Tuesday, 12 July 2011

IAN DUNCAN SMITH – a nobody even in his own household.

By Stanley Collymore

There’s a saying that those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad. In Ian Duncan Smith’s case he has actually been mad for quite a considerable time and the only logical reason I can perceive that the gods or anyone else for that matter who strongly object to and absolutely loathe this rather odious facsimile of a human being haven’t disposed of him so far is that in all objective and analytical terms Ian Duncan Smith is such a sad, pathetic creature that to actually expend and therefore waste time, energy and treasure on liquidating him would in all reality be a completely wasteful expenditure of all three of the aforementioned specified characteristics. I mean we’re referring here to a creature that quite simply isn’t worthy in my judgment or that of several other persons who I’ve spoken to including many Conservatives of being dignified with the appellation of a human being, and who just to emphasize that point is a classic nobody even in his own household.

Very recently our Mr Nobody who for a short while was the leader of the Nasty Party, aka the British Conservative or Tory Party, at a time when that political organization was desperate to have anyone who was willing to lead it at the helm, so reviled was it that those among its rank and file who possessed even a modicum of commonsense were eschewing that particular role with the same aversion and consummate passion as Dracula would the sun’s rays on a bright and sunny day, and felt that pandering gratuitously to the most repellent forms of racism and xenophobia would garner it popularity among Middle England voters; stuck in the same old and discredited time warp he’s evidently incapable of escaping from has been loquaciously shouting his mouth off on the two subjects dearest to his heart but which like everything else he’s been associated with he’s either been an abject failure at or blissfully ignorant of.

Nevertheless, none of this has proved to be an incentive in curbing the racist and xenophobic tendencies of Mr Nobody from pronouncing in an audience with the deaf on things he clearly knows little or nothing about or simply distorts to suit his rather sick, perverse and demented mindset that’s inextricably and ardently linked to an obsessively insane, splenetic racism and completely bigoted xenophobia that he’s utterly unable to let go of. But what in effect are Ian Duncan Smith’s real roots or his biological heritage come to that, assuming of course that he actually knows the truth of both these conundrums? Maybe when he finds out he’d like to tell the rest of us, although I won’t be holding my breath on that one; a rather intriguing situation which sources in the know inform me he won’t be so keen to make public. Well Ian Duncan Smith the ball’s in your court now!

Anyway, Mr Nobody’s latest pronouncement after a period of blissful silence from him when those of us that unfortunately are aware who he actually is thought he’d died (no such luck it would appear) relate unsurprisingly and rather irritatingly, like a needle stuck in one of those old 33 and a third rpm vinyl records, to the only two subject areas in the locker of this pretty evidently intellectually challenged moron.

British jobs should go specifically to British born, indigenous and by his warped reckoning de facto white Caucasian workers he ludicrously asserts as though Britain is or at any time during its past was ever a homogenous society of exclusively white inhabitants which it never was, in the same way that no group of people within the UK can honestly claim that it’s indigenous to our islands; long stayers undoubtedly but indigenous no way, as we’re a glorious and mongrel millennia mix of diverse immigrants to our shores and anyone who doesn’t know this or worst still can’t accept this reality ought not to be commenting let alone giving the impression, and quite erroneously so, that they’re speaking authoritatively on something that they either know nothing about or else are biased against.

Not completely satisfied with that bigoted broadside against Britain’s multicultural society Mr Nobody went on to say there should be no immigration except of course from the white settler communities across the world to the UK, and we should stop giving British jobs to immigrants who basically come to the United Kingdom to steal the jobs of British workers that are grossly disadvantaged as a result of this by having their birthright not only to live and work in the land of their birth unfairly and effectively compromised by these hordes of immigrants, but also find themselves through having no work of their own and as a direct consequence of this compelled for lengthy periods of time to live on the dole totally unable to make any useful contribution to the dwindling coffers of the UK’s treasury. Altogether now before the more sentient among us throw up – ooh! What a shame; and how very caring of Mr Ian Duncan Smith to point this out! Doesn’t it just grab the cockles of your heart at how shamefully these highly conscientious and hard-done-by British workers are being systematically and improperly mistreated? I don’t think so! And Ian Duncan Smith my advice to you is you should get out a bit more and see reality for what it really is instead of living in a pipe dream.

And as if being economical with the truth in the previous illustration Mr Nobody then let it also be known that the gargantuan financial chasm which Britain at the moment finds itself in could literally be transformed overnight into a resplendent landscape of fiscal beneficence for all true Britons if only we had the guts as a nation to ditch our misguided notion of giving financial aid to developing countries and instead make use of the money we so saved for the appropriate and worth refurbishment of Britain plc. How simplistic can one get Mr Ian Duncan Smith? But just so you don’t think you can make such idiotic statements and get away unchallenged with them I’d like to posit two relevant questions before I continue any further, and there are these. Firstly does any of this sound even remotely like the musings of a rational person in full possession of all his faculties; and secondly, on which planet have you been living Mr Nobody after the Tory Party, despite your concerted but rather vain efforts to cling on to the position that it somewhat misguidedly put you in, unceremoniously dumped you from its leadership?

