Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Stinking Stench of Zionist-inspired, Western Hypocrisy.

By Stanley Collymore

Here we go again; the outright self-indulgent, completely in your face onward march of the extremely childish, perennially sanctimonious and warmongering bastards that virtually unchallenged control the west expediently, dishonestly and studiously ignoring their own much greater, premeditatedly planned and brutally executed, pernicious criminal atrocities, insidious complicity to commit more of the same uncaringly compounded by their own active, fanatical encouragement and bountiful assistance to their favoured dictators to do likewise, impatiently jumping up on to their gut-churning, puke-inspired and sham moralistic soapboxes to absurdly gloat over the convenient capture of a contrived and politically advantageous foe while once again lyingly extolling to the brainwashed dimwits who they repeatedly con, have no respect for, persistently lie to, politically and unashamedly use as election and militaristic fodder and cheerfully , exorbitantly and fraudulently get rich off of while controlling practically every aspect of their daily miserable lives - aka Joe and Jane Public - what an immeasurably marvellous and immensely caring bunch of individuals they themselves actually are. Well that’s only to be expected I hear the more prescient-minded of the unimpressed masses who resolutely refuse to swallow this load of garbage say, as the words disreputable and knave don’t or would they ever feature in the lexicons of these perverse, paranoid, sentiently blighted and privileged criminals, even though they fit them most appropriately.

Ever on the perpetual search for new victims to pedantically terrorize, very synonymous to a highly pampered but all the same predatory, domestic cat which having intentionally captured its prey then sadistically taunts, seriously injures and occasionally kills it but never humanely finishes it off, these odious western killers have found themselves another quarry to work out their satanic sadism on. His name is Ratko Mladic, and who is the latest fall guy for these out of control; immunity protected and hardened lunatics who evidently have no moral compass in their lives; any concept or comprehension of what truth is, and to be brutally frank aren’t the least concerned about this, hence their off-repeated and unashamed conduct that is firmly reinforced by the assurance that they can virtually unchallenged so far dependably rely on the unquestioning services and stalwart support of a sycophantic media that is answerable only to a controlling and influential cooperative of Zionist lobbies who they themselves cravenly subscribe to, to always and quite unwarrantedly portray them in the very best light, knowing full well that the most important aims of these corrupt governments ably assisted by themselves are to keep the general public in total ignorance of what’s really going on by persistently lying to it.

However, before you too get swept up in and even deliberately allow yourselves to be carried away by the tsunami of downright lies, disinformation and the sheer fantasy concocted in the warped minds of these disreputable charlatans, may I suggest that you first simmer down, take a deep breath, get a grasp of reality and inject some much needed objectivity into what these people have to say and consistently and contradictorily have been telling you; in short take whatever it is that they say to you with a large tablespoon of salt!

To begin with this whole Balkans brouhaha was the initial crime of the EU and most particularly the Republic of Germany: a country which in tandem with its wartime allies, consisting of virtually all of mainland Europe, and even other co-conspirators like Britain are quite dab hands at creating genocides and holocaust globally; if in doubt of this statement just have a word with the Australian Aborigines or Navi Pillay the United Nation’s Human Rights Commissioner whose quite damning report, May 2011, on Australia’s institutionalized abuse of that country’s indigenous people, particularly in the Northern Territories, is not only shocking but ongoing as is the Australian government’s wanton, discriminatory and systematic mistreatment of refugees, yet the Aussie government has the bloody cheek to dispatch troops to Afghanistan where incidentally many of these forced refugees that are arriving on Australia’s doorstep are fleeing from; take punitive but exceedingly selective actions in terms of sanctions against Libya, Syria and Iran but not the quisling dictators favoured by the west, and all this ostensibly, amidst the other disingenuously uttered white colonialist crap, to bring democracy to these countries. Then of course there are other eminent and well documented victims of Caucasian genocide like the Maoris of New Zealand, the Caribs of the Caribbean, the indigenous peoples of the Americas: North, Central and South, and the Herero people of Namibia where upwards of 95% of their number was wiped out by the Germans in 1905; but even worst than the aforementioned, if that is not an understatement in itself, are the exterminated peoples of Tasmania, the Arawaks of the West Indies and the Witbooi people also of Namibia, totally killed off in the 1900s and among the victims of Germany’s first holocaust of the 20th Century carried out in you guessed it Namibia, Africa, all of them deadly precursors to what ultimately took place in Europe between 1933 and 1945.

