment of what actually goes on in the world and more so in the Middle East one could easily be forgiven for thinking that none of this ever happened.

In contrast to the pristine, it’s all done and dusted cake walk by these so-called revolutionaries narrative which Anna Botting was dishonestly portraying, where exactly from I don’t know as we don’t have an embassy in Tripoli any longer as do none of the NATO and western countries so her broadcast couldn’t have been coming from there, similarly Libya TV was off the air and I can’t imagine Sky News so quickly filling its shoes and crucially all the western reporters that were in Libya for months throughout the entire revolt were holed up in the Rexus Hotel and were saying they couldn’t venture out because it was too dangerous to do so, yet Ms Botting and Sky News with a backdrop as peaceful and serene as that of a Buckingham garden party was untroubled by all that was going on around them reporting from deepest darkest, Libyan North African Africa. How amazing the intrepidity of these Sky News people, the incredible wonders of modern technology to depict what isn’t really there, and the astonishing credulity of folk in general that only see what they want to see.

And pray tell me what people who’re desperate to rid themselves the of the shackles of a brutal dictator and having managed this with their altruistic liberators arriving in their capital city and right on their doorsteps wouldn’t go out in their millions to greet them but instead prefer to stay at home in fear, while around them these so-called liberators in choreographed acts of barbarity proceed to loot the city and private homes of those they ostensibly came to liberate? You can’t have it both ways Sky News, BBC, France 24, Channel 4 and the rest of you! Neither can your leaders continue to sanctimoniously stand on their hind legs pontificating about what happened in London last week, calling it mindless barbarity while you laud your works; acts of barbarism and smash and grab in Libya. Either these people are altruistic freedom fighters or they are just exceedingly vicious, sadistic, self-serving, barbaric and completely manipulated thugs acting at the west’s behest, and while there is absolutely nothing new in that regard I know perfectly full which category they belong to as do other sensible people around the world.

Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Lucrezia Borgia and on the flip side Martin Luther, Che Guevara, Fidel Castro and Dr. Martin Luther King for example will forever be remembered by this and as yet generations unborn, who seriously in comparison will remember Anna Botting or those with the same mindset as her that infest Sky News, the rest of the British or the wider western media when they’re no longer polluting our airwaves? I said earlier that I believe in freedom of speech and fervently do so even when what’s said is diametrically opposed to what I genuinely think or the values I adhere to; but I draw the line at intentional fabrication, know what I mean Anna? Your US sister station Fantasy News aka Fox News is pretty good at this, but I will ask you Frau Botting to credit those of living in the country that you share with us, even though we are well aware that your undivided loyalty is indisputably to the Nazi, Zionist entity ensconced in the Middle East, with the kind of intelligence, discernment, and commonsense that’s neither endemic to nor commonplace among Fox News constituent viewers.

Feel free of course to have a pop at me if you care to; you can always sue me in our courts and I’m quite sure they’re some judges who’d be more than happy to oblige you. Alternatively you can use Sky News and your ilk in the British media to character assassinate me. I won’t resort to the courts, partly because I wouldn’t trust the overwhelming majority of judges any further than I could proverbially throw them, and anyway I’m a passionate believer in free speech that feels if you can’t take it yourself you shouldn’t be dishing it out. Furthermore, I was brought up to believe that there’s no such thing as good or bad publicity, merely publicity period; and how effectively or otherwise one uses it to his or her advantage is a matter for them, and believe me I do know how to do that kind of stuff exceedingly well, and the reason is simple, nothing ever fazes. In short I ain’t scared of anything or anyone. For if I were the last thing I would be doing is dauntlessly and routinely sticking my head above the parapet as I do, or would I be writing in the manner that I choose to. Yes Anna, there are some of us out here who have the courage of our own convictions and don’t mind saying so! So have a go!! Honesty liberates the soul.

No one with a working brain cell in his or her head bought into the arrant nonsense used that it was all about humanitarian concerns. Regime change and the brutal and grasping appropriation of Libya’s oil and gas were always at the forefront of the west’s deliberations and calculations. That said the west after its well-publicized deal with Colonel Gaddafi was quite happy for him to remain in situ, as their multinationals already had lucrative oil and gas deals in their pockets courtesy of Colonel Gaddafi who reneged on everything he once stood for stupidly in the belief that he and his fate were different from all those the west have previously used and disposed of when it no longer suited their purposes. But then the Arab Spring burst on the Arab world and caught the imagination of the rest of the world as well. It also put paid to the blatant lie that the Arab masses didn’t want democracy because they couldn’t understand its precepts, were quite incapable of handling these and consequently every decision in their lives should be taken care of for them by others more versed and competent in such matters, like their western supported brutal dictators and the colonialist, imperialist west that exploit their natural resources for their own ends, at the same time falsely claiming that Nazi Israel not only has a fundamental right to exist but is also the only democracy in the Middle East. Why is that I wonder? And even then it’s a disingenuous remark because Israel’s democracy goes only as far as its citizens having a right to vote and change their governments.

With the Arab Spring catching the west completely by surprise something had to be done and quickly so to stamp out as has always been the case any genuine efforts by the Arab masses to govern and effectively control their own lives and resources. It was then that the United States, Britain and all the other bankrupt and utterly corrupt countries of NATO decided to act. With Egypt and its neighbour Tunisia slipping out of their grasp and moreover doing so in full view of a global awareness of this happening prohibiting them from doing anything imprudent then to prevent what was going on and in the event of them foolishly doing so would have exposed them for what they really are and bring down on their heads the anger of the real international community, the west and its vicious bully boys NATO decided to fraudulently use one of the oldest tricks in their playbook, unwarranted intervention in an oversees developing country on the praiseworthy basis of humanitarian concerns and human rights but simply using these as a convenient fig leaf, very much like a clapped out whore desperately but risibly canvassing for the prohibition of sexual intercourse among younger, attractive women.

It worked with the west controlling the UN Security Council, a cat’s paw, rickshaw Charlie as its Secretary General and with countries like Russia all too keen to go along for the ride in their schizophrenic desire to curry favour with the west. With Resolution 1973 in place and the west never having had any desire or intention to abide by what it really said its calculated attempt to reverse the fledgling consequences of the Arab Spring began. Immediately, Libya came under military assault under the false flag of protecting the Libyan people and bringing democracy to them with the assistance of so-called revolutionaries that are basically CIA and MI6 led agents and mercenaries who were already in Libya as sleeper cells long before the Arab Spring started or UN Security Council Resolution 1973 was conceived, while conversely at the same time the very same western powers were doing everything in their power and with the active assistance of their puppet dictatorships in the Persian Gulf to barbarically crush what are incontrovertibly a genuine and national wish for meaningful changes that will lead to true democracy.

This isn’t reported by Rupert Murdoch’s Sky News, the BBC, France 24 or the others, but they are quite happy even when they profess to be championing the rights of Arabs, as they’re now doing in Libya, to still represent these people, even the ones serving their interests and those of their respective western countries, as brute savages; just look at the footage of the looting and gratuitous damage that’s being caused and filmed by these paragons of virtue, I don’t think; a caricature that fits into the white supremacist, imperialist and colonialist mindset, something that these Arab and Muslim idiots just can’t see. And the Arab media is no better; even Press TV that hails itself as the voice of the voiceless can’t tear itself away from the same mindless sectarianism that bedevils the Arab and Muslim world. Frankly I’m heartily sick and bloody well tired of hearing that Allah is great, Mohammed was the greatest prophet that ever lived and what a peaceful religion Islam is. From where I’m observing these half-baked statements none of it makes much sense to me nor would I imagine to any other intelligent person. And while as a Christian that fully respects Islam, Judaism and every other religion which respects the sanctity of life and humankind I think God must be so thoroughly pissed off with what he routinely sees going on in his name that he has quite exasperatingly and justifiably decided to say “fuck the lot of you; you’re now on your own as I’ve just about had enough of your feral, yobbish, self-destructive and completely barbaric behaviour, so go tear yourselves to pieces; just don’t expect me to get involved!” And who quite frankly can blame him?

