Saturday, 14 May 2011


By Stanley Collymore

On Sunday 1 May 2011 news suddenly broke that the youngest son of Libya’s leader Colonel Gaddafi along with several of the colonel’s grandchildren were extrajudicially murdered by a late night targeted attack on the Gaddafi family residence. Have you like me also noticed that this is an organized pattern of behaviour in which it’s never daytime assassinations with these murderers who like the verminous cockroaches that they are always choose to carry out their dirty work under the cover of darkness; manifestly much too afraid to manfully and honestly embark in the open on their lethal enterprise in the fullness of the light?

NATO: the mafia mass murderers and barbarous henchmen of the cabal of western states led by the United States of America that carried out that deadly but cowardly attack, unsurprising though that action was since NATO like the classic bully that it is has from its inception only attacked those who it knew in advance were militarily weaker than itself, said in response to the breaking news report of the Gaddafi family tragedy that in no way was it targeting either Colonel Gaddafi or his family members (to paraphrase the words of Mandy Rice Davies they would say that wouldn’t they?) and what they bombed was a Libyan communications centre. Indeed! Just, I suppose, like Buckingham Palace; No.10 Downing Street; the Elysee Palace; the White House; and all the other official or private residences in the United States, EU and those of the white Diaspora states from Canada to Australia where their heads of state, senior government ministers and other important officials, their close family members or lovers bed down for the night are. How very stupid of the rest of us not to see this and immediately give the benefit of the doubt to these precise NATO smart bombs, the crews who man and operate them, as well as those who are directly responsible for giving the orders for them to be used in the first top know exactly what they’re doing and to scientifically and ethically get it right each time.

Boy William who grotesquely is the current cabinet minister in charge of the British Foreign Office and who by no stretch of the imagination any rational or sound individual would ever remotely consider to be an ethical man automatically and dishonestly as one would normally expect from this abhorrent closet queer, who even though he lives in and helps runs (if that’s what you can call what he does) a country where homosexuality is legalized and if we’re not careful there are many in his party, government and the two houses of the British parliament who if they had their way would certainly make it compulsory yet still hasn’t the balls to own up to what he really is even though all of Britain already knows what his sexual predilections are, said he couldn’t corroborate the Gaddafi deaths, then rigidly stuck to the well rehearsed official script for this kind of eventuality that it’s not the intention or wish on the part of the UK government, the EU states or NATO to seek to effect regime change in Libya let alone embark on assassinating Colonel Gaddafi or any of his family members. The kind of rather meaningless rhetoric and dishonest assurances that a serial and violent rapist would lyingly give to an intended victim deceptively indicating that he meant her no harm prior to he and his accomplices brutally gang raping her.

Anyway, Hague’s comments are entirely at variance with those of his cabinet colleague Liam Fox; and in case you’re wondering who on earth Liam Fox is, don’t worry about your lack of knowledge in this matter as you’re most definitely not alone in this regard since 99.9% of the British public doesn’t either and would be hard-pressed to pick him out if they were shown a photograph of him along with those of other British men, a task made infinitely harder if they were also similarly to describe what he looked like. In other words Liam Fox is your standard nonentity who despite having been given the normally important job of Defence Secretary in David Cameron’s thoroughly nondescript Con-Dem coalition is notwithstanding this entirely unearned promotion still the ineffectual nobody he’s always been and will constantly remain. However, it doesn’t stop this man from publicly stating, obviously in a crass attempt to raise his rather lamentable profile and unconvincingly persuade the credulous at the same time that he does have balls, that the entire Gaddafi family are indeed targets for NATO assassination, sentiments echoed by Nicolas Sarkozy, Silvio Berlusconi and other in the EU, NATO and the United States. So boy William is effectively talking through his posterior if he really believes that anyone but the most naïve or idiotic will fall for his load of garbage.