These exterminated people can’t speak for themselves and there are few who will unlike the plethora of dishonest bastards who are quite happy to use the European holocaust and even then only a certain section of its victims to economically and exorbitantly enrich themselves while, as many decent Jews evidently know and finally in the case of some but unfortunately not enough of them are beginning to speak out against these odious practices, severely demeaning the memories of those who died in some of the most horrendous circumstances at the hands of white, Caucasian monsters. So in the absence of sufficient numbers of people of conscience prepared to put their heads above the parapet and speak out I’ll take the liberty on their behalf and do so. And this is what I categorically and fearlessly have to say to the lot of you. Against the undisputed backdrop of what I’ve pointed out so far let me tell you in no uncertain terms that it ill-behoves white, western political leaders generally and their European equals particular, the descendants of murderous ancestors and who themselves are no better in this regard to bandy about let alone trivialize the word genocide as they’re presently doing with what occurred in the Balkans when dreadful as the events were they are immeasurably insignificant to what the US, Britain, the European Union and NATO indiscriminately unleashed in Iraq and Afghanistan alone and are still engaged in carrying out. So please give the self-righteous lectures on how invaluable the west is to the rest of humanity, especially when those that you’re condescendingly preaching to have a different skin colour from your own, and frankly SHUT UP!!

Essentially with the Cold War at the time still a feature of western obsession and its insane paranoia a stable, economically successful and socialist Yugoslavia was the very last thing on earth that capitalist Europe wanted on its doorstep, therefore Germany a country that is well known to be persistently loyal and quite generous to its friends and allies so long as they’re white - it wasn’t or hasn’t been though to Turkey which risked everything and lost its Ottoman Empire when it asininely sided with Germany in World War I – firmly grasped the Balkans nettle as it were, incited its dormant post World War II pals and wartime allies living there, actively assisting them through substantial financial, military, political and diplomatic means – Germany was the first and for a while the only country to recognize Croatia’s so-called independence with the Balkans’ War not even in full pelt then – to stir up strife in the former Yugoslavia, which is precisely what happened, with the express purpose of balkanizing the country, an ambition that was also achieved.

Rather belatedly realizing what was being deliberately done to Yugoslavia which they were committed to preserving the Serbs, who were largely socialists, decided to hit back; and it was then that Germany, the rather enthusiastic Stormtroopers of this Nazi, predatory pack, the rest of the EU and their Croatian accomplices sensing a humiliating defeat for them and desperate to avoid this engineered and financed the sectarianism that they needed to show to the wider world outside Europe as proof for a full military intervention on their part and that of the United States to restore peace and stability, obviously on their terms, in Europe once more. So the much propagated and extremely exaggerated killings prior to the intervention of NATO and the accompanying turmoil that followed were all part of this premeditated artifice, affording the EU and the US the contrived opportunity to dishonestly cloak themselves in the respectable but in their case fictitious garments of humanitarianism as they simultaneously and just as fraudulently rode in on their military steed of keeping the peace and punishing the wrongdoers; never mind that the latter were always going to be highly selective choices and in addition overwhelmingly Serbs and socialists.

