Tuesday, 19 April 2011


By Stanley Collymore

Now that I’ve managed to grab your attention even though in the case of many of you it has been for totally salacious reasons, let’s proceed together.

Let me say up front that I’ve no proof of and furthermore couldn’t care less whether or not any existed as regards the above supposition that has been wilfully and dare I say it unapologetically posited in the headline of this article that the incumbent United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton either has lesbian tendencies or has ever been involved, the birth of her daughter Chelsea apart, in any lesbian activities, which absolutely signifies nothing concrete one way or another as many lesbians and gay men unable or deceitfully unwilling to deal honestly with their endemic homosexuality are known to have gone to great lengths, and Hillary Clinton might very well be one of them, to camouflage their true sexual propensities; duplicitously got married as a trick to hide these foibles of theirs, and have even allowed themselves to become biological parents to additionally deceive others and employ their parenthood as an extra mask to conceal their real sexual identity while all the time covertly indulging in their greatest passion of all, unrestrained homosexuality.

Therefore, it would be both quite immoral and utterly wrong of me to assume that either or both of these two assumptions are right; and worst still go on to categorically state, and do so publicly without a shred of evidence to support what I’d alleged, that something which wasn’t t based on fact and had no credible substance to it whatsoever and whose premise relied for the most part on innuendo, malice, vindictiveness, fabrications or plain downright lies deliberately concocted with the sole purpose of being unwarrantedly defamatory and personally injurious to Mrs Clinton was reality when patently it was not.

So why raise this fictional red herring then? Well, I’ll tell you. It’s to highlight a very important, extremely dangerous and invariably deadly game that Hillary Clinton, the US administration of which she’s a foremost and influential member, the President of the United States; that country’s security services; the US Congress and the Pentagon regularly and duplicitously and offensively play.

Intelligence is about deception and the security services of every country that has them indulge in deceptions of one kind or another and invariably charm, inveigle, bribe or coerce their media and journalists to print, broadcast and run stories that are pure fiction in order to serve the vested interests of these spy organizations, their governments and the powerful forces in and out of the country that they are linked to. The British foreign spy organization MI6 and the domestic one MI5 both have a specialist department of their own where the sole purpose of that section is to manufacture lies; stories that aren’t even based on half truths, innuendoes or suspicions but are 100% unadulterated concoctions of the sick minds of those working in those departments.

These sickos then either through profitable inducements flatter or else compromise journalists and their editors in the British media to carry these fabricated stories with promises of further scoops if they cooperate; if they don’t they are themselves targeted, isolated, shunned and even subjected to much worse. So British journalist many of whom are limp-wristed cowards readily comply and do the bidding of the security services flattered by the privileged treatment they’re given by powerful men and women with the immunity to do what they want to and no questions asked, and when one factors in the endemic class system which still pervades much of British society it’s very easy, if not wholly comprehensible if you’re intelligent and objective that is, to see why it happens.

David Rose a prominent British journalist who finally came to his senses recounted how he was approached by MI5; deeply flattered by it but too cowardly to resist its advances he played ball and produced for his paper stories he never bothered to check for their veracity but which he none the less wrote with a passion as if they were actually true. His editor needless to say was also in on this. Eventually though David Rose’s conscience started to bother him and he felt uneasy about what he was doing. Even so what took place wasn’t by any means a rebellion on his part. Off his own bat he decided to do a story on Guantanamo Bay and the detainees held there. His research was quite thorough and in the mould of what every impartial and competent journalist ought to be and should use as his or her benchmark when reporting the news but sadly 99.9% of then don’t because they’re either too bone idle to, or so incompetent that it wouldn’t make the slightest bit of difference to them and in the final analysis the end result would still be the same as they’d still get it hopelessly wrong.

David Rose wrote and in due course published his Guantanamo Bay story but shortly after its publication discovered that calls to him from MI5 suddenly dried up and just as importantly to him his calls even to special MI5 numbers he’d been given by its chief and had regularly used in the past were now unattainable to him. Flummoxed by this he spoke to his editor an insider with MI5 who on his behalf spoke to MI5’s chief Stella Rimington: a cold-hearted bitch and very bit as much in the mould of Hillary Clinton, about the matter. Her response was that David Rose’s story on Guantanamo Bay was her words: “unhelpful to MI5.” Told by David’s editor that the story was none the less true this wholly unsavoury and immoral cow replied: “That’s not the point.” The word truth was obviously not part of her lexicon.

