Saturday, 9 April 2011


By Stanley Collymore.

On Friday the 8th April 2011 after prayers the people of Egypt and particularly its youth who had initiated that country’s peoples’ revolution and have sustained it subsequently converged once more on Tahrir Square in their tens of thousands to send a loud and clearly identifiable unambiguous message to the military junta that Hosni Mubarak: that crooked, bestial, venal, half-breed Arab, Zionist acquiescent traitor to both his country and people, longstanding CIA informant and United States quisling, has handed power to, that their revolution is in no way up for sale.

Moreover, that they had no intention whatever of allowing this to happen, having observed many of their comrades pay the ultimate price with their lives, gunned down quite mercilessly and in cold blood, in fomenting it, and in the real and earnest hope of helping to assist a process that would enable all Egyptians to have a much better future than what they had been forced to endure for over three decades under the United States financially backed and militarily supported dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak.

Or were they going to idly stand by and tolerate let alone allow their revolution to be hijacked by the new United States quislings and surrogates in Cairo on behalf of the US administration in Washington, all of whom both individually as well as collectively constituted the very same people who when Mubarak was at the helm of Egypt’s decrepit ship in their various roles worked tirelessly and systematically to marginalize, suppress, torture, cynically provoke brutal sectarian strife among the populace for political gain, generally abuse, disappear and murder large numbers of Egyptians.

The same murderous thugs, the members of the military junta and now the country’s military council that maintained by brute force the very mechanism which enables 1% of the Egyptian population to garner, hang on to and control 99% of the country’s wealth while huge swathes of the Egyptian masses are forced to live on starvation wages if they’re lucky enough to have a job that is, or survive on less that US$ 2 a day. Many of whom from all reliable reports would dearly have loved to have gone to Liberation Square from the inception of the rebellion but just couldn’t do so because personal survival: having even the most basic to get through to the next day was an ongoing and often uphill struggle for them and a much greater priority, despite their abject poverty and full awareness of what their courageous young men and women were doing, for people like them who for almost four decades under the dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak had been physically and psychologically crushed by the pitiless barbarism of the system which they and millions of other Egyptians were forced to live under.

There’s a pernicious myth generally put about and widely promulgated and supported by the reactionary forces to this peoples’ revolution inside and outside of Egypt and enthusiastically latched on to for equally nefarious reasons by the western media that the Egyptian military has always had a close and even a symbiotic relationship with the people of Egypt. This is a wilful and barefaced lie. The rank and file of the Egyptian military drawn from the body of ordinary Egyptians may quite understandably very well deep down inside have sympathetic feelings for the masses from which they are drawn but the same can’t and shouldn’t ever be said about the overwhelming majority of the officer corps and particularly those that run the military and that have effectively been in charge of Egypt since the 1950s and throughout this time have always unequivocally and unquestionably supported at the command of the west whatever autocratic regime was in place, backing to the hilt Hosni Mubarak’s untrammelled support for corporate Zionist, apartheid Israel; the suppression and murder of the Palestinians, particularly those in Gaza where unlike Mubarak the people there know what democracy is all about and respect its attributes having practised it briefly until Mubarak’s Zionist chums aided and abetted by the United States and the rest of the west, with China and Russia complicit players, snuffed it out in the most murderous manner.

Yet this is the same Hosni Mubarak who along with his cohorts and other like-minded dictators in the Arab world that unashamedly proclaimed to the rest of the world that Arabs and Muslim people aren’t ready for democracy; that they are essentially no better than children emotionally and in terms of thinking for themselves and consequently had to have someone who was au fait with these matters of great import taking total control and implementing then on behalf of these uncouth and undeserving masses. But in the immortal, thought provoking and legendary words of Mandy Rice-Davies giving evidence in the John Profumo Old Bailey Case in London (check it out); Hosni Mubarak and his pals would say that wouldn’t they?

