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By Stanley Collymore

Hello Marine,

There’s an old English saying that those who either intentionally don’t or are simply too stupid to learn from the past are doomed to repeat its mistakes, and if ever there was a classic example of such idiocy then you are it Marine Le Pen.

Operation Catapult – I don’t know if this term rings any bells for odious historical revisionist like yourself Marine – is the World War II terminology that the British military high command gave to Winston Churchill’s plan to blow the French Navy out of the water and to kingdom come, and that was most spectacularly and satisfying achieved.

Having finally, with France very much in tow, declared war on Nazi Germany over its invasion of Poland (in retrospect I don’t know why we British bothered as Poland in 2011 is every bit and possibly more so now the pathetic, hideous, racist and fascist country that it always was) Britain and France were initially allies against the Axis forces of Germany and its allies, notably Italy: another nasty fascist entity. What Britain and the British people didn’t bargain for however was how supine, lacking in moral fibre and backbone the French were; how easily they would cave in to the first real confrontation they had with the Germans, totally and pitifully capitulating like an effeminate homosexual when challenged by a macho male or a sissy on the school playground in the face of relentless taunts from his more testosterone blessed playmates; or how in very classic turncoat manner the French would welcome the German Nazis into Paris and actually assist both in fashioning as well as being highly supportive of the quisling government of Vichy France that the German Nazis then immediately proceeded to set up. But to keen observers of the French that would have come as no surprise whatsoever, as the mindset of Nazi Germany and that of France was absolutely identical.

No liberal by any means and himself endowed with his own endemic racism Winston Churchill was none the less still quite angered by France’s profound betrayal and pragmatically resolved not to let the French Navy fall into the hands of the Germans, which would evidently have been the case as the welcoming French Nazis and the country’s populace at large who’d obsequiously collaborated with the Germans in every other conceivable way would have had no qualms at all in instantly handing over their navy, lock stock and barrel, to their German Nazi brethren, hence the British insistence that the French Navy had to be destroyed.

But not every Frenchman, even though the vast majority of them were, was a quisling or turncoat and those who possessed dignity, morality and genuine love for their country and weren’t, under any circumstance, prepared like the majority of their fellow citizens to prostitute those admirable commodities did heroically retaliate to rid their country of the pestilence of Nazism, Fascism and French betrayal.

I’ve used the term French in the above paragraph in the very broad sense of its meaning. Like the British did during their days of empire and the Romans before them within the full scope of their empire France had also attributed universal citizenship to all those in its empire regarding in the process everyone whom it ruled as French; and it was these people who were primarily black or brown skinned: Arab, African and West Indian, who now stepped up to the plate and voluntarily and altruistically came to the rescue of France.

There is nothing more reprehensible in the French context than seeing or hearing World War II French Nazis and quislings or their offspring dishonestly cloaking themselves in the laudable and heroic garments and accolades of these aforementioned people, ludicrously assuming the mantle of their bravery and deceitfully giving the erroneous impression that the courageous exploits and feats of these worthy people are really theirs and to which they have exclusive ownership. That’s a barefaced lie and nothing could be further from the truth.

Let’s take one but none the less a significant example of which these sons and daughters of Nazis and quislings are liars par excellence. The epic struggles of the French Resistance and the role of its members in liberating France are legendary, but who were the French Resistance? Over 95% of its membership was made up of French colonials from France’s African territories, both north and sub-Saharan; it Caribbean provinces including Cheyenne or French Guiana; and non-French personnel like Josephine Baker, the black American singer that like many of her comrades in the Resistance was the recipient of France’s highest award for valour and in Ms Baker’s case given a state funeral on her death from a very grateful France for what she’d done for it. The remaining 5% or so of the Resistance members were white French men, a sizeable majority of whom were also expatriates that were living abroad in France’s colonies when war broke out.

So how utterly despicable is it then Marine Le Pen for those like your father who was an active and rabid Nazi foot soldier, Waffen SS collaborator and secretive informant on French Jews and other Untermenschen as they were quite disparagingly described by the German Nazis and their French counterparts, many of who ended up and lost their lives in horrendous circumstances in Europe-wide Nazi death and concentration camps – so hugely effective were Monsieur Le Pen and his ilk in their eradication of French Jews and Gypsies which took their German handlers totally by surprise at the dedicated manner and efficacy with which these exterminators went about their ghoulish enterprise – to now wrap themselves up post-war in the French flag and in an unabashed manner convey the wholly erroneous and deceptive impression that they were and still are the moral and stalwart defenders of the French Republic. Not dissimilar in this monstrous piece of chicanery from their British counterparts who descend annually on the Cliffs of Dover and farcically indulge in the same ritual subterfuge that they were England’s authentic guardians in its hour of need, when the unvarnished truth is they’re all liars and had Adolf Hitler made it across the English Channel with his Nazis they would have been among the first to rush out and greet them. Nevertheless it doesn’t stop both these group of Nazis from their delusionary distortion of the facts or turning them completely on their heads.