I love the works of William Shakespeare; I totally admire what Martin Luther did in Germany; and there are many other figures from the past that I can fully empathize with including several religious ones, but what the hell good is there someone living in the 21st Century with the many advances that man has made over the centuries harping back to a past that’s really a figment of his pertinacious and even warped imaginings, since none of us were present then or personally know anyone who was, and wanting to recreate a world that no longer exists, if indeed it did, is lunacy in its most expressive form. It would be like preposterously longing for the dinosaurs to be physically brought back to a world they aren’t any longer a part of and don’t actually belong in. It’s the same with most of our religious prophets. They’re all dead men; end of story. Their words may or may not have had some things important to contribute relative to how we picture ourselves or the world we live, but frankly that’s all subjective stuff and should stay so, and has no place whatsoever in a modern, informed world where we’re all supposed to have functional brains that are there to enable us to think for ourselves, and even make our own mistakes if we choose to, and not be compulsorily subjected to any concerted attempt whatever by those with influence and the power to back it up to pressurize some let alone all of us into believing what under the dishonest guise of divine guidance they arbitrarily determine what is best for us and even what we should think and believe, or the manner in which we should religiously or even secularly conduct our own personal lives.

And the way I see it ecclesiastical tyranny is just as asinine and barbaric as the political kind, and when the two are combined in a toxic mix it’s utter madness! For not only does it show a marked lack of respect for those being coerced it also manifestly highlights the ignorance and personal insecurity of those involved in this vile act of intimidation, for if what you’re saying or preaching is so great and earth shattering then surely you should have the self confidence to let positive and personal persuasion be your principal passport to freely winning converts; all else quite honestly is bullshit coming from egocentric, control freaks, and I don’t mind telling you so. Jesus Christ like Mohammed and Moses are all deceased; let them remain so and stop trying so hard and absurdly to coercively resurrect them and insert them into the private lives of 21st Century mankind, since the worlds in which they lived have no obvious parallels with our own. Human progress is just that, not taking retrogressive steps; that’s why God gave us a brain in the first place.

And I say this not from any disrespect to those of you with strong religious beliefs; that’s a part of what true democracy is all about, freedom of worship and the unmolested and unchallenged right to believe in whatsoever one wants to but without that individual then assuming that he or she has the fundamental right to impose their own beliefs on others who don’t necessarily share them. Western leaders are fully cognisant of this and tacitly, at any rate, willingly accept it, and that’s why even in those western countries with no written constitution like the UK it’s usually accepted that this is the norm and how thing should be. Yet these countries are also very aware of the tenacious and incredibly oppressive hold that both religious and political leaders have on Arab and Muslim societies globally but particularly so in the Middle East and willingly exploit these diverse schisms, oppressive acts of control and violent manifestations of sectarianism for their own criminal purposes under the fully tested, well-established and often used colonial and imperialistic concept of divide and conquer; and let’s be absolutely honest about this it actually works and, importantly, is still very much alive and kicking in the Middle East.

Dispassionate observers of the Muslim and Arab world know their history well and while there was once a justifiably proud, praiseworthy and glorious past much of it unfortunately has since been enveloped in what can best be described as mindless, Middle Ages-type barbarism that to this day, apart from miniscule pockets of sanity within this Diaspora, still seriously afflicts the Muslim and Arab world. Historians know all too well the utterly shabby way in which Aryan Germany has treated and continues to behave towards Muslim Turkey which lost its Ottoman Empire when it foolishly threw its lot in with Germany during the First World War; Lawrence of Arabia who was a British spy operating in the Middle East graphically outlines in his book “Seven Pillars” the utterly cynical, dishonest and despicable betrayal of the Arab people by the British; and there was another horrible betrayal when Britain and France, the usual colonialist culprits, and together with Russia’s collusion established under the Sykes-Picot Accord several Bantustan entities, euphemistically classed as countries which they clearly aren’t or are they to this day genuinely independent or sovereign, in the Arab Middle East.

As a precursor to what is currently happening in Libya we saw the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company and predecessor of BP, which was completely owned by British interest and totally controlled from Britain the then British government and the CIA to overthrow the democratically elected government of Mohammed Mussodeq and remove them and the Iranian parliament from power summarily putting in their place the western-backed puppet, and dictatorial leader the so-called Shah of Iran to govern the country just because Iran’s legally elected leader and parliament had voted unanimously that while they would adequately compensate the shareholders of the Anglo Iranian Oil Company they would nevertheless nationalize that company and take full control of Iran’s huge oil resources for the principal benefit of the Iranian people to whom these belonged and not simply that of foreign investors. Now we have déjà vu with not only BP but the Italian ENI, France’s Total and even Austria’s ONV riding in on the back of NATO with the CIA and SAS among other western special forces covertly in the background dictating the same terms to Libya’s new stooges waiting to run their country as they obsequiously as obligatory payback to their western puppet masters bend over backwards to surrender Libya’s gas and oil, the best in the world, to these western carpetbaggers raping that country at the point of cruise missiles and Apache gunships; while the hugely prized assets of Libya’s nationalized oil and gas industries which provided the money for that country’s infrastructure, education and the rest of it, making Libya the most educated country in the Arab world, haplessly fall prey compliments of the turn coats and others that have betrayed their own country to the predatory acquisitiveness of those that have raped and are now about to further abuse this North African land.

The lists of crimes which have been serially committed against the Arab and Muslin worlds are legion and there are several reputable western analysts that are likewise aware of and similarly disgusted by this as I am and will be more than happy to substantiate these wrongdoings by the west. Trawl the alternative media and you’ll find them as they wouldn’t be routinely featured if at all on the so-called mainstream western media that is nothing more than the propaganda tool of the military industrial complex. I refer to honourable people like Richard Spencer an analyst from Whitefish USA, Brian Becker of the Answer Coalition and Robert Braumann of Doctors without Borders who reported that when that body went to Benghazi there was a delegation in it from the French oil giant Total. But a lot of the blame must lie with the Arabs and Muslims themselves and for them to stop thinking that the west and NATO are their friends; they most certainly are not!

I remember a conversation I had with a female US editor who worked on the same paper I did then who arrogantly boasted and I quote: “If we Americans want something badly enough we offer to pay for it but if that request is refused we take what we want anyway.” Shortly before the United States and Britain illegally attacked and invaded Iraq in 2003, a war that lead to the ouster of Saddam Hussein, over one million Iraqi dead and some five million others displaced, I had a conversation with a US businessman who said he was in oil and was jubilantly rubbing his hands in anticipation of what would happen. “We’ll bomb them into submission,” he said. “Afterwards we’ll set up a regime that we’ll control but allow them to have all the Sharia laws they want. That too will be profitable for us, as it’ll work in our favour keeping the population in check.” How right he was. Recently I had a quite interesting group discussion with a number of black activists who from what they informed me of are less than enthused with Muslims per se and Arabs in particular. Several of them bitterly recounted systemic racist attitudes that were directed towards them even as British holidaymakers within mixed groups, that included many whites on vacations to countries that were Muslim or Arab. Turkey, Egypt and Morocco were singled out as three of the very worst offenders. And bluntly the consensus of these Blacks was that they didn’t give a damn what happened to Muslims.

Street-wise, savvy and fully cognisant of black culture and more specifically black exploitation and abuse over the centuries at the hands of others they none the less roundly expressed in their no-holds-barred appraisal of Arabs and Muslims that these were the real culprits that more than most contributed to black enslavement and the Transatlantic slave trade. Whites they shrewdly argued didn’t know much of their own European countries let alone Africa and therefore could not have travelled there unassisted, kidnapped and take off into slavery and do so for in excess of three centuries the millions of Blacks who ended up as enslaved persons on the other side of the Atlantic in the so-called New World. It was undoubtedly they said the Arabs and Muslims who carried out the raiding parties, kidnapped and sold off their ancestors into slavery and who profited, though not to the same extent as Caucasians did, out of the agonizing wretchedness of Blacks and ever since then Arabs and Muslims have been sucking up to whites. Theirs is a very poignant story; it’s also true.