Meanwhile, the BBC and the rest of the British media along with their mainland European counterparts like France 24 who characteristically don’t have the time, they would have us believe, interest or the desire to show the much worse atrocities going on in the Yemen and Bahrain aided and abetted by the US, Britain, France and their surrogates Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Kuwait gleefully parade seemingly joyous celebratory Arab Muslims in Benghazi, who for people that always spout the crap about what a peaceful religion they have in Islam and how great and merciful Allah their God is evidently have no problems at all in behaving wholly contradictorily like the feral animals they actually are. This is, of course, all grist to the stereotypical mill of the western imperialists though these Benghazi savages don’t have the intellectual acumen or the commonsense to perceptively realize it or see how cynically they’re being used. For the images that the BBC, Sky, Channel 4, France 24, CNN and the rest of them beam back to Europe and the United States don’t do these desert skunks any favours; don’t endear them one iota to the European or American public; and categorically don’t persuade any European, North American or Antipodean leader to fulsomely open up their hearts and arms to them and bid them come and live among them even for the sake of humanitarian reasons. On the contrary it’s very much the reverse with an innate wish to be shot of these people, and all that these media images do is to purposely reinforce the worst stereotypes of these Arab clowns along the lines of the sanguine, civilized white man once more having to pick up the savage native’s burden.

How else can one justify NATO dropping depleted uranium bombs with all the long-term consequences from these bombes which are well documented to supposedly enforce on humanitarian grounds a no fly zone over a country that no longer has an air force that was knowingly destroyed by none other than NATO itself? And worst still purportedly provide humanitarian assistance when there’s precious little to be seen of this but conversely great efforts made none the less to ensure that the refugees which NATO wittingly creates in its bombing raids don’t get the chance to sully the shores of NATO member states with their presence; and to add gross insult to pained injury watching NATO refusing to apologize to the families of those cat’s paws and quislings whose side they’re supposedly on when they actually kill them in so-called friendly fire. Would NATO have considered let alone have behaved so callously and indifferently to the dead and their grieving relatives if these so-called revolutionaries were white? I don’t think so; and neither do you!

NATO and its member countries have one purpose in mind where Libya is concerned and that is to make these childish quislings there totally dependent on them and when payback time comes make sure that these clowns deliver in full; clowns that are totally incapable of properly fighting and managing their own civil war single-handedly as the British, French and Americans did, and every other reputable revolutionary movement in history has done, and who will be entirely and gratefully, they think, be in the debt of these arrogant, white colonialist carpetbaggers that will demand and get everything they ask for and much more besides that what they were getting from Colonel Gaddafi, which in itself was a great deal. Since as a condition of being welcomed back into the so-called international fold Colonel Gaddafi not only readily prostituted himself but also the natural resources of his country as well to those who have since and quite suddenly and expediently found other fish to fry, and as they’re wont to do in their general scenario with previously favoured but now completely surplus to requirements dictators want him and his family wasted; a similar outcome which will ultimately be the predicament of these Benghazi bozos.

Anyway, the United States only decided to actively get involved in Libya a member of OPEC when it discovered that Colonel Gaddafi was garnering massive Third World and particularly African support for the Golden Dinar: a new currency based solely on gold that Libya and all of these other enthusiastic and particularly keen to participate countries had plenty of but that the US and the rest of the west were critically in short supply of, as a beneficial alternative to the United States dollar and the Euro that would in turn be instantaneously ditched as the oil trading currencies, actions that would have been a harsh blow to the already crippled United States and other western economies in addition to being a major discomfiture to the arrogant self-worth and financial prestige of these countries.

By taking these positive, remedial and long overdue steps Libya and its participating partners were ensuring that from then onwards and well into the future, and just as the west repeatedly and quite unapologetically does with its manufactured goods, Libya and its partners would be the ones that would determine the price of their own commodities, the manner in which these were sold on the open market and not as in the past be hostages to the west’s speculative and trading financial markets, and more insultingly be forced, as was the general norm and what had became a customary fall back to colonial times post their supposed independence, to use these countries currencies to trade in their own commodities. It was a declaration of true post colonial independence that neither the pretentious American Empire nor its ex colonial allies couldn’t stomach and in typical brutish fashion they decided to act, and the dishonest pretext of humanitarian reasons lyingly espoused by them was as good an excuse as any to fob off a western public as credulously dumb as its governments were boorish, two-faced bastards.