Well let me commence first by debunking your racist and xenophobic diatribe Mr Nobody, and to effectively do so I’ll start with the issue of international aid. The unvarnished truth is that far from actively assisting or even unconscionably propping up lazy and corrupt, as you would see undoubtedly see it Ian, developing countries in the southern hemisphere British aid, and indeed that from similar industrialized, developed states, is effectively a millstone around the necks of the recipient countries and always comes with strings attached. For not only does the money go invariably on projects determined by the donor countries that will benefit their own economies they are almost exclusively completely useless to the proper and enhanced development of the recipient countries, since the contracts which are drawn up to implement these projects without fail always go to companies from the aid donor countries or their white Caucasian allies in the developed world with the specific purpose of permanently maintaining a dependency mentality by those that theoretically are given the aid.

Significantly too the NGOs that are intimately involved with these specific projects also come from the aid donor countries as do the majority of the workers, outside the ones that is that are basically unskilled labourers and such like that are drawn from among the local population and are traditionally paid pitiful wages. And the resultant effect of all this is that most of the money outlaid for the project never actually leaves the donor countries and what little of it that does so is then immediately repatriated back home in terms of huge salaries paid to these expatriate contractual workers and deposited in their bank accounts there. For example out of every £1 that is given to overseas operating UK NGOs and charities working in southern hemispheric locations 99 pence is taken up with their administration costs, salaries and living expenses in the countries concerned since socially and in terms of living accommodation and travel these largely white expatriate workers intentionally don’t intermingle, socialize or encourage their Caucasian colleagues to do so with the locals who culturally they look down on; and I know personally of several among the latter group who tried to buck the system and were penalized for doing so; but one white, Cambridge University graduate from affluent Sutton Coldfield in the English Midlands who befriended me and had worked during a gap year with one of these British NGOs stands out prominently in my mind as a typical victim of this hypocrisy where freely taking up the white man’s burden has become a multimillion Pound Sterling industry, some would even go as far as calling it an extremely lucrative scam, with just 1 penny in the Pound actually spent in the recipient country.

So in essence although the recipient countries theoretically are supposedly given this financial largesse as Ian Duncan Smith and others evidently see it as, reality is very different; for in truth these countries see very little or none of this money and most categorically don’t or would they ever be allowed to administer it, as these projects as previously explained are designed to draw on and consistently use white Caucasian companies, expatriate workforces, expertise and even construction equipment and materials, hardly what one would authentically describe as viable assistance would one?

Moreover, even if this weren’t the case and these recipient countries were getting genuine help from the industrialized developed countries and their erstwhile, some would argue still ongoing colonial masters, there’s absolutely no escaping the stark fact that without exception every one of these developed countries created and enhanced their own development on the backs of and through the immense riches and bountiful natural resources of these developing countries. And one of the principal reasons for the pronounced disparity in the longstanding and continuously contemporary state of development vis-à-vis the industrialized and developing countries is the ongoing exploitation which the latter are subjected to by the former. It’s an insidious situation that takes on many guises, ranging from the well tried and tested divide and rule tactics which are characteristic of your distinctive colonialist and imperialist methods of retaining complete mastery, to cynically fomenting unnecessary wars in these countries; using terrorist proxies to destabilize those countries that the colonialists want to dominate and therefore get their hands on their natural resources that they themselves haven’t got but nevertheless still want to be in possession of either to augment their living standards at home or increase their standing in the world; to regime change, using the ICC, NATO and their veto wielding power or that of their friends in a corrupt UN Security Council to get their way.

The consequence of these carefully staged managed scenarios is always the impoverishment of the developing countries concerned notwithstanding their vast natural resources, and of course their inhabitants in tandem with the further plunder of their wealth for the sole benefit of these primarily white-ruled, marauding countries like the UK is a given in terms of the perspective of these colonialist countries, so Ian Duncan Smith’s notion comparable with that of people of the same ilk who persistently but candidly rather annoyingly delude themselves that countries like Britain are fundamentally altruistically driven, high-minded and financially generous charitable entities helping the unfortunate citizenry of the developing world and in the process selflessly and nobly taking on the white man’s burden not only need their heads examined but also ought to be compulsorily sectioned off to a secure mental hospital somewhere a considerable distance from the rest of us. Unfortunately we don’t have many of these psychiatric institutions left now as it was Ian Duncan Smith’s Tory Party under the draconian auspices of Maggie Thatcher and her successors who closed the vast majority of them under cost-cutting measures (nothing ever changes it seems with these Tory scumbags) and literally dumped the lunatics they had into the wider community, so I would imagine we’ll have to find alternative sites for prized crazies like Ian Duncan Smith; and having seriously thought about that the Hague: the Guantanamo Bay of Europe, or leasing the gulags of Siberia from the Russians readily come to mind.

To substantiate this fundamental point of view that genuine economic and overall development for most countries in the world is and has always been a matter of one-way traffic very much in favour of the colonialist and imperialist west and moreover has been dependably so for the past 500 plus years, I’d like to draw your attention to a previous article of mine that’s entitled: “The vicissitudes of state sponsored terrorism” which can be found on a number of online sites but I would nevertheless like to suggest that you expressly go to two of my own which respectively are: or else to in which His Excellency the Right Honourable Bruce Haile Goodwin Antigua and Barbuda ambassador and an accredited diplomat to the African Union eloquently addresses these matters.