Now with every half-baked, corrupt European country mesmerized and also uncontrollably tempted by the well publicized EU gravy train which emanates from the venal, undemocratic and unrepresentative EU Commission located in its mafia style headquarters in Brussels it’s not surprising that they all want a piece of the action and are therefore rather keen to get on board; and with Croatia faithfully promised membership by Germany, Slovenia already in the EU, and with bait carefully laid down to entice other Balkan states falling over themselves to go after it, a thoroughly demoralized, especially after the theft of Kosovo, but nevertheless self-interested Serbian elite not wanting to be left out in the cold has made the conscious decision to pusillanimously surrender the few principles it had left and has quite literally sold out and in the most fawning manner possible, with the Serbian president Boris Tadic on Thursday 26 May 2011 announcing from the Serbian capital and at the very start of the G8 conference in Paris, a conference plagued by all manner of military and financial problems and with Boris Tadic’s statement giving these G8 mafia godfathers a let out of jail through a much needed deflection of the several woes they’re beleaguered with, treacherously offering up John the Baptist style, in a country that is devoutly Orthodox Christian, the proverbial head of General Ratko Mladic.

General Ratko Mladic will now with indecent haste and perceived as a weighty embarrassment got rid of by Boris Tadic and his nasty crew of Serbian opportunists be sent off to the Hague, the capital of a pretty odious, rightwing and even fascist country Holland, which begs the obvious question: if Serbia is truly a sovereign and independent state governed by the rule of law and General Ratko Mladic is all that these western and particularly those self-congratulatory EU regimes claim he is, why then isn’t he as a Serbian national charged, prosecuted and if found guilty jailed in Serbia rather than being sent off to Holland a country he’s not a citizen of, has never or doesn’t reside in, and where the alleged crimes he committed didn’t take place? And will this decision now create a precedent where other Europeans like Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and a multitude of others who are known war criminals, together with their trans-Atlantic and Middle Eastern counterparts who are of the same ilk, also find themselves sent of to the Hague form criminal processing? I asked that question sarcastically as I know and every other person with a functioning brain knows that these murderous bastards won’t be arrested by their fellow criminal chums, held to account, prosecuted and incarcerated for the rest of their natural lives for what they’ve done.

Juxtaposed with the above is the apparent licence and unfettered immunity to freely carry on walking the highways and byways of our green and pleasant land of war criminal, serial human rights abuser, perpetrator of crimes against humanity, mass murderer, genocide aficionado, irrepressible holocaust enforcer, pathological liar, ex British prime minister and Roman Catholic convert Tony Blair, not the best role model for either Catholicism or the Roman Catholic Church I would venture to say already mired as it is in multiple paedophile and other inexcusable child abuse scandals globally; is known to have actively collaborated with the fascist political agenda of Italy’s Benito Mussolini, accommodated General Franco’s own repugnant brand of Spanish fascism, favourably embraced the Nazi doctrine of Germany’s Adolf Hitler even to the full extent of its clandestine support for the Europe wide holocaust methodically carried out by virtually every mainland European country and resulted in the horrendous murders of hapless millions of ordinary men, women and children of all ages and social backgrounds in a premeditatedly executed, rigid, demographic realignment of the continent’s population which was affected in a manner not previously contemplated in Europe let alone observed there, and furthermore where the incumbent Pope is a former member of the Hitler Youth movement in his native Germany. And so it’s with a wry smile that I revisit the old English adage which moralistically asserts that crime doesn’t pay and would therefore like to suggest it be either scrapped all together and totally forgotten as being completely redundant or else be revamped entirely to reflect contemporary realities.

For crime has certainly paid and done so handsomely not only in the case of Tony Blair but also that of two of his principal advisors and fellow criminals whose hands are also like his drenched with the blood of millions of completely innocent civilians and who if justice means anything at all these days must therefore unreservedly along with Tony Blair be called to account and prosecuted to the fullest extent for their hideous crimes; and I’m referring here specifically to John Scarlett the former head of the British security services MI6 and Jeremy Greenstock ex UK ambassador to the UN, both of whom played crucial roles in the central planning of what would subsequently and knowingly to both men, as it was already to Tony Blair, the intentional holocaust that cynically and perniciously would be visited upon the people of Iraq. How so?

