Friday, 8 April 2011


By Stanley Collymore

The last successful revolution that England had was under the leadership of Oliver Cromwell and was overwhelmingly a popular grassroots revolt against an absolute monarch that was hopelessly out of touch with his subjects and whose abuse of power was such, bearing in mind that he could literally do whatever he wanted to, that ultimately it got up the noses not only of the ordinary downtrodden Englishman and woman but their parliamentarians as well; and of the opinion that enough was enough they revolted against him, defeated him and chopped of his head to public acclamation.

Charles I like every other tyrant before and subsequently had his supporters: those who profited immensely from the corrupt system in place, had vested interests to protect and who didn’t give a damn about anyone else or anything for that matter apart from themselves, their own clique and how best they could further manipulate the system to their financial and political advantage. The French even went one better in their revolution, rounding up, trying in public peoples’ courts and afterwards dishing out summary justice to those and their families that were pronounced guilty; a widespread purging of the parasites who had fed off the labour, misery and utter hopelessness of the browbeaten masses, and since the vast majority of the former belonged to the upper crust of society, what essentially took place was an ethnic cleansing of the French aristocracy.

David Cameron who likes to boast that he’s a descendant of William the Conqueror: that brigand from Normandy whose immediate ancestors were really Scandinavians that were kicked out of that region by the Vikings who considered them much too brutal to have living among them and threw them out, forcing them to seek refuge in France; a situation analogous to being kicked out of the Ku Klux Klan or the Nation Party of apartheid South Africa for being too racist towards Blacks, or the Nazi Party for being too anti-Jewish, is, along with his entire cabinet, a toff whose DNA isn’t just replete with a historical propensity towards endemic barbarity in all of its forms but also predisposes David Cameron and his privileged, filthy rich ilk: of the 22 members of Cameron’s cabinet all of them, without exception, are multi-millionaires, wealth that is largely inherited, to an instinctive, robust disdain and utter contempt for those they consider beneath them, which in practical terms means the majority of the British public.

That’s why they have no empathy, either natural or contrived, with those whom they none the less feel they have a God-given right to rule over, while at the same time arbitrarily controlling every aspect of these peoples’ lives. What’s more, they don’t, like their equally insensitive, out of touch and barbaric forbearers, see any contraction in terms of these two totally opposite and opposing situations. And were David Cameron and his thick-skinned buddies around during the French Revolution it’s a foregone conclusion what would have happened to them. But while it’s farfetched to imagine that in 2011 these modern day plunderers of our wealth and that of other unlucky people around the world, and the despoilers of our dignity and futures will be publicly horsewhipped, trussed up like turkeys for the Christmas sacrifice, dragged through the streets of London to the shouts of cheering crowds and at its famed execution sites gruesomely and quite horrifically disembowelled and their body parts thrown to scavenging dogs while their severed heads are used to adorn prominent locations as a visible and tangible deterrent and terse reminder also to prospective political reprobates of what they could reasonably expect will be their fate if they ever attempted to put their avaricious, self-centred and corrupt interests before the general wellbeing of Mr and Mrs Joe Public, hope burns eternally and miracle, although infrequently so, do happen.
On Saturday 26 March 2011 over half a million Britons from right across the country and every walk of life, other than the filthy rich, descended on London to let the neo-con, Zionist, fascist government of David Cameron’s Conservatives and their obsequious, power obsessed partners the Liberal Democrats (Lib Dems) – a partnership analogous to that of Bill Clinton and Monika Lewinsky with the Lib-Dems very much in the kneeling position as Monika was – know that the average Brit isn’t prepared anymore to see their country savagely ruptured by so-called austerity measures: premeditated and swingeing economic cuts in other words for that essentially is what they are, that needless devastate peoples’ lives; throw millions more onto the burgeoning dung heap of debilitating unemployment; fragment and even complete dismantle the public sector on which many people rely for their jobs and livelihood, and replacing it with private sector firms and corporations run by hard-boiled managers and CEOs driven only by the profit motive and their dogged and disreputable adherence to the inflexible and dogmatic philosophy of neo-con, capitalist liberalism of I’m alright Jack so go fu-k yourself, where everything from which it’s perceived that money and particularly huge profits can be made, irrespective of how immoral or damaging to the public’s psyche, self-confidence or general welfare such actions knowingly are, instantaneously become a prime and compulsive target for loathsome economic carpetbaggers to move in and bevies of unscrupulous spectators to earnestly hope and excitedly demand to make huge financial killings from.