Moving homewards I’m pretty sure that many Britons including myself, and I would imagine the same goes for those hard working immigrants in our midst who pay their taxes and make a valuable contribution to our economy and culture, which is a great deal more than can be said for the inveterate tax dodgers who recurrently make strings-attached contributions to and buy influence from all three of our major political parties, would like for Mr Nobody having with the implicit backing of David Cameron premeditatedly taken to making scurrilous, generalized, unsubstantiated and highly inflammatory statements of the kind that he relishes indulging in, to explicitly tell us specifically which jobs he’s referring to that he assertively declares are either being denied to these so-called indigenous British citizens by absolutely appalling, completely unscrupulous and unpatriotic employers or else are complicitly, again with the active help of such employers shamelessly stolen from right under the noses of our home-grown but wilfully and scandalously made unemployed Brits by hordes of undesirable and largely undocumented immigrants to Britain’s shores.

The imprimatur that has been granted to Mr Nobody for his comments not only come from the current occupant of 10 Downing Street who has made it abundantly clear that were he leading a Conservative only government even more draconian immigration measures than those that already exist would be put on the statute books, but also conspicuously stems from the Zionist playlist of things one must do should they find themselves having to lie in particular cases like this one, namely to make it a massive one, say the lie often and loud enough, and eventually a significant number of people will take the lie on board and even come to regard it as the gospel truth; and in the context of employment vis-à-vis unemployment and recurrent job losses in the UK this specific lie that’s being promulgated isn’t just confined to the nasty Tory Party but has a stranglehold as well on the policymakers and senior MPs of the Labour Party and can only be described as an absolute whopper!

Not least so because everyone in Britain who isn’t bigoted, brain-dead or totally stupid knows full well that the genesis of our unemployment debacle began under the auspices of Margaret Thatcher and her conservative government when wilfully employing a highly volatile mix of unbridled and unregulated capitalism that forced down wages and made it easier for employees to be fired, liberally laced with an intransigent and fanatical conservative political dogma, trade union castration; the utterly callous and premeditated destruction not only of our established, traditional mining and manufacturing industries but also the apprenticeship schemes that were the nurseries for them, turning overnight huge swathes of our skilled and working communities across the country into permanent economic black spots where in many households the realistic prospect of having even one viable job per family has become a thing of the past, with as many as two to three subsequent generations growing to maturity yet never knowing what it’s like to have a job or any real likelihood of ever getting one because there are none to be had is now an unfortunate aspect of their daily lives.

And when you have all this choreographed with the emasculation and impoverishment of entire working class communities; the green light for the indiscriminate selling off of council houses: a poisoned chalice because local councils which are statutorily obliged to acquiesce to the wish of any sitting tenant to buy his or her rented, council accommodation at essentially knockdown prices to stimulate tenant interest, are in turn legally and censoriously prohibited from building new council properties, a situation that adversely affects local residents, as it was known by the Conservatives would be the case, since with hugely diminished housing stocks waiting lists for council accommodation by those either incapable of or indisposed because of job insecurity to commit themselves to the financial rigours of purchasing their own homes has grown by leaps and bounds stymieing all hopes of upward mobility for those who want to improve themselves while at the same time placing unwarranted pressure on already hard-pressed and increasingly cramped households.

Meanwhile, as this conservative bull in a China shop continued for what were essentially very ideological reasons to wreak unjustifiable havoc on the working class communities of the UK, the country unasked for its opinion on the matter was defencelessly and contemptuously forced to watch as it was transformed radically and wholesale into a giant repository for a plethora of service-based enterprises like banking, hedge funds, insurance and the like which were centred principally around the Square Mile in London, allowed to regulate themselves that effectively meant they had carte blanche to do whatever they wanted to and were able to get away with it, were answerable in many cases only to external control since the majority of these institutions were either subsidiaries of or entirely owned and administered by foreign-owned multinational corporations with no genuine commitment or loyalty to Britain or else closely linked to them; were able to pay exorbitant and un regulated salaries and bonuses as they still do to this day to their CEOs, principal directors and favoured employees and, in turned, assisted as the catalyst for the establishment in what were perceived as significantly viable locations in other parts of the country of other exceedingly lucrative, service-centred businesses that benefited a few but conversely disadvantaged many people in the process.

Predictably none of these blue chip enterprises sought however or were they ever encouraged to set up shop in any of Margaret Thatcher’s intentionally created and economically deprived, working class black spot areas which were themselves now severely blighted both socially and economically by the savagery of conservative political dogma zealously combined with the all out thrust and recklessly engineered vicissitudes of untrammelled capitalism. Britain had thus become a colossal Las Vegas gambling strip with its national assets, our prized family jewels, either imprudently frittered away or else improvidently utilized as sureties for the capitalistic gambling fever avidly promoted by Maggie Thatcher and her Conservative Party, people that knew the price of everything but the value of nothing; a gambling frenzy that had gripped and simultaneously brought out of their closets the worst venal elements of British society and had created in the process as well an economic atmosphere that only served to further impoverish Britain plc, while at the same time temerariously placing every resident Briton and immigrant taxpayer alike, whether he or she subscribed to what the Tories were irresponsibly up to, at the evidently vicissitudinous mercy of unhampered capitalist market forces.

And the illegal and highly corrupt prime mortgage scam that has triggered the global economic meltdown that we’re presently in and that ordinary taxpayers not the filthy, tax avoiding rich or those who either ineptly or even intentionally caused our economic woes in the first place have been arm-twisted into picking up the massive tabs for while the culpable culprits continue, as is their avaricious character, to even impudently salt away in Swiss and other secure and secretive offshore bank accounts as risibly earned bonuses the enormous bailouts we were compelled by our government to give to their greedy institutions to preclude an even worse economic turmoil were dishonestly told, is just one such example of the fraudulent, helter-skelter ride we’ve been collectively taken for.