This woman and her ilk have been largely responsible not only for fabricating non existent tall tales and passing these off as facts but are instrumental in planting them in the media through their cat’s paws and having them paraded there as substantial stories with substance to them. More dangerous of all though is that they similarly present these lies they’ve made up to the British government, MPs, public and the world at large through the Foreign Office funded BBC World Service as irrefutable facts; and as if that wasn’t bad enough they then go on television, straight-faced and lying as Hillary Clinton frequently does vis-à-vis the United States, and make the case for war based on these lies. Wars conducted with countries whose resources they and their Zionist paymasters want to get their hands on and permanently control; boost even further their lucrative and major growth industry the military industrial complex and subjugate those rules and their countries like Iran, Venezuela and Cuba that have the guts to strand up to them.

Survey after survey has show that the sons and daughters of these warmongers never enter the armed forces of their countries and while their mums and dads in the security services happily foment war and dishonestly generate conflict around the globe needlessly killing and seriously maiming millions of innocent civilians in hapless, war ravaged countries like Afghanistan and Iraq; callously slaughtering thousands more in occupied and besieged Palestine, most notably Gaza, in Lebanon and North Africa, and displacing many millions more throughout the entire Middle East , and despite that still have an insatiable appetite and vicious bloodlust for more wars as they’re currently angling to do in Iran, they are themselves meticulously groomed for cushy, lucrative jobs. We won’t for example ever see Chelsea Clinton for real in a US military uniform, nor Tony Blair’s tribe either in relation to the British armed forces.

Instead, Chelsea works for a prominent hedge fund, one of those which gambled recklessly with your money, caused the credit crunch and have adversely affected millions of people around the world financially, but she won’t be short of a bob or two to use a colloquial English expression that infers she’ll always be well off; and it’s a sure bet she’s being groomed as a future resident of the White House an ambition that her mother Hillary still has. It’s the same with Tony Blair’s brood; safe parliamentary constituent seats; ministerial and cabinet posts; and then the top job.

Stella Rimington MI5’s boss and as an individual the physical embodiment of evil has officially stepped down as head of MI5 but her influence hasn’t waned and she’s now become a political advisor to the Conservative Party. But how many Afghans, Iraqis and other innocent civilian victims have died I wonder as a direct result of this woman’s lies - I’m talking about wholly and intentionally concocted fabrications here – which because of the crucially important and highly influential job that she held down she cynically and dishonestly used as a personal platform to lie to the British people, soften them up, and dupe the country into going to war when it shouldn’t and wouldn’t have done if the truth was told? And why in the name of everything that’s decent, particularly so when extra-rendition, torture transfers and extrajudicial executions have been her trade mark is this woman still alive?

Is there no justice in the world anymore when callous mass murderers like this woman dishonestly masquerading as our nation’s protector but are nothing of the kind; have no true allegiance to the people of the UK but only the money interests and those with power to satisfy their avarice are allowed to concoct lying situations that result in our sons and daughters being sent off to God-forsaken countries to fight, get seriously injured or permanently mentally scarred and even pay the ultimate sacrifice in pointless, fabricated wars, while they deceitfully flaunt their patriotism and are quite willing to defend the UK to the last drop of somebody else’s blood? Why I ask again is Stella Rimington not dead; subjected before that fate to the same arbitrary and barbarous treatment she meted out to others and obviously got her kicks from; since justice alone demands that she should die?

Vile as Stella Rimington is Hillary Clinton is even worse. The Mother of all Liars Hillary is a pathological and shameless liar who even believes her own lies, and when someone gets to that stage then having them legally sectioned, incarcerated and permanently out of harm’s way in the padded cell of a lunatic asylum is the only remedial course that I can think of except perhaps humanely putting them to sleep, out of their misery and effectively neutralizing their danger to others as one would a rabid dog on the loose and incurably infected with rabies. And there’s a legal recourse for this; it’s called the United States Constitution; the clause that categorically gives US citizens the right to bear arms.

That specific and highly crucial element of the United States Constitution wasn’t included by the Founding fathers to give lawless thugs and gangsters in Chicago, New York or elsewhere in the United States a free hand to maim or kill each other or wreak havoc on innocent civilians in their neighbourhoods but is in effect the official and legally enshrined green light for all US citizens to rise up if need be and by force of arms bump off or eradicate all tyrannical politicians and public figures who either individually or collectively abuse their offices and the power these bestow on them to the detriment of the US populace at large. But what really puzzles me, and I’m assuming that the average American knows his country’s constitution inside out, is why Americans who to put it mildly are instinctively such gun toting lovers don’t take more notice of their constitution, especially this aspect of it and bearing in mind the circumstances they’re currently in, to convert those hideously offending political power bases inside their country into full-scale firing ranges? The odds are that if they did they’d find themselves immeasurably better off than they presently are and additionally see their status and popularity throughout the world rise expeditiously as a result of what they’d done.