Far from being the concerned friends and protectors of the Egyptian people the senior officers and high command of the Egyptian military are to a man highly paid, longstanding CIA agents and informers who were trained and indoctrinated like countless thousands of others of their ilk across the globe who are the mainstay of US economically supported and militarily maintained dictatorships worldwide to satisfy the latter’s paranoid obsession with world hegemony and the propping up of virulently corrupt, and as everyone with eyes has now seen an utterly bankrupt, Zionist corporate driven capitalist system, at the infamous United States terrorist academy, the School of the Americas; never mind what the US Congress has renamed it to give it a cosmetic makeover.

Egypt has for decades under Hosni Mubarak got billions of US dollars for its servitude to the United States and support for Zionist, apartheid Israel, and in doing so is placed as the second largest recipient of US cash and military hardware after Israel itself. This money doesn’t go or hasn’t gone at anytime or would it ever have done so to improving and establishing appropriate and vital infrastructure inside Egypt: things like much needed schools, universities, health care, providing jobs, decent affordable homes and altogether creating a more equable society for the betterment of all Egyptians.

Similarly the military hardware wasn’t to protect Egypt from any external threat but rather to be used as a highly effective implement to intimidate and suppress the Egyptian masses and keep then very much under the thumb of Mubarak and the Egyptian military and de facto the CIA and US administration. And far from benefiting in any way the average could only watch from the sidelines as these vast sums of blood money paid to Hosni Mubarak’s autocratic regime went into his and his family’s private bank accounts in the west along with the money given to his friends and military protectors who were the only ones to benefit from any of this.

Yet these are the very same bought and paid for corrupt military officers that now comprise the military council which currently runs Egypt in Hosni Mubarak’s absence. So too is the head of the country’s notorious secret police who’ve not only tortured and killed scores of thousands of Egyptians but proficiently utilizing the skills that they acquired at the School of the Americas, how proud their American trainers must be of them, went on to specialize in dealing with CIA outsourced, kidnapped and extra-rendition victims.

How fitting it would be therefore given the circumstances of their committed service to the United States of America: that fortress of and protector of universal human rights globally, if these devoted and stalwart supporters of Uncle Sam were awarded the United States Congressional Medal of Honour for outstanding service to the American Empire. How about it Mr President, Foreign Secretary and Defence Secretary, aka Barack Obama; Hillary Clinton and Robert Gates? After all Barack the Nobel Peace Prize committee has awarded you the Nobel Peace Prize, a more risible award one couldn’t possibly have imagined since the Roman Emperor Caligula made his horse a senator.

In all honesty should these people currently running Egypt and who have no mandate whatever to do so be entrusted, given their track record of barbarism, suppression of, and the betrayal of the Egyptian people to foreign interests, to determine the future of the very people that they so cruelly and shamelessly abuse, when the utterly needless and calamitous past that has brought so many tribulations to Egypt and its people have been exclusively of their doing? For to allow them to play any role let alone the crucial one of transforming Egypt from the vile dictatorship it was into a progressive and flourishing democracy that the average downtrodden Egyptian wants it to be and where they and not outsiders are the controllers of their destiny.

 But something that the United States and its western allies evidently do not want to see happening never mind their disingenuous words to the contrary in their belated support for the peoples’ revolution because it doesn’t serve their selfish interests and those of corporate Zionism, is quite frankly to ask the impossible. Leopards don’t change their spots and these Egyptian predators don’t have either the capability, motivation or the guts to embark on such a personal odyssey let alone a political metamorphosis of such magnitude.

Besides, allowing these Egyptian Nazis and fascist murderers akin to Germany’s Waffen SS (is that why Hosni Mubarak and the military junta in Cairo are said to be negotiating his asylum in Angela Merkel’s Fourth Reich?) to carry on in power and worst still go on to indelibly fashion Egypt’s future in their own image would be tantamount to putting a well known and convicted paedophile in charge of a children’s orphanage; or a serial wife abuser as warden of a battered wife’s refuge. Neither of these two scenarios I’ve mentioned won’t make any sense and would be very offensive to the victims or potential victims involved, so why on earth allow tried and tested mass murderers who have repressed their fellow Egyptians for decades to have a further licence to kill by being exclusively given the task of shaping Egypt’s future and doing so once more for the benefit of the fascist entity called the United States of America, aka the American Empire?