Mr Nobody is totally aware of this in the same way that’s he’s fully cognisant that the present Con-Dem coalition government of the UK of which he’s a part has a cabinet that is packed full of multi-millionaires who don’t or would they ever want to empathize with the ordinary man or woman on the British street, but just as important with their similarly multi-millionaire friends and party political sponsors pay little income tax or none at all. So like the consummate, odious scoundrel that he is Ian Duncan Smith has chosen to enthusiastically fall back on the dishonest but characteristic time-honoured ploy that all such scoundrels rely on when they’ve no positive answers to the problems they’ve created, namely to play to the gallery of conscious as well as subliminal white bigotry and endemic racism; knowing from past experiences and themselves coupled with the energetic collaboration of the establishment media it’s a ploy that has always worked in the past.

But I’ve news for you Mr Nobody, such routine dishonesty and downright lies premeditatedly and cavalierly employed as scurrilous tactics to ring fence the callous injustices and rampant illegalities of hopelessly out of touch and vindictively uncaring regimes are now increasingly defied by as well as under a sustained attack from a new generation of citizens, not subjects as you like to see them as Mr Nobody, who are more savvy to the ways of the world, are stalwart refuseniks in terms of the conformity and submission which your sort repeatedly got from their parents and grandparents’ generations, have eschewed and resolutely refuse to have anything to do with the lying so-called mainstream media that you rely on to promulgate your propaganda and lies for alternative and trustworthy news sources, and therefore won’t allow themselves to be so cynically and callously used for your nefarious ends.

They constitute, in case you don’t already know this Mr Nobody although I suspect you do, the Facebook, msm and Twitter generation: a phenomenal and developing, interactive ensemble of national and international activists highly proficient at quickly informing each other and in turn being rapidly apprised of and therefore able to immediately react to, influence and shape events anywhere in the world, and who similarly are quite adept at spotting and effectively debunking your done to death and hackneyed cry of wolf together with that of your slimy ilk whenever it is uttered. What’s more, we all know what eventually happened to the feral, cretinous juvenile that once too often cried wolf, don’t we Mr Nobody?

Britain’s immigration laws are among the strictest and most racially devised and divisive in the world and in the wake of that clear-cut information it’s therefore unsurprising that as a country we take in fewer immigrants and refugees than any other country globally, whether developed or otherwise. That’s not hearsay Mr Nobody but an irrefutable fact that is well known to those who maliciously use immigration and the really incredible prospects of hordes of immigrants and refugees descending on a purportedly overcrowded and beleaguered Britain as a manifestly racist smokescreen and scaremongering tactic as well as a political football for their loathsome objectives, while deliberately and dishonestly at the same time propagating an entirely different scenario to what the factual reality actually is.

Furthermore, post the Second World War and particularly so in the wake of the forced collapse of the British Empire British establishment attitudes both in relation to immigration and British citizenship changed drastically, and in doing so have unashamedly taken on a rather distinctive and particularly nasty tendency. The dismemberment though of the British Empire had largely come about not from any humanitarian, socially idealistic or ethical grounds on the part of the UK’s political and other ruling class elites in a country steeped in classism despite the massive beneficial wartime roles that these colonials, as they were condescendingly viewed as by their supposed betters in Britain, played in genuinely saving Britain’s but from being well and truly whipped into uncompromising submission by Europe and notably Germany’s Nazis but rather was a collapse whose principal catalyst was the crippling war debt that Britain owed to the US and took our country some 60 years after the war ended to pay off with excessive interest.

We all know I expect of the extremely late entry by the Americans into World War II but what few of you are aware of I would imagine are the real reasons for this tardiness on their part and therefore will be quite shocked to discover, since the Americans have continuously deluded not only themselves but many Brits as well that it was they who singlehandedly won that war, that prior to the Americans coming over here, and like your typical unwelcome guest who has long overstayed their welcome and is seemingly disinclined to leave despite the many hints to do so which they’ve been given, in the aftermath of the Third Reich’s encouraged Japanese attack on Pear Harbour that dramatically changed US public opinion previously hostile to what it saw as a strictly European conflict and therefore had nothing to do with it and its isolationist policies, the very same United States was nevertheless happily engaged in conducting a number of very lucrative businesses among them providing financial services, one of George W. Bush’s grand-fathers was the international banker for the German Nazi Party, but more significantly just as it was ominous selling state of the art military hardware and the gas that was extensively used in Europe-wide Nazi death camps to eradicate millions of Jews and other holocaust victims to the Third Reich.

Capitalist to the very core of its being as the United States was, is and always will be right into the foreseeable future even if it were to be adversely struck again by another economic tsunami like the prime mortgage debacle which it’s currently trying to weather, it was somewhat remiss of our erstwhile wartime leaders not to recognize the nature of this particular US beast for what it really was and comprehend that the bottom line for the vast majority of American citizens of all backgrounds and political persuasions is, from their narrow perspective on life, the almighty dollar; in short as Arthur Millar succinctly put it in Death of a Salesman: Business is Business! And there is no more profitable business than war as President Roosevelt acknowledged when he coined the phrase the military industrial complex. So the thought that the United States like the British Empire countries would run to Britain’s assistance out of love, devotion or any sort of altruistic reason had to be at best exceedingly naïve but realistically was more like outright stupidity on the part of Britain’s political leaders and decision makers coquettishly enamoured by this preposterously erroneous and so-called transatlantic special relationship and who were therefore totally convinced that it was absolutely essential, at any cost, to get the United States out of its alleged isolationist mode and commitedly involved in our nasty little European war.

