Tuesday, 26 April 2011


By Stanley Collymore

Had anyone managed to assassinate Adolf Hitler and his Nazi cabinet of like-minded ministers that individual would unquestionably have gone down in history as a hero or heroine and additionally would most definitely have earned the eternal gratitude and lasting respect of scores of millions of people around the world, and rightly so. But bête noire as it undoubtedly was Germany even then is far outdone by what we know today as the United States of America that from its inception even as colonies of Britain to the present day has wiped out, practised genocide against, ethnically cleansed, slaughtered, disappeared, interned, massacred, tortured, kidnapped, killed, renditioned and displaced on a global scale far more people than Germany or any other country, apart from Britain and France, has ever done, and while Germany only wanted to have control over Europe the ambition of the US is to control the world.

Notwithstanding its numerous past and ongoing war crimes and crimes against humanity the United States however always manages to walk away scot-free from these, seemingly immune from being forced to face up to the consequences of its illegal actions and able to do this by dint of its political and military power, specifically its nuclear capabilities, which it shamelessly uses to force its will on other and thumb its nose to international laws and conventions that it nevertheless hypocritically and selectively demands must be scrupulously adhered to by weaker or its chosen vilified states. And to add gross insult to injury goes on to unilaterally reserve the right to attack any country it chooses to in order to remove by brute force, assassination or skulduggery, employing the dark arts of the CIA, any leader who it dislikes or doesn’t find favour with the USA.

Bearing all this in mind and knowing full well that no court: domestic or international or the United Nations for that matter, as things currently stand, will ever have the guts or moral decency to order the arrest, have formally charged and brought to trial and on the weight of overwhelming evidence convict and severely punish US mass murderers and perpetrators of war crimes and crimes against humanity whether those persons are the country’s president, cabinet ministers, Pentagon officials, CIA operatives or whoever – look what happened to Raymond Davis the CIA killer who murdered two Pakistanis in their own country – and with US presidents, Congress, the Pentagon and CIA still arrogantly conceding to themselves the right to arbitrarily assassinate and extrajudicially kill those they dislike, isn’t it about time that the policy of what’s good for the goose be similarly considered as appropriate for the gander, and all United States officials from its president downwards who are reliably suspected of or are known to have personally ordered or actually carried out mass murders, war crimes and horrendous crimes against humanity be similarly targeted for assassination and extra judicial killings? Or would that be instantaneously regarded by these savage but cowardly hypocrites as acts of terrorism?

And why stop at the United States? Why not Britain where Liam Fox its Defence Minister is widely known to be enthusiastically in favour of the assassination of Colonel Gaddafi and those that support him; as well as France and the rest of the EU that are similarly in the same boat? The same countries that cheerlead grant immunity to and applaud Israel whenever that rogue state embarks on another of its customary fits of obsessive paranoia and goes on yet another killing spree. As it’s a safe bet that we’ll never see these white, racist, colonialist and imperialist Zionists brought before the ICC which really the judicial arm of the Zionist movement, is not a court set up to punish white men or women for their wrongdoings, but is there primarily and with the full backing of the United Nations Security Council and its puppet General Secretary to give a pseudo judicial gloss to 21st Century colonialism.

Adolf Hitler let’s not forget was democratically elected by the German voters as was Barack Obama by the US electorate, Cameron by the British, but only just, and Nicolas Sarkozy by the French, and in Italy, Germany’s wartime friend, it was a combination of grassroots support and public popularity that successfully propelled Benito Mussolini into power, and we all know or should do what the end game was. So the notion that because someone has been democratically elected in a set of particular circumstances that he or she then inevitably becomes an individual who can be trusted to look after or is even remotely interested in the general welfare of their country and fellow citizens; is actually competent to hold down and efficiently carry out the job that they were elected to do; isn’t a supine coward and obsequious figurehead that readily and compliantly yields to the slightest pressure that comes their way like an unstable stalk even in the gentlest of breeze; or worst still isn’t just a lying, dishonest and greedy charlatan expediently and self-servingly embedded in the pockets of powerful external as well as minority domestic economic, political, ideological and military interests indelibly linked to the fostering, preservation and fanatical protection of capitalist and unethical multinational corporations and the agents of death, the military industrial complex, isn’t only implausible but also quite ludicrous as well.