My thorough repugnance comes expressly from watching the likes of Hezbollah and Press TV who evidently are incapable of curbing their rather asinine sectarianism and like turkeys opting for Christmas are despicably joining in with and giving succour to the same western forces that also have them in their sights and make no bones of that fact. In fact Jon McCain said as much on the 25 August 2011. Claiming that Libya is now an authentic democratic country even with the war there still in progress and the NTC hasn’t been elected by anyone, he mentioned that Libya, Lebanon and Iran will be next followed in turn by Russia and China. As for Russia and China they would certainly in my view deserve everything they got, as knowing what the west is like they could easily have vetoed UN Resolution 1973; but like all the venal clowns in the Middle East they too felt that they would be exempt from the predatory killing machine that is NATO, that’s’ why we have the Russia bemoaning the fact that in the new oil carve up which the Libyan NTC has promised to its helpers Russia along with Brazil will be excluded. This all happens when profit is placed before principles. As for Iran and Hezbollah you’ll have to deal with your own consciences but be wary of what you wish for when you stupidly adopt the view that your enemy’s enemy is your friend. The west has no friends only self-interests! Moreover its actions in relation to others are directly out of the Adolf Hitler’s Nazi playbook.

These are the words of Adolf Hitler: “I have not come into this world to make men better but to make use of their weaknesses.”

German Federich Haedel who never went to Africa; never met an African or knew any publicly expressed this opinion of all Africans in 1831. “This is the land where men are children; a land lying beyond the daylight of self-consciousness and history, and enveloped in the black colour of night. At this point let us forget Africa not to mention it again; for Africa is no historical part of the world.”

Observing the brutal and barbaric contemporary world of Arabs and Muslims one could easily conclude that the uncomplimentary words of Federich Haedel are just as apt in the Muslim and especially the Arab context. Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik and I have nothing whatsoever in common with each other but one should also be firmly reminded that even a stopped clock is right twice daily.

Monday, 22 August 2011

The Lunacy of Unaccountable Power

By Stanley Collymore

Amidst the totally disproportionate sentences being handed out by magistrates and judges to those either deliberately or who otherwise found themselves unintentionally caught up in the August 2011 disturbances across England we have a new phenomenon judges on a whim giving sentences to those they detest merely for having the audacity and temerity to courageously and publicly say what many Britons particularly those on the receiving end of their actions already know and feel that the British police, judiciary system, its judges and several of our magistrates are essentially elitist, corrupt, rightwing agents of the state that are cavalierly in cahoots with each other as they gratuitously suck up to their equally venal and despicably corrupt political bosses to dispense at a whim anything but natural justice to those they’re completely out of touch with and condescendingly look down on, and their notion of justice when it’s handed out, whether it’s merited or not, goes almost exclusively to those they socially, financially and educationally identify with.

A classic example of criminal, judicial vengeance is the case of Norman Scarth who was given a six months jail sentence by a judge for recording the proceeding at a court case he had attended but wasn’t involved in. In any other society that deems itself to be civilized this would quite literally be laughed out of court but in Britain this is no laughing matter, since it’s unlawful to in anyway record proceedings in a court of law, something which is quite commonplace in other democratic countries. So while we’re currently bombing the living daylights out of Afghanistan, did the same in Iraq killing over a million people, are energetically involved in doing the same in Libya and fomenting regime change in Syria and Iran and all of this supposedly in the name of freedom of expression and democracy while hawking ourselves into considerable debt as our dishonest political leaders bail out corrupt banks whose grasping bosses continue to award themselves massive bonuses and go on to add gross insult to the injury already caused to Britain by collectively spending billions of Pounds Sterling we just can’t afford in our smash and grab wars on other states that pose no threat to us but whose natural resources these acquisitively leaders and their ilk feel they have an automatic right to, want to get their hands on and will do anything to bring this about, there’s equally a conscious agenda afoot to deliberately neglect essential public services the UK and on the pretext that they’re too costly to run privatise them in a concerted bid to make even more money for the corporate privateers and tax evaders that determine the polices of our political leaders.

In our inner city areas there’s a 34% unemployment rate among young people and to foist their foul, fascist agendas on to the country as whole sections of our communities that are wilfully marginalized, socially excluded and of whom no one in power gives a damn then wickedly find themselves additionally faced with the overtly elitist, fear-induced factor of divide and rule that is cynically used against them to brand and demonize those that are forced onto the margins of society or who speak up for them, even if they’re not from this social stratum themselves, and bravely challenge this iniquitous and fascist system which masquerades as democracy. In reality, it’s nothing other than an even more reprehensible reproduction of Animal Farm with the judiciary and judges enthusiastically taking on the function of and acting as the ferocious, brutal dogs to David Cameron and Nick Clegg’s hierarchal pigs with the similar maxim that some animals are more equal than others.

But more telling is the sewer depths to which these so-called but risible pillars of society have sunk to. Judge for yourself; no pun intended. Hard hearing and 85 years old Norman Scarth as I stated earlier got landed with a six month prison sentence for recording what was taking place in an English court, this in a country that routinely spies on its subjects, for that’s how the British establishment regards us as not citizens, and therefore has more CCTV cameras installed countrywide to observe our every movement than the rest of the world put together. Every Briton is photographed and monitored a minimum of five times daily and in our city centres, shopping malls and marginalized communities that figure is even higher. But if this were China, Russia, Venezuela, Iran, Zimbabwe or any other state drawn randomly that the British government doesn’t like these hypocrites would be up on their high horse pontificating about all sorts of the violations of the citizens of these states human rights, the identical human rights that David Cameron and his ilk have no genuine regard or see any real purpose for in Britain but nevertheless don’t mind liberally using as a handy stick to beat others with that for totally perverse, racist or imperialist motives they either don’t like or even despise.

Norman Scarth says he’s hard of hearing and that’s the explanation he gave for recording this particular court hearing. It’s neither an illogical nor a far-fetched explanation bearing in mind that he’s an 85 year old gentleman and there are countless Briton much younger than he is who have hearing problems. The judge in question, who clearly has his hearing problems but of a different kind refused to accept Mr Scarth’s explanation and summarily and what can only be considered as a rather idiotic whim of his sentenced this gentleman to six months, jail time far exceeding that which many of the judge’s sect get for far more serious and dare I say offensive crimes, like porno judge David Selwood who was given a one year community sentence he then bold as brass said he couldn’t do as he wasn’t well enough to do it; no problem though in hanging on to his £33,000 a year pension, and even more reprehensible was the collusion that occurred between the CPS, prosecution, police and Selwood’s defence team that jointly concurred he didn’t need a jail sentence as it was too harsh, his crime was for his own pleasure (which is like saying Dracula’s blood bank was for his own personal utilization) and therefore fell into the category of minor. Or the case of Deputy High Court Judge, James Allen, who was served with nothing more than a 12 month supervision order after he beat up his wife in an argument about an uncooked dinner in a country which purports with self-righteous horror to consider such conduct as totally beyond the pale. The judge, Daphne Wickham that handed down this sentence had no reservations though when she jailed the Rupert Murdoch pie thrower, a decision which though marginally reduced was none the less upheld by the appeal court.

Drawing a contrast between the two cases mentioned above and that of Norman Scarth, just the tip of this disturbingly sinister, judiciary iceberg that I could have recounted, it is clear to anyone with a functioning brain cell in his or her head that the judge in Norman Scarth’s unfortunate case has at best evidently either gone over the top or else has lost his marbles completely, assuming of course there were any there to start with. And if this is a measure of the objectivity or justice we can expect from our judges in the future then as a country we Britons are in a much more parlous state than even the most prescient-minded of us suspected; for what we’ve witnessed is just plain barmy!