On a more personal front it just goes to show how morally bankrupt these people are. I’m sure most if not all of you recall the case of the young Egyptian wife and mother that was viciously gunned down in a German court room under the direct eyes of the judge, courts officials and armed police there with none of them doing anything to stop or apprehend the killer after he had killed this lady, but rather shooting her husband who ran to her assistance claiming that they thought he was a terrorist.

The white killer is left alone but the Muslim man going to the help of his fatally wounded wife is himself shot and nearly lost his life. Even more sickening if that is at all possible was the particularly racist, Aryan, Master Race response of Die Fuehrerin Angela Merkel (for those of you who haven’t any knowledge of German Die Fuehrerin is the female equivalent of the male version Der Fuehrer which Adolf Hitler appropriated to himself) towards this severely wronged Egyptian couple and the unwarranted news blackout which she placed on what had happened.

This was an Egyptian lady who was pregnant, had accompanied her husband and their other child to Germany where dad was a bona fide student, not an illegal immigrant not that in itself would have been any justifiable excuse for what happened, and was in court to seek justice for being racially, culturally and religiously abused by a Russian émigré - one of those that the Germans delude themselves are Germans, claiming their ancestors went to Russia with Catherine the Great Рas she was perfectly entitled to do under German law. But rather than getting the justice she sought she got summary, state complicit execution.

There were widespread protests not only in Arab and Muslims countries at the response of Frau Merkel’s racist response to the adverse fate of this Egyptian couple but also in Germany itself, but I don’t recall even hearing a murmur coming out of the mouth of Hosni Mubarak or any of those now sitting on the military council in Cairo criticizing what had brutally transpired to an exemplary Egyptian wife, mother, Muslim and fellow Egyptian citizen. But when Columbine occurred these same people wasted no time in sending their public and heartfelt condolences to the relatives, in a gun loving, gun tooting country, of those who’d lost their lives.

None the less it was perfectly in order by them to have Fuehrerin Merkel treat the slain lady, her husband and family, the entire Egyptian nation and de facto everyday Arabs and Muslims with utter disdain knowing that these compliant quislings and their half white (Mubarak’s mother was European) president won’t raise a solitary voice in anger let alone demand justice and restitution. Think on how different Merkel’s response would have been if the victim in that court slaughter was Jewish and her assailant was Arab or Muslim; and this is the country that Mubarak assisted by his henchmen in the military council in Cairo wants to find refuge in. What an insult to every decent Egyptian, Arab and Muslin! That’s just one of many reasons why the lot of them have to go as none of them can be trusted.

The Egyptian youth are not stupid, they know what is going on; they’ve also not imbued with the same fear that their parents and grandparents have had of these murderous thugs that have run their country for decades. But amazingly in the face of all the provocation they’ve had and the deadly risks they knew they were taking by going onto the streets to protest as they saw in the initial stages of their peoples’ revolution they remained absolutely determined and behaved with the patience and fortitude of the biblical Job, resolving at all times not to give their killers further lame excuses to shed more of their compatriots’ blood.

And this, don’t be any doubt at all, rather than any natural and moral forbearance or propensity for restraint on the part of the military, particularly those who command it and now constitute the military council, is what has contributed significantly to the situation where tens of thousands of these brave and quite extraordinary young men and women have been able to demonstrate and make their feelings known without being shot down in cold blood; since with the rest of the world focused on the events in Cairo not even these barbarous thugs used to mass murder and who like to commit their crimes well away from public gaze could have been so foolish as to gun down so many people and realistically expect to get away with it. Killers they undoubtedly are but killers that have an instinct to survive.