The crux of the matter is that the lie merchants in the United States, Britain, the rest of the EU and Israel aren’t only playing politics with the truth and de facto our lives but they’ve also gone much further and are creating lies on the ground which they then present as irrefutable facts and doing so with a single purpose in mind to dupe their respective citizens into believing that what they’re told is the unvarnished truth, enabling them to embark unchallenged in perpetrating even more heinous atrocities using these lies that they know are wilfully manufactured as justification for what they’re doing or are about to do.

And creating fear is a crucial element of this propaganda exercise. And a classic example of this is the position of Britain’s MI6. There would be no justification for many of its operations and possibly even its existence without the propaganda of fear, and many of the atrocities that MI6 reports as having been carried out by the bogeymen of so-called terrorists that they’ve invented and then go to great lengths to publicly disparage are in effect the handiwork of MI6 itself or its proxies to literally in most cases justify its existence and the expenditure spent on it. A situation akin to a crafty glazer paying sycophantic thugs to covertly go around and smash your house or shop windows then audaciously approaching you, fraudulently but oh so politely sympathizing with you over your unprovoked bad luck then conveniently offering you his services as a glazer.

Besides a lot of MI6 principal operatives are products of the class ridden, British public schools system (for those of you not familiar with the English educational system public schools are in effect tremendously expensive, fee paying, private and privileged, elite schools and colleges and shouldn’t be confused with public schools which are state owned and free), haven’t got a clue of the real world outside their constricted elitist confines, and for the most part, irrespective of their gender, are either gay or lesbian with both groups seemingly feeling the necessity to demonstrate their machismo, because in reality neither of them has any which is natural anyway, and with the women ending up the more butch and testosterone driven of the two.

Not all that surprising when one takes fully into consideration the sexual ethos of these public schools and the position played by their disciplinarian matrons vis-à-vis these highly impressionable boys in their charge. And as we learnt from Burgess and MacLean two key MI6 spies that defected to the Soviet Union, many of these operatives in the upper echelons of MI6 are little more than pebble mouthed and double-barrelled named dimwits who were they ever to find themselves confronted on a one to one basis with a real honest to goodness foe would simply piss themselves with fear; dysfunctional people that quite frankly are totally incapable of determining what are security matters as they pertain to Britain and what are essentially British interests and being able therefore to differentiate between the two of them.

The latest barefaced lie being wantonly put about by these people is that the Iranian broadcaster Press TV which specializes in giving an alternative and more objective appraisal and reporting of global news from the sickeningly infernal propaganda that characterizes all western broadcasters with their vested financial interests to take care of and therefore have no time or any concern for the truth or impartial reporting of the news which is selectively embarked on anyway, and which assiduously, deliberately and refreshingly devotes its energy and programming to giving a much appreciated voice to the voiceless is, according to these tedious hypocrites, peddling propaganda and must be reined in.

The reality though is that increasingly large numbers of people in the west are tuning into Press TV and shutting of completely their western broadcasting stations because the general consensus is that these can no longer be trusted and viewers see no reason why they should continue to have their intelligence insulted by these organisations, or have to stomach the wilful lies and distortions they’re being constantly fed and have grown thoroughly sick and tired of. But rather than take a long, hard look at themselves and what they’re doing and then sensibly rectify their wrongdoings these western media stations have instead opted to do what all bullies and tyrants do when their lack of oblivious credibility is questioned and highlighted; denigrate the person or persons who are drawing attention to their failings or to use another terminology kill the messenger for bringing unpleasant news and showing them up for what they really are.

It’s an open secret in the UK that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Robert Gates have all had talks with David Cameron, senior members of his cabinet, the BBC’s Board of Governors, its Director General, heads of the independent television companies in the UK, notably Channel 4 and ITV, and crucially with Ofcom, the British broadcasting watchdog; poodle would be a more fitting title for it, to manufacture a plethora of mendacious reasons and methodically use these as the basis to ban Press TV from operating in the United Kingdom where it is very popular and has a large following among the local British population who look to it for unbiased, informative and accurate news reports on normally reported stories but more specifically on stories that the media in the west most cynically conspire with each other not to touch let alone cover; and the result of this puerile short-sightedness and rank stupidity by these western broadcasting companies is that while the viewing figures of these broadcasting corporations are plummeting dramatically, most conspicuously those of the public broadcaster and involuntary citizen and resident funded BBC, in marked contrast those of Press TV are literally skyrocketing.