Totally asinine as this act of pusillanimous sycophancy was on the part of Britain especially as the millions of empire citizens and military combatants, two million of them from India alone constituting surely the largest volunteer military force ever seen or assembled in the history of mankind and engaged in what was basically an internecine European war, were providing their wartime services to Britain absolutely free, this totally craven submission to the venality of the United States of America by Britain, triggering the completely degrading spectacle and dare I say the degenerate start of things to come as far as my country was concerned and over the past 68 years, systematically aided and abetted by successive British governments of all hues has in 2011 created a state of affairs of instinctive fawning to every whim of the United States that is even more prevalent, perverse, debilitating and pervasive in its submissive application than it ever was previously; what war ravaged Britain did was undoubtedly a desperate but none the less cynical act by the then UK government egged on by a well-heeled, British establishment which knew that regardless of how costly this stupid enterprise the country was getting itself into was, it wasn’t they who would ultimately pay for it.

But together with this stark acknowledgement was the real fear that absolutely petrified them that were Britain to lose the war or even win it in constrained or compromised circumstances such outcomes would inevitably leave their utterly useless, parasitical, unprincipled but none the less haughty selves up the proverbial creek without a paddle; namely they would be forced to suffer the completely demoralizing and agonizing ignominy of losing their precious British Empire with all its imperialist and colonialist implications for them, and over which they and their like-minded incestuous and totally degenerate breed of nincompoops had for centuries as bwanas and rajs respectively lorded their omnipotently perceived jurisdiction over the world’s inferior and subservient races when compared to themselves.

So eager was Britain to remain on the international stage as a supposed key player and be seen there as such that having ludicrously and even risibly wangled a place for itself as a permanent, veto-wielding member in the Security Council of the recently established United Nations body where it was one of the trio which comprised the United States, the Soviet Union, Britain itself and with France tagging along and were themselves wholly responsible for arbitrarily drawing up the rules governing the United Nations and which unsurprisingly favoured themselves, that it shamelessly continued to do everything in its power to ingratiate itself with the rather brash, new and somewhat domineering spiv on the block, namely the United States of America, that it even offered to offload, crucially doing so without any consultation with the local people in the colonial territories that were earmarked and would undeniably have been adversely affected by Britain’s unilateral action in not gauging local opinion on the matter, such territories to the US as a sweetener to that country were the United States disposed to have them as part of its own constructed empire.

Fortunately for those colonial territories so designated and which Britain was quite expediently agreeable to cold-heartedly dumping in the lap of the United States, analogous to the actions of a highly irresponsible but inconvenienced, untrustworthy mother perfectly capable of and quite ready to shove her seemingly burdensome offspring into a care home, affording her the relative luxury she craves to be footloose and fancy-free once more, the United States wisely refused to take the bait or the attendant financial responsibilities that doing so would have entailed; opting instead to selectively make its own decisions on the matter.

So while Britain’s choice for example of the then British Guiana, now a fully independent and sovereign Guyana, was turned down by the United States, the United States preference for the Chagos Islands where since the 1960s it has established and runs a major military base on the main island of Diego Garcia thanks wholly to Britain not only cravenly allowing this to happen but also zealously and completely ethnically cleansing the islands’ indigenous black population from the entire chain of islands to facilitate this US wish for a base on Diego Garcia ruthlessly went full speed ahead with Britain’s wholehearted complicity and total blessing for the project. Could you ever imagine or more to the point Ian Duncan Smith would you personally or any of your like-minded ilk have allowed this shabby and illegal crime against humanity treatment to be meted out to the totally paranoid and completely bewildered as to who or what they actually are Anglophile Spaniards of Gibraltar or those living on what you conceitedly call the Falkland Islands? I shan’t of course hold my breath on that one Mr Nobody but will remind you that our country went to war with Argentina not to put a stop to any ethnic cleansing of the inhabitants of the Malvinas islands, which was never on the cards, but to stop these islands from resorting to their former and geographically lawful owners, the people of the independent and sovereign state of Argentina.

Yet Britain while it was waging a war with Argentina, albeit a dictatorship at the time lets not forget that, and mouthing all the platitudinous garbage and sanctimonious dishonesty about the Falkland islands, white of course, having the right to choose their own destiny, was along with its American masters doing the entire opposite in the Indian Ocean; for not only have the UK and the United States completely deprived the Chagossian people of their rightful inheritance to their indigenous homeland, successive British governments, so much then for law and order and the rule of law that both of you repeatedly but so hypocritically preach to others, have also consistently ignored numerous British court judgments right up to the highest court of law the House of Lords, now rather curiously after numerous centuries of being so called renamed the Supreme Court (I wonder why?) that these premeditatedly and cruelly displaced Chagossians not only have the fundamental right to return home but also that Britain has a cardinal duty to compensate them for the decades of personal and other injurious harm it has wilfully inflicted on them but crucially at its own expense Britain must facilitate the physical return of all those Chagossians who want to go home.

