Friday, 8 April 2011


By Stanley Collymore.

The sight of Libya’s Envoy of Death, Musa Kusa as the British government once dubbed him: a man who controlled Colonel Gaddafi’s state spy apparatus for years, is widely suspected of having been personally responsible for a series of atrocities at home and abroad, although I’m absolutely convinced from the evidence I’ve seen that neither he, Colonel Gaddafi nor Libya for that matter had anything to do with the Lockerbie bombing, which was the individual work of the CIA as was the German night club bombing for which the Libyans were knowingly and dishonestly, especially by the Americans, accused; and who as a diplomat to Britain was declared persona non grata by the then British government and kicked out of the UK for publicly advocating the elimination of Libyan dissidents living in Britain, being flown at British taxpayers’ expense in a private jet to a British military airfield at the invitation of David Cameron and boy Hague his Foreign Secretary and for both these practised liars to then deceitful tell the world and try to con it along with the British public that Musa Kusa’s sudden appearance in England was both voluntary and an act on his part akin to that of the biblical story of Saul: a man not dissimilar in many ways to Musa Kusa and who similarly had a penchant for killing others, in his case Christians, and later became better known as St. Paul, having a rather miraculous conversion of conscience on his way first to Tunis and then London as Paul did on his journey to Damascus is quite emetic to say the least.

Juxtaposed with that, I don’t know what kinds of fools David Cameron and William Hague think the rest of us are, is that while these two pathetic, Zionist, neo-con and fascist jokers were hailing Musa Kusa’s defection as an enormous great diplomatic breakthrough and even as a personal and laudable triumph for their crass decision to grotesquely bomb the living daylights out of Tripoli and other parts of Libya having along with the United States and France and in tandem with their status as permanent, veto-wielding members of the UN Security Council collectively bullied that body into imposing Resolutions 1970 initially then 1973 against Libya, at the very same time that these repulsive hypocrites were turning a blind eye to the far worse atrocities being carried out by the Saudis, AUE and Kuwaiti forces backed by Pakistani mercenaries who comprise the bulk of the monarch of Bahrain’s private army against the genuine nationals of Bahrain and using weapons and other munitions amply supplied by Britain and the United Sates to do so. Notwithstanding the fact that Ian Henderson who cut his teeth on torturing Kenyan revolutionaries who were fighting Britain to recover their country from the UK’s colonialist rule of it has been, with the avid support of Britain, the principal torture adviser to the Bahrain monarch and was actually authorized by the then UK government and taken to Bahrain after the Kenyans gained their independence and his torturing skills in that country were now surplus to requirements to carry out his black arts there.

Ian Henderson is still in Bahrain assisting the monarch there; his crimes against humanity are well known and every western government is fully aware of these as they equally are of his crimes but no one touches him, and it’s highly unlikely that any of these practisers of blatant double standards will ever have him carted off to the ICC as they are quick to do with alleged non-white offenders whose real crime is that they have the balls to stand up to the west’s bullying tactics and refuse to permit their countries and natural resources to be utilized at knock-down rates for the sole preserve of the west’s rapacious greed and power-hungry penchant to dominate the lives of others; or others like Colonel Gaddafi that they don’t really understand and would like therefore to replace with far more compliant quislings. That doesn’t mean however that the concept of Universal Jurisdiction can’t be applied to Ian Henderson and in the event of other non-western countries either not having the guts to try him or being bullied by the west not to that committed and conscionable individuals or groups can’t employ the same tactics as the west’s enfant terrible Israel does with those it wants to get rid of and simply assassinate him. End of story. Because what the west is doing to their opponents, and often unjustifiably so is legalized murder and my premise is what’s good for the goose should also be good for the gander.