With its infamous track record the United States waded in with all its might and its quisling NATO allies followed suit, here are the reasons why; now judge for yourselves.

1) Libya’s actions would have severely undermined the US dollar and threatened the world hegemony of the western financial system plunging them into further debt.

2) The United States couldn’t allow this and wanted to send out an unequivocal message that anyone who acted similarly to threaten the presumed omnipotence of the US dollar had to be got rid of.

3) Saddam Hussein wanted to replace the US dollar as the currency in oil trading but the US responded by engineering UN Security Council sanctions against their once prized quisling, then attacked and invaded Iraq, clinically removed Saddam from office, forthwith proceeded to arrange his execution for crimes that he had carried out on behalf of the United States (you couldn’t make this up) and implemented its occupation of Iraq; where it still unwelcomingly remains to this day and despite the Iraqi government and its people wanting it to leave either personally carries out or pays others to do so a series of terrorist attacks to give the dishonest impression that without the presence of the US in Iraq that country couldn’t mange its affairs. How dastardly and savagely inhuman can you get? But that’s the American Empire for you.

4) Hugo Chavez the most frequently and transparently elected democratic leader in the world also wanted to replace the US dollar in oil transactions; the US like the bully it is angrily and idiotically but dangerously none the less immediately responded by organizing a coup against him that happily was short lived thanks to the intense vigilance, resilience, determination and patriotism of millions of Venezuelans who cognisant of what was done by the US and deeply insulted that this churlish, interfering and rather brutish state felt it had an omnipotent right to dismissively thwart the democratic will of the Venezuelan people and as it had often done in the past in South America put their autocratic puppets in power to do their bidding, took to the streets in their millions to successfully defeat and remove the coup leaders and restore Hugo Chavez to power; and good for them I say!

5) Fidel Castro also chose to discard the US dollar as a foreign currency and opt instead for the Euro, the US responded with more unilateral sanctions against Cuba and blackmailed many countries and companies not to deal with that country, a case of if you do you can’t then expect to do business in the United States; several of these countries unsurprisingly caved in to the US demands.

6) So the only humanitarian interests that the United States and its western and NATO allies ever had in mind when they rampantly let loose their attack bulldogs NATO, the equivalent of the vicious, terrifying, obsessive and oppressive control dogs in the novel Animal Farm, on Colonel Gaddafi’s Libya were those of western banks and other financial institutions. You don’t bomb and kill people, especially with weapons containing depleted uranium, when you are supposedly on a humanitarian mission and there to help them. That would be tantamount to the police or army lobbying hand grenades into a house or office where hostages are being held under the asinine pretext that they were doing so to free these people; that doesn’t make any sense does it?

7) Besides, using Libya’s state billions, $30 billion of which, seized by western governments in whose countries this money was deposited (why the hell these Third World countries keep sticking their money in western banks and other financial institutions when they know what is likely to happen to it when the west has had enough of them beats me) to fund one side in a civil war against the other side is not only a biased act, it’s also contrary to international law, United Nations’ resolutions and the Geneva Conventions. So please spare me all the crap Mr President and all the others about this being an altruistic and humanitarian exercise when the so-called foreign minister of Bahrain: a country where every government minister upwards to the self-appointed king is exclusively of the same Al-Khalifa family), is cordially invited to, attends and roundly cavorts with Hillary Clinton at a Libya contact group meeting allegedly convened to help the alleged suppressed people of Libya: essentially ex-Gaddafi allies and former government ministers with no pedigree of humanitarian rights ever who conveniently jumped ship when they saw where the real Libyan revolution was going and were co-opted and paid by the west to hijack it for their benefit and the avaricious ends of these cat’s paws), when there are far worse atrocities, courtesy of the Al-Khalifa family, being presently carried out in Bahrain as they have been for several months now against the contemptuous backdrop of western governmental collusion and a comprehensive and intentional news blackout by its Zionist controlled so-called mainstream media, forcing those of the general public that know what is going on to get their information from the alternative media that are then attacked by these absurd clown organisations like the BBC, Sky, Channel 4 and France 24 as spreading and promoting propaganda.