The tactic of fear, widely and successfully implanted in the minds of their people, was systematically and ruthlessly used by both Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini to hoodwink, cajole, coerce and even browbeat their local populace into either believing or at least accepting what they were told by their governing regime; it was then further utilized to get the green light to destroy, displace or co-opt for their personal use the democratic institutions they’d shamelessly employed to gain power but now wanted to neuter or dispense with and, significantly, enabled both dictators to create the kind of state where all legal checks and balances enshrined in their respective constitutions to thwart the abuse of power were summarily and arbitrarily got rid of and the regime, particularly those who ran it, now became the sole arbiter: effectively the judge and jury, of what could take place and did occur.

The courts, civil service, media, civic authorities, the police, the security services; public and private sector organizations, the armed forces, trade unions and even the church were now quite beholden to the national regime that effectively had complete control not only over their continued existence but also over what they could say, do and even how they could respond to measures imposed upon them; and looked at through objective lens the United States of America in 2011 is a mirror image of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy.

The United States Constitution guarantees the separation of powers but anyone who thinks this is a reality in contemporary USA is either a fool, hopelessly naïve, a knave or completely mad. The so-called US Supreme Court is far from being impartial let alone reputable, and what little credibility that this blatantly politically packed, ideological body ever had vanished like a snowflake would in the broiling hot tropical sun when it promptly and complicitly with its fellow Republicans in Florida, and notably George W. Bush’s own brother who was governor there, fraudulently handed the 2000 presidential elections to the evident loser of those elections, one George W. Bush whose father had appointed most of those so-called impartial arbiters to their life-long judicial seats in the very same Supreme Court. Payback time in other words.

This not insignificant factor apart, the entire US judicial system is endemically corrupt and partisan, presides over a vicious, elitist and discriminatory process of judicial dispensation where the rich and powerful get off scot-free leaving in their wake the poor and non-white minorities to swell the ranks of the US prison population. Disproportionate too to their actual number as citizens or legal residents in the United States Blacks and Hispanics account for as much as 95% of those that are on death row in that country with the US judicial system fitting easily and comfortably into the ranks of the worst Third World, repressive, police states, and in that regard Saudi Arabia readily comes to mind; hardly surprising then that the bond between the United States and Saudi Arabia is such a close one.

As for the US media it no longer exists and its sorry replacement is more akin to fantasy theme park that is much more adept at fiction than Hollywood currently is or ever was, while the US Congress is unmistakably analogous to a university student with an exaggerated sense of his or her importance and a similar sense of entitlement but no discernable intellectual acumen to back this up or even the required grades to rightfully have bestowed on them a much coveted place at any kind of university but still succeeds in conning their way into one because he or she is quite proficient at being able to cold-bloodedly prostitute themselves so as to gain the appropriate advantage they’re after; brazenly carries on doing so while at university and even acquires on the face of it a degree, but one that was obtained not through hard work, academic prowess or intellectual discernment but was derived only because that student was happy to literally climb into bed with his or her tutors who just as corruptly awarded them pass grades based entirely on sexual favours rather than the proper criteria of rigorous, intellectual study and examination.

Against this backdrop therefore no one should take the United States Congress any more seriously than they would the pronouncements coming out of a public whorehouse in Amsterdam’s famed red light district for example, where those that are in the business of selling themselves to the highest or most consistent bidder financially, who gain huge economic benefits from doing so and additionally even decadently get their kicks from this immoral pastime nevertheless don’t accord to themselves unwarranted airs and graces which they feel require them to go around imagining and even deluding themselves that they’re other than what they really are.

Which brings us to the US presidency and the incumbent who holds that office. Similarities abound between Adolf Hitler’s dishonest rhetoric and Barack Obama’s campaign claims; and what Obama has done since coming to office is glaringly stark and in many instances alarmingly identical to the German Nazi era. Both men were endowed with the gift of the gab which they ruthlessly and lyingly used to kick start and promote their political careers, and just as Hitler was a pathological liar so too is Barack Obama. Truth for either man was and is a commodity to be economical with while lies and complete fabrications were seen as and used by both of them as if they were or are important virtues; and significantly both Hitler and Obama are your classic outsiders: one an Austrian, the other born in Hawaii, who the mainstream political classes in both their countries viewed and unshakably regarded as outsiders, and who Adolf Hitler in his time and now Barack Obama felt they had to do everything that they could, even indulging in extreme forms of behaviour in order to get themselves accepted by these people.

In Barack Obama’s case he’s further handicapped by the fact that he is the unwelcomed product in racist USA of a black father and a white mother and whatever his politics were it was always going to be his skin colour that would be his biggest handicap, and a life threatening one to boot once he aspired to becoming the president of his country; and therefore to stop himself from being instantly eradicated from the political scene and in all likelihood lose his life as well imperative deals had to be struck which carried with them massive IOUs.