The British government’s explanation regarding Musa Kusa is that his “voluntary” defection if handled properly – what they actually mean is that if he’s given a sufficient cash inducement and promises to give them the fig leaf justification they want to topple Colonel Gaddafi and effect the regime change they so desperately want in Libya, just as Chalabi did in the case of Iraq – will also encourage others to defect from Colonel Gaddafi; which poses the obvious and rather pertinent question. If the west’s insurrectionists, aka the so-called Libyan rebels, with their disparate group of leaders and among them the inevitable prospective cat’s paws for the west are so buoyed up with the notion that they can defeat Colonel Gaddafi because as they ludicrously and falsely claim they have some 99% of the Libyan people behind and supporting them, a claim not dissimilar from that of Mubarak and Ben Ali respectively who always won their fraudulent elections with the same percentage of votes, why is it so absolutely necessary for the west and particularly for these same insurrectionists to egg them on in their destructive bombing of so many parts of Libya? Surely as we all learnt from World War II and more recently Iraq rebuilding a war torn country can be a very expensive business and the least damage inflicted in gaining a victory the more money there will be available to reinforce existing infrastructures like health care, education and all the other social fabrics of life.

But as Robert gates succinctly and unequivocally made clear on the 31 March 2011 the US won’t be in Libya on any rebuilding mission, and the same is unmistakably true of Britain, France and the other so-called coalition partners. Which brings me back to the question I posed earlier; if Colonel Gaddafi is on his last legs so to speak because the overwhelming majority of his country men are against him, why not wait and let things run their natural course instead of expending on average US$1 million dollars per Cruise Missile money that the US or Britain or France can ill afford to bring down an alleged rotten edifice that is already in the process of falling? It’s not necessary to assist an avalanche that is already roaring down a mountainside. And furthermore why does it matter so much to the likes of Britain if, in view of the fantastical claims of their CIA and MI6 implants fighting their dirty battle for them in Libya, any of Colonel Gaddafi’s loyalists defect or not? Surely if the head of this particular dragon is cancerous so too one would expect is the possibility that the entire body of that dragon, namely these pro-Gaddafi loyalists, are also infected with this cancerous virus. And why on earth would supposedly Mr squeaky clean David Cameron and his rearguard man boy Hague not see this and instead rush precipitously to embrace these sons of the Gaddafi tyrant?

Makes no sense to any objective thinking person I would imagine unless you look harder and see the hidden hand of a particularly pernicious agenda. Britain, France and the United States don’t give a damn about democracy, universal human rights or humanitarian concerns when these don’t apply to white-ruled, western countries; and factor into this equation Australia and New Zealand despite their geographical locations, but you know what I mean; they’re Caucasian dominated and white-ruled countries so they count as being in the west, for that’s where their allegiances are and where their kith and kin live. What interests the west most is getting their hands on and retaining control of the natural resources that they’re keen to have of those countries that they target; and the more brutal these are to their own people the better. So Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the other tin pot desert monarchies in the Gulf region are fine. The west arms them well, arms that they know will be used to repress and keep their people in check and produce the goods at the price that the west insists and everything done with the real focus on maintaining the standards of living that these western exploiters have gotten used to and think is their omnipotent right to have.
However, when there’s no real guarantee that this kind of unreasonable and brutal repression that the west disingenuously likes to masquerade as stability will automatically occur it then feels that it’s incumbent on itself to create it by any mechanism at its disposal, often and ironically against all the accepted norms of civilized behaviour that it would think over long and hard before even contemplating on let alone gratuitously abrogating in the case of the west’s own home countries. And it’s interesting to note that one of the very first things the west always does when it invades a country that isn’t a willing cat’s paw to its imperialist objectives is to deliberately destroy its vital infrastructure, especially health care and educational institutions like hospitals and schools along with pillaging that country’s cultural heritage. We saw this in Iraq and Afghanistan with many of these cultural artefacts ending up in the hands of private and public museums and also those of wealthy spivs and private collectors. Israel does the same thing, because by embarking on these pernicious acts it’s one way of subduing the local population but much more crucially enslaving them by forcibly erasing from their collective national memories everything associated with their past, thus placing future generations of such people in the invidious position of thinking that they never had a worth while past and the only people who did were whites. It happened on a massive scale with Blacks transported from Africa to the so-called New World when they were literally stripped of everything they had including their names; a process that has had a very devastating impact and still continues to on the New World Diaspora of black people who for the most part know virtually little or nothing at all about their once historic and glorious past, and for many generations post 1492 and the Transatlantic Slave Trade have been systematically brought up to believe as whites keep telling them and doing so with gusto that Blacks have never contributed anything to any civilization. And one doesn’t need to be a genius to work out that a people who haven’t a past or more properly are conditioned to thinking they didn’t can’t have a worthwhile future either.