And even if Norman Scarth did intentionally break the rules what actual harm I ask you did he do to anyone? At the top of our Animal Farm hierarchal system we have those that lord it over us consistently breaking the rules and the major difference between what they are doing and what Mr Scarth did is that their multitudinous actions, premeditatedly done with malice aforethought, cause grievous psychological and financial harm to millions of our people as well as utter devastation to many millions more abroad, and the sad thing is that judges like the one in the Norman Scarth case turn a blind eye to this and allow them to get away with it. Would any of these judges for example have the guts to exercise their so-called judicial independence and call for the prosecution of the likes of Tony Blair that dishonestly took us into an illegal war and with George W. Bush and others were they the leaders of developing nations would have been hauled before the courts on a multitude of war crimes and crimes against humanity? Or are you simply a part of the problem; part of the same old boys, public school, Bullingdon club stinking network that live in your own gilded world and couldn’t give a damn about anyone other than yourselves and your own clique of social parasites, more interested in accumulating baubles representing an empire that no longer exists rather than honestly dispensing justice equally without fear or favour to everyone, not just the rich, powerful and influential.

Norman Scarth was well aware of all this just as he was of the manifold inadequacies of the police, judiciary system, magistrates and judges and vitally wasn’t afraid to stick his neck above the parapet and loudly criticize what he saw and knew to be wrong, so he had to be made an example of; in other words he had to be silenced. Previously Mr Scarth had won an EU court ruling against secret court hearings in Britain and therefore the judiciary was out to get him for his bottle in taking such action and actually winning. My question is, if justice shouldn’t only be done but ought also to be seen to be done why are a bunch of totally unrepresentative and wholly unaccountable, no one actually knows how you get your jobs although we suspect what really goes on, and drawn exclusively from a section of our society that is light years removed from the rest of us by its mindboggling elitism, arrogance, privileged existence and in many case rank stupidity, what are you so afraid of in terms of the public transparently seeing what you get up to rather than having a coterie of obsequious, disreputable and discredited hacks telling us the versions that you and they evidently want the rest of us to obediently swallow? Besides this is 2011 the age of social networking and a surfeit of alternative communications and like Norman Scarth countless millions of us globally don’t as previous generation passively did see you as our betters, since you’re public servants and that’s what we consider you to be; that means you work for us not the other way round.

But like feral, cretinous kids recklessly playing around in wet concrete oblivious of the inherent dangers there are when the concrete sets you try to preserve an era that has long passed by and which your lot can’t come to terms with. It’s why you and so many others on the extreme rightwing detest with consummate passion the Human Rights Legislations that are now part of our legal code and do all you can to undermine it. My advice to you is go get a life.

Norman Scarth served Britain with distinction and bravery during the Second World War that was started by people having the same fascist mindset we see today across the British establishment. He ploughed through the icy waters of the Arctic Ocean to take supplies to the Soviet Union that was gallantly keeping the Third Reich at bay and finally defeated it on the Eastern Front enabling the brave members of our own and millions of our colonial forces: 2 million Indians comprising the largest voluntary force in the history of mankind; hundreds of thousands of black African and West Indian troops and many others besides to finish of the job and win the war against fascism and Nazism. And it’s a great insult to their memory and selfless sacrifices as well as to those still alive like Norman Scarth and my own father and uncles for an assortment of self-centred, effete nonentities with the so-called right social connections and that feel they have an invincible right to dispense their own brand of kangaroo justice over the rest of us; people who as we all know have never worn a British military uniform of any kind, seen a bullet fired in anger, or see any reason why they should as that they consider are tasks only for the likes of brave Norman Scarth, my dad or me while theirs is to take control of our lives, well let me tell you this, you can all go to hell in a handcart as far as I’m personally concerned, for I know who, despite my own priceless education, I would rather see inhabiting this country, running its affairs and doing so on merit not through incestuous privilege or a wholly contemptible and vengeful old boy’s network.

It’s been widely reported on the alternative media that Norman Scarth is being denied his necessary medication and is forced to live in conditions that are inhumane to say the very least, all this just because those who absurdly feel they were born to rule can’t in the 21st century see and acknowledge that the rest of us don’t accept the warped notion they have of their own inherent superiority, whether this is based on social or racial lines, and that those who unwarrantedly consider themselves to be great only appear to be so as long as the rest of us stay on our knees. And I take my hat off to Norman Scarth and all the other folk like him across our country. So how about those of us who genuinely believe in what justice and fair play is all about starting a national campaign to have this judge minus his pension swiftly kicked out of the judiciary thus prohibiting him and others like him from ever again adversely affecting the lives of decent members of our assorted communities and particularly those like Norman Scarth that he evidently considers inferior to himself.

We don’t have to be told that our Con-Dem government, it leaders and the overwhelming majority of our lawmakers are rotten to the core or that preceding ones also were, but one gets the government they deserve. That said we still have the ability to change them at the ballot box and replace them if we so wish with others of our choice; that’s as it should be even if they turn out to be worse than the previous lot. This is most certainly not the case with our judiciary who as I said before are entirely unaccountable and unrepresentative in every conceptual sense of those words, and I honestly believe that it’s high time we do a complete root and branch change of the nepotistic and corrupt system that produces them and fashion one that is more in keeping with the 21st Century and the needs of a modern not a colonial, class-ridden and archaic Britain; since I also steadfastly think that much of so-called British superiority and Britain’s civilizing mission to the world that these crazed judicial Neanderthals are steeped in rest upon nothing more than delusions of grandeur.

Free Norman Scarth!

Saturday, 20 August 2011


By Stanley Collymore

If Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, David Cameron, Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy together with all the other leaders of the United States’ client states in the EU and the rest of Europe are as they claim for human rights in Syria, Libya, Iran and every other country they don’t like, evidently for purely self-centred reasons or their own political agendas and nothing else, how come then that all of them are the best friends of those carrying out some of the most horrendous human rights violations contrary to the Geneva Conventions and all other relevant international laws and protocols in countries like Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the other corrupt dictatorial fiefdoms in the Persian Gulf, and of course their very own bête noire and enfant terrible Zionist apartheid Israel which with absolute impunity does whatever it likes with carte blanche immunity granted to it by these very same self-righteous but in reality depraved western entities?

Incidentally, in August 2011 the United States despite the continuing vicious and well-documented Saudi assisted repression in Bahrain by the Al-Kalifa family, that the United States and the west support by the way, nevertheless saw fit to sign a new and enhanced agreement with that dictatorial regime to have the US fifth fleet carry on being stationed in Bahrain to patrol the Persian Gulf and threaten Iran thousands of miles away from the United States own l territorial borders. Just imagine what the instinctive and aggressive response would be from these mind-boggling hypocrites were Iran or Syria mutually with countries located in the Americas or the Caribbean did the same there. We anxiously saw what happened when the then Soviet decided to set up a nuclear base in Cuba and the US response to that, this despite the fact that the United States had hordes of nukes in Europe encircling the USSR but most notably in Turkey which had a land border with the Soviet Union; Cuba is some 90 miles off the shores of the United States at its nearest point.

There will always be sections of the community that tyrannical governments or regimes or those with such dispositions can buy off to quell dissent internally in their states; Saudi Arabia did this to the tune of US $57 billion dollars with its people in the aftermath of the Arab Awakening. Similarly it’s entirely possible in any country with a disposition to flout the rule of law to cynically throw sand into sufficient peoples’ eyes, as we recurrently and quite sinisterly observe happening in several major western countries, to blind them with prejudices, racial or sectarian ones for example, whose primary purpose is to intentionally create an ongoing atmosphere of fear, hatred and division that enable the perpetrators of such infamies to gain or stay in power through divide and conquer tactics.