We all know that Tony Blair had already promised George W. Bush, even as he was lyingly telling the House of Commons and the British people a contradictory story, that Britain would jointly with the US attack, invade and occupy Iraq with the primary objectives of regime change in that country as well as the extrajudicial killing of its leader but out of favour former western dictator and staunch ally Saddam Hussein, but with no UN Security Council resolution authorizing any of their aims or the likelihood of one being forthcoming Tony Blair, who intellectually is much smarter than George W. Bush, needed and earnestly looked for a Plan B.

This was promptly provided by John Scarlett who knowingly, entirely dishonestly and categorically manufactured the mandatory proof that Saddam Hussein was inextricably linked to Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaida, when they clearly weren’t, and furthermore had weapons of mass destruction in his possession that in a relatively short period of less than an hour’s duration could be deployed against Britain as well as its military assets and those of the United States in the Middle East. For his part Jeremy Greenstock who was also quite instrumental in this conspiracy hawkishly used his position as the UK’s ambassador at the UN to hammer home these deliberate lies.

The result was a situation that culminated in the Colin Powell debacle in which he graphically on the basis of this bogus information deliberately fed to him advocated the case for war against Iraq and de facto Saddam Hussein while, it must be honestly said, involuntarily making a complete ass of himself, a condition which would severely damage his reputation, public standing and future credibility, giving rise to a state of affairs from which he never fully recovered. None the less the international stage was set for war and by the time the truth of what had happened to poor Colin Powell was revealed and had become common knowledge the Iraq War was already in progress.

What Greenstock and Scarlett never made public though was the principal role they had both played in dishonestly getting Britain to be commitedly involved in a wholly unnecessary war, or that in doing so it was personal avarice combined with a narcissistic and illiberal hubris on the part of both of them to pro-actively but secretly use their influential positions to lobby on behalf of major oil corporations that were zealously and impatiently pushing for war in Iraq and were themselves eagerly gearing up to take full advantage of this outcome and get their hands on Iraq’s oil after the US and Britain had taken over the country and for this express purpose had co-opted John Scarlett and Jeremy Greenstock to use their rather prestigious, extremely influential but importantly British taxpayers’ funded positions not in the essential, honourable service and paramount interests of the United Kingdom as they were meant to do but instead for the acquisitive, financial empowerment of multinational oil corporations, and of course their very own accursed greed.

And that’s exactly what happened with Greenstock and Scarlett, in the manner of their former political boss Tony Blair, on leaving office falling immediately into bed and the clutches of the oil corporations that they all so fervently and critically assisted in getting the war in Iraq they so much wanted and their hands as promised on that country’s considerable and valuable oil assets, totally unconcerned that their damnable betrayal of the British people and the resultant war that they championed has resulted in the unnecessary deaths of many British servicemen, over a million Iraqi dead and in excess of five million others randomly displaced with their lives not only severely disrupted but also in the majority of cases permanently changed forever, unfortunately not always for the better, since many of these are clearly ruined for good.

In an article which was published in May 2011 the ultra establishment and very conservative British newspaper the Daily telegraph surprising reported that British troops were secretly stationed in Saudi Arabia where they were training that country’s armed forces, but additionally to doing so, though this paper didn’t or would it ever on principle have said something so apparent to anyone in possession of a functioning brain in his or her head were also knowingly and actively assisting in the Saudi invasion, occupation and the rather brutal crackdown of peaceful, pro-democracy campaigners in Bahrain, since not only were British arms being copiously supplied to the Saudi and Bahraini dictatorships by the UK government the expertise used by Saudi troops in Bahrain to terrorize, subdue and kill local Bahrainis was also British.