It’s why whites attach so much to their Caucasian solidarity, and even traditional enemies among whites will gang up together against non-whites because the clan instinct is much greater than any moral incentive not to. So Germany sees nothing with linking up with Britain to fight non-white Libya; the USA which had its own colonial problems with the UK see nothing wrong in doing the same and having the UK onside to knock hell out of Iraq. And so the list goes on. That’s why, despite the fig leaf of Qatar and Kuwait all the other combatants against Libya are white-led and white controlled nations. Qatar and Kuwait who can see in which direction the wind of popular protests are blowing in the Middle East and North Africa have sided with the west not least because these autocratic, feudal entities have no genuine support among the people they feel they have a destiny to rule, so long as there is wealth under those desert sands; and to that extent they are quite happy to throw their lot in with the west, as they see how beneficial it has been for Saudi Arabia, for the time being at any rate, in doing so.

Just ask yourself as a fellow westerner how you would feel if Britain, France, Germany or any other EU state had governments imposed on them from outside and propped up by these same entities that put them there, then these governments in your own country, in which you weren’t allowed to play any democratic role whatsoever or any role come to that that had any sense to it, recruited armed forces specifically from persons outside your own country, who don’t look like you and don’t even speak the same language; and the primary and even the single purpose for doing this by those that saw fit to permanently lord it over you was to protect themselves, their exalted positions, and the enormous wealth they had accumulated at your expense and that you don’t share in?

Sounds farfetched? Don’t you believe it; for this is precisely what is happening in Bahrain and many of the Gulf States. They are literally recruiting and have done so recurrently in the past thousands of Pakistanis and other outsiders into the local armed forces which are run by these outsiders and are answerable to no one else but these tin pot desert rats who grandiosely have given themselves elaborate titles that they haven’t earned and frankly aren’t entitled to. No Bahraini citizen unless he happens to be a member of the tiny Sunni minority that shares the same religious and sectarian confession of the ruling family in Bahrain cannot become a member of the ludicrously named Bahrain armed forces consisting largely of foreigners, who for their trouble are given passports and visas to live and do their dirty work like Ian Henderson in that country. The Shias who make up over two thirds of Bahrain’s populace and are natural citizens of that country in the same way that the Aborigines are of their native Australia but none the less share the same opprobrium from their leaders as the Aborigines do on that South Pacific continent have minimal rights in their homeland, and those gunning them down with western arms and under the direct nose of the Americans whose Fifth Fleet is based in Bahrain whether these killers are official Bahrain sponsored troops or those of Saudi and the UAE they are undoubtedly foreign agents and not home-grown Bahraini armed personnel.

So let me put this question to you, how would you like it if your country was doing the same in regards to yourself and your family members; that being a citizen of Germany, Britain, France or whatever EU country you belong to those ruling the country were outsiders – for that’s precisely what the so-called Bahraini royal family are, and are analogous to the German and Scandinavian royals that were implanted in Greece against the wishes of the Greeks as that country’s ruling family of royals until they were booted out, the only sensible thing the Greeks have done in the recent past – and recruited other outsiders to man and control your country’s armed forces that were then used to keep you in check and should you like Oliver Twist ask for more found yourself mercilessly gunned down and no questions asked? And if you can’t countenance such a scenario for yourself who should others in their own homelands especially when those doing the killing and keeping those in power that are doing this killing are your own government and fellow citizens? The west should know better as should its citizens; Pakistan though is a failed and endemically corrupt state embedded in the Dark Ages but with nuclear weapons state with nuclear weapons and if every a country and everything in it was deserving of being physically wiped off the face of the earth Pakistan is that country.