On the matter of Gibraltar, the United Kingdom just like Spain is a member state of the EU and there is no denying that whatever these Anglophile Gibraltarians actually think or may even be artfully brainwashed into believing that Gibraltar is and has always been a geographical part of Spain, and while it’s true that I’ve no particular axe to grind either for the Spanish people that I find are every bit as colonialist, imperialist, and endemically racist as their British counterparts are or their similarly fascist-produced regimes that are even more odious than anything that the UK has contemporarily latched onto, to nevertheless pretend that Gibraltar isn’t Spanish is just as stupid as to delude one’s self that the Malvinas are part of Britain. However in spite of these rather tenuous links to Britain: generations of Gibraltarians and indeed Falkland islanders were never born in Britain, have never set foot on British shores and have no real desire to do so, are in spite of everything fully granted the same British citizenship and all the attendant rights and privileges which go with it, together with the unconditional right to live and work, should they so choose to, in the UK, which none of them as far as I’ve been able to determine haven’t even bothered to take up.

In conspicuous contrast to the residents both of Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands however no identical rights and privileges were similarly granted to the Chagossian people and it was only belatedly and rather shamefacedly quite recently that Britain was reluctantly forced, bearing in mind what it has hideously done to these people, to partially go some ways towards rectifying these past and ongoing wrongs perpetrated against them by granting the Chagossians full UK citizenship supposedly although not in reality on par with that awarded to the Gibraltarians and Falkland islanders. A tiny group of Chagossians comprising some of its youth, fed up with the abject poverty they and the rest of their people are forced to endure overseas because of their plight which was inflicted on them by the British authorities acting at the behest of the United States, turned up in Britain only to be told that the social benefits, housing opportunities and such like that genuinely hard-up or unemployed Britons are automatically entitled to couldn’t be theirs because they either weren’t born in Britain or they didn’t habitually reside in the UK. You couldn’t make that up! Yet white Rhodesians, white South Africans, white Australians or any other individual with a white complexion or background has never had that problem, nor would those from Gibraltar or the Falkland islands either; and which clearly goes to show it’s not the numbers of people coming to Britain that inveterate racists like Ian Duncan Smith are that worried about but crucially and specifically it’s their race and especially their skin colour that reactionary cretins like him obsess about and why Britain’s immigrations laws are framed as they are.

When the British Empire ruled supremely and British governments and the ruling classes in the UK saw Britain as a global extension of themselves and what they represented they were quite contented Roman style to anoint anyone within that empire of theirs whether they wanted to be or not as British citizens. At that time the major migration of people which occurred within this entity were whites going out from Britain or the rest of Europe to a life of Riley in the colonies. World War II and Britain’s impoverishment by it radically and drastically changed the view of white British and other European Caucasian colonialists and imperialists to this universality of European bestowed citizenship on their colonial natives as they considered them to be. To start with conspicuously shrinking empires meant fewer places abroad for whites to emigrate to and automatically attain a status and living standards they wouldn’t necessarily be entitled to or in all probability acquire at home. This is very analogous to the quandary faced by several whites in post-colonial Southern Africa. The overwhelming majority of them obviously don’t like the thought of democratic, black majority rule but nevertheless remain where they are because the personal life styles that they’ve enjoyed there for ages are infinitely superior to what they could realistically expect to have in Europe. After all what fellow white in the United Kingdom or the rest of western Europe would wait on them hand and foot, happily cater to all their whims and fancies and moreover do so for a mere pittance in terms of so-called wages? It’s a no brainer!

At the same time working class whites at home in Europe now unable to emigrate as before to the colonies and masquerade as what they never were or wouldn’t have been in a million years began to feel extremely fearful and fret about their living conditions at home. Their rulers were destroying traditional labour intensive industries; globalization was resulting in the permissive migration of jobs to low wage economies overseas leaving in their devastating wake unskilled and mentally debilitating jobs they either didn’t want to do because of the poor wage incentive or else felt were beneath them, and there was also the added problem of refugees caused by the unnecessary wars their political leaders were constantly engaged in to placate and profitize the military industrial complex in whose pockets these largely corrupt politicians were embedded; so in those circumstances suitable scapegoats had to be found to take the heat off the backs of these scoundrels placed there by the anger and burgeoning distrust of their constituents, and so unsurprisingly immigrants quickly became conflated with migrants though the two are distinct and completely different from each other.

An immigrant is someone who legally emigrates from his or her birth country or normal place of residence to another country, usually with the intention of settling there either permanently or for a prolonged period of time and becoming an involved part of that community. Migrants however are persons who are lawfully recruited by employers from a specific host country that offer specified short or medium term employment to selected workers from outside the borders of the employment-given host country and whose recruited staff invariably return home when their contractual employment is over.

The immigrants which successive post-war British governments and employers invited, and in many instances actually journeyed overseas and actively persuaded to come to the UK to kick start and regenerate war ravaged Britain have either died off of old age, re-emigrated to better and more challenging opportunities in countries like the United States and Canada, have gone back home to live in peaceful retirement, or if they stayed in the United Kingdom are now the parents, grandparents and even the great, grandparents of biological offspring who were born and raised in the UK and are therefore every bit as British as anyone entitled to call himself or herself such and are probably more British, both biologically and culturally, than what you are Ian Duncan Smith or the several others like you including charlatans of the ilk of another past Tory leader, and I’m referring specifically to Michael Howard: an arch-racist just like you Ian; father an illegal Romanian immigrant to the UK, his mother a refugee from the Nazi holocaust and also a Romanian herself, who personally as well as collectively dishonestly and without a scintilla of compassion for anyone save your miserable, selfish selves reprehensively envelop yourselves in the Union Jack that you have very little or no genuine claim to, but which none the less doesn’t stop your sort from appropriating to yourselves an exclusive Britishness that your backgrounds when closely scrutinized don’t in the remotest sense justify.