No US presidential candidate or eventual president, all of whom previously have been white, have ever had, even collectively, the enormous number or the intensity of death threats that presidential candidate and now President Barack Obama has been subjected to, and when one contemplates the relative ease with which the Kennedy brothers were killed, the near assassination of Ronald Reagan and even that of Dr. Martin Luther King: a prominent, black public figure, one doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to conclude why Barack Obama, in view of all I’ve said earlier, is still alive and not another gun statistic victim in the USA. The key to Barack’s inviolability from the assassin’s bullet so far is the CIA. One of the most ruthless but glaringly incompetent security services in the world the CIA nevertheless has tentacles everywhere, and because of the US’s position as the world’s only superpower de facto carries a great deal of influence with those that it deals with, many of whom are literally shit scared of what the United States vindictively can and will do to them in a multiplicity of ways: economically, politically, diplomatically, militarily; through isolating them, the imposition of sanctions on them or threatening to inflict these and then bullying its friends and allies to follow suit, and through a thousand and one other ways if it chooses to if these countries refuse to do as they’re required to, or are actually told they must by the American Empire.

A man who evidently puts self before principles Barack Obama struck as deal with the CIA which in return for keeping him alive allowed the CIA to have carte blanche, public presidential support and immunity in the eventuality of him becoming president to do whatever it liked; immunity that would similarly extend to AIPAC, other Zionist and pro-Israel lobbies, which is why Barack is too petrified to even denounce Israel’s worst excesses, and the all important and enormously influential military industrial complex, all of whom are the decadent bedfellows of the CIA. Ask yourselves what other US president has abrogated his responsibilities to the extent which Barack Obama has done to an un-elected and publicly unaccountable body, allocating unconstrained powers to what is fundamentally an information gathering quango aka the CIA, enabling to deliberately and in direct violation of the Geneva Conventions, United Nations Resolutions, the UN’s own charter, international and even US laws to intentionally and premeditatedly wage undeclared war against a sovereign, independent state and member of the United Nations? Yet this is exactly what the CIA is doing with impunity against Pakistan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia among other countries, and which a deeply compromised and cowardly Barack Obama is permitting.

Like Britain’s MI6 the CIA needs to justify its existence and the enormous amounts of money which is given to it, and the more wars and ongoing conflicts that there are the greater is its scope for doing so; and since this is the matching agenda of AIPAC; the Neo-cons; Zionists and those who either run or benefit immensely from the extremely profitable and only capitalist growth industry, the industrial military complex, in an otherwise bankrupt economical system and has become the intense focus of a re-emergent incentive for the reactionary racists, colonialists and imperialists who hanker after the good old days following the 1884 Berlin Conference, and while painstakingly doing everything they can within their power to unify the white former colonialist states of Europe conversely do their best to politically, diplomatically, economically and militarily keep the purported Third World countries weak, divided and balkanized the better to subjugate them and plunder their resources for the sole benefit of the west, it’s comparatively easy to see and understand why Barack Obama does as he’s told. How else can one account for his odd behaviour and puerile comments that are not only quite contradictory by sensibly defy all logic and commonsense?

Here are some of Barack Obama’s gems: 1) Syria’s actions against its protestors are deplorable and outrageous; 2) Syria is seeking help from Iran to quell the unrest in Syria; 3) the Syrian regime has refused to respect the democratic rights of Syrians; 4) there’s no freedom of expression in Libya; journalists are being arrested; civilians targeted; and freedom of speech and assembly denied; 5) and notwithstanding his authorization to Hillary Clinton to publicly state that Bahrain is a sovereign state and has the fundamental right to invite the armed forces of any country it pleases to enter its territory even when the invading forces have the full backing of the United States and are there primarily to wreak havoc on, slaughter, massacre, and ethnically cleanse the majority indigenous population just like the white half of his own ancestry did to the Native North Americans; all these Bahraini crimes going on at the behest of an imposed, autocratic ruling, hereditary family of self-grandiose, feudal, savage, barbaric and Dark Ages rogue monarchs.