The United States and its proxy Saudi Arabia supported the Eritrean freedom fighters as they were called then when Ethiopia had a communist government; when this fell the US instantaneously and most cynically switched its backing to Ethiopia where it had installed a puppet, pro-western regime. This regime, thanks to the United States, is one of the most militarized in the world spending huge amounts of its GDP on western supplied arms that are employed not only to destabilize but also invade neighbouring states at the behest of the United States; props up the rump regime in Somalia that doesn’t represent the Somali people and basically controls only a section of the capital Mogadishu and in tandem with indiscriminate US drone attacks supposedly against the Somali Al-Shabab revolutionary fighters waging a war against western imperialism is a principal contributory factor to the unrest, instability, poverty and famine not only in Ethiopia that refuses to address these domestic issues but also the rest of the Horn of Africa where its militarization is crucially exacerbating and making matters worse.

There are 6000 Palestinians ranging from children to the very elderly and held for several years locked up in Israeli jails, large numbers of them not charged with or prosecuted for any offence but all part of Israel’s obvious arrogance to demonstrate what with absolute impunity it can do and not have to face any consequences for its criminal activities while the west as cheerleaders of this criminality say and do nothing. But there’s a single Israeli soldier, not a civilian like the vast majority of Palestinians in Israel’s prisons are, who is being held by the Palestinians and the same western hypocrites that have nothing to say about Israel’s past illegitimate actions vis-à-vis its detention of so many Palestinians as it brazenly carries on doing more of the same, are on the warpath about the incarceration of this one soldier; just as they continue to keep mum about and don’t condemn the CIA’s kidnapping of innocent people off our streets so they can be outsourced to secret gulags or well known health resorts like Bagram, Abu Grahib or Guantanamo Bay for rendition; that’s torture to you and me.

John Scarlett the United Kingdom’s ex MI6 boss and Jeremy Greenstock our erstwhile ambassador to the UN: both of them clandestine lobbyists for oil companies while still in public office, knowingly lied to the British parliament and our public (let’s call a spade a spade and not get ourselves embroiled in all that parliamentary claptrap and semantics on words about misleading since a lie is just that as far as I’m concerned) as they vigorously pushed for the Iraq war. They got their way and we’re all familiar with the consequences that stemmed from the United States and Britain’s decision to attack and illegally invade Iraq: 1.2 million Iraqi killed; 5 million displaced; the country’s infrastructure completely destroyed and all the rest of it, while the United States has created a mini-state within that country with its construction of the world’s largest embassy there with a private army of unaccountable mercenaries to protect it.

In the meantime Messrs Scarlett and Greenstock having vacated their employment with the British state have acquired even more lucrative jobs as highly paid executives with the same oil companies who they lobbied for that we should unreservedly go to war with Iraq. No punishment or even a suggestion of it though for their complicit crimes against humanity or the offence of incitement to a criminal act whose catastrophic outcome saw so many people, Iraqis as well as members of our armed forces, unnecessarily forfeiting their lives amid structural damage to Iraq incurring a cost of billions of Pounds Sterling; far more than the August 2011 unrest in England will ever amount to. Yet those that want to bring down hellfire and brimstone on the heads of those caught up in the impetus of English unrest were like John Scarlett and Jeremy Greenstock among the most sadistic, unyielding and highly impassioned supporters and cheerleaders for military action against Iraq.

Cheshire Police’s Assistant Chief Constable Phil Thompson in his quite uncompromising support for the swingeing but transparently and wholly disproportionate sentences handed down by magistrates and district judges overtly grandstanding and brazenly responding to rightwing political rhetoric in relation to the sentences that they handed out to those either wilfully involved or unintentionally were caught up in the English unrest of 2011 having fulsomely praised these law officers for what they did and are still doing, said that he was “quite comfortable with the sentences as they reflect the mood of the people.” Wasn’t this the same raison d’être that the Nazis of Europe and not just those of Germany but also a host of other countries across the entire European mainland, notably France, all the Baltic states, Norway, Denmark, Croatia, the Ukraine, supposed neutral Switzerland, Spain and Sweden just to name a mere fraction of them, contemptibly used in their sick justification for Europe’s holocaust which resulted in the horrific deaths of millions of Jews, Gypsies and others judgmentally regarded and revoltingly referred to as Die Untermenschen (The Undesirables)?

That too Phil Thompson was the public mood unambiguously expressed in the same way as it was aggressively encouraged and permitted to murderously go unchallenged. A very fickle beast is the public mood Mr Assistant Chief Constable in addition to being a two-edged sword. Because of my rather unique position I’ve spoken to and interviewed many of those that gratuitously cheered on the holocaust who are now utterly mortified by what they did; others though continue to live in a state of denial and absurdly claim they didn’t know what was going on in their communities or even on their doorsteps. But as dictator Benito Mussolini and his Romanian counterpart to their cost fatally discovered that same public mood they so assiduously nurtured and exploited for their own ends just as rapidly turned against them when circumstances and the tide of public opinion that accompanied it had altered. So be very careful what you wish for Phil Thompson for while it may make you feel self-righteous espousing what you do it also drably shows up your shortcomings in relation to having a prescient-minded appreciation or understanding of human nature; and for a top cop that’s inexcusable.

Barack Obama as the then Senator for Illinois speaking on contractors (mercenaries to you and me) said this at the time: “We cannot win a fight for hearts and minds when we outsource critical missions to unaccountable contractors.” Curiously as President he now seemingly thinks a whole lot differently from way back then when he said those words, with the role of contractors in the United States’ wars having significantly increased and the victims of their crimes still begging for justice.

Without an ethical foreign policy all you do is attack oppressive states that irritate you while being nice to repressive ones that suck up to you. No one suggested during Stalin’s bloody reign that the west should attack the Soviet Union to bring about regime change even after it had marched into Hungary and Czechoslovakia. It didn’t happen either when China annexed Tibet and is one of the reasons that North Korea hasn’t been attacked and dialogue with it is preferred, because all three likely foes have nuclear weapons and could inflict immense damage on their assailants. And therein likes the mindset of the west’s posturing bullies.

Friday, 19 August 2011


By Stanley Collymore

Amidst all the hot air and froth that’s flying around in England at the moment more liberally than confetti lavishly chucked around at a well-heeled wedding ceremony it is intentionally, conveniently and dishonestly being overlooked and even callously ignored as to what was the catalyst that caused the recent unrest in London that then spread across the rest of England in the first place. That catalyst was unquestionably the deadly shooting with two targeted bullets specifically to the head, that much we’ve gleaned so far from patchy reports reaching us, of a black Briton and father of four children Mark Duggan, in the London district of Tottenham by London Metropolitan Police officers. But hearing the glut of reactive and condemnatory remarks in tandem with the disturbingly disparaging and judgmental reports emanating from the let’s hang, draw and quarter them brigade, several of these unmistakably bordering on the outright racist since, despite all the factual data to hand and the vivid images that we saw on our television screens and on the streets where the unrest was taking place to support this, there are still those who dishonestly and for their own racist agendas want to portray what we all witnessed as a race, and more specifically a black race riot, even though this unrest wasn’t specifically initiated by or largely let alone exclusively confined to members of just one race. To parody David Cameron, paraphrase and use his own words against him; they were all in it together.