And there is no more evident example of this than the British National Health Service (NHS): a veritable and longstanding gem among British institutions that is overwhelmingly supported by the vast majority of the British public that love and revere it in equal measure, whose cardinal philosophy that brought it into being in the first place and has been there from its very inception is the provision of comprehensive health care free of charge and from the point of entry for all those in need of the diverse services of the NHS.

This is of course paid for through the affordable statutory contributions that all British taxpayers make from their wages or salaries and which is deducted at source with their income tax and in a manner that is fair, transparent and by no means burdensome or oppressive. The great upside of this being that when someone: regardless of their class, ethnicity, race, religion, place of origin social or economic background, personal wealth, poverty, or even their political persuasion and loyalty, gets sick and needs medical attention irrespective of the nature of that ailment or how urgent or routine it may be, he or she isn’t subjected to the nagging worry and gross immorality of their access to treatment being solely dependent on their ability to pay, something that is quite commonplace in the United States where over 35 million people – nearly two thirds of the entire UK population – are without adequate health care or get absolutely no health care at all because they’re either in a recurrent poverty trap or can’t afford the exorbitant fees extorted by hospitals and those in the medical profession there who don’t see health care from the perspective of the Hippocratic Oath but instead consciously regard their unique positions as a generous licence to garner money, and loads of it from the ill and dying; naked profiteering by any definition of that word I think any objective person would agree.

It’s a stinking and crazy philosophy that David Cameron and his aloof cabinet crew of associate, venal slimeballs wholeheartedly support and now that they’re in power would like nothing better in the circumstances than to see the much loved and venerable NHS become, involuntarily from the British public’s wish and determination for it not to be, a facsimile of the reprehensibly profit driven elitist system that laughably passes for health care in the United States of America. But as Wikileaks has embarrassingly for these creeps revealed David Cameron and his cabinet members have no reservations, or dignity for that matter in brown-facing themselves through pushing their heads willingly up the anuses of their 21st Century US Al Capones, particularly when the bottom line (I think there’s a pun in there some where, wouldn’t you agree, Right Honourable Member William Hague?) is untrammelled profits.

So the pervasive fragmentation of the NHS continues apace with vital frontline medical, nursing and other invaluable support staff got rid of to streamline the health service and save money it is dishonestly claimed; but that lie readily becomes transparent when in lieu of those that have been sacked we see a plethora of grossly overpaid and extremely incompetent financial managers that have no medical qualifications or any previous experience of ever having worked in a health care environment and wouldn’t have the foggiest notion what either trigger finger or a diabetic coma were let alone how they should be treated, in tandem with agency staff members like nurses, all of them supplied by private sector firms and corporations at much greater cost to the NHS than previously was the case, brought in to run the show against the backdrop of insult heaped upon injury; since without any exception all of these private sector companies and corporations in the forefront of this backward and regressive campaign to destroy the NHS are either closely linked to David Cameron himself, his cabinet minsters, their families and friends, and the hierarchy of the Conservative Party; are mainly American in composition; and are given extensive contracts worth billions of Pounds Sterling that they didn’t have to compete for.

Meanwhile, health care itself increasingly becomes a worrisome postcode lottery with those that live in the more affluent areas of the UK being the better off in terms of health treatment, shorter hospital waiting lists and emergency services response to their illnesses, while on the other hand the average elderly person becomes more vulnerable as they’re calculatingly pushed ever further down the food chain allegedly it is meant for others to assume, but is a lie nevertheless, to make finite resources more readily available to those that can most benefit from this callous act; which is really saying that the lives of the elderly, unless they belong to those who are immensely rich, are basically useless and therefore totally expendable.

Sickening as this approach is to Britain’s senior citizens, many of whom have made invaluable and innumerable sacrifices for their country particularly in its hour of need but sadly now find themselves in their twilight years treated in this completely unnecessary and disgusting fashion by those who know the price of everything and the value of nothing, and can do nowt else but watch enviously at the way that their German counterparts and even the pensionable veterans of the Baltic States’ Waffen SS, whose countries boasted that they were able to do what even the Germans didn’t manage and exterminate all of their Jews and to celebrate this have a nationally paid for obelisk in their respective capitals to commemorate their marvellous achievement, are themselves royally treated, know instinctively that it’s all part of a wider dogmatic campaign to marginalize the powerless majority while empowering the privileged few.