You marine Le Pen are on record as saying that France’s non-white population is an invading army that has taken over your country – presumably you mean France – without tanks. This crass and rather asinine comment could easily have come from Nicolas Sarkozy both of whose parents were Jewish refugees from Eastern Europe; and should one dig even superficially they’ll quickly discover that you Marine Le Pen are not as French as you want the rest of us to believe, and the mere fact that you go to such great and unnecessary lengths to prove that you are French without supplying any concrete evidence that you are reminds me of the Shakespearean quote: Methinks the lady doth protest too much! What you and Nicolas Sarkozy actually mean when you use the term French is explicitly someone that is white, Caucasian and European either born in France or possessing French citizenship irrespective of where their roots really and truly are, or how long-standing or short in duration, generally the latter case, their links with France really are. It’s an analogous situation to the equally racist and purblind English Defence League (EDL) who quite loudly proclaim that they’re defending their “Englishness” from foreign, which is really political shorthand for anything non-white, influences until one discovers just who these people really are and confronts them with their marked lack of English pedigree.

For far from being the English, Anglo-Saxons they claim to be these people aren’t even western Europeans. Yes many of them were born in Britain but they are overwhelmingly the children and grandchildren of Eastern European Nazis, predominantly from the Ukraine and the Baltic States, who in excess of 100,000 including their family members were allowed by the post-war British Labour Party government at the insistence of the then US administration to settle in Britain. With its endemic paranoia of communism the US was seriously considering going to war with wartime ally the Soviet Union to protect its obsession with capitalism, and asininely reckoned that these thousands of known Nazis and Waffen SS mass murderers from the communist bloc who fearing retribution from the Soviets had all conveniently pledged their troths to the beneficial alliance of western capitalism would be expedient cat’s paws to use against the Russians. But disreputable as this move was that of the British government unquestionably agreeing to the sick demands of the United States was even more repugnant to watch, for it marked a new low for the UK seeing this emergent supine and obedient quisling of the United States that it would become emerge and which we’re all too familiar with nowadays.

So having fought and in numerous instances paying the ultimate price in combating Nazism and fascism decent British and Commonwealth (then Empire) citizens or the families of those who died in this struggle could only watch in utter amazement or absolute disgust as a British political party ostensibly of the poor and the working classes and formed out of the trade union movement welcomingly paid host to holocaust mass murderers. Once in Britain these killers and their kith and kin quickly anglicized their names and publicly, at any rate, prudently severed their intimate links with their infamous past; this was after all a Britain where the war still evoked very painful and passionate memories, but in reality these East Europeans were really the same savage thugs they’d always been. Now we have the risible, if it weren’t such a humourless matter, spectacle of these sons and daughters of Nazis claiming to be more English than the real English themselves whether black or white. So what’s your DNA profile Marine Le Pen; would you care to publicly have it done and share the results with the rest of the world; those who are really interested that is? Or are you like all fascist and Nazi bullies really a coward at heart?

This all humorously reminds me of the saga surrounding Carol Thatcher, Maggie’s daughter, and a few others who like her publicly boasted that they were 100% white, Caucasian and European; there was even one woman in the group with an unabashed and virulent hatred of Gypsies and very much of the set view that you hold Marine Le Pen that Europe was for the Europeans, white ones of course, and the rest of the world equally belonged to such people as well to do with it as they chose to. Anyway this group I referred to earlier all voluntarily agreed to take part in a BBC programme where their genetic Englishness was put to the test. Blood samples and the like were taken from each of these individuals for thorough DNA analysis at the world renowned centre at Oxford University that reputably carries out thousands of such tests annually and throughout the process the whole procedure was most meticulously vetted and transparently scrutinized.