Returning specifically to the state of play in Libya the insurrectionists fighting there aren’t genuine revolutionaries committed to a cause like the IRA and the Vietcong were or FARC in Colombia still is; they’re in effect CIA, British MI6 and SAS and French mercenaries who were shipped into Libya even before hostilities began in that country, as Al-Qaida were in Afghanistan and CIA and British special forces were in Somalia, looked what happened to them there, not only to undermine and possibly get rid of Colonel Gaddafi and his regime putting in their place much more compliant quislings, even drawn from the rump of the ousted regime, that would assist and enable the oil addicted west to get full control of Libya’s vast oil resources, satisfy the likes of BP, Total and Exxon and through share naked military power that the veto-wielding permanent members of the UN Security Council could now exercise having bullied that weak and ineffectual body into giving them Resolutions 1970 and 1973, whatever else they wanted, as well as conveniently turn a blind eye to the deliberate flouting of these very resolutions by this group of hardcore imperialist states, that would now be better placed to manage and ultimately control the genuine popular peoples’ revolutions in neighbouring Egypt and Tunisia while ably assisting the United States and de facto its closest allies to maintain US hegemony of the North African region and the wider Arab Middle East and, of course, guarantee the preservation of their enfant terrible Zionist, apartheid Israel.

And the reality is that the west’s strategy is working to some extent. The likes of Musa Kusa who is essentially the Libyan equivalent of Iraq’s Chalabi who fed and got the west to avidly ingest all the lies and disinformation that he gave to the western powers, notably the United States and UK, because quite frankly they desperately wanted to believe what they were being told only found out after their invasion of Iraq, the removal and judicial lynching of Saddam Hussein their occupation of Iraq and stupidly placing Chalibi in charge were accomplished that the only person Chalibi was actually interested in was himself and had lied consistently to achieve his own personal objectives not least feathering his own financial nest and that they’d been taken for a monumental and very costly ride by this self-centred man; and who’s to say that Musa Kusa isn’t doing the same thing. The surprising thing about all this is that the west and particularly the United States is so hooked on oil, like a crack cocaine addict on smack that their brains have become addled, they regularly open themselves up to being had simply because of the self-importance they attach to themselves and that others knowingly exploit, producing sanctimonious morons who like the sound of their own voices and general talk so much crap that they end up believing their own lies.

Another problem for the west and particularly Britain in its war on Colonel Gaddafi is that there are no sectarian divides, real or contrived as is the case in Bahrain, to exploit in Libya which is a virtual homogenous community, and certainly so from a religious point of view. Also the west knows full well, even though its members are no prepared to say so openly, that Colonel Gaddafi does have significant support in Libya, so he will prove a much harder nut to crack than was the case with Saddam Hussein who had so drastically alienated the Shia majority in Iraq that when the west inevitably turned again him as being surplus to requirements he had nowhere apart from his small cohort of Sunni backers and beneficiaries to turn to. And the sickening irony of all this is that while we all know that Britain and the west were openly and until quite recently courting Colonel Gaddafi like lovesick suitors, Britain was also training his armed forces, just as it was doing in the case of the Argentineans when Margaret Thatcher decided to boost her plunging poll popularity at home, and like Cameron is now doing, needed a war to deflect attention away from her domestic, political woes and attacked them over the Malvinas/Falkland Islands. And how many of you know that when the bombing of Libya started a ship loaded with billions of Pounds worth of Libyan currency couldn’t because of UN Resolution 1973 dock in Libya or take its cargo back to its port of embarkation.

And that port of embarkation, London, England. Why? Because the British Royal Mint that prints all of the UK’s money and that of several Commonwealth countries also had a very lucrative contract with Colonel Gaddafi and was actually printing his country’s money. Now how’s that for a piece of sickening double standards, lies and deceit, and all the nauseating crap about Colonel Gaddafi has to go because he’s the world’s most evil man. It’s like an old vinyl record stuck in the same groove. Think back to all the evil men in the world who until they became so were all close buddies of Britain and the rest of the west. Either these morons are pretty hopeless at choosing proper friends or they are compulsive liars; and we all know which category they readily fall into.