To be brutally frank Mr Nobody how on earth anyone whose biological parents providentially managed to escape being liquidated in a Nazi death camp but had they been unfortunate not to have done so and therefore had suffered that dreadful fate, they as the offspring of that couple would never have been conceived let alone been born never mind seen the light of day can end up being gratuitously racist to others that have done them no harm, dismissing them as inferior beings solely because of their race or skin colour, things that none of us can change or had an input into, and quite ironically turn out like the very people that wished to wipe out their kind from the face of the earth as Europe’s holocaust of six million of their people alone confirmed is totally beyond comprehension. It’s conduct which can only be described as utterly barbaric, completely asinine and totally illogical, yet despite all that those that promote and themselves consistently indulge in this kind of behaviour have the gall to call themselves civilized. What next I wonder?

Repeatedly successive UK governments of all political colours have fraudulently manipulated our immigration laws to favour white Caucasians over black and other non-white peoples. At the outset anyone born in Britain or who had close family ties there could come and go as they please and furthermore bring in whoever they like into the country as well; of course 99.9% of those that qualified for this were whites. However as the years rolled on and a growing number of Britain’s non-whites were actually born in the country British governments cynically moved the goal to match their racist agenda. Prospective immigrants to the UK now had to prove they had at least one parent that was born there, a move which once more greatly advantaged whites but severely disadvantaged non-whites. However when most non-whites in Britain could claim they had one or both parents who were born in Britain, guess what occurred? The immigration rules were again changed. This time non-whites had to satisfy the immigration authorities that one or both grandparents were born in the UK, another subjective and racist rule change which like all the previous ones favoured whites over non-whites. Now with the overwhelming mass of Blacks and other non-white citizens many generations here in Britain the racists among the British lawmakers and white establishment have quite literally come up against a brick wall of their own making and honestly don’t know what to do next apart from spouting their racism in one form or another in the hope that doing so long and hard enough it will catch on, and I must confess that for me at least it’s pleasurable to see them squirm.

There’s no sizeable immigration to Britain nowadays from non-white countries and what there was in the past from these sources has quite literally dried up altogether. In fact, many British born and raised non-white citizens, those of two and even three generations status, are instead of staying in the United Kingdom emigrating to the countries that their grandparents and great, grandparents came from, and what immigrants we currently get to Britain come predominantly from among the ranks of white Australians and white South Africans.

As a member of the European Union Britain is legally bound to accept anyone from a member EU state who wishes to come, live and work in the United Kingdom, but the predicted flood of immigrants to our shores with our own as well as the perceptible accelerated accession by other states to the EU that the scaremongers maliciously intimated and even predicted would descend upon so-called overcrowded Britain never materialized, and those that came had no yearning to stay permanently in Britain, and in reality are now returning in ever increasing numbers to their countries of origin as their home economies, expand and prosper, leaving Britain as it currently stands with a pronounced shortage of necessary skills and expertise that are desperately needed but which a failing, non-competitive, educational system that’s been relentlessly and idiotically dumbed down to the lowest common denominator and accordingly procreates and buttresses a work shy, bone idle, sedentary, fast-food guzzling, grotesquely obese and benefits dependency bunch of layabouts more prone to whingeing about alleged immigrants stealing their jobs than getting of their fat asses and genuinely looking for work, are totally incapable of replenishing or enhancing Mr Nobody.

But monstrously damaging as this evidently is, it’s not the only major economic problem that confronts Britain or provides an acute headache which the country must effectively deal with. The stark truth Ian Duncan Smith is that Britain has no manufacturing base to speak of which can really generate substantive and meaningful jobs capable of rescuing our economic system that frankly is on life support and has been since 1979. That’s the year that Margaret Thatcher and your Conservatives assumed power and in the subsequent years that the Tories held sway in our country systematically and collectively destroyed more of British manufacturing than the German Luftwaffe did in five years of bombing us in World War II.

Look at the manufacturing that we had in 1979 Mr Nobody and what we were left with when the British electorate finally woke up from its apathy, came to its senses and dumped your lot in 1997. But the awful truth is that people like you don’t really care about any of this as your personal wealth together with your parliamentary pensions from sitting in parliament for safe constituency seats are securely ring fenced, and the corrupt deals which you make with equally corrupt businesses when you’re in office for when you finally leave these offices of state will continue to make you loads of money regardless of where these carpet bagging companies or corporations manufacture their products, since for you it’s business as usual.

A case in point is the wilful destruction with the scandalous attendant loss of several vital skills to the economy of our country of the last train manufacturing industry in the UK. Derby is the British home of the train manufacturing industry and was ever so from the onset of the English Revolution; and it was there that locomotive and carriages were built, sold and transported to myriad countries cross the globe. But your government of which you’re a senior member just recently allocated a multi-million Pound contract to Siemens of Germany to build trains for a British based railway company asininely throwing the last remaining train builders we have on to the unemployment scrapheap. Now everyone is perfectly aware that German trains are built exclusively in Germany and serviced there and the same is true in relation to French trains that are built and serviced completely in France; furthermore the German and French governments rigidly ensure this status quo doesn’t change and are equally determined that it never will.