And while no level-headed person in his or her right mind thinks for a solitary moment that everyone who participated in the unrest, or as I much prefer to call it the English Awakening, had Mark Duggan’s calculated murder, as it now seems, at the top of their personal priorities when they seized the initiative, pro-actively took matters into their own hands and fearlessly went out onto the English streets in what was fundamentally a spontaneous revolt, what the police did to him had nevertheless graphically brought home to the vast majority of them the deeply marginalized and perilous state of their own everyday lives. And in precisely the same way that their so-called betters instinctively and vindictively respond when they regard their deeply corrupt and venally disposed interests to be at risk and have no qualms or problems in unleashing terrible and indiscriminate retribution on all and sundry to redress this no matter who or how many innocents suffer as a result, those involved in the English Awakening were to my mind just getting their own back. And who, unless you’re someone who is quite happy to buy into the rather nonsensical and asinine narrative that they’re all scum and criminals or have a vested interest in fraudulently and publicly condemning them because your snout is so profoundly embedded in the trough of financial corruption, parliamentary public purse rip-offs, white collar crime, tax evasion and all the other nefarious scams that wilfully deploy to deprive these people of their equal and legitimate share to the wealth of our country, then my simple advice to you is shut your gobs, climb down from your rather absurdly, sanctimonious and hectoring high horses and get real.

Which is worst I ask you, spontaneously but intermittently giving vent to one’s justified rage on the streets of England and looting commercial businesses whose owners like Philip Green don’t pay any tax while nevertheless reaping whirlwind profits in the UK or having our venal politicians spend billions of Pounds of our tax revenue taking us into futile and unnecessary wars specifically on behalf of the military industrial complex and our Zionist puppet masters which kill millions of innocent people in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria where we’re also involved, although David Cameron and his accomplices in the Con-Dem regime haven’t had the guts yet to openly say we are? Yet these same acquisitive, multi-millionaire bastards are the ones who barefacedly tell us we’ve no money available to finance the NHS properly; pay our doctors, nurses and other medical staff decent living wages; that shamelessly do the same with other valued and indispensible public sector workers like our teachers and honourable and remarkably hardworking members of our police and armed forces, not the politicized and equally corrupt and venal top brass of those organizations that I have no empathy with at all, whose numbers are to be drastically reduced. Who unlawfully authorize a clandestine, extra-judicial, clandestine shoot to kill policy against certain specified and targeted sections of our community and are quite happy to arbitrarily tear up the legal rule book, as we’ve witnessed in the aftermath of the English Awakening, to sate their sadistic proclivities.

Having callously murdered Mark Duggan the police immediately took to briefing the media, giving them a version of events that was wholly different from what took place, then together with the purportedly Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), that quite frankly is neither independent as a body nor even-handed about complaints from certain sections of the community that it deigns to investigate, relayed to the public the same packs of lies that it has now had to retract. These lies revolve around their stated remarks that Mark Duggan had without provocation opened fire on the police first, with one of the bullets he’d so recklessly, deliberately and murderously fired at these police officers who in the course of their ordinary duties had simply stopped the taxicab he was travelling in to carry out a routine police checks had even lodged itself in one of the police officer’s two way radio, giving the unambiguous impression and bearing in mind where these communication devices are carried by the police that this particular police officer was indeed fortunate not to have had been killed himself; an extremely powerful and emotive piece of propaganda by any means and one which the police well aware of the instinctive and endemic racist mindset of the rightwing and disingenuous liberals in the UK exploited to the full.

And the police involved were spot on in their evaluation of this bearing in mind some of the most absurd, unthinking, unsympathetic and contemptible comments that I heard from what I or any other reasonable person could only categorize as the police’s natural constituents. Yet in the aftermath of the unrest, and this is no surprise to anyone who is a punctilious observer of these matters and particularly where the IPCC and the police are concerned, it has become abundantly clear with Rachel Certfontyne of the IPCC, which is a statutory body and not an extemporized NGO let’s remember, somewhat embarrassingly (in as much as people like her are capable of such) being forced to admit not only that these police officers could evidently better utilize their immense talents as fiction writers than in policing our streets but also that she and her organization had lied to the public. Misleading Rachel Certfontyne called it but a lie and especially a deliberate one is by any other name still a dammed lie! Besides, the IPCC has established form in this area of disingenuousness and is viewed by many independent and impartial observers as significantly unaccountable, indifferent to those it regards as being on the margins of society or having the wrong skin colour, while being fawningly preferential to the police.

I know that the Independent Police Commission was set up in April 2004 but any adept body would have been aware of why it came into existence and would have closely examined its own remit; this the IPCC has clearly not done and behaves just like every other government quango deliberately packed with useless, unctuous jobsworths and party political time servers avidly looking forward to be personally rewarded with political baubles, you know the sort: OBE, CBE, MBE of an empire that no longer exists or the occasional Dame or Knighthood in a society that is endemically and inveterately class driven, and that their political handlers know all too well they can dependably rely upon to do their every bidding. How else then can one account for the fact that since1969 the British police have killed some 4000 black people either on our streets or in police custody, 490 of them alone since 2001; and at no time has any police officer ever been arrested, charged or prosecuted for their murders, and at every stage we’ve had the IPCC since its creation along with the Crown Prosecution Service stating that there was no probable case to answer thus complicitly permitting these state killers to go about their work scot-free. But those figures which I’ve given above don’t take into account the statistics for Blacks killed at the hands of prison officers who themselves never end up in court.

Yet not satisfied with the level and immunity of state murder that these people sanction we have David Cameron, our prime minister, authorizing more of the same in the knee-jerk and ludicrous appointment of Bill Bratton as his crime advisor, just as he similarly, asininely and inadvisably, and that’s putting it mildly, in the face of numerous exhortations from a number of reputable sources, notably the British Guardian Newspaper, for him not to do so still went ahead and appointed Andy Coulson as his Communications Director at No. 10 Downing St., placing a man with a dodgy past at the very heart of our government’s affairs and when as we recently saw the shit started to hit the fan with earnestness over the hacking scandal affair has regularly baulked at apologising to our country for what he intentionally did or admit that his judgment in hiring Andy Coulson was seriously flawed even in the wake of the belated arrest of his fellow Eton buddy, risibly claiming in view of his uncompromisingly harsh, outspoken and fascistic stance towards those that were involved in the unrest principally because of the heartless and deliberate marginalization of them by his own, previous Tory and New Labour governments, that he gave toff friend a second chance and in his words, “everyone deserves a second chance.” Yes David, we know precisely what you mean! Now idiotically but like the fascist that he is David Cameron is obsequiously, as every good US puppet does, turning to a harebrained US import to supposedly crack our crime problems. Someone who comes from a racist-entrenched society and abysmal criminal justice system and culture that arguably is the most vicious, unequal and barbaric in the world and at times makes that of Saudi Arabia, its bosom pal, look decidedly benign.

So I personally don’t want any lectures from Bill Bratton on how Britain should deal with its law and order problems, and for him to state publicly that people should be made to fear the police what lunatic asylum did they let him out from for the weekend when David Cameron got in touch with him? I have a very astute brain in my head Bill Bratton and I’m not a child. Notwithstanding that anyone outside the lunatic rightwing in Britain who was daft enough to suggest that in 2011 children should be made to fear other human beings would quite rightly be at best viewed with intense suspicion and at worst, and quite properly so in my opinion be had up for child cruelty. Yet we have this prized transatlantic imbecile mouthing his load of crap and there are those, not just Americophiles like David Cameron and his crew who as wikileaks revealed had pledged to the Americans before they came into government that they would be faithful, obsequious puppets and push their heads up America’s posterior whenever that country farts its demands, that are eagerly buying into this load of tosh while at the same time, and quite unsurprisingly so, not bothering to demand of David Cameron how much this current of several other rightwing financial scams carried out in the past of forking out cash that we can ill afford and urgently need at home but that he and his Con-Dem partners always maintain they either don’t have or can’t find to deploy when it comes to genuinely essential matters that relate to the average Briton but have no such difficulties or restraints whenever the Americans are involved, going to cost us the British taxpayers?