It’s really, when you look at it carefully and objectively, a case of adding insult to injury for it’s in the Sheikdom of Bahrain that the infamous British torturer Ian Henderson who honed his murderous skills in Kenya during the period of the Mau Mau uprising there, ironically in which Barack Obama’s black grandfather was one of his victims, and subsequently in what was then Rhodesia now Zimbabwe after Kenya had gained its independence from Britain was later transferred by the British government at the time to Bahrain, a British colony then, to employ these sadistic talents of his in the personal service of the Khalifa butcher who runs that country, as his chief security advisor and has been there ever since; seemingly immune from the gaze, even though everyone knows where he is, let alone any indictment for his multiple crimes not only by the ICC but also the British legal authorities, as he’s still a British citizen and has a home in the UK.

A reprehensible state of affairs and pernicious double standards as well on the part of David Cameron, his Con-Dem coalition government and the vast majority of British parliamentarians who individually and collectively are assiduously trying to dupe the world that Britain in is Libya for humanitarian and altruistic reasons alone, is a champion of democracy and ardent supporter of human rights, freedom of speech and the right of peaceful assembly everywhere, and the principal reason for why it’s so vocal in publicly speaking out against the violations of these fundamental and inalienable rights of the Syrian people by their autocratic and undemocratic regime in Damascus, while at the same time intentionally I must add turning a Nelsonian eye to even worse atrocities in Bahrain, Yemen and Saudi Arabia, and doing so against the backdrop of a UK government directive to the British media and particularly the BBC not to report on events in the Persian Gulf region sates where Britain, the US and the EU are very actively assisting in the ongoing brutal and bloody state of affairs of sadistically putting down what are undoubtedly peaceful, pro-democracy protests there, attendant with a concerted and somewhat childish conspiracy to arbitrarily close down the Iranian owned Press TV’s operations in the UK, as Wikileaks revealed, just for properly doing its job and reporting on events as any professional broadcaster should be doing, and ironically in Press TV’s case inside its backyard, that the world at large would otherwise have been denied any knowledge of because of the prescriptive diktat of western governments.

Which prompts the very obvious question, how can one country secretly have armed forces in another country to train its own military forces and no one apparently, if the Daily Telegraph is to be believed, knew about this? Saudi Arabia is a Middle Eastern country, the people look differently, have a totally different culture from that in Britain, speak Arabic, which no one in Britain speaks as the British are tremendously lazy and very reluctant when it comes to learning other people’s languages; so wouldn’t someone in Saudi Arabia at least have noticed these Brits and rationally thought, hey what’s going on here; or aren’t there any inquisitive people in Saudi Arabia? Yet the average Brit is being treated as a complete imbecile by this newspaper and unquestioningly expected as usual to believe what he or she is told. Nevertheless let me say this isn’t news to me as I knew of the deployment from the very outset, and if I knew I’m quite sure that our MPs must have too, and if they didn’t, then why are we wasting time and money electing them if they have to rely on a rightwing newspaper to be informed about an issue that should be in their remit? This against the background of David Cameron’s staged outrage at Syria and Libya for allegedly doing what the butchers of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia are known to be doing in their countries. This at the same time as the United States is escalating the situation against the Bahraini people by holding hastily arranged war games with Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and other autocratic Persian Gulf states’ armed forces with Jordan and South Korea, which every student of geography knows is a Middle Eastern country, invited to participate as well.

On a different but none the less a related issue I’ve noticed that the Spanish government has for me I must say quite unsurprisingly cracked down in a somewhat brutal manner on its peaceful protestors; I had a wry smile and shook my head in contemplative dismay. There they are mouthing of all the well rehearsed platitudes about human rights and the rest of it for Libyans, Syrians and Iranians but when it comes to doing at home what they’re sanctimoniously preaching to others abroad, that alas is a bridge too far for these appalling hypocrites. In the meantime as Spain is cracking down on its pro-democracy activists the UK is irresponsibly spending over £75 million a day on its war with Libya while at home elderly National Health Service patients because of a deliberate lack of properly targeted state funding are dying in their own unattended filth and urine; are denied appropriate treatment; and the NHS itself is being subjected to severe and dogmatic economic cuts as well as a shortage of frontline medical and nursing staff that is part and parcel of a doctrinal Conservative Party agenda that is designed to affect every sector of ordinary British life especially indispensible financial support for the education of our students, while the bankers who got us into the mess we are in and that we were involuntarily made to bail out as the rest of us were told we must tighten our belts economically continue to rip us all off as they increasingly get richer at our expense.