Watching the proceeding from Tahrir Square on Friday 8 April 2011 I was deeply heartened to see that the people of Egypt are not in any mood to have their revolution hijacked. They know full well why the United States and its allies are in neighbouring Libya; why they are turning the screws on Colonel Gaddafi in a way they haven’t on Mubarak, Ben Ali or on those other savages in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the other authoritarian Gulf States or for that matter on their enfant terrible Israel.

As one very articulate young lady around 23 years old put it, the role of an army in any country other than a repressive dictatorship is not to get involved in politics in any way; that’s the role of the democratically elected civilian government, that’s why we want a transitional civilian council to oversee the process of democratizing Egypt she said, and not an old boy’s network whose alma mater was the School of the Americas.

That doesn’t sound to me like someone who is an imbecile when it comes to politics, democracy or anything else for that matter. These young people know exactly what they want for their country and themselves just as their parents do; the main difference between them and their parents is that they aren’t cowed by the bullies that have run Egypt for decades and with the help of the US and its allies want to carry on doing so.

There are those from outside of Africa living in the west who are suggesting that the Egyptians should go for a South African style reconciliation process. The problem with that is that odious as apartheid was the whites in South Africa realized they’d had their day and even though they didn’t like Blacks any better or more than before they none the less had a good thing going for them in South Africa and that was infinitely better than being totally dispossessed and having to repatriate themselves to Europe without the several benefits that living in South Africa gave them and that they clearly wanted to retain.

These Egyptian quislings however don’t even see their fellow Egyptians as living on the same planet as they are let alone as equal human beings, and are so totally brainwashed by their American handlers that having a secret US passport as many of them do or a visa to travel there without the kind of Islamophobic hassle other Arabs and Muslims can only dream about, asininely makes them feel that they are a breed apart, so they will never do anything that would remotely empower their own people when there is so much financially to be gained from the Americans for ensuring this doesn’t happen.

I commented earlier on the intelligent and dignified manner in which the Egyptian youth and their fellow revolutionaries have behaved themselves throughout their peoples’ protests, and that I’ll reiterate is very commendable of them and shows without a doubt the quality of the future leadership that Egypt has in store if it is allowed to manifest it, thrive and mature into the a fully established 21st Century democracy as we envisage that to be and that these young people want for themselves and their fellow countrymen. It’s their revolution and they must chart its course in the manner that they see fit and without western colonialist and imperialist interference and venal ambitions.

My maternal grandmother, a wise lady, once told me when I was growing up that when I see trouble making its way towards me I should walk away from it and continue giving it a wide berth; however she went on if that trouble continues to follow me and then arrogantly proceeds to back me into a corner where I’m completely trapped I should immediately forget all the nice things about character and the sanctity of human life and put remorselessly put the lights out of those responsible for my predicament and even if that meant my having to go to jail for what I did at least I would have the satisfaction of knowing that those responsible for putting me there no longer breathed God’s wholesome air. Turning the other cheek might have its upside if you are Jesus Christ, and even he wasn’t above some “righteous” anger as displayed in the temple in Jerusalem.

The problem with turning the other cheek nowadays is that there are those who like to deliberately take that as a sign of weakness and take full advantage of your humanity if you let them. The thugs, monstrous criminals and mass murderers in Egypt’s military council who are currently running Egypt are in that category of people; and if they actually care about present and future wellbeing of Egypt and Egyptians from every walk of life and not just the privileged 1% they would do the honourable and decent thing: namely, step down from power, hand that power over to a truly representative civilian body that can prepare the country for genuine democratic change through universal adult suffrage elections on the principle of one man one vote, and stay in their barracks as all armed forces in truly democratic countries that are answerable to their civilian governments do. In short adhere to the principle of the separation of powers.

There’s an apt English saying that is very applicable to the Egyptian situation I think and it’s the realization that one can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs and my advice to the youth of Egypt is, if your entreaties for this old guard of Hosni Mubarak to step down is not heeded and continues to fall on deaf ears think back to the French Revolution, the treatment of Nicolae Ceausescu by the Romanians and of course Benito Mussolini by the Italians and take heart from how they dealt with their problems. You’ve nothing to lose in this endeavour but your chains.

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