Yet the unrest that catapulted David Cameron into looking towards the United States for help and having Bill Bratten parachuted into our midst as a result was sparked by the same kind of insensitive policing that Bill Bratton is so infamous for. Having murdered Mark Duggan the Metropolitan Police rather than embark on giving prompt, proper and truthful explanations to his grieving family members for what its officers had done and subsequently and courteously keeping them informed about developments in relation to his case chose instead to totally and disdainfully ignore them and instead focused on briefing their pliant and corrupt mouthpieces in the media with a fabricated story about the fatal shooting and Mark Duggan’s primary role in causing it to happen that these despicable hacks unquestioningly published or broadcasted. It was the same situation with the IPCC which as it characteristically does, particularly when Blacks are involved as the victims in police incidents, intuitively sides with the police and, as was quite apparent in this case, swallows their pack of lies hook, line and sinker.

Therefore when Rachel Certfontyne in her disingenuous response to unravelling events in the wake of the English Awakening talks about the IPCC having given misleading statements to the public what she actually means but is too much a coward to unambiguously say so, is that the IPCC was lied to by the police, that she and her colleagues instinctively bought into their narrative and now they superciliously want us the general public to think it was all an honest mistake on the part of the IPCC; well that dishonest response doesn’t wash with me Rachel; and regardless of how much or what kind of spin you put on it the entire affair stinks. Rush to judgement was ostensibly the IPCC’s only concern in the Mark Duggan’s case rather than a polite but all the same no-nonsense demand from the police for all the information which was accessible and for the IPCC to then carry out a methodical and impartial analysis of this data and all other relevant information that subsequently came to light in the course of what ought inevitably to have been a thorough investigation before it so authoritatively shot its mouth off to the public with what damningly turned out to be a false report as you shall see.

Forensic evidence confirmed that Mark Duggan didn’t fire any weapons and the gun that was opportunely found next to his deceased body hadn’t been fired either; but crucially the bullet later found lodged in the two way radio belonging to one of the police officers involved in the shooting incident and flagged up as a perfect justification for killing Mark Duggan turned out to have come from the gun of a fellow police officer, ballistics explicitly showing that it was police issued. The family, friends and loyal supporters of Mark Duggan didn’t know this at the time but the IPCC evidently did, but neither they nor the Metropolitan Police saw fit to apprise them or more importantly the Duggan family of these facts when they turned up in a peaceful demonstration outside Tottenham police station where the police officers involved were stationed to get answers regarding Mark’s murder. For well over five hours they waited patiently for this to happen hoping that eventually someone in authority would do the decent thing, come out and speak to them; but to no avail as they saw their efforts studiously ignored in the most contemptuous and disparaging manner. With darkness quickening by the second, night fast approaching and the quite palpably, racially-motivated insult by the Tottenham and Metropolitan police now deliberately added to the grievous injury of Mark Duggan’s death a tinder box situation rapidly developed soon afterwards to be powerfully ignited by the sparks of frustration, anger and reprisal. The English Awakening had begun!

This then, from well informed sources, is the real chronology of events that surrounded Mark Duggan’s murder and was undeniably the catalyst to the unrest that struck London and unlike the rest of Britain spread like wild fire exclusively across England.

1. Mark Duggan was in a car with another man who was the driver that was flagged down to stop by the police; the driver of the vehicle responds as requested by the police.
2. Both men are ordered by the police to get out of the car; first Mark Duggan’s companion then Mark himself. Again both men peacefully and calmly complied with the police officers’ instructions.
3. Neither man was armed or carried a weapon as they exited the car. Now outside the car both men were ordered to lean submissively against the vehicle in the standard police frisk and search procedure; they both did as they were told to do.
4. Unprovoked and not threatened by either man in any way Mark Duggan was shot twice in the head at close range by the police.
5. The police then conveniently found a gun not used in any way under the passenger seat of the car.

6. As in the John Charles De Menezes case the police immediately briefed their hacks in the media and the public was told that the dead victim, Mark Duggan, posed a serious threat to the police; that he had intentionally and with malice aforethought fired first at the police with one of his bullets lodging itself in the radio of one of the police officers present; only then did the police return fire killing Mark Duggan in what they claimed was self defence
7. The gun allegedly discovered in the car under the passenger seat now mysteriously found itself beside Mark Duggan’s dead body and very much outside the car but no one, the police or the IPCC can account for how it got there when both Mark and his companion exited the car without any weapons.
8. The IPCC knew these facts and chose to conceal them from the public, complicitly getting into bed with the police, as it always does, to smear and slander the name of a man whom the police had murdered, just as it did with Jean Charles De Menezes.

9. Only after the disdainful response by the Tottenham and Metropolitan Police in refusing to give the Duggan family, their friends and supporters from the locally celebrated Broadwater Farm Estate the time of day far less answers for the unfathomable murder of Mark Duggan, a fundamentally deprived, marginalized and working class estate that in the annals of London’s institutionalized racist police narrative has its own simmering and even seething recourse for vengeance, and with this contemptuous response clearly acting as the catalyst for the unrest, and the IPCC evidently seeing which way the wind was blowing did that body belatedly but more so to cover its treacherous back condescend to say to the public what it knew all along that Mark Duggan had no gun with him, did not shoot at anyone, and all the bullets fired, two of them into the head of Mark Duggan came solely and unprovoked from police guns. Even then the IPCC did not address the matter of the migrating gun and how it got beside the slain body of Mark Duggan, but among the cross section of those I spoke to all concluded like me that you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out the answer to that question.

10. The overwhelming observation on the street is that were it not for the unrest that erupted the IPCC would have sat on this information and not revealed it; would have gone along as it routinely does backing the police in the face of a surfeit of barefaced lies, and would not only have cleared the police of any wrongdoing but would also have vindicated their actions.

The death penalty for all crimes has been legally abolished in the UK but it would appear that sections of the English constabulary, again this seems to be a particular English phenomenon, like their equally sadistic Zionist counterparts in Israel feel they have a licence to summarily on a personal whim, or even premeditatedly so carry out extra-judicial killings on the streets of England of certain sections of our community, and with the connivance and support of the IPCC, Crown Prosecution Service, rightwing and fascist elements within the criminal justice (Oh they do exist!) system, including magistrates, judges and hand-picked juries, in the very rare instances that such cases ever get to court, together with the express backing of our right wing media and the tacit and secret support of some of our MPs, cabinet and government ministers can do so with impunity and the full knowledge that they will be immune from ever having to face and suffer the consequences of their murderous and criminal actions.

And on the subject of murder most foul and literally getting away with it let’s not forget that Jean Charles De Menezes, and I’m just citing one example here, was cold-bloodedly gunned down with multiple gunshots to his head as he sat peacefully, minding his own business, on a London Underground train by officers belonging to the very same Metropolitan Police Force that immediately afterwards intentionally set about propagandizing his murder and in tandem with its vile media hacks methodically set about demonizing him as a dangerous terrorist but nevertheless still carried on purposely slandering this young black man’s name long after the truth had publicly emerged, with it having unquestionably been proved that Jean Charles De Menezes was an entirely innocent man. Throughout this abhorrent affair the conduct of the IPPC was less than principled, and that’s putting it rather mildly; but probity has never been, isn’t or will it ever be a quality that anyone with a working brain cell in his or her head could or would ever falsely accuse the IPCC of, since I doubt if its collective membership has ever heard of the word let alone know what it means and would therefore be all at sea as to how to apply it and what it stands for. As expected no one was held responsible for the Jean Charles De Menzies murder by the Metropolitan Police, an utterly insensitive resolution in which the IPCC played a primary role, and it’s my deduction that like all the thousands of black deaths in police custody alone the murder of Londoner Mark Duggan: a father of four, of whom the British and other western media carried no information about him or his family at all (but in unambiguously marked contrast gave us rolling coverage of the ordeal of affluent Australian Madeleine Pulver, her family and who they are) will through the courtesy of the IPCC get the same indifferent, dismissive, racist treatment as all the other police black murder victims that preceded him.