8) Meanwhile, the United States with its NATO and EU allies have decided to take the MKO a notorious terrorist group off their terrorist lists. The MKO was ruthlessly used by Saddam Hussein a Sunni to terrorized the majority Shia population in Iraq as well as to slaughter the Kurds there; they were also used again Iran prior to and during US sponsored Iraq Iran war; have been extensively used, post the Saddam Hussein era, in Afghanistan and Pakistan and are widely known to have massively contributed to the carnage in post US occupation Iraq and which is still ongoing in that country. Funded by Saudi Arabia they are based in Iraq on land given to them by Saddam Hussein and are akin to western religious sects that once one becomes a member they can’t voluntarily leave. The Iraqi government desperately wants to have them out of the country but the US and the EU have pressured it not to and when some of their members recently tried to leave they were brutally gunned down by hardliners and led immediately to Catherine Ashton of the EU instinctively and minus the facts slamming Iraq for violating the rights of these terrorist scumbags but refusing to apologise to the Iraq government when it became abundantly clear that those who were murdered were killed by their colleagues not only to silence these defectors but also to secure such predictable and reassuring responses from the west, the EU and its prime nonentity officials like Catherine Ashton.

But even more crucial a reason for the United States, which was one of the first countries to put the MKO on its terrorist list knowing full well that its puppets in Europe and elsewhere would do the same, is the undoubted fact that the MKO is a conveniently, just as it also was with Saddam Hussein, declared deadly enemy of Iran which the Zionist governments of the west would dearly love to forcibly bring into their submissive fold once more, and since the Islamic Republic of Iran will not allow this it must consequently be threatened, attacked by surrogates, everything which can possibly be done employed to destabilize it and hopefully create an identical scenario where the United States, its allies and NATO can attack, invade and occupy it as was the case with neighbouring Iraq and Afghanistan. And with the United States having productively from its point of view used the MKO extensively in Iraq to kill, maim and create absolute mayhem in that country to prolong indefinitely its unwanted stay there, just as it has overstayed its welcome in Japan and Germany for instance and where the vast majority of the public of these two countries would happily like to see the back of it, it sees the terrorist MKO as an acquiescent tool which it can use against Iran in the same way that it used Al-Qaida in Afghanistan.

And for the US to announce its change of stance vis-à-vis the MKO and do so on the day that Barack Obama and his equally murderous crew swan off solemn-faced in the extensive glare of orchestrated Zionist media publicity to ground zero presumably with the two objectives of publicly celebrating what any sensible and objective person knows was the fictional death of Osama bin Laden but also replete with the finest acting techniques of Hollywood, reminding one’s self that this was the United States after all, to take part in a so-called memorial service for the 9/11 dead but really to milk the genuine distress of bereaved families while cynically utilizing it as a re-election manoeuvre, and to compound all this by demanding that the Iraqi government with US financial and logistical assistance relocate these odious terrorist killers to a more conducive location in Iraq than the already extravagant one given to them by their late patron Saddam Hussein but closer to the Iranian border makes one ponder how sick can these US bastards actually get? Here they are copiously prattling on about Osama bin Laden, the evils of terrorism and all the other crap they’re spouting out to their dumb population that is gleefully lapping it up yet behind the scenes and to placate the military, industrial complex that needs more wars to justify its existence, they’re intentionally embarking with the MKO down the same bloody, brainless path they took with Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaida back in Afghanistan; don’t these grasping mother fu..kers ever learn? How many more years will it be before the world is once again thoroughly brainwashed, hoodwinked and warned about another Osama bin Laden type terrorist mastermind and how we must all band together to destroy him and his terrorist organization; but this time it won’t be Al-Qaida that we’ll be constantly reminded we must be vigilant of, but as I’m sure you’ve already guessed where I’m coming from, it’ll be the MKO. And yet these mendacious politicians persistently get away with it. And you really want to know why? It’s because they don’t regard you, their people, as a force to be answered to.