Class is still a big issue in Britain and especially so in England; and instead of the masses doing their utmost best to combine their resources and utilizing these to bring down the infernal and rotten edifice that characterizes and props up this very inequitable system many of it supporters coming primarily and unfortunately from the so-called working classes – ironically, significant numbers of whom are without jobs and haven’t worked for upwards of two generations – feel as seen from an impartial observer’s point of view this rather weird obsession to join in, become a part of it and even attempt to climb the greasy pole of advantage not on the basis of meritocracy but sadly and pathetically that of one-upmanship.

Maggie Thatcher, quite astutely, recognized this when she declared there was no such thing as a society then cynically legislated that Councils would be obliged to see their council house stock (social housing for those not familiar with the British system) at discounted prices to any sitting tenant who wanted to purchase the home that he or she was renting from the council; the council could also be forced to give them loans to do this, but under no circumstance could the councils use the money that they got from selling of these homes to build more social housing; and you don’t have to be a genius to work out what Margaret Thatcher had in mind when she embarked on this particular policy. It wasn’t because she thought much if anything at all about any of the people that she appeared to be helping. On the contrary; for all that Mrs Thatcher saw them as was political fodder, greedily turning them into instant capitalist converts and away from being the socialists that they were all perceived to be and whose support went to the rival Labour Party.

Instantaneously there was a mad rush from tenants to avail themselves of this poisoned chalice in the form of purchasing their council homes which the councils had to spend huge sums of money on renovating them before they could actually sell them on. Sounds great? No it wasn’t! For Mrs Thatcher knew perfectly well that these people had virtually little or no fiscal experience at all or even economic commonsense and that in a few years time at the very most they would be forced to off load these houses onto the private market and do so at a loss. And as she anticipated this is precisely what happened with many of these self-inflicted victims becoming homeless because their homes were repossessed, forcing them to go to the same councils they were quite keen and so reckless and stupid to get rid of as their landlords for emergency accommodation, often bread and breakfast, because the councils concerned now had a very much depleted housing stock and its sold off houses were now irreversibly in the hands of mortgage companies and private sector investors; Maggie’s type of persons.

Docklands in East London is a classic example of this Thatcher con. A desperately poor, hugely neglected and an overwhelmingly council house area the tenants there were actively encouraged to buy their council homes and did so in droves but within a few years, largely through financial incompetence, were either compelled to sell their properties or had them repossessed; then to no one’s surprise the investor sharks moved in. This area quite close to the heart of central London is now one of the most lavish and highly desirable places to live in the capital or have a piece of the action, with properties there easily fetching multi-million Pounds price tags; and it’s not the former council tenants: all of whom had selfishly dropped their allegiances to the Labour Party and became instant Tories because of what, as they perceived then, good ole Maggie had done for them by permitting them notionally to own their council homes but are now scattered to the four winds of obscurity, that have benefitted in any shape or form from this largesse.

Margaret Thatcher also emasculated the trade union movement in Britain; work carried on by her protégé Tony Blair and now further undertaken by David Cameron. Universal, free education has been vastly circumscribed in Britain with the US system largely put in its place. The free tertiary education that Margaret Thatcher, Anthony Blair and David Cameron availed themselves of and enjoyed as students at Oxford University irrespective of how well off their parents were or could have afforded to cough up for their tertiary education is no more, although the Scottish National Party (SNP) and the incumbent government of Scotland has doggedly insisted and has won that particular argument with the British government that its citizens studying at Scottish universities won’t be subjected to this imposition of having to pay university fees. As a result and as anyone with eyes can clearly see it’s no longer a case of ability getting one into university as should be the case but very much one’s ability or not to pay. As a consequence of this the more esteemed British universities, like Oxford and Cambridge, have formed, using a football term, a premier league of their own, and excellence is still assured in these academic institutions. However, in numerous other universities and tertiary colleges, as also routinely exists in many state schools there’s a policy of deliberately and concertedly dumbing down the curriculum and educational standards so it appears that no one has failed; and students who in spite of all this still go off to university can find themselves faced with massive debts of upwards of £60,000 Sterling hanging around their necks when they leave.