When the results came back though and in the follow up programme these were aired to a nation eagerly awaiting these results it showed clearly that even though all the participants looked white and Caucasian they weren’t who they thought they were. The female Gypsy hater to her chagrin discovered that her DNA sample showed she was 75% Gypsy; devastated by this lunatic female even tried to sue the BBC and Oxford University for their defamation of her, then embarrassedly took to her bed and stayed there for some time refusing to see anyone, while in the case of Carol Thatcher it showed that her DNA was significantly Arab and what Caucasian element there was in her was minuscule by comparison. Carol Thatcher did take the findings in good spirits which is more than can be said for the rest of the sample group who were all quite visibly shattered that they weren’t as white as they thought they were. But it did give rise to a string of typical English jokes about Carol’s brother Mark who around the time had got himself lost in one of the deserts of the Middle East or North Africa during a car rally, I forget which now, along the lines that he loved the desert so much and had such an affinity with it that he was even prepared to get lost in one.

Official government figures in the UK show that some 36% of British women regularly cuckold their husbands or live-in partners producing children who are sired by other men information that these women resolutely hide from their husbands or partners and who themselves never or rarely find out that they aren’t the fathers of the children they think are their own; on mainland Europe the figure is just marginally lower than that in Britain, around 34%. Now I’m not or would I ever make any aspirations against Mrs Thatcher, besides it’s none of my business what she and Denis got up to in their private lives. But I wonder how many of you out there like Marine Le Pen and this virulent Gypsy hater are going around in total ignorance of precisely who you really are and most ironically ignorantly lauding something that patently you are not? What have you to say to that would-be 21st Century Joan of Arc of France, Marine Le Pen? Go ahead; take that DNA test and do so publicly under the same stringent conditions which Carol and the others did and prove me wrong; and the same goes for your equally sick and deluded followers of this woman. Just do it; and proudly demonstrate your Aryan, Master Race status to the world. Surely you’ve nothing to hide, or do you? Come on! What’s holding you back?

We have another saying in England when 21st Century colonialists and imperialists bemoan the passing of the good old days when whites were completely in charge and the Natives knew their place and who now belligerently say they don’t recognize their country. Their country? They’re having a laugh surely! The saying among non-whites that I’m referring to and which is a rebuttal to this bleating go like this: “We are over here because you were over there, first.” Get it? And without the blood, sweat and tears of these so-called natives neither your European nor white led countries would have the riches that they have and have enjoyed for centuries and that you and all other whites have grown accustomed to and take for granted And talking about your country is rather akin to someone who has taken out a mortgage to buy a property or even remortgage an existing one claiming that that property, usually a house, is his or hers. No it isn’t! Not until you have paid off in full that mortgage; and I’ve news for you racists, your countries are still in hock to these so-called natives who you’ve exploited, enslaved and massacred but haven’t in any way whatsoever recompensed them for what you owe them; so talk about your country, to again use the mortgage analogy, is just sheer baloney. You were born in the country, perhaps, but you not only had no say about that fact but here’s the rub, you don’t own that country. Pay off your dues first and then you can start thinking about claiming ownership.

Furthermore I don’t know of a solitary European country whose majority population is other than white; whose government isn’t white; or where a non-white minority has set up a colony; but I can name you several outside the continent of Europe where the reverse is true. Try any of these for size: the USA; Canada: New Zealand; Australia; Argentina: until quite recently South Africa and Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe; and the list goes on. And it’s not only the land and the resources that whites stole. Tasman Man was wiped off the face of the earth as were the Witbooi people of Namibia, Germany’s first holocaust predating the one in Europe and in the same century that all of you know about but absolutely nothing about the African one. The second holocaust of course France actively participated in, your dear daddy would have proudly told you of that Marine Le Pen, but I doubt very much if either he or you know of let alone care in the very least about the Arawaks of the Caribbean where France still has colonies and these indigenous people that once inhabited these same islands once lived before your lot arrived and wiped them out.

But apart from these and many other well documented exterminations there was the systematic genocide of indigenous people wherever your brave kith and kin went. So what’s your problem Marine Le Pen, don’t tell me that you’re afraid that the chickens might very well come home to roost in France or the rest of Europe and you and your crooked, perverted and paranoid lot will be on the receiving end for once? Really! The problem with savages like you, your father and your general ilk Marine is that you tend to judge people by your own abysmal gutter standards since you know nothing else. But I’ve news for you Marine there are decent people around and with extremely high moral standards and who don’t relish or would they ever contemplate living in the sewers of bestiality and barbarism that your father has dwelt in all his life and has clearly and enthusiastically bequeathed to you, and which you’re so much at home in.