Added to this saga are the deliberate lies we are being fed by our political leaders and the media. There was much heated and outraged denunciation of Colonel Gaddafi for having it was said by these odious people dropped cluster bombs on the residents of Misratah with the BBC and France 24 very much in the forefront of these rather lying, western media reports. The truth though, as revealed by independent human rights investigations, is that it was United States forces which deliberately bombarded Misratah with these cluster bombs in April 2011. These bombs, which were multi-fired, are used in identifiable weapons systems specific to US naval forces. Hillary Clinton and Navi Pillay the UN Human Rights Commissioner at the time barefacedly and hypocritically condemned Colonel Gaddafi for this alleged murderous attack on his own people knowing it to be a lie even as they spoke.

We’ve come to expect this kind of lying behaviour from Hillary Clinton but when the official and so-called human rights chief of the UN, an organization purportedly representing the entire world and is therefore expected to do so impartially and honestly acts in this blatant, dishonest and unprofessional way it not only propels a significantly discredited United Nations into further disrepute than it already is but also demonstrably shows not only the incompetence and sycophancy of this woman but equally her complete unsuitability for the job, or any other job for that matter that carries with it that level of responsibility and therefore demands the utmost probity and objectivity on the part of the holder of that position, qualities that Navi Pillay clearly lacks; as one of the first things that even a novice in a much less exalted role quickly discovers is that you simply don’t go around shouting your mouth off and especially in very emotive and highly controversial situations before properly ascertaining what the true facts are. What beats me, and it’s a rhetorical question, is how the hell she got the job in the first place.

Meanwhile, several EU and US financial firms have been outed by two prominent German NGOs as investing heavily to the tune of billions of dollars each in cluster bomb production obvious and quite arrogantly convinced that these bombs will never be used in the west, so the wives, lovers, children, family members and colleagues of the odious and avaricious bastards that run these companies can comfortingly reassure themselves as they increasingly pile up more and more of their ill-gotten gains in their private bank accounts that they’re all categorically safe from harm; and among the companies that are intensely involved in this market of death are J.P. Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, the Royal Bank of Scotland and Deutsche Bank: household names associated with and substantially responsible for the criminal economic mess which they created along with others, and most of the world is left to make sense of and pick up the pieces. This against the backdrop that the United States has yet to sign the convention on cluster munitions and in partnership with Britain and Israel: a criminal entity that is occupying another people’s homeland and can interrogate for over five hours a 7 year old Palestinian child as occurred on Monday 30 May 2011, without allowing him access to his parents or to any legal representative, for allegedly throwing a stone at an Israeli tank, show no intention of ever doing so.

Meanwhile, would be 21st Century Napoleon Bonaparte, aka Nicolas Sarkozy, ensconced in the Elysee Palace and having in quite suspicious and extremely expedient circumstances for himself observed the elimination of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who was extensively tipped to defeat him in the 2012 French presidential elections, from the French political scene and involuntarily holed up in the US on alleged sex charges has hurriedly moved on from his convenient and manufactured war in Libya, the very old tried and tested tactic of engineering a foreign war that all political charlatans down the ages, and Mr Sarkozy is no different from the rest of them, have used to deflect domestic attention away from what are usually economic or other damaging political problems at home, has turned his undivided attention with renewed vigour after his comparatively successful escapade in Libya but more advantageous one in the Ivory Coast to the re-colonization of Africa; and in a recently announced doctrine for Africa, 26 May 2011, asserts the following:

Nicolas Sarkozy’s Africa Doctrine.