But one doesn’t have to speculate let alone ask what their immediate response, that of many of their ilk, and of course that of the British and EU governments that have been exceedingly but predictably quiet on the goings on in England in direct contrast to their very voluble rants and even criminal involvement in the internal affairs of several countries which we all know about outside the boundaries of Europe if it were a white individual gunned down in similar circumstances in one of these said countries, or Zimbabwe or even South Africa for instance. We wouldn’t hear the last of it and could even expect a UN resolution to authorize action to attack or invade the said country under the customary and dishonest pretext of humanitarian concerns; in other words white vengeance and regime change.

A crucial element in all this however is the behind the scenes role that the Zionists within the Israeli so-called security apparatus have played in a number of these London police murders. What our media don’t report, and probably wouldn’t dare to, is that more and more a number of our police officers, particularly from the Metropolitan Police, are secretly sent off to Israel to be trained and indoctrinated in that Zionist apartheid country’s extra-judicial killing tactics and techniques, and the exceedingly politicized bosses at the Metropolitan Police permit and actively encourage this not only for personal aggrandizement and self-interest career wise in pleasing their Downing Street and Home Office string pullers but also because it panders to their egoism and sadism and they can then quite legitimately in their eyes like the psychopath who joins an otherwise admirable SAS or the less so United States Seals play out their rather vicious predilections while deluding and even convincing themselves that they’re doing what they’re involved in for the greater good of the country; in the case of the Metropolitan Police which is officially charged with combating terrorism in Britain that they’re dutifully fighting this menace, while blissfully, stupidly, haughtily and delusionally overlooking the real causes of terrorism. And for the British police to fervently climb into bed with a bunch of inveterate fanatics in the Middle East that President Roosevelt’s advisors were savvy to and explicitly warned this great man to have nothing to do with them (where I ask you are our present-day equivalents? None I’m afraid; just a motley and despicable crew of venal, political Pygmies), isn’t only counterproductive but also beyond the pale. Shooting not to disarm or incapacitate the suspect but to kill him in a completely subjective, vengeful and arbitrary act of retribution by pumping several shots at close range into the suspect’s head is a specifically Israeli tactic that is barbarous and has no place whatsoever in British policing.

But to listen to the BBC, France 24 and the other idiotic western media one could be forgiven for thinking we were all living in Wonderland since their fanciful world bears no correlation to real one that most decent and sensible people inhabit. And like vicious sharks in a feeding frenzy these media buffoons were all at it as they frenetically attempted to outdo each other, our equally dim-witted lawmakers and the surfeit of rent-a-mouths that they characteristically and quite ridiculously parade across our television screens, in their endeavour to demonstrate how punitive, rightwing and sadistic they can be to those that they condescending look down upon as their social and racial inferiors.

Here’s a collage of some of these remarks and observations by those that see themselves as the pillars of British society; all I can say in response is, “God help us if that’s the case!” The persons I’ve referred to appear randomly and there’s no priority or lack of it given to anyone or their comments, since from a personal perspective I regard them all as prized morons.

1. Patrick Mercer says he didn’t approve of water canons and rubber in Northern Ireland but is keen for them to be used on mainland UK against those he brands as rioters; Theresa May also supports this stance. David Cameron: “A broken society; people who feel the world owe them a living.” Unless they have oodles of inherited wealth and can fork out £18,000 a week for a luxury holiday in Tuscany. David goes on to say: “Poverty has nothing to do with the problems these people face.” My question: How would you know David?

2. Kit Malthouse, Deputy Mayor of London: “I’m asking the judges to hand down exemplary sentences to show that this kind of behaviour won’t be tolerated.” What about due process of law Kit and proportionality or are these judges personal friends of yours? Eve Pollard on Sky News: “Who excluded them? (Disdainfully) They excluded themselves.” She then went on to say that the daughter of a friend of hers in an Arab state (Bahrain to you and me) telephoned her mother to say she felt safer in that country than in London. Maybe we should also ask the Saudis to invade England and suppress our own undesirables Eve. Lorna Dunkley, Sky News and brain of Britain I don’t think: “I can remember the Middle Class in the past bending over to include these people.”

3. Gary Shewan, Manchester Police: “There’s no spark, nothing to cause these people to do what they’re doing. These people have nothing to protest about”. In the memorable words of Mandy Rice Davies he would say that wouldn’t he? Roma Hooper on Sky News speaking to Anna Botting 16 August 2011: “Give magistrates and district judges all the power they need to give the harshest punishments they feel necessary to the right people; I mean those at the lower end of society, not everyone should be treated the same.” Now we know!
4. Then there are those like Louise Mensch (that’s German isn’t it?) Tory MP and who quite risibly sees herself as a future PM of the UK; she wants as does David Cameron and others to close down the internet and social networks for those who they see as well not really entitled to it. Louise admits when pressed that she would be inconvenienced if it was widespread and involved everyone but that’s not what she’s calling for. There are loads of other idiotic jibes at the poor, marginalized and dispossessed but that’s just a flavour of the sentiments coming from these prized morons. But here’s one comment that you should really chew over and I’ve given the owner of it a section all to himself. It’s from our Con-Dem PM David Cameron in the wake of the Arab Spring.

5. David Cameron’s comments on social media prior to the English Awakening.
“It belongs to a new generation for whom technology – the internet and social media – is a powerful tool in the hands of citizens not a means of repression. It belongs to the people who’ve had enough of corruption, of having to make do with what they’re given, of having to settle for second best.”

We’re all familiar with the numerous comments that David Cameron has made since then and those he’s particularly making in the wake of the English Awakening. But the following comment sums up what the likes of David Cameron and the thieving and corrupt MPs in the House of Commons and those lawmakers in the House of Lords really are and the sheer and brutal audacity they have to point the finger at others. How can people like Gerald Kaufmann and Hazel Blairs who should be doing jail time just to name two be castigating the have nots for steeling a bottle of water when they, in every party in both houses of parliament have so brazenly swindled the public purse of millions of Pounds; or is theft only that when it is done by the poor but when the rich do it it’s something different. When for example are they going to make Philip Green pay taxes and compel other tax evaders to do the same?

The British Prime Minister is among a number of high profile western leaders who touted the role of social media in the Arab Spring for its role in holding all governments accountable. Now in the wake of the riots in the UK David Cameron s says it may be necessary to jam social networks during times of emergency. Critics [quite logically] contend that Cameron’s position is nothing short of hypocrisy. [David Olander RT.]

The biggest daylight robbery was bailing out the banks saying that they’re too big to fail; [a situation compounded by the west] attacking countries as part of [their] empire building. Yet [incredibly] these people have the audacity to blame the have nots and disposed as thieves. [Charlie Veitch]

As for tame magistrates and out of touch judges enthusiastically climbing aboard the political bandwagon and quite idiotically and headline grabbing handing out sentences that are quite disproportionate to the crimes committed, my blunt response to you is if you so desperately want to be politicians then either stand for parliament or else campaign for our judiciary to be elected figures that we can replace at the ballot box and not as we have at present completely obscure, no idea how you get these jobs, and largely unrepresented figures in our lives.

David Cameron says that parts of our society are sick; he right but I would differ with him on which parts are actually not only sick but in terminal health. Here’s an observation of mine David that perhaps you together with those that think like you along with the let’s hang, draw and quarter them brigade might do well to reflect on:

“A fish always rots from the head and here in Britain we’ve got a government that’s rotten, a parliament that’s rotten, a media that’s rotten; we also have a financial system that’s rotten, a class structure that’s rotten, a criminal justice system, military top brass and police forces that are extensively politicized, corrupt and institutionally rotten to the core like all the aforesaid. Is there any wonder then that some of this enormous and endemic, top level rottenness has cancerously spread downwards to contaminate and moreover is effectively permeating other sections of British society as well?” [Stanley Collymore]

Final words: “The riot is the voice of the unheard” Dr Martin Luther king.