Understandably many prospective students, even exceedingly bright ones from poor and Middle Class families, eschew the prospect of even contemplating going into higher education, and it is one of the reasons why there are so many restive students currently in the UK who are protesting, demonstrating and even viciously rioting on the streets of Britain to show their displeasure with the state of affairs as they exist; a situation that will only get worse. But it need not be so; and a close look at Barbados will demonstrate why. Barbados with a population of 260, 000, once the most valuable of England’s former colonies and whose wealth bankrolled the English Industrial Revolution has a longstanding, universal, totally free from the point of entry first-rate health care and educational systems and has long been evaluated by UNICEF as having a 100% literacy rate matched by just a tiny group of other countries; regrettably neither Britain with a literacy rate in the lower seventies nor the USA is on this list.

Similarly, along with Cuba, Barbados is a country with one of the highest life expectancy rates in the world, while Cuba’s health service is legendary and like its Caribbean counterpart Barbados also exports doctors and other medical staff. Britain, meanwhile, is said to be the world’s fourth largest economy, does not and has never had the sanctions to contend with which Cuba has been subjected to remorselessly and totally unjustly for decades now by the United States, Britain and their western allies, yet despite all that Britain’s performance in both these aforementioned areas under the Tories, Labour and now the Con-Dems has been lamentable and is getting worse.

In every sphere of public life in Britain the knives of swingeing cuts are in operation, and as hard pressed, financially hard up Brits are increasing told that they must tighten their economic belts even further by advisory tsars appointed by David Cameron from among his personal clique of the well heeled, we not only see the banks and other financial institutions that created the mess we’re in and that taxpayers the rest of us were involuntarily compelled to bailout still indecently awarding themselves huge bonuses – the CEO of Barclays Bank for example just recently got a £6 million Sterling bonus – but we also discover that these Cameron appointed tsars, filthy rich multi-billionaires everyone of them , don’t actually pay any taxes of any description whether personal or corporate.

How come? Quite simple! Their businesses although operating locally in the UK are registered in overseas tax havens and are usually listed in the name of a close family member, generally a wife or husband who legally, although not always practically so, lives there; and of course these tax cheats can easily afford to hire any number of lawyers and tax consultants who specialize in tax avoidance and are only too willing to advise them on this and naturally ensure that their tax bills are zero.

However, those who are either receiving unemployment benefit from the state or hope to do so are subjected by the Cameron government to the harshest scrutiny and invasion of their private lives imaginable in order to get what they’re lawfully entitled to but rarely receive in full. And it’s claimed by David Cameron that this is done to stop benefit fraud, citing the few but highly media publicized cases of benefit cheats; but the same media isn’t so keen to expose the larger body of tax avoiders that annually cost the UK billions of Pounds Sterling in lost revenue. But what do you expect what that media is largely controlled by a rabid, neo-con, Zionist and arch libertarian Aussie tax avoider himself that quite readily prostituted his natural born Australian citizenship to become British then American, always to further his own ends, and did the same when as the odious lecher that he is he on the face of it cynically dumped his white Australian wife (some say she was in on it from the start; I don’t know and frankly I don’t care) to marry a much younger Chinese version (shades of Prince Charles, if the rumour is true, of him marrying Diana but with Camilla the love of his life always in the background) so as to prove his Asian credentials and win lucrative media and other business contracts in China; which he did.

So what we’re currently seeing in Britain juxtaposed with the rather flamboyant manner in which David Cameron got this country involved in another oil war has bugger all to do with any Libyan humanitarian concerns but a lot to do with David Cameron trying to save his butt and that of his government, as he too cynically attempts to deflect attention away from the intense hostility that is being felt nationwide towards him and what he undoubtedly knows will be a long Summer of Discontent for him as these people protests and demonstrations intensify and get bigger.

Britain under David Cameron, as it clearly didn’t under his predecessors Maggie Thatcher, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown and this even with its nuclear and blackmailing capability has no moral authority or any credibility whatsoever in the world, and comparable to its ally the United States of America has become a fascist entity that accords itself the supreme right to invade the lands of other people, kill their civilians, show no regret for having done so characteristically dismissing as collateral damage those they brutally massacre, and all this to shore up the solitary but mutual goal they have left, defending their Zionist, imperialist objectives at all costs.

The United States of America aggressively and militarily, with Britain in the analogous role of a night club bouncer, supported Pol Pot the mass killer who massacred nearly half of his country’s population; it took communist Vietnam to defeat and remove him; and given the reprehensible track records of the United States and Britain should anyone place any credence on the words of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama or even David Cameron that the United States and Britain are in Libya to protect the lives of Libyans, whose entire population is far less and by no stretch of the imagination in the same danger as those Cambodians who Pol Pot, with the active assistance of the United States, subjected to wholesale genocide? Give me a break; please!

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