Algeria is French! Remember that rousing cry by your white countrymen? Yet Algeria is an African country. Scores of thousands of Algerians lost their lives fighting for their country’s freedom and independence from France and even when they achieved it France still couldn’t resist its meddling in its internal affairs as it still does today in the affairs of that country and other former colonies, the latest being the Ivory Coast. Liberty, Equality and Fraternity; not much of any of these when the people of Algeria made their democratic choice which France quite obviously didn’t like and instantly instigated a military coup to prevent the transparently democratic will of the Algerian people expressed at the ballot box coming to fruition. Now employing the Galtieri effect Nicolas Sarkozy is whipping up foreign wars, Libya is a case in point, to deflect from his poor poll ratings at home. But what does it actually say about France when the French seem willing to jump out of the frying pan into the fire with the likes of you Marine Le Pen? Governance and particularly good governance of a country is much more than empty populous rhetoric Marine.

Let me put a few questions to you Marine and see how well you fare with them being the great patriotic French woman you claim to be. I won’t give the answers here as that will make you even lazier than you already are, so you’ll have to use what little grey matter there is between your ears to check them out; anyway the mental exercise will do you good as it’s my firm and justifiable belief that the only intellectual exercise which your tiny brain ever gets is in jumping to conclusions. Here goes: 1) How many African Generals did Napoleon Bonaparte have in his army? I’ll give you a hint, the number runs into double figures. 2) Which African general up to 1798 was Commander of Napoleon’s cavalry? 3) What was the name of the great French general and empire builder, who was African, was born in St. Louis, Senegal and could effortlessly have become President of France if he wanted to but chose not to? I’ll let you mull over these matters Marine.

Puts a wholly different perspective on your ludicrous notion of an all-white France that owes absolutely nothing to anyone else for its prosperity, culture and development but harebrained whites fashioned in your mould, doesn’t it Marine? How exceedingly wrong you are! And while in view of the many contributions that France’s non-whites have made to that country I find your unwarranted, utterly self-serving and nauseating xenophobia totally repulsive, let me also ask you this simple question Marine. If you should get your wish and become French president and go on to achieve an all white France will you unreservedly hand back and voluntarily so while at the same time encouraging you fellow EU members to do the same all the precious artefacts that you have in your public and private museums that belong to the non-white countries around the world and which you stole from them?

Will you personally as President of France refund Haiti the billions of US dollars that for over 200 years that country was forced to pay to France as reparations for the black liberationist and military commander Toussaint L’Overture having defeated the French, gaining their freedom and independence for the enslaved black people of Haiti? A situation unique in the annals of military history as it’s customarily the losers of wars and the former aggressors that are made to pay such reparations. But France utterly complicit with the United States which used its navy to blockade Haiti because slavery was still rampant and widespread in the US and that country was petrified that its slaves would emulate their counterparts in Haiti and permanently rid themselves of their US slave masters forced Haiti into a situation where it was compelled from near starvation due to the blockade it was subjected to, to consent to pay France huge sums of money in compensation for losing the services (can you believe that?) of its Haitian slaves: Haiti until its independence being France’s richest colony and the jewel in its crown. As I said earlier some 200 plus years later a Haiti deliberately made bankrupt by the United States as a deterrent example to its own Blacks and by France out of spite and wounded pride at being defeated so comprehensively by black Haitian slaves has been clobbered by both these countries; purposely turned into a basket case that it is to this day; yet compelled to pay billions of dollars to France for the reasons that I’ve already outlined.

Can you ever imagine Jews or the state of Israel put in a similar position vis-à-vis Germany and instead of Germany paying compensation to them it was the Jews who had to compensate the German Republic for the loss of its war years Untermenschen (German for undesirables), death and concentration camps victims? No I don’t think so and neither do you; as it would never have been contemplated let alone put into effect by Germany or for that matter remotely supported by any of the other EU states that backed Germany to the hilt during the Second World War and that includes France. But these Jewish European holocaust victims are white; those on the Caribbean island of Haiti are black, and as every white man, woman and child knows and consistently has it drilled into them white lives are infinitely more valuable than black ones. So where do you stand on this one Marine? Somehow I think we already know the answer to that one. So next time that you feel the urge to open it and shout your racist mouth off lady, and I’m being extremely polite here, just think before you do not only about the enormous contributions which non-whites have made to France but also the considerable debt that France owes to them in spite of the treachery to it of your equally obnoxious father.