I’ve written a number of articles in the past about the BBC’s lack of impartiality, its propaganda and deliberate lies going back despite its lofty charter to its very inception, but it really took the biscuit when on Monday 11 April 2011 in its Panorama programme hosted by a presenter who is widely known to be an incorrigible Zionist, virulent Islamophobe and hater of all things Iranian, the BBC having from the very beginning of the peoples’ peaceful protests in Bahrain resolutely refused to screen or report on any news concerning Bahrain or the Yemen for that matter in spite of the well documented accounts of ongoing atrocities in both these countries aided and abetted by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE and Kuwait, none the less devoted its prime time television slot to doing a hatchet job on Iran and Press TV, labelling the Iranian Republic which unlike Britain hasn’t waged war on any country for centuries but instead has had war visited on it by the west and its proxies, chiefly Iraq, as abysmally short on human rights then using footage which at the end of the Panorama programme the BBC barefacedly announced couldn’t be verified as being authentic as it had no corroborative evidence to substantiate its claims, as dubious and evidently lying assertions to denigrate and vilify Iran. Then utterly insensitive to the irony of what it was doing and Britain’s own human rights violations that are legion and have stretched over a period of almost a half a millennium up to the present time the BBC in that same Panorama programme went on to state further that Press TV isn’t a genuine news broadcasting organization but is really the mouthpiece of the undemocratic Iranian government and should have its licence to operate in the UK revoked.

Press TV the mouthpiece of the Iranian government and the BBC an impartial news broadcaster that assiduously distances itself from the dictates of No.10 and its Zionists controllers; well you couldn’t have made that up could you?

Nevertheless I was heartened by the fact that the BBC’s switchboard was jammed during and after the screening of the Panorama programme with many thousands of irate calls from furious viewers deeply angered and disgusted that in abrogation yet again of its clearly defined charter to be impartial and non-propagandistic in its programming the BBC had chosen as it has repeatedly done in the past and regularly keeps on doing with impunity to violate these tenets. At the same time the BBC’s website I understand also crashed as a consequence of the enormous number of protests which were sent it, but unsurprisingly none of this was ever made public by the BBC of its own volition, and only when relentlessly questioned did it admit to what happened.

How on earth with broadcasting media organizations like Fox News; CNN; ABC, France 24 and the same BBC either inventing stories, distorting others or quite flatly refusing to report on many others because in doing so would run contrary to the agenda of their political and or financial pay masters can these same organizations have the nerve to damn and malign honest broadcasters for doing what competent and genuinely professional broadcasters are meant to do? But the lives of these people are so full of lies and deception in everything that they do that the truth for them is really a bridge too far.

I was told confidentially that the British media does not report on Bahrain for fear of upsetting the hereditary, petrol monarch there who is a close friend of the British Royal Family and has been invited to Prince William’s wedding; and were the British people at large to know the full extent of his murderous atrocities brutally compounded by those of members of his family and other Arab savages like the Saudis and those from similarly tyrannical Gulf states that this man has inexcusably and deplorably invited into Bahrain to systematically slaughter the indigenous people there, that there’d be massive demonstrations in London against his presence in the UK.

For let’s not forget that the al-khalifa family that sees and treats Bahrain as if it were its private estate is a foreign import, taken there in 1820 by the British who have supported them through thick and thin ever since, and at no time following its enforced implantation on the majority of the Bahraini people have these crude interlopers saw or felt the need to integrate with the local people or express any empathy with them. Let me posit this supposition to you. Try imagining that the country where you were born, belong to and that your ancestors have lived in for many thousands of years suddenly finds itself ruled by outsiders who not only don’t want to have any thing at all to do with you but even prohibit you from being a member of its armed forces.

Yes, that’s the situation in Bahrain where the military is comprised of mercenaries from Jordan, Pakistan, India, anywhere you can imagine except from among the Bahraini people and therefore it’s hardly surprising that they too don’t empathize with the local people; they get paid, are told what they have to do, are given residence in the country and callously do what they are instructed to; and when you compound this approach with invitations from this depraved Bahrain butcher to the Saudis and other repulsive Gulf states to march into Bahrain to further massacre and terrorize the local Bahraini populace little wonder that stalwart friends in the west of this power-obsessed psychopath and their media organisations are tight-lipped about what is going on at the hands of one of their buddies. Contrast this with what would have been a wholly different approach from these utterly odious people if it were Iran or Hezbollah or Hamas that was doing any of this. In fact they are so worried by their own silence and the knowledge that there are growing numbers of people out there who see them for what they really are that they’re even trying to put the very obvious lie out that what is happening in Bahrain and the Yemen is being orchestrated by Iran.