9) The United States has wasted 10 years in Afghanistan and must now face the reality that the uprisings in Egypt, Tunisia, Jordon, Morocco, the Yemen, Bahrain and even Libya to a point have nothing whatsoever to do with jihadism, the barbaric beliefs of Saudi sponsored Wahhabism and Salafistism or even a hatred of the west, and it was noticeable that in these uprisings the youth were chanting anti-west slogans or even overtly Islamic ones. And it is perfectly clear to those with eyes and who are prepared to use them that what these youths want are their fundamental human rights; to throw off western backed dictatorships which are imposed on them to suppress and subdue them and, in their wake, create a set of ideal situations for the west to rapaciously purloin their countries’ natural resources for its own benefit not theirs; and it’s scenario in which the obtuse irrationality and propaganda of the west employing everything from fake WMDs and dirty bombs to its idiotic wars on terror and the culture of fear and supine submission that western governments and their puppets calculatingly create and sustain in order to garner political and economic power and keep themselves in control have no place; nor should they. Nevertheless the west it seems still can’t comprehend or come to terms with this and that’s why it is covertly doing all in its power, while publicly and dishonestly uttering the right but quite unconvincing noises as though it was the defender of these revolutions, to personally hijack them and, of course, maintain its ongoing dictatorial, quisling regimes in power elsewhere across the Arab and Muslim world, as in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia for example, while steadfastly safeguarding its own hegemony in the region.

As part of this utterly desperate but realistically vain attempt by the US to forcibly maintain its position as the world’s premier economy the CIA operations in Libya vaingloriously and stupidly trying to halt by foul means China’s unstoppable march towards assuming the US’s long held economic supremacy by essaying to dislodge it from Libya where its has massive commercial investments, as it similarly does in several other African countries, is very much akin on the part of the US in Libya to King Canute dimwittedly and pompously thinking he could royally command the ocean tides to cease flowing; now we find ourselves lumbered with a de facto American emperor also believing that he too can pull off the unachievable. What is it I wonder about decaying empires which as they approach their sell by date cause their leaders, be they Nero nonchalantly fiddling while Rome burnt to the ground or Barack Obama metamorphosing into the comprehensive warmonger he has become, to instinctively go into paroxysms of lunacy?

The United States’ military and its CIA covert operations in Libya have nothing to do with humanitarian concerns for the Libyan people or any other Arabs or Muslims for that matter; and if you still think otherwise I suggest that you pull up online the British Guardian’s front page of Monday 9 May 2011. How can they when the US is currently and indiscriminately slaughtering Afghans, Pakistanis in their thousands in their own countries while at the same time paying and using the terrorist group the MKO, based in Iraq and which the US is going out of its way to seriously arm-twist the Iraqi government to have it permanently located in Iraq, not the United States, EU or any of the NATO countries mind, to gratuitously murder Iraqis and create mayhem in their country to facilitate US inspired conditions on the ground there that the American Empire can then publicly point to and dishonestly use as the pretext, citing the pressing necessity for its presence in Iraq to safeguard that country’s national and internal security, to indefinitely extend its unwanted stay in Iraq beyond the end of the 2011 deadline when it must legally get out of the country.