So please do us all a big favour and climb down from your sanctimonious high horse Marine as you look pretty stupid up there; and apart from everything else you don’t have the Lady Godiva looks or figure to be atop a trusty steed since the only mount you’re deserving of is a debauched one inside some seedy Parisian bordello, providing of course that daddy who is getting on a bit now can bring himself to sublimate his jealousy and allow that to happen with a stranger.

You want isolation for France from these hordes as you see them of non-whites flooding or to use your terminology invading your country? Fine by me! Then start by being true to yourself Marine. Give up France’s seat on the United Nations Security Council and the veto it has there. Every student of World War II who’s worth his or her salt as well as those who fought in that war know perfectly well that France is most undeserving of a seat and a veto in the UN Security Council. What have you got either for; for being Vichy quislings? Why not India which provided over two million military personnel the largest volunteer armed forces in the ever in the history of warfare. France doesn’t belong with the victors of World War II any more than turncoat Italy does who when it saw the writing on the wall for its German chums hurriedly jumped ship and threw in its lot with the allies. You were loser back in the war years and with you and Nicolas Sarkozy France will continue to be justifiably marginalized as the loser it is, however much the two of you grandstand; the decent people of France, and there are thankfully still some around, deserve much better than the pathetic womanizer Sarkozy and you; modesty prevents me from telling you what I really think of you.

Also get out of your remaining colonies that France still grandiosely clings to; you can’t have it both ways an all-white France yet expecting to run other peoples countries and their lives. That means no more Guadeloupe; Martinique; Cheyenne or the Pacific territories that you were quite happy to recklessly use as a testing ground for your nuclear weapons; no chance of that occurring even though they were your weapons in for example Normandy, would it?. And while I’m at it how about pulling out all your troops and people from all the sub-Saharan African countries that they are currently to use your terminology have invaded? That’s just for starters but far more importantly from my perspective why don’t you bloody well grow up Marine Le Pen and see France for what it really is: an ineffectual, middling European state that’s all; trying like Britain to punch above its weight.

And when you’ve done the above I’d like to see you Marine make absolutely sure that every child in the French school system as well as every student in higher education in France has as compulsory reading in their educational and academic syllabuses an unabridged version of the Sykes-Picot Agreement and the Balfour Declaration as well as the outcome of the Berlin Conference of 1884 in which France played a major role, and also a full explanation and apology for why these happened; then perhaps future generations of French citizens won’t be as ignorant as this current lot is, or go around deluding themselves that France isn’t and has never been at fault for any wrongdoings to these so-called invaders of it who are in the country simply to take from you what’s rightfully yours, never mind that most of it has been stolen from these very same people and their ancestors. In a fair and just world you Marine Le Pen and Nicolas Sarkozy wouldn’t be able to get away with suck blatant double standards and hypocrisy and what’s more barefacedly pass them off as virtues; but you know full well that the current world order such as it is, is quite corrupt and exclusively dominated by Caucasians like yourselves and therefore lends itself to a situation of gross abuse and exploitation from people like you. That’s why it has to change and by whatever means possible; for right is right and wrong is wrong, and from any objective and fair perspective has nothing whatsoever to do with race, skin colour or where one comes from.

Personally I consider you to be a pretty repulsive individual Marine; someone with a very strong, incurable and decidedly pro-active Electra complex: how far did daddy take his little girl? In the UK we have a sick joke about that and it’s centred on the terminology keeping it in the family. The Borgias of Italy were similarly power crazed as you and your father undoubtedly are and just as decadent. France is welcomed to you its 21st Century Lucrezia if that is what it wants, but just as it switched to embrace the Nazis when the German tanks rolled into Paris and switched back again when Germany collapsed; just as the people of Romania hailed Nicolae Ceausescu as the great populist leader then strung him up when they no longer had any further use of him and just as the Italians did the same with Benito Mussolini I look forward with quiet anticipation to your own martyrdom at the hands of the French public.

And I don’t need to remind you what the French Revolution was all about nor the quite bloodlust affair that it was; and who knows, you and Nicolas Sarkozy, that diminutive in every respect would-be Napoleon Bonaparte, might just be the catalyst to ignite such a purge of everything that’s rotten in France and which both of you exemplify in every way. To that end I shan’t wish you a long life but will charitably wish instead that you Rest In Peace (RIP).


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