In other words it’s everybody else’s fault bar their own, and if they can shout loud and long enough that it’s the doing of those whom they like to vilify perhaps enough idiots, or the gullible among their own population will believe these lies as well. That’s why they hate with a passion stations like Press TV, as they show a blazing spotlight on the hypocrisies and double standards of these infantile but highly dangerous people. The Israelis have an apt saying, namely: it’s best to lie and the bigger that lie is and the louder and more frequently you repeat it the greater is the possibility people will be believed. My view on this is if you’re one of those naïve cretins then you deserve everything you get.

That this Bahrain butcher should be contemplating coming to the UK in view of what is going on in the country over which he rules (note I’ve made a clear distinction here and not used the term his country) is mindboggling; that the House of Windsor hasn’t cancelled that invitation is even more loathsome in my view. But knowing that there will be demonstrations against him and in a classic situation of using lies to buttress up their perfidy MI5 is putting it about in the media and through Scotland Yard that there must be additional security to protect William and his fiancée Kate from stalkers and or demonstrators against Prince Charles. What a load of tosh! First this is not Charles’ wedding or even his coronation. Second, the people of the United Kingdom whether they are diehard monarchists, few in number; apathetic to the monarch, most of us; or are simply republicans have nothing personally against William or Kate. Moreover, all empirical data show that William’s mother Princess Diana was greatly loved by the vast majority of the British public a figure that averages around 98% after the tragic circumstances of her death which many of us believe was cold-blooded murder by the security services.

We also believe that Diana did a fantastic job in raising her two boys and in manner completely different from the sterile manner in which the Queen and Margaret were brought up and that the Queen herself adopted as regards her own children as she knew nothing else or anything better; a situation that has resulted despite all their money, privileged status and the rest of it has resulted in Her Majesty having one of the most dysfunctional families in the United Kingdom, and let’s be perfectly honest about that. That said I would still prefer to have her as head of state any day than see that role take on by lying, dishonest bastards of the ilk of Tony Blair, Gordon Browne, David Cameron, Neil Kinnock or the rest of them. But Princess Diana with all her foibles (and who is without theirs?) was special and particularly so as a mum. She had that instinctive touchy empathetic feeling and naturalness that the Queen, Charles and the rest of the Queen’s kids lack, and more importantly Diana conveyed this admirably to both her sons just as she equally did so with the rest of the world, and I honestly believe that William and Harry are all the better off for this wondrous gift that they inherited and had reinforced by their mother.

Furthermore, the closest that the British people en masse came to demanding a republic in my life time was when the Queen and Philip decided initially to distance themselves from Diana’s death and the spontaneous national mourning surrounding it and deliberately opted to stay away from London; the resultant public mood towards them for this discourtesy was virulently hostile and tangible and the survivor that she is the Queen quickly latched onto to what was a genuine public sentiment and changed her tune. She not only came down to London post haste from her Balmoral holiday residence but gave instructions that the Union Jack be flown at half mast over Buckingham Palace; but it was a close call for her Majesty!

Now ask yourselves with Diana even after her tragic murder those many years ago still a Lady who is overwhelmingly loved by the British public and with William almost a lookalike of his dead mother why would anyone in Britain with even the barest modicum of love for Diana want to spoil her son’s great day knowing as we all do what a bastard Prince Charles was to Diana? What would be their motivation; and why would they want to sully Diana’s memory? And the red herring about Prince Charles is just that; he’s already married to Camilla and I didn’t detect any rebellions in the UK because of this even though 99.9% of the British people don’t want to see her as Queen and would never stomach her, even though as Charles legal wife she’s entitled to the title, as the Princess of Wales which we will always associate with Diana. So is being put out there is nothing more than lies and propaganda; the ruler of Bahrain should not be here and I don’t care how friendly he is with Charles or the Queen or Philip, he should not be coming to the UK, but don’t then insult our intelligence by claiming it’s all to do with protecting William.

So when next you’re told by the BBC, Fox News, CNN, the BBC World, France 24, ABC and the rest of that mob that this or that is being done for whatever farfetched reason they then go on to give or that your security services or mine have discovered this or that terrorist plot my advice to you is hold your nose tightly and keep the stinking stench out. The fact that this collective of pathological liars, their government and security services are spending time, effort and vast sums of money to malign Press TV and dupe you in the process is a clear indication if you ever needed one that Press TV is getting it right and these brigands are deeply worried. As a result be on your guard at all times and importantly try thinking for yourselves.

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