As for the plight of the Chinese I couldn’t give a damn since they know what the Americans are like and could have vetoed UN Resolutions 1970 and 1973 but in company with Russia, another bloody hypocrite, chose not to; and if you ask me they deserve everything they get from the US and its allies, as the five permanent members of the UN Security Council are all the same and vividly remind me of Imperial Britain and its German counterpart in the lead up to and onset of World War I – fundamentally an aristocratic, hopelessly out of touch with the people that they patronizingly lorded it over and privileged family at war with itself, but with the poor working class sods in England and Germany respectively, as well as those from their colonies overseas, brainwashed with all the dishonest crap as to why these two countries had gone to war with each other and falling for it hook, line and sinker, as they needlessly died in their millions in the most horrendous of circumstances imaginable for these elitist, pompous and rich bastards that controlled their lives; and when you compare the situation then to what is happening now in 2011 nothing has changed. It’s still the poor, disadvantaged sods that are doing the dying in these pointless, imperialistic wars and the already rich, privileged and tax avoidance powerful who are reaping the benefit of their ultimate sacrifice, while continuing, by entitlement they feel, to live the life of Riley. And every time I hear some prized or naïve twats whether they’re in Benghazi or some other Third World and strife torn region pleading for the intercession of the international community, in essence the imperialist and colonialist west and its military (NATO) and judicial (ICC) divisions, to come to their aid I just want to puke.

Winston Churchill evocatively made the comment as the allies were discussing the setting up of the United Nations post World War II and which would replace the ineffective League of Nations that he didn’t want to new body to be an organization for subject peoples; a devoted eugenicist, racist, colonialist, imperialist and elitist throughout his entire life that was only to be expected from this rather dreadful man. But in recent years the likes of Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and Ben Ali of Tunisia have repeatedly said that Arabs in general and their own people in particular are little more than feckless children at heart and can only be classified as adults by dint of their age; individuals who are neither capable of understanding nor can they ever be trusted with managing something as crucially important as democracy and, as such, need to be permanently looked after as children are. Both Mubarak and Ali were fiercely slammed by lily-livered western bleeding hearts as intransigent reactionaries who were hopelessly out of touch with all reality; but were they? I’m not so sure they were.

Ironically the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions apart, and which were completely youth led anyway, there’s a great deal of accuracy in the remarks of Hosni Mubarak and Ben Ali about Arabs in general and Arab Muslims in particular. For when I watch Arabs, particularly those clowns in Benghazi as well as their dim-witted counterparts in the West Bank of Palestine, in Jordan, Syria, Iraq and throughout the wider Arab and Muslim world and observe how easily and stupidly they allow themselves to be bought and sold by the west and its agents knowing perfectly well what the longstanding track record of the west and its Zionist friends is, I must confess that what sympathy I might otherwise have had for these people who are deliberately contributing to their misery, humiliation, marginalization, exploitation and murder evaporates instantaneously against the quizzical backdrop of my thinking: “Why the hell should I waste my time and energy bothering about these useless imbeciles if they’re so dumb they can’t see what’s staring them right in the face?”

And I would imagine there are many others in the west like me that feel exactly the same as I do; for the path of these Arabs ceaselessly thrusting their heads enthusiastically up the anuses of the west, cravenly doing its every bidding although they know it’s a lopsided arrangement weighted heavily in favour of the west and that there’s no commitment ever on the part of the latter towards them; that the west recurrently does and is quite willing to contentedly carry on using them like dispensable rag dolls, yet for some unfathomable reason these Arab buffoons keep on throwing in their lot with the west who emboldened by this fawning sycophancy on their part towards it further ratchets up its abusive behaviour towards these people who when as a consequence they find themselves in even greater dire straits than before amazingly turn to and even expect help from the same west. I ask you, how bloody stupid can one get? I’ve heard the old cliché better the devil you know than the one you don’t many times in the past but it’s rank stupidity, for to act and do so premeditatedly as most of the Arab Muslims are doing is simply ridiculous and absolutely pathetic.