Nevertheless despite their clear intent on getting their way with Libya even if that means breaking the country up into more manageable pieces the better to more fully exploit the oil of that unified country these western states have nevertheless had some limited successes in their managing of the popular revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia where nothing has changed except the application of very minor cosmetic touches to the stinking corpses that characterize these two countries. In Egypt the head of that country’s vile state security police aka Torture Squads Inc is literally in change of the country and still wielding considerable power. The visits of persons like Senator Liebermann and others who are arch Zionists to Egypt to meet and give him his instructions – this man is a known fan and supporter of Israel and has close links with regime members there – has demonstrated on the 31st March 2011 that nothing has changed from when Hosni Mubarak was in power. And he did this by getting his security thugs to remove from the Egyptian side of the Rafah Crossing a group of Egyptian activists who had gathered there for almost a fortnight hoping to get some much needed cement and other building materials through to the Gaza enclave to start the rebuilding of homes, business and other premises that have remained derelict since the murderous Israeli assault on Gaza in the period December 2008 to January 2009, and this against the backdrop that the former Israeli Prime Minister Olmert on the same day told the world and all those who were listening that another massacre of Gaza is inevitable while bemoaning the fact that in his own words “I didn’t finish the job back then.” No need to ask what his reaction would be and those of his equally sick supporters if someone or persons in the context of his gassed and exterminated relatives in Europe similarly said: “What an awful shame it was that the German Nazis and their Axis allies didn’t finish off what they started in 1933 when they had the glorious opportunity to do so and missed a really great chance to implement the Final Solution, making their act not only a highly desirable reality but his lot an extinct sub-human species?

Interestingly and quite tellingly no one in the west came out and condemned what he said but if the boot was on the other foot as I outlined above we all know there would have been hell to pay. And so this selective and welcomed barbarity continues; the Palestinians in their concentration camps being the 21st Century Untermenschen that the Germans and their Nazi ilk considered Jews in the Third Reich and the rest of Europe to be.

But Olmert isn’t the only odious character among a huge menagerie of other Zionist ogres upwards to presidents in that apartheid state who get so drunk on their customary immunity from having to answer for any crime they’ve committed that like the shoplifter in such a situation he even does his crime when there’s really no need for him to do it and that’s when he gets done, as is the case with the former Israeli president now doing time in prison for systematic rapes. I wonder if he would be doing porridge to use a British colloquial expression for doing prison time if the women he abused and raped were Palestinian ones? None the less none of this has swayed either David Cameron or boy Hague that they should stay at arms length from these bestial war criminals and aficionados for carrying out crimes against humanity. In fact it’s very much the opposite as they both seek to amend the British law of Universal Jurisdiction which would specifically make it impossible for Israeli mass murderers and war criminals to be tried in British courts if they set foot on British soil. And while both Cameron and boy Hague were both sanctimoniously trumpeting their democratic and adherence to the rule of law credentials, as fake as anything you can imagine, they were also hosting known Israeli violators of human rights, mass murderers and such reprehensible filth in England, giving them the assurances they want that the law will be changed and they’ll be free to come and go to the UK whenever they care to; for they are our allies and significantly boy Hague and David Cameron are publicly self-declared Zionists. So now we know. Human rights has a price tag on it; and it’s not the crime that is committed that actually matters but who has committed it that ultimately determines whether that person or persons will be prosecuted and made to pay for their crimes or not.

A final twist in the tail of this entire saga is that it was the post Ben Ali prime minister of Tunisia that facilitated Musa Kusa’s exit to Britain. He also as soon as this man had safely landed on British soil declared that Tunisia would be placing an embargo on all Libyan assets. How interesting since no such actions have been taken against his former boss Ben Ali or his family, or for that matter Hosni Mubarak and his or the coterie of spivs, hangers on and the like that they maintained in order to keep them in power. Very selective don’t you think? But like Egypt, Tunisia has been having no end of US neo-cons and Zionists to its capital since the popular ousting of Ben Ali which I witnessed firsthand and very close up, as I was there in the country throughout these proceedings and had innumerable meetings and other contacts with many of those waging this popular, grassroots revolution. But the interim Tunisian prime minister and his government like their counterparts in Egypt have their orders and as such have allowed their paymasters to hijack their peoples’ revolution; in the same way that President Saleh of Yemen was quite happy to see his fellow Yemeni nationals bombed to smithereens by US warplanes and take the credit for this massacre of his own people. How sick can you be?

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