1. The top military advisor to the President of the Ivory Coast, in what’s supposedly an independent and sovereign state, must now and always in the future Nicolas Sarkozy insists be a Frenchman who additionally must be a serving member of the French military. Ah well I suppose that’s what you get when you willingly sell your soul to the devil; when you’re a black, House-N puppet and an obedient figure head in place to do the bidding of those who put you where you are and keep you there so long as you allow them to fleece your country of its natural resources and other wealth for the benefit and that of their home country.

2. France assumes to itself and will retain the right to militarily intervene in any African country where elections are disputed and no clear government emerges. Quite Ironic, but then I think the irony would be lost on Nicolas Sarkozy who seems oblivious of the fact that Belgium which is next door to France still hasn’t been able to form a government of any description let alone a viable one well over a year after elections were held there, and this against the backdrop of secessionist sentiments on both sides of the political divide in that country, and a wish by many Belgians to partition the country into two separate states. Will Nicolas Sarkozy now promptly intervene militarily in Belgium, an EU member state with a sizeable French speaking population, to impose his French diktat as he did in the Ivory Coast, is currently attempting to do in Libya, and would very much like to execute in Syria and Iran; all in the name of peace, security, stability and democracy of course?

3. Wherever in Africa that there are French nationals France will assert and reserve the exclusive right to station its own military forces there, irrespective of what the local Africans might think about such a unilateral act by France, to safeguard the security and reinforce the confidence of its French nationals. Does this also mean that every country with sizeable numbers of its own nationals living in France can deploy its own military assets to France to similarly protect them from real or perceived harm there as well as to reassure them of this and safeguard their personal security? If you ask me this smacks of the very worst kind of colonialism and imperialism and not out of place in 1884 when European countries at the Berlin Conference of that same year arbitrarily and arrogantly decided to carve up Africa among themselves with the Africans naturally having no say in what happened to their countries or their lives.

What do you think would be the reaction of both the French people and Nicolas Sarkozy himself if his diktat were similarly and hubristically applied to France by other European states let alone non-white foreign ones? Don’t hold your breath on that one!

All this is unquestionably very bad for Africa in the short or possibly even the medium term but have you ever stopped and thought what Sarkozy’s legacy will eventually be for France, your children and grandchildren? For hegemonistic entities like France which hubristically threaten other perceived less powerful countries with unilateral, arbitrary and indefensible actions as Nicolas Sarkozy is doing are basically advertising to the rest of the world that they are declining powers, and as was evident in the French Revolution perennial victims have a tendency to have long memories, and history graphically relates what the outcome of the French Revolution was for those that controlled and haughtily abused their power. Africa currently is on the floor while France under Nicolas Sarkozy is rapidly making its way there; but in Africa’s case and as we say in English, having reached rock bottom there’s no other way to go but up; and France will have its judgement day. That’s a certainty.

On that subject hands up all those who like me think that the Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK) affair is an expedient and quite elaborate set up which leads all the way to the Elysee Palace and the incumbent president who is ensconced there. This is not to downplay the egotistical and often mindless machismo which is an integral part of French life that is replete among French male politicians and bosses of all economic strata and backgrounds and of which DSK is unquestionably guilty. I have my views on the matter however and, of course, my sources but it’s not for me to do your thinking or even suggest what you should think, as hopefully you have a functional brain in your head just as I do; but I’ll suggest to you the observation that Cicero made over two thousand years ago and the ramifications then and now when as a pretty astute lawyer defending a client who was being steamrolled by the establishment in a not dissimilar notorious case in which he likewise smelt a pretty stinking rat pointedly asked, cui bon; who benefits? And we all know perfectly well who now stands to benefit most from the DSK affair in the 2012 French presidential elections.