It appears to be a kind of Stockholm syndrome that has severely affected Arabs and Muslims across the entire Middle East and North Africa, and while Iran is milking this so-called Arab awakening for all it’s worth attributing its genesis to Iran’s own revolution it’s really nothing of the sort. Very much present when the Tunisian revolution broke out and privileged to have watched it firsthand for months as it dramatically unfolded I know that the many students and young people in the vanguard of that revolution who I spoke to and listened carefully to what they had to say don’t see Iran as the model they want to emulate and have no wish to replace their quasi-secular autocracy with a theocratic one. What these young people yearn for most dearly are dignity, respect, access to a decent education based on merit, meaningful jobs, and the right to democratically choose their leaders and government and be able to remove them from power through the ballot box when they see fit to do so and have those whom they’ve rejected unreservedly respect their democratic wish and step down from office. Additionally they want to have proper and affordable housing available for the masses, to be credited with the intelligence to think for and act on behalf of themselves as well as be able to openly and freely speak their minds; freedom of the press; and the right of assembly too; transparency of government as well accountability on the part of that government to the people that elected it; the recognition that it’s they who have the exclusive right to determine how they shape their own futures and life styles; the freedom to travel or not to without restraint; and to be able to live and work in a country where their worth and progress are determined by their character, ability and willingness to contribute to society not by who they know or how well connected they are; while religion is seen as their personal expression of faith and something which has no role in politics.

Having thrown off the yoke of the US imposed Shah who was put in charge of Iran when the CIA overthrew the democratically elected government of Mohammad Mossadegh the Islamic Republic of Iran has since that time made great strides in a diversity of fields but for all that it needs to stop resting on its laurels; to desist from harping back to the past and instead see the world as it really is and adjust accordingly if it’s ever to succeed in any meaningful sense in influencing events and effectively changing the Muslim world generally and the Middle East in particular for the better, as well as fully realize its great potential across the board.

And to achieve this a large dose of pragmatism will need to be injected in the equation as this will never be accomplished through the deliberate and premeditated conflation of religion and politics. Not least because the two are separate and distinct from each other with wholly different parameters that determine their modus operandi and while a realistic and workable symbiosis can co-exist between them they’re not the same things and shouldn’t be treated as if they are. Iran’s model of politico-theocracy has worked effectively for it this far because of the unique and rather isolationist position in which Iran was forcibly placed for many years; a situation very similar to that of a battered wife who seeks shelter in a women’s refuge. Yes, it does temporarily provide her with the much needed physical security and peace of mind that she’s in urgent need of but that said the regime of the women’s refuge is neither conducive to or ideal for any of the occupants ultimate re-entry into the real world and especially if any of them wants to move on progressively, positively and constructively with their life.

Unfairly Iran has many enemies because of its independent stance and commendable refusal to bend its knee in obeisance to the dictates of the Zionist west and the paranoid obsession of the United States to assert its unwanted hegemony over the world in general and the resource rich regions of the globe, including the Middle East, in particular, and as such Iran needs to be constantly vigilant to what is going on around it, but this vigilance must be tempered and buttressed with commonsense.

To publicly declare to the rest of the world as Iran has repeatedly done that it has no intention of ever developing nuclear weapons when its self-obsessed, arrogant and avowedly declared bitterest enemies openly or covertly have such weapons themselves in vast numbers, clearly have no intention of ever giving these up and in effect collaboratively and consistently update them and furthermore are premeditatedly creating false pretexts to attack, invade and occupy Iran once more, steal its resources for their exclusive benefit, suppress its proud and talented people yet again and even deploy the attackers considerable nuclear arsenals as a primary and operational means to achieve their objectives, is to my mind totally asinine on Iran’s part and an abysmal dereliction of duty by the Iranian government and authorities to all Iranians both at home and in the wider Diaspora of Iranian citizens globally. And clinging tenaciously and intuitively onto Islam like an insecure child readily does with a comfort blanket or distortedly using that faith as a supportive crutch so as to make itself feel better truthfully is not going to help one iota, as these western crusaders: secular, materialistic, acquisitive and imperialist in mindset and very arrogant with it, don’t give a damn about Islam or any other religion come to that - not even the ones which they profess to hold - and if you ask me there is no place for naivety or stubbornness when faced with intractable brutality and untrammelled barbarism of the kind that the Zionist west can and, as in the past, has shown that it can unleash.