Now judge the above against the reality that Barack Obama is being wilfully blinkered to and sum it up in one word: BAHRAIN. Every single thing that Barack accuses Syria and Libya of is happening a thousand times worse in Bahrain but there are no such condemnations of the despotic Al-Khlaifa family in Bahrain from him, his western allies or their media; in short there’s a deliberate conspiracy of silence among them regarding the well documented atrocities going on in Bahrain. Saudi Arabia a major ally and cat’s-paw of the US, given the green light by Robert Gates to invade Bahrain has no democracy of any kind; is an artificially constructed country that was forged under the Sykes-Picot Agreement and where women are literally the slaves of the male population and is rule by a vile and decadent family at the head of which is a dictator with absolute powers, the kind that the archetypal Divine Rights of Kings advocate Charles 1 of England never had; but he nevertheless still managed to lose head, quite literally, for his abuse of power. But once again we see no criticism of a state that is clearly in violation of all civilized norms of conduct but gets away with it because it’s a friend and ally of the United States of America. And why, even if Iran was assisting Syria, is it perfectly alright for Bahrain to invite outsiders, as Hillary Clinton categorically asserts that it has the right to do, to help it out but so wrong and offensive to the sensitivities of United States and its friends for Syria to do the same? Notwithstanding the fact that since 2003 the US has been secretly funding and bribing pro-western elements in Syria to the tune of several million US dollars annually to foment trouble in that country courtesy of, you guessed it, the CIA that has a very long and rather disreputable history of overthrowing elected governments in the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere around the world and has been operating for the past three decades in (guess where?) LIBYA!

The raison d’être is obvious; the United States and the EU countries are all faced with dire economic problems; capitalism is a brain dead patient on life support and to keep their peasants from revolting at home and deflect attention away from their economic woes the United States and European Union are desperately resorting to the Galtieri formula: using foreign wars as a diversionary tactic, and this is precisely what Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy have embarked on as they all three of them wholly incompetent as political leaders, haven’t a clue how to run the economy of their respective country and knowing how dim-witted many of their domestic constituents are and what short memories they have, have evidently gone for the foreign wars option and the machismo attendant with that, with the implicit assumption that it would be quite unpatriotic of their fellow citizens (subjects in the UK) to criticize one’s government while the country’s troops are in harm’s way. And they get away with it because the stupid citizens and subjects don’t have the guts to ask: who put them there and why? So charging off into some developing country or other to kill the worthless natives there, taking it in turn to drop bombs on the poor hapless sods who live there, in the same way that a bunch of thugs would gang rape a defenceless pubescent girl, we observe Barack Obama, David Cameron, Nicolas Sarkozy and the rest of this odious bunch of human misfits doing the same to boost their poll ratings at home while they bleat disingenuously about humanitarian concerns and democratic rights for the people they happily and uncaringly kill.

The irony of all this being that while they clearly feel that they can march into whatever developing country they care to when as obviously happens there’s a resultant refugee problem caused by their actions these are the very people who hastily pull up the drawbridge of their castles to prevent them coming in as we saw with Nicolas Sarkozy hypocritically suspending the Schengen Accord with EU support to stop Libyans and Tunisians from entering France and the rest of the EU, and it’s a sure bet that the United States won’t have them either; after all they’re not that keen on their near neighbours the Mexicans entering that country.

The Zionists who run the military industrial complex would like nothing better than to have another major war as that would further boost arms production and the phenomenal sales of these, ratcheting up in the process even more outrageous profits for that 1% of the populace that owns and controls this industry, and Iran is the target they have in sight. That’s why henpecked cuckolds and Zionist mummy’s boy Dennis Ross ludicrously professing to be a Middle East expert to compensate for his natural lack of machismo and henpecked status, since it’s not he who wears the trousers at home, go around intentionally and quite dishonestly claiming that it’s Iran which is behind all the unrest in the Middle East and particularly the Gulf region. To this prized cuckold suppressing the local people as the west has been systematically and ruthlessly doing for centuries, fitting them out with tyrannical regimes that keep them permanently in check allowing the west to steal their wealth while blatantly denying them their dignity, human aspirations and even their basic human rights isn’t a problem at all and has nothing whatsoever to do with the current spate of unrest.

So now we know; the problems occurring in the Middle East are all the fault of nasty, Islamic Iran that its many Zionist detractors like cuckold Dennis Ross conveniently neglect to tell you has itself been a long suffering victim of US and before that British and French hegemony in the region. And these scoundrels know all too well that large numbers of you are credulous fools and that’s why they give all this bull to swallow and that you gulp down in large dollops. And while you’re mulling over that try digesting the following as well: 1) the US is 4 trillion dollars in debt; 2) in 2010 it spent 6.5 billion dollars conducting its wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; 3) there are 24 million people currently out of work in the United States and the figure is growing; the figures of unemployment are also on the increase in Britain, France and the rest of the EU. And when you’ve taken in all of the above I’ll like to suggest that you honestly ask yourself this vital question: “Who are the genuine idiots, those whom you elected and who have heartlessly and self-servingly betrayed you or you yourselves; and crucially, what are you going to do about it?

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