4. Le petit Bonaparte, aka Nicolas Sarkozy, has also arrogantly promised Nigeria a permanent seat on the UN Security Council, doubtlessly as another hoped for western cat’s-paw to do the west’s bidding and help shore up the latter’s dwindling global influence. This offer would in normal circumstances be quite hilarious were it not so ironic.

France itself has no genuine legal or ethical right to be a permanent veto-wielding member of the UN Security Council either as a World War II victorious power, which it most certainly wasn’t – let’s not forget the foul stench of Vichy France that enthusiastically sent more Jews to Europe’s extermination camps than even the Germans did – or as a contemporary world power, in spite of Nicolas Sarkozy’s ludicrous pestering, in 2011. And for him to promise Nigeria, the most endemically corrupt country in Africa and among the top five such countries in the entire world, an unenviable international status of such magnitude just illustrates how corrupt and out of touch with reality the UN itself is and how very much in urgent and drastic need of reform at best or of being totally scrapped at worst the UN really is.

Finally whatever you might personally think of Ratko Mladic what he did was motivated by principles and a fervent commitment to defend and preserve the territorial integrity of his country; a very far cry from the lying, dishonest and political prostitution of facts and issues that are the innate characteristics of Nicolas Sarkozy and David Cameron, who frankly in terms of ordinary justice ought to be the ones trading places with Ratko Maladic for a one-way trip to the Hague and life long incarceration there.

On Monday 30 May 2011 Silvio Berlusconi using racist, xenophobic and Islamophobic tactics in an obviously desperate bid to secure victory for his political party in crucial local elections that his party none the less emerged from with a crushing defeat had this to say: “Italy will now become a nation of gypsies, Muslims and foreigners.” This from an inveterate lecher and alleged serial paedophile who is currently being prosecuted for illegally having sex with an underage, female Moroccan prostitute – by the way last time I checked Morocco was still very much a foreign, African and Muslim country – and who sees nothing wrong at all in interfering militarily in the internal affairs of a foreign, independent, sovereign and Muslim country, namely oil rich Libya, that posed no threat whatsoever to Italy or those other countries that are currently attacking it. Seems also that Berlusconi similarly has no problems at all with foreigners or Muslims so long as they’re female and barely out of their puberty.

The referred to comments of Silvio Berlusconi aren’t peculiar to him though but are equally indicative of the rest of Europe’s leaders in relation to their personal sentiments vis-à-vis their own countries and clearly portray the ugly face of EU and NATO racism, xenophobia and Islamophobia violently backed by hubristic European colonialist greed while showing utter contempt for the African Union’s efforts for a peaceful resolution to the Libyan conflict. But this isn’t what NATO and the EU really want, for the longer that their unwarranted attacks on Libya can be drawn out the more indebted economically and politically will a post conflict Libya be to them in rescuing their own miserable financial crisis at home.

Just imagine if the boot was on the other foot and an EU member country was intentionally and rather unwarrantedly targeted in the same way that the EU have subjected Libya to and especially in the face of concerted EU member states either individually or collectively trying to stop this from happening? But they know or rather convince themselves that such a thing is unthinkable and would never happen. And why? Because the EU and NATO see themselves as invincible and untouchable and as such can behave with impunity whenever and however they like. Well, so too did the Third Reich, which with all the hubris it could muster claimed it would last in excess of 1000 years but the entire world knows what happened to that boast. Seems to me a clear case of European leaders not only having short and twisted memories but also a remarkable penchant that renders them wholly incapable of learning from the past mistakes of their predecessors and even the ones that they themselves have committed.

It’s quite understandable I know the anguish of all decent people everywhere who observe what these barbaric bastards do to wonder if there’s any justice in the world, but let me reassure those of you who despairingly feel this way that while the wheels of justice do grind inexorably slowly they nevertheless do so very thoroughly, and one thing that is absolutely certain of this particular outcome is that reason will always overwhelm prejudice.

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