I recall that even before the US and Britain decided to invade Iraq in the wake of 9/11 – the classic inside job if ever there was one – but with everyone knowing full well that this was coming, having a conversation with an American journalist who rubbing her hands with glee boasted to me that we (meaning the US) will go in; get our chosen puppets and their mullahs to impose lots of Sharia Law that she assured me would keep the populace in check, allowing the United States to carry out its intended business of controlling and pumping out Iraq’s oil and gas resources to its heart’s content and for the principal benefit of the American way of life. And she added menacingly: “If Americans want something badly enough we offer the owner the lowest price possible for it and if we’re refused we take it anyway.”
Iran therefore must rethink its strategy if it’s serious, that is, about retaining its independence as well as safeguarding its right to be a sovereign state, and that entails putting religion in its proper and realistic place and on the backburner if necessary, not use it as a political tool or the centrepiece of every aspect of its citizens’ private and public lives. Crucially, Iran must also get itself some nuclear weapons and make it quite clear that it’ll use them – the US, UK France and Israel have no problem talking publicly using theirs in a first strike – if it has to; after all it is located in a dangerous neighbourhood where nuclear weapons abound not only in terms of those belonging to Russia, China, India, Pakistan and Israel but also the nuclear assets of the United States, Britain and France billeted on its doorstep so to speak and where for instance the US Fifth Fleet has its headquarters in neighbouring Bahrain. So why should Iran be the odd man out? And more to the point when it’s constantly being threatened with attack by several of these same nuclear states and their allies when, in marked contrast, Iran neither threatens nor poses a threat to anyone?

Where are the natural justice, objectivity and fair play in Iran’s case to exist as a sovereign, independent state entitled to administer its foreign and domestic policies as it sees fit so long as these don’t infringe the rights of other countries and nations? And would you be happy if your country was being put in the same invidious position that Iran unremittingly and quite involuntarily finds itself; or are you going to be utterly biased and extremely selective about who deserves such unwarranted treatment and who doesn’t? Be honest with yourselves and face facts!

Just as importantly Iran must stop its infernally infuriating habit of always rising to the bait set by the west and its Zionist partners, and this goes as well for Press TV; as doing so isn’t only downright stupid but also counterproductive. In its place what Iran and Press TV must do is strictly ignore the braggadocio and brouhaha of the west, its Zionist jackasses and their media as doing so will unequivocally convey to them that you mean business; and anyway these compulsive, self-serving bastards are inveterate attention seekers that constantly need the oxygen of publicity to keep them going just as a hardened cocaine addict needs his or her fix to get through the day, and once they’re deprived of this life line – in other words Iran’s unnecessary response to their stupidity - they’ll eventually either fade away or else have to put up or shut up.

Finally, Iran needs to take a leaf out of the book of the revolutionary youths in Tunisia and Egypt and act accordingly. Having truly wonderful and caring parents to prepare one’s self for the vicissitudes of life is a marvellous experience in itself but the sensible parent knows when to let go; just as that son and daughter should equally be aware that adulthood is just that and not a state of affairs that any parent, however deeply loved and respected they are, has or should ever attribute to themselves an automatic, obligatory or uninvited role to play. It’s a vital lesson that the mullahs of Iran and those across the Arab and Muslim world need to quickly learn and thoroughly inculcate, and failure to do so will only result in more of the same tensions, uncertainties, mistrust and divisions that have plagued the Arab and Muslin world for decades now.

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