So how come Mr Nobody that in view of what I’ve just pointed out you can be getting yourself so het up and into quite an emotional lathe as a result, albeit artfully contrived of course, as you set out on preaching to anyone that will listen to you and subjectively pay attention to what you say, and rather disappointingly there are many racists, xenophobes and ill-informed morons out there that do, that British jobs should go exclusively to British workers, yet your government is not only awarding a huge British contract to a foreign company that will be serviced entirely in a foreign country, namely Germany, making available and securing jobs long-term for German workers at the expense of British ones whose general interests you profess you’re championing but doing so as well over the head of a highly competent British company that is quite eager to do the work and furthermore is exceedingly competent to do it, as it has done for generations in a British locality that is world renowned for its train building?

A rather disreputable enterprise wouldn’t you agree Mr Nobody, and that by embarking on it in the mulish manner that it is doing so your Con-Dem coalition government is leaving itself wide open to the justifiable charge of complicity with a foreign entity not only to put British workers jobs in serious jeopardy at best or to completely destroy them at worst but also of pushing their company into a grave situation of possible closure with all the foreseeable economic and social consequences that will stem from such a awful outcome, and not only for the workers and their respective families but also the wider community as a whole. Therefore, your actions and those of your venally contaminated government relative to what you’ve been personally and publicly broadcasting from your sanctimonious soapbox Mr Nobody aren’t just a contradiction in terms of themselves, quite serious though that is, but essentially amount to immoral conduct and even criminal negligence; and less you forget Ian Duncan Smith actions speak louder than words!

And in that regard your words of expressed solidarity with British workers should be taken as nothing more than a load of hot air coming as it does from a rightwing, neo-con, Zionist, Tory politician who in reality while not above cynically using them for nefarious political ends just can’t stand the working classes. And what you’re personally and somewhat disreputably up to Ian Duncan Smith doesn’t, I must confess, sound to me at all like the articulated sentiments of a trustworthy, seemingly patriotic although misguided concerned citizen, but rather smacks of the calculated actions of a disingenuous, lying, self-serving, odious and racist toad!

Finally, I’d like to expose the dishonest idea that you Mr Nobody and others like you wilfully propagate that aid to developing countries is somehow a burdensome and unnecessary charity that ought to stop immediately and the money thus expended could be put to better use within the donor countries. Sorry to rain on your parade but even if all the money that Britain and the other white European, ex-colonial powers currently give in so-called aid were done for purely altruistic reasons, which is most definitely not and has never been the case, they could neither individually nor collectively now, in their present economic circumstances, or the foreseeable future be able to reimburse what they’ve stolen and consistently exploited in terms of personal wealth, antiquity artefacts, human resources, the forced acquisition of foreign lands, complete continents and, of course, the rapacious plunder of natural resources, still an ongoing problem for the local people but a massive money spinner for the exploiters and the economies of their home countries, from these various countries, diverse regions and their indigenous populations that have continued apace even in the wake of the collapse of these colonial empires.

Aid from the indigenous countries to the developing ones is a poisoned chalice; an investment package that these industrialized entities create, expect and therefore derive far more from than they actually give out or are ever prepared to do not only in terms of these loans being serviced by extremely high interest rates, but also as regards the natural resources of the recipient states which always form part of the collateral agreement that the donor countries stipulate must be a crucial part of the deal for any aid or more appropriately loan, for that’s what it really is, which they give to these developing countries whether these transactions result from bilateral accords between specified donor countries and recipient ones or through the direct auspices of western instituted, exclusively managed and obsessively controlled financial institutions like the World Bank or the IMF.

But one thing is quite certain, and it’s this that irrespective of who is actually giving the money or controlling the purse strings it’s without fail the industrialized, former colonial, and typically imperialistic countries that come out the winners and the developing ones that end up being the losers. The Caribbean island of Haiti is a classic example of this. The black slaves there having roundly defeated France militarily and won their independence from it not long afterwards had their newly won independence nauseatingly compromised by the United States of America and the said France who jointly instituted a naval blockade of Haiti eventually lifting it only on the condition that Haiti paid massive reparations to France for having lost the services of its slaves who were the very ones that had fought France and won their independence from it. Analogous were this to be mooted to Jews and other survivors of the European holocaust being compelled to pay reparations to Germany and its wartime, Nazi allies for having lost World War II and all those potential death camp prisoners whom they couldn’t any longer have to dispose of in their customary barbaric fashion.

But then no sane person let alone even the most racist white Caucasian would publicly support such a measure as the victims who’d be picked upon to make these ludicrous reparations would be exclusively white like themselves, persons they could easily and readily empathize with and therefore such a suggestion would unquestionably create one hell of an international outcry; yet this is precisely what happened to the Haitians who for the next 200 plus years were compelled to pay reparations to France that, would you believe it, are still ongoing; just one of the several man-made obstacles that were and still are premeditatedly placed in the path of development of this very impoverished, Afro-Caribbean country either strictly by European or white Caucasian controlled entities. Encouragingly, though, there are positive signs that the Haitians are waking up to their miserable plight and are genuinely prepared to do something productive about it. In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake there was the hasty rush to bandy about aid without first ascertaining what the Haitians themselves actually needed as apart from what those doing so thought they should have. The United States for one unilaterally decided to send in loads of genetically modified grain which would have ultimately destroyed the Haitians own capacity to cultivate their own food crops making them wholly dependent in the future on US supplies, as the seeds from these grains they were being offered couldn’t germinate. The Haitians sensibly saw through this smoke and categorically turned down the United States offer.

Let’s hope that other developing countries all of whom have been made poor and dependent in one way or another by white colonialists and imperialists will be courageous enough and take a leaf out of Haiti’s book and tell their several exploiters: governmental, international bodies and NGOs, just where they can shove their aid.

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